Visiting a Cyberdoc
GM: Thistledown
Players: Thistledown, Riga.
Synopsis: Riga visits a local cyberdoc.
Date: Sept 28, 2069

This railroad-car style diner is a classic, over 100 years old and lovingly maintained. The floor tiles are striking, black and white checkerboard pattern softly reflected in the textured stainless steel ceiling above. The room is long and narrow, the high-backed booths upholstered in deep blue wipe-clean vinyl, the antique formica tables done in a salmon pink to match the enamel detailing on the walls.

Everywhere, stainless steel and chrome gleam from regular polishing, and the place is somewhat dimly lit by small frosted glass lamps over each table, save for the long lunch counter that is highlighted by the only ceiling lights. The stools at the lunch counter offer a view into the small kitchen, where two or three cooks are always present. All the employees, waitresses to busboys, share a noticeable physical resemblance, down to the huge, middle aged troll usually busy at the grill.

The diner is almost always noisy, as both neo-bluegrass and classic country-and-western tunes blare from a radio in the kitchen, where the cooks frequently sing along with varying degrees of musical accuracy. It's a place where privacy is found simply because there's too much bustle to overhear a single conversation; where the smile on the face of your waitress is genuine and breakfast is served 24 hours a day.

Thistledown is sitting at the table for two, a large milkshake in front of him and a HUGE amount of food on the table, parts of each dish have been sectioned off and he's in the middle of moving it into carryout boxes.

Riga, large as she is, blots out the light as she enters. Noticing Thistle she nods friendly, then abruptly stops as she is beside him, "Excuse me, chummer. Yer Doc. Thistle o' da Bare Knuckle, right?"

Thistledown grins up at Riga, "Yes ma'am. What can I do for you?" He stands as the lady approaches the table stepping around the table and pulling out the normal chair opposite him switching it out for one braced for a lady of her stature and holding it for her, "and can I offer you anything to eat?"

Riga looks at the man, then her quite rounded forms and that's not only menaing her bust, then sitting down with a shrug she inquires, "Well…I dunno, seems Doc Tinman 's not really responsive currently and that girl at his place…I dunno she 'n I had some problems first time we met. Somethin' ter do with not knowin' 'er and 'er wantin' ter take cash fer da work Tinman did on me. Short 'n good…I need some surgeries done and I seem ter have run outta Doc's, ya doin' surgery stuff?"

Riga has joined your place.

Thistledown nods, "I can, though it depends on the level of surgery you're interested in. What, in general, are you interested in having done?" He gestures to the already boxed food, "Please, help yourself if you're hungry." There's all manner of breakfast foods, most of which have been cut in half or quarters, some on Thistle's own plate, the rest in the boxes.

Thistledown sits back down and begins eating with exquisite manners.

Riga nods as her only real weakness, food, is offered and takes some nibblingit down with an surprising speed for the way of casual eating she does, "Well…", she says, "I was looking fer Tattoo removal and some cosmetic surgeries including a facechange…I feel some people are gonna look fer this one too much and ya really should know why…"

Thistledown nods, "Understandable, are you looking for just a cosmetic job or cyberware to be able to change your appearance at will?"

Riga shrugs, "Well, Doc. I'm a ganger. If it concerns cyber I have as much of an idea whats possibly done, as ya might have about brawlin' inna streets or maybe swords-play. So I was jus' in fer a simple face-lift, if I kin afford something better, then I'd shruely not say no…'s a matter of funds 'n stuff."

Thistledown chuckles, "I've learned never to underestimate a gang member, if you want just a simple face lift it's just a matter of choosing what you'd like to look like at the end and a few hours under the lasers. If you'd like to be able to do more, then we can talk about that as well. As for funds, how much do you have to spend?"

Riga shrugs, "I've got some 60K right away available and much more cash I kin lay my hands on if I'd need it…outstandin' fees 'n stuff, ya know…"

«Building System» Red Rock Diner (#3518) has a background count of 1.

Thistledown looks over Riga carefully, his eyes glittering, he pays particular attention to her face, hands, and tattoos.

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Intelligence + 2 (Karma Dice) vs TN 5 for "Assensing.":

2 2 3 3 3 4 5 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Intelligence + 2 (Karma Dice) - 2 (successes) vs TN 5 for "Assensing. 4kp used.":

4 4 4 5 10 11 = 3 Successes

Riga examines that strange glitering a bit, obviously interested in what that means.

Or mabe she is just a bit curious.

Thistledown takes a drink of his milkshake, "That's plenty for the basic work, but I'd suggest going the bit extra. I could do you some dermal work that would give you a bit of protection and give you the ability to adjust your skin to any color you wish, you could change your tats at a whim. Add some poly chrome irises so you can shift your eyecolor, and a good hair dye kit and you'll be set, you could go fiber optic and do some really wild things if you prefer. I don't see anything that would interfere, though you'd probably want to pick up a datajack so you don't have to strap on trodes every time you want to shift colors." He looks over Riga's chest and grins a bit, "As an added bonus, the dermal sheath offers a fair bit of support, you won't need to wear a bra anymore and your back and legions of admirers will thank you."

Riga laughs, "Oh…really? Legions? Well, I dunno about legions of admirers but I shure do this fer me not others…lets say I'm kina selfish in this…that would that dermal stuff mean fer me…and why a jack? I'm curious. Do I have ter load data manually on those ruth thingies? I thought most implants have mental controls, well…at least that's how my smartlink-stuff seems to work."

Thistledown gestures towards Riga's hands, "Under the skin of your palms are induction datajacks, they work right through your skin. That's how the information get's to the guns. The dermal sheath would have a coating of Ruthenium, which can change colors. If you wanted to for instance to change a tat, you would just dowload the new image you want to the controller, through trodes or a datajack, and it would change. You need something to enable the communication, in most cases it's a datajack, I can hide the datajack if you don't want it seen and use an induction style just like the kind in your palms."

Thistledown smiles, "And my dear, I do good work, your current following will multiply considerably by the time I'm done with you, unless of course you'd like me to tone your beauty down a bit, which I can try to do, but is much more difficult with a creature as gifted as you are."

Riga ponders that, "Well, I guess the jack not bein' visible is a good idea…I'd go fer that. And the sheath stuff sounds good as well…I dunno about the irises and hair, but heck, why not assumin' ya kin tell me whatta stuff does." She then looks at the man, "I dunno…whatcha mean by tone down?"

Then she giggles, "My primary gifts are ter smash people, but I kinda doubt yyer talkin' about that…", she then adds.

Thistledown nods, "If you wanted to be less curvy I can do that, it'd be a sin, but it's possible and some women don't like the attention it brings."

Riga laughs, "Doesn't really matter, bein' a female a troll already brings enough attention. Anyway, I've grown like that, i'll keep it. Maybe ya kin work a bit on makin me a tad better lookin'? If it dun means ter cut ter deep. No need ter stay an ugly duck."

Thistledown smiles at Riga, "Darling, if you want I'll have you on a runway in Milan in 6 months, but I'm thinking you want a bit more low-key beauty."

Riga nods, "No need ter be in…whatever that place is…"

Thistledown smiles, "Milan darling, home of silly looking women who think they are beautiful and are determined enough about it to convince everyone else." He gestures, "How about we get this packed to go, and you come by the gym so we can get a more thorough analysis underway? I'll bill it as a business lunch so I can deduct it from my taxes."

Riga chuckles, "I dunno how ya deduct handin' out cyber illegally ter taxes, but shure…"

Thistledown smiles, "I have a very good accountant."

Thistledown glances at Riga, "Did you drive?"

Riga nods, "Mus' be if he kin pull dat kinda drek through…", she adds looking on the meager remains she left, I dun think it's much left to pack up, I fear though…", she says, blushing a bit as she realized her greedy ways.

Thistledown smiles, "I'll order more, what did you like best?"

Then she says, "Still workin' on gittin' me a ride…not as easy ter git un' if yer havin' my stature…", she then shurgs, "I really had enough…that's bin in effect my second breakfast…'n da firs' wasn't meager either."

Thistledown nods, "Alright then." He taps his poc-sec, "It'll be a minute or two before they get here with a suitable car, the one they had on call for me was a sports car, not quite appropriately sized." He shrugs, "When we cross the border things will be a bit tighter since I only have a standard sedan, sorry."

Riga shrugs, "I kin walk..'s not /that/ far…takes jus' a bit longer."

Thistledown laughs, "It shouldn't be that bad, but if you don't mind walking I could use the fresh air as well, and it's been far to long since I've strolled down the streets with such a beautiful woman on my arm."

Riga looks down on hereself, then examines Thistle, then herself again, "If ya dun mind dangling…", she replies dryly.

Thistledown smiles, "The trick is to wear the right boots, the heels have got to be just right…"

Riga chuckles, and says with a grin on ehr face, "Sounds like I need platforms…"

Bare Knuckle Gym - Clinic

As one steps into the 9 by 10 meter clinic, the overwhelming sense of cleanliness and meticulous, orderly detail is immediately obvious. Everything within the clinic has its own place and the entire layout fits together into a perfectly orchestrated stage from which any physician could ply his trade: a sharp contrast to the tall windows in the lofted cielings, faded yellow with age. Furthermore, the clinic is exceptionally clean and sterile: not at all like the common Warrens Chopshop.

Against the far wall from the door is a desk and personal computer terminal. Set on the wall above the desk are several framed records of achievements of one 'Zoey Einhart', including a number of masters degrees, specialist degrees, research degrees, awards and achievements. Aside from the entrance. There's no way in to this little clinic except for the one door to the gym: well, aside from another small operation room in the back of the clinic. The front of the clinic houses a medical bed for more minor medical procedures and check-ups.


R3 Alpha Clinic (#7754) [VOUCHER]

After a short and eventless walk through the Rens, that made a few people look but none really interfere, the two arrive at the Bare Knuckles, crossing the training area, where Riga greeets a few of the usuals, she follows Thistledown into the clinic.

Thistledown leads the way into the Clinic, closing the door behind him and gesturing to the table, "Alright, beautiful. The work up will cost you 500, it'll take about a day or so and you'll be spending at least a few hours with me, most of which time you'll be naked and I'll be staring at you, poking you with things, and making 'hmmm interesting' type noises. To be very clear on this, since we're talking about a full cosmetic makeover and armoring every bit of your skin there's basically no-where on your body I won't be poking at eventually." He smiles, "Everything that goes on in here once I start is professional only, if I want to get back into your panties once we're outside this room I'll buy you dinner like any decent guy should. Fair?"

Riga chuckles, "Oh, nothin' wrong with ya seein' me naked…but no offense meant, chummer, but yer a tad small fer my taste…no matter how big ya Joseph is. 'n I'm quite aware ya talkin' 'bout a massive checkout kinda thingy…afta all we talk about alotta surgeries 'ere. So go ahead."

she grins a bit ironic, "Nothing wrong if ya enjoy ya task though. Even if I dun know whatcha would find dat interestin'…guess dere have been better lookin' girls treated by ya."

Thistledown smiles, "There is no women better looking to a wise man than the one close at hand." He digs out two small bottles, "If you could do me the kindness of taking these upstairs with you and washing yourself thoroughly, they'll strip off any chemicals you're wearing and exfoliate the top layer of your skin, it'll tingle a bit." He passes over a troll sized robe, "Wear that on your way back down, and please remove any jewelry of any sort."

Riga chuckles, "THe last is easy…I dun have jewelry, so no real need ter do that…" Having said that, the she walks off to return after a thorough shower with the stuff as Thistledown ordered, very probable a few whistles and sheers will accompany her reappearance, as the robe, even if troll sized never was intended to keep such an enormous bust at bay. And thus a generous bit of it is visible as the robe is quite split open at the top. It doesn't look as if Riga would mind too much.

Thistledown chuckles as she re-enters, "I'd give that a 6 and a half on the wolf howl scale, when we do this for your followup visit if we don't get at least an 8 I'm refunding your money." He gestures to the table, "Have a seat, we'll get started. Tell me about any cyber or bioware you have installed now." He moves to put a cuff on Riga's arm "This will do some blood samples, chemistry and such, you might feel a small pinch every now and again, try not to tense up."

Riga nods, "I'cve got not much Tinman installed Smartlink-2 with John-Woo and a second induction pad, then I got a cerebellum Syncronizer and a low level Synaptic Accelerator. 's about all da stuf I could afford before…

Thistledown nods, "Sounds good." He begins working…

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Biotech + 2 (Karma Dice) vs TN 3 for "Doing a workup, will roll more later if need be Alpha Clinic, Microscopic Vision. 7 Karma used today":

1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Biotech + 2 (Karma Dice) - 5 (Successes) vs TN 3 for "Doing a workup, will roll more later if need be Alpha Clinic, Microscopic Vision. 8 Karma used today":

1 2 3 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Medicine + 3 (clinic dice) vs TN 3 for "Doing a workup, will roll more later if need be Alpha Clinic, Microscopic Vision. Comp skill":

1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 4 4 = 4 Successes

Riga shrugs, "Ya thing is not half as much pinching as a rusty nail onna club onna streets, so no worry fer tensing…", she chuckles a bit. "Imma warrior broad, no elf pussy…even of some elfs are pretty tough."

«OOC» Thistledown says, "8 success total, bringing the time down to somewhere around 3 hours if memory serves, will calculate when I have books on hand."

Thistledown smiles, "In here you're a patient, as such you get the best possible treatment. Besides, if you react the way a warrior broad should to being poked I'll need to heal myself once I peel off the wall."

Thistledown chuckles, "Oh, and as for my Joeseph, it's just a hair above average for a human, though since I'm a mage, and transmutations are fairly easy, if it suited I'm sure could manage to make myself a fairly respectable troll with a well below average Joseph."

Riga chuckles, "Oh, right, yer magic…sorry, but that's a tad beyond me scope. Even more 'n cyber, I fear."

Thistledown grins, "Don't worry, it's beyond my scope too, but I manage anyways."

Riga blinks and asks, "Whatcha mean…"

Thistledown smiles, "I mean that it'd be like asking you how you keep your heart beating, mostly likely you'd just say 'I don't know, it just beats.' Magic is the same for me, I can't explain why I can do it, I don't really know the limits of what it can do, but since I have access to it, I'll just be thankful I do and use it as I can."

Riga nods, "Sounds kinda like cyber…ya git it installed. 't works, but ya dun need ter know how or why…"

"Doesn't mean others dun know how it does…", she adds

Thistledown smiles, "Very similar actually, and I don't think there's anyone who really knows how it /all/ works."

Thistledown looks up, "'cept maybe your deity of choice."

Thistledown affixes a trodenet to your scalp, "You have any TV shows or video games you particularly like, I'm going to have to zone you out for a bit for the tests on your nervous system…"

Riga smiles, "I dunno…deities are a thing I lack in knowin'. I mostly trust in Saaly, Sheila, Richy and Rufus if it comes ter dealin' with troubles…And if it comes ter trid…no, not really I sometimes look brawl.

Thistledown works for several hours then moves to remove the trodenet, the chemicals will leave Riga groggy for a few minutes, but a ganger chick has probably been on harder medicine.

Riga is a troll added to that. She recovers pretty well, "Hope ya had ya fun, while I was out…", she teases still a bit groggily. "Seems if ya guys wanted ya could have quite some fun…assumin' ya like ya gals unconscious."

Thistledown chuckles, "Nah, it's no fun if you're not participating, at least not for me." He gestures to the readouts, "Besides, it would throw your readings off like crazy."

Things whir and click and chug all around the office as the equipment finishes its tests.

Riga ponders that, "Even if I was out? I did'na know that…"

Thistledown nods, "Your body reacts to stimulae even when unconscious. Not as emphatically perhaps but it still happens."

Riga chuckles, "Maybe I should be more concerned if I wake with stuiff nipples then…", she says with a grin.

Thistledown smiles, "That would more likely be due to a draft, it's getting a bit chilly out." He gestures to a very detailed image of Riga on the screen, "Time to start playing with your looks, is there anything in particular you'd want to change or something you'd like to keep the same?"

Riga shrugs, "If we could get rid of these bad excuses of horns, I'd not be unhappy…else I'm open fer suggestions."

Thistledown looks over the horns carefully, "You want them bigger, smaller, shaped differently, or gone?"

Riga shrugs again, "I dunno, at least now them dun look like anythin' I'd say git rid o' 'em…thems's not worth it anyway…'n without 'em I kin prolly git more fancy hairdressings…", she ponders, if ya cyberhair allows hairdressings that is…"

Thistledown chuckles, "It actually styles itself. You just pick the style you want and it matches."

Riga blinks, "Oh.. really. Cool. Guess that's really handy if ya need ter be someun' else quick."

Thistledown nods, "That's the basic idea." He connects a datacable to the jack behind his left ear and the image on the screen changes. Riga's horns vanish, the scars and tattoos disappear, and her breasts raise up slightly as if supported by an invisible bra. Her nose becomes a bit smaller and smoother, her eyes become a clearer color and her skin becomes flawless, then begins to shift tones from pale to tan. Her hair, eyes, and skin tone change through several vairents before settling on a slow shift through five colors that seem to match well.

Riga seems quite impressed, "Well…I guess with the ruth stuff an such I'm quite flexible in my basic looks anyway…right? I mean ya said in effect I kin git any color change I want, yes?"

Thistledown nods and the Riga image becomes bright purple, then drops to normal and starts shifting through a number of tatoos. "If we add sensors you can actually do the chameleon cloaking thing." Riga's image goes almost transparent only outlines being seen, "Though you'd have to be naked or wearing clothing also coated in Ruth to get that effect."

Riga ponders that, "Hmmm…we'd need ter talk costs, I guess, that shit is not goin' ter be cheap fer shure and I'm havin' cred but not unlimited like."

Thistledown nods, "Fortunately, my dear, installation can be incremental. I would suggest a basic dermal sheath, it will tone you up and clear up any scars, at the same time I will remove all your tats and install the ruth. The horns buds will be removed so they do not erupt through the dermal sheath, though you may need to repeat that process every few years. I would suggest the hair because your current hair is a bit noticable and a full head of hair covers a lot. I would also suggest we install some bioware to drop some weight quick, it will alter your outline enough to make it hard for imagers to recognize you." The screen changes to reflect a slimmer Riga with a gravity defying bust flawless pale skin and dark hair, the features tweak for a moment till Thistle nods then looks at it and ads a long razorwire tattoo that starts at Riga's right wrist, twists around her arm, down across her back, circling once around her torso under her breasts angling down to her hip where it winds down her left leg to her left ankle. "Hmm, not quite right on the tat but they're not really my specialty."

Riga chuckles, "KInda has a weird feel to say ya try out if ya like a Tattoo…but with this stuff it actually seems possible…" She examines the image and ponders, "Damn…ya really think we kin manage dat? I fuckin' never were slim…I like my food by far ter much…I mean ya guys shurely would love dat look…but kin I keep it?"

Thistledown smiles, "It'll cost you nearly 10k, but you could eat fudge all day and never gain a pound."

Riga tilts her head, "Sounds, crazy…maybe tryin' ter controll my eatin' habits 's cheaper…I jus' dunno if I kin do it…" She looks at Thistledown, "Hmm…what happens if I change my figure after that sheathing is installed, it's like an exosjkeletonif I get this right, yes? And how much recognizable will it be?"

Thistledown shakes his head, "It's a weave of materials inside your skin, you can gain and lose weight and your skin will adjust, if you gain an excessive amount of weight in a very short time it will be uncomfortable, but you'd get stretchmarks on normal skin in much the same way. If you get pregnant you should advise your doctor so they can compensate."

You say "And I'll hide it very well."

The door closes on the clinic as they start discussing the exchange of funds.

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