Zeppelin ideas

Players: Laz, Jinx
Synopsis: Laz and Jinx meet in Wrench's Werks, the elf wanting to discuss an idea with Jinx
Date: 4th May 2079

Jinx was sitting relaxed in the Hummer both of her own place. The troll enjoying some spare time it seems.

Laz arrives in disguise, as agreed, wanting to talk shop in person. He is disguised as a very large old NAN man.

Laz opens the door to the Hummer Booth and enters it. (Place #3)

Jinx eyes the disguise, "Oh my… going quite overboard today… Are we.", she mutters silent enough to be only heard in the booth.

Laz offers his large but nothing like Jinx's fist for a knuckles greeting.

Jinx chuckles and bumps her own (larger) knuckles against the elf's. "How're ya doin'? Still hunted by da star and friends?"

Laz shrugs a massive shoulderagain, dwarfed by Jinx's but not by much. "I lose trackI'm a very popular guy." He grins, crow's feet appearing in his cinnamon-skinned temples.

Jinx rolls her eyes to that reply, "Well … let's say you have a certain tendency to … get on peoples good side?", she then replies with a chuckle.

Laz smirks, "What can I say..I don't sit on the fence—pisses some people off." He winks.

Jinx shrugs, "I think you simply are a bit too … apt to get into troubles. Some people are like that. No offense, chummer. Me … I found my little niche here. I am content, I simply doubt you are that kinda person."

Laz nods slowly. "I need a big niche, for someone so much shorter than you." He grins up at the troll.

Jinx just chuckles to that, "'s notta matta o' physical size, chummer. 's attitude. 'n yers beats most people I know…" She winks, then ponders before she asks, "Anythin' I kin offer ya?"

Laz steeples his long hands on the table. "I'll take that as a compliment." He smiles. "Well, yea, perhaps. I've been thinking, for reasons germaine to what we have just discussed, I should perhaps invest in a zeppelin. And I want to know if that's something you can help spec, build, mod, source, et cetera."

Jinx blinks, "Well … depends on da kinda zeppelin yer thinking about. My garage's a bit small though. But I'dda have da tools and sum … general knowledge of mods. Not really an expert on zeppelins, ya know… Usually bikes 'n cars make betta pay 'n dese parts."

Laz leans back, puts an arm across the arm rest. "Well, if not you perhaps you can recommend someone…" but then he half smiles, "Though I have a feeling you're being a bit humble about it all. I want the one that can lift the most cargo, and then I want it customized for the heaviest lift possible. And I want to start a weather survey and para-animal tracking and research business that'll use it as a legitimate source of travel. See where I'm going?"

Jinx shrugs at the humble reward, "Well, as I said… I have been working on airplanes a few times. But a zeppelin is a quite … special kinda aircraft. Not being able to get the thing inside this place would not be a problem, as long as you have a hangar kinda thing to keep it during refitting. Will be a bitch to move the tools there, but it's certainly doable. It's mostly a question of how fast you want things done. If you want faster, then you should look for someone else. Else I would be able to do it."

Laz nods, thinking. "Well, I was also wandering if I could base it here. I'd pay you a percentage of anything that comes from it. Was thinking we could have some containers around, for different needs, and chummers could come and go, as could the Zep. I'm not in a hurry. I'm impatient except where I'm patient." He grins.

Jinx ponders that, "Hmmm … dunno. Where would ya wanna land it? Sure there is some space back doors, but that's a junkyard. And the place front is needed for the garages and bars customers… I kinna simply git rid o' da junkyard, though… Kinda parts storage, ya know?"

Laz nods enthusiastically, obviously happy Jinx is even open to the idea.

"Well, I'd tether it here, and we'd use the tethering crane to provide and elevator/lift up to it. It'd never have to land."

Jinx chuckles at the mans enthusiasm, "Well, that tethering woul' sure be a spectacle fer da crowd 'n all, but it would'na keep it save o' da elements. 'n ya know how bad storms from outta da Uthe lands kin be… I bet that bloody Ghost Dance really messed 'em up fer good weather-wise… 'n ya'd still need a shelter fer dat kinda times. Also sum repairs woul' need ter git yer ride fully grounded… 'n Imma not even startin' about how massive tha' tether woul' need ter be…"

Laz scratches his chin, "I hear what you're saying, which reminds me, going to need a good pilot program or real pilot…" He drums his fingers on the table, thinking. "So you say we could land it here on the junk yard? Did I hear that right?"

Jinx chuckles, "Space-wise 't do… jus… ya know lots 'n lots a rusty cars with nice edges all over lyin' dere…. Idda suggest ter find a more … free area. Unless ya like ter patch yer baby up all da times afta landin'. Also would'na hurt ter have da shelter right beside da tether. Possibly with an option ter quickly drag yer baby inside. Storms kin be kinda quick…"

Laz hmms, "Couldn't we build a Hangar here? You have a lot of space…."

Jinx sighs, "Well, Imma usin' all da area I have bought so far… We mighta be able ter add somethin' ter it … but I guess gettin' a license ter land a zeppelin dat close ter da highways… Dunno … sounds like … massive red tape ter me…"

Laz nods, "But if we don't put it here, how will you ever work on it? Or are all your tools portable?"

Jinx chuckles, "I could move most of them, might be a bitch though… Well, I am not opposed ter ya idea. A big zeppelin landing or startin' 's quite a show… 'n people might come ter da Road Trip jus' fer da chance ter see 't. Jus' wanna make 't clear that 't might be quite an effort…"

Laz sighs, knowing it's a big project. "Well, as long as you're open to it…let me share what I have in mind." He taps his wrist-PC so you can give it permission to pair with your device and share his sketches.

Laz taps, "I was thinking the 2051-C for pure raw cargo."

Laz smiles, "And, it's legal to own."

Jinx eyes the data she got sent by the bars computer system onto the tables menu display, via Laz's shared computer data of course. She whistles a bit at the plans, "Well yer certainly not thinking small…", she then says.

Laz grins, "No, I'm not. The three main things for that would be, one, add solar, two, customize the engine to double or max out cargo lift, three, some ECM et cetera, all legal, to start with."

Jinx ponders, "Hmmm… If that thing has one disadvantage then it would be to have merely a combustion engine. I would reduce tank-load a bit and add a hybrid engine with solar powering as a way to provide more flexibility. A thing this big should be able to gather quite a bit of power from the sun. And Colorado is not /that/ cloud prone… Would probably allow you a considerably increased range. Though probably would cost a pretty penny as well."

Laz nods, "Yea, for sure, like I said, that's my first point."

Jinx blinks at that moment having been so centered on the data she hadn't noticed that he had told that already. "Oh…", she mutters, a slight flush on her cheeks, "Oh my… dun start a girl like me with lookin' inter problems like that … I git ter easy distracted like that."

Jinx then adds ponderingly, "Hmmm… guess I would need to really work myself inter zep upgrades firs'. Imma bit behind how yer kin work on 'em right now…"

Laz shrugs, smiling, slaps Jinx's shoulder in a firm and very friendly way. "No worries, no worries, sounds like you're getting interested in it too."

Jinx chuckles, "Fer a while I had bin playin' wid da thought ter form somethin' like a kinda DocWagon fer da shadows… HTR fer runners, so ter say… Choppers woulda been my choice, there… As ter otha stuff. I mighta be willin' ter learn sum stuff 'bout how ter fly a zep… Just not bin on mah prio list up till now."

Jinx then adds, "Also… Imma here fer buildin' shit fer mah chums, so dat's certainly an interestin' idea."

Laz nods, "So how do we proceed? Can you draw up a plan for me? I'll pay you to design the most optimal one with me."

Jinx ponders, "Hmmm… I kin work on it. Jus dun expect quick results. It's a lotta workin' inter the specialties I fear…"

Laz slaps the table, "Good, we have a plan…" He looks around. "How much has this all cost you to put together by the way, if I can ask?"

Jinx chuckles, "A real steal… 100K and some. Comes from being not one o' da most frilly places." She ponders, "Hmmm… I guess da bar up was sum 50K more or so I think…"

Jinx chuckles again, "But da grounds alone weren't da most expensive shit. 's da tools dat cost fer real…"

Laz nods, "So what, total about 400k?" he asks looking around anew.

Jinx ponders, "Hmmm… all in all I think 't was about a tad under 300K to get Wrench's Werks as 't is."

Laz nods, "I'll buy half of it for 150 if you want to be fifty fifty partners on everything."

Jinx tilts her head, "Uh… I already have an elf in this… Part of da money for da place was Vollo's and he gets a cut from da profits fer it."

Laz chuckles, "One elf is plenty, hey? Well, let me know if i can buy a small share or something."

Jinx shrugs, "Nah… plenty 's not da problem, but havin' ter many partna's in un biz … well dat kin git difficult. Also I am kinda preferin' ter be mah own boss by now. So iffen yer want, we kin share ya zep thing 'n leave dis fer dis silly troll." She winks.

Laz smiles and winks back. "Aright…let's start simple and get the plans going, happy to have you partnered in with me."

Jinx chuckles at that, "Well, maybe I am not still as settled as I thought…"

Laz laughs and stands up, leaning over the table to give Jinx a hug for making him laugh. He never laughs.

Jinx is indeed a bit perplexed about both. She never ever saw him laughing and the hug for sure is a surprise. "Uh…", she mutters a bit flustered.

Laz sits back, "Akula is much friendlier than Laz…" he whispers.

Jinx blinks, "Uh… there is a difference?", he then asks.

Laz nods looking very serious but leaves it at that. Though it did seem he said the word 'acting' without making any noise.

Jinx chuckles bemusedly, "Interesting … you are only 'acting' eagerness…?" She looks amused as she asks, "I wonder which is the real emotion, the played or the not-acted upon one."

Laz probably doesn't know it himself…

Jinx pats the mans shoulder, "Well, we all have problems…", she then says taking it not as an insult, but more as funny it seems.

Laz drums his fingers again, "So, if we jack up the lifting capacity, I think we can have small 'containers', like modules…so the zep can carry what it needs. For example, if we need a vehicle when we arrive, we can carry that, or extra kit, or extra fuel or extra ECM…or the like.

Jinx allows herself a little antic. A real bad tease. Then she grins hearing his words about the Zep. "Hmmm… not sure how many containers it could carry."

Laz almost keeps his poker face but a single raised eyebrow betrays him. Uncharacteristically (!) he says nothing (is he ill??).

"Yea, I imagine they would not all be at the same time…it's something to think about. It may be that the payload is limited to personnel and their personal gear, maybe a flyer or two and some drones. We should look into it, as it'll determine our tactics and therefore our operational range and types."

Jinx chuckles at the lack of response to her acting up. She nods to this words, though, "Hmmmm… this would mean, we need a kind of container bay… It has advantages and disadvantagess. For one we would need that area more reinforced, as it is likely to get some bumps now and then. And then there is the matter of access… We would want to be able to access the container in flight. Possibly a launch-pad, for drones at least… Hmmm…"

Laz nods, slowly revealing his own pectoral while pretending nothing is going on. "I've looked at racks," he says, trying not to laugh, "For launching drones, and the big ones hold two of any size."

Jinx grins at the revealed chest, "Well … ", she says. "If the container is mounted so the sides of it are still in the open, then potential drone launchers could be fully inside the container with launch and retrieve openings in it's side. That would help to reduce the Zep's buildup complexity." She grins as she tease the elf again.

Laz's pec, by the by, is the same skin tone as his cinnamon-skinned face, showing that his disguise is more than above the neck. Also, all the visible skin is decorated in an intricate barbed wire tattoo.
"So with that, and solar, we have some ideas. What about the engine? We need one with enough thrust and power, but that can also feed of solar, no?"

Jinx nods, "We should add a high performance hybrid engine. There is some of those, but well… money… Or the right place to … 'find' one." She winks, her eyes a bit curious on that tat.

Laz steeples his fingers while resting his elbows on the table, his skin now back to being hidden. "I'm assuming finding one to err, liberate, isn't that simple?"

Jinx shrugs, "Well, we do want something for a somewhat obscure kind of vehicle, to tell the truth. Lighter than air vehicles are … well, not as usual as other aircraft. On the other hand if we take the rough route anyway, why not go all the way?" Under the table she teases the elf some more.

Laz squirms a bit. "Fuck it, let's go do some exploring and find the right engine," he says, reaching under the table to join into the playfulness.

Jinx chuckles, "That's the spirit…", she then replies, but the question is open if she means the playful games or the words about getting the engine of their dreams.

Laz finishes what he did under the table, "Indeed, and well who doesn't like it rough and ready? Where would we start looking?"

Jinx grins, "Hmmm… if we had one, then I would say a Decker could find out if some corp has something suitable lying around somewhere…"

Laz sighs, "Decking and Rigging are not my thing. You got that fancy jack, what goes in there?"

Jinx laughs at those words, "Chummer, imma troll, we're not too good at electron riding I am a rigger, that's it."

Laz shrugs, "Well, today you're full of surprises, so search me!" he exclaims.

Both get a bit more playful after that… Something we want to spare the non-interested reader.
Enough said, that they ended in Jinx's office and where … busy for a while.

Laz paces around the room pondering. "Well, look, I have funds, but if there's some lonely zep out there, perhaps we start with that? Though, as you said…where to keep it. Perhaps we do a little recon first?"

Jinx chuckles, "I would cover the bases first. Get yourself the grounds. And some space for a hangar.

Laz nods, "Maybe some aerial recon," he says, grinning, and almost instantaneously he grows enormous black-feathered wings, like some punk-angel from a goth novel…

She looks out of the window, toward the area behind her junk yard. "Well, maybe over there… Though. This is a rough area. There might be some unwelcome …", she says, then his wings appear, "Damn… you never told me yer a fallen angel…", she then mutters.

Laz grins maniacally, 'hugging' Jinx with his angel wings. "I am very much a fallen angel…and the bringer of doom…now, what would terrify them most, in terms of my face…I already know the color that most should fear," he says, and his skin begins to change, turning lighter and lighter, even as he paces and his wing vanish—he is the color of chalk, just about.

Jinx tilts her head, "Yer notta ghoul or something, yes?", she then asks, questioning her deeds from before. Not that she was complaining about what had happened, just what that might have caused gets her a bit worried. She knows too well what happens to infected trolls."

Laz chuckles, "You had it the first time: fallen angel…" he says, his tattoos now in massive contrast to his skin. "I shall go for white bat-wings, what do you think? We build a legend, clear them out?" he asks, gigantic white bat wings now filling the office as he shows Jinx his idea.

Jinx tilts her head, "Well, is that a kind of spell? And it sure explains why ya been rumored ter fall of buildings 'n still get ter da ground unharmed…" She ponders. "I almost wondered whatcha need a Zeppelin for anyway, but I guess even iffen yer kin fly yer stuff kinna."
She adds, "Guess we'd need a kinda landin' pad fer ya then…"

Laz nods, "All the rumors about me are true," he says, winking. "Now for the face, perhaps something along the lines of what you suggested, a ghoul or a Nosferatu?" he says, and his face begins to change, to elongate and narrow, making him look like a vampire from the ancient days.

Jinx ponders, "I have seen some adepts do that, but I thought ya where a spell-caster…"

Laz rotates his wings forward and backwards, the veins clearly visible in the alabaster skin. "I am both, Jinxie, both…one day I'll turn into a boa for you, we can have some fun with that too," he says, winking, which looks a bit disturbing in his monstrous new face.

Jinx tilts her head, "Boa? As the snake?", she then wonders… "Damn … I /did/ mention that I was kinda magophobic in my younger days, yes?"

Laz shrugs his massive shoulder, folding his albino bat wings behind him. "You did not, but anyone with half a brain should be magophobic to the extreme."

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