Posted By: Slinger (#69)
Date/Time: Sat Aug 1 16:33:19 2009
Subject: Denver Zoo's New Exhibit

Thanks to a generous contribution from an unknown donor, the Denver Zoo now has a whole family of Native American Indian Lop-Eared Rabbits. That's right, eight of these endangered creatures, plus one male 'King' rabbit, are part of a new exhibit. These creatures — well, it's not easy to see through the trid. But these creatures exhibit a strange adaptation. Our parazoology correspondent is here. Harriet?"

The camera pans back to show a second woman next to the anchor. "The North American Lop-Eared Rabbit is unique in the para-animal kingdom, we think. It has a curious adaptation. When cornered or frightened, it exhibits a form of… well, mind control, triggering reactions of protectiveness in those it affects." She looks a little sheepish. "There's just no better way to say it. They are /cute/, magically so.

"Well, they look cute from here," the anchor says, with a warm smile and a gesture toward one of the floating images that hovers between the two.

Betty cannot help but laugh. "Come down and see the exhibit. The trid does not do it proper justice. Of course, the animals are carefully secured — not only to protect them, but also to protect the public. People under the influence of these animals have done all sorts of things — including releasing them from captivity."

"Sounds like a wonderful exhibit to the zoo. Thanks for coming in, Betty! And we invite everyone to visit the Denver Zoo. Come early, and bring nuyen for all the activities…"

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