Name Jeph Gaines
AKA Myles
Nationality California Free State
Metatype Elf
Archetype Covert Ops Specialist
Birthdate Oct 24, 2034
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Paranoia is a skill, the secret to longevity.


An exotic male elf. Spiked black hair with a red stripe on the right side. He has brown eyes, slightly darker than the color of his skin. He has a lithe build. Usually wears clothing with coordinated colors.

Distinguishing Features

Random hairstyles, usually some form of vibrant color is involved, though that's not too distinguishing now-a-days.

Mannerisms and Habits

Usually calm and laid back unless provoked by racism towards elves or the poor being taken advantage off. Outgoing and friendly though sometimes can bee seen as too cynical.


Rumors of being associated with multiple domestic terrorist cells, mainly the E.L.F..


Specializes in infiltration. Though there are rumors of a few explosions related to him leading to believe he knows at least a little about demolition.


Not much is known. Only he grew up poorer than the poor and has worked for many domestic terrorist cells.

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