Posted By: Cassidy (#2908)
Date/Time: Sat Jul 11 10:59:04 2009
Subject: Entertainment Breaking News!

Breaking News: Trid Starlet Deedlit Davidson survives attempted kidnapping!

A trailer for the upcoming news special begins to play, where an incredibly beautiful blonde elf cries periodically into her hankerchief while talking to popular reporter, Waldo Geraldo Faldo Rivera III.

"Deedlit, can you tell us what happened?"

"Yes. *sniff* We just got done wrapping for the day, and this giant guy snatched me out of my trailer! It was terrible! He smelled like Pine Needles and Nail Polish Remover! They..did things..*sob*..to me, and they were going to sell me to gangers! Me! To gangers!! Then out of nowhere, this chubby guy and his white mom rescued me, and the chunky hunkies mom stopped that jealous *BEEP* Shakira Hamilton and her extra *BEEP* parts from shooting me! It was insane! So right after that I purged, then took a pregnancy test and—"

The clip ends there, followed by this advertisement:

Catch the entire interview: "Davidson's Brave Battle of Survival Against a Jealous Hermaphrodite!" tonight on Channel 522 at 11 P.M.

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