GM: Vera
Players: Nightshade, Air, Tabby, Vera.
Synopsis: Vera arranges for Nightshade, Air, and Tabby to supply a NovaTech exec with the one commodity he cannot buy: vengeance.

Date: January 14, 2071

«Plot» Vera taps mic.

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay! Thank you for coming to a VeraPlot. This plot will have gruesomeness and evil in it, and would rate it a 'hard' R on the MPAA system, 18 on what I think is the European system. I request that you use the PR2 channel for general chatter and between-yourselves-discussion. Please use the plot channel (pl or =) for asking me questions or responding or answering. You can use OOC to ask me questions, but please keep it to a relative minimum. I'd love to ask for, on a basis of ICA=ICC, for you to consent to anything bad or harmful that may happen to your character in my plot, if all that sounds okay."

«Plot» Tabby says, "I give full Concent and ICA=ICC and the awesomeness that is a veraplot."

«Plot» Melani says, " Are you sure that Camera is only for you? I ummm, I guess it's alright then. ICA=ICC."

«Plot» Nightshade consents. Also quick note. Has 1 F1 sustaining foci. One is currently attuned for disguise self, the other physical mask. Other gear will be posed in as needed.

«Plot» Air consents, ICA=ICC.

«Plot» Tabby says, "What do I need to prove, if anything?"

Only Tabby is contacted through her fixer, apparently as a close-quarters infiltration specialist is being thought. The others - Nightshade, Felix, and Control - have each been given a quite direct invitation to the Cool Cat, to which Tabby is also invited, for a mission described to all as 'dangerous, lucrative, and dark.' No further information has been provided, other than to meet Posh at this time in the conference room in the late afternoon, a reasonable time before the rush of customers.

«Plot» Vera says, "Nothing at this point. :)"

Air decides to go a bit wild this time, and sculpts his polymask into a different identity than usual, his other being used too often recently. He attends the back room of the Cool Cat Club looking like a different kind of Scandinavian, still with the blond hair and blue eyes, but different facial features. His black suit is adorned by a small silver Christian cross embossed on a round badge pinned to his lapel.

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Disguise for "+4 poly":
2 3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Disguise for "+4 poly KP1":
3 3 5 10
Melani was going to disguise herself as what? Air? No thank you. The Dwarf simply showed up, hands in her pockets as she poked about.

Tabby clicks quietly into the Cool Cat, dressed to 'kill' in her… black leather club gear. 'Cool Cat' indeed! She glances from side to side as she makes her way quietly into the conference room, taking a seat that puts her back in a corner, away from windows. Nodding to the man already in there, she reflexively sheathed and unsheathed her climbing claws, drumming them on the table as she waited for the others to show up…

Tabby also gives a nod to Melani.

Nightshade considers the invitation, "It's like they know me personally." She laughs over seeing a job described as lucrative, then gets herself dressed to travel. A conservative business suit and her small knives, the blades are within a micron of the limit of the definition of personal protection devices, but they look a lot smaller on her large frame and her fake SIN has the pair of them registered. She's got her work van with it's full compliment of gear parked a few blocks away, but drives to public transport in her beat down cargo vehcile and takes a train into the area walking the rest of the way. She's got a low force physical mask on herself along with some good old fasioned make-up. Just enough to make her look a little less like herself. She enters the Cool Cat, looking like a conservative troll business woman, orders herself a drink, then makes her way to the meeting room, walking in, small drink in overly large hand.

In the meeting room, apparently confusedly fiddling over a trid system, is Posh, red hair flowing over a black business suit, and of course, the requisite shades. Johnson Barbie. She half rises as the first of you enter, cursing under her breath at the temperamental trid system, which seems to never work properly in the vicinity of the white noise generator already happily humming hear the brewbot that has been seat up for each of you. "Coffee? Tea?" she offers, indicating the device, as she turns back to the trid. She finally just bashes it with her fist, angrily, and is rewarded by the perfect projection of the screen. "Well, that was…easy." She smiles. "Thank you all for coming."

Tabby nods slowly. "Tea please." she says, using the bot and looking around the room. There's a highly diverse grouping today. A troll, two humans, and a dwarf walk into a bar… Bad Tabby! But she cracks a smile at the bashing of the trid system. Looks like her sometimes. She's a little jumpy though, and it shows in her quick glances… 'Daddy' her fixer is an asshole, and there's got to be some kind of catch to this lucrative mission. She's long ago paid off her debt to him, but even so, anything he sends her way gets under her skin, despite her determination to simply take things in stride.

Bjornvar the Scandianavian Christian tilts his head over and looks distressed for a moment or two, and then sighs, as he pulls a chair out and seats himself. Interlacing his fingers and laying his hands down on the table in a perfectly well rehearsed corporate suit at a business meeting posture. "No beverage for me, thank you," he speaks, his voice slightly accented with a sing song lilt.

Melani simple raised a hand, waving off the offered drinks.

Nightshade shakes her head at the offer of coffee, her hair bouncing around the edges of her faces curls catching on the small spikes lining the sides of her face. "No thank you, dear. I picked up a drink on the way in." She pulls back a chair, sitting down on it gracefully it creeks in protest as she eases into it on an angle and she glares down at it. She reaches up to brush back the hair from the sides of her face. Then settles as the chair ceases it's creaking.

Though perhaps forming some joke about the Swedish Chef, it dies on Vera's lips after a moment lingering there as a smirk, and so she presses a button on the trid. "This is Rex Marconi," she says, and a three-dimensional picture of a rather nondescript, fleshy male human who seemed to have picked his flowers from the recessive gene bouquet of about sixty years projects itself into the air. "He's sort of an operations director for a small subdivision of Novatech," she says. "That makes him, at least in my eyes, a very big deal. This man has solved a few problems and created some others in his time." She smiles, but perhaps a little wanly. "And he wants you to help him get his revenge."

Another image passes up, of a more slender, handsome man of about thirty. "This is Hank Marconi. Deceased October 9, 2070, and the reason that you will be taking this job today. I can tell you no more until you accept the job, but I can say this: he was killed by a professional corporate ops team, and your mission will be in opposition to them. It will include one hostile extraction in addition to wetwork. And it will require specialized skills, particularly surgical, but the best of conditions are not required." She smiles, fixing that sunglassed gaze upon each of you in turn. "I am authorized to offer twenty-five thousand nuyen to each of you for the job, in addition to a bonus of ten thousand each if special conditions are met."

Tabby's eyes light up. Wetwork AND possible covert ops? It's like Christmas has come early. That should do just fine. She's had her eye on a couple of things recently, and the 25k will help nicely. Something… Difficult. She's been starved for anything other than her daily bread recently, and now this gem falls into her lap. Glancing around the table, she holds her tongue until she hears what the rest of the motley crew has to say.

The Swedish Chef raises an eyebrow at the job description, one eye twitches and then he puts forward a question, along with a hand gesture. "So, we go up against a corporate or corporate sponsored team, committing wetwork in that area, I assume. And then a hostile extraction. That sounds like…" He pauses, "Two different jobs, to me." He clucks slightly, and doesn't appear to understand that his accent is ridiculous.

Melani remained non comittal for the moment, just looking to the photo, letting the swede talk.

Vera shakes her head. "It is one job," she says. "I am just trying to accurately describe it. I cannot go into more detail until you accept," she says, apologetically offering a shrug.

Tabby lays a clawed hand on the table. "Well I don't really have a choice. I accept the job." she says, mentally sighing.

Nightshade looks a little dissappointed when Vera goes into the backstory and her lips grow a little tight around her tusks as Vera name drops the J and his company, but she nods slowly at the jobs are outlined, then looks almost insulted at the amount stated. She takes a drink from her glass letting the others speak their pieces. When Vera responds she offers, "I think he's saying the paycheck seems a bit light for so much work, dear….see," she adds after Tabby buys in, "That's a fee that only the desperate would take."

Tabby looks up at Nightshade and shakes her head. "Subcontract work, sorta. I HAVE to accept the job." she says, sighing. "Though the fee is a little low. 'Daddy' said that it would be lucrative and extremely dangerous. From what you're describing, it doesn't seem like Mr. Marconi is taking this seriously enough for something like revenge." she says, sipping at the hot tea.

Bjornvar turns his attention over the Troll consideringly, altering his impression slightly, and then over to Tabby, again, altering his impressions. A blink later he turns his focus back to Posh, "Indeed, I'm afraid it seems like a bad idea to accept a job that seems… rather difficult copared to the paycheck."

«Plot» Vera says, "TN 6."
«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#8675) rolls Negotiation vs TN 6:
1 1 2 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "If three people shoot at someone, that's better than one person shooting at someone. Same with negotiation. So I'm going to make one negotiation roll, and that is the one you all are working against. If any of you are successful, it's a success for all."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Negotiation + 2 for "Including some recently installed tailored pheremones. :D":
1 1 1 2 5 7 7 11

«Plot» Vera says, "TN is six for either of you."

Nightshade looks over at Vera, "My suggestion, would be that your Mr. Johnson provide each of us an identity. It should be easy enough in his position to hire someone for some menial security detail. If we perform well, on top of this bonus of his he keeps that SIN in his pocket as a way to reach out to us for future work, by the same token should we ever have need to reach him at NovaTech, we can send a message through those channels. I'm willing to accept sub-par pay for the first of several business dealings, but as a stand alone, I find it a bit lacking. Would the rest of you feel similarly?" She looks to the others before putting the deal 'on the table' for Vera.

Melani finally shrugged, then headed for the door. "Out of spec, or a death trap. AMF Yo-yo."

«Plot» Nightshade says, "OOCly, I'm suggesting a R1 SIN that works in security (no permit yet but possible for future purchase) and the J as a contact."

Bjornvar ponders with a few taps of a finger on the tabletop, and then examines his fellow job hunters another time. "You mentioned surgical work being a priority? Unless I'm mistaken that would be why I am here, in addition to the more normal skill sets." He sucks his teeth, "I'm not sure having a contact with a Johnson who likes to undervalue his employees would really be in my interest. I must insist on a better offer, at least for my extra expertise."

«OOC» Bjornvar says, "OOCly Bjornvar wants more because he has the specific skills mentioned."

Vera shrugs as cold feet seem to break out. She can't help but chuckle softly. "This is a one time operation," she says. "There will be no opportunity for possible future work." She glances up at Control. "I called you specifically for a reason, C. I think your scouting will be useful." She shakes her head. "Look, I can tell you this: You're going to have access to a lot of intel. What this guy wants is pretty grisly, but…" She shakes her head. "There's a window of opportunity to go after these guys, but you'll have to move fast. And I can be a little more clear, about you thinking it's a double-job…the assignment is to wipe out a team, but take their leader alive, whereupon you'll be…killing him later. Not in a separate location."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Negotiation + Karma Pool: 2 vs TN 6 for "KP4":
1 1 2 2 3 4 5 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Negotiation + Karma Pool: 2 - 1 vs TN 6 for "KP5":
1 2 2 3 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Bjornvar grumbles.
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Negotiation + Karma Pool: 2 - 1 vs TN 6 for "KP7":
1 2 2 2 5 7 11 = 2 Successes

Nightshade considers, then watches as Melani heads out the door, "Split her pay among us, and I'm in. So long as you feel we still represent a viable team, if this is a one off that should suit me about right. Fit for you?" She asks the swede.

Tabby grins as Melani leaves. "One less to split the payroll with? Suits me just fine for a one time only." she says, nodding. "What are we up against? Besides overwhelming odds and almost certain death?" she asks with a smirk.

Bjornvar simply rubs a hand over his face and makes a non-commital gesture, awaiting a response from the Johnson, regarding that and his request.

Vera shakes her head. "I'm afraid I can't do that," she says. "I can offer another twenty-five hundred to each of you, plus another thousand on top of that possible bonus." She pauses for a moment. "That is the very best I can do. I did contact the…" She shakes her head a little grimly as Melani leaves, "three of you because I thought you very well suited to the task, and able to accomplish it within the short window of opportunity available."

Tabby does a few calculations… coming up with 38.5k, give or take. A pretty nice hunk of pocket change. She's getting a little desperate, possibly why 'Daddy' put her up to it, but she's not hurting THAT badly. "I'm still in." she says shortly, sitting back to sip her tea. Little extra risk there. If many more of them quit, the job will likely be called off. If they don't? Well she's always been rather optimistic about overwhelming odds.

Bjornvar crosses his arms and leans back in the chair with a slightly disgruntled sigh, closing off his body language. "I find the money low, in the face of assaulting a corporate squad. Perhaps I am over-estimating them, in the face of previous experiences." He pauses again, and waits to see what the other member of the team decides.

Nightshade considers, "The money is low, especially considering that we know the gentleman was expecting to shell out quite a bit more and is getting a bargain at the moment." She looks at the swede, "You convince him to go dear, and I'll take a match of whatever he works out as fair." She sits back to take a drink, "Much as I appreciate his skills, I like to think I bring as much to the table as he does, but I'm not sure we could do it without him."

Bjornvar tuts as he is left holding the ball. "To be as direct as I possibly can be, my every instinct is telling me that taking this job is a bad idea. Regardless of the pay. Corporate trained or sponsored teams, revenge. It all sounds very messy. For me to involve myself in messy, the payscale needs to be appropriate. Fourty is nearly there, and as far as I can tell, enough just walked out of the door from the initial offer to cover us up to around fourty five per head. Yet you seem reluctant to go to that level. Honestly, my faith in your client, this… Marconi, is flimsy, based on his motivations."

Nightshade scowls again at the mention of motivations, "Personally, my reluctance is more based on that you revealed the motivations at all, my dear if you want me to kill someone just pay me and tell me his name and as much as possible to help me kill him, when you tell me why it just makes me wonder whether you're foolish enough to tell me the truth and have made me a liability, or if you think I'm foolish enough to believe you which belittles us both."

Tabby simply sits and sips at her tea… She gives Posh a sympathetic look, staring down into her teacup.

Nightshade looks over at the swede, then back at Vera, "If you were prepared to clear about 20k on this when we all walked in then you're about clear…35 maybe, I've lost track of the numbers now." She considers, "I've heard your name around though, what say rather than calling this a favor towards your Mr. J we call it a favor to you and when we come across expenses it goes on your tab rather than ours."

Vera chuckles softly. "Look, I got about a half mill for this job, and most of that was taken up by having to obtain a very expensive piece of equipment needed to accomplish it. The bonus situation is sort of a device myself as a hedge, because if you don't accomplish that objective, I'm going to get completely hosed," Vera says. "Acquiring some of the other needed info, pulling plans on the building where the target's located, getting all of that? Another heavy chunk of change. That left about one-sixty for the team. I'll admit, Control departing kind of threw a wrench into how I was trying to run it." She nods to each of you. "Look. I can swing about forty for each of us, including with the intel. But we've got to accomplish the extra objective, and I'm going to come along, I suppose. Might as well cut myself a slice of the physical risk as well." She smiles. "I've got too much riding on this personally, and if I can't have you three, I'm not going to risk my name on this one. I want this to go right."

Bjornvar sighs through his nose and then checks the door, seemingly choosing to leave, but instead ensuring Melani closed it properly behind her. Walking back to the table he spins a chair around and seats himself. "Fine, for fourty thousand, I will accept."

Nightshade nods, "I'm in, though next time, dear. If you're coming along open with that, I'm much more comfortable if the person who might be running a setup is within range of my blades." She sighs, "And now that we've spent so much of your limited time, let's dispense with formalities and move this along. Who needs killing, where will they be, and how good are you at planning assassinations?"

Tabby breathes a shallow sigh of relief. The young woman nods, taking a hip flask from some….where on her person and tipping part of its contents into a fresh cup of tea. She gulps it down and grins. "Great. 40k AND another person. This is sounding fun. So who or what are we up against?" she says, coming in on the heels of Nightshade. Who actually put it a lot better than she could.

Vera smiles gratefully at Nightshade as the troll woman breaks the tension, and nods to Bjornvar. She reaches up and removes her sunglasses, revealing the slightly odd, electric blue of well-concealed cybereyes. She nods. "All right. Perhaps it's the nature of the job that's got me on edge." She presses a button on the trid. "This is Wallace Simmons," she says, showing a picture of a rather grizzled looking human. "He's the leader of a NovaTech…well…hit squad is what we're supposed to really think of it. On October 9, he planted a bomb that was intended to look like an outside attack on a Novatech facility - a planned destruction intended to improve company-wide morale. A few selected people had been transferred to the area…people known to have traded in company secrets or embezzled funds. Popular people, and Mr. Marconi's son was one of them. Much more useful for the corp to use their deaths to motivate company morale than for anything else." She glances around. "Mr. Marconi helped to plan the operation, not knowing ahead of time about the transfers. And as a result, the company led him to unwittingly kill his own son. What he wants us to do is…since we can't get revenge on the corp, he's started to see his team lead as the instrument of his employer's wrath. What we've got to do is kill Simmon's team, but capture him alive…and…well, install the full simrig that I managed to acquire, and…record a simchip of his death." She shakes her head, almost in disbelief. "That is what the client is willing to pay half a million nuyen for."

Tabby's eyes widen involuntarily. "Sounds a bit like torture… But what the hell? What kind of bastards run these corps…?" she says before giggling. "Nevermind, question answered." she says as she stands to stretch and pop her joints with the unpleasant sound of cannonfire.

Bjornvar listens in silence, watching the trid and embedding the picture into his exceptional memory. "You have sheafs of intel and at least one infiltration route planned, I assume. What are the basics. Like, are they in an extraterritorial building. A public building. A private apartment block? Are they moving around or on a job or running scared? What level of equipment can we take with us, and are we arranging our own transport." He pauses to breathe a moment, and then simply nods to cap his statements.

Vera nods. "I have two, suggested, and prepared ahead of time. One doesn't need much." She smiles. "Within the next twenty-four hours, but not within the next sixteen hours, the team will be transferred to the NovaTech offices in Seattle for new deployment. Standard policy after such a high profile hit. They are right now waiting at a small corporate safehouse, one of many setup by Nova in the CAS sector. So yes, you'll be operating in an area with potential police response. It's a B zone, but I think for obvious reasons, our friends will not be calling the police, as they are likely to have 'black' weapons. Now, the territory of the safehouse is itself technically extraterritorial property, so any crimes committed on it will not be under the jurisdiction of the CAS, but you wouldn't want to be caught with illegal weapons or gear or for questioning." She nods. "Here are the architectural plans. It's a second floor apartment with a first floor door, and it's been reinforced. It's above a small check-cashing business…so it has a hardened foundation and sentry guns there, but it's unlikely for those to influence the course of the job. Anyway, there's a stairway up to the second floor, and there's roof access. I've also arranged for you to be able to get to the roof via a neighboring pizza joint." She grins. "Had to part with a thousand nuyen for that, but at least locks aren't what you'll have to deal with. Marconi also made sure I got a key to the front door, as it's the corp's safehouse after all. The apartment is relatively small," She puts up the plans. "One main room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Nice digs, but small and simple, with barred and frosted windows, and only those two entries and exits. And some nervous corp hitmen waiting for their pickup out of Dodge." She glances around. "Any further questions?"

Nightshade considers, "Profiles on the hitmen themselves? Magic, cyber, weapons of choice?"

Tabby raises a hand. "Would going in through a window be too high profile for this?" she asks with a smirk. Rooftop insertions are her favorite, but jumping in through a second story window is fun too. She flexes her legs, looking over the architectural plans, frowning as she goes over them in her head, trying to commit them to memory and nodding at nightshade's question.

«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#8675) rolls Intelligence for "Memorizing escape routes":
2 2 3 3 3 5 5 5

Bjornvar cracks the fingers on his left hand idly, knuckle by knuckle. "I can see a use for about six stun or gass grenades."

Tabby laughs. "Not me. Magic and Tabby do not mix."

Vera offers a shrug to Tabby. "I'm sorry. I mean, you could ask me my opinion on that, in which case I would say yeah, it's probably too high profile, but I can't really make operational decisions like that. Nor should I. So that's not a question I can answer." She nods to Nightshade. "Absolutely. So, from what I was able to get from Marconi, none of them are magical. Simmons is the triggerman and his three heavies are usually there when he gets in trouble. He usually uses a pistol or a sniper rifle, but I doubt he'll have the latter on this job. The others, well…they're determined to be able to protect him up close. He's had them upgraded himself, sort of the cream of the crop of orktown gangers, and they tend to like shotguns," Vera says. "We know that they still have on issue three Franchi combat shotguns, and they'll probably be strapped with those. They probably have some cheap mods as well. I think you could expect them to be as well equipped as a corp-SWAT team."

Nightshade considers, "I can work a little mojo, and yeah. A few grenades sounds like a good opening line. I'm thinking rooftop. Cut a hole in the roof, drop in some stunners. If the building is secure probably won't even blow out the windows, we make our entry from there. If these guys are corporate hitters, they might have a suicide plan…any info on whether these guys are sporting kill switches, kink bombs, cyanide teeth or such?"

Tabby winces at the suicide talk… She's never held with that, and tends to… squirm when they come up. There's no amount of money in the WORLD that would make her agree to this…

Bjornvar nods, "Rooftop was my thoughts too, as many stun and gas grenades as we can reasonably drop in at once. May as well cover all bases. Of course they will need to be acquired, as I have none on hand."

Vera nods. "I made sure to ask Marconi about that," replies the redhead. "No. There's no flat kill-switch for Simmons, unless you start rooting around in his headware memory, which is protected by a standard cranial bomb - just enough to kill him. However, he doesn't have control over it, and it shouldn't interfere with the…implantation of the simsense rig. You might have to rip out his wired reflexes, though, to make…'room' for the simrig. The corp has sort of a 'low' suicide policy for that team. There are killswitches on the orks, but that doesn't really matter, does it?" she asks. "After all, you're expected to kill the entire team, it's just that Simmons will be a long time dying." She nods. "And there's no need to cut a hole - there's roof access. A trap door. The problem is that, with four of them, they're almost guaranteed to be able to have one alert sentry at all times."

Bjornvar shrugs, "No chance to disable a sentry without alerting the others with any reasonable chance of success. Beyond magic through a window. No mundane way. Best doing a perfect stealthy infil, then going in loud and fast before the sentry can react."

Tabby raises an eyebrow. "If someone can lay hold of the grenades, I can drop them in. I can be pretty quiet when it comes right down to it." she says, leaning forwards and grinning from ear to ear. "Most of what I do is quick, quiet work, and I guarantee that the sentry won't have a chance to see me coming." she boasts quietly.

Nightshade looks over at Tabby for a moment almost scowling, then relaxes her face with obvious effort, "Don't get cocky dear, though I'm glad to hear you volunteering, good initiative." That last bit sounds almost practiced and rote. "So we have a covert building, with a secure business beneath. What sort of alarms and sensors are on the roof, and are one of you a decker or electronics whiz to disable them?"

Bjornvar nods at that, "Both, and more or less equally adept at either option. Though I specialise in the physical disabling."

Vera shakes her head. "That is a piece of intel I can't give you. The corp 'sweeps' the safehouse after each use, and each team puts on its own defenses. Marconi assured me that he issued nothing special to them, but…well, Simmons is like us, able to get things for himself, too, and so we're flying a little blind on what is setup. However, what this means is that there's nothing there that can't be set up by a dedicated team in twelve hours. So you're dealing with improvised defenses only, or what's in the 'home security' aisle at Stuffer Shack.

«Plot» Vera says, "As I think you can tell, this has turned into a combination of 'meet' and 'plan.' :)"
«Plot» Tabby says, "I can tell…"

Nightshade nods, "So what's left, evac plans, location to do the surgery and death scene, oh, and jammers to handle communications. I don't figure these fellas are wearing docwagon bands but I'd imagine they have comms."

Bjornvar nods, "I believe I can handle the surgery and the death scene, if he wants the sort of ending I think he does. And honestly, if you can sling a little mojo and have a healing spell, we can probably do the surgery on location, assuming nothing too loud goes off."

«Plot» Vera says, "Well, we can have you for the risk and perhaps leave you outside ICly to guard while the surgery is being done, or something. :) Hopefully we can do the infiltration and combat quickly in an hour and a half."

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay:"

«Plot» Vera says, "Please make an etiquette roll to acquire whatever gear you're getting. You have to options: get everything you can get through Etiquette at double SI in 6 hours, or use the normal rules. In the interests of streamlining, go either or. :)"

«Plot» Vera says, "But no matter its normal time, you could get it in 6 hours. But it has to be used up in this plot. :)"

Vera nods. "It sounds like everything is going well. And…well…" She smiles at Bjornvar. "How necessary is it, really, to heal him afterwards? I mean, I hate to be grisly, but it almost seems like just a waste if we're going to kill him once his simrig is installed and the chip is in." She seems to be taking a running tally. "Okay. So we're going to try to get grenades. What type? And is there anything else we need?"

Bjornvar nods as he ticks off, "Superflash, Neurostun and IPE concussive grenades. A grapple gun and line if we need one. And… I believe that should cover me at least."

Nightshade shakes her head, "I don't do healing, and it would take me longer to learn how than we have at present. We have a location to do the install, I've held a few folks down for opperations and while taking stuff out can be done damn near anywhere, a sim rig connects to grey matter, won't we need a clinic?"

Vera shrugs. "We can get the grapple gun, but since you have access to the roof on one of the neighboring businesses…" She smiles. "Look, I thought you wanted the money, for that risk and your special skills. Forty kay is with me withdrawing some of the funds that I'd planned to have for the shadow clinic. It's just standard grade ware, so if you can pull it off with a medkit…well, it's not like it has to be a fantastic, long term job. It doesn't have to be perfect."

Nightshade considers, "If we're going in fast, I'd lay off the gas unless you've got gear to handle it, don't want to put ourselves out."

Bjornvar shrugs, "I have performed brain surgery with a med kit in the back of a van before now. Anything is possible, and moving a body is… risky. Gas masks, yes, add those to the list."

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "You can do any surgery with anything, the TN just goes up."

Vera nods. "It seems to me like the safest plan, actually…and this is where having Felix came in critical. I thought we could do something crazy like that, and…" She smiles. "I figured, smart folks that we were, we could all just play nurse."

Nightshade considers, "How about you spend some of that bonus money to pay some of the doc wagon boyz to leave the keys in the ambulance when they go to lunch and ignore the slgihtly reduced supplies when they return."

Vera looks thoughtful. "I mean, we could do that, I suppose, but it would be expensive. And there's not really any of that 'bonus' money anymore. We can do that, but it'll come out of all of our bottom lines. And that would involve an extra step, in exchange for an easier job on the implantation: we'd have to move the body out to the ambulance. And I bet we'd each have to chip in at least five kay in order to cover that."

Tabby chuckles. "That might work. I've got a Doc I know who might be able to hook us up temporarily. He's pretty cool about that sort of thing. Want I should give him a call?" she asks, flicking a lighter.

Bjornvar frowns, "It would need to be a Valkyrie unit to provide any benefit at all, and I would consider it unnecessary as well. A savior kit will be sufficient with a few extra tools." He shrugs as everyone else seems to jump onto the idea and sits back, "Unless the opinion of the surgeon is considered insufficient."

Nightshade shrugs, "If you've got that level of confidence, I've got no issue with it. Just thinking a mobile clinic might be better than a medkit."

Vera smiles. "It seems like…spending money for unnecessary complication if our hotshot surgeon thinks he can handle it. But that's just my opinion," she adds.

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Please tell me what extra equipment you're trying to acquire, and also please tell me any other equipment you have. No need to fetch vouchers; I'll trust you on this plot, and ask only if it seems utterly ridiculous. :)"
«Plot» Bjornvar will procure gas masks for everyone, along with 1 superflash, 3 neurostun X grenades..

Nightshade looks around, "I hope I already know the answer to this but, you've all got secure comms correct?"

Bjornvar scratches the back of his, "Of course it would be helpful if any of you were capable nurses or had a healing spell." He sighs, "Nevermind, onwards. I have secure comms."

«Plot» Vera says, "Roll etiquette."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Etiquette:
1 1 1 2 5 17

«Plot» Vera says, "You get everything."

Nightshade chuckles, "I'll be two capable nurses if you like, but it takes time to learn how to heal. We have 12 hours, I don't know that I could manage that, though if you feel a heal spell is that cruicial, we could invest in a potion."

Tabby sighs and leans back… At this point she doesn't know what's going on. with all the arguings and sudden cameraderie, her brain has half-shortcircuited. So she goes with the flow.

Vera nods to Nightshade. "I'm not sure that we have time for all of that," she says. "Especially if we're going to spend a few hours chasing down this equipment that we're going to try to secure." She smiles. "So how are we going to do this? Two through the roof trap door, two up the stairs?"

Bjornvar ponders, "Even a minor force treat spell applied consistently during the surgery would reduce complications. Or a simple knowledge of first aid. We're bothering with the stairs at all?"

«Plot» Nightshade will have her armor, 2 f1 sustaining foci, a pair of really big swords, 6 knives and a pair of assault rifles. 4 of the knives are poisoned, as are the swords, commlink, electronic minikit, savior medkit and a case to keep everything in.

Vera nods. "Well, we've got both mag lock keys, for the back access of the adjoining pizza joint and the front door," she says. "Marconi was able to provide the front door key, and as I mentioned, we can get to the roof via the pizza joint."

Bjornvar nods, "Fine, two on each entrance then. And if it's in the CAS sector, we can either walk, or take a taxi, it can't be far. I will choose the rooftop access, since I am probably best equipped to deal with the security measures up there."

Tabby nods. "I'll take rooftop access as well, it's what I do best." she says, grimacing.

Nightshade nods glancing to Vera, "Looks like we've got the front door then dear, rather than tip them off I'll leave my big guns at home and go with blades. Anything else to cover?"

Vera nods at Nightshade. "Hmm," she says. "Well, I've got a good pair of heavy pistols, and I can go in quiet. Or I can come more heavily armed, but it might be a trouble to get past the border," she says. "It's a pretty bad area, and if we keep things -relatively- contained, we shouldn't attract too much police attention. The police won't come without being called."

«Plot» Bjornvar requires no gear from over any borders. Will attend in street armor and concealed items only.

«Plot» Vera says, "Fast forward to safehouse? And can you give me a price of everything you wanted (with double SI) minus the grapple gun etc?"

«Plot» Nightshade says, "Will pick up a R1 fake SIN, rent 2 vehicles with it, total cost 1500 nuyen ish."
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Etiquette vs TN 2 for "To be official on that SIN, needs 2 successes.":
1 2 2 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Note: 3320 nuyen of gear 'expenditure' used in this plot."

Tabby's toes tap and clatter on the floor as she gets up and orders something a bit harder from her bot. Her cyberaugs and bioaugs make her twitchy, and she's eager to be off… "I'll get there on my own." she says, grinning. "Meet you there." she whispers as she sips the last of her drink.

Vera heads with the rest of the group, nodding politely to Tabby. "All right. We'll meet…I suppose right near the building." She can't help but let herself grin, as she contemplates rolling out as part of this rather impressive team. Her pistols certainly feel heavy in the holsters.

Tabby's skates pop out as she exits… There's a sonic boom several seconds later as she tears out of there like a bat out of hell, leaving a very confused club wondering what the hell just went by them.

Bjornvar diverts temporarily to pick up some extra gear and meets the group again in a matter of minutes. Must have a cache somewhere near the club. He now has a set of winterized coveralls on, to keep off the cold, right.

«Plot» Vera says, "Helmet on only when you get to the roof?"

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "Not until on the roof, yes."

The building, as you all approach it, is much as described. Two-story brick, in one of the long rows of samey buildings. A check-cashing business is below it, and you can see the door that no doubt leads directly to the stairs for a second-floor dwelling. The pizza joint with its back entrance is at one end of the row of the light commercial area in this rather run-down area of the CAS Sector.

Tabby is already there, finishing up a slice and soda before the run. No use facing death on an empty stomach don't cha know?

Nightshade scowls as the rental agency applies several 'additional surcharges' and 'special insurance programs' for troll renters when she orders the cars up, but consoles herself with the thought that she plans on driving them off a cliff after the run. She parks them a short run from the safehouse calling the locations and ignition codes to the others. A few preparations retuning her foci, one to invisibility the other to cold aura, then she casts an heavy armor spell on herself. "You're in charge of opening the door and then closing it when a breeze goes past you, then get yourself hidden and cap anyone that comes out. Once the doors closed get yourself down to street level in case one of them goes out the window or finds another escape route."

Vera nods to Nightshade. "So you want me to go inside and wait at the bottom of the stairs, for anyone to come out?" she asks.

Bjornvar himself makes his way up to the assigned roof through the pizza joint, tagging Tabby to follow him as he goes. A final check to his gear at the roof, pistol with and loaded, silencer on. Grenades, check, gas masks have been distributed. Finally he takes out the least obtrusive piece of kit, the electronics gear he'll need to disable any pressure sensors and motion detectors. Then he waits on the roof, pulling a gasmask over his face and then the helmet on top. He keeps low to avoid being spotted too soon, and awaits the signal over comms.

Commlink-Posh> Vera says, "I think we're ready. Let's go."
Tabby follows the Swedish Master Chef and grins.

Commlink-Macawi> Bjornvar says, "Let me check for their security before you step in."
Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "Same here. Let's do this."

«Plot» Vera says, "Intelligence rolls, please, from the folks on the top."
«Plot» Bjornvar says, "Perception with a comp in physical security systems?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#8675) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 2 3 4 4 7 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Intelligence + 3 (comp):
1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 9 14

Perhaps the simplest of all security systems has been set up: broken glass seems to have been strewn all along the roof, along with a whole bunch of little dimestore bells. Bjornvar can also see, with his expectations for physical security, the little corollary to all of that: a few simple small microphones planted around the door.

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "You have to be kidding me… broken glass and bells? I haven't seen stuff this crude since the middle ages."

Vera nods to Nightshade. "Do you want to be first through the door," she whispers. "Or should I be?" she asks.

Commlink-Macawi> Bjornvar grumbles mentally, which his transducer relays, "Where's a mage with the silence spell when you need one."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Lean over the building edge so I can see you."

Commlink-Posh> Vera says, "Hey, the kitty's got those awesome cyberlegs. Why don't you send her through first, and she can do what she can in the quiet? Call for backup when/if there's trouble?"

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "I'm not kitty. I'm Tabby. *she grumbles*"

Commlink-Posh> Vera says, "Oh, I wasn't trying to tease too much. Sorry, Tabby."

Commlink-Macawi> Bjornvar says, "You didn't hear those legs clicking all over the place?"

Commlink-Posh> Vera says, "I presume she can retract her claws when she wants to."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "If you want stealth I need to see you, I can hold it till the fun starts but you won't be able to talk on the comm so only one of you, the other to relay visual signals."

Commlink-Macawi> Bjornvar says, "Hand it to me so I can cut the mics and then we can just dance all night up here."

Tabby drops to all fours and goes to the edge, everything retracted… She's VERY graceful, moving as swiftly and silently as honeyed silk.

Tabby goes to the edge of the roof and looks over, looking for Nightshade.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Centering vs TN 2 for "Get rid of +2 for sustaining armor.":
1 1 2 2 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 3 vs TN 6 for "+2 from sustaining and bgcount.":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 9 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 3 + 4 (Ally) vs TN 3 for "Drain resist":
2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 7 10 = 10 Successes
«Plot» Nightshade says, "You and everything you touch is now silent."
«Plot» Nightshade says, "F1 stealth"

Vera waits for Nightshade's answer, as soon as she finishes with the magical hoodoo.

«Plot» Vera says, "Based on the spell, you can just grab the wireless microphones and crush them in your hands."

Nightshade says to Vera, "You open the door, I'll have my hands full, I go in, you wait outside."

Commlink-Macawi> Bjornvar speaks to the now silent Tabby, "Cut the mics, they -probably- don't have a warning circuit on them. Can't tell from here."

Tabby grins from ear to ear. This is going to be easy… Or at least easiER. She looks over to Bjorn and nods, cutting her mike and starting to pad silently over across the rooftop.

Vera nods to Nightshade. "How about I wait at the bottom of the stairs, so I'll come in after you? No need to be patrolling on the street corner when I can wait at the landing." She nods, and then moves in, to open the door and allow Nightshade to go in.

«Plot» Vera says, "Nightshade, when you enter? Give me a perception roll."

The mics are easy to seize and crush, because no sound is made picking them up or crushing them, as everything Tabby touches is silent as well. This would make access to the small door in the little cupola atop the roof much easier than before.

Bjornvar simply waits, watching through the plastic lenses of the gas mask, as Tabby goes about her work.

«Plot» Nightshade says, "To be clear, I'll have F1 Invis, F1 Cold Aura, F8 Dark Armor on me as I enter. I will be sustaining the Dark Armor and The Stealth spell myself. Dropping the stealth on 'go'."

Nightshade moves to the doorway waiting till Vera opens it to slip inside, her blades already drawn, moving to the stairs her eyes scanning and her blades skimming along the ground, she'd rather not trip a trap, but if she does, the swords are less expensive to replace than her legs…

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Intelligence for "-4 for spells.":
2 2 3 4 10 16

Tabby pads across to her entrypoint, reaching down to get the trapdoor open for Bjorn if nobody says or does anything else… She readies herself for instant action, waiting for the signal from her buddy.system partner.

The bottom of the floor looks shiny, and the stair edges look extra…angular. Almost as if some sort of metal cap has been put on the stair edges.

On the roof…well…it's just a door.

«Plot» Vera says, "Quickness roll, Nightshade."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Quickness:
1 3 4 4 4 4 8

«Plot» Vera says, "You spotted the dikoted floor, so you get a bonus. TN 6."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Quickness vs TN 10 for "1 kp reroll":
1 2 3 4 4 4 10 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Pass. You manage to stay upright, just barely. You avoid taking (Your Body) M from the sharpened and dikoted stair edges."

«Plot» Vera says, "Pose it."

«Plot» Vera says, "What does someone have to roll to see through your invisibility spell?"

«Plot» Vera says, "Would that see through your invis?"

Nightshade steps in and onto the floor, as her boots start to skid she plants her blades against each corner steadying herself, then starts up the stairs pushing off.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 4 (Ally) vs TN 4 for "Invis Spell (cast earlier.)":
1 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 8 10 17 = 10 Successes

Nightshade sees a small camera, which must have undoubtedly seen the door open.

Nightshade moves up the stairs, to get in position by the upstairs door leaving the camera be not wanting to give away the attack before go.

Nightshade manages to get past the camera, Vera waiting just outside after Nightshade informs her of the camera on the comm. The security microphones had been dealt with, and now Bjornvar and Tabby await by the trap door.

Bjornvar starts across the roof, carefully placing his feet to avoid knocking over any bells inadvertently, just in case. Moving over to the door he starts to pull grenades out of his coverall, handing two over to Tabby and keeping two himself.
«We're ready on the roof.» Then he tests the rooftop door carefully, in case it creaks or has an alarm system attached, grenade in hand and ready.

The door opens. There is no sound of an alarm system, but as soon as the door opens, Bjornvar and Tabby find themselves looking into the simple face of a security camera, which at the very least, must see the door open from the outside.

Nightshade shrugs off the spell she'd been holding, letting the stealth spell go. Then readies herself, triple checking the gas mask fit and preparing to open the inside door after the flash and bang.

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "We'll limit to the flash and 3 neurostuns."

There are now shouts from inside the room as the grenades bounce down the steps. There's the slamming of a door, and then the sound of the grenades going off, hissing as they release their toxin into the air.

Nightshade waits for the flash to show from under the door, though she keeps her eyes averted, then goes in hard.

The flash shows under the door. All has gone quiet.

Bjornvar pulls his stun baton out of his coverall next, since he needs to take at least one man alive, and then drops nimbly through the rooftop access. Ducking and rolling as he lands he comes up turning his head wildly, thanks to the limited view allowed by the gas mask.

Nightshade doesn't hesistate, she's getting paid, and someone needs to bleed…she already drew her swords.

«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#8675) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 4:
1 1 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 8 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "melee vs Tabby":
1 1 2 4 5 9 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "soaking":
1 2 3 4 5 5 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Tabby deals an M wound."

«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#11342) rolls 7 vs TN 5 for "shotgun, burst":
1 2 3 3 4 5 9 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Tabby (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 8 for "Tabby's body vs 12D":
3 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Taby (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 8 for "Tabby's body vs 12D ~karma reroll":
2 5 5 5 9 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Tabby takes 9 boxes Phys, 1 box Stun, and is unconscious."

Being that she's equipped and ready for hand to hand combat, Tabby nods after the 'Poomf!' and carries her nimble, gas-masked self down the steps first, as soon as everything's reached, just in the wake of Air. But there is…nobody, except for one of the ork gangers, completely unconscious on the floor. As she steps in front of the bathroom door, suddenly it bursts open! She manages to, in a sudden, vicious attack, claw the face of the ork with the shotgun there viciously - but he lays his barrel to the cat after being so mauled, and manages to fill her with a burst of lead. He looks up in surprise but not shock as he sees Air as well - it seems that only one of them had been in the main room when the grenades went off. His shotgun rests across the trideo next to a small set of monitors. Maybe he saw the doors open and signalled the attack before anything could happen.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 vs TN 4 for "ork's reaction for surprise vs. nightshade":
2 3 4 4 4 5 5 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 2 vs TN 4 for "ork's reaction for surprise vs. nightshade karma reroll 1/10":
1 3 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Stand on 5 successes. Your turn, Nightshade. TN 4."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Reaction vs TN 6 for "Sustained spell mod.":
1 1 3 3 4 10 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "I'm going to rule that you can use combat pool against him, Nightshade."

«Plot» Vera says, "Air, you're not surprised vs him and neither is he vs you."

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Inits!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Initiative with a result of 16.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 3 for "Simmons, +11":
3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Initiative with a result of 24.
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Initiative with a result of 11.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 2 for "+7, hitman":
2 2

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 2 for "+7, hitman":
1 5

«Plot» Vera says, "Order:


«Plot» Vera says, "Essentially, poor Tabby acted as our forlorn hope. She currently has 9 boxes Phys, 1 box Stun. Ork on the ground has 10 boxes Stun."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Clubs + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4:
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 7 10 10 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Clubs + Combat Pool: 6 - 7 vs TN 4 for "KP8":
1 2 3 3 4 14 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Bjornvar stands on 9.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 vs TN 6 for "He's an ork ganger with a melee hardened shotgun. Good with clubs.":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 9 9 10 11 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 - 4 vs TN 6 for "He's an ork ganger with a melee hardened shotgun. Good with clubs. ~KP 2/10 used":
1 2 2 3 5 5 8 8 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 - 6 vs TN 6 for "He's an ork ganger with a melee hardened shotgun. Good with clubs. ~KP 4/10 used":
2 3 5 5 5 9 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Leaves you with 2 net."

«Plot» Bjornvar does 9M base and 8S electrical shock.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 2 vs TN 4 for "KP 6/10 used":
1 1 2 2 3 5 5 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 4 for "KP 7/10 used":
1 1 1 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "L stun wound + M phys wound."

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "Trauma Damper eats it."

«Plot» Vera says, "No damage from TD."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 2 vs TN 6 for "vs shock stick 9/10 kp used":
1 2 2 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 2 vs TN 6 for "vs shock stick 10/10 kp used":
1 2 4 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Takes 5 boxes Stun..(with trauma damper) He's not doing well, but seems unaffected."

Bjornvar bounces up from behind the sofa after his drop, and spots the ork directly. Bouncing across the room in a few long, agile steps he starts hammering away at the poor guy with his stun baton. The crackle of the shock weapon discharging is quiet, but audible, as well as the impacts on the armour from the stick itself.

The other door suddenly swings open and a man bursts through it, graying at the temples and wearing a long coat. A machine pistol is in his hand, a Steyr TMP, and it looks modded to the gills - suppressor, a custom grip, a top-mounted smartlink. His arm raises, revealing the whirring of a cyberarm gyromount already through it. He focuses on the one battling the ork, and fires, a long, full burst with his weapon.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 vs TN 8 for "16D damage vs. Air.":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 - 2 vs TN 8 for "16D damage vs. Air. karma reroll 1/15":
1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 6 - 2 vs TN 8 for "16D damage vs. Air. karma reroll 3/15":
2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 11 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) has the Armor Rating Ballistic with the value '0 (8)'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "KP12":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 8 for "KP13":
2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 8 9 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 4 - 4 vs TN 8 for "KP15":
1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 9 23 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 4 - 7 vs TN 8 for "KP18":
1 1 1 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Bjornvar takes M.

As soon as she hears Bad Things going down upstairs, Vera immediately starts to tear her way up the stairs, jumping entirely over the dikoted area. It takes her a few seconds to run up the stairs.

«Plot» Vera says, "Nightshade, your turn."

«Plot» Vera says, "You all recognize the one that just shot Air as the target."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Centering + 1 (karma die) vs TN 2 for "Melee Centering, get rid of mods.":
1 1 4 5 5 7 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons + 4 (CP) vs TN 4 for "Primary hand, flat of blade.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 7 7 9 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons + 4 (CP) - 7 (Successes) vs TN 5 for "Primary hand. 2kp reroll (5 used)":
1 1 1 3 4 5 7 7 14 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 6 for "Off hand hand.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 11 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons - 1 (success) vs TN 6 for "Off hand. 1 kp (6 used.)":
1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 10 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "I'm getting…12 successes. Wow."

«Plot» Vera says, "How do I do vs. two folks?"

+roll 5+4+3 ~all of Simmons's CP remaining + 3 dice from karma 7/15 KP used

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 4 + 3 for "all of Simmons's CP remaining + 3 dice from karma 7/15 KP used":
1 3 3 4 5 5 7 7 8 10 11 15

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 4 + 3 - 9 vs TN 4 for "all of Simmons's CP remaining + 3 dice from karma 7/15 KP used":
1 10 11 = 2 Successes

+roll 5+4+3-11/4 ~all of Simmons's CP remaining + 3 dice from karma 10/15 KP used
«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 4 + 3 - 11 vs TN 4 for "all of Simmons's CP remaining + 3 dice from karma 10/15 KP used":
4 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. HE has 12 successes and he negates your reach."

«Plot» Vera says, "(Close combat martial art)"

«Plot» Vera says, "Gives him -1 power."

«Plot» Vera says, "What happens in melee on equal successes?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 vs TN 3 for "soak":
3 3 4 5 5 5 5 = 7 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Soaked."

«Plot» Vera says, "Make your second attack at +2 TN."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 7 for "Attacking Other guy, not using the flat.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 8 10 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons - 2 (successes) vs TN 7 for "Attacking Other guy, not using the flat. 1kp reroll":
2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 10 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons - 3 (successes) vs TN 7 for "Attacking Other guy, not using the flat. 2kp reroll (":
1 1 2 2 3 3 4 7 16 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 8 for "Off hand":
1 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 11 11 11 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 6 for "injured by Tabby, combat pool drained, not feeling good":
4 4 5 10 16 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 6 for "injured by Tabby, combat pool drained, not feeling good ~KP":
1 2 3 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "He's dead. Takes 19D with a billion successes."

«Plot» Vera says, "I'm not going to waste our time by rolling him out."

Simmons seems to be quite adept at using that lethal little machine pistol in close combat…as soon as he notices the approaching Nightshade through the combined aid of his ultrasonic and thermographic vision, he narrows his eyes, a spike suddenly jutting from where the machine pistols's flat would be. He manages to catch the blade of the katana gainst that, aloud clang sounding as the power is leached from the strike so that it 'fwhips' against his lined coat. Nightshade's other viciousness is not so easily denied, as she effortlessly beheads the ork locked in struggle with the Swedish Sensation.

Meanwhile, Tabby bleeds, but not /terribly./ Hooray for Trauma Dampers.

Another ork bursts out of the small room, this time with shotgun at the ready. He aims at Nightshade, levelling the vicious weapon, and pulls the trigger, sending two bursts of hot lead at the troll!

Nightshade steps in, swinging with the flat on the target, then moving to finish off Bjorns opponent, the flats rebound but the blade strikes true, then she's spinning to get back in position.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 3 vs TN 5 for "shotgun, close range, laser sight, moving target, moving shooter, gas vent.":
1 2 3 4 4 4 7 9 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 1 vs TN 5 for "shotgun, close range, laser sight, moving target, moving shooter, gas vent. first burst KP 1/10":
2 2 2 3 4 5 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 3 vs TN 7 for "shotgun, close range, laser sight, moving target, moving shooter, gas vent. second burst KP 1/10":
1 1 2 2 3 4 5 7 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 + 3 vs TN 7 for "shotgun, close range, laser sight, moving target, moving shooter, gas vent. second burst KP 2/10":
2 3 3 3 3 5 8 8 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. 2x 13D shots, 3 successes on each."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) has the Armor Rating Ballistic with the value '0 (9)'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Soaking D with 3 succeses":
1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 7 11 14 = 11 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Ah, darn, I just forgot about the dark armor."

«Plot» Vera says, "Soaked."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Soaking D with 3 succeses":
1 2 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 8 10 = 11 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Pass Order: Air, Simmons, Vera, Nightshade, Conscious Hitman."

«Plot» Vera says, "AIR: Your turn."

The vicious bark of the shotgun is accompanied by odd pinging sounds as it reflects off of the 'force field' of Nightshade's armour.
«Plot» Bjornvar will shift to try and engage Simmons, unless I walk into Nightshade.

(A 1 on the following roll would mean Air takes base damage from katana, using his Body instead of Nightshade's Strength for self-impaling)

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 1 for "Mystery":

No katana finds its way between Air and Simmons, but now Simmons finds himself having to deal with both his difficult to see and this very real attacker.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "uninjured, friends in melee mod +1 TN, no combat pool left to spend":
1 2 3 3 3 8 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) has the Armor Rating Impact with the value '0 (7)'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body vs TN 2:
2 2 3 3 3 4 5 = 7 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Soaked."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 + 1 vs TN 8 for "Full Auto, 16D, +4 recoil mod, vs Nightshade":
1 1 2 4 4 4 8 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 8 for "Full Auto, 16D, +4 recoil mod, vs Nightshade ~11/15KP spent":
1 1 3 5 5 9 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 8 for "Full Auto, 16D, +4 recoil mod, vs Nightshade ~13/15KP spent":
1 4 4 9 9 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "16D, 4 successes, Nightshade."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + 1 (karma die) vs TN 2:
1 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 9 = 8 Successes

Bjornvar is a little surprised when an invisible blade slices into his opponent, flooring him immediately. Blood squirts out of the wound and splatters across his arm as he manages to back away from the doorway and stumble slightly. the peppering of holes up his left side is painful, and he favors his right a little more as he shifts to engage Simmons, attempting to drive him back with more crackling attacks from his stun baton.

«Plot» Vera says, "At the moment, it's M."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + 1 (karma die) - 8 (Successes) vs TN 2 for "1kp reroll":
1 8 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Still M."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + 1 (karma die) - 9 (Successes) vs TN 2 for "2kp reroll":
1 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Body + 1 (karma die) - 9 (Successes) vs TN 2 for "3kp reroll":
4 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "L, reduced to L Stun (Trauma Damper)."

Vera suddenly appears in the door, finally making it from the top of the stairs. She narrows her eyes and focuses her attention on the ork, sending four rounds of EXEX cracking in his direction! She's loaded for lethal, and she knows she can't kill the target.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Pistols vs TN 3:
2 2 2 3 3 4 5 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Pistols vs TN 3:
1 4 4 4 5 5 11 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Pistols vs TN 4:
1 2 3 3 10 16 17 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Pistols vs TN 4:
1 1 3 3 4 5 16 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 + 2 vs TN 3 for "ork soak ~4/10 kp used":
1 2 3 3 4 5 5 9 11 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 + 2 vs TN 3 for "ork soak ~6/10 kp used":
2 2 3 3 4 5 5 9 10 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 + 2 vs TN 3 for "ork soak ~8/10 kp used":
1 2 2 2 3 5 5 9 10 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 vs TN 3 for "ork soak":
2 2 3 4 4 5 10 = 5 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Ork takes…L, M, L, L."

«Plot» Vera says, "Shoots at Vera."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 7 for "burst at Vera":
3 3 4 8 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 - 2 vs TN 7 for "burst at Vera ~9/10 KP":
3 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 9 for "second burst at Vera ~9/10 KP":
3 3 3 4 8 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 9 for "second burst at Vera ~10/10 KP":
1 2 2 5 8 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Vera soaks."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Body + 4 vs TN 5:
1 1 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Body + 4 - 3 vs TN 5 for "kp":
1 2 2 4 5 5 7 = 3 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Vera takes an S."

Vera gasps, spitting blood as the ork responds to her fire tears hot buckshot into her chest. She starts to slump, holding herself in the doorway, her pistols still clutched in her hands.

«Plot» Vera says, "Nightshade! Your turn."

«Plot» Vera says, "Yup. They both came out of the same door. Both close enough to each other for double attack."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Centering vs TN 2 for "Get rid of mods.":
1 2 3 3 4 = 4 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Simmons is uninjured. Ork is at S thanks to Vera's bullets."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 7 for "Disarm attempt on Simmons":
1 1 1 1 1 3 3 5 5 11 11 11 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons - 3 (successes) vs TN 7 for "Disarm attempt on Simmons 1 kp":
1 1 2 4 4 5 5 5 8 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 8 for "Disarm attempt on Simmons off hand":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 5 7 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "Simmons doesn't have much left in the tank":
2 3 3 3 5 9 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 - 2 vs TN 5 for "Simmons doesn't have much left in the tank ~Kp 14/15":
1 3 3 5 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Simmons is disarmed."

The machine pistol clatters away to the floor as Nightshade cleverly manages to shiver it from his grip. The man with gray hair on his temples curses loudly, finding himself unarmed.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 8:
1 1 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 11 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons - 1 (success) vs TN 8 for "1kp":
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 7 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Edged Weapons vs TN 9 for "off hand":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 5 vs TN 7:
2 2 4 4 14 = 1 Success

«OOC» Vera says, "He only has one success, and he's out of karma. You hit."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 7 vs TN 15:
1 1 4 5 5 7 10 = 0 Successes

The ork gurgles to the floor as, in addition to his bullet wounds, he takes a deadly slash from Nightshade.

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Two actions left. Air, and then Simmons."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Clubs vs TN 6:
1 1 2 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "Using karma?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 4 vs TN 5 for "Simmons dealing with FIMM, using his martial arts":
2 4 9 10 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "6S."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body vs TN 2:
1 1 2 2 2 5 8 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Body - 5 vs TN 2 for "Kp19":
4 5 = 2 Successes

Completely outnumbered and disarmed, and with his team dead, Simmons sinks to the floor, raising his hands up. "Look…look, I don't know what the frak's going on! I surrender!" He looks dogged and exhausted. "Look, whoever hired you…I can pay. I can pay better. I've got all my savings, a hundred seventy thousand, your names on it." He seems to be desperate…this is a tough, hard man, and his team has just been wiped out.

Bjornvar sags backwards, "I assume you have him covered," he says to nobody in particular, as he whips the backpack containing his savior from his back. Going to one knee he opens it up and immediately inject nanites directly into his wounded left side.

Vera leans heavily, a soft sucking of air in a whistle as she breathes. Her right breast is almost completely gone,, where one of the heavy, tumbling slugs had entered her chest cavity and torn through one lung; but luckily, it was an in and out. Another from that burst had carved a bloody furrow in her leg, but it's the chest wound that's nasty.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech vs TN 6 for "I think that's the correct TN":
1 1 2 3 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech vs TN 6 for "I think that's the correct TN KP20":
1 1 2 3 5 11 = 1 Success

Tabby, also, bleeds on the floor, unconscious, but alive. The cat-girl opens her eyes after a little while, to a world of terrible pain, but at least, consciousness. Vera slowly moves over to her and checks her wounds, the pair of less experienced runners clinging to consciousness awash in a world of misery.

Nightshade rests her blades on either side of the targets neck and slowly pushes down, "Down on the floor, try to move smoothly or you'll be shaving, far closer than you ever wanted to." She leaves the blades crossed over the back of his neck as she stands over him considering for a moment, then pulls one of the tranq patches out of the kit, "Don't move now, I'm going to knock you out but I promise you'll wake up later and you can tell me all about that 170k."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech vs TN 7 for "Vera":
1 1 4 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "It's a private bank account that he has set up for this purpose. One can only access the money with both keys. He offers to give you the one key, and then another when he is released."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Task Pool: 1 vs TN 7 for "Vera":
4 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 7 for "Vera KP21":
1 2 3 4 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 7 for "Vera KP23":
1 3 3 3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "You can only access the money if you go to the bank and telephone the other key holder, who slots it at a different bank branch."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 7 for "Vera KP26":
1 3 3 4 5 7 9 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 8 for "Tabby":
1 1 1 2 2 3 10 = 1 Success

Getting up, Bjornvar rubs off his hands on a rag and nods, "I'll check the security system and make sure we don't. Good call. Then we get on to the torture." With that, Bjornvar checks their security system with a fine tooth comb, deleting any reccordings efficiently and completely and then disabling the system.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Security Systems (Physical Security) for "Recordings?":
1 2 3 4 4 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Computers for "Deleting Footage from Simsense Recording that could Trace to Team":
1 2 2 4 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Computers for "Deleting KP31":
3 4 5 5 8

«OOC Note: GM made mistakes regarding the surgery in this plot; here is her second scene to 'adjust' what went wrong and bring everything in nice line.»

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Here we go. This plot is an 'offshoot' or 'spinoff' of the Plot: Vengeance. We are now zooming to the time inside the little building, with Tabby very badly wounded (9 Phys 1 Stun), Vera rather seriously wounded (6 Phys), and Air with an L Phys and an L Stun, Nightshade with an L Stun. Our targets have been taken. Air has spent 30 KP, Nightshade has spent 12 KP, Vera has spent 6 KP, and Tabby has spent all her KP. Tabby is unconscious for the remainder of the plot, having been sedated by Air and receiving medical attention. Now, may I have consent from each of you?"

«Plot» Air consents, ICA=ICC

«Plot» Nightshade says, "consented"

Vera rests her hands on her hip - she had indeed been badly shot, but with the bandages on now she's able to move somewhat fluidly, if still painfully. "Frak," the redhead says, breathing a little laboredly though she's mostly patched up. "Well, it could have gone worse. At least we're all breathing, and they certainly aren't." She looks down at the captured man, coldly, after he finishes laying out his case to beat the Johnson's payment, but then nods up to Air. "Well, I suppose we could have used one of the doc's clinics, but…" She shrugs, a little painfully. "This way -is- going to be a little cheaper, I suppose. But we need access to something dirty and something that'll do the job." She smiles to Air and Nightshade. "Any ideas? And are there any pain killers that might help me fight a bit better?"

Nightshade drops one of the corpses with a 'thock' as the thugs head impacts the hardwood floor. "Sure." She pulls one of the slap patches out of the kit, "Put that as close to the wound as the bandage will allow, it's a local so that whole area will go numb. Don't forget it's there or your wound will re-open." She glances over at where the Doc is working, then back to Vera. "I've been hunting for a clinic myself for various reasons, don't know any that would be available on /this/ short of notice without having to pony up serious cash or breaking a few noses though…told you we should have borrowed an ambulance."

Air finishes his first aid of Tabby by placing her into the recovery position to maintain her current status, at least not deteriorating. He is, miraculously, only lightly wounded after tending to himself. "Nitro… or Kamikaze. Nitro will lay you out after the high, but has a better pain killing effect. I don't have any on hand."

Vera nods. "All right. I'm going to see if I can't get ahold…of some Nitro, then, to get me through the rest of this job." She shakes her head at Nightshade. She glances down again at Simmons, now rendered -quite- unconscious. "I don't think that'll work - he does have his cranial bomb, that I mentioned. Maybe it is too much of a risk for us to do this in an ambulance or with a kit after all. So that wouldn't have helped either," she replies. "So, I'm going to see if I can't get ahold of some of that nitro, and then we're going to see what we can find out."

Air seats himself heavily on the sofa, sighing and wincing slightly at the pain. "If you can locate a street cutters shop in the Warrens, that is probably the best choice. It's not far from here, so less risk from transporting the body."

Nightshade nods to Air, "Chop shop would be good, they might even take payment in goods." She points to the bodies she's piled up ready to take down the the rental. She considers one of the wall panels then starts cutting a square out of the wall with one of her knives. "I've got some friends I can call in from there as well to help with her." She points a thumb towards Tabby, "A couple of mages I know that do healing are down that way."

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Posted rules for clinic search, but we'll need it fast so it will get expensive if we decide to pay. I'm guessing like a few thousand each. Hmm. It seems the etiquette roll to locate a standard grade clinic, Rating 4, is (Rating+2)/7 days, modified by -2 for appropriate contact (one of us is going to have a doc), -1 for illegal clinic, +1 for implant procedure, -1 for legal cyberware is therefore TN 3. Cost is 4(rating)*5*3(SI) per hour."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls Gear Value:
3 4 8 9

Vera nods. "All right. Well, I think I've worked out a plan for what we…what we need to ask for. Something simple, that will do the job. Shouldn't be too hard to find, and if we really push whoever we're dealing with, I think we can get what we need quickly." She glances at Simmons. "How long is he going to be out for?" She nods to Nightshade. "Might be a good idea to call those friends of yours," she says with a smile.

Nightshade takes the panel from the wall down the stairs carefull to lay it over the slicked floor to make moving everyone out a bit less treacherous then begins loading the rental cars, "We'll move to a neutral spot and transfer, I've got a truck that wouldn't show one or two more bullet holes."

Vera gives Air a smile. "All right. So you take the body to a secure spot in the Warrens and wait for our signal, and we'll have the clinic ready and waiting for you?" she offers. "Does that work for you?"

Air glances between Simmons and Tabby, "How do you want me to move two unconcious people around?"

Nightshade chuckles, "Very carefully?" She gestures and her shadow stands up taking a form nearly identical to her own, "My shadow will act as your assistant, it's not as strong as I am but should be able to move those two about. We'll head over to the switch and I'll set you up with the truck and make you hard to find, you should be able to just drive where you need to go." She looks over at Vera, "That'll pretty much take me out of the spell casting game though, so try to find us somewhere nice and simple to secure."

Air glances over the bodies again, and nods. "Alright. I don't have anything too illegal on me. I'll keep the bodies in a safe spot until you call me in. Probably somewhere in the Rez."

Vera gives a smile. "I'll be able to help you load up before we go," she says, regarding the two unconscious folks.

Vera turns to Nightshade with a smile, still in considerable pain but able to keep it together. She has most of the blood wiped up, now, and a replacement top pulled over her bandages, and she's had a chance to clean up. "So, Nightshade," she says, with a grin. "Let's go get us a clinic. Now I can make a few calls and we can talk about renting one…but I was thinking we might save ourselves a little scratch by not renting…but finding one, making it…vacant temporarily, and then booking it. Would leave fewer trails, though it might ruffle a few feathers do we leave any sign."

Nightshade shrugs, "I'm not averse to feather ruffling, but we'll have to hold whatever we take for several hours, and if they cut the power…well that wouldn't be good. Let's try forceful renting negotations first, straight up force if that fails."

Vera nods. "All right," she says. "Do you want…do you want me to do the best I can at finding a clinic's location?" she asks. "I might not be as good at negotiating just patched up like this…you could probably find out through a cyberdoc, if you want it, now that I think I've got an…an idea of what we need."

Nightshade shakes her head, "I don't know any cyberdocks down the Warrens way, Jorge Curio does pretty brisk business in drugs but he's sourced from a big backer rather than a regular clinic from what I can tell." Hang on, let me give him a ring and see if he can turn us on to anything.
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Etiquette vs TN 5 for "Jorge Know anything":
2 4 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) has the Contact Jorge Curio with the following information:
----> Contact for Nightshade (#3173) <-----
Contact Name: Jorge Curio
Level: 1
Type: drugs fixer
GM Note: Jorge Curio (aka Curious George) is a 'retail outlet' for several high end drug facilities that bolster their profits by cutting out the middle man and all that hassle with perscriptions and dealing direct to the public. Jorge tries to put on a tough 'front' but he's a businessman at heart (not a kingpin) so relies on others to do the dirty work. He's very aware that any sign of weakness could put him in a very bad position so he deals brutally with any that question his authority or try to short change him. Nightshade frequently works for Jorge providing bodyguard and shipment escort services as well as the occassional enforcement. Jorge deals only to the large dealers normally with shipment sizes in excess of 50k value. (OOC: Uses the standard Fixer from the books)

«Plot» Vera says, "I'm curious, what was your etiquette roll? To find the clinic?"

Nightshade opens one of her cheap and disposable cells and keys in a passcode linking it to a dummy account, then taps in a number to get Jorge on the line, "Jorge…yeah I'm sure you're busy, just need a moment of your valuable time. Need a clinic on short order within a few minutes of the Rez, know anyone? If they're competition I could make sure they're not producing for a little while, if their friendly I can keep it clean for you."
pl If so, that lists us, with our adjusted TN of 3, for finding the necessary clinic to rent within 3.5 days. Or, to do it faster, we can go and apply some muscle.

«Plot» Vera says, "If so, that lists us, with our adjusted TN of 3, for finding the necessary clinic to rent within 3.5 days. Or, to do it faster, we can go and apply some muscle."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Etiquette - 2 (successes) vs TN 3 for "KP reroll on etiquette test.":
3 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Gear Acquisistion vs TN 3 for "Comp roll":
1 5 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "So SI is 3. That means that each step of 20 percent is going to increase the SI by .6. So to begin with, we're looking at 4*5 = 20 nuyen per hour, base SI 3. We've got 3 successes on an Etiquette roll. We need the surgery for 8 hours - that's how long the surgery would cost with 1 success. So we're looking at 160 nuyen, SI 3."
«Plot» Vera says, "Whoops, it's *1.3 the first time, *1.6 for further. So let's see how much it would be if we were trying to cut our time to half a day. We'd need 14 successes, and have 3 already. 3.1.3 for 4 successes is 3.9. Now, to buy seven more successes, it will be: SI 104.6 We'll round that to five, so that means that the price of getting a clinic that we want well within a day is: 16736 nuyen. So…we'll RP that out, and that comes out of plot reward."

It's easy to get clinics. But not right away. The street doc is able to provide you with several, including a few dirty ones in the Warrens, which will likely be in shocking state, but your doc is a hotshot, isn't he? Vera lights up a cigarette, to take her mind off her injuries, knowing that there's going to be some harshness still to be done. "So what's the plan?" she asks. "Expensive to get access to a clinic right away, eh?"

Nightshade nods, "One of the reasons I've been meaning to put aside some equipment myself." She looks over the info that the two have come up with, "This one looks doable, I know that gang and there aren't many members, but they ones they do have sport decent cyber…clinic kind of explains that."

Vera nods. "All right," she says. "So are we just going to go in fast and dirty? Should we make them an offer they can't refuse, or just go in straight shooting?" she asks. "If so, I think I'm going to need to jazz my way through that," she finally adds, giving Nightshade a small smile.

Nightshade chuckles, "I think we walk in, make it clear that it's a temporary takeover and that we'll leave about 15k less one thousand for every one of them we need to shoot at."

Vera gives a chuckle. "I'm not sure how well that's going to go over. There are two of us, and I'm probably kind of obviously injured…I mean, I'll be able to hold my weight, but it won't add too much to our threats." She grins. "But I'm with you, Nightshade. Let's go claim to be alpha wolves."

Nightshade smiles, "Dear, you've never seen my guns have you?"

Vera shakes her head, but she opens her jacket, revealing her pair of customized Browning Max-Powers, that indeed seem to have been made with at least the frame and slides of a pair of old Browning Hi-Powers. "My babies are usually all I need…though if you wanted, I suppose I could come quite suited and strapped," she says with a grin. "I've got a nice pair of Savalettes that might be a louder statement."

Nightshade :chuckles, "Fair enough, let me make a quick call though, since the Doc has the target on ice I want to see if I can snare something on the way."

Nightshade reaches for he phone then growls, "Mmmm, nevermind, not quite worth it."

Nightshade says "I would say to come as strapped as you can get, we'll have to hold for several hours and if it comes down to it, we might have to dodge bullets for quite a while."

Vera nods at you. "All right, then," she says. "In that case, I might have to stop by the Bastille. I'll bring the pair of Savalettes, a heavy rifle, and as much armor as I can wear," she says with a smile. "It'll be good to work with you like this, Nightshade. Should be fun." She chuckles. "And make sure your face is covered. I'll at least be wearing a balaclava."

Vera has to admit her cluelessness. "The Suk? Is that near the Rez?" she asks, burning going over her cheeks as she finds herself shot on the shadow lingo.

Nightshade blinks, "The marketplace…it's called…nevermind, the market outside the Bastille, where all the stalls are, we'll meet up there. People expect to see heavier gear there for sale so it won't look too out of place for us to meet up with some arms."

Vera nods. "Ah, all right. I make sure that I get some of the heaviest stuff that won't raise the eyebrows that milspec will," Vera replies. "Well, let's get to it, then. If I can't get myself some Nitro, I'll at least have a nice hot shower."

About an hour later, Vera presents herself, dressed to the hilt in black-and-gray urban camo, a large rifle slung over her shoulder, and a pair of large heavy pistols in tactical holsters. A helmet dangles from her fingertips, with a form-fitting body armor balaclava rolled up and held inside of it. Vera is indeed as ready for bear as promised.

Nightshade looks much the same as before, though she's got a little hard sided case in tow behind her.

Nightshade looks over Vera, then chuckles, "Looking sharp, how are you feeling?"

Nightshade pulls out her pocksec scanning the location of the clinic, looking over the sat maps to try and get a feel for the building layout as it compares to the info from their contacts.

Vera chuckles a bit. "I feel like rubbish," she says. "I did get shot not two hours ago, after all. But I'll prove tough enough," she replies, a touch of playfulness enthering her voice. She slips the balaclava on over her head after securing her hair with a scunchie, and then straps her helmet on. "So, fast and loud. You do the talking?" she asks.

Nightshade nods, "Sure, trolls are good at talking. It's what we're known for." Once their clear of the main part of the marketplace Nightshade unclips the case taking out a pair of Ares Alpha Assault Rifles, the barrels are massively vented. She hangs the pair one to either side under her coat, then picks up the case folding it flat and putting it in the vehicle. The hood of her body armor is up and all her hair is tucked away and an old battered looking helmet is pulled down on her head, it looks like it's seen each of the great wars and the padding inside has been torn out to make room for the trolls head and horns. "Hand me the last of those grenades, they make good centerpieces to a conversation."

Vera chuckles a bit. "Right, and all trolls are the same, correct?" she replies, nodding at you. She offers the grenade up to you, and then clicks her tongue. "You know…if it might help…I've recently had a Superflash system. Nasty little trick that. If you want, in case you see something and I don't, you could give a signal for me to activate that baby immediately. Perhaps some sort of signal word?"

Nightshade nods, "Alright, if I use the word 'spark' try and point it wherever I'm pointing at the time." She pulls the helmet down low and puts on her gasmask, "Hopefully, they don't do anything stupid though." Nightshade spends a moment cast invisibility on her weapons so she'll have a bit more of a surprise for the gangers when it comes time to making demands. "Ready?"

Vera nods at you. "They're gangers, and they're used to being top dog. I wouldn't count on them buckling in under any but the most creative and impressive threat," she replies. "But I'll do my best to look scary. Better yet, I'll do nothing and just be armed, and near you," she replies. "Well, we're here. Time to roll out?" she asks. "I'll follow your lead."

Nightshade nods, "Yep, though keep a few feet back…troll negotiation tactics aren't subtle." She chuckles and looks over the grenades. "Don't get brave on me either, you're wounded so you're a hell of a lot better to me picking them off from behind cover if it comes down to it."

"Very well," Vera says, with a wan nod. "I'll either lay down a large amount of fire with the Guardians or am as best as I can with the rifle. If things get nasty, find cover first. I'll do my best to make sure I'm not something you have to worry about," Vera says, with a wan nod. "I'll either lay down a large amount of fire with the Guardians or am as best as I can with the rifle."

Nightshade nods, "That should do it." She looks around as they approach the area, "They'll probably have the good sniper spots already picked out, so we'll focus on getting inside rather than doing this in the street."

Vera nods. "All right. Let's go, then," she says, looking at the front of the run down, decrepit building on this block. There seem to be two gangers outside of it, smoking and just generally being 'guards', as well as a regularly steady flow of traffic. "Ugh. We'll have to hold it, if we're fighting, long enough to fight off likely a wave of reinforcements. Probably a half dozen of them, at least…even for a small gang. This is certainly a prize, isn't it?" she asks.

Nightshade chuckles, "It wouldn't be fun if it was easy." She walks up towards the guards, the invisible assault rifles close at hand, "Hoi," she calls out as she get's close, "Did you get the message yet?"

The two guards are pierced and obviously modded to the gills, with that characteristic jumpiness specific to really rough, extended versions of boosted reflexes. It's likely that they have the effective but cheap stuff, given the sort of 'heavy dutiness' of their augmentation. Both carry lethal looking Ingram Smartguns. One of them looks up at you, while the other looks suspiciously as Vera emerges, armed as well, and close by but not -too- close. "What message, troggie chica?" he rumbles back at you, surprised by the unwelcome familiarity.

Nightshade tsks, "Need the clinic, rush job. Where's the boss? Mind the chica bit, I'm on the clock sweetie and I get paid to kill people, once I'm done work we can see if you can buy me enough beer to find out what I do for fun."

«Plot» Vera says, "Can you roll me Etiquette? Tn 6. This is a shadow clinic - they don't usually take walk-ins."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Etiquette + 1 (Karma die for luck) vs TN 6 for "Go dice go!":
3 4 4 8 = 1 Success

«Plot» Nightshade says, "14 Karma down."

The guy shrugs…apparently a little bit impressed. He's a rather nondescript human, but he doesn't seem to have a problem. Instead he chuckles. "Not bad, not bad. You got claws, I can respect that." He chuckles. "Go on in, talk to the doc if you want…just leave the guns out here, and only one of youse as well. Leave any weapons with your bodyguard." He waits for a minute, and then moves forward to give you a pat-down if you intend to go in.

Nightshade laughs, "Nice try sweetie, but the pats will cost you beer in advance." She holds her coat open for a moment letting him see she's not carrying anything visible, "…and it'd take me hours to find all the knives I'm carrying and fish them out, so shift it so I can find out why you're not already aware of this appointment."

"Then no in," replies the man, simply. "Look, nobody usually gets in at -all-. And if there's a disagreement, I've got to get your ass out of there. Think I'm going to leave you armed, inside a building, for that?" He chuckles.

Nightshade laughs, "Aw, hun…that's sweet of you to worry, but here's the problem. If you don't let me in, I've got to let myself in, with weapons which makes a mess, or you can let me in, I can sort out why my client's appointment isn't on your list, and we can both go home without having to use our weapons."

"How about," replies the man, turning towards you, tensing along with his mate, "you properly get the frak out of here, and the sniper across the street doesn't put a high powered explosive round right between your shoulder blades?" he offers by way of reply.

Nightshade smiles, "I would sweetie, but like I said, I'm getting paid, so relax and you'll get paid too. You keep tensing up like that and it'll make your muscles hurt. Now be a doll and if you're not going to let me in go fetch your boss and he can talk to me through the door if he likes and explain why I'm still standing outside instead of delivering my client to him."

"You don't talk to the doc on your terms," he says. "You talk to the doc on the terms I laid out or you don't talk to him. It's up to you. Now if you don't like what I laid out for you, it's gonna come to blows and bullets. Take it, or leave it."

Nightshade laughs, "Aw, not even suceptible to bribes? Just blows and bullets, or was that a hint you wanted a blow as a bribe?"

The man spits on the ground. "No. Got a good gig. What, you gonna bribe me with a position, with chicks, with free booze? Don't think so," he says. Seems like he's smarter than the regular guard about what he'd be risking.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 4 (ally) vs TN 6 for "Influence F3:You will accept a bribe of 1000 nuyen for yourself, your partner and your sniper to let Nightshade in.":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 4 (ally) - 2 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Influence F3:You will accept a bribe of 1000 nuyen for yourself, your partner and your sniper to let Nightshade in. 1kp reroll":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 4 (ally) - 3 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Influence F3:You will accept a bribe of 1000 nuyen for yourself, your partner and your sniper to let Nightshade in. 2kp reroll 17 used":
1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 9 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 4 (ally) - 4 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Influence F3:You will accept a bribe of 1000 nuyen for yourself, your partner and your sniper to let Nightshade in. 3kp reroll 20 used":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Centering vs TN 2 for "Centering for Successes":
1 2 2 4 4 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nightshade (#3173) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Soaking S":
1 1 1 3 4 4 4 = 4 Successes

«Plot» Vera says, "That seems like a way to use magic to replace etiquette - I think I get it. It seems fine. :)"

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 3:
1 1 2 3 4 5 = 3 Successes

Nightshade laughs, "I was thinking more like sharing out some of the cold hard nuyen, say 500 for each of you to speed this along?"

Nightshade growls and leans in a little closer to the guard, "I don't trust the fragging elf with my guns, alright?" She gives a little thumb jab towards Vera.

The man finally grunts, grinding his teeth. "You wanna deal with the guy in charge. Well, nothing happens without the security. The egghead in there will do what I want him to. I'm the one who makes the money. So what's your offer?"

After all that is settled, then, the clinic is secured for an exorbitant price. At least for a good amount of time. And so it is not long, once informed of the situation, that Air can arrive with Tabby and an unconscious Simmons.

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "Base 4, +2 conditions, +1 no profile, +2 BI, -1 assistants (Nightshade), -1 magical care. Final TN 7 to implant."

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "He'll take a few boxes of damage from the surgery, whatever. Negative options are scarring and essence loss."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 7 for "KP27":
1 2 4 5 7 7 8 10 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Bjornvar says, "It… goes in with no negative options."

«Plot» Vera says, "Well done!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + Karma Pool: 1 - 4 vs TN 7 for "KP28":
3 4 5 8 = 1 Success

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + Karma Pool: 1 - 5 vs TN 7 for "KP30":
4 5 17 = 1 Success

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "It takes 2.3 hours"

«Plot» Vera says, "There was only about five seconds of loud but frantic and almost impossible to undifferentiate noise, and then silence. Nobody calls the police (if it had gone longer than 3 full turns, the cops would have been called."

Vera and Tabby work on nursing their wounds while Air and Nightshade get to their grim work.

Nightshade keeps her conversations short as she first lugs the bodies out of the way, sticks a knife into the stunned ork to make sure he's 'done' then moves to assist Bjorn. "They had some camera's setup, probably just relaying to video screen but take a quick poke around with me to make sure we're not leaving any photos." She sends Vera out to bring the cars up and to help Tabby down to the car. Then helps Bjorn with the surgery calling in her Shadow for the assist. "Posh, run this gear down to the car, we're going to be a bit short on time but we might as well salvage what we can."

Vera nods. "All…all right," she says, starting to shift a few of the valuable things to the car. She glances at the grisly work of the unconscious, surrendered man now being implanted with ware he certainly doesn't want. "I…I want to be here. To help. When we kill him. I at least owe that…owe that to you both," she says, still in tremendous pain, though now her missing breast is covered with a bandage and her lung is at least not leaking air into her chest cavity. Tabby is able to assist as well, helping to shift some of the weapons down. "Should we also…take his body, see if we can get anything for his ghouled ware on the black market?" she asks, returning after everything is put away to at least watch the final act.

«Plot» Vera says, "Okay. Please pose some gruesome murder of him, once you bring him back to consciousness with the simrig installed and recording. :)"

«Plot» Vera says, "One more pose of each of you, and log done."

With the help of Nightshade, Bjornvar gets Simmons on the into the operating theatre, cuts him open and proceeds to install the simrig into his head. It involves removing nearly the entire top of his skull, which is grisly work indeed. Once working the brain though, that seems almost easy, the brain is very elastic after all. It takes surprisingly little time, for such an indepth procedure, just two hours and twenty minutes, and his skullcap is back on and bandaged thoroughly, for what it's worth. Turning back he shakes his head, "The employer obviously wants him to pay. Luckily for him, I am an amateur student of torture, so, perhaps we can see how long he can survive?"


«Auto-Judge[]» Bjornvar (#8050) rolls Interrogation (Torture) for "Fun.":
2 4 5 9

It takes a while for Vera to wish to become part of this brutal sport. "That's a good idea. I have no idea what he's planning to do with that BTL, but whatever it is, it can't be good. Record all the parts that will seem fun to him, but let's make sure to edit it so that it has no memory of us." The ultimate simrecording will be jerkily edited and filled with fear and pain and the eternity of death, but it will have no evidence of Nightshade, Tabby, Air, or Vera on it.

Nightshade moves around the room once the others have begun their fun, a few sterilize spells, a little cleansing, then time cleaning up the astral signatures and the room is clean, then she moves off to check out the kitchen, "Hey Bjorn, you think you could rig this place to blow in a few hours? Tinker with a gas line or something?"

Bjornvar gets very inventive with the variety of short blades he keeps on him, and even giving pointers to Nightshade on what hurts a lot, but tends not toleave mortal wounds. Something she seems adept at giving with those Katanas. By the end of it, Simmons is left bleeding from multiple cuts, missing toes, his ears, nails have been pulled, and teeth knocked out. His skin, razored and then flayed from him in variuos points, until he finally gives up the ghost and passes on.
Getting up, hands now recovered in blood he ponders. "I could rig smoething up, but it would seem obvious to an investigator. We could use the detonatro from one of these grenades, rigged to a timer, pull a gas line and let it blow.

Nightshade watches as Simmons is dying, then grins and slaps a trauma patch on his chest. She then pulls it off.

«Plot» Bjornvar says, "I suppose he should get a body roll to stabilise."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vera (#11342) rolls 6 vs TN 100 for "Live! Yes, Live!":
1 2 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

Simmons manages to reach upwards, one last time, before he chokes out his last, agonized breath. He did not have a comfortable ending, and the simsense rig quietly records it all onto the chip that had been conntected to his rig via datajack.

Nightshade waits a bit to make sure the rig got everything, then slips a knife into Simmons a bit further to make sure he's gone/gone, then he too is bundled up for transport.

Vera assists with the removal of the bodies and gear, as best as she can, and the removal of Tabby as well, so that she can be brought to some form of healing. The safehouse is left behind, and the cops arrive promptly in the morning when the check cashing business's audio logs show gunfire. (hey, the surgery went pretty fast, and this is a B Zone.)

«Plot» Vera says, "Log ended!"

For more information on this plot, +bbread news1 and look for 'Breaking News' posted by Captain Vimes.

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