Posted By: Pulse (#3231)
Date/Time: Wed Aug 5 13:43:13 2009
Subject: ESPN Update 8/5/69

In Boxing news, during an interview with Tammy Tucker on the Shiawase Evening Report, Pauly 'The pulse" Lucciano had some choice words to say about Apollo Creed III's recent challenge

The camera shifts, showing a blued-out room. A beautiful blonde woman in a sensible pink skirt/suit number is being addressed by a large, handsome man. "Frankly, Tammy, I've never heard of this guy before. Sure, I mean, he's won a few fights. But against who?" The man shakes his head. "Jorge Pias was past his prime. Barely even a joke. Has Creed ever really been challenged?" He laughs. "He will be, though. He will be."

The woman simpers at him. "No one doubts your ability to fight, Pauly. But just a few months ago you were the victim of a devestating terrorist attack. How can you possibly be recovered enough to fight a young man in the full blossom of his power?"

Pauly laughs and gestures. "Forget about it, Tammy. The man's a joke. I could have beaten him when I was seventeen. He thinks he'll beat me, but I'm going to rock his world. He's going to learn what it's like to face someone who understands the sweet science…" his grin grows broader, turning into a brilliant smile. "And it's time I showed him how I earned my D.ko." Pauly makes a punching motion, "Doctorate of Knockouts."

More strong words, from Lucciano's camp. But can he back them up?

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