Log: Tasks for Felix - Delivery

Name: Tasks for Felix - Delivery
GM: Selerik
Players: Luck, Zen
NPCs: Felix (Fixer), Tint (Street Sam), Matilda (Mage)
Payout: 13k each
Karma Reward: 2 Karma

Usually a job starts at a seedy joint. A bunch of people in a dark booth, doing work for a shadowy figure known only as Mr. Johnson.

Today isn't the usual. You get a trid call from an old bastard of a Fixer named Felix, puffing away on a cigar that is less plant than regrets. Nobody is entirely sure if his left eye is lazy or a cyber-eye rig looking off at another screen on purpose, but either way he is a disconcerting guy to look in the face, and there his face is. It is clear he isn't anywhere near the city itself, which is no surprise with the way things have been for Fixers recently. Message looks to have been pre-recorded to boot.

Felix pulls his cigar out of his mouth, scowling at the screen. "Alright, I'm sending you three bastards a job. I got a crate of goods in The Warrens that need to move, this message will come with where to pick up the crate and when, and where you've got to get it. You'll have an hour to make it happen. I only need something specific from that crate so the rest of the drek in there you can split after the person receiving it gets what I promised them. This is good easy work, don't cross me on this and you'll get more." The vidcast cuts, the information on where to go pinging you shortly thereafter.

A recorded message? You can't haggle with a recording. Not effectively at all, that is. This leaves Luck with one simple choice to make. Take the job, or be hungry for the next… Until another job comes along. There's always another job, but not always another day to live, if you're hungry. So, she takes the job and follows along with it. Wherever she's meeting up, however, she'll bring something to keep her safe. And to help move whatever needs to be moved. A heavily-modified Land Rover should work. And hopefully, no one will question this vehicle, either. It's got all the toys. Her jumpsuit should be enough, for gear, but… Well, there's always a duffel with her heavy-sec gear if she needs it. And so, the rather large, horned, red-skinned Ork woman appears on time, at location. No need to haggle. Money's money… But just in case afterwards she doesn't get paid, well, that's what the armor is for.

Zen gets tagged via his own fixer, passing along jobs to help him keep moving. He'd watch it with a small frown, then finally nod. Where as others might show up in vehicles? Zen walks on foot. He's quite use to that mode of travel and kind of prefers it.

Especially as Zen doesn't have a car to drive.

Either way, he'd make it to the meet point quickly enough, that cloak was on him, but not active, shrouding him in a neutral grey colored cloak as he'd meet up with the two others that the recording said would be there. So they could get this job done.

The vehicle is a good idea, but not without some difficulty since the roads are absolutely trashed out here. The potholes have potholes, some filled with trash and jagged metal. Some might just say nobody cares about the Warrens, but that isn't true. People care about making this area hard to get a vehicle through, though no barricades outright halt your travel.

When you get to the site, the crate is sitting there on the street with two drones next to it. Both are well armed, with turrets tilting this way and that to survey nearby movement. Your approach gets turrets leveled at each of you, but no action is taken.

And you arn't the only ones on the aproach. There is a dwarf on a motorcycle, weaving between the potholes. The cyber he has covers most of his left side but looks poorly maintained, a sam down on his luck. He pulls to a stop about ten meters away, watching you and the drones in turn to see what happens next.

When she arrives, Luck immediately hops out. There's no reason for her to leave the vehicle locked, as she has the key, and there's unlikely to be anyone about that will steal it. Well, maybe the human, but the Dwarf is far too short. And already has a motorcycle. She does a quick count of the people here, making sure it's right. One, two… And she makes three. To the drones, she looks and starts forward, looking like she's ready to get this done. "Right, so. Let's get this done with, yeah? And uh, drones. Hope they're being manned right now. So we don't get shot automatically." Though she can take a hit. No problem. But who likes /being/ shot?

Showing up, Zen frowns as he'd look over the drones. Glancing to the dwarf from the car, he'd nod slightly. "That's fine. I think I'll approach carefully and determine if I can power down the drones up close." With that, he'd look around for an alley to duck into. It's a simple matter of flipping that switch on for the ruthe cloak to activate, making him for all intents and purposes, vanish. That done, he'd head for the drones, although he has to move slow to not disrupt the ruthe cloaking.

After a little while you're all sent another message. It is short, a confirmation that people have shown up and whether they're YOU or not, they're in the right place at the right time and you'll be held accountable. It also signals the start of the clock. A few seconds later the drones slowly begin moving, abandoning their payload crate as they scurry into the adjacent warehouse. It doesn't take a hardened shadowrunner to realize stepping inside that particular warehouse may be bad for your health.

The dwarf resumes his approach, holding one hand up as he goes towards the package. "I'm Tint, here for the job. Looks like you're here for the job too, though I thought there was supposed to be three of us. Third omae still in the car?"

Luck ponders a few moments. There /were/ three, right? "Nah, there was…" Now, she's curious. But she's headed for the crate anyway. "There /was/ a third… Huh. Maybe the drones spooked them. Well, whatever, less to split for you and me, now. I'm Luck. Let's get this loaded into my Rover, I suppose." A look over the Dwarf for a moment. "…Unless you want to lift it to your hog. Think it might be bit safer in mine, though. We've got an hour, yeah?"

Zen would be almost there when the drones.. walk off? He stopped, holding his breath as it almost walks into him. That past, the ruthe cloak is flicked off, reverting to that neutral grey with him right next to the crate. Looking between Tint, then Luck, he'd nod slightly. "Alright. So it seems we move forward." Yeah.. Zen? harden shadowrunner? Not so much it seems..

Tint reflexively pulls a pistol on Zen's appearance. It is those canned reflexes, plus the fact the gun is actually a part of him. After a half second he lowers the barrel, letting out of a slow breath. "Don't do that to me again, omae." Apparently he doesn't like people just appearing on him.

The destination for your cargo isn't a hard to find place, but the roads between here and there will be interesting for a range of reasons. You're driving out into The Sticks, west of orktown and far, far south of anyone giving a damn.

"There, see?" Luck didn't know where the man had gone, but Zen was back again. "But he's right, you know. You could have been shot. Don't do that." With that said, she moves over to pick the crate up. This is her thing, really. Big crates? Eh. Not that big a deal… Unless it's full of lead. Before she picks it up, however, she does make sure to open the back door with a button press on the key fob. "Hustle, people, hustle. Mister Hidey-hoo, you want a lift? Gonna be tought to get paid if you're walking."

When lifted the crate rattles, suggesting there are a lot of small somethings inside poorly packed. It isn't too heavy for a bulked out ork to get by themselves.

Zen would start to help Luck. But she seemed to have it on her own. A small shake of his head given as she'd just.. well.. out do him. Probably better to avoid having her punch him. "I would appreciate a ride, yes. I do apologize for my sudden appearance. I will endevor to make sure it is better known in the future if there is not a need for silence." He'd help Luck as best he could, a nod given to Tint and once they were loaded up, Zen would take whatever seat Luck let him, preparing for the next part.

Tint looks over the area a bit longer before going back to his motorcycle. "You guys take the goods, I'll just ride behind." Simple enough, right?

Once they start moving, things get a little trickier. A lot trickier, really. They make it all of two blocks before the sound of motorcycles on their rear - and not Tint's - can be heard. Someone else caught wind of what is going on and figured they'd come after it. They don't have gang colors on themselves, but they're all riding motorcycles in black and dark red. Still too far away to have a chance in hell of hitting, one of them fires off a shotgun that peppers the area. That makes it entirely clear they arn't your friends.

Unfortunately, Luck's vehicle is a big, armored sonovabitch… And Tint's motorcycle is not. The shotgun blast is the least of her worries, but losing a Runner on a milk run like this is a bad idea. Even if she doesn't know the guy. "Hey," the Ork woman notes to Zen, who had taken whatever seat he wanted, "tell that Dwarf, Tint, he should ride out in front. They're gonna hit us. And… This thing's armored." She then points up, generally at the middle of the ceiling. "Got a ring mount, can pop up and shoot at them if you want. Up to you." But obviously, she's going to keep driving, casually looking out her rearview mirror. "…Seriously? All of them on hogs? They must be new at this."

Zen nods in response to Luck and would use that pop up for cover. Those silenced pistols were all he'd need for this. A rebound can peg a tire or a rider. Either or. He'd wave for Tint to get ahead of the land rover, then start placing targets, taking a moment to aim at the shotgunner, to fire his own reply.

Tint doesn't need to be told twice. At the option to get out in front and away from the lunatics on bikes, he weaves around and heads out to be on point. Not a lot of help to you there, but that just makes his payday easier.

When Zen returns fire, he pings one of the guys and sends their bike careening. That just gets the others to open fire. Pistols, shotguns, it is a flash of distracting sounds and light property damage as the bikers ride in closer to the vehicle. Five left. In all the chaos it is a bit harder to get away with granny driving, Luck driving over the edge of a pothole that crumbles in response. There is a bit of a grinding sound as the vehicle manages to dig itself out of the hole and keep moving.

With Zen popping off, and Tint ahead, and the flashes… Luck isn't a good driver usually anyway. Pothole! She swears loudly in Japanese. How does one know it's swearing? Because of the tone. But the Beast isn't so easily defeated, and Luck just gets pissed off. "Dammit! I swear to god if there are any dents then I will personally rip off their heads and use their spinal column and skull as a nine iron!" …Jesus, she has anger issues. Or maybe she adores this truck.

Or maybe both? Either way, Zen moves with the flow of the truck. The rim providing nice cover as they attempt to return fire. He'd meditate patiently, completely silent and once he senses that lapse in the return fire, comes back up again, once more tracking the lead biker for both pistols to snap. While they may be loud and such, his are nothing more than finger snaps lost in the wind.

Shots whiz past. Zen picks off another of the bikers chasing you, while taking a few hits for their trouble. Nothing serious, but enough to leave a few bruises tomorrow. Meanwhile Luck has managed to keep them on what passes for a road.

Remember that other guy? The dwarf on the bike? Well, the guys chasing you didn't. He worked up a little lead, parked behind cover, and has been waiting. When he pops out from behind one of the trashpiles in the street with his pistol he manages to injure two more of the bikers pursuing you. The few that are left don't need further convincing this score isn't worth their trouble and veer off to collect their wounded.

You've won the day. The paintjob will need touch up work, though.

And that paintjob is expensive, too - pbotovoltaic paint doesn't come cheap. But it's cheaper than death. Looking through her mirror, Luck ponders a bit. Then, just keeps driving. "Well, that was a shitshow." Waving out the window towards Tint in a thanking gesture, Luck then points ahead. Move on like nothing happened. To Zen, she makes a quick note: "Nice shooting. What kind of music do you like? Think I have a bit of everything on here…" Might as well jam on the road to getting paid.

Zen would hold off as Tint helps to end the threat on the truck. A wave is given and he'd shift back inside the truck, closing that pop up of course. Guns reloaded, he'd glance to Luck. "Betoven's 5th sympathy. Otherwise, I will listen to what you have available. I go by Zen. Nice driving too."

The rest of the trip is uneventful. When you get to The Sticks, it takes a little while to find the spot described. It is a dusty thrown together scrap metal shack off by itself. The person waiting there has the marking on her jacket of an upturned spear. She doesn't seem scared to be seen, standing up to look towards you as you aproach and wait.

Commlink-Zen> Zen sends, « I'll cloak and go out the back when you open it to deliver? Rather be sure. Especially with them so confident in standing out like that.. »

Luck laughs. "Bullshit. I hit two holes. This road is high tier drek, Zen." She does turn on the symphony, though. And through the rest of the ride, she's more calm. Once they get to the destination, Luck immediately gets out and taps her ear, just to make sure that the com setup is functioning. The little earbud helps. Hopefully, Tint and Zen have links to tap in as well, and if they are, a small message is sent. But for now… They just need to get paid. Right? "Evening," calls the Ork with a smile and a wave. Her jumpsuit and lined coat kind of screams 'armored' but only to those savvy about the shadows. "Brought some milk. Hope this is the right house."

Commlink-Luck> Luck sends, « Yeah, sounds good. Don't uncloak until we're all back in the rover and on the road unless shit happens. »

The woman watches Luck for a few moments before speaking plainly. "I am here to collect from Felix's errand boys, which must be you." She has a bit of a Tir accent, but doesn't look like an elf. She looks over at Tint on his bike, getting a wave in response from the dwarf. "Please unload it."

Zen smiles to Luck. "We didn't stop. That means you drove well." He'd quietly check the battery of his cloak, changing it to make sure it'd be ready for the next part. A small nod given as he'd pick up the tap and as outlined, he'd vanish within the ruthe cloak, setting up point near the back door of the truck to wait, patiently, for Luck to open it. He'd slip out then and move off to the side for that overwatch.

"Yep." Simple enough. Luck likes simple. She moves to the back, and tbat crate is easily lifted out of there. "Curious, though. Few others knew this was there. Keep this under a lid better next time, maybe?" She does try to look over at Tint's bike, to look at it more closely, as she walks by it.

"That is Felix's problem, not ours." She goes over to the crate, inspecting the lock a few moments before punching in a keycode. It works, the thing popping open. And what, pray tell, is inside?

TACCOM gear. Lots of it. She goes to the portable master unit, pulling it free of the rest and inspecting it. After a little adjustment it turns on, and gets a nod of approval from her. "Yes, this is good. The delivery is as promised." She looks to the rest of the gear in the crate consideringly before speaking to the others. "If you will leave the rest of the gear with me, we will count is as a favor. Or we may purchase it from you, fourty thousand credits for the rest of the crate." She doesn't wait for your answer, carrying the TACCOM master unit back to where she was when you got here for further inspection.

"Fair enough, if you want to let him know I'm sure he'll make his prices better for you next time. But… I think we would rather get paid than go sell things ourselves." Luck isn't a haggler. "And if you need another run… Well, assuming we're alive, we're for hire." Forty thousand? She's okay with a three way split of that - thirteen or so each. "That is, if you want to split the cred, Tint?" A glance at the Dwarf.

Commlink-Zen> Zen sends, « I will go with the majority. I do not need the gear. »

Commlink-Luck> Luck sends, « Neither do I, but I would prefer the money. »

Zen of course, is still silently stalking in that cloak. Overwatch and all that. He doesn't comment of course, since he's having to stay silent, but that smart glove + inducer on the pocsec lets him get his informtaion across the comm silently.

Tint just hangs around, replying on his mic, «Whatever we do, make it quick. Better to be done here and gone»

Commlink-Luck> Luck sends, « Got it. Money it is. »

Luck steps forward, calling out. "We're here for a job, right? Money is money, and we have to eat. We'll take the nuyen. No offense meant. Just business." And hopefully, this person can appreciate that fact.

The woman doesn't seem bothered by this. If anything, she seems smug as she gives you the payment. Maybe that wasn't such a good deal you just made. "Then be on your way." She returns the master unit to the crate with the rest, closing it and making a few gestures. The crate begins to levitate up off the ground - obvious magic - and she simply pulls the whole thing along behind her as she goes her own way.

Commlink-Zen> Zen sends, « mind if I catch a ride back towards Souk? »

Luck sends, « Yeah, fair enough. Get in. »

When the lady takes the units, Zen would go to get back in the truck. he'd wait until Luck closes the doors before decloaking, and hey, even if she doesn't drive him all the way there, it's something, right?

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