Toppling Buildings
GM: Cypher
Players: Harmony, Russik, Deborah.
Synopsis: Runners blow up a building under construction..
Date: DATE HERE, remember to add 60 years to the year to get the timing right :)

«Plot» Pyre says, "Consent"
«Plot» Deborah consents to idiocy. "Wait, that came out wrong."
«Plot» Russik says, "Consent"
«Plot» Cypher says, "I consent, but I'm just the Decker and Johnson, so I shouldnt be in danger :)"
«Plot» Harmony says, "I consent"

Word goes out to various fixers and stuff that a team is needed. The priority word for the job is stealth, its supposed to be in and out and no one gets hurt. The meeting is to be at Chrome, in private booth number 1. The person with the information on the run is an Ork named Cypher.

Russik will leave his hardware at the Crank and head on it for the Chrome place, only wearing armor and the regular melee, hopefully not too flashy ffor North side Sprawl.

Work! Harmony carefully sets aside the slide she was cleaning and gathers up her running gear, which actually takes less time than one would think. That accomplished, she'll get ready and head to Chrome, which is just a hop, skip, and jump down the road. She'll not carry in anything that will draw more attention to her than she'd like, making sure to be there a few minutes early to find parking and get through the Saturday night line.

Deborah gets the call while pulling some clothes out of the washer, and sighs very theatrically. The act impresses no one, as there is no one else in the laundry room. "Yeah, I can be there. No, no problem at all," she mutters, and just piles all of the still-wet clothes into a basket. Four minutes later, she's hanging as many of the clothes up in the bathroom to air dry as possible. Three minutes after that, she's prepping her gear, and is soon out the door and on her racing bike, speeding away to make it to CHROME! for the meeting.

Stealth? Pyre can do that no problem, magic works wonders for hiding people. Or at least hiding herself. She gathers up her normal armor and side-arm and makes her way to the chrome in her Black Americar. Pulling in to the lot, crawling out and making her way inside to meet the other runners. For those interested she's wearing what looks like tights, some knee high boots, and a long sleeve turtle neck shirt that seems to double as a skirt due to it's length. The red head smiles at who ever happens to be present when she arrives.

Cypher is sitting at the booth in the concealed private area. He has a datacable running from his head into a pocsec on the table in front of him, and looks a little nervous actually. He fidgets slightly in his seat, and watches each of you as you arrive. When the last member of the party shows up, he grunts "Alright folks." he pats a large duffle bag seated next to him. "This here, is a bunch of explosives. Your job will be to take this to the construction site at 14th and Jefferson in the CAS sector, and setup the explosives as diagramed in the blueprints accompanying it. Thats it, go in, plant the explosves, get out. Security consists of six guards, there are two shacks with two guards each, and two that patrol the construction site. Just sneak past them, if you starta firefight, Lone STar will be on you faster than you can blink. I'll do what I can to distract the Star if drek hits the fan, but don't expect too much support if you get into open warefare. The job pays fifteen each if you do it quietly, but you only get ten each if I gotta distract the star from coming down on you."

Listening closely, Harmony nods along with the salient points but otherwise keeps her mouth closed and her ears open. She'll wait for the pitch to come to a stop, flicking a glance to the others to see what their take on this is.

Russik takes off his hat and gloves and unzips the jacket, now that he is inside he is getting very hot. Taking a swing from protein enriched water bottle, he wipes off his mouth with a sleeve "Whut we talkin' aboot guards and drek? Stun batons and radios or assault riflez and mil spec armor?" the ork asks in a mixture of accents, including cityspeak and or'zet.
Pyre folds her arms and stares silently, seems she's just going to sit and wait to see what else is brought up before bringing up her question.

Cypher looks to Russik "Armored Clothing mostly, along with pistols, SMGs, things like that. Its mostly just to look impressive to keep people out."

Russik nods "Sure, broder, fer ten or fifteen, I am game. So many mouz to feed, so lil cred to buy diapers." he leans back in the chair, slamming the rest of the drink with a assortment of pills from a vita-pack.
Pyre looks at Cypher, and in her decidely irish accent asks a question, "You want us to plant explosives at a construction site" she says unfolding her arms and placing her hands on ehr hips. "Any idiot can see you plan to blow it sky high, but what's the chance of inocent people gettin killed?"

Deborah enters CHROME! and unties the belt holding her greatcoat shut, scanning the area from afar before she approaches the table. Once she's satistfied nothing is awry, she… slinks, is the only word to describe it, really… over to the booth, and slips into it. She is quiet throughout the initial pitch. She actually spends more time watching the other's reactions than keeping an eye on Cypher.

Cypher turns to look at Pyre "Do it at night then, less chance anyone sitting around gets hurt. Thats not really my concern."

After Russik speaks, Harmony starts to say something but then quiets as Pyre asks a question. She'll fold her hands in her lap and wait patiently, looking to the Johnson for his answer. Once he clarifies, she'll lean in to say, "I am in, thank you."
Pyre sighs and turns on heel, "It's a concearn of mine" she retorts. "I'm out, have a good one" she says heading out the door.

Cypher narrows his eyes "I assume your going to be professional about this." he says to Pyre.

Pyre stops, "Professional?" she says looking back over her shoulder. "If you mean saying that I'm out early, due to the fact I'd rather not risk hurting inocent people. Then yes."

Cypher shakes his head "Meaning that the information you have learned here, never leaves your lips. I'd hate to find LS waiting for our friends here whenever they get to work. And if that happens, well, I'm sure there will be quite a few unhappy people with you."

Deborah watches as Pyre goes to leave, and simply shrugs. "I don't much care if it's a nursery you want us to hit, as long as the nuyen's good," she says. "There will be an upcharge if that's the case, mind you. Increased risk, and all. But if this is just to knock down an empty building, twenty should be sufficient."

Pyre sighs and turns around again, "If you think that I'd do that, you're sadly mistaken" she replies. "My personal feelings to the mission will not lead me to putting fellow runners in danger"

Cypher nods to Pyre "Thats good. Have a nice night then."

Pyre nods and dissapears out the door

Cypher turns to regard Deborah "They pay is fifteen, and the building isnt even finshed yet, so yes, its empty."

Like a tennis game, Harmony watches the back and forth from her seat. The giantess tucks hair behind her ears and waits for the run to continue, listening now to Deborah and Cypher discuss the mission.

Deborah tilts her head to indicate the empty space Pyre recently vacated. "We seem to have just lost our magic support," she says, before glancing at the others. "I haven't worked with any of you, so if I'm mistaken in that presumption, feel free to correct me." She pauses, to let the others contradict her if need be. When they don't, she shifts slightly in her seat, and clasps her hands after resting her elbows on the table. "And it seems to me that it was fifteen for four people. Split up the extra fifteen, make it twenty each."

Russik begins sweating even more once he hears the 5 letter word that starts with M and ends with agic. The ork suddenly seems un-easy, as if someone is watching him or he is high on PCP. The walls begin to close in and he sinks deeper into the chair. He rummages through his pockets to find something, some pills, for the heart. He swallows chews and swallows the thick paste, wishing he had more water right about now.

Not having anything to add to the exchange, Harmony glances to the Johnson to see his reaction to the upping of the price. She lets her gaze wander to the big bag of boom, chewing on her lip as she considers it as well.

Cypher frowns slightly at Deborah, his fingers twitch slightly, and his gaze lingers on her pointed ears, he finally shakes his head "No, I'll tell you what. Instead of just hanging around, I'll take the fifteen and be more proactive for you. I'll set off a few panic buttons throughout the CAS, keep the star distracted. I'll hack into some cameras nearby, and give you intel on where the roaming guards are at the moment. How does that sound? Instead of more pay, you get more support. Fair enough?"

Deborah takes a moment to consider that. "Acceptable," she says with a slight inclination of her head. "Though eyes on the inside to let us know where security might be would be preferable… I'm not sure if she is able to do that, now that I think about it. I've only ever seen her deal with fire. We may pull out a bit ahead, if that's the case."

Cypher nods to the Elf, then looks at the other runners "Well, any other questions or comments? Or shall we finish this with a simple exchange of contact information? You tell me when your ready, and I'll get to work."

Russik nods "I 'z reatty." as the pills kick in, he calms down and relaxes in the chair. His left hand knuckles trun from white into normal color of flesh.

Shaking her head to indicate the negative, Harmony adds in a quiet, "No, I think we've covered anything I need to know." She looks questioningly to the others.

"I'm prepared," Deborah says, pulling out her own PocSec. "Contact information, radio details… what else does anyone need?" she asks.

Cypher reaches into a pocket and pulls out a chip, laying it on the table "Thats my contact information. You all figure out what your going to do and when, then give me a call. If you have any specific requests that involve matrix work, you can call me for that too."

Russik will either take it and make a copy and return it to the table or wait till the chip is available. Once complete, he will put on his gloves and hat, slowly getting ready for the outside weather.

Waiting her turn for the chip, Harmony asks quietly, "So, when did we want to do this? Oh! And are the bombs ready to go and just place, or do they need to be worked up, or what is up with that, anyway?"

Cypher shakes his head, and gestures to the bag "Everythings setup already. As soon as everythings placed, you flip the switch on any one of them, and you have five minutes to get out of the area."

"Five minutes?" Harmony hmms at that, glancing at the size of the bag. "Alrighty then, we'll move quickly." She smiles and nods, looking to the others after that information is dispensed.

"So they're all linked, then?" Deborah asks, swiping the chip to copy the data herself. "Set them all, trip the one closest to the door, and beat feet?"

Cypher nods "Yes."

Cypher mentally imagines the Elf being caught in the blast, but doesnt let it show :)

Cypher stands up, and then nods "Call me when you have something you want me to do, or your ready to go." With that said, he makes his way out of the private area, dissappearing into the club itself.

Deborah nods to that. "As long as we're not blown up along with them, everything will be fine," she says. Once the ork has left, she looks to the others. "Thoughts? Strategies? Appetizers?" she asks, scanning the data for blueprints to do the quick mental math of how long she thinks it might take to do this job.

The blueprints are in the bag with the explosives, several chips displaying them, with precise GPS coordinates to plant them, along with diagrams. (Everyone reviewing them make a Demo test TN 4, or a Intelligence Check TN 8)

Russik will check out the bag, the contents that is, to make sure he likes the way it's rigged and that they do in fact have 5 mikes once it's set. He will try and pick it up, but will be more than happy to hand it off to the troll. "It's da weekend, so prelly no one werkin, but guards, also can do at night for lil more cover. I'de rather let them live, if possible." he replis to the human.

Watching Cypher leave, Harmony turns back to Deborah and says, "Seems pretty straightforward. I imagine they have a placement chart where they want the charges, cause otherwise they'll have wanted to make sure we don't put it in the wrong place." She peers into the bag when Russik hands it over and then sets it down, shrugging.
To (Harmony, Frostlog), Cypher pages: It seems fairly apparent that these charges are placed to make the building fall in one direction, most likely to destroy a secondary building in its path.
«Auto-Judge[]» Deborah (#2112) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "Gotta buy that chip sometime. Default!":
2 3 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
To (Deborah, Frostlog), Cypher pages: Seems legit, explosives placed in these areas, and the building falls down.

Once she can get a look at the diagrams and associated chips with the bombs, Harmony hmms, tapping a finger on the table. "I think that the building is less of a target and more of a weapon, if you know what I mean. It falls over and .. boom." She makes an associated hand gesture, indicating a falling building.

«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
Russik shrugs "I know lil explosive, not ingineerin' oor anythin'. By da way, my name is Rus and is be like a meatshield kinda tuskah."

Deborah tilts her head slightly to the side. "A weapon for what?" she asks. "That is, what's the building being used as a weapon against?"

"Against another building, I'd guess. Controlled blast and it falls over." Harmony shrugs and gestures to the diagram, "All the explosions are directing the fall towards a certain way, you know?" She looks doubtfully at the other two and adds, "Grail, a pleasure to meet you."
To (Harmony, Frostlog), Cypher pages: You would have to check out the location to see what building is going to be hit, or check a google map or something. You know from the diagram the building will fall to the east.
From afar, to (Cypher, Frostlog): Harmony nods

Russik nods "I can ride by and see whutz next to it, if it's not on matrix maps. Shouldna be a biggie."

Turning the map display a few times on her secretary, Harmony nods absently. "It looks like it is going to go east, if that helps? Dunno what is there, but it is probably not going to be if this falls right."
«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Me use computer good!":
1 4 = 1 Success
To (Harmony, Frostlog), Cypher pages: It appears the building to the east of the target is 'Waltham Invesntment Group'. The whole building is owned by them as an office complex.

"Debs," Deborah says, seeing as to how she's the last nameless one in that booth. "It would be a nice thing to know what we might be aiming for, yeah," she says.

Russik just waits for an answer, he doesn't have local matrix access.

A few taps on the secretary yeilds a street map and the addresses of various buildings. Harmony squints at the display and sizes it up. "Waltham Investment Groip. It looks like some sort of office complex, they own the whole thing." She looks over and says, "That ring any bells to anyone we know or don't know or don't want to have no building to work in?"

Deborah thinks for a few moments. "No, I don't know anyone who works there. Or know what they're about, either, really. I could find out if there is concern over it, but I don't really care."

Russik doesn't know a thing, he keeps quiet, all this being way out of his street level everyday deals. The ork waits for any instructions, fucking around with his comm system for the moment.

Shrugging, Harmony remarks, "Well, I guess it could be important if there is anyone in there; then we're getting paid too little for a convoluted assassination. Otherwise, just something to be aware of." The giant woman taps on the screen and clears the recent search, looking to the others. "Other than that, looks like we have a job to do."

If it's cool with the team, Russik will go and ride by the buildings on his bike, feeding any info neccessary over the comm set.

Once the team has decided on a course of action, Harmony will go to collect her belongings appropriate for the area and get ready to do the job at the time decided upon.

The driveby done by Russik will show a large ten story frame of a building under construction. There are minimal walls up at the moment, but mostly its a massive plasteel skeleton of a building. The Waltham Investment Group building is a five story affair, that on the weekend is very lightly populated. There are few cars parked nearby, and most of this area seems to be offices that are only lightly inhabited on the weekends.

Russik gives Cypher a call, trying to get the idea of what to do about the people in then Waltham building. He cuts to the chase, skipping any pleasantries or etiquette, asking Cypher if he can clear the building of people, on call so to speak. Well, if he can initiate something, of course, it would be up to the people to stay or go.

Deborah is mostly ready, as it is. The job calling for stealth, she decides the machine pistols are a bit much, and leaves them behind. She arrives on her bike, and spends some extra time driving around to get a feel of the best ways to leave quickly, should the need arise.

Cypher remarks that he can clear the building, but only indirectly, the building houses a server that has some impressive defenses. Its not going to be easy to break in and play with security, something like calling up the fire department might be more useful, or some other plan.

Harmony will leave her bike a good distance away in a parking facility and go the rest of the way on foot. She takes the time to get to look around the area, window shopping before the actual meeting. It isn't often she is in this area, so she may as well make the best of it.

Russik has to get around on his chopper. He wears the camo suit, and brings a bag to stash it if need be and… a knife. Couple hand grenades, concealed in suit or bag, whatever makes more sense. He will ride around a little then park and huff it, linking up with the team.

Whistle while you work. Harmony travels to the designated meeting point that the team inevitably set up, making sure that she knows how to get back to her bike if needs be, or at least where the local metro picks up. She keeps an eye out for interesting things, although what exactly that might be is a little hinkey with her.

Deborah is outfitted lightly, as less is more in this instance. At least, it is in her mind. She's got her Geck Tape stuff, armored clothing, radio, and tool kit, just in case. Her bike is in a small apartment complex parking lot, in the guest area.

Its 3 AM then, dark for the most part, just the simple street lights illuminating the area. The Construction site is walled with thin sheet metal. There are two enterances, each with a guard shack and two guards. Another two guards patrol around the construction area. The area is lit fairly well actually, the security seems to be mostly lighting and the guards, hoping thats enough to distract anyone from stealing valuable equipment. There are various cranes and other construction machines here and there, and even a trailer house that works as an office during the day.

Russik finishes his outfit when he gets close enough. He turns the camo inside out to the night urban side, puts on a mask and some gloves. As far as he knows, he is good, now… how to get inside.

The Fence is sheet metal along posts. It has a height of 3 meters.

Sneaky time! Harmony looks at the short fence with a faint smirk, glancing to the others after they hook up. She has a balaclava ready to go, currently worn as a watch cap. The bag is carried easily over her shoulders like an oversized backpack, and she seems to be lightly armed if armed at all. Radio was checked hours ago, so she flexes her gloved hands and glances to the others as the local security helos pass over, illuminating the office buildings nearby on their standard sweeps.

Cypher for his part, has set off two panic buttons on opposite ends of the CAS sector, distracting LS from patrolling the area too frequently. He then gets busy on hacking a local camera to give him a good view of the construction site.

Russik sticks with the troll and the bomb, letting her go first and deal with the fence as she seems fit.

Deborah meets up with the others, and looks back and forth from one to the other. "Alrighty, I guess it's about that time," she says after slipping on the glove portion of the geck tape getup. "Best guess as to where the shadiest part is to hop the fence?" she asks.

Camera, camera, whose got the camera? Once and if she can figure out where the cameras are and where they are looking, and if the fence is somehow electrified, Harmony will peer over top of it to see where the best place to go over it is, a place that lets them get into the site without being seen but lets them get to their goal. "Shady is a good idea, yes."

«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Intelligence for "Cameras? No, Harm, that is a post.":
1 2 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Russik (#6502) rolls Intelligence for "Cameras":
1 3 4 17

Between the group of you, you spot six cameras around the entire construction site. Giving a fairly good field for almost any approach. There might be a way to use some of the vehicles to your advantage, but you would have to move quickly.

Commlink-Cypher> Cypher says, "Alright folks, I'm fairly close, and remotely accessing a few things. Our patrolling guards are on the north side of the site at the moment."
Commlink-Grail> Harmony clicks her mic to acknowledge hearing Cypher.

Deborah checks her PocSec to be sure that the group is not on the north side with the the guards. That done, she clicks her own radio to acknoledge Cypher.

Russik points out a few cameras he can see and then watches the rest of the team point out the ones he missed. He looks over the fence, straight up climb, no problem or is it gonna be like scrapping a nail across chalk board… sound wise.

Once the cameras have been pointed out, Harmony looks to the others and says, "Welp. I can boost the two of you over and then wait for you to get clear before I go over. That might be the best bet there, that way you are clear in case I make a big clatter?"

The fence would most likely barely hold your weight. Its not built to support weight, just keep people from getting in.

Deborah nods a bit. "Sure. Gently, though. We don't need to learn how to fly to just make it over the fence," she says. "And once we're in there, maybe we can find you a ladder? I don't think that fence will hold up… no offense."

"Shoddy manufacturing, what can you do?" Harmony nods and says, "If we can't find a ladder, maybe you can distract the guards long enough for me to get in." The giantess keeps low, not wanting to loom around like some sort of, well, giant.
«Auto-Judge[]» Russik (#6502) rolls Stealth for "With +4 from urban camo when and if applicable.":
1 2 2 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Deborah (#2112) rolls 6 (Stealth Chip, EA, and whatnot) for "Sneakiness (for when it matters)":
1 2 3 8 9 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Stealth for "If/when I make it around the fence!":
3 3 4 4 16

«Auto-Judge[]» Russik (#6502) rolls Stealth for "reroll":
1 5 5 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 4 for "Security watching via cameras, lets se if they spot you guys.":
1 2 3 4

Cupping her hands, Harmony will help Debs and Rus over the fence, using just enough force to get the up and over, not to launch them into space. The giant looks around after each toss, sinking down and waiting ten or more heartbeats before peeking out again.
Russik gets over the wall like an average person would, dropping down on the other side and freezing for a bit, to look around for cover and concealment. Once everything is good on the far side, he looks for ways to help the troll over. He feels dizzy for the second, as the wounds from Angel's Delight explosion have not healed, but the pain suppressants kick in and get him back to normal, to stable. With just an annoying little itch, like a toothache, he continues on the search for a ladder, while the elf can probably be a look out, if it's fine with her.

«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 1 for "Mystery":

Damn your lucky, as there is a ladder right next to the fence where you landed.

Whoever programmed the chip Deborah is using must have had some kind of sense of humor, because when she lands, the chip determined the propper way to land was with a fancy roll like you see on all the trids. They also must have known what they were doing, because the woman pulls it off impressively, and with nothing more than some dirt on her greatcoat. "Got a ladder right here," she whispers, barely loud enough to be heard on the other side of the fence. "Pretty lucky I didn't hit it, actually."

"Wiz!" Harmony whispers back, waiting for the ladder to get set up. Once it is, she'll waste little time making a quick but quiet ascent, casting furtive glances around for guards or attack drones or hellhounds or whatever other horrors await. She lets out a breath at the end of the climb, whewing to herself.

Russik follows everyone, a bit lagging bejhind due to the headache. It's late, he needs to eat again and get some rest. Once there is a pause, he pops a couple more pills, some of them pain killers, some straight up stay-awake-caf pills. Since the building is udner contruction, he finds the nearest unlocked or frame without a door and enters inside, for now relying on low-light without eye lights.

For something so large, the giantess moves with the fluid grace of an ice dancer, her silhouette blending in with the myriad of construction equipment and becoming lost in the deep shadows cast by the skeleton of the building itself. She stays low when possible, keeping an ear and eye on her environment and taking advantage of any little distraction to move further on.

Ninjas! That has to be where the chip's programming was initially based on. Not only because Deborah is rather sneaky while she crosses the grounds, but also because she's rather… dramatic… while she does so. "I've got to have a word with that lady," she mutters once she realizes how silly she looks while diving from shadow to shadow.

Commlink-Cypher> Cypher says, "Two on the west side now"

Thats the side you all just are getting to the building, you might want to hurry.

Time time time. Stepping up the pace, Harmony moves up close to the building and flattens against the wall. She takes a breath and glances up and around, then down at the other two. She motions towards where the first target is, shifting the duffle for easier distribution of the gear. "Should split up, put these out as fast as possible," she says, offering the bag to the others.
Russik will grab his "share" of explosives and go on to set the shit up. He will comm Cypher to let him know that they are inside, laying the eggs.

Deborah grabs a few of the charges, as well. "Sure thing," she says, and then quickly looks for a way to slip inside, out of sight of the patrolling guards.

The base of the building has lots of open areas, easy to get inside and get to work

The two guards are down at the corner, slowly making thier way in this direction.

With the remaining explosives, Harmony will move to set them up where they are supposted to be on the lower levels, letting the smaller folk head to higher ground if such is necessary; alls fair, after all, she carried them in. She'll check the placement twice with her notes before setting each up out of site, listening for patrols and drones, setting each explosive out of immediate sight.
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 4 for "Another perception from the guards, just in case they notice something, I'll let you keep your earlier rolls":
2 3 4 10

The two guards make thier way along the west side of the building, chatting with each other and smoking cigarettes. They are apparently oblivious.

Russik carries on with the task at hand, feeling pretty secure indoors, he doesn't drop his guard, but he does sacrifice some stealth for speed. He almost pays for it, after setting another charge on a beam he back up and nicks a ferocrete block. Just before the 20 pound chunk of artificial rock begins to slide off and about to fall 40 feet onto a generator, the ork manages to dive and catch it, pulling his shoulder in the process and with great amount of effort and pain, pull it back onto the floor, before it falls. Sweating and breathing hard he grabs the last two charges and heads out, cursing the luck.
Commlink-Cypher> Cypher says, "South side"

Deborah slips in through an unfinished window to roam the lower hallways of the site in search of locations to plant her charges. She slips into an open elevator shaft when it sounds like one of the inside guards might be getting close to her. Her sticky gloes and knee pads keep her on the inside lip of the shaft until she's sure she's safe. Then it's off in the direction the sounds came from. It's not very likely the guard's rounds will carry him back the way he's already been for a while, at least.

And one here, and one HERE, and one WAAAAY up here. Satisfied with her placement, Harmony gets out of sight at a call from the decker, waiting patiently for the patrols to move along before stepping back out folding the duffle bag up carefully and securing the much smaller package under her jacket.

«Auto-Judge[]» Russik (#6502) rolls Stealth for "With +4 from urban camo when and if applicable.":
2 2 4 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Stealth for "Leaving now":
1 3 3 3 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Deborah (#2112) rolls 6 (Chips, et all) for "Sneaky?":
1 2 4 5 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 4 for "Camera security guards watching. Dont forget to pose flipping the switch on your way out.":
3 5 7 8

Harmony anchors the way out, watching for anything blocking their path. She'll have the toggle for the explosives on hand, ready to light this place up when they are all clear. She will have her ladder set up so that they can all use it and be out of here as soon as possible.

Russik finishes the last charge and synch it with the master unit. He lets the troll do her thing, like before, it's only fair, she carried them here after all. He will buy some value for himself by calling the Johnson and letting him know they are ready to go, so if he can, hit the fire on the other building or call in something. Otherwise, they should be g-2-g.

Deborah clicks over the radio that she's ready, and makes her way back out, still a bit more showy than she should be. She's a bit farther away from the fence than the others, and she actually broadcasts something this time. «Get climbing, you two. I'll be there to take care of the ladder once you're up and over».
Commlink-Cypher> Cypher says, "The guards are turning around on the south side, headed back your way. I'm picking up comm chatter on my scanner."
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 4 for "+4 Cause they are looking hard for you guys now.":
1 1 3 5

At Debs communication, Harmony starts moving. She'll use the ladder to help move her sizeable bulk up and over the fence rather than through it, which would be quicker. She lands quietly, sinking into a crouch before moving forward quickly towards move cover, keeping her profile low and broken.
«Auto-Judge[]» Deborah (#2112) rolls 6 (Chip!) for "Athletics, because I want to judge how fancy to make this.":
1 4 4 4 9 11
Russik gets to and over the fence. Listening to the decker's chatter, he checks two hand grenades on his belt, making sure they are still there and ready to go you know, just incase. For range combat that is all he got today.

Deborah takes that transmission as meaning stealth is pretty much blown. She flips a mental switch to let the Ninja chip know it's time to do some more of it's magic. It's not quite a full tile sprint to the ladder, but it's pretty close. As she gets cloer to the ladder, the woman's spine-like belt unwraps itself from her waist. It begins to wave of it's own accord, allowing the woman to actively concentrate on speed more than balance. A meter and a half way from the ladder, she jumps and just… runs up the ladder.
At the top, she grabs the lip of the fence to redirect her motion back towards the street. Unfortunately, that also kind of knocks the ladder from the fence. It tilts up up up, until it's strait up… and then keeps going, falling to the ground away from the fence. Deborah looks at the other runners next to her somewhat sheepishly, the cybertail slowly winding itself back around her waist to look like a belt once more. "Oops."

Shouts are heard from inside the site, and you can see two security guards armed with SMGs stepping out of thier booth down at the corner. They are aiming in your direction.

Looking at Debs wide-eyed, Harmony starts to say something and then thinks better of it; that breath should be used for running. She takes off at a lope, staying low and using her gloved hands for extra propulsion, moving along as fast as she can to get away from the lit up area, slowing only once she is away.
Commlink-Cypher> Cypher says, "Run folks, panicbutton has been hit, I've got LS spread thin, but someones going to show up eventually."

«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 vs TN 8 for "Running around erasing every camera that had a good look at the team, damn it for making me work hard on this one.":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 9 = 1 Success
Russik does what he is told. Ears of working out and practice and once shit hits the fan it is never perfect. The first 10 steps he feels like flying, but suddenly the body goes into the shock state and demands more oxygen. 20 meters down the road the ork feel out of breath, in fact so much that he wants to stop and vomit. But he knows it's just drugs being released, it's just body over reacting and adrenaline working in a negative way. He has to breather, maintain speed and breathe. In, step, step, out, step. And so, in for two, out for one, in for two, out for one. Turn left here, right, right, right there, okay, I remember this store front, I need to dodge in the alley an d change, take this mask off, the cammies, look a little less out of place. There, by the trash cans, perfect. The thoughts race through his tiny metahuman mind.
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 - 1 vs TN 8 for "Running around erasing every camera that had a good look at the team, damn it for making me work hard on this one. KP:1":
1 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 - 3 vs TN 8 for "Running around erasing every camera that had a good look at the team, damn it for making me work hard on this one. KP:3":
1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 14 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 - 4 vs TN 8 for "Running around erasing every camera that had a good look at the team, damn it for making me work hard on this one. KP:6":
1 2 2 2 2 3 4 7 9 = 1 Success

Deborah takes note of the guards, and beats feet in the other direction. She's not grabbing things to propel her along, mainly due to the sticky gloves. Hell, she wasn't even sure that fancy flip thing would work without breaking an arm. "Damnit, Rox," she pants while running, rather annoyed at the flashiness of the stealth chip she's got running. "Stuffer Shack," she pants, hoping the idea of using it to maybe hide in is conveyed. Afterall, what stuffer shack has fully working cameras in it? Turns out the apartment complex with her bike is closer, though.

Vapor. Harmony jets down the street, taking a few turns before losing the balaclava and tucking it away, moving through open establishments if there are any and otherwise acting like someone who has a purpose of being out at this time of night. Maybe some take out; after all, it's a long way back home. She'll find her bike once she is sure the trail is cold and head back home after several tail-losing twists and turns.
Wroom, fucking wroom! The Russian ork starts up his Harley Scorpion and heads back to the border and to the Sprawl. Ork town and the barricades. He will catch some sleep on his shift, with his assault rifle nearby. Make no mistake, he does not and will not shake the feeling that he is being watched and "they" are after him. It is his first official run and hopefully not the last, but meantime he needs to lay low, just incase, just to be safe.

As you run off into the distance, and blend into the scenery you each more than likely hear the massive rumble of the explosion. The building leans heavily to one side, and collapses on top of the second building, crushing it under the massive weight of the larger frame.



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