Posted By: Irish (#6142)
Date/Time: Wed Jul 8 11:21:07 2009
Subject: Missing Persons Report

A VR newscaster feeding as a plastic faced prettygirl in a off the rack suit appears before you in a newsblip. Beside her is a little mascot icon for a local company with the headline "Missing Plumbers?

The local infrastructure company Denver Standard Plumbing is today on the look out as two of it's employees are missing.

Next to the virtual bimbet appear two pictures. Both caucasian males, both humans. Their respective names appear below the pictures. The first guy seems like a friendly uncle type. The second looks as though either he's making a funny face or was seriously beaten with an ugly stick.

"Two nights ago, John Michael Victor and Leeland Wayne Cooper were dispatched to help in the removal of a pipeline clog near the sewage treatment plant in the nearby town of Westminster, Colorado, UTE Sector. Their van was eventually located…"

A photograph now appears replacing the previous ones, of a simple white bulldog van with "Denver Sandard Plumbing" in block letters on the side and a cartoonish picture of a kid wearing a baseball cap and carrying a plunger next to it as a mascot.

"…Via GPS tracking. All of their equipment was recovered but no trace of either man was found in the vicinity. Citizens are urged to call local authorities if they encounter either of these men, as they well be in shock or otherwise in need of medical attention. Denver Standad Plumbing is offering a five thousand nuyen no questions asked cash reward for information leading to the wearabouts of their employees."

The VR newscaster smiles brightly and says, "And now on to sports with our very own Chad Malkovich"

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