LOG: The End of Kate Mustaffah Part 1

GM: Finn
Players: Vegas, Adam, Kellogg, Laz, Air, and Mr.T
Synopsis: Adam, Vegas, Kellogg, and Mr.T Provided their services via Flashpoint. Air and LAz go mano y mano.

The Rustbelt District(#4318R)

Civilisation and anarchy are separated by a fine line: the lights stay on, the water pours from the taps, and the garbage gets collected. Denver's filth had to go somewhere, and the desperate city chose had to site its reclamation efforts somewhere or drown in its own poisonous discharge, and that place was the Rustbelt.
A wide swath of land condemned to the haze of pollution, to the reek of rotting plastics as the acid rain twists it into steaming black gobbets, to the blood-taste in the air of rust-clouds from the piles of twisted, discarded metal, to the dusty piles of construction waste, and the acrid stench of burning rubber and corroding electronics.
In this place, there is nothing but mile after mile of abandoned scrapyards, great stacks of girder and steel rod awaiting a return to use that will never come, corroding stacks of vehicles and parts withering away to red dust under weather and sun. The once-hopeful green signs of recycling centers now drooping over the ultimate landfill in testament to their failure, and the hulking concrete cubes of the incinerator plants, their tall, rust-streaked stacks still reaching to the sky but no longer belching out their black exhalations.

Sec-rating: E

Air drives towards the Rustbelt, his educated guess marking it as the best spot for a liftoff exfiltration south of Denver. He could be wrong, but he knows the area fairly well having based his legitimate business in Castle Rock. The Sabre tucked into the footwell knocks against his knee as he squints at the surrounding area, trying to figure out where he would go, if he were in Laz's place, but also stupider and more impulsive.

Adam, too, squints. An hour and some change has passed since Laz made wind-fall so to speak and the shadows have gone to drek from it. "He's got to be here," Adam says.

Driving southward from the north-east corner of the highway (https://ibb.co/eNYeNa) Adam raises a hand.

"Think I see something…Further south." Adam looks around, "Made out something for a second, human sized. I think. If it's him, he's likely scared and feeling cornered. How'd he get here so fast? How'd he get out so fast?"

Air scowls at the questions, "Bleeding heart rigger with a fast car and no idea what it means to be part of the shadows, or a magic lift from T. Security forces are all over the place trying to catch fake Laz's. Basically everyone has lost their damn minds." Air begins to scan the sky as he drives southward towards Adam's sighting, checking rooflines, "Lets see if we can find a nice roof with some overview of the area."

«Plot» Finn says, "Air, there's a ware house "another warehouse" close to you surrounded by some razor wire with a dozing guard at a post for it's main entrance. Further southward, there's a collection of actually abanonded/junked shipping containers semi-blocking the road, after that there's numbered warehouses - all long since abandoned."

Adam looks farther southward, about a quarter mile southward is a large towering construction crane, it's color a rusted yellow long since unused. The rooftops of abandoned warehouses and factories sit patiently beneath the crane. The wind howls here as the large debris piles form canyons of scrap metal.

Adam sits in the car, "You're thinking beeelining for the crane, Oman? Kinda obvious, no?"

Air zips the car along, pulling around containers in the road carefully, "Obvious, massive and no way out once you get spotted, yeah," is Air's reply, "But good sightlines too. Tough call." He aims for the crane, "I think we'll take a roof nearby."

Wearing urban camo, Laz moves between the ruins, pausing when he hears another approaching vehicle, he pokes his hood-darkened head out a touch to see if he can spot anything, perhaps even recognise friend or foe.

Adam takes up a position behind the car, his hands give off a soft subtle glow as he works magic around him ready at a moments notice. He sits tight. "Heard something.", he relays on his comm to Air.

Air nods to Adam as the pair switch to comms for silent communication, "Alright, go stealth and lets get on the roof. Could be just a wild animal but lets not make any assumptions. Keep an eye out for dwarves, The Griffin is the goal."

Adam nods and crouches down, silently shutting the passenger car. He flashes to Astral, looks around. Nothing in his field of view.

The urban-camoe'd figure continues to move along the rustbelt zone, discovering it's almost impossible not to dislodge debris, though the layout and piles hopefully mask the exact direction and source.

"Should I cast something?", Adam asks as he follows Air -and carefully steps around a pile of broken machinery inside the factory.

The factory is a three story high affair. The ground floor is covered in dirt, animal waste, broke down metal machinery. An open staircase that leads to a gangplank in the rafters, and then roof access via large sooty windows

Air nods to Adam, "Go invis and levitate us to the roof, quieter than this rusty metal." In the meantime Air allows the Sabre to drop to sling and switches for the bullpup sniper rifle he's anonymously known for. Nobody snipes Orkish TLF members better than Air and his rifle.

Adam focuses for a moment and hits himself with an Imp. Invis spell on himself, and levitate onto both of them. They'll float up where Air seeks.

Adam casts a spell over himself, cloaking his visibility before casting a secondary with ease to levitate both of them silently to the top of the roof.

Air settles onto the warehouse roof thanks to Adam's levitate, moving slightly to get a better view over the surrounding area. He scans around, rifle at a loose ready, alternating between the debris around the warehouse and the skies. You never know where these magicians can come from after all.

There's nothing for several secondsno movement, no sound. When the urban camo-wearing Laz thinks it's clear, he makes a run from debris mountain to debris mountain, continuing to circle around where he assumes the new arrivals areie using the car as a proxy for location

Air cocks his head, turning away from the wind, for a moment he closes his eyes, relying more on his sense of hearing than anything else. People tend to dampen sound less than vision. He raises his rifle southward and without looking fires two shots off into the sky, the suppressor on the rifle taking the report right out of the high calibre weapon.

The shot that Air fires impacts into a modded helicopter, stealthed by several powerful spells and technology- but no match for the mad blind firing of the mercenary below.

Inside the cabin of the helicopter (and high above) the occupants scratch their heads as a hole is suddenly blown through the side. Icy cold oxygen rushes inside.

Back on the ground Laz looks about near the car, a shock of white blonde hair blows in the wind.

Then, an equally quiet and powerful shot rings out.

Air takes his shots at the stealth helo, more expecting a result than able to assess it himself. Especially as almost immediately he's assaulted as well, with what feels like an anti-materiel rifle slamming into him twice. The first hit triggers his response and he jump rolls sideways, just not quick enough to avoid the second shot, which tags through his light run armour. Cursing over comms to Adam, "Sniper, south high. Crane! Should've known!"

Vegas, this little dwarf body cloaked and hidden amongst the metallic cover regretfully fires two rounds from his Barret Rifle. He's stuck up here. Fuck.

Adam flinches at Air, he swings to the left northward and switches to the astral to view Laz.

In one slick move, he swan dives backwards off the roof and pulls Air along for the ride, dropping the two of them comfortably behind the warehouse they were just on top of, and with plenty of large metal debris to provide cover from the west (left).

Further out westward, some abandoned building ruins. Then a hill dipping downward toward the highway and some trees. »Didn't see her. He's masking with some spells on him. Couldn't pierce. You alright?«

Above:Vegas quietly turns trying to get a bead but the duo are out of view. He sighs. He has to pee also.

Air grunts as quietly as he can manage when Adam sets him down, still communication over comm, "Took a hit, not bad, could use a quick heal."

When the bullets start flying, Laz heads back away from the car and for cover, weaving between the container trucks and cars to head northish, though Adam and Air are blocked from that view (but posing it in case there's drones/eles on overwatch). He's moving at a ridiculous speed now, clearly magically enhanced.

Air gets an answerphone service. Of course. Well there goes the easy option, may as well crack on with the hard one. "Aquis, take us west, hug cover if you can and point me at the crane in case that sniper tries again."

As Air speaks the last word of his instructions to Adam, the heat and light of a half-dozen enormous fires can be seen and felt: the debris piles and the old ruins burst into flames, as does the car Air arrived in (the latter from the /inside/), light, heat and the blackest of black smokes rising from the now incandescent towers of refuse and the pile of slag formerly known as Air's ride…

Air quits fingering his wound and switches out to the Sabre, automatic fire seeming like it might be more useful in the coming moments. He pulls a medallion out of his vest and then nods to Adam as he turns to examine the crane, while the pair float off, hopefully invisible or at least hard to pinpoint. If he spots that sniper he might have to do something about it, but he's really straining himself to listen for that chopper.

As the fire launch into the air, Adam twists the two up and slightly away. A helicopter idles in stealth mode just to the west(left) of the iron smelting/factory ("Dirty Factory) where the last vestiges of Denver's Working class punch in for the skeleton crew.

Meanwhile, Laz runs northward along the highway fleeing the hot car.

With Adam's expert guidance, Air's slightly wounded eyes are finally drawn to the idling helicopter. Squinting slightly he grins, "Got you." He raises the rifle and prepares to end an expensive piece of equipment.

Air lines up the shot, takes careful aim to offset the painful and bleeding wound then fires one round into the engine compartment atop the helo, aiming to disable it badly enough to need serious repairs before it can fly again.

WHile all this is happening, Laz is running toward the factory's east side at full tilt.


Tir Taingire // Royal Hill // Various locations.

Lugh Surehand counters the High Council's vote of No Confidence. Live to fight another day. The meeting is adjourned to loud consternation.

In a High Prince executive decision, the Star Chamber is closed for the day and all members placed under arrest - under suspicion of collaborating with the Rinelle rebels. Surehand calls for an immediate small council at Royal Hill with Lowfyr and Hestaby, Dar Varfen, and Sosan Naerain.

Hestaby is a no show. Surehand releases a statement- Tir Taingire is on lockdown. Public PR: Unsubstantiated terror attacks from rebels. Private rumor: Until the royalty can determine if a 5th Column exists within his ranks, Surehand must centralize control. Lowfyr is elevated to a special counsel - SK Corp assets are ramped up, The Portland Wall construction extends further east and west. Inside Portland, mass rioting against Surehand: "Bring back the Orange Queen"


The Chopper makes a high pinging sound and the rotorcraft stops its stealthed idle. The wind is scented with burning from the south but it's not particularly cloying or thick yet. The lights of the central highway above ficker as cars slow to pass and gander at the fires from the warehouse/debris/car-slagged.

The elf currently known as Lazarus has been training for decades for every eventuality imaginable, and has faced formidable opponents before . But with the full wrath and resources of a super-fixer, her dragon sponsor and who knows what else, it takes almost everything he has just to figure out what's going on…and find a target. All that training comes together to block it all out, as he almost enters Zathien, but with a firearm, the inimitable and unmistakable sound of superfast autofire cutting the formidable Air out of the sky, if not out of this plane of existence…

Air is knocked into a damage induced coma after the hail of bullets christens him with a whole bunch (get it) of new bulletwounds. Hopefully they'll have chance to become scars. For now, he floats limply in Adam's care, bleeding all over the ground.

Adam catches Air, draping the man in his arms and cradles the wounded and dying man he floats down. White hot anger likely seethes from his eyes and the thought of the stabilize spell as he floats downward to the ground.

'Laz' continues to run northward at semi-inhuman speeds, then turns right.

As Adam touches down, a half dozen Tir Ghost soldiers surround the duo, approx 12 meters out in wide half moon flank.

Laz wallruns, jogs, ducks and dives his way over, his ruth and other mods making him as much a ghost as they are.

He carefully calls out the call sign, ere he get ventilated, and when that is cleared and responded to he looks to Air and the invible form of Adam, but from behind to avoid LOS. "No need to make anything permanet," he says as he observes the healing begin. He looks to the chopper, wondering why it is not being fired up.

Tir Prince Aidan St. James steps forward from the Guard. He looks down at Adam, a bit too cocky of his safety, and responds in kind with a call sign. "Lazuraus - where is she?" The rest of the Ghosts keeps their Collected Assault Rifles Trained on Adam. Adam work son stabilizing Air - if he wanted to float away, if he tried, if he thought he was the all powerful…he'd be mistaken in this moment.

A sing-song voice steps forward from out of nowhere. A purple and pink bomber's jacket. A pair of leather pants tucked into brown calfskin riding boots. Daubed clown make-up. "That's enough, children. This is't very funny." Harlequin bends down to look at Air, then at Adam. He looks at Laz and tut tut tuts.

For once, Laz is at a loss for words. A few heartbeats too late to play it cool, he turns and points, forgetting he's ruthe'd up. So he speaks, "Behind that warehouse, in the trunk. Call Sign is : Vatican."

Harlequin looks at Adam, he twists his mouth in a grimace. "Yea that looks like it hurts." He looks up at Laz, "I mean you can /see/ the guys insides! Just look." Whatever Adam is attempting other than helping Air is just fizzling and popping. He looks up at Laz, "A….question before you get the little scamp for me."
Laz removes the hood, flips up the visor, so his face looks like it's floating there. "I will do my best to answer it," he says, glancing at the Prince.
Aidan at this point looks annoyed. "Can you just stop-", he keeps talking but no sound comes out. Harlequin nods, and sings the classic Charlie and the Chocolate factory song, "I've got a golden ticket….." He pulls out a Predator and points it at Laz. "Are you taking the ticket back or are you staying?"

«OOC» Air says, "Harlequin is nuts man."

"I'm going. Everything I have is on my back." He turns to Adam, "Let everything go, this is all on me. Tell him," Laz adds, nodding towards Air. He then turns back to face Harlequinn.

Aidan St. continues to speak louder and angrier but with less sound.

Harlequin snaps his fingers and-

"-Enough you callous clown I wouldn't let my own-" he stops when he realizes he's Harlequin is staring with glowing red eyes at the man.

"Gather the package Lazuraus, and all will be forgiven." Harlequin reaches into a pants pocket and produces a magic wand. "NO that's not right." He waves the wand and it's a credstick.

Somewhere off-camera the sitcom audience breaks into laughter.

He bends down and places it into Air's pants pocket.

The audience whistles low and "oohs" like it's the first kiss between two characters. "You two are pretty fragging bad ass." Harlequin closes his eyes and reduces Air's wound to a Serious, stabilizing the man with just the slightest show of effort. "Can we talk business?"

Laz nods and sends a watcher to tell the driver to drive over, carefully, and drop her off into the hands of the ghosts.

Air wakes up, in a lot of pain, serious wounds are no joke after all, and now they're all sealed up and internal serious wounds. With Adam's help the old man works his way to a standing position and squints at Harlequin. For a while. Did he just ask to talk business? Who the fuck is this clown faced idiot? The thoughts are writ plainly across his face, composure not his strongest suit when injured. A glance takes in the Ghosts, Harlequin and Laz and he finally quips, "You should all be glad I was only shooting at the helicopter. I shouldn't have made the exception for Laz."

Harlequin chuckles. Hey he really likes this guy. The sound of sirens echoes in the air.

Kellogg pulls up in his vehicle looking scared shitless. A few Ghosts train their rifles on the car- the back door opens up and an unconscious dwarf rolls out.

"Yiiiiikes," Harlequin states before addressing Air. "Yea," he says under a lowered voice, "This one's annoying as hell. But I need him- for my vision. I- I don't like to really get involved, and you two seem nice enough." He looks over at Adam. "So, and maybe you don't know me, but I'd like to pay you a million dollars to look the other way. Heck- tell everyone you /did/ kill old Blondie here. But I need him, right now." He looks at Laz and shakes his head, "Whyyyy-" the clown faced man shrugs. "For reasons. Back home. You know- an-ark-y stuff. So- want me to punch him in the dick or something?"
Harlequin adds, "And if you see him again? Have fun! Ok?"

Air looks over at Laz and nods, "Yeah sure, I'll take your million dollars, I know just what I can use it for. Keep an eye on Denver shadowland and you'll see too." He turns and spits blood at the ground. He may be incapable of physical intervention, but he just can't keep his tongue on lock. Directed directly at Laz, "You just burned every 'runner in Denver for the Tir. Fuck the Tir."

Laz snorts, "Bitch, please. We know that nature abhors a vacuum. It'll be filled and forgotten in a few moons; the show must go on," he says, gesturing with his supermachinegun as he talks, "And sorry if I ruined your favourite underpants," he adds, nodding to the near score of holes all over Air's clothes…and body. "We are Ying and Yang, Rusty, Ying and Yang." He offers a lazy salute, gives Adam a finger-twiddle wave and turns to meet his fate.

Aidan St. James puffs his chest out. One handed he lifts the woman under his arm. "We've got another en route, and some alternative exfil plans as B and C." He speaks the rest in Speth to Laz.

"You've done well, we'll discuss post-interrogation. You've become a commoner, we need to talk but you delivered for the realm. Let's go Lazarus. Leave this."

Harlequin slow blinks at Air, "Marvelous, babe." He looks at the Kellogg's vehicle. "That car is so dumb." He turns to Air, "You'll likely need a favor to call in. Someone powerful, I'll make sure there's a way you can get in touch if you need be. But - you know-"

The studio audience from nowwhere chimes in again: "Never! Trust! An Elf!"

Air listens to the chatter then decides to flip his card anyway, turning to Harlequin and asking in slightly accented Sperethiel, "Do you do introductions? I have a few names on my list that I wouldn't mind knowing." He's aware it's insulting, that's half the point.

Laz smiles, "I think I'd miss him so much if we left him. Why don't we take him with us?"
Harlequin curls up a lip, "Sallah serulos." Silence childish masculinity. Who he's talking to is anyone's guess. "I'm going to take in the sights here. Nice night for a walk."

The fire in the back explodes higher. Fire Sirens are faint but incoming. Someone hit a panic button.

Aidan St. James motions to Laz, a hand out, "Come. We resolve the rillabothian tonight." The Tir Ghosts re-ruth and step away.
And somewhere, Vegas is like "Uhhhhhhhh guys?"
Air gestures at the somewhat damaged helo and calls out to the retreating forms, "You won't be needing the helo, I'll just keep that then shall I?" His voice breaks as he yells and he ends up in a coughing fit.

Harlequin twines his fingers. "Wiped, good luck doing anything with it."

Ten minutes later Carol, head bodyguard for Kate "The Griffin" Mustaffah and survivor from The Shadow Auction assault arrives with several hired goons. She sees Air and Adam.

Air waits on the dead field and informs Carol of everything down to the last detail including all the conversations that were had in front. Informs her as to the exfiltration method and let her have the damaged chopper as an example vehicle for what they're using to exfiltrate.

The street sam then wishes her the best of luck as Air is now out of the game until he heals.

Carol begins to think on her next steps. And revenge.


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