Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Wed Aug 5 13:24:39 2009
Subject: Paranormals Recovered!

CAS Sector, Denver

A chain reaction of tragedy shook the CAS sector last night.

A series of unfortunate accidents claimed at least six lives on Highway 83. A joyride gone wrong ended in death for Michael "Manhammer" Allen of the Mountain Asps. Allen was hanging out the window of a stolen vehicle when he was clipped by a large truck which then proceeded to stray in front of a fast moving big rig trailer assembly. A number of other vehicles crashes and suffered damage in the resulting pile up, with a number of minor and serious injuries being taken to Denver General.

David Taylor, 45, of Boulder Colorado was pronounced dead on the scene. Mr. Taylor worked for Mainline Shipping, a company that specializes in transportation of paranormal creatures and hazardous waste. Mr. Taylor was in the process of transporting to mated pairs of Juggernauts to the Denver Zoo for their new exhibit "Magic in the Wild" when his truck crashed.

One of the Juggernauts, a female, was killed in the resulting accident. Another escaped and was subdued by Lone Star Fast Response Team "Lightning Strike", with the help of onlookers on the scene.

Lone Star Teams Commander Brian Johnson spoke with us and had this to say, "Specialists Cho and Davies took great personal risk to bring down this beast in a humane and safe manner. Yes, there were civilians on the street who may have assisted in the capture by distracting the beast, but in the end it was Lone Star who took the situation in hand, and, with training and dedication, kept the streets safe."

Lone Star did, however, confiscate several hundred megapulses of local video footage in the area.

No arrests were made on the scene, and Lone Star PR Agent Susan Seinterfitt remarked, "Lone Star is always glad when honest civilians are able to lend a hand in situations like this. That being said, the footage was confiscated because this is an active investigation as well as to preserve the anonymity of those involved. Honest Citizens are a boon to this community, and sensationalizing any one individual's actions in a crisis sends the wrong message."

Denver Zoo representative Joss Tamblin remarks, "The three Juggernauts are in good condition and being taken care of at the zoo. We expect all three on exhibit this weekend."

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