Wu-ing the Boss

GM: Ginny
Players: Ginny, Dr. North, Sammie, Walker
Synopsis: Everyone is fighting the temptation to not punch a spoiled elf
Date: December 4th 2082

Ginny called everyone into the Cool Cat Club, with a note to wear something nice. And… asking whether anyone knew how to talk to Mr. Wu. Which is why the elf is pacing outside, hands in her trouser's pockets, seeming worried. Her first ever Johnson!
Sammie arrives a tthe club a short time later wearing a simple black dress, she smiles as the spots Ginny and moves to approach her, "Hey there. you ok?"

Walker turns up promptly in a suit sharp enough to cut things - figuratively, no hidden spurs here kids! - and notices Ginny doing the caged tiger routine. Giving her a bemused look as he approaches, he stands with one hand in a pocket doing an excellent impression of some high-power exec's prodigal son. "First time?" he guesses with a little smile that isn't entirely unsympathetic.

"Dressing nice" and going to a nightclub means that Chloe North shows up for a party and not exactly a shadowrun. She's set her hair up in an elaborate elven bun full of various plaits, she's wearing a clingy mini-dress in metallic dark green. To keep herself at least a little bit warm, she's wrapped a shawl over it all, which she folds up and rests over her arm as she steps into the club, looking around. Ginny should reasonably not be too difficult to find, so she goes for the tallest elf in the club.

Ginny nods as she smiles nervously at blondie "First time meeting a Mr. Wu." she offers, looking comfortable enough in her suit, even if it isn't anywhere close enough to cut things. Especially as she pats her pockets, pulling a tissue out to wipe her hands "I… I don't know how to act there! Is it like meeting your supervisor?" she wonders "I mean, if things go disastrously wrong, my dronehive isn't that far…"

Sammie shakes her head and smiles, "Just relax." she glances about and smiles shaking out her mane of firey hair, "Just treat him with respect, and everything will go just fine." she givnes a nod in Walkers dirrection, not having met him before smiling to Chloe.

"That," Walker agrees laconically with a nod of acknowledgement in Sammie's direction. "It's in such folks' interest to make sure that meets /don't/ go disastrously wrong." With a roguish grin creeping across his face he adds, "I even promise to be on my best behaviour, seeing as it's your first time."

Okay, the part about Dr. North looking for Ginny was a lie. Or at least it was true until she finds the bar. She goes to order a bright green cocktail… because of course it is. Guess what her favourite colour is? Only then does she give finding Ginny and whoever Mr. Wu is a second attempt. She spots Sammie as well… and Walker, who gets a toothy but narrow smile.
Ginny lets out a small snort, smiling at Walker "Such a relief." she offers, poking him, letting out a long breath, closing her eyes, balling fists up, before nodding "Shall we… go meet Wu?" she asks, fists unballed, drumming on her thigh

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 8 (to Dr North and Ginny) for "He wasn't just flirting, he needs to do this to be "friendly and civil" :P":
1 1 1 1 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 8 (to Dr North and Ginny) for "Reroll 1 (he did promise), KP1":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 7 8 = 1 Success
Sammie smiles as she moves up and hips bumps Ginny and smiles, "you got this, I know first times can be hard.'

There's just a little hitch in Walker's demeanour as Ginny prods him, a momentary tension of sorts, but it passes too fast for most to notice and he smiles amiably. He gives Chloe a respectful nod as she approaches, greeting her in Sperethiel with an impish expression the pair fall in behind the other two.

Just as Chloe is greeted by Walker she takes a sip off her green drink, so instead she replies with a flutter of her fingers from her other hand, still lowered as her shawl is resting over her arm. "So, who is this mysterious Dr. Wu?"
Ginny stops with a gulp "An… Elf. Who wants us to reacquisition an item." she starts "You uhm… what did you call them. Jeffries? Jefferson?" she begins, breathing out, starting to lead them over "I only know he is an elf because he put out a request I found and didn't mention special *adaptions* to the item." she shakes her head, turning around, speaking quieter "Allright. We should get his car back, I understood. Not sure what, why, where, when… just from thieves."

Sammie eyes flick towards Walker at that little hitch but smiles, and says, "let go see what he wants… And what he is offering."

"Wait, this guy is hiring us to recover /his/ car?" Walker asks, a note of incredulity in his voice, "Then he ain't a Wu, Cheng, Tanaka, Johnson or anything else; just some SINner with money to burn." He shrugs calmly, professional demeanour back in place, "Still his cred will spend just the same as anyone else's."

Chloe finishes her drink and puts it away somewhere convenient, as if she doesn't want to be caught with a cocktail when discussing with a J. "That must be a very fancy car…" she says with a little drawl in her voice. "I guess that means he can afford to pay well too…"
Ginny blinks "I thought anyone who hired us was a Johnson." she starts, shaking her head, holding her hand up "You know what, explain the difference later?" she asks, breathing out "I'll need a drink after this." she murmurs "Look. He put the ad out, said he'd pay handsomely…" she continues, leading them towards a booth, guarded by a pair of bulky trolls. And inside? An elf in a Suit that outdoes even Walker's. "Mr… The Quick… Slayer 4213?" she offers, trying to pull it off with a straight face as possible "We are here to talk about your vehicular woes."

Sammie lip quirks a bit and folds her hands before her as she listens in and watches quietsly

Walker does an outstanding job at keeping a perfect poker face as Ginny drops Wu's trix-handle - he doesn't even snigger a little bit, instead doing the strong, silent, 'I'm definitely the cybered-up muscle and not the mage you should geek first' routine. The two trolls get a curt, professional nod, but otherwise the shaman remains utterly impassive.

Chloe makes a wry face, then takes her shawl off her hand to lay it over her shoulders. She tags along with the others, but doesn't address Johnson/Wu directly. She lets Ginny do the talk… which, to be frank, is a little bit unlike her.
Ginny gulps, fighting the urge to look at her companions, hiding her hands "You… mentioned your car was stolen. But… we know neither make, nor model, nor…" she stops "We require more details to act."

The elf blinks, huffing "Well, duh, those idiots… some of them tatooed. They stole my car. Like, straight of the garage. What's so hard to understand? And they put it down to auction, on some lot! And I want it baaaack, because if my dad finds out he'll, like, kill me stone-dead!'

Chloe turns away for a moment, covering up her mouth with her shawl as she tries to suppress a laugh. She does it quite professionally though, and only those standing on her side of the dialogue would see it. To the carless elf, she'd just seem like suppressing a sneeze or something like that. "Sounds doable enough. What type of car is it?" She says, hoping that at least Ginny will know something about what that means, and how much it's worth.
Sammie tries. Tries so hard to keep a smile off of her face as the boy speaks, startign to give them some details, before saying soflty in her thick acent, "And where is this auction occuring?"

Struggling nobly to resist the urge to roll his eyes at this elf-child, Walker nods in Chloe's direction. "Make, model, neighbourhood?" he prompts in agreement with the others: it'd be useful to know where it was stolen from after all. Besides that he remains resolutely silent. A very attentive observer might notice the way his jaw sits suggesting that he's biting his tongue.

Ginny keeps a straight face, as her confidence is certainly helped

And the elfy brat? He sighs 'Well, yeah. It is like, a Koenigsegg-Tesla Model Y-eggdrasil. The Anniversary one. With a Turbocharger' somwhere around *Model* Ginny's jaw just dropped 'Old model. Made last year, but da' won't get me the new BMW GMX 80M.' Gin's jaw stays where it is, the girl being catatonic 'And I live around the Triangle while the auction is in the Warrens. Smoky Hill, I believe, there was a lot.'

Clearing his throat in a meaningful, 'pull yourself the fuck together' kind of way, Walker glances askance at Ginny before directing a brief, pleading gaze at Chloe because he just /knows/ he can't be trusted to say /anything/ around this kid.

Chloe looks like she's reaching for a cigarette, but unfortunately it seems she never brought an actual purse to hold them. Patting herself down in vain, she rolls her eyes and returns to the conversation at hand. "Smoky Hills is a big district, with lots of tattooed gangs," she says. Her outfit does well to show her tattooed sleeves and shin, but of course that has nothing to do with it. "I think we're going to need something more specific? Metahuman makeup of the gang? Any colours? Tags?"

Ginny shakes her head "Right. An Yggdrasil." she lets out "That… that is a list price of 100k, I believe?" she starts, sending a brief glance oveer at her company

Elf-boi meanwhile stops 'I recall…. purple and white. Something with a sword, winged by tires'

Catching Ginny's eye once their employer provides a little useful information, Walker gives an almost imperceptible nod. Her valuation of the car gets a shrug, because why care about cars when you can fly? "Timeframe?" he prompts the hapless young elf: if Daddy needs to not find out, time might be tight, without even mentioning illicit auctions.

Chloe leans against the wall created by the booth's backrest, folding her arms over her chest. "It's not a gang sign I recognise but we can probably ask around," she muses, more interested in that than the car itself.

Sammie listens closely as it is discussed looking at the sign and shakes her head slowly, "I am not sure about that one but we can find out…"
The elf stops 'Well…. he is returning from Switzerland in two weeks' she starts 'But I heard the auction is sooner…' he begins, looking around nervously, while Ginny scrunches her eyebrows "Think M knows, C?" she asks, sending a glance at the older elf

"ASAP," Walker concludes with a nod of understanding, before continuing the grumpy samurai act with the obvious question: "Payment?" A hint of amusement is creeping into his eyes as the meeting goes on, suggesting that as out-of-character as it is for him, the shaman is quite enjoying the act.

Chloe is about to reach out to Walker with a hand and tap him on his shoulder, wanting to say something in Sperethiel but then forgetting the "Johnson" himself is an elf. And from her experience of the Tir and its caste system, he might just be the kind of ponce to actually speak the language. "Ahem," she says and lowers the hand. "I think we can handle it."
Sammie thinks as seh listens and says softly, "With the quick time frame I would say that adds to the cost but we should be able to handle it.
The brat grows serious 'Right. Of course. You'll get a certified credstick. If the car is in a good state' he offers, clapping 'Now, off you go. Unless you happen to have some Novacoke?' he offers, looking hopeful, just as Ginny starts getting up "I'll tell you where you can get the car." she offers "C, W, S? Want something from the bar?" And, as she passes them, something like 'Lan yeung' can be heard, quietly escaping from her lips

Walker goes /very/ still at the elf-boy's casual dismissal of the team, but after a long pause he smiles the sweetest smile with /far/ too much canine at the two trolls before quipping, "Not in this suit." With that he turns to follow Ginny to the bar, eyes flickering nearly imperceptibly.

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 vs TN 4 for "F3 Mindnet so the team can have a pleasant chat securely":
1 1 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 7 10 11 = 8 Successes
Sammie stands slwoly and gives alittle smiles, rolling her neck cracking it loudly, not exactly what a woman dressed in a little black dress would normaly do but.."

The others become aware of a 'presence' at the edge of their minds, which resolves into Walker's voice. ~This is probably easier than trying to talk in riddles. Doc: something eatin' ya?~

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 (to Dr North and Ginny) for "3D drain":
1 1 1 2 2 2 4 5 5 5 5 7 8 9 = 8 Successes

As the team is dismissed, Chloe gets up and leans away from the booth, not looking particularly unhappy about concluding the meeting. ~What a complete twat,~ she mutters noiselessly but it's audible to those enveloped by Walker's telepathy spell. ~Had enough of those back in the Tir. But anyway,~ she says and walks away, adjusting her miniscule dress. ~Provided we find the gang, this should be easy enough.~

There is a mental sigh ~Urgh. He can shove a pak choi… you know where.~ she offers ~Still, this went… better than expected, right? I… was worried it would go badly, you know?~ she asks, her hand shaking a little ~I hope I never was *this* bad…~
Sammie steps up to the bar and looks to the other quietly and shakes her head think `Can anyone be that much of a twit` glancing back to towads the boy and trolls before saying alound, "I think we could use a round over here.."

Walker's thoughts glimmer in agreement with Chloe on all points, then soft sympathy meets Ginny's worry. ~You did fine: got the brief, nobody got shot, I didn't act out…~ Here an odd ripple passes through the link before Walker stills it. ~Sorry, but I'm probably best not going to the handover if we can help it: I'll end up picking that kid outta my teeth or something.~ A rather unflattering set of quite blunt opinions exude from his mind on the subject, but North's 'twat' assessment neatly summarise them.

Shaking his head, the shaman gets back on topic. ~I know a guy I can call in Aurora who might know something… guessing one or two of you are in the same boat unless anyone recognised that gang tag?~

Chloe walks over to the bar, the 'I need another drink' sentiment seeping over across the Mindnet. Once there, she orders something, and focuses her thoughts again to resume communication. ~I know some too, but we're not on the best of terms so I'd rather not call them. Don't have much else to go on, unfortunately. The Warrens is not exactly my home turf.~
Ginny stops ~I might hand it over. We might either need a tow truck or… I'll get to drive an Yggdrassil! 250 on pre-paid dime, hightailing it out of the Warrens…~ she starts, brief images of Ginny behind a wheel, dodging traffic, before she shakes her head ~Him being a Lan Yeung be damned.~ she starts, sighing ~You sure we can't ask Maya, Chloe? Otherwise… I don't really know people.~ "Yes. Definitely a round. NIce elven wine!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Ginny (#14136) rolls Elven Wines:
2 2

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Etiquette vs TN 5 for "Dude, where's this prat's car?":
1 3 4 5 = 1 Success

Walker nods. ~I'll give my guy a call, see what he knows,~ he sends before fishing his pocsec from his jacket and stepping out on to the terrace. His part of the mindlink goes absolutely dead for a couple of minutes before he slides back in. ~Got the location of the lot and it looks like we're in luck: auction isn't until next week,~ he reports, filling in some of the silence by ordering his own drink from a passing waitress and getting some unnecessary flirting practice in.

By the time Walker comes back from his call, Chloe has found herself a seat by the bar, legs crossed and an elbow on the counter. She has another cocktail in her hand - not a green one this time - and she has struck up conversation with some normie guy in a suit by the bar. With a short enough skirt, it's difficult to remain alone at a place like this! ~Time to head there and do some recon, then. If we're lucky, it might already be there.~
Ginny tilts her head "I have my drone hive." she offers, hand in her pockets "But Stratos might be loud… curses. Anyone know a drone supplier? I could use a bumblebee…"

~A couple fixers, but no specialists,~ Walker sends back, ~I could ask if you want? Aren't there drone flyovers of Aurora?~ Then an amused ripple passes through the link as he glances over to Chloe. ~Agreed, but we can get that done if you're busy?~ he teases, his trademark smirk having fully reasserted itself.

~Anytime you're ready,~ Chloe sends back, smiling broadly into nothing. It must be an odd sight for someone not engaged in the net. ~I've got enough experience getting rid of chatty men.~
Ginny stretches ~So, already starting with the surveillance?~ she offers ~Might check out potential avenues for a quick escape~

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