Posted By: Hitomi (#8620)
Date/Time: Fri Jul 10 08:57:53 2009
Subject: Miracle Cure

…And in other news, Aging billionaire Garth McKinley has unexpectedly recovered from a presumed fatal disease of the central nervous system that affects one in ten thousand individuals with cybernetic modifications. Doctors and scientists are still investigating the disease, but in some individuals cancerous growth form where DNI inputs are integrated into the central nervous system.

Garth McKinley is still recovering, and will be in hospital for at least another few months as the drug is administered, but his son Lucas McKinley had this to say.

"It's a miracle cure that my father's own research division in the USA has developed. My father was willing to be the first human trial, and we are expecting to submit our findings to the FDA and other drug administration boards shortly. I can't express how happy me and my family are- and I hope that the drug will be approved for general use soon, so that other sufferers can find hope in these dark times."

More on this and our other stories at ten. And now to Jenny with the weather.

Thanks Tom! Well here in the northwest…

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