Nina and Zen: Zen Discovers His Magic

Nina is lurking on the edges of the shadows.. as the sun is going down the freaks come out at night.

Zen has become semi-known around the market. At least seen. The guy with the hood up and the hard jacket. He stepped in when he saw fit and didn't when he did not. A shadow of the shadows usually, but there's been three separate occasions he's proven that his actions are solid and he doesn't back down from facing someone with those twin Nighthawks. Either way, he'd pause near the edge as well, watching with interest the night's crew replacing that day's crew.

Nina comes up about twenty feet away, looks left.. ah.. it's Zen.

Zen can feel that strange feeling.. 'Did I turn on my turn signal at the stoplight last week when I was coming back form the grocery store?'.. that recollection.. the strange feeling like trying to think about the answer to a new rhyeme that is heard… oh.. that's the same feeling with the Mindlink thing Muse was doing before.

Zen pauses at that sensation. A small almost smile, before he'd lower that mental guard, allowing Muse to make the connection. As he did, Zen would do a slow pan around his local area. Magic required sight. So she must be around here somewhere, right?

«Auto-Judge[]» Zen (#7043) rolls Intelligence for "Spotting Nina and her magic fingers.":
1 1 3 4 5 21

Zen spots Nina, she's looking directly at him and lowering a finger that was discretely pointing at him (ah.. finger waggler!!). She offers him a smile, ~Hey there big fella.. beat up any guys today?~.. ~mental snicker~

Zen mused for a second, watching Muse. ~I've only had to threaten three. Most back down as no one knows for sure what ammo you're packing.. and a rebound round hurts even more at close range.~ Zen would step away then, starting his next patrol as the freaks of the night had settled in. watching his surroundings while continuing that conversation. ~You and I need to talk. You said the sniper was like me. I don't know what that means and would like more information.~

Nina turns and slips away into the darker shadows, heading away from the marketplace as they 'chat', ~The sniper? Oh.. I was just meaning that he was awakend.. a physical adept that uses magic to enhance his physical abilities. The way you do.. ya know?~

Zen would lean up against a stall for a moment, watching two women tussle out about who got to sleep with a guy. The guy in question was there flirting with a third girl, oblivious to the fight. ~I.. don't know. I sort of knew magic was around. I was taught what to watch for and who to shoot first for it. We have mental routines to resist magic. But I did not know I.. did.. it used it. Please explain how you know I even do?~

Nina turns around and starts heading back, "Can you meet me outside Spike's Spokes? I can show you exactly what I mean."

Zen looked around. The two girls were now onto the third one and the guy was beating a hasty retreat. Typical. He'd shake his head slightly and move away. Heading back for that point Muse requested. ~I will be there in two minutes.~

Nina continues her back-way to Spike's Spokes to meet up with Zen. After a couple minutes the two meet outside and she leans up against the wall of the chop shop business and motions him to come join her so they can look out over the street and look like they are people watching.

----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
===================> Spell Catalog Listing: Trid Phantasm <====================
Spell Name: Trid Phantasm
Category: Illusion/Indirect
Target Number: 4(R)
Drain Code: +1D
Type: Physical
Duration: Sustained
Range: LoS(AoE)
-----> Spell Description <-----
This spell allows the caster to create an illusion of any object in his memory, as long as it stays within the area. It affects technological sensors as well.

Zen would walk over to Muse and settle against the wall with her, arms folded loosely over his chest as he'd look the direction she was wanting him to. He was skeptical, but Muse has proven several times over she knows what she's talking about. So he'd listen.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Centering vs TN 4 for "Centering Successes!":
1 2 5 8 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (Ally Spirit) vs TN 4 for "F5 Trid Phantasm Full Sensory Emersion":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 11 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 4 + 4 (Power Focus) vs TN 3 for "3D Drin, need 8":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 10 10 10 11 = 14 Successes

«Plot» Nina says, "F5 Trid Phantasm, 7 successes, no drain."

«Auto-Judge[]» Zen (#7043) rolls Intelligence vs TN 12 for "TN: 12 - 4 base + 15 magic rating - 5 for spell rank - 2 awaken":
1 1 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

Nina shares over the Extended Mindlink they are sharing, ~I'm going to show you an illusion.. the most powerful and full sensor illusion I know.. it will offer visual, smell, auditory.. even touch if you want to touch anything in the illusion….~.

Nina starts talking in a strange language (Enochian: Centering), "Ifinaltima farotza mobali" (Translation: From Mind to Mind Share thoughts with thoughts).

Around Nina and Zen plate steel walls start coming up out of the ground about twenty feet out from the wall they are leaning against, creating a big box around them. When looking at the wall behind them a plate of steel is coming up between them and the wall to seal them in in a big box. Across the top of the box another sheet of steel is moving to close them in and on the ground the same. It takes about five seconds for them to be sealed into a steel box… rather dark in here now.

There is a pin prick of light in the far corner.. things are lightening up… oh wait.. they aren't in box after all. As vision comes so does the feel of the air, the smell of the city.. hot tar warmed by the mid day sun hints in the nose and then.. the place is very famliar. They are on the rooftop of the target warehouse where they freed the truck of asian slave girls.

Looking around.. the senses.. eyes, ears, nose.. it's as damn real as if actually being there <again>.

Nina is standing beside Zen and she offers him a smile in the illusion, "I'm going to switch over to the astral now.. so you can see what mages see."

The world shifts like a blink.. a watery eye turning fuzzy and then wiped with the back of the hand.. a blink.. and all is different now.

The rooftop is grey and all things around are shapes and dull colors. Except.. the things that are alive.

Zen can see Nina as if she is a type of ghost, her outline and some locations on her (especially her bracelet) glowing brilliantly with a lifeforce. Zen can see a bird fly past that looks at him and offers him a nod.. as if understanding that Zen can now see it's soul.

Nina's ghost like form points down to the sniper laying on roof ready to shoot anyone coming at the front of the warehouse. Zen can see the man has a simliar glow to Nina but a bit different. The colors are different but that.. inner glow is similar.

Nina points off to the other side of the rooftop and Zen can see a guy climb up out of the roof hatch. The guy lacks this inner glow but he is alive like the bird and has colors. His head is dark and lifeless and Zen can 'feel' a saddness about the man and a poison and pollution. Nina offers, "Cyberware kills the soul.. it deadens the aura of a person.. their life force."

When Zen looks back to Nina she holds up a full length mirror (where'd that come from?).. and it shows Zen.. shows the inner glow of him to himself in the reflection. He can see how it is different than Nina's.. but similar to the sniper on the rooftop.

Nina offers with a warm and compassionate smile, "Mages.. Shamans.. Physical Adepts.. we're all different.. but we are like cousins… we all use the life force of living things to work magic. You.. a Physical adept are the most natural of all magic users… you draw upon the strength of life to accentuate you abiltiies.. to make you faster.. stronger… more concentrated on skills.. it's rather epic honestly."

A car passes towards the Souk Diner. Some may recognize it as the beat up cadillac belonging to a CAS fixer.

Zen shifts, standing. That sense of preperation, readiness without freezing was there. At least.. until she returned them to that point in time. He'd look about, studying the surroundings, then watch Nina. Blinking in surprise, he'd look around again, studying the sniper, the man with the cyberware, her.. then him.

An adept. A physical adept that taps.. what? The world? Himself? There were pieces within his head that came loose, but there were others that clicked. Innately.. Zen did things. He was faster than the others.. and when he drew on someone.. In a strange way, it did make sense. But where did that leave him.

There wasn't exactly a look of denial to him. Muse had no reason to lie. Plus what she said did correlate to what he could do.. Why could it not be one and the same? Why did this have to change who he was and what he did? This.. this could fuel him. Further, faster. Better. Zen looked at the man with the cyberware again. "I will never do that.. Muse. I.." He looked back at her, put one hand over fist, a sign of respect given as he'd bow to her at the waist. "Thank you. It.. is a lot to take in. I'll need to think on this even more. But what you say makes sense."

A snow storm moves in quickly, the temperature drops.. wind picks up.. a blizzard.. within ten seconds its hard to even see Nina… a pure white out….

And then the snow stops.. and drops to the ground as if a snow globe, drifting downward gently.

Looking.. Nina can easily be seen now.. normal.. leaning against the wall of Spikes Spokes.

A motorcycle rides past reving it's engine as it throws an empty beer can at the chop shop and the rider curses at the owners as he drives on past.

Nina takes a moment to try and clean up her astral signiture as she offers across the mindlink, ~You are very good man Zen.. a heart of a Saint and the bravery of a knight. You impress me."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 5 for "Cleaning up F5 Trid Phantasm":
1 1 1 2 2 4 13 = 1 Success
«Plot» Nina says, "Sig lasts 4 more hours"

Zen would pause at the snowstorm. The illusion ending, watching the man throw the can, for one brief moment he thought about shooting out the tire.. but it'd be more grief than it's worth. He leans up against the wall again, looking around, capturing the here and now. ~The Creed brings peace, Muse. For both those whom we must end and for the one who must do the deed. Even more so now.. it is something that I will have to uphold. Awaken.. adept.. I will be more of a target. But I can prepare. I can be ready and I can stop those who might try to assault me that way. I can hone my ability. Unleash a true potential that could actually turn the corruption back. One man, yes.. but one man that can channel the world.~

Nina smiles wide under her covered red handkerchief face but her eyes show a twinkle and a little touch of crowsfeet at the outer edges that reveal her smile in their own way, "Your paths in life have brought you to this point where you are today. Your experiences.. your joys.. your saddness.. your grief.. victory.. defeat.. have made you the man you are today. The future stands before you Zen… depending on you having learned from your life to this point.. to continue to make good choices in the days to come."

~Chase. My name is Chase Timmons. And you're right.~ There was definitely a resolution to him, a shifting of his feet, that additional determination. ~I have plenty of choices to make. I have my path to walk. I can lead, I can follow, or I can plot that path in the middle that shows the world what my intent truly is. Either way.. I know now, that what I do will have impact. I have you to thank for this as well, Muse.~

Nina offers Zen a very respectful nod as she turns off the wall and offers him a bow at the waist and then she stands up fully again, ~You will do great things Chase Timmons.. the World will feel your hand upon it and for all time what you accomplish will cause waves and ripples far and near from your accomplishments."

Zen would smile slightly, a small nod given, then he'd look around. Revelation in the middle of freak central marketplace. Well.. if you're going to learn something.. ~So.. is this where I ask you about if you are willing to join my Brotherhood? I am honored and humbled to work with you either way, Muse.. I just know with you within the Brotherhood, it would be much stronger for it.~

Muse pauses.. a mental wave of emotion slips acorss the extended mindlink… (so this is how women feel when they watch a halmark movie?), ~I am honored to call you a friend.. if I may. And I would be honored to join the Brotherhood.~

Zen smiles. There's a mental chuckle as he'd watch her. ~I do not give my name to anyone but friends.. Then it's settled. You will join the Brotherhood.. We will grow together and we will help clear the corruption from the warrens.. and the rest of Denver. From there.. well.. there's no telling how far we can truly go.~ Zen would muse a moment, looking around. ~There is an initiation.. and I don't have a secure location for it yet. However.. I will get one soon so I can do this properly.~

Zen pages: can we send in this log? Even if it's not a mission.. I feel it's a profound growth for Zen.. maybe even initiation material..
You paged Zen with 'Yes.. will do.'.

Nina starts a slow stroll back from Spike's Spokes to the Souk Marketplace, wandering off from Zen so that they aren't coming to the marketplace together. As she rounds the corner and keeps going she offers, ~My name is Nina Reynolds, I own the Elysium Fields greenhouse in the CAS sector. Muse is my shadow name. I also have nearly a dozen Fake SINS that I use illusion magic to look like different people.. in time.. I can share them with you. I work at a paranoid level to protect my REAL SIN from the shaodw business.. but I know I can trust you.~

Nine merrily meanders through the tent town before finally emerging into the Souk Market in the usual suit of courier armor from the Rapid Transit line, along with the breather mask and the hardliner gloves and steeltoe boots! Though, the long sleeves of the black attire currently say, "Rat Meat 4 Sale!" and the burlap bag over one shoulder might actually have such items within.

Zen would nod to Nina then take a different route, walking along paths that he'd keep alert on, even while 'talking' with Nina via the spell. ~Thank you for your trust. You have always struck me as the type to be careful and smart about it. I will not fail that trust, ever.~ Zen paused at a vendor, watching him haggle with another guy over a gun. Meanwhile there was a third man who was reaching out to try stealing a knife. That Nighthawk blurred up as Zen would step close. Cold metal against the would-be thief's neck as Zen's voice kept pitched low, just for him. "Not a good idea. Put it down. Walk away." Zen would let him go as he'd quickly melt away. His own gun back into it's holster only just as the vendor realized he was being stolen from and started beating the guy who was the decoy. Zen kept walking, merging once again with the crowd of the market.

Nina worked the side alley, heading back on the route she was going on before, ~When you find a place for the initiation, please let me know. I have various resources… what does this initiation need to have.. like.. space requirements? Inside? Outside? Anything I can help you get?"

~The original initiation was removal of the ring finger on the left hand. It's evolved from that to speaking the oath. Often this would include a leap of faith into something soft from at least 5 stories up. Water, hay.. so on. We had a water tower at the compound that people would leap from into a pile of hay. Here, now.. The oath spoken would be fine. I might be able to get some of the robes from the compound. Then it's just using them with a quiet space.~ Zen merged rather well with the marketplace again. There were probably a few interested in the sign from Nine. Or maybe it was just her? Either way, Zen would seek to fall in step with her. The figure with the hood watching those around as he'd nod slightly to Nine. "Evening, Miss Nine. I do hope it finds you well?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Zen (#7043) rolls Stealth for "Because suddenly being there is fun!":
4 5 5 9

A couple orks in matching jackets (crimson red and sable black) are able to briefly check out the curvy courier who carries on with her burlap sack of the alleged meats she has 4 sale. The two guys simply trail her via visual only, for the time being before quietly speaking among themselves then moving off after her at a slow walk, but they slow down when they see Zen as Nine turns with a slight grin behind her mask that her voice projects, "Hello there! Aye, quite well. Seen a true miracle, so cannot be bad today!"

Nina continues to put distance between her and the marketplace, heading back to The Beneath across town to stash her clothing and gear before the flight back. It's a long careful walk so she has lots of time to "chat", ~This isn't a magical group is it? I'm in a magical group and it has an Oath.. well… from the sounds of it, it isn't.. but I want to be respectful of our spirit guide and the oath I have with my magical group. Splitting allegiances may make her grow concerned that I am not fully dedicated to my magical group.~

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