Posted By: Slinger (#69)
Date/Time: Wed Jul 29 22:29:21 2009
Subject: News: Haunted Neighborhood?

A family of four in Huffington Heights today is mourning the loss of their dog, Blackie. But the manner of Blackie's death is something unusual.

The camera view switches to a rather unsteady view — somebody made a trid recording with their pocket secretary, it looks like — jittery, and the sound is a little off. But what it shows is a pillar of flame flowing across the back-yard of a high-priced ritzy home, burning lawn furniture as it goes. And then the scene cuts again — and the pillar of flame rises from the ground of a vacant lot, and then burns its way across it before it lashes onto the back of a black Suburban SUV, attacking the thing. Just a glimpse if gotten of the troll cowering in the back, just before the vehicle manages to take off, flying down the road with the flames attached to it, continuing to attack it before it goes out of sight.

"This is footage from the event, captured by one of the neighbors. We can't show pictures of Blackie, of course, because of our broadcast standards."

A tearful woman is on the screen, next. "Blackie was a great dog. Real gentle, real good with the kids." The image changes to a holo of the dog, with two children hugging him. He looks like a cross between a labrador retriever and some sort of shaggy curly-haired breed. "I heard him barking… and then he was… he was /screaming/ in pain. I didn't know a dog could scream. And when I got out there, he was on fire, and this /thing/ made of flames… it was just all around him. And then it went after our yard, carving this weird symbol into it. That place next door, it's always been weird, with all this mist and stuff. But it never did anythin' like this. You ask me, it's haunted!"

The image pans to an official-looking man in a suit, standing at the scene. "Haunted?" he asks, with a laugh. "No, nothing of the sort. Hauntings leave background count, they leave detectable traces in the astral, and there was nothing here. It was clean. It looks like an elemental, but we haven't yet found the astral signature associated with it. We're still looking, though."

Back in the studio, the woman-anchor looks sad. "Lone Star promises a report by the end of the week. Several lawsuits have already been filed against the owner of the property, Mr. Jonas Klack of Klack realty. But no amount of money will make up for the loss of Blackie from those children's lives. Bob?"

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