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On the trid, a happy, perfect family of four. Difference commercials have different races, different ethnicities, of course. A family of elves, a family of humans, or orks. And even one involving a family of trolls. And a dog. Always a dog. A different dog in each. But a dog. Except for the elves. They have a cat.

"Mom? Can I have some more Cruncher-ohs?" the youngest, a boy, asks, plaintively, holding out his empty bowl.

The mother shakes her head. "Johnny, you've already /had/ three bowls!"

The boy looks up at his mother with big, puppy-dog eyes. And so does the rest of the family, including the dog (or the cat). "But Mom! I can't stop eating 'em!"

"The box says they're nutritious," the father points out. "And yeah, they taste great! Give the kid more, honey!"

The girl is halfway through her bowl, and she stands up. In all cases, she is attractive. Even the troll. Which is disturbing. Even to trolls. "Look at how much weight I've lost eating Cruncher-ohs! Mom, you have to try them!"

Sighing, Mother gives in and reaches into the box, popping one of the bites of cereal into her mouth. And her expression changes, transforming over the space of a few seconds. "These /are/ good!" And she's going back for more. "I can't stop!"

The family all eats more of the cereal, ravenously and happily, while the voice-over says, in that cheerful tone:

New Cruncher-Ohs! You Can't Stop Eating Them!

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