The Tana Case Part 3

GM: Yin
Players: Phoenix (Tang Lanhua), Yin
Synopsis: Yin and Phoenix discuss further steps in the 'Tana Case' in their makeshift office at Mountain Hills. They do some additional legwork and eventually boil things down to a set of follow-up investigations, including an underover operation into the Old Denver Tech Center.
Date: 2082-05-13

At The Bare Knuckle Gym

Phoenix is working at a heavy back, with an ork-sized trainer beside her giving her tips on power generation. The young woman is dressed in stretchy, well-worn workout pants, and a sweat-wicking tee-shirt with cut off sleeves and a dark purple sports bra underneath. She has built up quite a sweat, and her knuckles are red and raw from the abuse.

Yin enters from the street, shaking his head slightly as he spots Phoenix at one of the punching bags. He sneaks a bit up on her - if he gets the chance -, watching her for a moment.

The gym is fairly busy at the moment - mostly warrens trash, but everyone here seems serious about what they do. Phoenix is no exception. There's power and anger in her punches, and the heavy thuds of the blows can be heard all across the gym.

"Good," the ork says in a broken boston accent. "Hada'! Pretend it's one of does punks what doesn't wear shoes in da' showahs!" She's into it, but her timing is starting to break down even as her blows get stronger, till at last her will crumbles and she throws a completely un-kung-fu haymaker that sends the bag really rocking. She stops, breathing hard, and tries to bring it in.

"Wow…em… I'd rather be a truck bumper than this sand bag," Yin says and steps closer.

Phoenix's head snaps around. Clearly she hadn't seem him coming, but she doesn't seem too jumpy either. "Sooner or later Wicked-Strong here will let me work the troll bag. It may fare better." She reaches out and steadies it. "Going to take ten, Wicked. Then kicks?"

He nods. "Then kicks."

She looks back to Yin as the ork walks off, gestures with her head, and leads him over to the metal seats where she retrieves a dingy towel. "How's trix?"

"It's fine. And so do you, I see? Funny, to see you here. I came an hour ago and saw your trainer again, this Lazlow. He mopped the floor with a stout dwarf." Yin leaves her a moment to refresh and calm down, watching the buzzy gym. Really, not a place for Yin. At least he threw on a worn coat to cover his buttoned shirt and suit trousers. Could be a makeshift cover - or just something against the weather.

Phoenix says "A lot of us circulate around some of the gyms," she says, "different places, different needs. I build my skill training at ninth immortal, or with my sifu. Sometimes with Laz, but he works on… other things with me, too." She looks around. "This isn't a place I come to get better. I come here to get hard." She glances down at her knuckles, turning her hand over to look closely at him. "After the other day, at the Tanaka place… I needed to let the beast out, if you know what I mean." She glances at his warm coat, thoughtful, then flashes him a grin. "And not on those kids I was teaching this morning."

Yin laughs briefly: "Lucky kids. Actually, I check out the hot spots in order to find something for myself. I want to work a bit on my body as well. Amazing, how another city suddenly changes your priorities, interests, and so fort. - Anyway, why did you have to 'let the beast out' after the visit to the Tanaka's? You mean because of the BTL thing?"

Phoenix says "Yeah," she says. "that. There's history there. I didn't - I didn't like getting sucked in so easily. I didn't like being sucked into that person, or how easily it came back to me. I've been out two years, and yet… progress is so slow."

Yin sits down on one of the chairs, leaving one empty to Phoenix: "What was that about? I mean, The chip could have burned you out - even though it's a bit unlikely to find such stuff in a normal kid's wardrobe. What's the story about that being two years out?"

She looks away. "What do you think. detective? Why do you think I hit the gym so hard? Why do you think I…" She shakes her head. "I didn't exactly immigrate to this place legally or willingly. I was brought here from china. By Triads. I don't know how long they had me before that. My memory is shot to hell with all the shit they put in my brain over the years. I know more than I used to. But I spent about 6 or 7 years of my life with one chip or another in my brain."

Yin considers, his face not showing sympathy or surprise first. It seems as if he's thinking it through before he finally replies: "Sorry to hear that. I had tried to stop you, if I had known." He bows briefly and his lowered voice carries understanding and sympathy. "Do you have issues here with the Triads? You know that this case is borrowed from the Shining Mountain, right? I don't want to cause you trouble - or see you cause trouble by yourself, that is."

Phoenix says "I am keenly aware," quietly. "And it seems only fitting that I tend to help with a case the triad-boot-lickers has abandoned. Even more so to take their money. I… don't know why I went for the chip like that. Some part of me, in its presence, turned on in a way I didn't expect. I will try not to let it happen again."

Phoenix looks back at Yin. "It is not a story I tell much. And I am skilled with changing my appearance - I will do so for any interactions with Shining Mountain."

"I'm honored by your trust," Yin points at her and lowers his head, underlining the statement, "and I will see to it that there is safe distance between you and the Shining Mountain representatives. - I hate slavery and human trafficking. Both are possibly the worst cases to work on. They really bring me down. But I have a good feeling with you. You probably awakened after your release? And you're taking your life in your own hands, physical training, mental training, moral engagement." He nods once.

Phoenix says "Close. I awakened, and Phoenix gave me the strength to break free. I think she is who kept me as sane as I was, kept my personality from being lost.." He laughs. "That particular studio tasted red flame. Harry found me, later, and took me in. He's like a second father."

"Harry is your saifu?" Yin asks.

Phoenix she nods once. "Yes. I have other teachers, but it is his Golden Demon Kung Fu that is my kung fu. He disapproves of my evening work, but I am certain it is because he keeps me safe. Who taught you? To be a detective, tp find spirits in phtos, whatever else..?"

Yin shifts a little bit uncomfortably, "Ah, yeah, I feel like I am at an advantage, since I personal things about you and you know so little. Well, but at least you know that I have a certain… fondness for street art, photography, and skateboards with orchids." He laughs, but more to cover his uneasy feelings. "Let's just say that a Kami and I met and since then we share a common path for a while. So I went to a Shinto shrine in order to learn how to deal with my awakening. As for the detective work, I had a private investigation firm in the outskirts of Beijing. I specialized on cross-border issues between COC and the Japan Imperial State, mostly. My awakening melt into my work quickly."

He turns his golden ring he wears on his left hand: it shows a Tori symbol and some Japanese letters. It seems like it's something that somehow relates to the story.

Phoenix nods and says "I can see how those traits would be useful." With a sharp nod. "You are easy to talk to, Yin. That must be a great aid to you in your work." More sweat gets mopped off. "I am thinking," she adds, more quietly. "That I may go look at the construction site, where the one man was hurt - and talk with a friend about who is selling the type of thing we found." Her eyes fall on the ring, accessing the japanese chip in her brain to help with the letters.

The ring signifies an affiliation to Shinto shrine in Neo-Tokyo, as it seems. "I don't know. Not everyone seems to find me enjoyable to talk to," he smirks. "What construction site do you mean? The one where Tana's father supposedly died?"

Phoenix says "Yes, that one," she laughs. "I suppose this isn't the worst place for that to be overheard. Not that I think anyone is listening. I have a contact, Burnout, who is fairely aware of the SIM scene, too. I've been thinking about the other thing - the psych contact - and wondering if he was in treatment for something?"

Yin nods: "Yes. After the BTL incident in the apartment we were a bit quick to leave. We should have asked the mother about it. The psychotherapist is definitely on my list. I assume it has something to do with BTL abuse. So maybe he can give us some insights. The construction site could be worth the hassle, but in my opinion it's hard to crack. Labour accidents are not taken lightly and we will not be welcome, I'm pretty sure. - And feel free to ask about the Simsense stuff. If you want to, we can move to Mountain Hills and see if we can further push the case?"

You say "After your kicks, of course!"

Phoenix loks back at the bag. "Sounds good. I live at the 'hills, too - I'll get back, take a shower, and meet you in your office?" Without waiting for an answer, she puts her towel down, and goes to meet Wicked-Strong again to practice some mighty-kicks - with slightly less anger than before.

You say "I know. You already told me you live upstairs. - Great then. Take your time, see you later."

At Mountain Hills Room 130

The basic layout of this small apartment has been repurposed for office work. The combined kitchen, dining, and living area is iluminated by several modern but dim lamps, hanging low over the central dining table. A small window filters some street light through half opened shutters. The dining desk is covered with paperwork, sketches, a personal computer, as well as some remnants of fast food, donut deliveries, soykaf, and the occasional energy drink. The arrangement of chairs suggest that client meetings happen here from time to time. Two elegant steel chairs are placed on one long side of the table, with a third one directly opposite.
The busy desktop chaos seems to be limited to the dining table. A nearby small desk, the kitchen niche and some shelves are kept clean and in order, bordering to obsession.
Consequently, there are not many personal belongigs on display. The only exception is the selection of wall decoration. Several grey colored print photographies are placed in the center of otherwise empty white walls. There is a certain sense of symmetry. On closer inspection, the photographs have been manually painted with asian letters and delicate, colorful additions to the otherwise grey subjects.
The air in the apartment is filled with a fresh incense that reminds one of a light summer rain, a garden, or green tea.

When Yin opens the door, he has changed clothes and his mood also changed a bit too. It's obvious that he's back in detective mode, more serious, focused, and thoughtful. "Welcome, Lanhua-san. Please, come in."

Phoenix has changed, as well, and is out of her usual street clothes and into something substantially more professional. She bows thankfully and follows him in. "Your home is so well-decorated," she says, again expressing polite admiration. "The photos are perfect for the space."

The makeshift office has adapted several aspects and notions from the Tana case. Especially photographies of many details from Tana's residence and the Tibetan quarter are pinned to the walls and scattered across the table. The low hanging lights leave a good section of the walls in the dark; a portable computer projects some digital facts and findings on these spots.

"This is a kind thing to say," he bows. "Can I offer you some green tea, maybe, or anything else?" Yin waves over to the kitchen. Even though he meant the offer, he already scratches one of his temples and looks down on the main table in the living room area. "You know, I thought about how to proceed and I have a suggestion."

Phoenix says "I will happily take green tea, if it is not too much work. When you have time." She finds a place to sit down, and looks thoughtful as well. "I am interested in hearing your suggestion."

"Hm? Yes, of course! I'll get us one. A good infusion. It's already prepared." Yin moves over to the kitchen area and does focus on serving the tea. The small ritual actually flashes a smile on his face and he takes his time to elaborate as he offers a cup of tea to Phoenix: "I thought it would be best to work on all these little things we can easily do from here. You call your contact and I try to call Tanaka Dawa. We can do that in parallel. You just have to tell me what I should ask her before I make the call. I like to make such calls as precise and brief as possible. And for your contact, you have detailed pictures of Tana's Simdeck and the chips we found. Maybe that helps. - And feel free to look into the reports so far, if you want to check for things we might have missed."

Yin's weapon is placed on a bookshelf. It is tucked in its holster.

Phoenix nods. "That's a good idea. We should ask Tanaka Dawa if her son was recieving treatment for anything - mention the pyschatriast's name. see hoe she reacts?" She fishes out her pocsec, and starts flipping through it. "And yes, I have the pictures right there." Her eyes pop up and focus on the weapon for a moment, then looks back down at her pocsec. "I also know the name of the program, and I have an idea where he might have been buying. It is a good start."

You say "Okay… hm. Excellent. Anything else we would like to know or verify from the mother?"

Phoenix says "Ask her about the tibetan book?" She looks back up at Yin. "It stood out to me as out of step with the rest of the things in his room. One of these things is not like the other, sort of thing."

You say "Good thinking! I'll note that down."

Making Some Calls

Phoenix nods and again, and looks down, texting burnout before she calls - just to make sure the decker is sober enough to manage the talk.

Yin picks up his wrist computer and moves to the kitchen area to make his own call.

Phoenix receives a super fast reply to her text message. Burnout is currently hanging out in the matrix for sure.

Phoenix gets on the call right away. "Hey burnie!" She says, her voice switching into a higher, slightly bubblier gear. "I've been hearing about some wiz new progs on the market - can you tell me where I can find these near K-town? Also, like, this guy left his rig just right there in the SimSin Cafe last week… any idea where I can find him to give it back?" Sent are titles and details on the chips, and also pictures of the simdeck.

Burnout says: "Uuuh! What a NICE surprise! Was JUST thinking about you! Bragging, actually! Hanging out in the graveyard with all the trix sinners we lost last week to one hell of a trip. Rebooting in progress, so to say. But it's all chillin'. - Anyway, Lanha! Let me have a look… uuh there it comes… Rigged Simsense deck you say? I hope this is not a public telephone booth you're using right there on your end?" Burnout makes a brief pause and continues more intrigued. "Serious case modding! In a SimSin Cafe he lost it you say? You're a baaad liar!" She chuckles. "You don't wanna sell it, any chance? Actually, that'll need some diggin'. How serious is it? Are there any bucks attached to this?" She wiggles her eyebrows. Or better to say: Phoenix can imagine how Burnout wiggles her eyebrows!

"Not much bucks, but if this carries off like i hope, I can probably get you the rig. One way or the other somebody shouldn't be using it any more. And nah, you know. Cell line on a disposable. Like you can't eat a trace for breakfast.

Burnout chuckles again: "Alrighty, my dear. I pin you down on that! Get me that deck before it's eaten by SOTA! I call you back on that one if I find anything. Abut I can tell you right away that Manasuka DreamCastle, Zaibutabe Unlimited Peer Adventure and this other crap is nerdy manga Simsense stuff they sell to all the wanna-be otakus out there. There is one famous place in Little Chibba, the Kanatako place, which seeds it all over K-Town as well. This guy also has some special interest stuff under his table. BTL manga stuff and all. COuld be just right down your alley!…Or not maybe. Sorry. Anyway, what about the new progs you're talking about earlier? Hook me up!"

Phoenix says "It's the beetle <highlights one of the ones she was talking about.> Preem stuff; dipped my toes in it and whoever made it new what they were doing. It's not just the tech, it's the storytelling art behind it. Hits all right mind-buttons, if you want to jam out with your clam out to better-than-skin sim."

In the apartment, Phoenix looks exhausted just -using- all that slang.

"Ooooh! Lani, Lani! You shouldn't! Bad girl!" she reprimands with a flirt. "I just can repeat myself: let me get my sick mind on it and we might even see some bucks traded one way - or the other, alright! Okay, now let me get on this thing. I haven't anything better t'do anyway. I'll send your intel on your dumb terminal as soon as I have anything! Take care Lanhua!"

Phoenix says "Ciao burnout. Keep it fresh." And then the call's over and she eagerly takes a sip of a tea. "Love the girl," she says outloud. "But she is exhausting."

Yin is still on the phone: "Yes, ma'am. Well, the whereabouts would be great, but please: don't do anything that affects nothing. Leave that to us, that's important. We'll find her, eventually." - "So, thank you so very much. You were, again, a big help. We'll get right back to work, Ms. Tanaka. Goodbye."

Evaluation And Next Steps

Yin hangs up and walks back to Phoenix: "Exhausting? Hm. Well," he points at the tea, "let me know if you need more of that." - "Shall I wrap up first?

Phoenix takes another sip of tea. "She's an addict whose poison of choice are dream chips and uppers." She grins. "And yeah, go ahead. I heard something about finding 'her' ?"

Yin gives some serious nods: "Very well. This was a good call. So, the mother knew nothing about any Tibetan books. She even said Tana fought tooth and nail when they tried to get him in Tibetan classes. He knows how to speak the family's dialect, but he can't write nor read. She was really baffled when I told her that he may have tried to learn the writing all by his own. So, interesting, but no further lead. We have to wait and see if Pema can make any sense of it."

"And this 'finding her' refers to May Naru, Tana's girlfriend at the time of his disappearance. The mother said they were together for about six months and she only met May a few times. She had a cellphone number and they stayed in contact after Tana's disappearance for a few months. But the cellphone is dead for about eight weeks now. I have the full name at least, and she worked at the Dunyi high school, as a checkout girl in the canteen. So, that's a trail to follow."

"However, the psychotherapist brought something up indeed. Now listen to that: Tanaka Tana saw this therapist since he was at the age of twelve; he survived a plane crash!" Yin makes a pause to emphasize the point. "The experience haunted him ever since. He suffered from anxiety, sleeplessness, post traumatic disorders - but eventually he coped and got along with it. He went to the therapist every three month, roughly, over the last two years."

Yin finishes, with a sigh: "Well, at least that's what the mother remembered." He looks up at Phoenix.

Phoenix says "And so leaning into escapism, with the chips, would make sense. Another piece falls into place? Not that it helps us find him now. Yet. If we could somehow get access to his records with the therapist…" Her voice trails off. "There is so much thought there. This first that occurs to me is that the book might be the girlfriend's, or…" she snaps, and her eyes light up. "Yin-san!" She exclaims, even using the honorific right! "Could you and Pema follow the book to the author?"

Yin muses: "Hmmm. Well, the 'author' is long dead, if I understood Pema right. But maybe the book's owner.

Phoenix says "I had forgotten that it was not our subject's hand writing. But perhaps another search of the room soon could find something like that…" Her voice trails off. "Apologies. My memory is not what it could be, sometimes."

"It's good thinking! I would say if there is a significant bonding between the book and someone else, it could certainly help. We could probably use something very intimate to trail Tana himself, but six months is a tough call. We could…" Yin stops as Phoenix' cellphone receives a message and makes itself heard.

Phoenix looks down at the pocsec, keying open its screen with a quick thirteen-part shape code.

The message reads: "Yo chummer! This deck modification of yours was most likely done by a small fringe group from eastern Asiantown. They produce niche experiences on demand, more or less. And they are a black market group for illegal de- and recoding. They also offer deck updates, for hot simsense stuff. Nothing special about them, except that they are deep into Simsense recording technique. They are doing deep level simsense interpretation. This is most likely one of their decks. Check out the Old Denver Tech Center and follow the Genie in the Bottle."

Phoenix says "Paydirt," with a ghost of a smile, then reads the message aloud. "The chips have a variety of possible dealers, including some leads I can follow up on… but this seems more speficic. What do you think?"

"Hm, this sounds like a major lead. wasn't there a skull and a bottle and something coming out of it on the Simsense deck's chips" He picks up the photography with a close-up of the transparent casing. "Hm. Genie in the bottle. That's a kind of a branding then." He looks up at Phoenix. "I think that's definitely worth to investigate. What leads do you see? Any suggestion on how to proceed with this?"

Phoenix says "We need to go back to the Tanakas," thouhgtfully. "To see if we can find any better links. Maybe even socks, hai? They will be gross, but… something. We also need to follow this genie in the bottle, and I have a feeling that will have to be street work. Go in like a porspective buyer, maybe, and see what we can find… six months…" her voice trails off. "But the girl may have gone that way, too. The high school could use investigating, to find out more about the girlfriend, maybe? I think Pema would fit in perfectly for that. She seems utterly ageless."

Yin laughs: "You are absolutely right. Utterly ageless. And yes, I like your thinking….hmmm…give me a second. let's assemble a few pieces. So far, there is no money involved. The young lad lived with his parents, a high school student. The diaspora is poor and has rather low stakes in the politics. Emotions are also not overly prominent so far. The mother blamed no one, there were no fierce enemies or feuds mentioned, at least we don't know of one so far. If we consider the Tana case a crime case, the BTL lead is the only thing which leads into a milieu of criminal activities. People who would eventually take measures to silence people or make them disappear. Lanhua, I see you volunteer as a wired decoy buyer already! - And, there is still the other option: Tana could have left by his own free will. We definitely have to talk to this May Naru in order to get another perspective on Tana and his family. Teenagers tend to have secrets from their parents. And peers rarely share the same impressions the parents have of their own kids. And then there's the father's death. A pale, mute monolith. Maybe relevant, maybe not. So, I agree here as well: back to the Tanaka place. Maybe we missed something."

Phoenix says "And we reach out to Naru May's family, as well? See if we can access to her things? That is a fresher lead."

Yin ponders: "First we have to find her. Hopefully, she's not a missing case as well now. I have a police contact here, so I could at least check the records with a little promise here and some eye wiggling there."

Phoenix says "Ah. Tanaka Dawa does not have her address. Another assumption on my part." She thinks again. "Her employer might be a good place to start, but we return to Pema as the best case for that. As to the volunteering…" Her voice trails off. "My resolve is strong again, and I would not put you or Lotus to that hazard if I could help it. The dealers… well. I do not look like easy prey. No offense intended. You are mighty in yur magic, you and pema both, I am sure, but…" She gentle rolls and shrugs her shoulder. "I am different. Even more so if I am a boy."

"Aaah, I am always ready to do my part. I consider you a colleague and you can be sure that I have no fear to put myself in the line of shooting. But, yes, normally I had two or three broader shoulders than my own entering the busted doors before me." Yin grins, "But our job is intelligence gathering. So, best case would be to have no shooting at all. If you want, you can work out some details on how you want to tackle that. I have some surveillance gadgets ready to use."

You say "I, for time being, will focus on May Naru's whereabouts. And as soon as we find the time, we return to Tanaka Dawa and ask her for another look at Tana's belongings."

Phoenix says "No shooting is the goal. It's why the shoulders are important. A looming threat and a dissuasion." She nods. "And right. We take another look, but - not for anything unusual. For personal things. The more personal the better?"

Phoenix looks down at her tea. "I am so very new to this."

Yin cheers her up: "You're doing well! Really. Just don't squeeze any evidence to shreds again!" He raises his finger, but with a good sense of humor. "You know, this case is in many ways easy, because you just need a good partner, some ideas and enthusiasm. Of course, some deduction skills and field experience. But the hardest part usually is the law. The proper procedures, the small details which can spoil your whole case because of formal errors. The Shining Mountain doesn't give a … cent."

Phoenix says "I don't imagine they would," with a nod of her head. "Solving this case may prove embarassing for them, in the right eyes. What a shame that would be…" her voice trails off. "I think we have a plan," she adds. "I'l ltake the night to plan, and - we move into next steps soon?"

"Sounds like a plan." Yin continues, more seriously again: "But, to be honest, depending on what we find, we might be confronted with a more formal case at some point. It's not completely impossible. The Triads do enforce executive power here - and judicative. But don't worry about that part too much. I'm having a keen eye on this aspect and if they want to make a legal case out of it, we will be prepared."

Yin offers her another tea and eventually bids her farewell.

Diary Record #3 (2082-05-13)

(The record starts in a quiet atmosphere. Yin's voice can be heard soon after. Calm and focused.)

This was a good evening. It brought us some progress and clarified several things. Lanhua inquired her contact Burnout about this hot Simsense deck of Tanaka Tana and I called the mother again, asking her some questions Lanhua and I agreed upon beforehand.

First of all: This fancy case modded Simsense Deck of Tanaka Tana was most likely modified by a small illegal BTL group which operates from somewhere within the Old Denver Tech Center. This is a solid lead, thanks to Lanhua's contact in the Simsense scene. Lanhua volunteered to work as an undercover agent, a decoy customer. I am not totally happy with that, but the option is just so convincing. She has the experience with Simsense, knows the scene - and will probably dissipate all thoughts of bullying her around. We'll wire her up and see if she can get an impression from this Simsense cell. Lanhua's contact Burnout said, they are deep in fringe productions and 'deep Simsense interpretation'. I wonder what that means. - Lanhua's contact would also verify the Otaku Manga Castle in Little Chibba as a address where illegal Simsense products are traded underhand.

The missing subject's mother, Tanaka Dawa, was ready to answer some specific questions about her son which came up after we reviewed the results from our first interview. Most importantly: Tanaka Tana was a victim of an airplane crash in 2077, when he was twelve years old. In order to cope with the psychological disorders he saw this psychotherapist Rainer Zobel-Mangold on regular basis. So, the 'shrink' did probably not work on Tana's assumed Simsense addiction, at least not as far as the mother would know. He worked on a post-traumatic stress syndrom.

Furthermore, Tana's gilfriend May Naru had no contact with mother Dawa since eight weeks. We have to track her down. She's crucial.

When I asked Tanaka Dawa about her son's Tibetan textbook and experiments with Tibetan handwriting, she was totally surprised and said that she would have never assumed that her son would actually work on his reading and writing skills. As far as she explained it, her son can speak and understand basic Tibetan dialects as they are spoken within the close family system. But he could never be convinced to go beyond that. I wonder what Pema comes up with. What was he trying to write or translate?

Alltogether, we make slow progress. It's obvious that the case is far more complex and colorful than the initial Shining Mountain report suggested. We have some solid leads now:

  • Tana had a more or less direct contact to the illegal Simsense scene in Old DTC.
  • He supposedly suffered from psychic issues after an airplane crash.
  • His girlfriend May Naru is no longer reachable by mother Dawa.
  • The Otaku Manga Castle shop was Tana's last known whereabout.
  • Tana's mother had only limited insight into his son's social relationships and interests.
  • Tana had begun to learn Tibetan script, hiding the fact from his parents.

We don't have enough for a full social and psychic profile yet. What we need are more impressions from different perspectives. The parents' perspective is too limited. We need May Naru's testimony, Rainer Zobel's point of view, and maybe also some opinions from Tana's peers. Anyway, the lead to the criminal BTL scene is probably the most important one right now. Disappearing persons are not a rare thing in this kind of undergorund milieu. Let's see if Lanhua can mole something up.

(The record stops abruptly.)

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