The Prisoner Dilemma

GM: Captain Vimes
Players: Tyto, Laz, Nine, Vollo
Synopsis: A prisoner is questioned and her fate is decided.
Date: May 5th, 2082

There's the girl. Bound, tied, magegagged. Just starting to stir from whatever Tyto hit her with.

«Plot» Laz toggles Astral Perception on and does an aurascan, wanting to know if she's awakened.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "nah, no masking. you see right through her."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "she's a snake adept, some essence loss."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "not magic adept, standard adept."

«OOC» Tyto says, "I knew delivering a comely elf woman in bondage to you was a mistake"
In the midst of the storage room, an elf in black leather is bound and magemasked, and is just going to stir after whatever Tyto did to her.

Tyto has warned Nine and Laz that he has "Ozymandius" in his pocket if things get weird.

Laz clears his throat, poking her with his boot. His voice is completely distorted. "Welcome…" he says as he pokes her. "Please note you do not need to have any of your limbs attached to be mind probed."

«OOC» Laz says, "please stay IC as much as possible or i will run out of time, fyi :)"
«OOC» Laz says, "but yes, probably was a mistake ;)"
«OOC» Tyto says, "She was using poison in a pistol to geek someone. I don't consider that sporting."
«OOC» Laz tuttuts
With her mewdkit, along with plenty other gear secretly stashed upon her, the Nines shows up to the scene. She looks a bit worried about 'all this' and — after situating a voice mask about her throat — warps out, "Please explain what is going on here?"
Tyto stands off to one side looking like muscle, smoking his cheap cigar stub. Looking as he always does. Coat, hat, a noir detective built squat. His Steyr AUG is hanging visibly from one shoulder.

Laz holds up his hand, wants to let the woman react before anything else is said or done. But he sends a Minlink to Nine. ~Tyto brought her here, Tir runner, tried to poison a mark on one of his jobs, figured I might know her or of her.~

«Plot-Page» (To: Laz) Captain Vimes says, "She sounds like she's from portland. Probably has some salish-sidhe mixed in."

Laz morphs his face as only those with facial sculpting and melatonin control can, changing his visage to that of a much darker native american before taking the mage mask off. "I'm going to take your mage mask off, Snake adept, do try to not give me any reasons to annihilate you," he says in that same supercilious tone.

The woman struggles, just briefly, and stops, then says in that clear and superior tone so common to Tir Tangiere elfs - but with the edge of worry that says she doesn't come from the money- "I don't even know where I am," she says. "Or how I got here. But I assure you I have no desire to lose any limbs or bring great trouble."

Laz clears his throat. "Could I please have your aliases and your real name now?" he says, gently.

Tyto keeps quiet for now, having no motivation to volunteer that it was him who snuck up on her, spotted her decent stealth check, and dropped her with one shot.

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine has a sustainer for her invisification. She keeps things masked, of cats, and she wipes the sig as soon as possible. Then, she enacts things like Shielding the Metamagic at +3 on all of us (but not the captive).

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine says, "If you want rolls for any of this, please let me know. Also, Nine assenses her (and attempts to pierce masking after seeing there was a mage mask there)."

"Primariy Alias is <sperethiel word for serpent>. English-speakers opt for Slither. Real name is - " she pauses, and there's almost an audible wince. "Tiger-Lily Arden. Secondary Alias you may have heard around her is Second Dark."

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "You've heard Second Dark. Name is linked to the recent fights in the 'renz as a hitter for the elves. There have also been a few wetwork jobs connected to that name, always hard-to-reach targets and dangerous combatants. messy kills with minimum collateral damage."

«Plot-Page» (To: Tyto) Captain Vimes says, "You've heard Second Dark. Name is linked to the recent fights in the 'renz as a hitter for the elves. There have also been a few wetwork jobs connected to that name, always hard-to-reach targets and dangerous combatants. messy kills with minimum collateral damage. you've heard the name 'arden' before two - it's belonged to at least two other elf shadowrunners in denver, a brother than then a sister. neither here at the same time, both long sense missing."

«Plot-Page» (To: Laz) Captain Vimes says, "you're not sure about the second name, because the name 'slither' hits you first. Decently big name in Portland. Wetwork artist. Has taken out at least 5 high ranking japanese military officials that you know of, rumored to be one of the favorites of one of the princes - you could never quite make out which once - but she disappeared after the recent shakeup."

«Plot-Page» (To: Laz) Captain Vimes says, "specialized in making the officers' deaths -ugly- while not leaving any other collateral damage or evidence of her involvement."

The woman lies still, patiently waiting to hear more. Her demeanor, while it doesn't suggest cowardice or servility, simply a professional record of being beaten and totally unaware how.

Laz hmms, "So what is your connection to the mark? This was just a job?" he asks, poking her with his boot again, gently, just to remind her of her predicament.

"Correct. Took a mark. Engineered breadcrumbs to get the mark in an exposed position. Was on my way to close the deal when - it appears I was interrupted."

Laz reconnects the mindlink. ~Nine, mind holding the link, I don't want to be too distracted…` Then passes on the information about her background.

As the questioning ensues, Nine stays silent (and invisible for meow) while hearing out what there is to know. She sends mewndlinked details to the guys (granted only if they accept those): ~"Second Dark sounds familiar to mew. Wetwork jobster who goes after hard-to-reach targets and dangerous combatants who does messy kills with minimum collateral damages. A hit person mewst like for the elves in the Rens."~

"On consideration," she considers, her voice cool and conversational. "It had to be magical assets. I had done a pretty good sweep of my staging area before hand, and there should have been no place to hind. Ruthenium is a possibility, of course. That could be case. Or both. No idea what -hit- me, or on whose payroll. They weren't any of the known associates of the mark."

Laz nods, "I see," he says, both to Slither and Nine. He turns to look at Tyto, raising a dark brow on his temporary face, wondering if anything Slither said triggered anything in his encyclopedic mind.

Tyto gives a small shake of his head, though there's a smug look on his face when she's trying to figure out how she got made.

Laz smiles and turns his attention back to Slither, but sends to Nine

~Would you mind probe her now, to see how much of what she told us is true?~

Laz asks another question while Nine ponders things, "Which Prince do you serve, Slither?"

Nine grunts lowly. She mindlinks back, ~"What makes you think I know how? Seriously, I never learned that one. I guess that I should have."~

Tyto grunts, "Its the troll condom that specializes in the mind probes and mind control."

The woman considers her words carefully. "More of my work was through Renault's office. As you might gather, I am no longer involved with work out of Tangiere. I was a loyal daughter," she feels the need to add. "I fought for my country. For what it's worth."

Vollo enters the storage room, putting up his tool belt for the evening and sees that there is something going on. He watches Tyto back near the entrance to the shipping crate. He hears a woman talking and makes his way a little further into the room, trying to get a bead on what is really going on.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, " the 'fought for her country' comment is likely referring to her work against the japanese military."

Laz leans down and slides the mask back down on her, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but I now plan to move you to another location, so needs must," he says against her protestations, motioning for InvisiNine to follow him out of the container.

His face and skin tone are reverting back to the Laz everyone knows and loathes.

~Mind adding Vollo to the relay?~ he sends to Nine, and once she does, he shares his thoughts with everyone.

~This is a catch and release. What's your sense?~

Tyto shrugs.

(MindLink!) I don't care. My options were to turn her over to the head of the Royals for working on his turf, turn her over to you, leave her unconscious on a roof in the warrens, or roll her off the third floor and let her splat. (from Tyto to Captain Vimes+Laz+Nine+Vollo)
(MindLink!) turning her over to you when I recognized she had some Tir ties seemed the more evil of the four (from Tyto to Captain Vimes+Laz+Nine+Vollo)
repeating that ML to everyone to add in Cap

Laz half-smiles and looks to see what Nine and Vollo opine.

Nine mewntally mewntions: ~"I guess take some samples, we preserve those, and then let her go. She might have killed before, but it seems selective, rather than all willy nilly. We can give her a care package."~

Laz nods, ~Please do the honours~ he sends, ~But say nothing of our plan yet, please~ he adds, opening the door to the container again.

"We have some more questions for you, Slither, and need to take out a bit of life insurance, but it will be a mild poke. Though please note your aura has been also noted."

She makes some kind of noise in response.

(MindLink!) Plus. Worse comes to worse I figured a tied up elf chick you'd just flirt with her until she begged me to use the Barrett. (from Tyto to Nine+Laz+Vollo+Captain Vimes)

Laz laughs out loud. Which is weird. As Vollo has never heard him laugh, and Tyto and Nine perhaps once before. Snorting is usually his thing.

Vollo shakes his head a little, getting used to the invasiveness of the mind link. Out loud he speaks, "Do you need an extra hand in this?"

(MindLink!) Nine seems to be upset about the notion that someone might mess with the girl while she is tied up. She surely hopes that does not transpire! (from Nine to Tyto+Laz+Vollo+Captain Vimes)

You paged Nine with 'no masking. Snake Adept (not the magic adept kind. some cyber, some bio, but mostly not.) she's still got a lot of stun on her still, but her mood is absolutely tight and focused - as much as it can be with a mage hood on. she's not a good person but not the worse aura you've read. what you'd expect for a wetwork specialist.'.

With her warped voice, Nine speaks up. "Strange that a snake would be a hitpro. Perhaps, you will seek your totem's guidance in pacifism after this." Then, Nines gets out a knife and collects a little hair (not too close to the scalp because that would be mean). She does that quickly without much fuss before magically preserving the strands and bagging them as a future material link.

Laz turns to Vollo. ~Can you drive us up to the mountains, I'll stage from there.~

«Plot» Nine says, "Will leave her with a med kit (rating 6) and an extra supply."
«OOC» Nine says, "When the time comes. Using those up early."

Tyto rummages in his pocket for a gel round for a rifle and hands it to Laz. "Here. A gift for her."

Laz smiles and holds open the unvented pocket on his coat for Tyto to drop the round into it.

«Plot-Page» (To: Vollo) Captain Vimes says, "you're pretty sure you've seen that exact leather bodysuit, (the one on the woman) the snakescale pattern up the back is familiar."
(MindLink!) You think we should return her pistol to her? Nice little Beretta with nasty poison in it. (from Tyto to Laz+Nine+Vollo+Captain Vimes)

(MindLink!) No, souvenier. I'd rather not get shot when I unshackle her. (from Laz to Nine+Vollo+Captain Vimes+Tyto)

(MindLink!) Your call. I'll hang it on the wall then and neutralize the poison. Maybe mail it to her one piece at a time like some macabre ransom. (from Tyto to Laz+Vollo+Nine+Captain Vimes)
Tyto takes his leave, with that.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) uses 1 of item 7: Medical Kit @ Rating 6 from Saving Lives! (#396).
«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) uses 1 of item 9: Medkit Supplies from Saving Lives! (#396).

Vollo nods, "I'll drive you into the mountains." He looks at the woman carefully.

To (Tyto, Vollo, Laz, Captain Vimes), Nine pages: I don't think we should mess with her. I think she has a good chance to turn around. I think we should either keep the gun or give it back: I care not. I don't think it'd be great to piecemeal it out to her, though. There's more to do than to take the energy to do that.

(MindLink!) I don't think we should mess with her. I think she has a good chance to turn around. I think we should either keep the gun or give it back: I care not. I don't think it'd be great to piecemeal it out to her, though. There's more to do than to take the energy to do that.

NEW LOCATION: Denver Mountain Park
Up here the air is crisp and clean, and no matter what time of year it always holds a chill, the consequences of higher altitude and the close proximity of the mountain ranges. The forest is rich and lush, having survived during the worst of times that have effected the lower regions of the area.

The small road, only wide enough for two vehicles winds through the trees for a long ways, many miles. The terrain is rocky in most places, with walls of mountain rising up around.

Flora and fauna alike flourish in this isolated area, unhindered by the difficulties of the lower regions of the forest. Up here there are still some surviving signs of wildlife, a few bears, wild cats and smaller critters can be found. A rare eagle or falcon can be occasionally seen flying high above the trees, soaring in the freedoms of the highest reaches. Beyond here the roads go deeper for many miles, used by loggers and pleasure-seekers alike.

The runners moved the captive from the storage room to the garage, where they loaded her onto one of Vollo's many rides before heading off to the mountains. During the ride, not a word was said, though Laz reassured them that he had no intention of harming the woman—he plans to let her go somewhere up in the mountains, more to disorient her than to put her in any harm.

He did let them know he plans to let her see him and vice versa, so if they do not want to be a part of that they have fair warning to leave or become invisible before the Laz removes her magemask up in the Rockies.

Keen to come along, Nine stays invisible and silent but preps a care package with ration bars and a mewdicat kit, too.

The thing about elves is they learn patience. This one's been around the block a little bit - all she can do is wait a little longer. If they kill her while she's masked, not much she can do about it.
Waiting is the best call. She rolls over to the side as she rides, bound up, silent - who knows what she's thinking.

Vollo drives carefully, his hands steady on the wheel. He looks in the rearview several times making sure she is not being bounced around in the back. He puts on some music to distract himself, still unsure what is really going on.

Becats she is invisible, the Nines is not seen to do mewch right meow!!!

After Vollo finds a suitably isolated place to park, Laz hops out and opens the back doors. He pulls Slither out and throws him over his shoulder as if she was made out of balsa wood.

He starts hiking up away from the parking lot, assuming the other two will follow or send questions or both…

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "it's really really hard to tell for sure, because her face has been in a mage hood the whole time you've been on the scene, and she hasn't spoken, but… you think you know her from down at twilight."

Vollo tilts his head and watches her get hauled up and onto the giant's shoulder. "It isn't Elin is it?" He whispers aloud.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, " no, it's not. But you're absolutely sure you've seen her drinking with elin, and… oh operating a gun beside her! you not only know he from the bar, but she's definitely been involved in some of the 'renz fighting, mostly protecting twilight, but occasionally she went out on her own."

Laz stops when Vollo starts talking to the prisoner as if he might know her…

Looking around, he decides they are secluded enough and leans her against a tree, ensure she can only see him, not Vollo and not look in the direction of Nine.

He then speaks, "I'm going to remove your mask now, and you're going to see the last face you will ever see if you come against me or mine. But for now, we are going to set you free."

He places Nine's gift medkit on her lap and removes her magemask gently, ready for anything.

«Plot» Laz says, "cap now that i can see her, does she trigger any additional links or recollections, either from Denver or the Tir?"

The woman you see is lean in dark, her mussed-up brown-black hair falling to the back of her neck and a little lower when the mask is removed, her face angular and her skin just brushed with hints of copper and mocha. Vollo recognizes Second Dark instantly. She's been in and out of Tir Llwen for years, and was there for the initial fight with orktown - word is she may have tried to take out the Croc, too, but that one was a miss- but she moved into town for real at some point last year and seems to have been getting steady work sense then.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "Laz, you have seen her as well. She keeps that same penchant for picking hard-to-get to targets and making them die ugly - and prefers to target skilled combatants."

Vollo nods to Second Dark, they have a past. He looks at Laz and shrugs. "This one I know."

The woman's gaze crosses the two runners she can see, and she looks with surprise at Vollo. "Vollo?" She asks incredulously. "What the hell are you doing up here… was it YOU?" Then Laz, and her eyes narrow. "And -you-. Well. Huh."

"I am just a driver dear, what did you get yourself wrapped up in this time?" Vollo asks.

Laz snorts and begins to remove the other restraints. "Good thing we didn't just take you out back before having a good look…" he says, "Err, Nice to meet you?"

She shrugs at Vollo. "I have no idea. I had a mark - a CAS Ranger, decorated, you know, crouching redneck hidden badass - and I had it planned out perfectly. Picked my ground, planted some breadcrumbs, sprung a trap - was creeping through the mindfield he'd put on the roof, going to put some green-eigh into his gullet, and then boom. Lights out. No idea what hit me. Next thing I am in a mage mask on a floor and i'm being told to not move or lose limbs."

Laz offers his palm to help her stand. "Sounds like you need a drink."

"And, as you know, I value all my limbs, saw no reason to die for a job, and I've played nice." She looks at Laz, and then at Vollo. "Seems I made the right call." She glances around and takes the hand up. "So, ah. Am I being exiled?"

Laz shakes his head. "No. Just don't ask any questions about how you ended up here. And maybe we can all be friends, yea?" he says, pulling her up effortlessly.

After hearing the talk, Nine asks in her warped voice. "What was the mark's alias or name?"

Her gaze sweeps around at the voice, and half jumps back. "That voice," she says, hissing. "Did any of you hear that? Or is it just me?"

Laz snorts again, "Answer the Voice. Trust me on that."

Vollo raises an eyebrow and looks at Laz. "Are we letting her go then?" He stands there totally relaxed and ready. "She is a friend of mine."

Laz mock stage whispers "make that two drinks."

She looks at Laz suspiciously, then nods. "First Sergeant Terry Hoytz. He works gate detail at the Heather Gardens exit into the cash, part of the joint Lone-Star Ranger op there. Three tours of duty, including one in the desert. Don't know why someone wants him closed out."

Captain Vimes shrugs. "But I'll hand the mission in. Shouldn't hurt my rep too bad, and whichever guardian angel knocked me down is not one I'd like to cross. "

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "no to that, too. not particularly notable for anything, one of a half-dozen guys just like him, and not one of the overly corrupt ones."

Second Dark shrugs. "But I'll hand the mission in. Shouldn't hurt my rep too bad, and whichever guardian angel knocked me down is not one I'd like to cross. "

"But someone wants him dead enough to put down Fifty on it."

Laz shrugs, "His problem, not ours. Start asking the "why" and the Jays stop coming, no?" Obviously he doesn't want her digging and finding out that it was Tyto and T involved.

He looks around, "Vollo, you giving her a ride back to town?"

Vollo arches an eyebrow again. He looks at Second Dark and nods. "Yeah I'll take her back to Twilight."

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