The Trouble with EX's Session 2

GM: Freefall
Players: Freefall, Walker, Silhouette, Ghost Riddle
Synopsis: The team heads to Seattle to take care of the EX and hopefully make it out in one piece.
Date: 10/22/2082

Ghost didn't sleep very well at all, only a few hours. She spent most of the night staring at the ceiling with her bed buddy next to her. The best sleep she got was toward the early morning hours when she was exhausted from not staying asleep but that ended in a nightmare of her brain getting melted out of her skull which startled her awake. She checked to make sure didn't wake anyone up then rolled out of bed with the crack of first morning light starting to show on the thin cheap curtains. She did the morning routine, showered, and stepped out of the bathroom drying her hair wearing her first change of clothes she brought which was a pair of back jeans and a black long-sleeved sweater as it was getting chilly outside. She sat down and unpacked her Deck again and plugged in her datajack and booted up. She slumped over in her chair for just a few seconds as she went into her Deck's personal host space to access its config files and start setting up the device for the work ahead. She pulled open the library drawers and held her hand over them and a file folder shot up into her hand with the name of each program she had in storage, loading them into active memory. Once she was satisfied with the deck's config and active mem proggies she logged out, her muscles returning to functionality, her eyes opening slowly and she sat up in her chair with a sigh.

By now, used to the night-before-run nerves, Walker slept like a baby, although perhaps that has more to do with having a room to himself while the women were all sharing. Whatever the case, the shaman wakes up obnoxiously bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, looking like something out of some corp ad for a new health fad with the artfully tousled blond hair and the bouncy energy. After grabbing a shower and slipping into a snug t-shirt and loose lounge pants, he pings a message to the others:

Gonna go see if the breakfasts here are any good. Anyone wanna come with? Or want anything fetching?

Ghost looked back at the others still asleep after she read the message on her phone. She looked back at the phone and let her fingers do the talking:

-------------> Text Message to Walker from Ghost Riddle (#13352) <-------------

They are still still zonked out over here. Guess the flight took more out of them then they thought. I slept like garbage… but I am starving. Don't know if I should peek my face out as I am not exactly welcome in this city by certain groups.

-------------> Text Message to Ghost Riddle from Walker (#12094) <-------------

Want me to bring you something up? Or get your hoodie on and we can skulk around the breakfast bar looking disreputable. :P

Ghost chuckled at the response and typed back:

-------------> Text Message to Walker from Ghost Riddle (#13352) <-------------

I think I can hoodie it. If some bad ass bikers show up and start trying to cut my face off you'll handle it right? Be out in a minute or two.

In the back of Walker's mind, a mouth that isn't his peels back in an animal snarl. He has to hurriedly edit the first message his treacherous fingers type for him. "Fuck off, man…" he mutters to the empty room as he sends instead:

-------------> Text Message to Ghost Riddle from Walker (#12094) <-------------

I promise I won't let anyone do anything to your pretty face you aren't signed up for. Will be by the lifts.

Ghost stood up, shutdown her deck then pulled her hoodie out of her luggage. It was not her fancy anime covered one but a charcol grey backup. She slipped it on and put the hoodie up and then stopped, looking at her firearm in its conceal carry holster. Yep… take it. She picked it up and put it on, making sure the gun was in safe mode and loaded with a mag plus two spares on the CCL holder. She gave her two companions one more glance to see if they had awaken but saw no signs of life. Ghost opened the door very quietly and closed it, making sure it locked back then she stuffed her hands in her hoodie pockets and headed to the lifts, waving one hand at Walker as he came into view.
"Morning.. man I hate Seattle toward the end of the year. Cold, wet and miserable most days…"

Throwing a quick finger salute her way, Walker takes a glance to the window onto the slate grey sky and gives a little smirking nod. "Only been here in summer once before and it was gorgeous then…" he reminisces, his expression turning oddly serene. "It is awful dark: good weather to work though!" With the aggravatingly bright grin that accompanies that optimistic assessment, he taps the elevator controls, a cabin quickly binging its arrival.

"Grew up here… it can be nice you know when the Barrens aren't a mile that way," she pointed, "and gangers aren't trying to rape and murder you." Ghost stepped into the elevator box and leaned against the wall, opting to let Walker handle the controls. She looked out at the horizon filled with mostly white clouds made darker by the early morning sunrise.

Hitting the button for the mezzanine, Walker follows her gaze out of the window to watch the sky. His eyes flick seemingly involuntarily to follow her finger, the green irises seeming to glitter with flecks of gold for a moment and a grimace briefly twisting his face. "I can feel it," he murmurs softly, "Like Aurora from a distance." His eyes loose their glimmer as he focusses back on her. "Try and relax: nothing's gonna happen to you. Whatever's out there," he nods to the view as a humourless grin touches his lips, "It ain't coming in here."

Ghost is most certainly worried, scared and… something else.. depression? She just puts a smile on her face as she looks back at Walker. "My hero… we should be okay. The gang I was with operated up near Shoreline, north of downtown. I am just worried Marco put out word to other allied gangs to keep an eye out for me. I have only been gone from here for about ten months. He said if I ever came back he'd carve more than NC into my cheek," she said, tapping one finger against the faded but noticeable scar on her left cheek in the shape of the letters NC.

Walker nods sympathetically, but as Ghost talks his gaze slips out the window and becomes a thousand-yard stare. By the time she finishes the brief account, his irises have turned a solid gold as he peers unblinking into the mists, his jaw visibly tense. "We'll be fine," he says in a quiet monotone, the assuredness in his voice matching that of one predicting where the sun will rise. Reeling his attention back in, his eyes return to their regular emerald green after a brief shake of his head. "Sorry," he mutters with a rueful smile, "Too much practice dealing with assholes."

Ghost snort-laughed. "You and me both…" she said softly then looked at Walker, putting that winning smile on her scared face. "My name is Sylvie by the way. I am glad you are on our side. All that magic stuff, I can't wrap my head around it but I know its wiz to have on your side."

His own snort of laughter echoes hers, an amused grin on his face. "First name terms, eh? I better add you to my Christmas card list." Leaning back against the wall, he nods his agreement. "It's like having 'trix support: you don't need to know how it works to know you're really glad to have it." A conspiratorial wink accompanies the comment just before the lift dings and the doors slide open.

Ghost shrugged and said, "What if its not my real first name and I am just shining you on? But either way.. I want a unicorn pony and a my pretty pretty makeup set for Christmas. Make sure you don't forget Santa!" She stepped out of the elevator, hands stuffed into her pockets once more. She got into step beside Walker as it was his duty to lead them to the promise of food. As they begin to walk, she looked up at him and spoke in Sperethiel, "Kar va u hinual aul Sperethiel? Ni vamme lambe-esse a anann yare. (Do you mind if we talk in Sperethiel? I have not spoken our language in a long while)."

Quirking an eyebrow at the smaller elf, Walker grins. "What's a 'real' name?" he asks enigmatically, a soft chuckle rising from his throat, "Sounds like one of them Anglo notions…" His expression registers some surprise at the switch in language, but he replies in accurate, if not especially melodic Sperethiel. "I do not mind, though I fear I do the language no favors by speaking it."

It felt nice to hear the language she grew up with. She smiled at walker and replied back in perfect elvish, the kind of perfect that one can realize it is her native tongue while English is her second. "You are fine and your mastery of the language is not bad either," she grinned. There was a pause, her smile turning back to a neutral expression, one of thought. "Do you think I have any business being here? I am so new to this kind of thing. If I mess up we are fragged or at the least, hunted."

Her first comment draws a roguish grin from Walker before her more serious question prompts a long, thoughtful silence. Perhaps for the first time, the shaman gives her a long, appraising look, green eyes darting to the shadows under her eyes, the set of her shoulders among other little details as though he could divine the nature of her soul from doing so.

"'The raindrop goes where the river wills'," he intones in perfect Sperethiel, for once not a trace of humor to be found on his face. "Everyone was new once, Sylvie. The fact that you're asking that question, losing sleep over the stress and not trying to bullshit me about it bodes well. Sometimes people make mistakes: if you screw up, I save your pretty face; if I screw up, you save mine…" He contemplates that for a moment before adding with a smirk, "Or perhaps run like hell. Maybe play that by ear."

Sylvie chuckled at the last part and nodded. "Play it by ear for sure," she smirked and added, "I am use to sitting in my apartment in underwear, slurping a smoothy while I forge and program my way into poverty and when I am not doing that I am drawing ass and titties which makes more money then I thought. I guess sex sells always." She turned to walk backwards looking back at the apartment where Sil and Free were still supposedly sleeping. "Now.. here I am in Seattle, about to help a neko-chan have a loud disagreement with her ex. My daddy would be so proud of me!" she chirped the last part, obviously laced with huge doses of sarcasm. Must not get along with her papa.

"Oldest business there is!" Walker agrees with a snigger before the reminder of the job dulls his humor again. "I just hope she's ready to confront him," he murmurs softly, a worried frown creasing his brow. Her final saccharine quip draws another raised eyebrow from the shaman. "Daddy dearest didn't picture his little girl as a decker and part-time hentai artist?" he inquires with an impish grin. The pair reach the dining area, the smells of fresh fruit (or at least a decent facsimile) and cooked breakfasts filling the air. As if on cue, Walker's stomach growls like a starving animal.

Sylvie turned back around to walk forward. "He has her brainwashed Walker. Be prepared to do the deed and then run like hell when she wigs out over it. She snapped at me more than once when I talked about popping him one and when she said she still loves him, that really made my stomach churn. We HAVE to do this even if she doesn't so she can be free to live a life and not whatever the drek this garbage is she's been doing," she huffed a bit annoyed at… all of it. Reaching the breakfast spot she changed subjects from murder and mayhem to Walker's question about dear old daddy. "Nope. He had my whole life planned to be a straight A honor student graduating from Renraku backed college funding with a degree in computer sciences and cybersec so I could go on to be a nice corpo wageslave." Her own stomach cried out for deliverance from hunger as the smell smacked her in the face and her brain went AYUP, WANT IT!

Though she might not notice it, Walker's eyes flicker at the suggestion that he kill Daitan, his face briefly locking into a grimace. "Don't need any encouragement on that front, thank you," he mutters in a low growl before managing a tight smile at her, "Glad to know we're on the same page though."

As he sets about loading his plate, he embraces the lighter turn of the conversation, grinning at her over the breakfast bar as he snags a pain au chocolat. "Now that would be a tragedy," he murmurs mock-offhandedly as his roguish grin re-asserts itself, "You are far too cute to be wasted in an office cubicle!" Despite his chipper demeanor, he still reflexively goes for the black soykaf: old habits die hard.

Sylvie blushes softly but it shows up so easily on her pale skin. She nods in agreement though about being wasted in a cube prison. She tosses all kinds of fruit cubes on to her plate but just to make sure people don't mistake her for a rabbit, bacon or that which looks and smells like bacon is also piled out and finish it off with a blueberry bagel.

"You know," she started, still in elvish, "that is like the twentieth time you have called me cute. Better watch it, a single lonely elf princess might mistake that for a fishing line in the water!" She gave him a wink then picked a booth table, one that gave a great view of the almost overcast landscape outside. Best not to sit with backs to the windows.

With a full cooked breakfast and a handful of pastries on his tray - one might wonder what he sold his soul to to maintain his figure - Walker follows her to the booth and takes the seat across from her. Between the urgency of food and trying to hide her blush, Sylvie might miss the way the shaman's eyes never seem to stop moving around the room, almost like a wolf scenting trouble.

Her quip gets a sly smile though, his green eyes coming back to her long enough for him to reply nonchalantly, "What? You didn't know?" A deep draw of 'kaf pulls double duty as dramatic silence and time for his gaze to inventory the staff on duty before he continues in a low drawl, "Depends on if you want to be hooked I suppose." Just for a moment he makes hard eye contact. "But then I'd have to add some bait to that line, wouldn't I?" With downright suspicious timing, he yawns widely, stretching expansively and incidentally giving anyone caring to pay attention a very good look at the lean musculature hugged by his t-shirt. "And I ain't got any of those fruit cubes you seem so keen on…"

[CUT TO: The Girl's Motel Room]======================================================================================

Free is up by the time the pair get done with breakfast. She's bleary and wide-eyed and a five minute shower does a lot to take the bleary away but not the wide-eyed part. She's busy getting dressed in a blouse and long dress, again to dover her legs the best she can. A headband holds her cat ears down.

Voices can be heard getting closer to the room door, voices that quickly turn out to be Walker and Ghost's. A beep of the door's keycard reader can be heard and there is a click and the door swings open. In walks the two elves, Ghost dressed in black jeans wearing a charcol hoodie which is up over her head at the moment. "I think it will work but let's ask Free if that's what she wants?" she can be heard saying just before the door opens. In they come and Ghost offers a smile to the two sleeping beauties that have finally awoken. "Good cloudy morning everyone."

Walker is even more aggravatingly chipper after breakfast, if somewhat more serious given the day's agenda: a good night's sleep and strong soykaf have done him a world of good. Entering the room behind Ghost, he perches on an arm of the couch and flicks the local news on. "Good news," he begins with a nod to the screen, "Seems like things are quiet lately which is probably good for us, plus it's rotten weather today so most folks should stay inside. Bad news: that means less cover in the streets and that we'll have a harder time blending into the shadows." With a nod to the other elf, he looks to Free. "We were thinking that posing as a maintenance crew would be an easy way into the building without doing anything too fancy: Ghost can spoof a work order and feed it to a front that's the four of us in overalls in a van. Whatcha think?"

Silhouette sits cross-legged in the middle of a bed wearing what she slept in: a pair of black utilitarian panties and a black sarashi. Her eyes are closed and her hands rest upturned on her knees. Meditation time.

Free moves to the door as the pair talk and checks outside the room again before turning back to answer them. "Sounds good. Fine. Just need to get the overalls and the van, right?" Nervous.. yeah she is.
"Go ahead with that plan. What are we going in to fix that needs four of us? Unless you wanna make me look like a normal person or make me invisible I'll stick out."

Ghost tossed herself into her little chair by the computer table and turned on her deck, pulling the data cable out in preparation for slotting it into her datajack. "The answer to that lies in the data trail on the server for the building. I can login to it and use that backdoor to get in from here and look around for their third party logs in to the building. We'll snag one off that list so we know its a company that would come in there. After we pick one I can then put in a fake work order for us. You just tell me what time you want it and how many are going to show up once we figure out which company to mimic. I don't think a generic company will work very well. It has to be someone that building knows."

Silhouette offers, without opening her eyes, "Butnthatbleads to the "how is Yoshida " dilemma.

Walker nods in agreement with the decker. "Smart. Maybe pick a large company if there's an option so we aren't relying on security not remembering two or three people." Then he glances over to Freefall. "I could do either one, but given the wards on the place we might be better off putting you behind coveralls, respirator and goggles or something like that: you can't slide through them like I can."

Free glances at Sil with a worried look and then starts pacing in earnest, not that there's a lot of room to do so. "Company.. company.." She glances at Sil again and hmms. "Cleaning company. The type that gets water out and stains. Daitan.. has had companies like that out a few times.. after 'incidents'."

Silhouette offers, "What sort of building is this?" she adds. "If I'm a criminal mastermind who has "incidents" that require liquid cleanups, I'm going to be very scrutinizing of who I choose…and call back…over and over…." She pauses a moment then adds. "Perhaps just visiting or making an inquiry or something simple that isn't likely to have all sorts of potential dangers attached?"

Ghost listens to everyone and nods. "I will see who is on the roster. So to be clear, I have to hit the Seattle LTG, search for the building's host address and see if they even have an Admin login point first for remote access or for sending out reports to the parent company that needs to see them and then I have to get in, find their visitors roster file and see what is what. If I find that file we'll be in a position to pick and decide." She listens to Sil and answers for Free, "It's a penthouse apartment building of which our target runs the show on floor seven but also has assets on the 5th and 6th floors as well right? Anyway, it shouldn't hurt to try BUT just in case, I would have all your stuff packed up here just in case we have to burn this location. Just say go and I'll dive right in. Shouldn't take me but a few minutes."

"See who's on the books first, then worry about who we're impersonating," Walker points out pragmatically, "If there's already something on the books we can scoop up: great. Especially if it's some simple electronics, then I might even be able to do the job and tie up that loose end." As Ghost gets set up, he nods in acknowledgement. "My stuff's already packed. I'll keep an eye on you while you're trix-side in case you get hit by something unpleasant." He offers a little shrug, "My healing isn't the best but it does the job."

Silhouette unfolds and slides off the bed to start dressing and packing a duffle to drop at a drop point for later retrieval.

Free turns to Sil, "Visitors are normally turned away without forewarning from one of the residents or a call to said resident and getting approval for them to enter. There are cameras in the lobby for sure and a resident can look into the lobby to verify the guest is who they say they are. Not that that was a bad idea." To Ghost she says, "Do it. lets get this done."

Ghost nods and turns around to face her deck and side glances at Walker. "You see me convulsing or any weird shit, yank my chain. Also, I am going to be running a Commlink proggie while I am in there so I can talk to you all out here while I am in there so if you get a call on one of your cellphones, its probably me. See you on the flip side mah dears," and with that she hits the login button and her body slumps down into the chair as her mind goes digital and into the Matrix. Ghost Riddles first order of business as she waits in her deck's host step off point is to login in to the Seattle LTG and makes sure GOD doesn't notice. The jackpoint in the motel room may be legit but she's sliding around the motel's legal login protocols and using her own. Her icon loads and she appears in the dark black cube of her host's starter point, the image of little 10 year old girl in a nightgown that keeps glitching out to reveal a demonic undead version of herself.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Seattle's LTG is a Green-4 Security service with a AFCIS of 6/8/6/6/6. Ghost Riddle attempts a
login running her newly acquired Deception proggie from Bad Karma and running her Sleazeware to hide herself. She's fairly certain
this is a no brainer and opts out of Hacking Pool dice for a raw login attempt."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2:
    1 3 3 5 11    = 4 Successes

Ghost Riddle shot out of her deck along the line and into the LTG grid, the black gridded horizon stretching out before her with tons of icons bound to it representing all the different hosts linked publicly to the grid. She knows the buildings host addy from simple searches and trying to find blueprint availability to the public for potential shoppers as she zooms down to it in the blink of an eye but she does not login to the host because it is pointless to do so. There would not be admin access through the public website so she first activates her Commlink proggie and calls Walker's phone. RIIIIIINNNNNNG! RIIIIIINNNNNNG

With a little smile for the decker as she disappears into cyberspace, Walker settles down cross-legged on the floor nearby, eyes glowing softly as he uses astral perception to monitor her vitals. He sets his pocsec on the table nearby then hurries up and waits. "I got this if the pair of you want to pack," he assures Free and Silhouette. Then the phone goes and he taps the screen to put Ghost on speaker. "You're live Ghostie. Doing OK?"

Ghost spoke in a spooky distorted ghost like voice, having to play the part of her Icon right? "I am in the Seattle grid and I have found the building's public host and I am going to activate Bad Karma's backdoor into the PLTG he found for the building's admin host. Wish me luck!"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "I think the test is normal (vs Files subsystem, using Commlink as the utility) and it's a Monitored Operation. Tapping is a different action."

"Not a lot to pack." Free says softly with eyes on phone. "So strange to hear you from one spot and see you a meter or two away in the chair." She says to the phone. She then moves to her bag and checks over what's in it and what's left to pack.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost activates her Commlink proggie and makes a call to Walker's phone using the Seattle LTG backbone.
Her comm proggie is a rating 5 vs Seattle's File Subsystem of 6. TN is 2. Rolling"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 2 vs TN 2:
    1 2 2 3 4 5 17    = 6 Successes

"Betting you won't need it," Walker responds with a grin, "Keep us posted though." Beyond that he remains silent, his habitual humor absent as he focusses on the job at hand.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "There is no way for the Seattle LTG to stop Ghost from making the call but Tally away! The call is linked
and she will use her free action every 'turn' to keep the Commlink monitored process running."

Ghost Riddle brought up a little digital keypad in front of her as she floated before the host and keyed in the code that Bad Karma gave her. If it wasn't caught in security sweeps a digital path will open and she will dive into the Admin host of the Building.

Silhouette pauses her packing, a slight grin appearing on her face as she asks, "Hey, Ghosti-chan, that is a very cute freckle." she covers her mouth and giggles softly as she teases Ghostie.

Ghost responds through Walker's phone, "You stop lusting after my hot unconscious bod!"

<<Plot>> Freefall says, " IN the matrix.. Ghost steps up to the icon and then through and inward, following Bad Karma's little thread of
a trail into the building's host. Inside she's in for a treat. It only takes a few moments in the standardized host space to realize this
place is almost brand new. Meaning the system is. She can almost scent that 'new server' smell. Hell.. not everything seems to be done with
initial set up and likely how Bad Karma got in an out so easily."

Silhouette sighs as she slips into a very tight stretch bodysuit of black lycra and moves over to Walker so she can talk to him without talking over Ghost.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "For the Log Record: My Deck is currently configured as such: Bod:3 / Evasion: 6 / Masking: 7 / Sensor: 5"
<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "I have a Detection Factor of 7"

Ghost Riddle looks around at the basic start up admin service suite. Before she gets to crazy in here she is curious about how secure the system is. She is going to run an Analyze Host action on the Admin host to try and get information on its security class and AFCIS ratings. She opens up her hand and a black digital spider with glowing eyes starts to crawl down her arm to the 'floor' and crawls off into the wall of the server.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost Riddle has a rating 6 Analyze proggie that starts trying to interrogate the host for the deets
on its level of bad assery or lack there of. This is a Control test. The host's Control rating is 8-6 for a TN of 2."
<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost wants all the deets so for this round she dumps her whole hacking pool into the test."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 5 vs TN 2:
    1 1 2 2 5 5 5 5 5 9    = 8 Successes

The spider scuttles off and into tiny cracks and crevices in what otherwise appears to be smooth surfaces. It's gone briefly and then scuttles back faster then it left, back to it's mistress with the tasty info.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Host is green5 Acifs is 8 across the board."

Ghost transmits through her Commlink proggie, "This system is almost brand new. They haven't even bothered to config it yet. I am running a searching now for any visitor or work order report files now. Give me a minute my dears.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost Riddle brings up her Browser proggie which is a flaming sinister skull with devil's wings attached
on the sides of it head. "Seek," she whispers to it and it shrieks in a nightmarish tone and zips off at high speed to find the file she seeks."

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "This is a Locate File action against the host's Index rating of 8. My browse is only 4. T_T TN is 4. She knows
her browse proggie is weak so opts to spend 5 hack pool dice to help."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 5 vs TN 4:
    1 2 4 5 5 5 5 7 9 10    = 8 Successes

"Lucky…" Walker murmurs at this update before glancing up at the approaching Silhouette. "All set?" he asks after a tight-lipped smile before turning his attention back to Ghost's limp form.

The skull zips about the room, gliding over every surface and interface before fluttering down on a dark box icon. The icon winks to life and the skull prompts it for information which starts scrolling. The skull gives out a RAWWAAWArrr. The sound that says it's found something. The icon is named 'transfer files' a note attached to the file states 'Damn it Steve! Sort through this drek and let me know what's still valid /before/ I put it all in place!'

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "roll sensor test, Ghost."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 5:
    3 3 4 5 10

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Just as Ghost gets this new bit of information to look over a new icon blinks onto her sensors. A simple ball that rolls
slowly around."

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghostie takes note of the new icon but won't be here long enough to care if this works. She will download a copy of
that file to analyze and read over after getting back in the real world so she'll do a simple Download File action. Her Read/Write proggie is a
rating 6 vs the File Subsystem of 8 so TN of 2"

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "And she will use another simple action to Analyze the new Icon since her Free action is busy holding the Commlink open.
That is a Analyze vs control TN of 2 again"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 2 vs TN 2:
    4 5 5 5 5 7 11    = 7 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 2 vs TN 2:
    2 2 4 5 5 5 5    = 7 Successes

Ghost spoke into the commlink, "Paydata baby! Gimme that sweet file! Uh oh… company. What do we have here? Oh… a probe IC is looking at me funny. To bad! You snooze you lose suckers!" Ghost sends out a copy of Slimer from the old Ghostbusters vid to devour the file she located which downloads it into her active storage and as the probe comes snooping she sends one final command to her deck. Graceful Logoff.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2:
    1 1 2 2 3 3 4 7    = 6 Successes

With a little gasp of air, Ghost's eyes flutter open in the real world and she sits up and pulls the data cable from her jack and lets it reel back in to her deck. She turns to face everyone and grins with a thumbs up, "Got ten years of building history we can sift through. Success. No alerts triggered. We're golden."

Free blinks, eyes going from the phone to Ghost as she awakens. The set of her shoulders relaxes a smidgeon and she moves to sit on the bed. "Ok. What did you get?"

Silhouette jumps at the sudden wakefulness and looks over, "Oh?? Excellent! Well done Ghostie-chan!"

Ghost turned back to her deck and turned on the video screen and went old school, typing in commands. She scans the file for any viruses before she opens it and if there are none she opens the compressed data and unpacks it to a temp folder. "Ten years worth of shit… I can setup a search on it to have it try to organize the mess and find common names?"

"That should give us plenty to play with," Walker agrees with a smile, "Even better since we're clean. Any nasty surprises in the host?"

Silhouette gets up and goes to the tiny fridge and takes out a bottle of water. She opens it while she crosses back to Ghost and offers it to her. "We only need the last 12 months, that should show us who comes frequently enough not to raise eyebrows, hai?"

Ghost shook her head at Walker. "Nope. Its a pretty basic admin suite. They haven't done much to set it up. Just ran into a probe IC in there but that was it. Pretty basic."

Ghost took the water and nodded. "Hai. Narrowing it down to just the last year should speed things up considerably on the data search and database building."

Free nods to Sil with a thoughtful look. "That's true. Is it listed where the companies went in the building itself? Perhaps we could use companies that were used by Daitan or others on the 5th floor."

Ghost nods to Free, "That's the plan. I will sift the data and see if I can find any schedules of note. Give me a few minutes," and she turns to focus on her deck and let's her fingers blaze across the keys.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost Riddle spends time sifting through the download zip file looking for reports, spreadsheets or anything
else she can turn into something useful for their plan to put in a fake work order and waltz up dressed as the company that needs to do the
fake work. Threshold of 4, 30 MInute Interval, TN of 4."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    1 4 4 4 5    = 4 Successes

Ghost Riddle is lost in her world as she searches, putting on her headphones to listen to her tuns at a reasonable level so she can still hear her teammates if they need to talk to her. After a short thirty minutes she finds what the team needed; Building Work Visitor Sign-In logs which shows the name of the company and who is signing in on their behalf plus notes on work ordered.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, " You find that there is a internal building repair team that handles basic issues. For the heavier things companies are
called in by the building manager or the tenants themselves. Most often the companies called are food deleivery. Grocery drop offs. Cleaning services.
And then lesser ones like appliance repair folks."

Ghost pulls her headphones down around her neck, the sounds of Retro Wave music can be heard coming from them as she turns to address the team. "A lot of Uber Turbo Eats orders, grocery drops. I think the only thing we can do that is believable multicrew is this one. Duffer Brothers Total Cleaning Service. They are in here several times this last year and do apartment cleaning services and apartment total cleans before new clients move in."

Ghost sat Indian style in her computer chair, turning the chair to face Free. "Given the info I was able to pull out of that big ass file, I think the cleaner route is the best option. I'll have to forge some fake IDs and upload a work order to their system with a date and time of your choosing and then we have to acquire a Duffer Brother's cleaning Van and something resembling their uniforms if they even wear any. I can do a Matrix search for photos from the company and see what it all looks like. What do you want to do sweet cheeks?"

Free half stares at and through Sylvie. "I want to get this done. Sooner the better. I can feel my nerves fraying, Ghost. My skin itches like he can see me through the walls. We need to get this done soon or I won't be worth a damn when we do go."

Ghost nodded and said sympathetically, "I know sweety… hold it together a little longer. I can try and get it all ready for tonight? Depending on when they work. Here, let's get that piece of the puzzle done." Ghost turned in her chair back to her deck and ran a basic Matrix search of the Duffer Brothers Total Cleaning Solutions company, searching for photos of vans and employees to find uniform types and to see what their operation hours are. "Just relax… Walker do.. something with Free while I run this search. Will take at least an hour for me to get a 411 packet together," and then she gets to work.

Ghost is quickly able to find the Duffer Bros logo and shots of smiling workers in grey uniforms, happily cleaning up sludge from a basement floor. Another shot shows the logo on a plain looking panel van. White of course.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    1 1 1 2 5    = 1 Success

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    3 5 8 8 14    = 4 Successes

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "It takes about twenty minutes sifting through the garbage of the mess that is the file that was kept. And just
like the note on it said it's in dire need of organization and cleaning. Ghost finally finds a subfile that holds still frame shots taken
from the back entrance dock. Time and again she'll note that whoever the worker and where ever business they work for they're presenting their
phone, comm or pad towards the camera. Close up of these devices will show a work order form from the building with a barcode on it.

Ghost grins as she figures out how it works. "We are in business chummers! Work orders put into the building's system are barcoded. People showing up to do the work present a copy of the barcode through their phones or tabbies to the dock reader on the backside work entry point of the building. All I have to do is put a fake work order into the building's database and put a copy on our phones and we are in. I don't know why I thought a building like this would be Fort Knox. Its pretty basic. I can get the fake work orders in the system in less than an hour and make copies for our phones. We could technically hit this place just after lunch if we wanted too. I think we have to do this during the day if we take this work angle. Would be rather weird a group of apartment cleaners showing up at midnight to do work, yeah?"

Free taps one of her paws on the floor in rapid rhythm, knee bouncing up and down in time. "I only saw the cleaners at night to be truthful. Only 'accidents' happened in the evening around dinner time or after. Once at three in the morning.", she says cutting away quickly from the talk with Walker and then back to him.

Glancing up from his seat next to Free as he does his best to keep the strung-out woman calm, Walker manages a tight little smile at one piece of good luck. "One less thing to worry about I guess," he murmurs thoughtfully, before continuing in a more pragmatic manner, "Maybe see what the other orders are like? If it'll be a massive outlier then we don't want to draw attention-" He cuts off for a moment to nod in Free's direction, "But if late night jobs are a common thing then let's keep it simple, yeah?"

Ghost blinks at the revelation, "Accidents? Are we talking like… someone's brains get blown out and a fake ass cleaning crew comes in to take care of the mess? Because I really don't see an apartment cleaning service coming in at 2 in the morning to do their work. That would disturb the other tenants unless this building is just full of murdering nut jobs who have to call the cleaners often but… yeah… let me compile the time slots they were done over the last year and get back to you in a moment." She turned back to her deck to start doing a database pull and filter operation.

Free keeps her leg bouncing, her tail stuck under her butt lest it roam around. She shaker her head to Ghost's question and answers, "A man came to see Daitan. He had disobeyed an order and came to atone. In cutting of a section of his pinky he, in his hurry, forgot to wrap it against the flow of blood. He cut and almost bled out. Or at least almost passed out. The blood was the mess, explained away by saying 'a fool toyed with' one of Daitan's swords he has on display.

Walker has to bite his lip to keep from sniggering at the revelation that Daitan displays has a sword collection - 'because /of course/ he fucking does,' goes the voice in his head. Managing to hold his poker face, he glances over to Ghost. "Rich folks will have their share of mess they'd like cleaned up quickly and discreetly at all hours," he observes in a tone of studied neutrality, "Oughta give us some plausible cover."

Ghost just sighs and says, "Rich people are weird…" and she would know because her dad is and he was… well.. less weird… more controlling and assholish. she compiles the list of work order times to see what would be most believable.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    1 3 3 5 5    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    1 1 2 4 5    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 4:
    3 4 5 5 8    = 4 Successes

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "It takes Ghost longer to first /find/ and then compile the list of times and get an average. The stupid pile of
data had the info in no less the n five different places. The last subfile being marked E.F. for some damn reason or another and having all
the after hours calls in it. But find and compile she does and then average comes out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of seven p.m."

Ghost makes a face.. and another face… as the time ticks on, completely absorbed in her work. She says out loud to no one, just talking to herself mostly, "..when this is done we're finding the sysop and giving them a slow painful death… worst file system ever encountered….how does this guy have a job? Probably makes more than I ever would have….." Ghost finally finishes and huffs, "7pm is the average."

Free glances over at the decker. By this time she's stopped bouncing her leg and looks just a little calmer as Walker continues to talk her down from the mental ledge she's worked herself up too. "Seven? Um.. supper in the household was held at six thirty every evening. Unless he was going out. He rarely went out durring the weekdays though."

"Just try and remember you'll be making more than their yearly salary most evenings in your new line of work," Walker calls over to Ghost as she pipes up again. Glancing over her shoulder at the now-neatly tabulated data, he claps her on the shoulder and smiles. "Nice work rookie." Then he straightens and looks to the others. "That either gives us a few hours to sort things or we go tomorrow… whatcha reckon?"

Ghost nods and smiles at walker then turns back to her deck. "I am going to start coding the files I am going to need to upload for this to work regardless of the time we go in. I can set the final time just before I put the file in their database so here I go. I'll give us suitable fake names, party of four, Duffer Bros dead body clean up company, yatta yatta," she says as she boots up her programming tools and gets to work.

Free's nerves jump and she gets to her paws and starts to pace once more. This time not as fast, thankfully. "Today. I won't be able to sleep tonight I don't think if we wait. I don't know about the rest of you. It's.." She checks her phone. "just after one. Is that cutting things too close?"

"Close," Walker deadpans with a serious expression before cracking a grin, "But not too close." He glances to Ghost. "Can you get me images of the company's logo sized to go on a van? Grabbing some of their uniforms shouldn't be too hard but I don't wanna try boosting one of their vans when we could just get a cheap rental."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers (Programming) vs TN 4:
    1 2 2 2 3 4 5    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers (Programming) vs TN 4:
    1 1 1 2 2 2 5    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers (Programming) vs TN 4:
    1 1 2 3 4 4 5    = 3 Successes
[CUT TO: Van Rental Company]==================================================================

Slipping into his generic civvie look of slacks and a hoodie - think moving company crossed with male model - Walker dons his shades, tucks the blond braid into his collar and heads out to see a man about a van. Finding a rental company doesn't take too long, but with Ghost absorbed with her homework the shaman figures he has plenty of time.

Free does the driving, leaving the Shaman to do the 'heavy social lifting'. She's still tight with anxiety but out here on the streets she's at least focused on her surroundings and feeling like she has places to bolt too should things go down. Inside a board looking human male in his late twenties stands behind the counter on the phone. When he sees Walker come in he lifts a hand to acknowledge him and finishes out his call before turning to him. "Sorry about that. How can I help you today?"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "If I want to put on an accent, would that be rolling my language skill?"

Walker hasn't spent a lot of time in Seattle, but thinks he can manage a decent Portlander if he tries, so he settles for what once would have been an Oregon accent. "Lookin' for a van," he replies casually, chewing gum as he drawls out the words, "GMC Bulldog, that kinda thing…" he fixes the assistant with a winning smile, "Think you could hook a chummer up?"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 1:
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 1:

<<Plot>> Walker will have to default to that shiny charisma for negotiation. TN?
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yup.. TN goes up by 4..for default to bse ability? Total of 8"
<<Plot>> Walker noddles and bats his eyelashes.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Charisma vs TN 8 for "Defaulting like a champ! :3":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 7 7 8 8 10    = 3 Successes

The man puts away some papers that were on the counter and pulls out a tablet getting ready to start taking down info. "Yes sir we can." Again with the bored sound to his voice. He looks up at Walker as he gets closer and does a slow blink. "Um.. what kind of van are you looking for. Passenger or panel?"

"Panel," the elf replies with the casual disinterest of one who has things to do today beyond filling forms, "Helpin' a buddy move house and the guy's a bit of a hoarder!"

The man nods, interested in the subject. "Great. We have a few in back." He blinks slowly again and then starts tapping away on the tablet and in a few moments he offers the tablet to Walker. "Just input your info and slot a credstick and we'll have you out of here and on your way." His eyes linger on the elf, waiting for him to take the tablet.

Withdrawing the hand that had been toying with the credstick in his pocket for a little while now, Walker takes the offered tablet and scans down the legalese with a keen eye for any egregious clauses before slotting his facsimile UCAS ID which blinks up as one Steven Cooper.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 2:
    3 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls UCAS-12094-0011C8-0009Q9-BTG (Steven Cooper) vs TN 2 for "I just wanna van dude! I promise it's definitely not going to be an accessory to murder!":
    1 2 3 3 3 5 5 10 10    = 8 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "SIN Rating vs check rating, and check rating vs SIN rating."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Steve is a good boy, so is good at legal(ish) stuff."

The man, who's name tag reads Bill, hears the beep of acceptance from the tablet and reaches out for the device. His eyes still on Walker. He coughs into a fist and then checks over the info and docks the tablet into it's base. A drawer pops out and he selects a key from it and hands it over to Walker. "Here you are sir."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "You want me to +spend any cash on that or prefer to roll it into payouts at the end of the plot?"

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Spend it please? Free would pay you back. total charge for a three day rental is 300 plus miles."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "roll a perception :)"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) spends 500 nuyen for "Van rental plus fuel".
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence for "Nope, nothing suspicious here... >.>":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Perhaps it's the lingering eye contact or something about the body language but is seems Bill /really/ likes what he sees in Walker."

Beaming his best sunshine smile - though he stops himself from fluttering his lashes - Walker takes the key from Bill's hand with perhaps a little more skin contact than was strictly necessary. "Thanks-," his his eyes flick to the name tag for a second, "-Bill! You saved my buddy's day!" With a lazy salute, the elf makes his way out and retrieves the group's new ride.

Bill finds himself waving goodbye as Walker leaves. The bell on the door dings and Bill lets out a long sigh, watching the elf walk away.

<<Plot>> Walker tries to remember... did you set up a secure comm-code Ghostie?

Once he's found the van and checked that the keys work, Walker messages the others.

Got the van, might have broken a guy's heart in the process. Trip to the office next to pick up our uniforms?

<<Plot>> Walker says, "So I was thinking a little bit of light B&E to acquire some of Duffers' uniforms from their laundry or similar... thoughts
on that?"

<<Plot>> Walker is game for this. "Sil? Free? Someone should perhaps stay with the rental... and not take it near the hotel."
[CUT TO: Logo Design Company]================================================================================================

Silhouette after asking Ghostie to pull up a list of shops that do the right sort of work in the area, she changes and heads out to one of them with the van. Once at the shop she enters the office and waits in line, looking sus they way who someone who lent her bf a work van and now has to fix his screw up should.

The line is short. Only one other person ahead of Sil who is in to approve a logo and pay for it. He nods to Sil on his way out and the young woman behind the counter waves Sil up. "Hey there. How can I help ya?" There is a tablet set into the countertop that goes through pricing and other things to help the coustomer. The shop is small but tidy. Most of the place is hidden in the back. Just two desks sit behind the counter.

Silhouette looks around 80s spy like before asking the lady, "Ezcuae please. I have problem, maybe you can help?" She doesn't waist time waiting and points out at the van, "You see, no more letters….had letters but .uhh… friend…borrow and take them off…. Now Yuki-chan must fix before boss fires her and sends her home… Can help, yes?"

The woman looks out at the van and blinks in confusion. "Your boyfriend took them off? What for, hun?" She stars tapping on her side of the tablet and brings up lettering and prices for vehicles. "I mean yeah we can do you up a wrap but it won't be real quick unless you know how to put it on yourself."

Silhouette nods to the lady's question, "Yes, this is so! Yuki-chan not know what he thinking! Yes, will make him put back since he took off ! Then Yuki kick hom to cueb!" she makes a grrr noise like a very angry floof. "Can help fix today??" she asks pleadingly.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) rolls Etiquette vs TN 6 for "Help Yuki-chan plssss??":
    2 3    = 0 Successes

The lady glances up at Yuki and then taps more on the tablet. "Ok, hun. What does the lettering need to look like and say? You got a picture or something to go by? That would make my life easier."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) rolls Etiquette vs TN 6 for "kp:1 I said please damnit!":
    1 10    = 1 Success

Silhouette nods and fishes out the mem chip with the livery, "Yes, is on here. Got from another friend said will fix." She also takes out a stack of yen and makes a poor attempt at trying to handle it without anyone seeing which of course, mea s ita advertised to the clerk lady she has yen to spend and perhaps sneak a tad for…rush services on top…

The lady nods and slots the chip into a reader on the counter and uploads it. She hmms softly. "Duffer Brothers? Lemme check something real fast." She pulls up a trix site and manually types in the company's name and sifts through the info there. This takes her a good couple minutes. She then nods to herself. "Lucky you, hun. They're small time local I guess? Their logo isn't under copyright yet." She notes the cash and pulls pricing back up. "I can get you a wrap on the van. That'd take ..mmm until tomorrow evening at least. Sounds like you need faster then that. I can get you magnetized in a few hours. Same for clings. Clings would be cheaper but harder to put down in place. Magnets slightly more costly but you can move then around, but if your boss is keen eyed he may be able to spot that they're slightly raised."

Silhouette nods frowning some as she thinks it over, "Yes, not looking right would be bad for Yuku-chan. Other kind would be most appreciated please, thank you?"

The woman nods and starts setting about checking sign size and colors. She's good at this but it still takes her some time as she checks the look for each side of the van and the back for logos. After about fifteen minutes she presents them on the tablet for Sil. "Ok, hun. Size matters and you want these fast, right? Gonna be twelve hundred for the clings due to size and jumping to the head of the line. Good thing is printing is pretty fast after it's queued. Be done in.. about two hours?"

Silhouette looks at the cash she has clandestinely and then hands her the wad which is 1500 yen, "Yuki-chan is very appreciative! She took this out of boy toy wallet to cover fix. You might as well have. " she smiles. "So two hours, yes?"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) spends 1500 nuyen for "Yuki-chan fixing dumb boy mistakes!".

The woman blinks at the cash and nods, counting it and even getting out the special pen to check some of the bills. Finding them authentic she nods again and gives Yuki a smile. "You're welcome, hun." Her smile turns pensive and she leans in towards Sil and lowers he voice. "Hun. If your guy is in a gang or something you should dump his ass. If he took the van to do shady stuff you could get in real trouble. But that ain't my biz." She prints off a hard copy receipt for Sil and hands it over to her.

Silhouette nods slowly, "Yes, Yuki-chan threw with his bs!" she nods again, "Oh, thank you please." She takes the receipt and tucks it away for safe keeping. She then goes to wait like someone who needs to see this finished asap…that is, she doesn't wonder far and paves a lot.

[CUT TO: Duffer Brothers Cleaning Office]===========================================================================

With the van rented, paperwork sorted and sales rep heartbroken, Walker and Freefall turn their attention to the issue of uniforms. After handing off the van, the pair drive over to the Duffer offices.

After they drive past the building, giving Walker a good chance to scope out the front, he nods to Free. "OK… I can scope them out from here if you wanna drive circuits for a bit. Just try not to make it too obvious. So long as you don't go more than half a mile or so I'm good." With that said, he settles back in the seat and closes his eyes to turn his mind to one of his less often used spells.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) has the Spell Extended Clairvoyance with the following information:
-------------------------> Spell for Walker (#12094) <-------------------------
  Spell Name: Extended Clairvoyance
       Force: 6
  Spell Type: Detection
      Target: 6(R)
  Drain Code: S
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Been wanting to use this for AGES.:D"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Any wards on the building? >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "No wards."
<<Plot>> Walker thumbsups and makes with the seering...
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F5 Ext Clairvoyance":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "Reroll 1, KP1":
    1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "Reroll 2, KP3":
    1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "2M Drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 7 10    = 10 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F5 Ext Clairvoyance, Take 2!":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "2M Drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 7 9 17    = 10 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F5 Ext Clairvoyance, Take 3!1!":
    1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "2M Drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 5 10    = 10 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F5 Ext Clairvoyance, Take 4":
    1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 15 17    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "2M Drain":
    1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 10    = 10 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "OK... finally get the ESP online. Going to wander the sensor through the building looking for security arrangements and laundry loads, that
kinda thing."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence for "With low-light vision if it's relevant...":
    1 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 7 7 9 10 11

Walker doesn't spend much time using these detection spells, and it shows. Pointed ears flick irritably as if the shaman were caught in some bizarre nightmare as he tries and fails repeatedly to produce a new astral sense using his magic. By the time he finally manages it after a solid fifteen seconds of concerted effort, a sheen of perspiration is visible on the elf's smooth forehead, the veins on his temples standing out and the muscles of his jaw tense. Once established though, the image is clear and he begins a methodical sweep through the offices.

Walker, after his issues with casting are resolved, manages to cast his mind's eye out and to the building. It's a simple structure, what looks to have been an auto shop at one point. Bays to put the work trucks and gear and a main office, of course. Several small storage areas and a restroom with a shower (a must in that line of work). As for security there is little. A machine that serves as a local for three cameras. Front loby, van bay and out front of the bays. If one goes in during the day no need to worry about any silent alarms from breaking and entering. In the storage closets there are cleaners and hoses and a very broken vac. In the second closet is office supplies and several boxes marked with marker in a scrawling hand. 'Large' 'Extra large' 'Troll'. Currently there is only one person inside. An elderly man in his late sixties easy.

Holding the spell for a moment but shifting his vision back to his own body, Walker glances over to Free. "There's a set of spare uniforms in a storage closet inside. Probably a quick in-and-out to grab a set. Only one guy inside right now and he shouldn't be an issue. You got a commlink? If you keep an eye out for anyone else coming in I can go get 'em."

[CUT TO: Runner's Motel Room]===============================================================================================

Ghost Riddle was as ready as she could be on her end. The work order looked pretty good and should hopefully fool anyone second guessing it. She just needed to get it in the system. Everyon was out doing what they needed to do so she grabbed her phone and sent a text to Free who was the 'Team Leader'.

Free, I have work orders ready to go. Proceed?

Short and sweet. She waited for the response.

A reply comes back quickly.

Yes, as long as you have someone watching over you.

Another quick response.

I'll be back in under ten minutes. Was walking to keep myself cool and collected.

Ghost looked around the empty motel room and huffed.

Sooooo Roooonnnnreeeeeee! Nope. No one here but me. What's the ETA on anyone getting back?

Silhouette comes out of the bathroom while Ghostie was not looking, "Oh! Ghost-chan! You are awake." She hasn't dressed for "work" yet, but is wearing utilitarian undies in preparation for work.

Silhouette has a dual row of ports running down either side of her spine that look like sockets for some type of connectors. Ghostie, being trixy, might recognize them as a Japanese fashionable style of data jack which usually has an adaptor harness that can plug into standard data jacks.

Ghost Riddle hears commotion behind her as she comes out of the bathroom and she seems genuinely surprised to see Sil standing there because it means she was so focused on coding that she didn't even notice her come back. Music must have been blasting in her kitty headphones.

>>> Actually, Sil is here.. and mostly naked... I am off to the races! Be safe! Let you know when I get back from my work!

She pulls off her kitty headphones. "When did you sneak in, Sil? Cool Datajack config girl!"

Silhouette looks over a shoulder, "When? Awhile ago, you were very busy and I did not wish to interrupt. " she smiles, "Domo. Standard in Neo Tokyo, but here I need…" she digs in her duffle and pulls out a harness of fiber, "This." she sets it on her bag and sits on the bed, "Are you ready for step one, then?"

Ghost nodded at the question. "Yes. All ready to dive in and plant the work orders. Might poke around a little bit more if I am not being tracked. You want to watch my hot meat bod while I am out and about in the Trix?"

Silhouette covers her mouth and giggles, "Hai! We would not want it marred!" She gets up and pads over to peer over Ghostie's shoulder, "So we are going in to prep an apartment, or..?"

Ghost nods. "Yep. You ready to become the world's cutest apartment cleaner!?" she chuckled. "Shouldn't take me very long if all goes well. I will commlink to you and if I have problems you yank me out, okay?"

Silhouette pulls a chair over to sit next to Ghostie just in case, "Understood."

Ghost gave her a winning smile as she pulled her data cable out of her deck and slotted it into her datajack and got comfy in her chair.
"And the monkey flips the switch…" she says softly and hits the connect key and is thrust into her deck's host starting environment, her meat bod going slack and kind of leaning over into Sil who gets Ghost holding duty. Her deck is still configured the same as last time and her icon loads up and she stops through the NAN to reach out and touch the Seattle LTG.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2:
    1 1 4 4 5    = 3 Successes

Ghost logs on to the LTG with no problem and zips over to the penthouse building's admin server host and uses the backdoor key left by Bad Karma to once again log in without being noticed. Once there she entered the host's file server subsystem and began uploading the fake workorder into the system.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2:
    1 2 4 5 5 5 7 16    = 7 Successes

Ghost conjures up her flaming winged skull proggie and puts the work order file in its mouth then points and it zooms off into the dark landscape of the host to plant the file where it needs to go. Its a smile file so its done in the blink of an eye.

Ghost is indeed a ghost as she moves into the now familiar system. The 'box' of old files still sits right where she last left it and perhaps only one or two things seem to have been touched at all. The skull flaps over to a desk-like shape which lights up and then blinks in acceptance as it receives the notice.

While the file is being uploaded ghost also opens up her left hand and little spinning black orb with black energy swirls about it. She presses the top and the orb sends out a shockwave of black energy as she runs her Analyze program and gives it commands to Anaylze the host's security system. She already knows what its security rating was but she is more interested in knowing her security tally and the alert status of the the host.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2:
    1 3 3 3 4 5 8 8    = 7 Successes

Ghost decides to make a call to Sil in the real work with her Commlink proggie.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2:
    2 3 3 4 11    = 5 Successes

Ghost establishes the call. Sil's phone rings.

Silhouette answers the phone, "Hello? Chinese takeout, you want Noods??"

Ghost chuckled in her spooky voice, "Where do ghosts, zombies and mummies go to swim?" came her creepy crackling voice through the phoneline.

Ghost chuckled and answered in a raspy ghostly voice, "The Dead Sea…. your answer is wrong. You shall be delivered one spankings upon my arrival in seven days. Until then, I have uploaded the file into place and we're good to go. I am going to see if I can pull some nice blueprints out and locate all the camera systems we may need to deal with along the way. Give me a moment!" Ghost conjured up her winged skull front and looked him in the eyes. "Find me blue prints of the building. Go!" and she send it out into the black to chewy through walls to find the data its master sought.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 4:
    1 3 3 5 5 5 9 15    = 5 Successes

The skull zips from place to place in the room and then comes back giving Ghost Riddle a sad screech and hands over to her a simple set of diagrams. One for each floor. It's nto blueprints but required fire egress signs.

Ghost patted the skull on the head, a bit disappointed that no blue prints were on file other than fire escape plans which might still be useful. She downloaded the data to her deck, black tentacles coming out of her hands to wrap around the file brought back by Skully and in her other hand the black sphere pulsed again to analyze the system.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2:
    2 4 4 5 5    = 5 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2:
    1 1 1 1 7    = 1 Success

Ghost likes her odds as she ponders her next move. She has the work order in. She has the fire escape plans of each floor download. One last thing she wants to know. Where are they at? Once more her best friend Skully is run. She holds up the skull to look into its eye sockets. "Find me where all the prying eyes are located my minion. Go!" and she unleashes the Analyze program to find the Slave network for the building's security camera systems.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2:
    1 1 1 1 2 2 3 11    = 4 Successes

The Skull flap-zips about the room and then through one of the few doorways out of the room and beyond. It returns quickly and shrieks happily having found the control center for the cameras in the 'room' beyond.

Ghost has the work orders set, fire escape plans and knows there is central security system in the host. It doesn't do her any good to hack cameras now or alter feeds or downright nuke the footage achieve as they aren't there yet but she knows its all there now. Her work here is done… for now. She gracefully logs off by crawling through an old TV set screen back to her well.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 2 vs TN 2:
    2 2 2 2 3 4 5    = 7 Successes

Ghost takes a breath as she pops back into her body and wakes up, leaning against Sil. She grabs her phone and texts Free.

Its in place. I have all the fire escape plans for each floor of the building as well and I know where the main security is controlling all the cameras and I have their locations as well. We're ready to do some apartment cleaning.

The reply is longer in coming this time.

Good. And I'm glad you're safe.

Ghost responds;

I am glad I am safe too! Are you and pretty boy doing good on your end?

You make that sound almost dirty. We're golden. Time to visit and surprise a few people. Right now he's reminding me I'm a good person and I am worth a little happiness.

We all have the potential to be good and bad! And I agree, you definitely deserve some happiness and a nice vacation afterward!

[CUT TO: Daitan Penthouse Building]==================================================================================================

The prep work is done. All seems ready. Uniforms have been acquired and while not exactly one size fits all, they do well enough. There's even ball caps with the company logo on them. Slacks and shirts though, no jumpsuits. The clings went on the van easily enough. High speeds might peel them off but if things go well that won't be an issue at all. Free sits on the floor of the panel van, sorting through her stuff in her bag and making sure the needed things are on top. Her pulldown face covering is on, just under her cap. The bottom of her pants neatly rolled up as she's the shortest of the group. Her tail gives away her inner unrest as it curls and uncurls at rapid pace.

Walker has become uncharacteristically quiet as zero hour approached, the shaman stripping down and reassembling his Browning pistol - with methodical, if not practiced, precision - once, twice, three times. His armored vest goes on underneath the largest of the three jumpsuits and a large duffel is repurposed as a general tool bag complete with electronics kit and medical supplies, just in case.

Glancing over at Free, his eyes track her tail. "Gonna have to calm that thing down or tie it around your waist," he observes in a monotone, cracking a brief smile, "Bit of a giveaway if it gets wriggly on the job…"

Silhouette has already done her stripping and is now properly clothed thank you very much! Her gear is also all squared away with her own vest beneath her uniform and a cap pulled down over her ears and rather non-descript looking. She's going with a non-descript brown hair today, nothing to draw attention or make her memorable. She wears a commonplace respirator that hides most of her face, leaving just green eyes to peer out, though she has a pair of OSHA approved PPE glasses and gloves tucked in, but sticking out of various pockets. Her bag has her stuff carefully hidden beneath towls and shop rags and cleaning supplies obtained from a Stuffershack.

Ghost Riddle sits in the van with her fellow cleaning crew making her jumpsuit getup look cute. Can she pass as a cleaner? Maybe but not your average one. She looks way too adorable in a ballcap. She too has wisely put on her body armor under her clothing and has a gun in its concealed holster lying next to her. She doesn't know where to put it at present, but she likes having it nearby. Her deck rests across her lap in its hard protective case and at present, it bounces up and down a little as the nervous elf bounces her legs up and down during the drive.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) spends 500 nuyen for "Cleaning supplies and equipment for such.".

Free lets out a small growl but nods. A mental flick of the switch and the tail goes limp. She then threads the tail through her belt loops. her bag goes over her head and shoulder and then sits cross-legged and tries to keep herself calm. "Let's go. Please."

Arching an eyebrow slightly at the growl, Walker chooses to ignore it and stows his pistol in his shoulder holster and zips up his jumpsuit, his long blond mane braided and tucked into his collar. A dark hood of ballistic fabric is tucked around his neck and collar, sitting as an odd contrast with the ball cap on his head.

"Agreed. No sense going stir crazy here," he replies with a nod before glancing to the bouncy smaller elf, "You doin' OK newbie?"

<<Plot>> Silhouette says, "is bringing her ingrams, her blades, her vest, and the baklava thingie..and ammo..."

Ghost shook her head no, her cute pony-tail sticking through the back of the cap waggling back and forth. "Nervous as hell but ready to go," she said and patted her deck case.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost Riddle is carrying the following items for the mission; Armor Vest with Plates, Electronic
Toolkit, Medkit, Beretta 101T with Quick Draw Holster and switchblade. Her deck is currently configred as follows: MPCP:(7)3/6/7/5
She has the following programs loaded in active memory: Analyze, Browse Deception, Evaluate, Spoof, Commlink, Read/Writer, Attack, Armor
and Sleaze."
<<Plot>> Walker tries to remember his kit... "Plated vest + Ancient shawl, Browning pistol, couple of short Cougar Fine blades, taccom (has a spare
commlink if anyone needs). I think that's it.

Silhouette climbs over a seat and flops into the driver's seat, bouncing a moment as the seat wasn't expecting her to weigh as much as she does. She glances back, "Right, tally ho, I believe is the phrase?"

The sun is setting fully by the time the van starts on it's way towards the tower where Daitan lives. On the way to make him dead. Traffic is still heavy, the last part of the evening rush hour giving over to the evening traffic patterns. The auto pilot takes things slow and careful but thankfully the tower isn't that far away and soon enough the van is pulling around the backside of the building and towards the check in gate. It stops facing a heavy metal garage door. On the driver side a atm type check in station sits in the wall waiting for interaction.

Silhouette pulls up next to the terminal then glances back at Ghostie, "Right, we're here chums, let's get this job done so we can go get some beeer!" she slurs with a bad attempt at a CAS American accent.

Walker eyes Silhouette dubiously. "Don't… do that," he manages after an awkward pause, "Agreed on the sentiment though. Stick to the plan, try not to panic and if shit goes sideways get out." He shoulders the duffel bag, ready to get moving once they're parked. "Better get on the comm," he points out to Silhouette, nodding towards the check-in station.

Silhouette frowns and mutters to herself in Japanese as she turns back, clicks the 'wake' button on the term and proceeds to follow check in procedures, presenting the barcode on her device when asked for it.

An agonizing twenty seconds later the machine beeps and the door begins to open with squeaking wheels to show a brightly lit interior parking lot. Signs clearly marking service vehcile areas of parking versus the reserved parking for those who live in the building. The van moves forward and parks itself in an oversized space and then beeps for the driver to take over.

Free hops up onto her feet and then moves to the door and opens it up, stepping out and waiting for the others.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence for "Just my low-light elfy vision":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 7 7 10
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) rolls Intelligence:
    2 2 3 5 7 11
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Intelligence for "Wonder Elf Eyes Activate!":
    1 2 2 3 4 11

The steel door rolls back down as the group starts getting out of the van. Everyone makes note of emergency call boxes spread out in the parking area as well as several cameras place to cover the majority of the area. Off to the left a elevator outlined in red is marked with the service tag.

Ghost stands up and stuffs her deck case into a work duffel bag and slings it over her shoulder after she straps up with her holster after seeing how Walker has his done under her jumpsuit. Cyberdecks, NOT LEGAL so she opts for the work duffel bag approach until things start to go down. She hops out of the van into the night air, butterflies swarming her stomach like mad.

Walker's cap is pulled down so the striking elf isn't quite as noticeable, grabbing one of the vacuums Silhouette sourced in one hand with another bag over his own shoulder, heading towards the elevator.

Free walks beside Ghost, keeping the elf between her and one camera on one side and covering Ghost on the other the best she can. She mutters, hard to tell if she's talking to Ghost or herself. "Slow breaths. You're a cleaner here to clean. That's all. This is boring."

Silhouette mutters in what might be Mandarin as she gets out of the van and hefts her gear and trudges after the others, "Hey, wait up, I'm not doin the toilet again this time I've done it the last three times!" all in a thick accent as she hurries to catch up with the others after pausing long enough to lock the van.

Ghost just keeps smiling as she walks along with her 'cleaning gear' over her shoulder. As she hears Free talking she nods and says softly back. "We'll be cleaning apartment 612 on the sixth floor. The work order says they really trashed the place and it needs our special touch so yeah us."

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost created the work order for apartment 612 which was shown to be unoccupied in the database
she downloaded and sifted through. She figured get her to that room and she can use the room's legit jackpoint to log in to the
building. Once in she already knows where the video feed achieves are for the camera network. She's going to grab footage from
around the same time yesterday and loop it back through the cameras for one hour and she will wipe out the footage from the moment
they drove up to the moment she turned on the camera feed loop. So objective one; Get to room 612."

"I just know I ain't doin' the fraggin' bedroom again!" Walker grouses, playing along with the game, "Last job you pinned that on me and I didn't sleep right for a week!" Pressing the elevator call button, he leans against the wall beneath the camera and settles in to wait.

Free stays silent and awaits for the elevator along with the others. It, of course, was on some other floor and there is a wait for it to return to the ground floor. It dings softly and then opens, letting out a musty oily smell and a dim lit interior stainless walled box. On the lights blinking erratically. Free wastes no time in stepping in and holding the door for the others.

Silhouette brings up the rear, catching up as the others wait on the elevator. She makes a sound at Walker's comment, "Ohhh, ja, that was pretty bad. What the frell WAS that on the ceiling anyway, did we ever figure it out?" She steps into the elevator once it arrives and the others file in. Ghost steps in and puts her back to the wall facing the elevator doors and begins humming a tune of some kind under her breath, left foot tapping out the beat in her head.

"Don't know; don't wanna know," Walker replies as he follows the others into the elevator, eyes flicking around to check for cameras inside the cab, "That's why I keep saying we gotta get a drone for drek like that!"

The doors close and the elevator rises up. A speaker crackling to life and making Free startle. Music tries to squawk through. A bad rendition of some musical hit from forty years ago done in a calming style. Soon enough the doors open to a well done interior hallway. Lights bright. Hallway carpeted in a nice sound deadening tight weave. Walls painted the latest of neutral colors. Handrails of real wood.

Steps out first, taking charge because she has the fire escape map for floor six. "612 should be around the corner on the left. Let's show em what the Duffers Brothers Cleaning is all about. We can have this job totally done in less than an hour and we can hit up Aweful House for some pancakes afterward! I totally skipped lunch and I am regretting it," she joins in on the improv acting going on. Ghost Riddle steps out first, taking charge because she has the fire escape map for floor six. "612 should be around the corner on the left. Let's show em what the Duffers Brothers Cleaning is all about. We can have this job totally done in less than an hour and we can hit up Aweful House for some pancakes afterward! I totally skipped lunch and I am regretting it," she joins in on the improv acting going on.

A moment after Ghost steps from the service elevator a lone dwarf male emerges from a door further down the hall. He's well dressed, a tenent rather then a worker. he glances down towards the service elevator and makes something of a face before moving the other direction towards the regular elevators.

Walker follows along in silence, a sour expression set upon his face and nodding in agreement with the suggestion of pancakes. As he walks along he flicks his senses over to the astral plane, because you never know, right?

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Roll an astral perception Walker."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence for "This place haunted? >.>":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 10 10
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "On the astral all seems calm.. and dead. This place is black with dead things/man made things. Only the group and
the dwarf are alive in this area. No sign of any spirits currently."

Silhouette follows along hefting her bag now and then as if it's full of cleaning products and she's just a noddle armed cleaning person, "Pancakes, again??" she sighs heavily, "Fine, but at least let's get some with the chocolate chips in them this time, and the apricot syrup!"

Free takes up the rear and quickly dips her head down as she notes the dwarf.

Following Ghost they walk past the dwarf and down the hall to 612. Free moves to the far side of the group and keeps them between herself and the dwarf, her eyes a tad wide. The dwarf turns and looks at the four of them briefly and then double-takes. "They finally rent that one out? I thought it was vacant ever since that trouble they had." he asks the group in general.

Ghost offers up the sweetest of smiles to the dwarf, walking backwards so she can face him as she answers with a little shrug. "Beats me. I would assume so since they called us out to get it ready to rumble and judging by the fact we're here and now and the whole 'its a rush job please' pleading in their voices, you are probably right!" She turns back around and continues walking. Busy elf cleaner lady! No time to daddle!

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Negotiation vs TN 4 for "Dwarves LOVE ME!":
    3 5 11    = 2 Successes

The Dwarf snorts and then nods as the elevator dings and opens. "I'd love to snoop over there but.. duty calls." He steps into the elevator and it quickly closes and he's on his way down.

Free lets out a relieved sigh. "I know dat guy." She says in a whisper.

Turning back towards the apartment, Walker grins to himself at Ghost Riddle's outstanding deflection. Once the dwarf is on his way, the shaman scans the code on his pocsec provided by their decker and waits for the door to open. "He know you?" he asks Free softly.

Freefall nods slowly to Walker's question.

Silhouette follows along and lets Ghostie work her magic. She plays it uninterested, but glances over enough to look busy not like she's trying to avoid anything. She moves up next to Walker and says, "I hope not."

Ghost bounces happily waiting for the door to open, trying her best to keep herself looking happy-go-lucky and not shitting bricks.

The door finally opens up to the darkened apartment and allows the four to enter. No signs of life or any issues.. except for some old police tape that sections off a hallway back towards what is likely bedrooms.

Once the door slides shut behind them, Walker sets down his load and leans back against the wall, fingers flickering through a set of rapid-fire gestures as he works a spell. "I'll track him: see if he noticed anything," he states economically before closing his eyes, breathing deepening as the spells catch.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Planning on getting some mileage from my clairsentience spells again. :)"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F6 Extended Clairvoyance":
    1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 8    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3S drain":
    1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 7 8 9 10    = 10 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Against +2 sustaining penalty, need 4 successes to negate":
    2 3 3 4 5 11 15    = 7 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F6 Extended Clairaudience":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 7 11    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 8 vs TN 5 for "5S drain":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Trauma damper will soak the remaining light drain. Training both spells on the dwarf to see if anything goes sideways."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "The apartment is fully furnished but dusty. As if no one's been here in a good long while. There's power and if you
check there's water as well. Just that police tape is truly abnormal."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Walker's spell takes hold and the dwarf is in the lobby.. or almost in it. He's stopped and tapping his finger to chin.
He then goes back to the elevator and pushed the button to go back up."

Ghost waits for everyone to get in then closes and locks the door. She moves quickly to find the jackpoint in the apartment. Once she does she kneels down and unslings her duffle bag and puts on the floor, opening it up and retrieving her deck case. She scans her thumbs prints against the locks and they pop. She flips the case open and pulls her wiz deck out covered in the anime stickers and puts it up on the desk. She unzips her work jump suit down to her sternum for easy access to her gun should she need it. She boots up the deck and lets it do its startup routine.

Walker's eyes flicker open, but from the effort of holding up both spells he comes off a little space as he turns to Ghost as though moving through treacle. "Coming back up," he informs them, the words clearly something of an effort to get out, "Think you can lock up that elevator for a while?" A mischievous grin spreads across his face with sloth-like speed.

Free takes this news of the dwarf returning with a grimace and moves to the kitchen and squats down out of sight for the moment. There is a connection for Ghostie on the main living room wall along side other various entertainment and power connections. Jacking in will be easy.

Silhouette is setting up vacuums and such having just set it all down. She seems to have figured it might be a good idea to continue the cover should someone come calling, "Back up? Hmm, he suspects something then?" Ghost says "FUCK!" in Elvish and quickly plugs her deck into the jackpoint and throws herself into a chair or on to the floor if that is more comfy and and pulls out the data cable from her deck and quickly slots it into here datajack on the back of her neck. "One stuck elevator coming up!" and she hits the big connect button on her deck and her body goes limp.

Ghost Riddle appears in her deck's starting host and logins in directly to the penthouse admin host, not having to jump out to the LTG this time and her backdoor should still be valid so she logs in quickly and immediately sends out her favorite little Anaylze program to go screeching in the darkness to locate the elevator control system.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Locate Slave Operation: Analyze 6. Index of 8. TN 2. 3 Successes needed to find slave. Complex action."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 5 vs TN 2 for "Where are you Mr. Elevator?":
    1 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 8 10    = 9 Successes

Logging in from within the tower send one to a new room. A waiting room of sorts. This being partially set up correctly. No others currently in the room thankfully. Ghost's program flips-flaps out of the room through the door behind the virtual counter and then returns with a happy swaark! Location found in the next area.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Ghost finds the elevator control proggie with little effort and immediately hits it with her Spoof proggie
which in this case looks like hundreds of black widow spiders crawling down her arm to cover the proggie in their 8-legged freaks dancing
bodies and start hammering it with commands to stop moving. Slave Test. Spoof 6. I think the TN is still 2 as I think your system was 6 8 6 6?"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "STOP! In the Name of LOVE! Before I break you apart~":
    3 3 5 5 5 5 8 11    = 8 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Else where in the tower, the dwarf is tapping his foot as the elevator is almost at the sixtyh floor. Then with an
almost violent jerk the moving box...stops moving and goes still.. quiet. The dwarf stays on his feet but goes over to the control panel and
pushes buttons.. then slams buttons.. then pushes the call button."

"He's… /really/ pissed," Walker intones in slow motion, an amused expression dawning on his features. "Might wanna intercept the call…" Caught up in his spells, he seems to be finding Ghost's adventures in the matrix highly entertaining.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 5 vs TN 2 for ""Hello, front desk how may I help you?"":
    2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 10    = 10 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Negotiation vs TN 4 for "I am totally not the elf girl you just talked to in the hallway!":
    4 5 8    = 3 Successes

There's a buzzing sound and then the line connects to the elevator comm. "Hello! HELLO!" The dwarf all but shouts into the mic. "Get me out of here!"

Ghost transmits through the elevators commsys, "Sir. Stay calm. We have noticed the elevator is stuck. Our tech guys are working on the problem now but it could be a few minutes. Just sit tight and we'll have you unstuck in a jiffy! We are sorry for the inconvenience."

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "With the crisis temporarily diverted, Ghost makes a Commlink call to her friends on the secured team network they
would have obviously setup, even if that is just a 4 way Cellphone call."

The dwarf is not happy. "What?! WAIT! Fix this damn thing now!" What follows is a rant of 'do you know who I am' mixed with more colorful language and things that aren't helpful or that would urge others to help.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 3 for "Yo team! Move your asses! I can't hold that elevator forever and
the dwarf currently stuck in it is pissed! Let me takeover the cameras real quick and feed them a loop then you can start moving. Give me a sec!":
    1 2 3 7 8    = 3 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "You manage to get the footage looped. Go ahead and roll matrix perception"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 5:
    3 4 4 5 5

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Edit Slave Test. Spoof 6. TN 2"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 for "One Hour Loop Coming up":
    2 2 5 5 5 5 5 5

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "The spoof is good and cameras are looped. In the trix a familiar looking ball pops down out of the ceiling and starts
to roll about the virtual room."

Ghost spots the probe IC arriving and frowns but sends out a message to the team, "Free, Walker.. GO!"

Seeing the Probe coming closer to inspect her curiously she commands her deck to evade and fires off her Cloak proggie which wraps her in darkness and attempts to make the IC lose its track on her temporarily.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Evasion Rating fo 6. Cloak Rating 3. G5-3 = TN 2."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Only 3 HP left on this round... Don't fail me now dice! HIDE MEEEEEEE":
    1 1 1 3 3 4 5 8    = 5 Successes

Free takes Ghost at her word and opens the door to the apartment and moves out into the hall, waiting for Walker before closing the door after. She keeps her head down and lets the bill of the ballcap hide most of her face from any of the cameras that may be about.

Tailing Free closely, Walker moves quickly and quietly behind her on light feet, hood drawn up to look like something off a trid show. Green eyes quickly inventory the rooms as they move through, checking for any nasty surprises on the way.

Ghost Riddle had the location of the elevator control systems and the security camera network. She was getting a little tired of holding the elevator so decided to make it hold itself by activating the emergency braking system to lock the elevator in place. Once she was done putting the elevator on hold so she didn't have to deal with it anymore, she turned her attention to the security camera node on the host. Kill it? No. That would make whoever is watching, if anyone, get into the game as their feeds went dead. Looping the feeds to show a blank, a classic, not no.. there is IC already watching her. She needs to get it fast and dirty. The idea hits her then. Don't stop the cameras, let them do their thing but just tell the recording software to just stop recording so there is no records afterward. This would buy her time to deal with the cameras directly one at a time as Free and Walker moved toward the mighty seventh. She sent her Spoof proggie off to deal with the elevator system, a cute little gremlin looking thing that turns itself into whatever progam its about to manipulate. *POP* It became the elevator control system and away it went to tell it there was an emergency and the brakes need to come on and stay on.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Simon Says STOP!":
    1 1 2 4 4 4 5 16    = 6 Successes

While the dwarf in the box continues to yell and rant at the speaker system, having to pause to catch his breath, Ghost's program works and causes the elevator to lurch one and then engage brakes. The dwarf falls to the floor and goes silent, likely fearfull for his life. In the matrix the system beeps audibly. The nearby probe turning and rolling in Ghostie's direction as a second ball comes out to play. Things are getting crowded in the virtual space.

Free moves quickly. A fast walk, unsure if the cameras are watching them closely or not. She gets to the stairwell door and opens it. Once inside she kicks on the speed, hopping from landing to landing and eating up meters of distance fast. Her eyes are focused, her breathing increased.

<<Plot>> Walker will get his Levitation going into his sustaining focus...
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "F2 Levitate":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 5 5 5 5 10    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3M drain":
    1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 9    = 8 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker can FLY! "Drain soaked."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Pose away :)"

As Free takes off up the steps, Walker's eyes flicker almost imperceptibly before the elf slips the bonds of gravity entirely, flitting effortlessly up behind Free like a shadow. As he ascends, his movements quicken, eyes darting around skittishly as his perceptions accelerate.

<<Plot>> Walker activates his magic tattoo for faster reflexes too, just need to soak the drain for that...
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3D drain from F4 Increase Reflexes Tat":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 7 9    = 7 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "And trauma damper nibbles up the last of that drain." Ghost sends her little gremlin over to the security
camera system node and has her Spoof proggie gremlin turn off the recording system (Complex Action) and then she has her goopy
acid monster looking Edit File proggie go trash all the footage the cameras have recorded for the entire day today (Simple Action).
If all that is successful she will flip the probes the bird and do a Graceful Logout (Complex Action) and call it a day for this system
at least for ten minutes or so while the system resets it's security sheaf.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "You See Nothing! You know nothing!":
    2 4 4 5 5 7 8 14    = 8 Successes

Ghostie's programs emerge and move about the control systems like the little monsters they are. The gremlin cackles and hoots as it jumps up and down over the spot that must control the camera's recording data. Small sparks launching every time it's feet smash down. It then does a little dance as it's job is done. But both probes perk up as this action. When the acid monster slops against the base of the wall under the gremlin the system beeps again and this time an alarm goes off. A door in the virtual wall appears as both probes lock onto Ghostie's virtual form fully. From the door a large shimmering humanoid form appears and steps out, moving towards Ghost as speed. Hands coming up and widening into nets as she prepares to log out.

Ghost sighs as she see's the Attack IC coming. What kind it is does not matter. She is almost done here. She just needs a few more microseconds to get the job done. As the combat IC comes for her she attempts to vanish from its view like a ghost while sending instructions for the Goopy Edit Proggie to remove all the files from the system.

<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Evasion Maneuver (Simple Action). My Evasion rating + HP vs the system's Security Rating since its an
IC. I will then in the same turn delete all the footage files for the day (Edit File-Simple Action). Remember you get only one roll
against my detection rating. At least I think I get my Hack pool since this is a Matrix move"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 6 + Hacking Pool: 5 for "Now you see me... now you don't":
    1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 vs TN 5:
    1 2 2 5 11    = 2 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Silhouette (#13726) rolls Intelligence:
    1 2 4 4 5 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 6 + Hacking Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Go away! SHOO! T_T":
    1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 7 7    = 0 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 6 + Hacking Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Go away! SHOO! Take Two! T_T":
    1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 9 10    = 2 Successes

Nets the size of platters swoosh so close to Ghost as she doges that she can hear the hum of active and angry code.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls 6 vs TN 2 for "Now you see me.. now you don't... I hope.":
    2 3 4 4 4 5    = 6 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 vs TN 6:
    2 2 4 5 5    = 0 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers vs TN 2 for "Files Go Bye Bye!":
    1 2 3 3 3    = 4 Successes

In the real world where Sil watches over Ghostie.. From the hallway Sil faintly catches a sound that alarms her and snags her attention. It's faint. Distance and wall thickness, rugs and all those sound deadening items don't keep her from hearing the familiar *ding* of an elevator. Seeing as one of the elevators is locked in position. It must be the service elevator.

Ghost is surprised by how quickly shit just got real in this apartment host system. She does a Neo style matrix dodge of the net attack, bending backwards at a 90 degree angle then rights herself in what could only be achieved in the matrix. We don't need no stink'n physics in here! She's had about enough of that already and so blinks out of existence to another section of the host and at the same time commands her acid icon to delete all the video records of the day.

Free has the door to the hallway open and is out into the hall. Her walk almost a walk-run as she moves the short distance to Daitan's apartment. Her breathing is almost ragged, one hand clenching un unclenching and she waits there the few moments till Walker arrives. "How we doing this?" She says softly, other hand getting ready to pull down her mask from under the ballcap.

Silhouette's head snaps towards the door at the *DING* and she cues the com to Ghostie, "Um, the angry one is still stuck in his elevator, hai? How about the elevator we came up on…. it just opened on this floor…can you see who it is?"

Arriving quickly after scanning the stairs one last time, Walker flits along to join Free by the door, taking a moment to examine the frame before he answers. His voice isn't audible, instead his throat mic picks up subvocal murmurs to send through the commlink.

>>If Ghostie can't open them from here we crack the pad and get like that... or I get creative with the door but it's a little early for that.
<<Plot>> Ghost Riddle says, "Monitor Slave. Simple Action. Spoof vs Slave. TN 2"

Ghostie got you guys access with the work order to get into the building and access to the room Ghostie and Sil are in currently but nothing else. Ghostie has the cam recordings off. The main elevators frozen. Sil is reporting sounds and asking questions as Walker and Free are now at Daitan's front door and looking to get in.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "In that case I suggest we make with the Electronics rolls to get through the locks (assuming it's a regular card-reader/maglock.""
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Is a normal maglock. Also has bio reader hand/finger access."
<<Plot>> Walker busts out the micro-electronics kit and microvision goggles then, since Ghostie's probably too far for timely assistance... unless
Free has decent B&E skills?
<<Plot>> Freefall does not.
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Unless you mean breaking the door down and entering the room."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "That's plan B."
<<Plot>> Walker nods. "As I recall then I need a TN to break the case and another for the electronics themselves. Each one's base time 1 minute IIRC
and the microvision goggles only help with the electronics themselves."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Up to you. :) A minute at the door and Free might go to plan B."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Quiet option seems better. B&E it is."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Are you waiting for me to do things Free? I'm decided on the lock-picking, just need the TNs."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Electronics + Karma Pool: 2 vs TN 6 for "Breaking the case, KP6":
    2 5 5 5 9    = 1 Success
<<Plot>> Walker phews

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Electronics B/R + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Electronics inside, -2TN with microvision goggles, KP7":
    2 3 4 9    = 2 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "90 seconds total then."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "That means we'll focus on Sil and Ghostie next time for a bit as time drags on."

Pulling a pair of goggles and a compact case from the satchel slung around his torso beneath his coveralls, Walker gets to work on the case. Technical skills clearly aren't the shamans strong suit, but a look of intense focus settles on his features and he works with the methodical care of someone carefully going through the steps in their mind. With the case off, the goggles go on to bypass the internal circuitry which proves to be an easier job. In a little under two minutes the maglock flicks to green to open the doors.

>> All set, just gimme a sec to prep some mojo.
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I believe those KP numbers are right, but they might want checking."

This was it, her first real deal run and she had something prove. Ghost Riddle's spooky persona icon was busy holding an elevator, erasing logs and destroying video feed all while slipping in and out of the shadows of the Matrix as not one, but two IC Probes were hunting for her while some kind of Tar Baby or worse was launching entanglement code at her to lock her in the matrix. She had dodged that digit disaster and faded into the shadows of the Matrix node. So close to being done in here! She was nervous but she had bought herself some time with a wiz execution of defensive code. 18 seconds to be precise. More than enough time. She already knew where the file storage system was so she slung out one last piece of code command; Delete yourself and don't make a backup.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "You Saw Nothing! YOU KNOW NOTHING!":
    1 2 2 3 4 5 5 9    = 7 Successes

The second IC program rolls out and closer to the darkness and Ghost Riddle. It's larger spherical form sounding ominous as it nears and a red dot for an eye appears on the surface trying to sort her out from the rest of the digital world. The IC within the darkness whirls around in place, lost and searching for a relative base point to begin it's searching again. It had the pesky intruder before and now it's gone.

Her work done, Ghost Riddle activated her logout batch routine that cleans up behind her, removes her traces from the system of having been there and closes the connection.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 4 vs TN 2 for "Get me outta here!":
    2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5    = 9 Successes

With a gasp of air, Ghost shot up in her seat back in the meat world and started yanking out here data cable and packing up her shit ASAP while Sil covered the door.

The deck is /hot/ after handling so much data flow in so little time. The heat sinks and fans still running after power is pulled to cool down it's interior. At the door Sil has her ear pressed to the fake wood surface listening.

As the electronics finally yield under his persistence, Walker nods to Freefall. "Door should open when you push: managed to cut the bleeping and the lights so we should be cool." As he talks, he methodically packs his tools away in their sleek travel case. "If we can wait for a second though I can bring in some backup…"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Do you remember if I had summoned any spirits?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "I do not recall that you did? But you made mention before of having one ready to go protect Ghostie if need be."

Free is all but vibrating where she stands next to Walker. She's ready. She almost goes when he says the door will open but pulls back her hand and then nods curtly, eyes still focused on the door.

<<Plot>> Walker will summon two hearth spirits then - both great forms using Invoking - one at F5 to come with us, one F7 to go cover Ghostie and Sil.
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "As far as I remember you have 1 stun I think."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Shit I do? That could be inconvenient. >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Your cyber has saved you at least three times this run so far? :)"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Normally I'd have rerolled to avoid stun this early on, though I might have screwed up. Ah well, I better lean on Centering to deal..."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties for F5 spirit, need 2 hits to cancel the stun penalty":
    3 3 4 4 8 10 17    = 7 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Conjuring + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 5 for "F5 Great Form Hearth Spirit":
    2 4 4 4 4 5 5 10 10 10    = 5 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Conjuring vs TN 2 for "Invoking":
    1 2 2 3 5 5 5    = 6 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "F5 summoned with 5 services, force is low enough that Blondie only needs to soak L stun which his trauma damper deals with (to avoid spam)."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties for F7 spirit, need 2 hits to cancel the stun penalty":
    1 3 3 4 4 5 5    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Conjuring + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 7 for "F7 Great Form Hearth Spirit":
    3 4 4 4 4 5 5 10 10 11    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Conjuring vs TN 3 for "Invoking":
    1 1 1 3 4 5 10    = 4 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "nods. No need for a lodge to summon great form? I've got that 5th ed stuff stuck in my head."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Nope. Invoking for shamans is pretty sweet."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Same story for the F7. 3 services. Posing!"

With the toolkit tucked away, Walker leans both hands and his forehead against the wall. The elf's breathing deepens and the air seems to still, his breath misting in front of him despite the temperature controlled air. As he pulls back from the wall, fingers beckoning in an almost dance-like rhythm, two sets of ghostly hands follow him.

As the spirits manifest into visibility, the shaman stares into their eyes which take on the same burning glow as his. Now fully formed, one stands taller than most trolls, all long limbs and menacing sharpness to its thickly muscled marble limbs. The other is smaller, a feminine figure of arresting beauty like a statue of Venus clad in blood red armor.

After a quick nod to both, Walker instructs the larger one. "Go downstairs to where the young elf hides. Do as she says and protect her." A quick glance at the other is followed by a much simpler command. "Be ready."

The 'female' spirits fingers sharpen into razor points as her sculpted visage cracks to reveal rows of razor teeth.

Commlink-Walker> Walker sends, « Hey Newbie? Got some backup headed your way. Just make sure you talk in an authoritative voice, OK? »

Freefall is almost unnerved by the spirits and their forms. The larger goes away and the second 'smiles' causing Free to shudder and growl softly. Her hand reaches up and pulls down her mask over her if those within could mistake her for someone else..

<<Plot>> Walker says, "For the record, they're both astral at the moment, but will materialize if instructed to (to attack bad dudes, say)."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Ah.. so they materialized briefly and then went back astral?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "The technical term is manifested. Astral forms can appear to living people (psychically) without taking physical form,
which is what spirits do when first summoned. Generally they don't like being 'real'."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Ahh.. another difference between 3rd and 5th."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Manifested spirits can be seen by the living, materialized ones can reach out and touch you. Astral mages can manifest,
but not materialize as a distinction."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Oh and for the record, big spirit has +2 reach and 1 armor, little spirit has 5 armor."
Commlink-Ghost Riddle> Ghost Riddle sends, << I am packing up my shit! I have done all I can do from here! And huh--? What kind of backup? >>

Giving Freefall a nod, Walker sets a hand against the door and pushes it open, alert for any signs of movement on the other side.

Commlink-Walker> Walker sends, « Ever had an invisible friend when you were little? Mine are bigger and bulletproof… mostly. »

<<Plot>> Walker says, "It'll probably get to Ghostie before she finishes packing up and do a bit of friendly looming. :3"

Commlink-Freefall> Freefall sends, << We're going in. 3. 2. 1. >>

Freefall pushes open the door with just enough force to open it fully. The first room is something of a reception room. A couch and three comfy looking chairs are set around a coffee table. To the right side of the room is a more traditional Japanesse room with walls made of rice paper frames. The doorway is open to that room as well, mats spread out across it's floor and another low table set there. The door to the guard room is open partly with movement of some kind within it. Out on the couch a suited guard reads a honest to God magazine. His head turning towards the opening door.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Initiative with a modifier of -1 with a result of 18.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Reaction"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3 + 8:
    1 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 7 11 15

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    2 3 9

<<Plot>> Walker nods.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Initiative with a result of 17.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    1 1 14
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    1 5 8
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 1:

<<Plot>> Walker says, "One complex or two simples plus one free per pass."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Actually one free per phase, but that's getting into the weeds. ;P"

The Guard is not as surprised as he should be. The man getting to his feet and pulling a larger gun from his jacket as he shouts out a single word in Japanesse. "Intruders!"

<<Plot>> Walker will delay until after Free. "He gets much scarier if there's time to channel so if Free can down this guy that'd be ideal." :3

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat - Impact + Combat Pool: 2:
    2 2 4

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat + Combat Pool: 2:
    1 2 3 3 5 5 5 15

<<Plot>> Walker says, "(Quickness+Intelligence+Willpower)/2 (round down)"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 + 3:
    1 3 3 5 7 7 11 14

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Armour reduces his power, then Body+whatever combat pool you want."

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "JHer armor reduces his power to 2."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 10:
    1 2 2 4 4 5 7 8 9 15

Free launches herself into the room in silence, spur coming out and lunging down for a heart strike. The guard parries and pops Free in the gut with a counter that does nothing but make the catted woman grunt.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "So those caught by surprise (guards in other room) will come in on this new pass, yes?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "That's one way to play it (not sure if they'd count as surprised with that warning). Probably readying this turn to give
us a bad time next."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Adds other guards in this pass. Those that can act anyway."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "OK, Blondie tries to pull focus. Channels the spirit to get some Immunity to Normal Weapons and looks obviously menacing
to attempt to draw fire from Free."

The security door jerks open fully a guard with gun in hand stepping out and trying to make sense of the combat so far. Raising his gun he takes aim at Free. Behind him two more guards at tryign to get up from their chairs and ready.

<<Plot>> Walker uses his free action to put 8 shielding dice on Free and himself to mess with the mage.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Conjuring vs TN 3 for "Channeling F5 Great Form Hearth Spirit, 1 minute per success up to 5":
    1 2 3 3 4 4 11    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker supermans for 5 minutes then. }:D
<<Plot>> Walker says, "At which point he needs to soak 5D stun drain"

Sighing to himself as the door opens to reveal a waiting guard and Free barrels through, Walker mutters, "So much for the subtle approach…" Reaching out behind him as if to take the astral spirit by the hand, the she-ghast floats forward until the two figures entirely overlap. A brief flash of light later and only one remains, white-gold flames licking from its eyes as it steps into the room.

"OhhhHH," three voices purr in unison as the elf-thing rolls out its neck and shoulders, teeth seeming to sharpen as the spirit's power manifests, "THiS is goINg to be FUN…"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 + 2:
    1 1 1 4 5 5 22

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat:
    1 2 3 5 9 16

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 1 1 4 4 4 5 5 10

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat + Combat Pool: 2:
    1 1 1 2 2 5 5 7

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 + 2:
    1 1 2 4 4 5 5

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 2 2 2 2 3 5 9 10

<<Plot>> Walker reminds that inits persist, you just subtract 10 for the next pass until everyone drops below 1. Then new inits.

A flurry of blows are exchanged between Free and the guard. Almost as if the two had sparred before he knows what she's thinking what she's doing. And yet no matter how he strikes her she shrugs off the hits. A second guard comes out of the guard room. The last still frozen to his chair, slow to react.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    1 5 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    4 5 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Initiative with a modifier of +2 with a result of 20.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3:
    1 3 3
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 1:
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Initiative with a result of 15.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 + 2:
    4 5 5 5 5 5

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Looks like. Good thing I've got immunity. What kind of gun we talking? >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "ares pred"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Regular ammo or fashionable EXEX? :3"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "What's exex?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "EX-explosive ammo. Adds 2 power and it's pretty available. I'd give it him, make me roll some soaks. ;)"
<<Plot>> Freefall shakes head. "Not neighbor friendly incase rounds go through walls. Normal ammo."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "In that case the gun plinks uselessly. Immunity to normal weapons no-sells anything up to twice the force (10 in this case)."

The latest guard to arrive raises his gun and fires first one.. then a second shot. Both seem to strike Walker butbits of lead fall to the floor. Brows rise as the shooter yes. "Mage!"

<<Plot>> Walker casts Laser on the silly, silly goon. >.>---------- o.o
<<Plot>> Walker says, "That guy got any cover or just twisting in the wind?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Heh. Only cover in here are Free and the guard fighting and the furniture if they knelt."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against stun penalty for casting (need 2)":
    1 2 4 4 5 10 11    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "9M Laser":
    1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 16    = 7 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 2 (Totem) - 7 (Successes) vs TN 4 for "Reroll 1, KP8":
    1 2 2 2 3 3 5 5 17    = 3 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker stands on 10. "Guy can try and dodge and soak as normal ranged, but targets half (round down) impact armor.
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Sorry. that should've been 10M. Brain is fuzzy"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "5S stun drain":
    1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 7    = 2 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower - 2 (Successes) vs TN 5 for "Reroll 1, KP9":
    1 1 1 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 8 9    = 6 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker nods. "No drain this time!"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Yup. Straight-up TN4."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5:
    1 2 3 4 8
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 7:
    2 3 3 4 10 15 17
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Down to 8 successes which would be 10D+4 to soak. Not sure exactly if that's the impact (I don't know my armor that well).
Just needs halving before applying."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Before soak I mean..."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Yeah, that roll would get another 3 off but wouldn't be enough. KP for rerolling though?"

Tracking up from the flattened bullets on the floor, the apparition's blazing eyes brighten as the chorus growls, "Oh gOOD! A vOLuntEER!" Graceful fingers describe curves in the air, a bauble at his wrist catching the flickering lights oddly as the eyes reach a blinding intensity. Twin beams of light lance from the radiance, burning through the unfortunate guard's chest just below the neck to leave a neatly cauterized ruin in the gently-smoking corpse.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 + 2:
    2 2 2 3 5 5 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6 + 2:
    1 1 2 3 4 5 5 16

<<Plot>> Walker says, "One net success to her, so that guard has to soak her base melee damage."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Power minus Impact."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 7:
    3 4 4 4 5 9 10

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 + 2:
    3 4 5 5 5 7
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 + 2:
    2 2 2 3 4 7

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 2 2 2 4 4 5 7 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 7:
    1 1 1 2 4 5 17

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat + Combat Pool: 3:
    1 1 1 2 3 3 5 7 9

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 + 3:
    1 1 2 4 5 5 9 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body:
    1 1 2 2 4 5 5 5 5 11

It's amazing how much can happen so fast. In a blink of an eye the melee between Freefall and the guard is a flurry of blocks and exchanged blows. Free finally managing to get a cut in across the guard's chest. Yet the second guard in the room shoots into the melee and scores two hits. The first managing to run a burning line across Free's ribs while the second is absorbed by the armor she wears. Walker prey sinks to the ground, almost catching alight again as the heat of the spell dissipates and within the security room the last guard gets to his feet and smashes a button, red swirling lights dropping from the ceiling and alerting anyone within the residence that guests are here.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Can Walker see the guy in the security room?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "He can. Basically has partial cover with guy in front of the door and the door partly closed."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Right. Will attempt to end this quickly with a stunball then. Willpower on the goons? Dude in
security will get his cover bonus and it'll hit Walker and Free but with shielding up it shouldn't hurt them. >.>"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Metamagic. He's put 8 dice worth of it around Free and him so TNs for spells against them are increased by 8."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "It's like grownup spell defense."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Mage goon has spell defense up. Whole pool as he can not act again this round. :D"
<<Plot>> Walker nods. "He gets to try and counter Walker's successes after the cast then. Rolls against force after Walker. Willpower
for the goons?"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "OK, so TN for the guy inside is going to be 9 with cover. Need to center a bunch of penalties but we'll see..."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, +1 cancelled for every 2 successes":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 5    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Removes L stun penalty and +1 of the cover..."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "What's Free's Willpower? Need to work out if he wings her too :/"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 2 + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "TN4 for the two out here, 7 for the guy inside,
11 for Free, 22 for Walker":
    2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 10    = 9 Successes

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Should do for the guys out here at least. Will be a 6S stunball, mage needs to roll his spell defense against TN6 to counter Walker's successes."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Only 1 success on the guy inside, but Free and Walker are unaffected."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3D stun drain":
    1 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 7 10 10 11    = 13 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Hot dice tonight! No drain."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Average of Magic, Willpower and Intelligence (round down)"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "For dodging yes, for soaking no."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Remember he gets to counter."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "This guy has nothing to counter with? :) Just the cp pool."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "No melee skill at all? >.>"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "He can dodge in theory, but generally counters are better."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Nope.. straight from the bboards melee"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I'd consider giving him at least Brawling 3 or something... he's security after all."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 7 + 3 vs TN 7:
    1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 vs TN 5:
    1 3 3 4    = 0 Successes

<<Plot>> Walker says, "S wound after staging? Or D?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "serious"

Freefall winces as the spell energy washes over her, stinging her skin but not otherwise affecting her. She's not too surprised with the guard she was fighting falls to the floor and immediately bounds over the couch and into the security room. Spurs sinking directly through the last guard's secure jacket and into his chest to the knuckles before she withdraws them. The man would scream if she hadn't punctured his lungs. He slips down into a seated position staring at Free and frothing blood at the mouth.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Combat basicly over.. 6 seconds"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "4 Shots fired."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "You a mage, my bleeding chum?":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 11    = 2 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yus..yus he is."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 10 for "Just for flavour, is Blondie or the other two more in control right now? >.>":
    1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 11    = 1 Success

Picking his way through the slumped bodies in the hall, Walker peers through the door of the office. He seems to tremble slightly as he moves, as if not quite in control of himself, his eyes now a soft gold rather than pits of fire as he looks from Freefall to the slumped figure.

"You are injured," he observes after a glance at - or perhaps through - his companion, "Let me take a look?"

Then his gaze comes to rest on the figure. "I can fix you, presuming you are smart enough to help deal with your asshole boss. You'll call upstairs, tell them things have been handled and kill the alert and you get to walk out of here. I'm not in the mood to haggle: this offer expires shortly after I get done healing her at which point you die." Rather than the almost gleeful abandon during the fight, his voice is now decidedly his own, soft and near-toneless.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "You want a social roll to go with that? :)"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "please :D"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intimidation for "Open test (lots of modifiers but I can't remember all of them off the top of my head)":
    3 4 4 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intimidation for "Reroll 1, KP10":
    1 2 2 5
<<Plot>> Walker stands on a 5, but there's a BUNCH of mods on the open test table...

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Dude needs to roll Willpower against the modified TN to resist."

Freefall is loathe to turn her eyes from the bleeding man. Leaving her spurs out she opens up the uniform and then her jacket to show a bloodied shirt underneath. A grazing shot but bleeding slowly now. She's silent and watching the downed mage.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 vs TN 11:
    2 2 3 4 5    = 0 Successes

The man wheezes a breath in and out. Something burbles and it's not his mouth. "I" He struggles to get words out and remains as still as possible other then to cough up blood which causes him to wince.

<<Plot>> Walker will heal Freefall and then the mage. "This might get tricky... what's your Essence?" >.>

<<Plot>> Walker ooooofs. "TN 10 it is!" XD
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Just L wound though?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "yes"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, need 2 to cancel my stun...":
    1 3 4 5 5 5 14    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 10 for "TN10 to heal Free, need just 1 for an L":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 9 9    = 0 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 10 for "Reroll 1, KP11":
    1 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 9 9 10 10 10 11 11    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Hot damn! Done in a few seconds! o.o"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "L drain is countered by trauma damper :)"

Nodding to the mage with an unreadable expression, Walker slowly reaches out two fingers to rest them against Free's neck as though finding her pulse. "We gotta talk about running into firefights with a knife," he remarks, not exactly unkindly, as his eyes glow. After a moment where his brows know into a frown, a rush of warmth flows from his fingers and through her body, the minor wound in her side knitting itself shut in moments as though it never were.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "*"knot into a frown", not "know" @_@"

Free's body tenses as the magic energy rushes through her. There's a split second of what might be a growl but it's cut off almost before it can begin and she steps closer to the mage sitting on the floor, claws near his neck, waiting for Walker to heal the man. In this she's taking no chances.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "His Essence? :3"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "6"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, need 2":
    1 1 2 2 3 3 3    = 5 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 4 for "TN4 to heal the mage...":
    1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 8 11    = 11 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I'm going to only bring him to M physical and use the rest to speed up the process. Should be done in 2 turns."
<<Plot>> Freefall nods
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "6 seconds. :)"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Roughly a minute since entry."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3S stun drain":
    1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 8 10    = 10 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "No drain, posing."

Wordlessly, Walker places his palms together, fingers dancing through a few different patterns before placing them either side of the mage's head. The man's bleeding - at least the worst of it - halts and some of the color returns to his face, but even without Free's presence it's clear he's in no condition to fight. "That's enough for you to walk outta here," he elf intones softly, "Now turn off these fucking lights before my girl here gets impatient."

Slowly, with his hands where they can be seen, the mage gets to his feet with another wince. He reaches over and presses a larger round button on the wall and the flashing lights retract back where they came from. A moment later a voice speaks from a comm system on the wall. The voice familiar and in Japanesse "Report."
Free stiffens, knuckles turning white.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Trying to remember, have Walker and Freefall done mindlink chitchat before? He wouldn't use it if she hasn't noticed it prior."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "They have. twice I think."

Walker says nothing, merely directing a warning look at the mage, eyes glowing brighter. Freefall meanwhile, here's his voice in her head, oddly muted as if from behind a wall.

~Dammit Free, keep it together. This is the easiest way we get in.~

Free doesn't move or react outwardly to the voice in her head. She responds mentally with agitated snarl that might do Walker's totem proud. Yet she pulls her emotions back and the link becomes more settled and clear. The mage keeps his eyes on Walker, the larger threat even if Free is standing there with claws at his throat. A hand slowly goes to the comm and presses a button. He responds in Japanesse, "Intruders down. I repeat. Intruders down. I will report once we have more information." And he lets off the button.

Recognising someone struggling with anger instinctually, Walker does his best to project understanding sympathy, but Freefall might be left with the impression that his head is a little too full right now. Perhaps the sounds of smashing furniture are just products of an overactive imagination?

Producing a pair of plasteel cuffs from his satchel, Walker proceeds to restrain the mage. "Now: you're gonna tell me about any little surprises waiting on the way upstairs. You can dismiss the big spirit up there for a start, and the watchers, and I want free passage through the wards. Any surprises I don't hear about that get in our way will result in you not walking out. Clear?"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 4 for "F1 Mindnet":
    1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 10 11 17    = 8 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3D stun drain":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 7    = 7 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "No drain after trauma damper."

The mage guard makes a sour face, but raises his hands to be cuffed. He closes his eyes briefly and then opens them again. "It is done, barbarian. The ancestors are gone. The way is open. May my forefathers forgive me this shame." He says in heavily tainted English.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "A minute 30 seconds since entering."

"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists," the elf responds in exactingly perfect, almost robotic Japanese with a slight smirk before nodding to Free.

~You ready? I can't keep this spirit channel up forever so we better move quickly.~

Into his throat mic he whispers near-inaudibly, "Ghostie, you doing OK down there?"

Free nods once and backs out of the security office and hops up the steps to the next floor in one go with gun out. This time she waits for Walker, though, rather then running ahead and scans the hallway finding nothing.

Mild disapproval, albeit tinged with a hint of pride one might have in a precocious student, leaks through the link as Walker hustles up the stairs. ~Right behind you~

As he draws level with her, a blank look settles on his face as his eyes flash, an odd ripple seeming to mask his outline if Freefall is watching him.

<<Plot>> Walker uses the channelled spirit's Concealment power to make it harder to notice the pair of them. TN+5 to spot them in the house.
<<Plot>> Freefall nods
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5:
    1 1 3 4 7
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6:
    1 1 2 2 3 5

Free moves around to the next set of stairs up and this time takes her time walking up the steps, gun in the lead and pointed. She swivels around to check the hall and reports -Clear.- once again across the link. Right on this report's heels Daitan's voice comes over the comms system speakers throughout the residence. "Greetings Roro. And I am assuming Mr. Walker. I've lost sight of you but please do come on in." The man's voice is calm. The voice of a man in control. Frees emotions spike across the link.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Two minute mark."
<<Plot>> Walker breaks out one of his little-used gems...
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) has the Spell Extended Detect Enemies with the following information:
-------------------------> Spell for Walker (#12094) <-------------------------
  Spell Name: Extended Detect Enemies
       Force: 6
  Spell Type: Detection
      Target: DT(R)
  Drain Code: S
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, need 2":
    2 2 2 3 4 7 7    = 7 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "F6 Extended Detect Enemies to sniff out ambushes
and the like (guessing TN6 since folks with be out of sight)":
    1 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 10 10 11 11 11 15    = 6 Successes

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Roll Drain. :) You'll sense two and they'll be back in the bedroom section of this floor if your feeling is correct."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "4S stun drain":
    1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 8    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Just enough with the trauma damper which is really earning its pay today!"

Rolling his eyes at the theatricality - and the misplaced honorific, though a Japanese voice is a new take on the formula - Walker follows close behind Free. ~One sec,~ he sends, mind quietly intent in the wake of that invitation as his fingers make a few elaborate gestures that Free can now feel the calming effect of as the motion seems to ward off the shaman's fatigue.

A new sense is fed through the link, like an itch that points them towards trouble. He doesn't have to ask if she sees them: as one does; so does the other. For now at least.

On this level the hallway is like that of a traditional Japanesse feudal house. Wood slats under the feet, polished and darkly stained. The wall on the righthand side composed of sections of ornamentally pained paper. Light, blueish-grey, shines against the back of them. Free growls then, unable to help herself, the growl continuing to rumble for the few seconds it takes her to side the entry door to one side and point gun within. Through the link there is a strong jolt of shock and then misery that comes through strong as Free looses composure and sobs once aloud. She steps into the room. Once Walker gets a view within it's easy to tell what has her upset. Over by the desk area with it's shelves behind it, a trideo feed has been overlaid. The silent images of Freefall and Daitan stand and act out an argument. A gun is pulled and Free takes it and claws Daitan's face. A second woman drops from the ceiling into view and after a moment's combat Free's silent form pulls the trigger and the other woman crumples. The trideo then starts again from the beginning. Other then Free the room is empty and the only other thing that stands out is a shiny new stout metal cage two meters square with empty food and water dishes set within it.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Can Blondie see the trid projector?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yes. Very clearly set in the ceiling."
<<Plot>> Walker will unceremoniously Laser it to bits.
<<Plot>> Walker says, "You want rolls for that?"
<<Plot>> Freefall nods. "Please."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, need 2 to counter L Stun":
    1 2 2 3 4 5 7    = 6 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Any ranged mods? Guessing stationary target for -1 but anything else?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Nope.. I'ts within 7 meters."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) vs TN 3 for "10M Laser":
    2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 9 10 11    = 14 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "5S stun drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 8 8 9 16    = 6 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "It's dead Jim."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I think I flubbed my drain TN there, should've been 6 but between that roll and a trauma damper I'm good."

Just for a moment, the wall in Walker's mind shifts, and incoherent, boundless rage floods the link. Only for a moment though, as the recording plays out and begins to repeat the feeling coalesces into calmness… certainty.

The twin pillars of light that lash out of the elf's eyes punch straight through the projector's housing briefly white out the room.

In the darkness that follows, an odd mixture of sympathy, pride and tightly controlled fury permeate the link as three voices speak but now in perfect, disquieting harmony. ~This twisted fuck is scared Free, otherwise he wouldn't be pulling this home movie shit. It's his fault she's dead, not yours.~

A mental note indicates the bedroom. ~Make her death mean something: End. Him.~

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 7 vs TN 2:
    1 3 3 4 4 7 8    = 6 Successes

The low illumination from the room lights continues as a few sparks fall from the burnt projector and land on the wooden floor. From where the desk sits Daitan's voice is heard as if he were standing in the room, though the detection spell still indicates there's no one there. In a sharp tone and in Japanesse he shouts, "Roro! Disarm and heel!" Free's gun clatters to the floor and she starts walking quickly towards the bedroom. She screams after the second step as her body betrays her mind. Or at least she thinks it's betraying her. The link bares clear her uncertainty and anguish.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Psychology for "Some kind of conditioning?":
    2 2 5 5 8
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Taking a punt there I know"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "It could be that. It could be some sort of ability as well. A combination of the two?"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Bedroom door open?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yes."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Lit inside? >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Free will get in first unless you're a faster mover then she is. And there is a small amount of light within.
A side table or desk light's worth."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Channeling increases physical attributes by force of spirit, so Quickness is currently 10? >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, " You beat her's by one. :) It'd be a close thing."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "OK, subtlety takes a back seat over keeping her safe(ish) sprint through the door hoping that Concealment
might keep me unseen long enough to do things, otherwise bank on magic hax to stay alive. o.o"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Shall I pose that then confront whatever the mess in there is?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "we're at 2min 30 seconds now. :) And yes please pose."

The 'presence' on Walker's end of the link registers Freefall's reaction with a mixture of alarm and shock, but the undercurrent of anger is still there as the elf takes off for the bedroom door at a dead sprint to beat her to it.

~I'm right here Free, but I need to drop the link for a minute while we deal with this. Not going anywhere.~ With that parting shot and the mental equivalent of a slightly-too-tight hug, the link dissipates as the wavering outline of the elf hurtles towards the door.

<<Plot>> Walker drops the Mindnet as a free action.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 vs TN 8:
    2 4 4 4    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 vs TN 8:
    1 1 3 4 5    = 0 Successes

Within the bedroom two people stand ready. The first is Daitan, handsome even with the three light scar marks running across his cheek. He's watching the door carefully but does not seem to see the mage as he hurtles in. Beside him is a young woman. She's pretty in that girl next door way. Dressed in clothing that's expensive but doesn't seem to suit her. In her hands a gun is pointed at the doorway. A look of fright on her face.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "need a perception at +3 diff due to rapid nature and dim light of the place."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 vs TN 8:
    2 5 5 11    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5 vs TN 8:
    1 3 4 5 11    = 1 Success

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 + 2:
    1 4 5 5 8 8

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body vs TN 4:
    2 3 4 5 5 8 8 9 9 11    = 8 Successes

The gun goes off, bullet wizing past Walker whom the shooter doesn't even see. It slams into Freefall's shoulder which rocks that shoulder back and cause Free to yell again.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence vs TN 7 for "Whassat? >.>":
    1 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 8    = 1 Success

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Even in this chaos and with the speed of things happening, Walker will note that Daitan has a grenade in his hand."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Time for some poetic justice I think. Control Thoughts targeting Daitan. Girl doesn't seem like a major problem."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Just need his willpower unless there are some extra wrinkles there..."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "6"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering for success since 6 and 7 are identical odds in Shadowrun!":
    3 3 5 5 8 15 17    = 7 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker oopses. "3 successes, not 7."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) vs TN 7 for "F6 Control Thoughts":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 11 11 15    = 4 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) - 4 (Successes) vs TN 7 for "Reroll 1, KP12":
    1 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 7 8 9    = 3 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker stands on 8 net (+1 from centering). Daitan needs to cancel out 6 of them to resist.
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Willpower vs Force (6)"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6 vs TN 6:
    1 1 2 4 8 10    = 2 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "5S stun drain":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 19    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 7 - 2 (Successes) vs TN 5 for "Reroll 1, KP13":
    1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 7 11    = 7 Successes

Initially planning to put the girl who's clearly out of her depth to sleep to simplify matters, Walker quickly realizes there are more pressing concerns when he spots the grenade in Daitan's fist. Acknowledging that, sometimes, the voice in your head is totally right, the elf's eyes blaze once more as webs of mana wrap around the yakuza boss' thoughts, engulfing his conscious mind like a constrictor enfolding its prey.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "While I have his mind (he isn't consciously aware) I need another simple action to give commands."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Control Thoughts is fiddly like that."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "If I recall correctly, he can act normally until Walker has time to give a command. My mind control-fu is rusty though."

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "We shall go with that. We could roll inits but I can guarantee both walker and free will go first due to stats/dice/buffs."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Walker.. your action."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Simple action for command to make sure Daitan behaves, then telling the girl very emphatically to drop the gun. Oh and drop Concealment."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Pose away."

Still operating at an accelerated pace, Walker's mental commands swamp Daitan's thoughts. The grenade is held tightly, fingers carefully held to ensure it won't be exploding any time soon. As the shaman shimmers back into visibility, a pair of flaming eyes stare flatly at the new girl.

"Drop the gun girl." The shaman practially whispers the words, "I am in no mood to humor you. Leave. Now."

For all the hatred simmering in his mind earlier, he practically ignores Daitan. There's no gloating, no violent outbursts. Instead the elf glances to Freefall. "Release her," three voices command at once.

Freefall clutches her shoulder and moves towards Daitan, shaking her head slowly. If she's under control it's hard to tell. Free's voice comes from the mask, "Why!? Why!?" AS if she could get all her questions out in a simple word. You young woman shrinks away from Walker but then surges forward towards Free trying to defend Daitan. "Bitch! Get away from him! Murderer!"

<<Plot>> Walker says, "She was warned: girl gets stun bolted. After that it's check to see if Daitan can meaningfully answer
that question (guessing not) and if he can't reading his mind so he can give Free some kind of closure."

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Action by action like it was a combat round. :)"
<<Plot>> Walker stunbolt first then. "What's her willpower?"

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Girls wp is 3"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, need 2 to counter L Stun, 4 to counter sustaining":
    1 1 3 4 4 5 10    = 5 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker takes the +1 TN.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "6D stunbolt":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 8 10    = 9 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "5D stun drain D:":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 9 14    = 6 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "No drain with trauma damper. Thank spirits for bioware. ;D"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Heh.. you OP mage you. :D :D :D"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "does Daitan get any rolls to shrug off control?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "He can roll Willpower vs force, but since Walker is present he gets to roll his Willpower against Daitan's to keep the control."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Rolling for the girl or are we taking her as KO'd?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Even if she got 3 succ she'd be out or loopy as hell almost down. Lets call it down."

A quick glance at the girl and a tsk of disapproval accompanies a brief flash in Walker's eyes before the girl sprawls on to the floor at Freefall's feet, very firmly asleep. "Stupid…" he mutters as he begins to rifle through Daitan's mind to see if the man is even capable of the introspection required to answer Free's question.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6:
    2 2 3 4 4 7
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Karma pool?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "nods"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6:
    2 3 4 4 4 8

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Needs a 6, so he'd have 1 from the first which you'd remove before the reroll. Only open tests (e.g. Stealth or Intimidation) reroll all of them."

There is rage in Daitan's mind as well as a calm center with the angry storm. Is there fear? A small amount. But Daitan's mind is rigid and introspective as well as the oily coating of cunning.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "So two succ over all to fight."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 for "Contest of wills, TN=6Willpower+1L stun":
    2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 10 11    = 2 Successes

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Walker still in firm control."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "My idea is either Daitan can give a meaningful answer (in which case he does), or Walker does a bit of mental pilfering/psychoanalysis to give
a meaningful answer if Daitan can't. Your call which way to go and how really."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "He'll answer."

Angry as he might be, trying to resist the compulsion ensnaring his mind is like a fish trying to resist the tide. The storm is methodically stilled, layers of cunning and anger peeled away to reveal the man's true nature, whatever it might be.

"Answer her."

Daitan's face curls into arrogant and angry lines. He stares at Freefall and begins to speak. The words forced from him by the spell and Walker's will.
"Why? Because I must. Because I had too. To be Yakuza I must be powerful and in control. All must bend to my will or I will be pushed from whatever height I have attained and those that follow me will fall as well."

Free doesn't even spare a glance for the woman at her feet. Instead she listens to Daitan's words. Is rocked physically back by them. At the arrogance they hold and the single-mindedness.
A pause and then she asks. "Did you ever love us?"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6:
    1 2 2 3 5 9
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "and another kp roll."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5:
    1 1 1 4 7
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "2 succ."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 for "Contest of wills, TN=6Willpower+1L stun":
    1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 8    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower - 1 (Success) vs TN 7 for "Reroll 1, KP14":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 5 5 11 11    = 2 Successes

If anything, Walker's expression now is one of sadness as he glances around the opulent surroundings. He barely seems to register the conversation, but perhaps he knew Daitan's answer before the man vocalized it. He stoops to check the pulse of the girl on the floor, examining her head for any hint of a concussion.

Daitan flails against Walker's will with his own. Pushing like the cornered man he is, refusing to be beaten until his last breath is taken. His lips press together as he watches Freefall and then speaks. "Not at first. But yes, I loved you all."

Freefall puts hand to head and steps back a half step. "Loved us but willing to use us as soldiers. Guards. Toys." She stares then at the girl on the floor. "Was she going to be next?"

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "3 min 30 seconds."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 6:
    1 2 3 3 5 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 5:
    1 1 1 5 5
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "only one succ"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 for "Contest of wills, TN=6Willpower+1L stun":
    2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 16    = 2 Successes

The claim that Daitan loved them gets Walker's attention, the shaman glaring at the man with burning hatred: clearly some people differ on the definition of the term. His mind squeezes around Daitan's, forcing the answers from him.

More mental backlash though weaker this time, as if the man's will was being burned away.
He waits until Freefall is looking at him again and then says a single word.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 3 vs TN 4:
    1 3 3    = 0 Successes

Free blurs into motion. Every ounce of anger and fear and conflict put into her muscles as she moves, stepping forward and fist coming up. The claws coming out as she screams. Claws pierce under Daitan's chin, moving into the sinus cavity and then into the brain. The fist lifting him off his feet. He's dead even before the claws can retract.

A wordless, animal cry escapes Walker's throat as Free's claws rip Daitan's life away. "Fucking hell Free! I was still in his fucking head!" His tone is one of shock more than genuine anger, but it's clear that disentangling yourself from a dying mind is not a process Walker wants to repeat any time soon. He forces a tired smile and, still breathing hard, manages, "Little warning next time, yeah?"

Daitan's body hits the floor as Walker yells and screams at Free. A clink and then the familiar sound of some thing solid rolling across the floor can be heard in the relative silence.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Can I levitate and fly out, grabbing Free on the way? >.>"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I mean out of the room, not window ;P"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Aww wait...the girl @_@"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Complex to cast.. You can move but not take her with you.. nor the girl."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Levitating the grenade it is then, assuming I can see it..."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, " Levitating it to where? :D"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Preferably windows, but out of the room and into a corner will do in a pinch Any place that will give the trio in the room cover of a wall."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Walls are more of the paper screens. :)"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "But you can move it for sure away from you three."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I think that's the best bet then. Far away as possible, behind furniture if he can."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "And you can fling it or is your levitate that fast?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Levitate can go... 32m in a round, so probably quick enough? Fling is quicker but I'd need to touch it and that feels like a foolhardy move. :P"
<<Plot>> Freefall nods. "Make the cast and soak."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 2 (Totem) vs TN 5 for "F2 Levitate":
    1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 10 11    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "4M stun drain":
    1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 9 10    = 7 Successes

Groaning at a sound that he's more familiar with than he'd like, Walker flings a hand out and sweeps it towards the doors, the rolling grenade hurtling through as the shaman yells, "Get down!"

<<Plot>> Walker points out that dropping prone is a free action as I recall... >.> "I was shouting but Free could do it if she's paying attention."
<<Plot>> Freefall nods :)

Free's eyes go wide as the grenade rolls off to one side. She's already diving down atop the girl when Walker's spell is moving it off and away. The little object shoot through the paper walls one after the other, ending up out in the hallway, exploding as it hits the solid wall there. Noise and violence rip through the apartment space. Paper walls shred, shrapnel moving through and wizzing about. The glass windows shattering and falling away.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "explosion soak work like normal?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "As far as I know. It's just calculating power can be a pain."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Free will need to roll vs 2. Girl has Free covering her and has secure clothing. Should be same of 2 for her."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls Body vs TN 2:
    2 2 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5    = 10 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Free is good. Armor and body soak damage."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Freefall (#13374) rolls 4 vs TN 2:
    2 3 4 5    = 4 Successes
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Girl will take mod. Shrapnel to legs.."

The shrapnel also peppers along the surface of Walker's body but with his spiritual protection the pieces either bounce away or fall to the floor. Freefall is not so lucky to have such shielding but her own jacket and altered skin fend off the blast. The girl Free covers, trying to protect her, isn't so blessed and flesh is torn from her legs, blood quickly beginning to pool. The fire alarms go off and then yells and screams from the apartment on the other side of the wall that took the blast head on. A wall that sparks and smokes as fire starts.

Hurrying over to where Free lies, Walker hauls the cybernetic woman to her feet. "We need to go. Now," he hisses, voice low and urgent, "Can you run?" An almost guilty look is directed towards the unconscious girl. "I can carry her. Can't leave her here for another Yak to pick up…" It seems like a struggle for him to get the words out, as though he has to fight more pragmatic instincts.

Free is wide eyed behind her mask. She doesn't respond. Instead she bends down and lifts the dirl and tosses her over a shoulder. Then is moving through the remains of one of the walls and towards the Daitan's desk. "Gotta open safe..get you guys paid.. You've earned it." Her voice is normal volume but without much in the way of tone as she yanks out one of the desk drawers, spilling it to the floor.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Guessing that Ghostie is still incommunicado? ;)"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Isn't sure how things would roll out time wise. Lets say comms end up one way. From you to Sil and Ghostie. Some sort of damage or interference."

Deciding that arguing with her will prove fruitless, Walker merely grunts an acknowledgement before buzzing the commlink and trying once more to raise Ghost Riddle. "Still nothin'…" he mutters, more to himself than anyone else with a hint of concern in his voice, "Fuck it: Plan B it is."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Since I got free passage through the wards from the mage, I'll get invisibility and levitation going in Blondie's sustaining foci."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against stun penalty, need 2":
    1 3 3 5 9 10 17    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 5 for "F6 Improved Invisibility":
    1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 7 17    = 4 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Oops, shoulda been TN4... 7 successes."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "5M drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 7 7 16    = 4 Successes

Free bends to the side awkwardly with the girl still on her shoulder as she reaches into where the drawer was searching with her hand. She finds what she is searching for and there's a beep that is almost inaudible over the wail of the fire alarm. A section of the nearby *real* wall opens up and Free is there with her bag open, shoveling the contents into it and over her weapon and cleaning gear. A stack of script falls to the floor but Free doesn't bother chasing it, zipping up the bag and getting ready to take off as fast as her paws will carry her and the girl.

Walker's hands dance through a complicated set of gestures, the elf abruptly vanishing from sight as he looks at Freefall. "Go! I'll clean up here!" Once unseen, he prepares another spell to ensure he can keep up with the fleet-footed cat-woman.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against stun penalty, need 2":
    1 2 3 5 5 7 11    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "F2 Levitation":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 8 9 10 11    = 9 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "4M stun drain":
    1 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 10    = 9 Successes

<<Plot>> Walker is fast-flying and invisible! "My plan is to trail Free, cleaning up traces of us on the way out. Will quickly check the
other apartment for seriously wounded while I'm going too."

Free curses, remembering her mask after trying to take a breath and sucking in the fabric. She Rips it off and stuffs it in a pocket, already on the run, cap going back on and pulled down low. Getting to the steps she jumps down rather then use them.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "3 min and 42 seconds."
<<Plot>> Walker nods. "Checking the other apartment through the hole first. Only concern is anyone with Deadly wounds who is bleeding out."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Perception. Diff is 8 due to smoke and fire."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8:
    1 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 5 5 5 5 8    = 1 Success
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "You manage to see a bedroom you think. It's shredded. You spot some blood, you think, near the exit of that room but no bodies or
wounded inside. There is a lot of yelling and screaming but it's fading/moving away."
<<Plot>> Walker nods. "OK. Sterilize this place then use Cleansing metamagic to erase all astral signatures (because I've left a BUNCH)."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Just.. a little bit."

The now-invisible Walker flits to the new hole into the neighboring apartment, peering through the smoke. Not seeing anyone about to become collateral damage, he retreats into Daitan's apartment, hands making another series of passes as he erases whatever traces of their presence he can.
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Casting the spell is 3 seconds.. cleansing takes how long?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "It's longer. Complex actions equal to twice background count, but with Walker's initiative he might squeeze that into one turn..."

The now-invisible Walker flits to the new hole into the neighboring apartment, peering through the smoke. Not seeing anyone about to become collateral damage, he retreats into Daitan's apartment, hands making another series of passes as he erases whatever traces of their presence he can.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Centering + 3 (Focus) vs TN 2 for "Centering against stun penalty, need 2":
    1 2 2 3 3 3 11    = 6 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 3 (Power Focus) + 2 (Totem) vs TN 4 for "F3 Sterilize":
    1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 9 11    = 7 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "5M stun drain":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 5 5 8 11    = 4 Successes

<<Plot>> Walker says, "That should handle most/all DNA traces..."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, " 3:45"

Free is /moving/ and is down on the first floor of the apartment by the time Walker finishes his spell to wipe away the DNA traces they may have left behind. At the door to the hall she shifts the girl in her arms into a princess carry before openign the door to lights and noise as well as a few people heading out of their apartments and to the stairwells.

<<Plot>> Walker realizes we've forgotten background count until now! D:
<<Plot>> Freefall winces and nods.
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Unless it was 0 in the apartment because it's regularly cleaned?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Blondie would have Filtered it, so not necessarily a major issue. Can roll that now if you want?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "I'm sure I'd have asked in the astral scouting, but with the hiatus I totally forgot. Mea culpa!"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Thinking on it. Daitan's mage would have likely kept it as normal as possible?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Some fancy places do regularly clear out the bad vibes. I can't remember what we'd said earlier."
<<Plot>> Freefall knows BG count exists but doesn't know the specifics for 3rd.
------------------------------------------------------[ Shadowrun Denver ]-----
=============================> Background Counts <=============================
BG Count  Conditions
   0      A mage is brought in once a month to Cleanse the area, or the room
          is kept free from pollution and none of the other conditions below
          have been met. High class and Luxury areas are most common to have
          hired mages come through regularly, though Middle class areas
          sometimes do as well.
   1      Anywhere that is somewhat polluted, or a place where a violent
          crime was committed recently. Places frequented by the Awakened
          (this means pretty much all the bars). Most city streets fall into
          this category, being mildly polluted.
   2      Any place where background count was generated by a large number
          of people or over a long time. Cybered Arms falls into here,
          because violence fairly regularly occurs in the place. So does the
          Lunar Nocturne, because not only is the place frequented by 50+
          NPC mages, a good number of them staff there and use spells to
          help them out serving people, clean the floors and tables, keep
          unruly patrons in line, etc. Most sections of the Sprawl, simply
          because of the sheer amount of violence, death and emotion on a
          daily basis.
   3      Any site where significant background count was generated in the
          last 100 years. Anywhere where lots of people died in the food
          riots, such as the UCAS-CAS sector border. Cathedrals, shrines,
          and other locations of fervent emotion over long periods of time.
          Also heavily polluted areas in the industrial sector.
   4      A place where not only was significant background count generated,
          but the conditions that created it still exist. A dragon's lair, a
          strip mine, toxic waste dumps, scenes of /sudden/ mass death, such
          as transportation disasters or terrorist attacks. Hardly any of
          those are known about (though there's always those rumors about
          the sewers under the city, eh?)
   5      A place that had an event historic in nature (affected the whole
          world), or that is lethally polluted with nasty nasty chemicals or
          radioactive waste. I can't think of anywhere in Denver that falls
          into this category - at least not on the grid. I have had people
          ask me about making their homes in 'abandoned' nuclear silos,
          though. You've been warned. ;)

<<Plot>> Walker says, "+info magic bg is probably useful here."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "It's probably at least BG1 now due to the violence."
<<Plot>> Freefall nods. "Daitan's mage would have kept it clean. Now it's a one for sure. A lot of violence has happened in under 4 minutes. o.o
<<Plot>> Walker says, "2 complex actions then, which might fit into a single combat turn. Gimme a sec to find the rolls for it..."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Go ahead and roll and init so we can track the time better."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Initiative with a modifier of +2 with a result of 21.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 2 for "Need 2 to wipe away.":
    1 2 3 3 3 4 7 7 9 16    = 9 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "3D stun drain":
    1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 8 8    = 9 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "BG count and all astral signatures erased."
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "pose away. :) 3:48"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Round is 3 or six seconds?"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "3 seconds. 6 is D&D. ;)"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Among others I'm sure."
<<Plot>> Freefall nods and thought so.

Continuing his focused hand gestures, Walker's presence in astral space flares bright as pure white flames lick out from the shaman's astral form to scour the area clean of the taint of recent violence and considerable spellwork. His task complete, the raggedly breathing shaman hurtles after Freefall: straight down the stairwell after the rapid cybercat.

Freefall forces herself to slow into a rapid walk towards the stairwell and then is forced to slow more as a small family rushes in front of her to get in and down the steps. Walker catches sight of her just as she moves around the door and into the echoing box that is the stairs.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Did Free have a commlink? Been using mindlink so much I forgot... >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yes. They all had comms :)"
<<Plot>> Walker laments his gung-ho telepathy, but thinks the mental hugbox was probably worth it. :3

«Right behind you Free,» Walker's voice sounds in her ear as the shaman draws level with her on the stairwell, descending down the middle of it like an invisible spider. «You remember them running fire drills before? I'm thinking we get out with the civvies and bail from there…» A hint of worry appears in his voice as he adds, «I can double back to check on the others once we're clear.»

Free startles, having been in her own little world of violence and blood. The steps having been a rhythmic beat lulling her into a fugue state. «What fire drills? They never ran any. I see at least three people with car keys in hand. We'll drive out with them.» She answers flatly as from a great distance away as opposed to right there.

«Good eye,» Walker replies after a quick check of the locals, «I'm down with that. I'll keep an eye out ahead.» As he talks, the elf accelerates down the stairwell on the alert for any signs of trouble.

<<Plot>> Freefall says, "And I think we're good with that. :) Once I get the small scene down with Sil and Ghostie they'll
meet in the basement parking lot and flow out with the other traffic."
<<Plot>> Walker blinks and checks himself for bulletholes... "We're... done?" >.>
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "What? Didn't you make enough chaos? :D"
<<Plot>> Walker should soak his Channeling drain like a big boy then...
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Yep"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Charisma + 3 (Power Focus) vs TN 6 for "6D stun drain... "OW!" >.<":
    1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 7 7 8    = 3 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Charisma + 3 (Power Focus) - 3 (Successes) vs TN 6 for "Reroll 1, KP15":
    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 5 5 7 8 10 15    = 4 Successes
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Barely holds it together but smexy elves FTW!"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Another light box of stun. :) You barely felt a thing. heh."
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Trauma damper cleans it up. Thankfully. >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Then you felt nothing you heartless monster! :D"
[CUT TO: Room 602]==============================================================

Ghost Riddle is busy packing up her gear while Silhouette is at the door listening. In the hallway voices can be heard. Two males by the sound of the conversation and the tone. And as the voices are starting to be more clearly heard they must be approaching the apartment where the two runners hide.
"…that drek. The hell with that. I mean we were nice and comfy in the patrol vehicle and dispatch calls us for this stupid crap?" The other man responds. "Look, Davis. Its the job, right? And look. There's no tape on the door. Someone took it down."

<<Plot>> Freefall notes only Sil can hear that currently.

Ghost slings her Deck case over her shoulder and stuffs her gun back in its concealed holster inside her jumpsuit. She looks like a cleaning girl once more instead of a decker up to no good. She spins around and is just about ready to open her mouth to tell Sil she's ready… Silhouette turns to Ghostie and motions to the door and does walking with her fingers then points to the cleaning gear with a questioning look. She sees Ghostie composing herself and does likewise before re-adjusting her resperator and hat and then sets about making like a cleaner, dusting a table and preparing the vacuum, etc.

The voices get closer til even Ghost who is farther in the room can hear them faintly. It does sound like they're coming to this apartment.

Ghostie has the look of "SHIT!" on her face and unslings her pack and sets it on the floor by the bed and kind of pushes it under the bed if possible then she grabs some window cleaner and a cloth and sets to work on making the nearest mirror or window squeaky clean while singing one her favorite hit songs as she works.

There is a rattling at the door and then a beep followed by a second beep before the door opens to reviel two police offices. The police offices freeze in place at the doorway, the younger of hte two putting hand on weapon. The older blinks at Ghost and Sil saying, "What in the fucking world do you two think you're doing?! This is a CRIME SCENE!"

Silhouette looks up from her cleaning and scowls as much as can be seen with her respirator in place, "Hey! What you doin?? Tryin to make Yuki's job harder?? Let more dirt in?? Just cleaned that mat!" she points at the space just inside the door. She glances towards Ghostie, "You know what he talk about??? We told to clean, yes??"

Ghost stops the cleaning and puts on her best sweet innocent face and a bit of confusion. "Ummmm… a crime scene? Are you sure officers? We got a work order to come here and clean this apartment and prep it for new tenants moving in or something. I have the authorization right here if you want to see it."

The older officer steps into the room and points angerly at the door to the hallway where police tape criss-crosses the entrance. "You see that right there? Police crime scene! What did you do with the tape on the outside of the hallway door? Ignore it and throw it away?!" The younger officer pulls his gun, keeping it pointed down at the floor and staring at the two women like they were spies from another country.

Ghost see's the rookie cop pull out his gun and immediately puts her hands up with a cute little EEEEEP! And then she does her best act, "I told you it was weird that there was still tape on the door!" to Sil. "Officers, I think there has definitely been a screw up somewhere but we're just doing the job given to us. I just started cleaning the place so I don't think we damaged any crime scene stuff? I mean what happened in here? Not like there are blood stains all over the place to let us know it was actually still a crime scene… someone could have forgotten to take the tape down or something." Silhouette puts her hands on her hips and humphs loudly, "What, you gonna shoot us for cleaning dust Joe!? We were told to come clean… " she looks over at the 'eep', "See?? Now you scare her! I have my hands full rest of day trying to calm her down!"

The older cop looks over his shoulder at the younger cop. "Really, Davis? Really?! Put your gun up and pull out your datapad. You get to write the report on this." Davis splutters and puts his gun away angrily, yanking out his tablet. The older cop whose name tag announces as Smith, holds a hand out to Ghostie. "Lemme see this paper or whatever you said you had."

Ghost pulls her phone out of her phanny pack and turns it on and loads up the work order and the ID code used to open the front gate. "Here you go officer," she says, looking around the room. "What did happen in here? All we saw were dust bunnies."

Over the commlink, Walker's voice murmurs in the pair's ears. «We're in. First floor secure. Heading up now. You two holding up OK?» The shaman's voice is clipped and almost harsh, a long way from his usual languid drawl, though there's a hint of concern in his question.

As Walker's voice hits your earbuds there is a squeaking sound from the two officers radios.

Ghost can't really respond at the moment and is just waiting for the officer to finish looking over the paperwork, trying to look like the cute as a button elf cleaning girl that she is.

Silhouette frowns and glairs a lot muttering softly in mandarin but nothing that can be made clearly.

Smith eyes Ghost and reaches out for the phone, reading the work order carefully and then sighing. "Davis. Start with a picture of this." He holds the phone out so that Davis can walk up and take a picture of the screen. The younger officer does so and then Smith hands the phone back to Ghost. All of this takes about twenty to thirty seconds as Davis takes his time and gets three or four pics close up, much to Smith's annoyance.

Ghost takes her phone back and stores it then looks at Yuki. "Well the good news, we get off work early today! Beers on me!"

Davis finishes up with the basic log info entering and with a grumble says, "Need their sin info now." He looks over to the two ladies and says. "Cough up your sins, ladies. That is if you have one." He adds this last bit while looking at Sil dirrectly. Judgey bastard.

"Davis. Knock that drek off. Right now." He doesn't even look Davis's way but instead waits on the two to hand over info.

Ghost Riddle belongs in Seattle, this is her home and so she came prepared if she needed to show ID. In Denver she may be known as Sylvie Everleaf, but here in Seattle she is Anita Sandstone, college drop out, estranged daughter, ex-ganger. She hands over her real SIN id. Silhouette mutters a lot under her breatha ns produces "papers" as well, though her real one is useless so it'll have to be the one made after she got to Denver.

Smith nods to each of the women as he takes the info from the mand is handing it over to Davis when the strangest and most alarming thing happens. The building shudders, a deep bass sound rumbling through from the towers's center and then the fire alarms go off a split second later. The cops gape at the now flashing wall alarms. "Fuck me.." Smith says under his breath.

Ghost eeeeeps cutely and looks actually genuinely shocked by the sudden rumbling and fire alarm. They can't possibly be Free and Walker blowing up have the building? "What was that!?" she says excitedly. Silhouette moves over by Ghostie, "Dunno… Seattle have quakes??"

Smith tosses Ghost both I.D.s and activates his radio which squeals for a moment and then connects. "HQ this is 745! I have explosion and fire alarm at the towers.." He's off and down the hallway at a run. Davis yelps and then blinsk at hte pad in his hands. He looks at the two ladies with wide eyes. "Get out of here. Head down the fire escapes. Elevators won't be working. Move!" And then he chases after his partner, having forgotten to be a poophead to the pair.

Ghost waits to the count of 5 once the cops hit the door running then runs over to grab her deck case. "Let's get the frag out of here Sil!" She then taps her commlink to warn the others.

Commlink-Ghost Riddle> Ghost Riddle sends, << Pair of 5-0 coming your way guys. Hope you are done! Sil and I are out. We'll see you at the meet up spot. >>

There is a burst of static not long after Sil and Free make a move for the steps. Walker's voice crackling across the radio. "…down…at van.." Residents are filing out of their homes and moving towards the emergency stairwells. Once in the stairwell the comms go out completely for the two ladies.

Ghost is just one of the peeps as she goes with the flow with Sil hopefully right behind her. Once on the ground she moves away from the river of people flowing out to the safety of the street and heads to the van parked out back. Comms restored she lets them know she's about ten seconds out. Commlink-Ghost Riddle> Ghost Riddle sends, « Almost there. Everyone in one piece? Who is driving? Sil, you got us here get us out of here! »

There is chaos in the underground parking lot. People are vacating in a hurry. Most with only what's on their person though a few see prepared enough to have bags or other items with them as they make their way towards their cars. Getting out has slowed down to a crawl as folks fight to get out, cutting one another off and honking horns as well as yelling and screaming at one another. Sil and Ghostie get to the van first and are forced to wait and watch the madness unfold. What seems like an eternity later, Free appears carrying a young woman in her arms. Blood smears cover her arms and legs. Likely from the one she carries who's legs are wounded.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "Do I remember correctly I was trailing behind all invisible and levitate?"
<<Plot>> Freefall nods

Ghost see's Free coming holding the stranger and gets wide eyed. That was not part of the plan. "Sil? Start the Van!" Instinctively, Ghost opened the side door of the van to prepare for Free's arrival with the wounded person. She of course looked around for the pretty boy elf to make sure he was still alive and kicking.

Said pretty-boy is currently steadfastly invisible and hovering a little distance behind Freefall like a very unusual guardian angel. Unless an observer was magical themselves or has ultrasonic vision, there's no visible sign of him. He casts a disapproving look over the people scrambling to get out, contemplating ways to clear the scrum. Or at least clear a path for them.

Free has on a serious face. Cat eyes looking dead and very robotic at the moment. She wastes no time in getting herself and the 'girl' into the van without worrying about the blood she wears.
"Walker is with me somewhere close." SHe says woodenly. "We need to stop her bleeding. I doubt she has a sin. Hospitals won't take her."

<<Medkit first; magic if we need it,>> Walker supplies over the commlink, <<I'll sweep ahead: try and clear a path for you.>> With that he departs, floating forwards in search of obstacles to their escape.

Ghost closes the door quickly once Free is inside and she scrambles to grab the medkit. "Who is this?!"

Free slams the door shut and then reaches into her bag, pulling out a unused medkit and starts opening it up. "This is ..was..Daitan's newest piece to his collection. She was going to be his next bodyguard." The wooden voice continues as he hands move on their own. "Shrapnel wounds on her legs. Help me find and pull them out if they're still in there."

<<Plot>> Walker says, "What's the status on the garage generally? A couple cars I need to shuffle? Total gridlock? >.>"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "It's going in spurts. Those at the exit are leaving rapidly but then two cars will almost hit and then
someone has to back up..etc. People being people trying to get out and getting upset/panicking when they don't need too." Tosses
her medkit aside since Free already has one then looks at the girl's legs and almost gets sick because blood all over the place
and metal pieces sticking out. This was not what she was expecting to see. The innocent hacker plucks at one piece of metal and
tries not to get any sicker as yanks the piece out. Ghost Riddle tosses her medkit aside since Free already has one then looks at
the girl's legs and almost gets sick because blood all over the place and metal pieces sticking out. This was not what she was expecting
to see. The innocent hacker plucks at one piece of metal and tries not to get any sicker as yanks the piece out.

Deciding that a bit of common sense will do better than gratuitous application of magic - though it's a close run thing - Walker alights in a secluded corner and drops his invisibility before wading out into the traffic to put that charisma to good use. A few "You, stop! You, go!" with accompanying gestures and the occasional hard stare are judiciously deployed to make everyone remember to put their brain in gear.

<<Plot>> Walker says, "You want rolls for this bit?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Hee.. sure. roll that leadership/cha"
<<Plot>> Walker says, "Leadership I alas lack, but I do have Instruction if that's any good?"
<<Plot>> Freefall says, "Mmm.. You can roll instruction instead at 6 diff."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Walker (#12094) rolls Instruction vs TN 6 for "Notice Sempai you morons! >:|":
    1 3 3 3 9    = 1 Success

It's slow at first. people want to argue rather then follow guidance from anyone..especially from the..cleaner? Still, with body placement and firm looks and gestures people start moving and zippering like they should. In the van Free cuts the armored fabric free from the woman's legs and then starts collecting shrapnel as well. She wordlessly offers Ghost a pair of tweesers and then gets a smaller pair for herself, digging into wounds in the hunt for metal, and fighting the motion of the van when the van moves. "Keep going, Ghost. This is a normal thing. Just keep saying that in your head." Easy for the woman who's retreated emotionally to say.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Ghost Riddle (#13352) rolls Willpower vs TN 4:
    1 3 5    = 1 Success

Ghost Riddle manages to keep the contents of her tummy in her tummy must barely, taking the tweezers and helping to get the shrapnel pieces out of the girl's legs. "My God, my God, My God…" she just whispers under her breath as she works. How did she get into the biz again?

Managing his best 'pleasant smile' that's definitely beginning to fray at the edges judging from the amount of canine on display, Walker continues to play traffic cop for the civvies.

<<Should start moving soon,>> he reports to the others, <<You will stop and pick me up, right?>>

Sil, who's concentrating and likely cursing under her breath, answers. "Hai. Be ready." The woman moans softly as Free pulls a buried piece out of her leg. She makes a point to touch each wound to ensure she's gotten anything that is hidden within. Then reaches under the young lady to roll her up on her side. "Either hold her here, Ghost, or check the under sides of her legs." Outside the van the traffic speeds up just a little as folks' fears ease seeing things moving. The van inches up to the main entry access and Walker directing.

Ghost Riddle elects to hold the girl on her side and let the more combat hardened kitty pull out pieces. Her hands are already covered in blood which is just about enough to freak her out but she's doing good. She's okay. Everything is fine. Free is in charge and alive. Walker is alove. Sil is driving and she is here in one piece too. It's all good.

As the van draws level with him at the final intersection before the exit, Walker hurries around to the back and quickly slips in the door. "How is she?" he asks Freefall without any preamble, eyes sweeping over the semi-conscious woman before they alight on Ghost Riddle's shellshocked look. A gentle hand is laid on her shoulder to give the tense muscles a squeeze. "Relax newbie, we're outta here. She's gonna be fine." He kneels down next to the patient, eyes glowing softly as he examines her aura.

Ghost Riddle tenses up even more at the squeeze, having zero'd in on Free's hands working on all those wounds, like a great train wreck one can't look away from. The sudden squeeze snaps her out of it and her eyes goes from the bloody scene to the pretty elf boy. She cracks a smile and nods once but doesn't say anything else, focusing again on holding the stranger steady on her side.

Free doesn't look up as she pulls another small piece out of wounded flesh and sets it on the growing pile. "I'm not trained. Bleeding only from a couple of the wounds. I think we've gotten most of the shrapnel out but I can't tell. She's moaning. I think waking up like this and with us is not the best thing."

"I can think of worse ways to wake up," Walker muses with just a hint of a smirk before pointing towards the medkit. "Pass me the unit over: should be able to keep her sedated while we patch her up. You got any idea where you want to take her?" He begins checking over the woman's legs with the careful meticulousness of someone who has had some training but not a lot of practice.

Just keeps quiet for now. She's out of her league. She hacks computers. She does not dig her hands into bloody wounds. Ghost just keeps quiet for now. She's out of her league. She hacks computers. She does not dig her hands into bloody wounds.

Free continues to check each wound and doesn't comment right away to the question. Another bit of metal and then wood are added to the pile. "She and I need to have a talk. Need to know if she's sinless or not. Daitan chooses well. Likely doesn't have anyone in town. After we patch her up and clean up this mess we need to get rid of the decals and return the van. Then get you all on flights home."

Ghost looked at Free. "So… its… all done then?"

It takes Freefall a few heartbeats for the question to sink in. She looks up at Ghostie with a thousand yard stare and is about to say something about still pulling things out of the woman when she gets what the decker meant. A press of lips and a nod is given and she goes back to pulling things from leg wounds.

Ghost didn't say anything else. She could only imagine what was going on inside's Free's head now. She felt just about as useless as an elf decker can feel right now but at least she makes a good patient holder.

The van makes several stops and turns, causing weight to shift back and forth. And then the speed evens out and increases. "On the street now." Sil says quietly. Sirens of various services can be heard in many different directions and heading for the towers and Sil is forced to pull over twice to let them go by. Free checks each wound again, forcing blood out of each to try and clean the wound and make sure there's nothing in them. Then reaching for the bandages she pauses, noting her hand is shaking. "I think you need to take over.."

Ghost frowns but nods. She can handle bandaging. She takes the gauss and bandages out and starts to patch up each wound and wrap the legs. It is slow going as she is afraid of hurting the girl more so she goes cautiously, following the instructions the Medkit gives as she gets those wounds covered. By the end of it poor Ghostie looks green.

Free assists with holding up each leg but as time goes on her tremors grow worse as the adrenaline fades and reality sets in. She gently sets the woman's legs down and starts stripping off the now bloody and very holed uniform. Her jacket sporting some new holes as well. Someone needs a new jacket it looks like.

Silhouette does the chauffeur thing, minding th3 rules of the road so as to not get pulled over for a traffic violation etc.

Ghost takes note of the jacket and her eyes get wide. "Oh my God! Are you okay Free?!"

Free shrugs and then nods. "Second bullet got through. Walker healed that. Rest is just shrapnel. I tried to cover her best I could." Her voice still wooden and distant but with the tremmor that seems to be working it's way through her body now. Idley she pulls a small bit of metal from her feline fur and adds it to the pile.

Silhouette calls back in response to Ghosties tone, "Hey, I am not certified as a doc wagon hearse driver! So none of that shit!" she then mutters in Japanese as she evades traffic.

Ghost just focuses back on the legs with the help of the medkit computer and finally wraps the last wound. She gently sets the leg down then leans back against the van wall, looking at her bloody hands. She looks for a cloth or something and finds one and starts cleaning her hands off.

Free raises her voice to make sure Sil can hear her despite the tremor. "No one is dying, Sil. We..are all patched up for now. Need to get blood and decals off van. Need a empty do it yourself carwash. Uniforms can go in trash there too..I think." She shivers. "I think I need some backup on choice making.."

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