Log:Tia and the Runaway Shoes

Players: Tia, Frozener, and brief appearance by Nine
Synopsis: A fun scene
Date: December 1st, 2076

Logfile from Denver.

Tia and the Runaway Shoes

Players: Tia, Frozener, brief appearance by Nine

Summary: Just a fun little scene.

KP Reward: 1 KP each

Reputation Reward:
Frozener: Honorable, Polite
Tia: Unbalanced, Friendly

"Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me… Happy…" The old gypsy walks slowly down the street as she sings. Her joints ache, but it's not too bad in the summer. Winter though.. She dreads the cold when it seeps into her bones and sets her joints on fire. She's diminutive, and so so very old. Eighty-Eight years have bent her frame and wizened her features but her eyes are filled with an eager light. Time has turned her hair from raven black to steel gray and robbed the luster from it's strands. Her footsteps are heavy and some of that might have to do with the fact that she wears mismatched boots that are several sizes too big, making her steps seem clunky and awkward. A hand-carved walking stick almost as tall and much older than herself is held firmly in her hand. She relishes its familiarity, and runs her hands over the time-worn grain like nun worries her fingers over her rosary beads. She leans heavily against it for a long silent moment, listening to the sounds of the city around her.

The furtive sounds of nocturnal people (Sinless and hopeless for the most part in this part of town), animals and other… 'Things' filter through the night to her still keen ears. She stands like a sentinal at the mouth of an dark alley. She looks upwards and see's a sliver of silvery moonlight playing peekaboo with whisper-thin clouds. She welcomes the sight of her totem with a glad heart. She soaks in the nights power as if it alone provides oxygen for her blood. Nearly toothless she still smiles and laughs. A sound like dry rustling leaves. She glances down and watches a cat slink out of the shadows to crouch almost protectively at her feet. It's yellow-eyed somber gaze glows in the dark up at her. "No you don't need to worry…" She mutters softly. "Its just a rat. You are a cat." She keeps walking… Shuffling forward, the walking stick tapping rythmically against the broken pavement. Her mind wanders as aimlessly as her feet. Remembering the years in flashes of memory. Touching upon the milestones of her long life. A faraway look flickers in her eyes as she approaches the market. Busy even at night… But with a more criminal element. The old gypsy simply saunters along with her cat, muttering softly to herself.

The Rez - Souk Marketplace

This open-air marketplace, referred to as the Souk by locals, is the beating heart of the Warrens; it is vital to the economy and the continued existence of what's left of Aurora. A mountain of rubble, a big box remnant of the Aurora Project, and a free-standing blue steel pavilion form the focal point of the market. The roof of the 'diner' pavilion is hitched with any and every kind of light that can be spliced, so that vendors can sell day and night under the watch of its many glaring eyes.

Further back from the pavilion, on the edge of a sprawling tent city that exists on the shores of the reservoir, the vendors are less densely packed. Here the cacophony of fast-talking sellers is replaced by a low murmur of voices, the occasional scream or the rat-tat of burst fire; the appetizing aroma of charred meat and heavy spices are replaced by the nostril-stinging stench of humanity and almost everyone wears a breather. The tents are bigger, the shacks sturdier and the businesses darker.

Anything appropriated good or service sold elsewhere in the Warrens are available here, from boots to ass, but space is limited; there is a lot of competition from like-minded entrepreneurs hoping to succeed without the heavy handed help of the gangs. There are tent alleys for every kind of ethnicity, but meta-humanity is not well represented here; there are a few exceptions, but locals have been harder on those races known to have insulated communities elsewhere in the district.

Amidst this 'post-WWII Germany' apocalyptic landscape, a few intact buildings tower over the labyrinth of tents; rivalry is deadly, as one might expect, and each require a small militia to defend.

Frozener leans on a crumbling graffiti'd brick wall, watching passerby on the street with his arms crossed, a filterless cigarette hangs from his lips most of the cigarette ash, eventually falling on it's own leaving a trail of smoke floating upward. He turns his head slowly to scan the crowds, Taking a drag off his cigarette and exhaling smoke, before flicking the cigarette out and tossing it to the ground, returning his arms to their crossed position, he especially seems to be keeping track of gangers, sometimes even exchanging cold stares with them, like a fight was ready to break out, but they keep walking, and Frozener continues to watch other passerby.

Frozener: An elf with long crimson hair, and bright blue eyes. He is about 6'2, and would appear to be within the range of 150lbs to 170lbs. his skin smooth save for a laceration on his right eyebrow, where hair no longer grows, he has thin lips and a thin frame, his skin is tone is a reddish caucasian. His looks seem well cared for though not to the extent of vanity. His cheekbones are high, and his chin slightly pointed, with a smaller than average nose, some would consider him attractive, in that stubbly beat down in the gutter kind of way.

He is wearing a red leather jacket with white shoulder pads, some kind of patch was torn off the right arm, you can still see some thread and some slightly stretched holes where a needle had been sewing, beneath the jacket is a blue shirt tucked into a pair of green cargo pants, wearing a seemingly unused pair of black Adidas sneakers with white stripes.

The cat accompanied elder pauses, breathing hard. "Whew… You know I can't go that fast anymore. Now why the hurry?" Talking between gasps for air. "I'm old you know!" She scolds the somewhat battered looking calico. Then her eyes move from the cat to a pair of black sneakers nearby and she gasps. "You found them!" Looking up at the elf lounging against the wall. "Oh they are attached to people feet." She looks momentarily crestfallen. Then smiles, "But tell me, where did you find my shoes?" The kindly lady asks with innocent curiousity looking at you with a penetrating gaze, that might be off putting for some as she puts her entire attention suddenly directly at you. Giving you her full and undivided attention.

Tia: This human woman is stooped with long years, eighty to ninety of them at your best guess. Her olive toned skin is weathered like a gnarled oak and lined with age. She has chocolate brown eyes that seem to be filled with gold, and they shine often with an easy humor. Her front teeth are missing, but she doesn't seem at all self conscious about smiling. She's diminutive in size, slender, and her stooped posture makes her seem even smaller than her five foot two inch tall frame - she seems fragile on the surface, but still quite spry for her age. Her steel gray hair still carries some hints of the raven black it must have been when she was young. She wears it long and always pulled up into a conservative bun and covered by a black headscarf or diklo which marks her as Rom.

She is currently dressed in a long patched and frayed pleated skirt that falls just above her ankles, a faded blue flowered shirt hangs loosely on her frame. She wears a plethora of bangles around her wrists and beaded necklaces draped around her neck. She carries a tall slender hand-carved walking stick that is probably as old as she is. She wears oversized mismatched boots on her feet and both are missing laces. She smells strongly of cats and garlic most of the time.

She can usually be found muttering to herself in unknown tongues. Her mood is as changeable as Denver's weather, blunt and forceful one moment, childlike with wonder the next.

"It's a pretty common type of sneaker Ma'am, bought 'em in a department store" he says with a smirk putting one foot back placed firmly on the wall looking to the womans feet with a his smirk melting to an empathetic frown "This is my good pair, I can't part with them, but I think I could help you obtain something more comfortable, those look like hell to walk in."

«Auto-Judge[]» Frozener (#11094) rolls Stealth for "Handing Money over discretely":
1 2 4 4 4 9

Frozener reaches into his pocket kneeling down slightly as a pair of bills pops up between his index and middle finger, like a magician pulling a card out of his sleeve.

«Stats System» Frozener (#11094) just gave you 200 nuyen for "New Shoe Money".

The old woman blinks for a moment and you can swear her eyes start to glow silver. Or maybe they are just reflecting the moon. She hmmms, "Yes." Looking down at her feet for a moment which sort of gives her just a bit of vertigo. The ground is so far down! She grips her stick a bit more firmly and studies her boots. "These? They are my flyin boots!" She exclaims softly and seems to think it's true. "You want to try them?" She doesn't seem to notice the sweetness of the charitable gesture…but later she'll find it and probably think an angel was watching out for her. Course the money will probably go into cat food. She smiles a toothless smile at you could swear her eyes are glowing like twin moons…maybe it's just a reflection. "The thing about shoes… Is they take you places." She nods sagely. "Have you been places young man? Because you look a little young to me. How old are you? Does your mother know where you are? Mothers worry you know." She rambles softly, her voice almost a soft croon. The cat meows at her and she glances down at him as if listening. Strangely the cat does closely inspect your shoes, sniffing them and looks up at the old woman. "They aren't?" She shakes her head, "Well no need to get uppity about it. I'm old not senile." She talks to the cat in a way that probably would seriously give someone doubt about that last declaration. She shakes her head and sighs, "I'm sorry. My name is Tia." The old woman holds out her hand like a lady from the 18th century might. Maybe she expects you to roll with the old world charm and kiss it.

"Nah, I like these, Adidas has been what I wore since I was a kid, I don't think I'd wear anything else" he said, showing high regard for the brand as she begins asking him questions about his past "Well, Before Denver I lived in New Jersey, though that was a very short point in my life, I was 5 when I left, don't even got an accent thank god…"

"And parents, well, my foster parents passed to Natural causes, and my biological mom and dad… Well I don't like talking about that" He reaches out to accept her hand as she introduces herself "I'm Art Frozener, Private Detective."

Tia nods a bit sadly as you give the brief rundown, and smiles nodding her head and say's, "Oh then you can find my shoes!" She claps her hands, "Now you see? Everything happens for a reason! You standing here. Me walking by. Me seeing your shoes. It was fate." She nods and then starts searching the pockets of her worn and patched overcoat and comes across your money, a look of joy coming across her features. "I can't pay you much…But look. Here is some yen I just found in my pocket." She holds out the money triumphantly. "Now… Let me describe them. Well they look like yours.!" She exclaims. "But they have a mind of their own. They just up and took off one day looking for adventure I suppose. Now, how much will you charge to do a thorough search?" The cat sits down and begins watching the conversation with a strange amount of attention. You could almost swear he rolls his eyes as Tia goes down the rabbit hole.

"Don't worry about it ma'am" he said waving his hand at the money "Keep it, I'll keep an eye out for you, If anything I'll just find you a new pair, you wouldn't happen to have a shoe size would you?"

He flips op a wrist cellphone hitting a few keys on the touchscreen for about a good 15 seconds, then flips it down smirking at Tia "Otherwise where did you see them last?"

Tia doesn't seem keen on keeping the money which this young man can obviously use and reluctantly puts the cash back into her pocket and says, "Corner of Wilshire and First." She nods. "I'm quite sure." She nods. "Friday, September 10th." She nods, "A few years ago."

Tia thinks about the shoes sizes and say's, "They were size 6 I think. Just a little big in the heel."
Tia adds as an off note as if this will really help narrow it down, "They exude an independent personality."

Frozener opens the phone up again and begins hitting keys on the touchscreen again then looks up "Did you leave them laying around on the street or something? This is the warrens, you leave something laying around people will flock around it like vultures… At that point I'd think they were long gone, unless there's a way to track them."

Nine enters the Souk Marketplace from the street.
Nine has arrived.

Tia thinks about that and say's, "Well I suppose there's a magic spell… Find shoes spell?" She thinks about it and shakes her head, "Well… They just wandered off. You know… Walking shoes tend to do that."

«Auto-Judge[]» Tia (#1217) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 2 vs TN 6:
1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Tia (#1217) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 2 vs TN 6 for "KP 1":
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 10 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Tia (#1217) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 3 vs TN 5 for "+2 bg Drain vs Deadly":
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Tia (#1217) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 3 - 3 vs TN 5 for "+2 bg Drain vs Deadly":
2 3 4 5 8 10 = 3 Successes

Tia decides she needs to show you what she's talking about and rummages in her bag. There's all kinds of stuff in the bag, and it smells strongly of cat. Or maybe that's just her. She pulls out a pair of pink bunny slippers that have seen BETTER DAYS! The ears are torn, they are filthy scraps of mangled faux fur. She places them, and by placing I mean tosses somewhat lamely, to the ground. She then takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. Her eyes focus on the slippers for a moment. The slippers begin to tremble and twitch for a moment on the concrete. A soft glow of moon-colored mana surrounds them briefly, like they are being kissed by a moonbeam, then the slippers start walking…erm hop walking. Like an invisible kid is wearing these godawful slippers, and starts hopping bunny style down the street. "See. Like that. That's what my shoes did…." She nods, "Except they weren't hopping so much as well…walking." She folds her hands around her stick and leans against it a bit, swaying like a tree in the wind. Magic always has a price.

"You're askin' the wrong fella about magic Ma'am" Frozener said with a chuckle as he puts another cigarette into his flipping a lighter open and flicking it to bring a flame to the cigarette "I don't got no magic, but—"

As the slippers start 'hop-walking' then bunnyhopping his head perks up with a smirk before noticing her wobbly stance stepping closer to her in case she needed to be caught "Wow, that's pretty amazing, but uh, maybe you should have a seat somewhere miss…"

Nine steps close. She might be concerned but it is hard to tell with all her metamagical masking plus facial coverings (respirator mask and tinted helm). "Greetings." she speaks up with direct regard to Tia and Froz before then finally shifting her visored gaze toward the hopping bunny slippers yonder. "Oh my… they're getting away!"

Taking a moment to regain her strength Tia nods, "No no… Just a bit old, not sick or dyin." The old lady gets a bit cranky and straightens herself to her full five feet two inches, minus 2 inches for the curve in her spine and her shrinking old body. She points at Frozener and say's, "Now you listen here Art. You might get away with flirting with all the ladies and havin them fall to yer charms. But I am a married woman!"

Just about then the cat decides that the slippers are a likely next meal and goes into hunter mode, and like a streak of lightening starts chasing the hopping slippers. Tia gasps, seeing Nine and say's, "The moon say's you need to watch out for black cats. Big ones." She nods and then starts hobbling quickly after the cat. "Just what I need, a shoe revolt." She smiles to herself. "Just wait till he finds out he can't eat them." She cackles toothlessly to herself as she goes on her merry way. Hopefully having left a few people with something better to think about than problems that don't go away. Hopefully, making someone smile, and think kindly of a poor woman… who can fly.

For once, Nine feels tall at her 5'9.5" + 1" boots! She chuckles softly, "Well, the black ones are always getting a bad rap, so I watch out for them so much as to kindly pet them, not ditch em!" She softly retorts but turns back toward Mister Frozener as she opens up her canvas bag. "I have what you asked for."

"Hey I gotta try my luck baby" he says to Tia with a finger gun and a clicking noise, and nods to Nine grabbing the bag and looking inside it to pull something out of the bag "Let's see what we got in here"


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