Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Fri Jul 3 16:40:59 2009
Subject: Flyer from The Sons of Liberty

«OOC: These flyers can be found all over town: on trix boards, on public transportation, on poles and walls and at bars.»

"This 4th of July, we want you to think about your liberties, your freedoms. We want the People of the United States of America to remember who they are, who they used to be.

For too long we've allowed the primitive nations to dictate terms to us. For too long we've allowed the so-called 'Awakened' to help the primatives take our country. We've allowed Foreigners to take our cities, to take our precious Golden State away from us."

"This is a warning to all, and a calling to all. We are not going to allow this to stand. This is OUR country, paid for with blood and treasure, paid for with the lives of real patriots. The Sons of Liberty call to all real patriots to stand up with us this 4th and remind the primatives, the Foreigners, the 'Awakened' of whose country this Really Is!"

«OOC: Legwork: The Sons of Liberty are a fairly new organization not unlike Alamos, not unlike Humanis, not the Sons of Sauron. They are new enough that there is not much information currently availible as they just haven't done much beyond pamphlets and flyers .. at least that can be attributed to them. There is no recorded or found central headquarters .. that is, they appear to be using a Cell structure. This will be part of the Riots plot»

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