Posted By: Cassidy (#2908)
Date/Time: Thu Aug 6 09:46:45 2009
Subject: New Single Approaching!

"Hi there, I'm Suzanne Brooke and this is your weekly music wrapup for the week of August 7. All Elbian Power Band "In Vitro Invasion" have had their monthly break up, but it is anticipated they will reunite after seven days. But heres Shaft Ramrod with some breaking news!

«Breaking NEWS!»

"Thanks Suzanne. Gangster, Poet, Drug Dealer, Rapper. That is a brief history of the man were about to talk about. Following up his hit single, "I got Shot." Urban Rapper Gangstalicious is poised to debut his new song, "I got Stabbed." next week. We caught up to the called 'Conscience of the Streets' as he left a local Popeyelids."

"G-Licious! What can you tell us about your new song?!"

"Aw yeahz. Dis song iz werwi impotent to me, Iz bout when I like, wuz pene'trated by 'notha man wit a ny-ff inna bat-room. But den, like mah twinky body-gawd sma'shit his face onna car-winsheed, andenhe be drownin dis mug inna bac'ked up toy-let. Much Luv to mah boy Acid Kats, stay creamy filled, fat twaank'e."

"There you have it Suzanne, Gangstalicious preaching another verse of the Ghetto Bible in thrilling and intriguing fashion. You heard it here first folks, "I got Stabbed." Dropping next week!"

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