United Canadian And American States

United Canadian and American States

Population 203,056,000
SINless Population (est.) 30%
Per Capita Income 28,000 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 26%
Megacorporate Affiliation 51%
Less than 12 years 17%
GED 55%
4 year degree 20%
Masters or higher 8%
Major Language English (91%)
Currency UCAS Dollar (1$ = 0.25 =Y=)
Capital Federal District of Columbia



Other Information

Major Urban Areas


Washington, Federal District of Columbia, is the capital of the UCAS, and thus sees more intrigue and machinations before breakfast than many capitals see all year. Centered along the Potomac River in and around Maryland and North Virginia (a buffer zone created in Virginia, with the remainder of that state remaining with the CAS), this city is the heart of the UCAS and where all the decisions are made.

The main trade, and indeed most of what there is to do in the capital, is politics, politics, and more politics. Everything in the city has some bearing on one of the six major and dozens of minor political parties, lobbies, special interest groups, and espionage. Whether you are involved in legal or illegal activities, you should move with extreme caution in FDC: this is where the Big Boys play, and they play for keeps, and the learning curve is fierce.

Outside of the political and historical places of significance, one other item of note stands out in FDC: Dunkelzahn's Rift (or just the Rift), a hole in astral space where the late President's limo exploded. Don't expect to get too close though, because the government spooks and eggheads have been studying the area in extreme detail and around the clock. Whatever they've found out, they are keeping to themselves.


New York City

St. Louis

On the border of the Confederation of American States and the UCAS, this divided city is a major point of trade, both legal and illegal. The city, called the Gateway to the West, has seen an influx of trade and tourism traffic since the Chicago Bug incident as well as governmental business as both nations try to get an idea of what the other is up to.

A key point to getting into or out of the UCAS or CAS, St. Louis is a prominent smuggling location for shadowrunners and organized crime alike. With the recent agitation as each nation attempts to fully absorb the city, St. Louis plays host to a number of interests and conflicts boiling beneath the surface.


Foreign Relations

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