When In Rome
GM: Vulcan
Players: Cassidy, Pulse, Deamon Starks
Synopsis: Starks is summoned to a meeting with Derek Simpson. It goes poorly.
Date: August 7th, 2069

Pulse laughs. "You got it," he says. "Though lately I've been spending more time out at this farm I'm renting, out in the UTE country. Doing some old fashioned work outs there. You know… rocky IV style." The boxer runs a hand through his hair. "Glad we can talk, fratello. It's been… it's been crazy."

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Stark's phones is on vibrate, perhaps?)

Daemon Starks grins, "Me too brutha." Then his phone vibrates from the hanging clothes on the wall. He stands and heads to fish it out, reading the caller ID first.


Daemon Starks answers the phone, "Yeah."

"Joey, Joey Joey! Lucciano! My main MAN!" Says Derek on the other end. "Come on, You never call, you never write! Starten ta think you ain't got no love for me!"

Daemon Starks looks to Pulse with a flick of strangeness while hearing the phone intro. Talking into the phone, he starts to towell off the wetness of the suana. "Skipper.. I've been out of town, taking care of our East coast friends.." Confused, "Thought you knew that skip.. fugget'about et. What's up?"

Pulse leans back again, watching his brother. "Skipper?" he mouths, not really saying anything, his hackles starting to rise.

"Oh, man, I hear a lotta shit, lottttta shit. Like all kinds of crazy shit. Tell you what, telllllllllll you what, Joey. Why don'tcha come on out to my place, we'll party. Bring your friend in the background. I got some fun here, ya scan me? We'll talk."

Daemon Starks nods to Pulse, mouthing Simpson before talking back into the phone. "Yeah yeah, for sure skip, who's all out there so I know how many girls to bring?" He asks, buying time to think while he starts putting on clothes slowly.

"Oh man, man man… I don't need no girls. I got -SNATCH- up to my fucken elbows here man. I need a hard swinging motherfucker to get em OFF me. You come on over. That your brother in the background? I hear he's back in town. Bring him two, what-the-fuck."

Pulse blinks a little as his blood goes cold… and he rises to his feet. "Yeah?" He says, Simpson's voice too loud for him to really miss what's being said. "Tell him I'll go. Bout time I met the guy." He starts walking towards the door. "Ima gonna get dressed."

Cassidy pulls the heavy wooden door of the sauna room open and enters, bringing a bit of cool air with them.

Cassidy has arrived.

Daemon Starks slides an arm through his silk shirt. "Alright Skip, no girls.. i'll be over quick as I can." He pauses and looks to his brother, "Yeah, my brutha's in town." Pausing to pull over his thick vest, then putting his ear to the phone after looking at Pulse to confirm, "Sure skip, he'll be comin' to the party wit' me. Everythin' okay over there?"

"Shit's -easy- right now, man… Ain' no issues. All good. Come on over, we'll talk more. You know how I hate these phones and shit."

Daemon Starks finishes getting dressed and sliding on all excessories as he look to Cassidy entering. He nods with a serious half grin while the phone is still pressed to his ear; he holds up one finger to Cassidy for silence. "Alright skipper, on my way."

*Call ends*

Pulse looks back at Starks. "Yeah…" he murmurs. "Speak of the devil. Still: we'll see how this goes, right? You driving?"

Daemon Starks looks to Cassidy as he hangs up the phone, sliding it away. "How's it goin' red." He grins, then studies Cassidy, moving in to offer a shoulder pat. "Hope you cleared your schedule, we're about to make history." He frowns, then leads to the door for the lockers, saying as Pulse looks back from the changing room. He chuckles, "You said it fratello." He nods, "Let's take my ride.. may need it later." he chuckles, nervously.

Cassidy shrugs, "I'm not doing anything important." he then says to Pulse, "Oh by the way, Foxxy wants me to see how you feel about one of those sit down press conferences? You know, so you can have one of those public face to faces with Creed?" he turns back to Starks and asks, "History? Where are we going? Anywhere special?"

Pulse grunts. "We'll see: I'll run it by tammy, see what she thinks. Still. Could be fun…" he shakes his head. "Sorry, mind's a hundred miles away. I'm gonna go get dressed… see you guys on the way out." And then he steps out of the room.

Daemon Starks turns back to Cassidy, "Come with your bag of magic tricks.. but not too obvious. I'll explain along the way." He looks back to Pulse, nodding and heads down the stairs towards the exit.

Cassidy looks embarrassed, "I don't have any real magic tricks except for Glady's." he holds up his hands, "But I'll do what I can." he watches Pulse go and then says, "He seems tense. Are we anticipating trouble? Should I wear the sombrero?"

Daemon Starks grins to Cassidy, "Wear what you'd normally wear when going into the lion's den Sid. Never know what's going to happen, capische?"

Pulse meets Starks down at the car (which one are we using?) a few minutes later, dressed in one of his nicest suits. He's even pulled out a fedora for an evening, a fancy number with a tres chic bronze-and-silver hat band. He smiles at his brother. "So," he asks, moving towards the vehicle, "Chances of this being an ambush?"

Daemon Starks waits outside with Cassidy and Bugsy, leaning against the luxury sports sedan that Starks favors. The Toyota Elite. Puffing on a cigarette now, he exhales into the black night air, "I can't say.. Derek hasn't kept open contact with me or the other soldieres from Franky's in some time." He pauses, sucks in some smoke, then says while exhaling. "He sounds pretty coked up, so there's no telling.. but there's no reason he'd think us a threat." He frowns, "Best that we're prepared. Let's ride." He nods to Bugsy, and heads into the passenger seat.

Pulse pauses for a moment… then walks back into the gym. A few minutes later he returns, sliding a gold-plated pistol into his coat. "Never hurts to be prepared," he mutters, sliding into the back. "Hey, um, bugsy? Can you pull your seat up a little? I have long dancer's legs."

Bugsy glances into the rear view mirror towards Pulse, a raised eyebrow of curiousity; then a chuckle as he powers forward a litte. "Champ, you've got legs like every other boxer.. easy to over look with the massive arms, but something any chicken could relate too." He laughs the, referring to chicken legs of course.

Cassidy also gets into the vehicle as well, not saying anything as he folds his arms and tilts his head, it isn't clear, but those that know him can see he's doing his default pre-dangerous situation ritual of reflecting on past battles and what challenges may materialize in the dark.

Pulse grumbles and gives the seat just a little kick. "Oh yeah? I may have some tricks up my sleeve… or up my pants. Just ask your mom." He leans back some and looks over to Cassidy sitting next to him. "I don't know. It's just… I'm paranoid, lately. Too much I don't know. Working for Aspanu just made it worse, really. And I don't trust Simpson. He might be your boss, Joey, but he ain't never been mine. Sid and I don't enjoy the same protection you do."

He looks out the window. "Anyone can kill us. They'll have to face your vengeance, but… it's not like we're 'freinds o' theirs.' Just friends o' yours." There's more than a little bitterness in his voice as he speaks, a sharp edge: the voice of a man well aware of what he is- and what he isn't. "Hell, they could kill one or both of us just to teach you a lesson or sumfin."

As the luxury sedan powers off from the gym, leaving the sanctity of Pulse's domain; the cool air kicks on and some soft music plays in the background of European Alternative similar to Muse (Knights of Cydonia). Starks quietly buckles his seat belt before checking the sensors on the pop up touch board in the console. Pressing a few points and setting some modes properly, he leans back and pulls out one of his Savalette's; ejecting the clip and changing it from one in the glove box. "We should all be cautious.. Simpson is a loose cannon from what I hear, he's the acting boss…" He frowns, clipping the propper clip of chemical capsuled rounds before holstering into the concealed holster. "But I won't let him jeapordize my family." He takes the hidden pistol on his ankle and stowes it in the concealed compartment under the dash. "Let's not go in shady."

Cassidy just keeps his eyes closed, "Fellas, I have heard some things about Simpsons propensity for random acts of randomness due to tiny reasons. I believe staying guarded, but not openly suspicious is the correct way to move. If this person indeed knows that he is on the outs, I seriously down he would want to cause even more trouble towards the bodyguard of Innocenti." he tilts his head to Pulse, "The man trying to get back into his favor." he tilts toward Starksy, then says, "Or the man who bodyguards little Milly and all her crazy antics."

The ride out to Casa de Simpson is a short and uneventful one out highway 70. Out past Bennet, then north along 75 about 10 miles. Out in the middle of nowhere. The house rolls up out of the ground fog, surrounded by a massive stone wall that keeps critters both bipedal and no, out. Set back from the road, it is a towering four story recent construction. The permits alone must have run hundreds of thousands in the FRFZ, a place where new construction is about as well received as walking in on someone fucking your wife.

The gates open to allow the elite roll in without much effort, a large tiled parking area near the house a few hundred feet up.

Pulse bites his lip as he sees the estate. "Into the lion's den…" he echoes, eyes studying the construction. "Man's building as if he has everything in the world ahead of him. I wonder if he's paying attention to the score?" He shakes his head. "But you're right, sid. Besides…" He grins, flashing his million-nuyen grin out of the darkness of the back seat. "I'm the Pulse. I've walked through fire and death, and still I stand."

As he speaks, the worry and edge and anxiousness seem to fall off him like so much water, leaving only the supremely confident, hopelessly wealthy, and heartbreakingly handsome Pauly in its place.

Ahhh, the beauty of being a people person.

Cassidy sighs, "My dog took a dump on the white carpet yesterday, and I walked through it. And like you, still I stand." unlike Pulse and Daemon, Cassidy does not seem wealthy, handsome, or particularly well-connected. What he does radiate, is pure optimism and a blank expression like a octopus staring at a jar.

What cassidy lacks in wealth, he makes up in non-sequitur.

Bugsy drives the car up the long driveway and into the parking area near the house. He slows to a stop, lights dimming and engine purring to an idle as he waits for instructions.

Starks looks to the sensors for a quick passive scan of immediate surroundings before looking out the window to the house. He nods, "We arrived together, we leave together boys." He chuckles, "Well, the Asian can stay." He turns half way to wink at Sid. Then opens the door. "Keep an eye out Bugsy." He steps out and shuts the door, awaiting the others. Once everyone steps out, he looks to the front doors and heads that way.

There are a bunch of other cars present, and there's the sound of heavy techno-trance playing out back on what one may assume to be the patio/pool/bitches area of the house. The place screams money, from the perfectly manicured lawn (like a fucking putting green) to the row of cars in the 10 car garage that bear names like Ferarri, Aston Martin, Masserati and Dodge.

A few known Ratto men are currently hanging out near the side of the house smoking, talking amongst themselves as Starks's car pulls in. One (Little Timmy, or Timothy Coors (Yes, that coors)) of them nods to the others, crushes out his cigarette and heads inside.

Cassidy follows Starks lead and gets out of the vehicle. "You know, this is a really nice place. I wonder if he rents, or owns? Property Tax must be incredible…and I can only wonder what the monthly utilities are. I hope he uses solar paneling and hydroelectric power to save on bills." he looks down at his shirt, "Maybe I should have worn a tie.

Pulse adopts the classic strut as he walks a step or two behind his brother, his fedora resting low over his eyes. He eyes the Ratto guys a bit, judging their general mass and muscle… and then he smiles to himself a bit. "No trogs so far, so far so good." He thumps Cassidy on the shoulder and watches Timmy enter. "Taste the rockies…" he murmurs. "Maybe I can work out a new sponsorship deal while I'm here…"

Strobe lights, laser displays and two DJ's spinning tracks (Its much more technical in 2069 but you get the fucken idea…) on opposite ends of the back yard… It's a party in full swing. Probably 200 people here if you had to guess. Women (Probably very few ladies, and zero wives) dance with men and each other (But for the enjoyment of men) on the dance floors that flank the 4 lane Olympic length swimming pool that cuts down the middle of the yard. Two overhead balconies are full of people cavorting and generally having a good time.

Welcome to Rome in the last days of the Empire.

Daemon Starks walks up to the doors and nods to the Ratto men outside, he chuckles at Pulse's and Cassidy's statements. "When in Rome boys.." He walk through the doors into the main hall, following Timmy towards the back yard party.

Cassidy shrugs and keeps his hands at his side as he follows behind Starks while on the left of Pulse. "What about when in Rome? I never heard that one. Isn't that something about being fat means your wealthy and being accepting of anal sex?"

Pulse follows, looking around only a little. "It means when in rome, fuck the romans but plan for the goths." He asks Starks with a little grin. "Well, there's lots of people here. That's good. Might work in our favor… hell. I'll be sure it will."

He pauses by a dancing girl, winks, then takes off his hat and sets it on her head. "Later tonight, gorgeous," the boxer says, winking and making sure everyone around gets a good look at his face… then he turns to keep going with the others.

The boys who stayed out side grunt a nod to Starks and Pulse, but Cassidy only gets harsh stares. "The Lucciano boys can go on in." Says one of them.

"The gook stays outside. He ain't welcome."

Cassidy raises a finger, "Actually sir, the correct term is nip, Gook is a slang term used for the vietnamese. Other popular ones include Charlie, and "Is that a eleven year old boy or a girl?"

Daemon Starks looks back to Sid, then glances back to the guys at the door. "He's a friend of 'mine'." Then shoots a glance at Sid with a shake of his head.. hoping he catches it. "He's half Italian, don' let his appearance fool you." Looking back, "The skip won't mind.. he asked me to bring a party.. this is the party connect." He side nods to Sid. (Innocenti Mob Lingo)

"The SKip." Says Jeremy Cannnon, the gentleman you are speaking to… "Invited you and your brother. He didn't invite no innocenti-slitch-bitch like the gook. Word is he's panting after that Carmilina and he -aint welcome-."

Pulse doesn't speak to the doormen at first, letting the 'made man' talk for the moment. Instead, he puts a hand on Sid's shoulder and laughs as he makes his comment. "Don't forget 'damn pesky redhead,' he tells sid, then looks back at mister cannon and breaks his silence.

"Welcome or not, he's here. And I'd watch your mouth, kid. Show some bloody respect: Red's been through shit you ain't dreamed of."

Daemon Starks frowns deeply as his face groes solid. Looking to the front door men. "He's wit' me. Not some slitch.. capische?" Pushing the point.

Cassidy remains quiet, but does smile enthusiastically, as though the insults and insinuations that he's giving the ol in out to Thistledowns woman are completely missed by his tree squirrel attention span.

There's a moment of confusion in the other men as they look back and forth. One of them says… "Wait here. I'll go… clarify…"
Pulse glowers. "Go and… clarify. Don't forget to apologize to your 'skipper' for holding us up, either." He brushes some dust off Cassidy and looks back at starks. "You'll have to tell me their names. It's important that I know who slows my buisness down, and who lacks… respect. I'd hate for the blame to fall on the wrong people."

Daemon Starks looks towards the entrance where the other went, then back to the men still outside. Talking over his shoulder, he nods to one half of the group. "Micky Gaines and Austin here are good guys.." He says directed to Pulse, "The rest, I'm not sure about." He gives them once overs going for the Made standpoint with his annoyance.

A few minutes later, Cannon returns. "Boss says he can come in, but he's on your rep, Lucciano." A pause. "Joey. Now, go on up, he's on the second balcony, third floor."

Cassidy bobs his head a few times, looking pleased at this turn of events. He doesn't say anything derogative or insulting, just follows on with the pack when Starks goes to enter. "Oh boy, I hope they have a party tray here. I do enjoy shrimp and those little meats and cheeses."

Pulse grunts, a step behind cassidy, giving him a friendly wallop to the back of the head. "Do you ever not talk?" He asks, a little increduosly. "More likely there'll be beer and pussy for the consumption. Hope you're not a kept man and have had your shots." He shakes his head as he follows the crew up. "Big house. Compensating, you think?"

In short order, the group is shown up to the Master Patio, overlooking the party happening down below. Simpson is there, bent over a small mirror and snorting a line as the trio enters. "ff-fu-FUCK YEAH!" He says, tossing his somewhat greasy hair back. "Joey! Come on. This shit's fat out of Amazonia, come on, can't pass it up!"


Daemon Starks nods and heads through the door. Making his way for the balcony stair way down the hall. He turns his head to Sid, and offers a nod. "Be respectful." He looks to Pulse, he upnods with a smile. Then heads up the stairs to the third floor and enters the balcony area.

Upon entering the scene, Starks looks to Capo Simpson, taking in the mirror and the lines. Starks known for his party faults, shakes his head. "Skip." He says respectfully, taking close look at everyone in the balcony before speaking again.

Cassidy gets hit by Pulse and shrugs helplessly, "I can't help it sometimes." as the trio arrive at where Skip Simpson is at, he holds his hands before him in a respectful at rest pose and doesn't say anything to draw attention to himself.

"Aw man, comon! Don't make me party alone!" Says Simpson, one hand coming up to whip the hair back from his face. "It'sabigfuckennight!" he says, thrusting his hands in to air. "WHOOOOO! Good shit! Gooood shit! Sent to me by some -friends- down in the Carribean League. So get this shit!" Says he, turning to starks. "I gottacall today from O'Toole in Windy, right? Says he wants ta meet with me. Moven up! Moveeeeeeeeen on up, come on, you sure you don't want some of this?" He asks, gesturing tot he mirror for the others.

Pulse steps into the room, eying Simpson for a moment. He just smiles at the man's enjoyment, looking around at all the partygoers. "Evening," he says. "Pleasure to meet you, Mister Simpson. I've heard a lot about you."

After the man talks again, he laughs. "Chicago, eh? You thinkin' about heading to bugtown?"

At the offer of drugs, he shakes his head. "Fraid not, signore. I'm in training for that big fight against 'Pollo Creed III. Gotta stay off the dust."

Pulling out a cigarette from a tight chrome pack of 'Solos' brand, he pockets the square pack and slides a zippo to produce a spark of light after a flick of the flint. The flame dancing towards the tip of the cig, he puffs enough to make the cherry come to light; flame reflecting off his eyes like pools of crimson fire as he exhales. The lights is slid back into the jacket, eyes turning back to Derek Simpson. "Skip, what is Chi town offering you? He takes a seat across from Capo Simpson and ashes the cig, taking a look at the plate with the powder again.

Simpson paces for a moment, then looks back to Starks, then to Cassidy. Cassidy gets a real once over. "I ain't talken business with him here, man. He's a innocenti-boy. Too many people say he's been hangen with that slitch of Innocenti's. You wanna talk biz, you wanna talk iron and steel, it's gotta be blood."

Pulse speaks up, "With all due respect, you've got it wrong, Mister Simpson. This man here is hanging with the Innocenti girl on my direction. Feeding me information on what's happening on that side, so I could keep a handle on my brother's interests while he's been back east." He gestures. "You understand. A buisnessman has to be careful… and women are so easy to get information from." He grins. "I'm sure you've used that to your advantage, before."

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Simpson just sort of stares at Pulse for a moment, a long moment. He glances to Starks, then back to Pulse. "Okay. So either he's lying to cover for the gook, or he's trying to spy on the don. One of these is true, and neither of em are good, Joey. You call the ball and you handle it."

Derek twitches, one hand brushing hair back from his face again; despite the lack of hair in his face.

You already know Red here is apart of crew. He's solid.. a goodfella. He's wit' me an my brutha." He taps an ash finalizing the last statement. "His loyalties are solid." He holds out a hand to take the bill Simpson was using if it's passed. "We need to talk Skip.. can you fill me in on what's going on?"

Cassidy doesn't speak, as the others obviously are currently defending him much better than he could do for himself.

Simpson doesn't seem to take that answer. "GODDAMN IT LUCCIANO!" He says, pointing at the gook. "EIther your fucken brother is lie'n to me about the gook or he's spyen on the families! WHAT THE FUCK are you gonna do?"

Pulse looks momentarily surprised, and after Starks finishes holds up his hands. "Spy's not the word. I don't get details, just feelings. Is it wrong not to want to piss in the wrong cups? I try to treat the men o' respect with respect. That's all I'm tryin' to do."

Nope. No obvious mics, cameras or snipers!

Daemon Starks looks to Dereck as he puts the cigarette down on an ashtray or table. "Sid, mind checking out the party out back? Pick up a few cute girls for us." He then takes out bag of Nova and puts it on the table, spills a large mound out and then rolls a hundred dollar bill. "Skip, let me introduce you formally to my bruther Pauly." He tries to smooth the situation over while chopping up a few large lines for Dereck. "And this is the best shit you've ever tried." He offers.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 7 for "Hrrrrrrrrrm":
1 3 4 4 5 5 11

Cassidy nods, "Sure thing, I'm sure I'll fit right in." he turns, leaving the Master Patio and returning to the third floor proper. He takes a moment to stare blankly at the walls and whatever decorations are available, but doesn't wander too far off.

Simpson eyes Starks now. "Take your brother and get out. Get Get get out! Fucken traitors! Maken excuses for gooks and liars! You got no place in the Simpson crew! GO! Out! Leave 'afore I cornfield your ass! Don't you ever come back! You're with them! Thats why when I needed you you wern't around! Then you bring yaksack innocenti blown gooks! Force em up here!" Simpson turns to the balcony. "YO TIMMY! TIMMY! YEAH! Get up here!"

Pulse lowers his hands a little, shooting a look at Starks, then at Simpson. "Pity," he says. "Was thinkin' about making a buisness deal. Guess your skipper don't like money, fratello." He turns towards the door and takes a step towards it, carefully watching what the shouting man is doing. "You ever think twice about making some cash, signore, come down my gym way. We can do some buisness."

Daemon Starks stands and frowns as he studies Simpson. "Alright, Skipper." He takes a pause, "I'm here, just calm down and talk to me when you're ready." He steps around the chair. "You're the Skipper.. just call me when you're ready." He pulls out a cigarette, then heads to the door.

Cassidy is faithfully waiting in the third floor hallway for the other two.

"Yer Nothing! Nothing with me covering your ass! Going to the wire for you! You got nothing for me! Nothing for Derek when Derek needs something! Getcher ungreatful ass out of here, take your lying, fight throwin brother and your gook ass buttpuppet and get the fuck outta my house!"

Pulse stops, touching Demon's shoulder a second, and then heads out the door to Cassidy. He just shakes his head. "That's why I'm off the nova," he murmurs to the asian.

Cassidy whispers back, "I find his langauge offensive."

Daemon Starks doesn't light his cigarette, he just turns and walks down towards the stairs shaking his head slightly as he steps down to the bottom floor. He doesn't stop along the way, just keeps a steady walk towards the car outside waiting.

"I find your mom offensive," Pulse says. Once starks is en route out with them, Pulse picks up pace to follow. "That could have… that could have gone better," he says. "I think he was gonna hate on us whatever we said."

No one molests Starks and his crew on the way out, but the party is a -lot- quieter as he goes.

Cassidy nods to what Pulse says and just walks along, matching pace with the other two men. "I guess they are changing DJ's, you know? It got really quiet." he then lowers his voice, "Oh snap, maybe somebody is making a toast? Ahem.."

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