GM: Annie

Players: Annie, Slide, Bigman.

Karma Awards: Annie: 4, Slide: 4, Bigman: 4

Rep Awards:

Annie: +1 Tough, +1 Careful, +1 Brave
Slide: +2 Dependable, +1 Discreet
Bigman: +1 Dependable, +1 Tough, +1 Brave


Payout for this run is a single Renraku 'Ghost' Recon Drone (+info gear custom vehicle ghost). The street value of the drone is 257500, but with gear payout reduction it is 128750 nuyen. I would estimate that the risk potential for this run would warrant a payout of roughly 25k per runner which brings the total earning potential to 75k. Annie will pay the remaining 50k for the Drone value out of her pocket to simulate the bargain basement price for a used drone of this type. Go ahead and place the Drone on a voucher (place the base stats in a voucher note if you could) and send it to Annies inventory.

Annie is also most likely going to be further paying the other two runners off via favors or spell casting.


Mamiko Asaki decides to remind Annie that she is still in the neighborhood. Ollie is coerced into contacting Annie with an irresistible offering, namely the Drone she has been looking for over the last few months, and at a bargain basement price. Annie is warned that it is a trap via a codeword that she shares with her various trusted contacts, but decides to spring the trap regardless with the aid of Slide and Bigman.

Date: February 3rd, 2070. 2000 hours to 2200 hours Denver Local Time.

The call comes to you via standard mafia channels, Annie wishes to see the two of you at FSI within the hour. Her only message other than the desire to meet is 'Bring the heavy stuff if you've got it.'.

Slide prepares his usual cowboy disguise, and loads his Jeep with all his best toys. After the prep work he drives down to the warrens and heads to the FSI, parking in an area that is known to be secure because of the buildings reputation, he pulls out his bags and heads inside, nodding to the guards as he does so. They are used to seeing the man in the black cowboy hat by now.

Bigman is sitting up the top room of FSI, leaning back on a comfortable chair. He has a pair of shaded glasses, which is connected to his pocsec via fiber cable. He is typing away on his pocsec, and one of the mechanics come up informing him of the job. He nods, stands up, and leans over grabbing a backpack that is next to his chair. He slings it over a shoulder, and heads down stairs. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he looks around. He heads to the coke machine and pops in a few nuyen. He makes his selection. He pops the soda open and takes a gulp.

Annie arrives right on time, seeming more than a bit on edge which is a dramatic contrast from her usual serene demeanor. She walks into the lounge, requests some privacy from any lingering FSI personnel, and is rapidly given the room except for Bigman and Slide. "Thanks for showing up. I need a favor.", she begins slowly.

Slide chuckles and drops his bags, the heavy thunk of metal hitting the ground makes you aware he has his big stuff. "Sure, anything for a friend. Of course, I expect favors in return, though I think you're working on some for me as is right?"

Bigman nods in acknowledgement "Sure Annie, sure…" he leans up against the wall, and takes a gulp of his soda. "Whats up, whatcha need?"

Annie nods to Slide, "That I am. I've got the Dark Armor anchor done if you want it now.", she leans against a nearby wall as she takes a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing, "I have had several of my contacts working the last few months trying to find me a reasonably priced Renraku Ghost surveillance drone.", she pauses here and chuckles, "Then out of the blue, about an hour ago I got a call from one of my fixers. He said, and I quote, 'I got that drone you wanted My Dear. It's slightly used, but the customer is willing to let it go for fifty kay."

Slide nods "Boss got one of them drones at an auction a while back, I checked up on it, thats worth at least two hundred, even used."

Bigman finishes his drink and tosses it into a near by trash can. He disconnects his shades from the pocsec, puts away the cable, and slips it into his pocket.

Annie nods, "It's a real bargain, almost too good. I requested live images, mechanical specs. He's got the real drone.", she chuckles, "The problem with this situation is that Ollie called me 'My Dear'. That is my standard signal to my most trusted contacts that I am being set up through them. Someone got to Ollie, provided him with the drone, most likely to draw me out for a meet to receive it.", she shrugs, "It's a setup for sure."

Slide tilts his head to the side, smiling slightly "But you still want the drone I take it, even if its a setup."

"I do. But more importantly, I want to find out who knows enough about me to use Ollie to set me up.", Annie replies after a moment, "I know it's a trap, but I intend to walk into it and see who jumps out of the shadows. I want you guys lurking along in the shadows to help me kill them all.", she pauses and grins wryly, "Or if we are severely outmatched, help me get out alive with Ollie if possible. I owe him a lot and don't want to see him hurt."

Bigman stands up fully and puts his hands in his pockets "We care about keeping one alive, getting information?"

Slide waves a hand dismissively "Not a problem, sounds simple enough, and I've got plenty of toys to take care of the problem."

Annie shrugs, "Keeping them alive is not a main issue. I want to send a message to whomever sent them. The message is 'Don't fuck with my friends'. If any of them are still alive, I can do a mind probe and get any info I need.", she absently brushes a lock of hair from her eyes, "As I see it, this could be one of three groups.", she raises a finger to count off each option in turn, "The Yakuza. The Triads. Or the Ute and their bounty hunters."

Bigman nods "I'm guessing the location the meet is setup at is secure from any law being an issue…well, as much as possible? And there is no way it would be this Ollie that is setting you up…not implying that he would have a reason, but sometimes you never know."

Slide nods "Yea, definatly don't want a shootout in the FTZ now do we."

Annie shakes her head, "I've known Ollie for thirty years. We were in the same unit together a long time ago. I don't question his loyalty.", she pulls out her pocsec and activates the trideo display. An image of a map appears hovering just above the panel, depicting the Aurora Reservoir and then scrolling northwest, "This is the Arapahoe Park Racetrack. Ollie wants to meet me there in an hour to do the switchoff. I've already sent him the yen for the drone. I just need to go get the thing and set off the trap."

Slide looks over the map and nods "Alright, that doesnt give us much time to setup, and I'm sure they are already in place, so we just go in guns blazing. Not a wise move, but I'll do it."

Bigman grins "The location, whats the rules for collateral damage?"

Bigman says "We can send in some Watchers…get locations of astral signatures.""

Bigman says "See how many there are, get an idea of what we are dealing with. Although, I'm guessing they will have some magical security if they knew who they were dealing with."

Annie chuckles at Bigman, "Unless Demon owns a share in the place, which I admit is possible, feel free to wreak havoc.", she looks over at Slide, "I was considering heading straight over there, dropping you off on the backside and letting you go in on foot, then just going straight down their throat as if I were oblivious to the setup.", she pauses and adds, "All three of those groups know me and what I am capable of. I think it can probably be assumed that they are going to have some hefty magical defenses on line. If we send watchers in, that may tip them off that I know something is awry. If that happens they may scrub the op and put a bullet in Ollies brainpan."

Slide nods "Not a problem, I got my cloak and a few big toys I can bring, and I'll sneak in as best I can."

"By my watch, we have an hour from now. Probably twenty minutes from here to the backside of the track. I can give you thirty five minutes to insert yourselves, then I can just drive through the jaws of the beast and see who shows up to party.", Annie states after checking her watch.
Bigman shrugs "I'm not the stealthiest guy….would it be unusual if you brought a chummer along on the meetings?"

Bigman says "There is road to the west, behind what looks like the stables. It's unmarked on the map, atleast what I can see…it would make a good drop off point, houses just next to it."

Slide watches the map a moment and nods "I'm expecting some trouble in the stands, I'll make my way in there, I'm better in a close range firefight, but I've got a grenade launcher for long distance trouble."

Annie considers Bigmans question, "It would be unusual, but not totally out of character. Personally I would not recommend it…not telling what sort of firepower they may throw at me. I know I would not want to be standing next to me if they try to use a mortar or drones with heavy weapons.", she shrugs and sighs, "I hate fighting drones and they know it."

Annie looks at the map at the point indicated by Bigman, finally nodding in agreement. "That would be a perfect insertion spot."

Bigman shrugs "There is also a water tower to the north it looks like…we may be able to scope things out from it."

Annie chuckles, "If they have a sniper, you may find him up there."

Annie adds after a moment, "Can you guys get there on your own, or you need me to drive you?"

Bigman shrugs "I got my bike. Is this place operational do we know?"

Slide chuckles "I can get there on my own, park a few blocks away and walk in under cover of ruth. Hrm….I can take care of the water tower first though."

Annie nods, "The important thing is that we don't fuck with their setup until they are ready to spring the trap. If we start taking out their personnel before I even arrive, they may figure the jig is up, kill Ollie and bug out."

Bigman hmms "I guess I can come in from the west if Slide is coming in from the north to the water tower. I'm just not sure how I'm going to get in. Like I said, I'm not that stealthy"

Slide grins "Ohh I'm not staying at the water tower, its just a detour. Ohh, and be prepared for a big distraction."

Annie nods, "Okay, sounds like the two of you have a plan. May as well get going and I will drive in right at the meet time."

Bigman nods "Usual radio frequency? No comm until the trap is sprung"

Slide reaches down and picks up his bags, looking around "Well, time to go then? No sense waiting here."

Bigman nods and pulls a set of keys out of his pocket. "Lets go."

Annie nods, "I will give you about forty minutes and head over.", she checks her comm, "I will be on 141.35 with a backup frequency spacing upwards at 12 hertz increments if compromised."

Slide nods, keying the comm frequences in his unit. "Alright, I'm gone, got that foci for me first?"

Bigman nods and slips a ear peice and mic out and attaches it to his taccom, messing with a few setting and adjusting it to match the planned frequency. "Good…"

Annie nods, pulls what appears to be a quartz crystal hanging on a simple leather thong, then tosses it to Slide. "Enjoy. Just touch it to your skin and say 'Shields Up!', and it will activate."

Slide catches the foci, and puts it around his neck and under his clothing "Alright, thanks." and with that he takes his gear and heads out to his Jeep.

After the other two runners have left to get into position, Annie changes into her medium milspec armor. Sure it's a bit much for a place like the Denver metroplex, but with the near commonplace occurrence of military grade sniper rifles and armor-piercing composite rounds…it only makes sense to wear it when you know that you are purposefully walking into a trap.

Once the armor has been donned and adjusted, she spends a couple more minutes erecting her magical defenses and adjusting her physical mask spell to compensate for the added mass of the hardened armor.

Slide makes his way about five blocks from the water tower, finding a spot and parking his jeep. He gets out his gear, first, a grenade launcher, second, a pack full of C4, and lastly, his two thunderbolts strapped to his leg. Once this is done, he covers himself with a ruth cloak and slips out, making his way the long walk of slow ruth movement, using shadows, buildings, and whatever other concealment he can get to reach the water tower stealthily.

Bigman turns and heads out of the warehouse. He gets on his bike and begins to head to the race track. Having put the map onto his pocsec and using his headset computer to pull up the map that they went over. He pulls on to the street, just west of the track and the horse stables. He parks his bike, near the houses. He walks across the street and into the field that lays between him and his destination. Finding a patch of bushes to hide in, he lays down his backpack. He takes out a black ski mask from his backpack, and slips in onto him. He pulls out a dark set of goggles and slips them on. He follows that up with a pair of black gloves and slips them on. He takes out a Ares Predator and tucks it into his belt, making sure the safety is on and locked. He steps out a bit, and slips into his second sight to get a general idea of what is out there on the astral plane.

In the midst of all those stable buildings Slide spots 6 armed rotodrones on standby mode, hovering a few meters above the ground…which is below building level."
Additionally Slide spots a prone figure atop the water tower. Barely. He is pretty well hidden, but visible to you as you approach from the west. From the east, he would be totally invisible."

Slide works for a few minutes, moving stealthily from one tower leg to another, setting up enough C4 to drop the tower, and the sniper on it. After thats all setup, he starts moving to a position he can intercept the rotodrones.

Bigman Astral Perception: As you are approaching the stable buildings, you see what appears to be an astral mage with 4 elementals loitering there. They are all facing to the east, so do not see your approach yet"

Bigman Astral Perception: The mage is pretty powerful. Probably grade 3 or 4 initiate at least. She has no cyber, appears to be a human of japanese ancestry. There are 2 Fire Elementals and 2 Earth Elementals, apparently force 6 or higher.

Slide makes his way away from the tower after setting his explosives, moving to find an intercept point between the meet and the rotodrones, he does find a position, near some trailers, after some careful maneuvering to avoid detection he sets up shop, checking his thunderbolts and making sure his AV ammo is loaded.

Bigman kneels down, he draws symbols of fire and magic in the dust at his feet, his fire elemental appearing on the plane as it is called to aid. He stays his spot, keeping his distance and waiting. He keeps kneeling, ready to spring forward.

About five minutes before Annie is due to arrive, a GMC Bulldog pulls into the empty parking lot and picks a spot. A moment later it's engine rumbles and then stops as the driver kills it.

Slide activates his vision magnification, looking at the bulldog from a distance.

Slide takes a few moments to prepare his grenade launcher with ipe offensive grenades, then waits paitiently for things to happen.

About five minutes later, your comms get a rapid fire double burst of hot mike spam. Annies signal to indicate that she is coming in.

About a minute after the static burst, the sound of an engine can be heard approaching, followed immediately by the appearance of Annies black BMW. The car enters the lot at a good clip, does a screeching lap around the parking lot before sliding to a stop about a half dozen meters from the Bulldog.

Slide lies in wait, drawing his thunderbolts, and preparing himself to start shooting down drones.

Annie steps out of her BMW, taking a moment to look around at the location, then approaches the Bulldog.

The side door of the Bulldog opens up and an older white haired human hops out, raising a hand to offer a wave of greeting to Annie, "Hoi Sera!", he exclaims pleasantly.

Slide: You hear the slight hum that indicates the rotodrones have departed. Bigman: The mage and the elementals suddenly go hyperspeed and blur away from your position at full astral movement."

Slide turns and starts to wait for the rotodrones, he plugs the detonator into his datajack, so he can detonate with a thought, then readies himself

Annie raises her head slightly and glances toward the west as if she heard something she recognized, "Oh fudgesickles", she mutters to herself.

Bigman shakes his head and moves forward, almost at a fast pace towards the meeting zone.

Atop the distant water tower, the Sniper lines up the elf mage in his cross-hairs and takes a second to stead his aim. Finally he inhales and holds the breath as the massive Barrett 121 bucks as it sends off a fifty caliber armor piercing round towards it's target. It's pretty much right on target considering the sniper is over 400 meters away as the crow flies.

Annie suddenly throws herself to the side and rolls across the ground toward her BMW as her detection spell screams in her head that molten lead death is coming toward her at supersonic speeds. Only her amped reactions and reflexes allow her to act in time, but still the massive round manages to put a sizeable hole through her coat as it flaps behind her rolling form.

Initiative Order: Annie @ 36, Mage @ 36,Rigger2 @ 23, Rigger1 @ 21, Slide @ 13, Sniper @ 13, BigMan @ 8, Yak Soldiers @ 7

Annie finishes her roll across the asphalt and manages to get to her feet, stumbling behind her car and crouching down as she searches for the sniper. Her staff comes automatically to her hand and telescopes out to its full length with a soft *snikt* sound.

The mage arrives astrally on the scene, then orders her elementals to materialize and destroy Annie.

Rigger # 1 pilots his drones toward the combat scene. It will be 4 combat rounds before they reach Slides position, at which point they can open up on Annie from long range.

Rigger # 2 mimics Rigger #1's actions.

Slide triggers his detonator and then waits for the drones

In the distance, a fireball explodes at the base of two of the tower legs, ripping metal supports to shreds and causing the weight of the massive structure to shift and tilt, the water tower begins to collapse on its side, slowly toppling to the ground and spreading a wave of water as the top of the structure blows out.

Four Elementals begin materializing around Annie.

Bigman leaps to his feet and starts bolting for the area of attack. He points in the general area and calls to his elemental "Attack the enemy mage, kill if needs be and your services shall be fulfilled"

From what appear to be five sets of trap-doors dug into the earth surrounding the parking lot, a horde of Yakuza soldiers (20 in all, four from each position) begin crawling out from their concealment and turn toward Annies position.

The rear ramp of the Bulldog slams down and five more Yakuza soldiers pour out from there.

Next Pass: Annie @ 26, Mage @ 26, Rigger2 @ 13, Rigger1 @ 11, Slide @ 3."

The staff in Annies hand begins to glow with a soft pastel blue light, the orichalcum filled runes pulsing in time to Annies now elevated heartbeat. «Wow, they must really be pissed.», Annie comments dryly over the team comm.

The astral mage continues ordering her elementals.

Rigger2 continues flying his drones.

Rigger1 continues flying his drones.

Ollie takes his first chance to dive under his Bulldog and covers his head with his arms.

Slide turns, dropping his pistols and grabbing the grenade launcher slung under his back, his ruth cloak parts slightly as the weapon sticks out from between the folds, a thwump is heard as a grenade goes sailing through the air to airburst right in the middle of a pack of yak soldiers.

Grenades are dangerous things to play with, and in the hands of a skilled marskman and the technological benifits of a grenade link, they are very very impressive. The four yakuza soldiers barely register the thwump from the distance, and try to dive for cover, but unfortunately the aim was true, and the grenade explodes in their midsts, shrapnal flying through the air and perforating vital organs, blood splatters from the explosive impact, and men die.

Next Pass: Annie @ 16, Mage @ 16, Rigger2 @ 3, Rigger1 @ 1

Pastel blue afterimages blur through the air as Annie turns to engage one of the still materializing elementals. Thwump thwump goes the weapon focus as she begins battering the fire elemental. The elemental howls in rage as the vicious weapon focus begins disrupting its spiritual essence.

The astral mage blurs again as she departs from the immediate area of the combat at astral speeds, disappearing into the bulldog.

Rigger2 continues flying his drones.

Rigger1 continues flying his drones.

New pass: Annie @ 6, Mage @ 6"

"Please die now!", Annie mutters angrily to the nearby spirit as she continues attempting to batter it with her still pulsing weapon focus. Fortunately the continued assault seems too much for the poor spirit and it disintegrates into slowly dissolving ephemeral material and a host of glowing sparks that slowly dim and fade from view. The elf mage turns and begins moving toward the next spirit, the staff spinning lightly in her hands.

Inside the Bulldog, the enemy mage slips back into her body and sits up.

New Initiative: Annie @ 28, Rigger2@25, FireEllie@24, Rigger1@23, Earth Ellie@ 21, Earth Ellie@20, Enemy Mage@ 17, Slide @ 9, Bigman @ 10, Yak Soldiers@8

Annie grumbles, "This'll take all day.", she tucks her staff under her arm and gestures downward with her left hand as if pushing something away. There is a hazy explosion outward from her feet that radiates into a 13 meter radius, just short of the five yaks that exited the Bulldog. The three now materialized Elementals shriek in agony as their material forms are violently disrupted. A moment later they are all gone and Annie turns to look for more targets.

Rigger 2 Flies his drones

Rigger 1 Flies his drones

Bigmans Fire Elemental begins materializing inside the Bulldog.

Enemy Mage gets out of her seat and starts running out of the bulldog.

Bigman is bolting his way to the battle, as he hears the rotor drones flying over head he stops. He focuses, and begins to channel his mana, working his formula for fire. He takes aim at the front drone. Pulling the mana through him, and a ball of fire explodes at the front drone, catching 4 of them into the blast.

Two of the drones are cooked by the well-placed fireball, and spin out of control as they slam into the ground fifty meters from Bigmans location. The other two drones were being directly piloted by riggers and somehow manage to surive the blast.

Slide is working hard to even the odds, and that means more grenades. Thwump, Thwump, two more grenades are blasted out of the launcher towards the groups of running men, the first one blowing up in the middle of another group, the second grenade hitting yet another group still. Men are blown down, blasted to the ground, blood flows from shrapnal wounds, and some only taking minor injuries and others dying. Its total chaos.

The group that exited the Bulldog all turn their SMG's on Annie and open fire.

The five Yaks that exited the bulldog all turn toward the Mage and their HK227's open up on the apparently lightly armored Annie. Over 30 rounds are fired in the space of a second and Annie's Physical Mask shimmers under the onslaught, showing momentary glimpses of the heavy military armor the mage is actually wearing. She does however stagger backward from the combined impact of so many rounds in such a small amount of time and falls over backwards, sliding a few meters across the asphalt.

Yakuza from position four begin to spread out and charge Slides apparent position near the trailers. Two yakuza from position five head toward Slide as well, while the other two charge toward Annies position. The wounded yakuza from positions 1 and 3 dive back into their trap door concealment in an attempt to hide from the grenades.

The single unwounded Yakuza from position 3 starts running toward the apparent origin of the grenades, dodging and jinking as he goes with HK at the ready.

New pass: Annie @ 18, Rigger2@ 15, Rigger1@13, Enemy mage @ 7

Annie staggers back to her feet, turning to face the five yaks that just shot her.

Rigger 2 curses as one of his other drones goes offline, then orders his remaining drone to open up on the mage. «Stay on Primary target», he orders the other rigger, «I will leave a drone here to deal with the finger wiggler.»

The unwounded drone diverts from it's previous path and buzzes toward Bigman, its LMG beginning to fire.

Bigman's reaction is ontop of his game. As the tracer rounds fire from the drone, Bigman moves quickly in a zigzag, each shot missing his body as he is running ahead, leaving the burning marks in the ground.

Three drones continue heading toward the primary engagement, leaving one of their undamaged members behind to deal with Bigman.

The enemy mage moves down the ramp of the Bulldog, looking toward Annie with obvious irritation. She begins reciting a few dirty haiku and gestures toward Annie, unleashing a lightning bolt.

The bolt crackles menacingly across the intervening space, barely missing Annie as she throws herself to the side once more. "Goddamit", she growls as she faces the mage once more.

New Pass: Annie @ 8, Rigger2 @ 5, Rigger1 @ 3

Annie pulls her dart pistol in a quick sure motion and fires a dart at the enemy mage, which is smartly dodged. The dart bounces off the armored hull of the Bulldog. The elf mage growls to herself as she continues to track the dodging Yakuza mage, then the dart pistol whuffs again and this time the dart lodges in her targets arm, injecting it's payload directly to the Japanese womans bloodstream.

The Yakuza mage grunts as she feels the chemicals hit her like a pharmaceutical Mack truck.

New Initiative: Annie @ 25, Rigger2 @ 25, Rigger1 @ 22, Biggies Ellie@18, Mage @ 14, Slide @ 11, Bigman @ 8, Yak Horde @ 7

Annie raises her hand and only mimes shooting the dart pistol this time, instead focusing her mana and launching another stunball into the midst of the Yaks and the enemy mage. Once more the hazy shock wave issues out from its targeted location and encompasses all the targets within its radius.

The five yaks that shot at Annie all fall to the ground, abruptly and violently taking deadly stun levels of damage, their guns clattering uselessly to the asphalt beside them.

The enemy mage falls to the ground as well, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as blood bursts from most of her orifices, taking another Serious stun on top of her already 9 boxes. She is a hurting unit.

The lingering drone banks and rotates slowly in the air as it opens up on Bigman once more.

The drone manages to miss the running mobster, it's tracer rounds illuminating the darkness in quick brilliant strobes of light, as the light machine
gun tears pieces of aluminum siding off of the stable buildings behind Bigman.

Bigman's Fire Elemental stomps down the ramp and begins attacking the unconscious mage.

Slide shakes his head at the yak soldiers foolishly charging at him, have they not seen enough for tonight, ohh well. Thwump, Thwump. The two grenades fly through the air and detonate between two different yak soldiers each time, the blast covering them and flingling small metal shards of death at thier bodies.

The two hapless Yak soldiers in the first group are obliterated by the exploding grenade, their lifeless bodies slammed into the ground by the blast.

The other two yak soldiers from the second group manage to throw themselves to the ground to avoid the blast and somehow manage to come up unwounded.

Bigman stops in his tracks. He focuses his mind, he looks up to the last remaining drone. Hold out his hands, making symboles and begins to recite his formula. A gush of flame flies from his hands to the drone, catching it up in the fire. As the flame dies, Bigman grabs his head, and a blood veseal in his eye burst.

A couple of the more perceptive Yakuza who are charging Slide fire their guns wildly in his direction, not hitting anything…but still tossing out a bit of lead.

New Pass; Annie @ 15, Rigger2 @ 15, Rigger1 @ 12, Biggies Ellie @ 8, Slide @ 1

Annie takes a moment to look around at the still charging Yakuza soldiers, "Persistent buggers", she mutters to herself as she winds up like a baseball pitcher and tosses a marble sized glowing orb toward a pair of charging yakuza who would both be within her 13 meter spell blast radius. Her rangefinder and optical magnification in her helmet whirrs softly as the optical enhancements calculate the optimal spot to airburst the fireball. The fireball goes off with a massive WHUUUUUMMPPP sound, leaving two Yaks reeling and screaming in agony as they attemot to put out their burning clothes and prevent their ammo from cooking off.

The drone continues attacking Bigman…

More strobes of tracer fire flashes in the darkness, the drone continuing to barely miss the running and dodging Mobster.

Bigmans Elemental settles around the incapacitated mage, engulfing her in it's flame aura.

Slide is growing bored with this, blasting yak soldiers is fun for the first few minutes, but geeze, at least they should be running for cover, these guys are morons. Thwump, Thwump, two more grenades fly forth, airbursting between yak soldiers. Explosive blasts of energy and shrapnal rain forth again, tearing soldiers to pieces, and causing the air to turn red with bloody mists.

New Pass: Annie @ 5, Rigger2 @ 5, Rigger1 @ 2

Annie watches the continuing carnage, then shakes her head sadly. She retracts her staff and places it in it's case, holsters her dart pistol, then finally draws her thunderbolt. «Any targets that I don't see here? What's going on with those drones?», she inquires over the comms.

Commlink-Tex> Slide says, "Get your friend and get out of here, I can sneak away in a moment."

The drone continues buzzing Bigman, the LMG chattering merrily away.

Fortunately the Drones dog brain isn't prone to frustration, otherwise the dodging and leaping Gangster would be getting damn annoying by now.

Commlink-Bigman> Bigman says, "I've got one drone on my ass now, I've been lucky, but if you can get to the operator, I would be greatfull"

Commlink-Tex> Slide says, "Run towards me biggie, I'm near the trailers"

New Initiative: Annie @ 33, Rigger2 @ 17, Rigger1 @ 15, Slide @ 12, Bigman @ 11, Yak Horde @ 6

Annie stalks toward the Bulldog, the emerald strobe from her laser sight flickering through the smoke that is beginning to fill the parking lot. Movement catches her eye and the Ruger bucks in her fist with it's distinctive shredding sheetmetal sound, which is diminished significantly by the sound suppressor.

The lack of much sound doesn't do the hapless Yak thug much good however as the burst tears through his armor and spins him around once before driving him to the pavement in a spray of blood.

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "I think we may have broken em. No idea where the rigger is…they could be anywhere within a several kilometer radius."

The drone that was chasing Bigman suddenly banks and heads off to the north. The other three drones seem to follow suit as they divert from their
previous destination.

Slide slings the grenade launcher behind his back and picks up his thunderbolts, then starts moving slowly towards Annie under the cover of his ruth.

Commlink-Tex> Slide says, "We need to get out of here fast, someones going to be out here once word about the water tower gets out."

Bigman's fire elemental suddenly sighs to itself as it senses the last shred of life flee the mage that now appears much like a charcoal briquet. It abruptly vanishes and returns to wherever it came from.

Bigman looks around and pauses for a second, he looks up at the sky and see's the drones leaving, he shakes his head and continues moving towards Slide's and Annie's locations.

Commlink-Bigman> Bigman says, "The Drone's are pulling out…I'm not being shot at anymore…"

Commlink-Bigman> Bigman says, "I think it's time to break…"

The remaining Yak horde begins breaking and running toward the north, some helping their more lightly wounded comrades in their escape. Shrill screams fill the air as some of the more seriously wounded Yakuza attempt to keep their entrails from pouring out on the asphalt, or even attempt to gather up their forcefully amputated limbs and reattach them. Battlefield shock isn't a pretty thing to behold.

Several hundred meters to the north, the three of you spot a Knight Errant Peeps-a-Lot drone which buzzes the still burning and destroyed water tower before activating it's spotlight to highlight some of the still fleeing Yakuza. It loiters for a few moments, circling the routed soldiers, then heads off to the north as its sensors seem to detect the enemy drones.

Slide is luckily disguised and ruthed, and he moves slowly towards Annie and the bulldog.

Commlink-Tex> Slide says, "Lets hurry up and bail, I'll come back for my jeep later."

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Yeah, looks like we may have company soon."

Commlink-Bigman> Bigman says, "What about our signatures?"

Ollie climbs out from under his bulldog, "Thanks Sera. Appreciate the assist here. They…", he gestures at the fallen yaks, "Were pretty insistent about this. I figured you could find some friends to handle it though."

Annie nods to Ollie, "Not a problem. I'm not going to lose anyone else this month.", she grins wryly and adds, "But I am going to want that drone." She clicks over to the comm, «That drone was probably just in the area from a automated patrol. I think we probably have eight to ten minutes before a first responder arrives. Probably less if they send a mage to check things out.»

Bigman shakes his head and turns to the west, moving back to the position. He slips into his second sight, and looks for his astral signatures from the spells. «I'm going to clean my signature, as best as possible…» he goes to work, scrubbing down astral space from his signature on the spells.

Commlink-Tex> Slide says, "Alright, I'll start heading to pick up my jeep, call me if you need me"

Slide starts running back to where he parked his jeep, and heads to a few random locations before he goes back to FSI in the warrens.

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Anyone riding with me?"

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Or we bugging separately?"

Commlink-Bigman> Bigman says, "bug separately, harder to track…"

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Acknowledged."

Clearing the astral spell signatures does not take more than fifteen to twenty seconds, and soon the majority of magical forensic evidence is dispersed.

Annie spends a few moments doing the same while Ollie transfers the currently broken down drone into the trunk of her BMW. Once she is satisfied with her work at clearing her few spell signatures, she hops in her Beemer and departs….followed closely by Ollies Bulldog. She also takes a bit of a convoluted course, checking often for astral or drone tails.

Bigman finishes up working on his signature's and heads back to the west towards where he parked his bike.

Shortly after the team is clear from the site, Knight Errant patrol cars arrive on the scene along with a small horde of ambulances. The investigation goes on long into the night, but is finally chalked up to a turf war between rival Yakuza factions.


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