Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Tue Aug 11 18:42:08 2009
Subject: Vehicular Accident in SLC-AZ prompts diplomatic

Ute Nation

A showdown between the Anglo-Government of the SLC-AZ and the Native Leaders of the Ute Nation is brewing and heated words are being exchanged on all sides. On August 1st, 2069, Carlos Nakai, a Ute national doing business in the SLC-AZ crossed the center median of the Salt Lake Highway and struck a vehicle carrying Margaret Anderson, wife of Robert Anderson, Bishop of Salt Lake City's 3rd Ward.

The impact killed Mrs. Anderson immediately, but her three children (June Anderson, 3, Jack Anderson, 4 and Nephi Anderson, 6) survived the crash. June Anderson later died of her injuries and Nephi is still in intensive care at Brigham Young Universities trauma unit.

The Great Chief of the Ute Nation, Michael Iron Eyes (Comanche, Eagle Mountain) has demanded the extradition of Mr. Nakai on the grounds he is a Ute National and not subject to Anglo Laws. While Stake President of the SLC-AZ, Talmage Pilkington councils for understanding, Mr. Pilkington is not surrendering Mr. Nakai as the incident is being treated as a criminal act under the restrictive alcohol laws of the SLC-AZ.

Mr. Nakia's blood alcohol content was approximately .029, well below legal limits in the Ute Nation, but above legal for operation of a motor vehicle in the SLC-AZ. While in the Ute Nation, driving while intoxicated is manslaughter, a charge carrying a relatively light sentence, in the SLC-AZ, driving while intoxicated is prosecuted as Pre-meditated murder, a charge carrying a mandatory life sentence.

The case is stirring up anti-Anglo sentiment in Provo and beyond, with a small, but growing protest group staging a vocal demonstration in front of Brigham Young University.

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