Tir Tairngire

Tir Tairngire

Tir Tairngire
Land of Promise
Population 5,010,000
Human 4%
Elf 81%
Dwarf 7%
Ork 5%
Troll 1%
Other 2%
SINless Pop. (est.) 8%
Per Capita Income 25,000 =Y=
Below Poverty Lvll 26%
Megacorp Affiliation 10%
Less than 12 years 6%
GED 55%
4 year degree 29%
Masters or higher 10%
Major Language English (85%)
Sperethiel (55%)
Currency Nuyen
Capital Cara'Sir
Leader Se'Har Maera
Lugh Surehand


Tir Tairngire is a nation built on appearances of perfection. These images of a successful, well-educated, confident (and attractive!) elven nation has the unfortunate effect of having blinded the ruling party to the true state of things. For a nation that is reliant on trade with other nations, some may find it curious that it took the UCAS and Salish-Shidhe Council threatening trade embargoes and cutting off access to the vital Seattle port that brought about open borders in this elven nation.

Using what some would consider an archaic, class structure, the Tir is ruled by a High Prince, advised by the Council of Princes, a 13 member body (not including the High Prince) that frequently turns a blind eye to the plight of its 'subjects'. The trade disputes mentioned earlier resulted in the Princes harshly taxing the populace, which lead to large unemployment rates and widespread poverty. Dissent blossomed, and strikes in 2059 spurred the Council of Princes into a forceful crackdown that caused many deaths, and furthered the cause of the rebels. To make things worse, the recent appointment of the dragon Hestaby onto the Council of Princes has caused citizens to become even more resentful of the ruling body.

The internal conflict of the nation has resulted in the creation of the Ranelle ke'Tesrae (Sperethiel for "Rebels of the Spire"), a movement devoted to the ousting of the current regime. With public opinion widely split between the current government and those who wish some sort of change, Tir Tairngire has far too much to be involved with internally to pay much mind to events outside of its borders. During its long period of isolation, megacorporations largely found it too difficult to be worthwhile to do business in the Tir. Now, with the borders open, the megacorps have begun to return, many starting by buying out smaller, existing businesses that have struggled in the weak Tir economy.

2076 Uprising

During the fall of 2076, the Tir rebels began a massive terroristic campaign against Royal and Ducal rank families in Eugene and Salem, culminating with a bombing of the Portland Wall at Checkpoint Charlie. This led to the beginning of destabilization, forcing Hestaby and the Council to meet with the High Prince to make the decisions to close the borders again. The Peace Force and The Hunt (royal paramilitary group) are currently engaged in guerrilla warfare with the rebels and their recent acquirement of powerful weaponry.


Despite being founded on the promise of metahuman equality and the land of promise, don't let the Propaganda fool you. The truth of the Tir was revealed after the 2036 invasion of Northern California. After securing the land, the Se'Har Maera (Thats the High Prince, for you Cele'nit.) declared that all non-elves needed to get the hell out. This included the Orks, Trolls and Dwarves. Thats right. Tir Tairngire, the Land of Promise took exactly one year to become the Tir Faskiti'tish, The Land of Corrupt Law Givers.

Wars of Agression

California INvasion of 2036, 2037, 2053,


On the outside, Tir Tairngire's government is a chaotic mix of medieval rank, feudal structure, monarchy and a dash of democratic process. Outsiders get the image of pomp and circumstance, just enough crystal waving new-age imagry to have the apparent of ancient legitimacy and modern glamor. But, its really a crock of drek. All made to make the government seem legitimate and magical, to make the founding of the Tir have a significant emotional resonance in the people. The result of which makes the Tir, which is only 35 odd years old, seem so very much older. It lends it a sense of historical weight.

Tir Social Ranks
Rank Title
Irenis (Classless) None
Gentry Squire
Chivalry Sir or Demosielle
Noble Lord of Lady
Comital Count or Countess
Ducal Duke or Duchess
Royal Prince or Princess

Se'Har Maera Lugh Surehand (High Prince)

The First and Only High Prince. For a guy who's pushing 70 verifiable years, he's pretty damn young looking. This guy runs the nation. He's got pretty much all the power in the nation. He operates as a ruler for life, until and unless the Council of Princes votes no-confidence, something they can only do after they completely veto something he's done, there's no getting rid of him.

Ele Arandur (Council of Princes)

Sean Laverty (Elf)

Laverty is, like all the original Princes, a man of no family, no recorded or verifiable history. He just appears out of no where, in the late 1990s. He's known to espouse a back-to-nature attitude, and is the least technologically inclined of the Princes. He actively advocates for a return to sustainable agriculture, against logging and against industrialization of all forms.

He once ran the Xavier School for Gifted Children, a pre-awakening school for children now called Spike Babies, those born with early UGE. That is, elves and the occasional dwarf. This puts his age at at least one hundred years old. He doesn't look a day over 30.

Jenna Ni'Faira (Elf)

Beautiful and powerful, Jenna Ni'Fairia is a powerful politician and a canny operator. She's also a -virulent- racist. Very much an elven supremicist, she has been known to stand up and walk out when non-elven Princes are speaking. The only non elven Princes she has not walked out on are Lofwyr and Hestaby, though this may be more self-preservation than any apreciation for the elder Draconians.

Sosan Naerain (Elf)

If the founders of Tir Tairngire are engimas, then Sosan is the idea of an enimga. Known to be female, known to reside somewhere near Salem, these two facts seem to sum up the entire body of knowledge for this Prince. She never appears at council sessions that are recorded and she has not one vote on record that can be verified. Still, she is known to be a major player in the politics, with an apocraphal tale of how she dressed down Lugh Surehand in open session. No one else, not Jenna, not Lofwyr, not Hestaby has ever done that.

Jonathon Reed (Elf)

Dar Varfen (Elf)

A German by birth and ethnicity, Dar moved to the Tir in the early 2030s when it was still part of the Salish Shide, and was instramental in getting the Military of the Tir operational and able to secure its soverignty. He is also the only Prince who was directly in the invasions of california. During the 2053 campaign, a bomb went off in his command tent. This bomb severed his arm and the cybernetic replacement he wears is stylishly chromed. He is seen by some as an advocate of equal rights for other metatypes, having opened the military to the other races in 2039.

Dar is something of a rake, with a long string of noble ladies left in his wake.

Maria Cinebal (Elf)

Maria is an oddity in the Council as she has a real birthday. Born in 1998, she was raised by Sean Laverty's Xavier Foundation, she qualifies as a spike baby. She backs Lugh's plays in public, but many are unsure where her real loyalties lie.

Blake Ladner (Dwarf)

Garth Stone (Dwarf)

Serving on the council of princes since the founding in 2035, Garth Stone was until 2060, firmly in Lugh Surehands pocket. Garth consistantly voted in his favor, backing all of Lugh's programs. Then in 2060, he started backing Jenna's programs, voting against Lugh. His status ever since has been one of flux, caught between the two major players of the Tir. Many suspect that both Lugh and Jenna have serious dirt or blackmail hold on Garth and its only a matter of time before the conflicting loyalties simply drive him to self-destruction.

Larry Zincan (Ork)

Currently operating a special envoy to the UCAS, a form of polite exile for a slight or misstep of some sort. Or it could just be he is an Ork. Some speculate he was somehow involved with the political FUBAR that lead to Lofwyr and Oakforest stepping down from the council, though no one has any actual idea what it was that caused it.

"Rex" (Sasqautch)

A Sasquatch. No, really. He doesn't actually attend any meetings unless really, really needed. He spends the rest of his time in the forest.

Hestaby (Great Dragon)

The Orange Queen, the Savor of Shasta and the slaughterer of the cream of Elven Nobility, depending on who you ask. She has few friends in the Tir, given that in 2053, she single handedly crushed the TTG Peace Force when they invaded California again. This lead to the formation of Shasta as her personal domain. Her joining the council in 2063 was something of a shock to the whole damn nation. To this day, Lugh Surehand has not revealed why he did what he has done.

Famous Former Princes

Lofwyr (Great Dragon)
Ehran the Scribe (Elf)
Athine Oakforest (Elf)

Se'anshae Elenva (The Star Chamber)

Rinelle ke'Tesrae (Rebels of the Spire)


Cara'Sir (Portland - Capitol)

Portland, or Cara'Sir in Sperethiel, is the capital of Tir Tairngire. Lying along the border of the Salish-Shidhe Council, the city acted as a port of call for traffic into the Elven nation. For many years the city existed as not-quite part of the nation, a place where outsiders and tourists can come see the Elves but are otherwise unable to interact with the rest of the nation.

This is further exacerbated by the Portland Wall, a ten meter high and meter thick barrier that is topped with razor and monowire and even lasers. While maintenance and political unrest has caused some lapses in security in areas of the Wall, you can be sure that the Tir Peace Force will react with a rapid response team should their be any sensor trips or major intrusions.

Portland's borders have relaxed some after the isolationist period, allowing traffic and trade in. The city is still in the midst of repair and replacing its ports and transportation centers, and much of its trade goods must travel overland via shipping companies contracted from the Salish, UCAS, and Ute. Smuggling is an acknowledged problem, but is by no means as easy as it might be in other nations.

Portland is under martial law, governed by a military tribunal. As of 2054, the members of tribunal were Chairman Colonel Jacob Fitz Wallace, Lt. Colonel Davis Atkins, and Lt. Colonel David-John Collins. While the military government is there attempting to keep the peace, years of unrest has allowed members of the Rinelle cells to move in and create more problems for the beleaguered city, already dealing with neighborhoods filled with gangs, displaced metas, and poor elves.

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