The Cross-NAN Rally
GM: Vulcan
Players: Krissy, Chameleon, Accelerate, Frost.
Synopsis: Krissy and Chameleon are hired to run a race route without their understanding. Many people bet on the outcome and some get directly involved!
Date: 7-29-2069

Lets dispense with the pleasantries.

Each of you gets a call from the NPC you listed as your contact. Theres a guy who has a package and it needs to get some place. This is going to be a fast, loose job in which you have to run a package from Denver to Pueblo Colorado, then out old highway fifty to Grand Junction, then up through the Rockies to Salt Lake City, passing through Provo.

Yeah, so thats from Denver, through the CAS sector, in to the Pueblo Corporate Council Nation, in to the Ute Nation, then through the backwaters of the ute nation, then to the CAPITOL Of the Ute nation, and then finally? Mormonland, picking up packages the entire way.

Job Pays 45,000.

"So." Says Smelly Pete, the suit wearing, cologne-drenched sleezeball in front of you. "You my ballahs?"

Chameleon cocks his head to one side and asks "Ballahs?" with a confused expression.

Smelly Pete eyes Chameleon now. "Ballahs. Cannonballahs. Its what we call the couriers… Used ta call em Max's, but they kept runnen afoul of this biker gang out in the high desert, so we changed the name."

Chameleon nods. "I see. Yes, I believe I could be considered a… cannonballer, for this particular job."

Krissy is smoking dope when she arrives. She's always smoking something. Prbably not a great first impression, but that's Krissy. She nods her head at the description of the job, "Sounds good. I take it these packages are something you'd rather border cops don't see?"

"If I wanted the cops to see em, I'd send em Sped-Ex." Says Smelly Pete then. "Naw, stick to backroads, avoid getting pulled over… and oh yeah." A pause. "Theres a strict schedule to keep."

Chameleon chuckles softly, "Of course there is. Checkpoints or simple deliver by the deadline?"

Krissy nods her head, "You got it on chip? I'll wire it into my pocsec." She comments. She doesn't comment on the cops thing, not for now.

Smelly Pete looks at Krissy like she's fucking crazy.

"Sorry baby, I don't work in phsyicalities like that. You best be able to remember this or write it down for yourself."

Krissy shrugs, "Only saying, don't take a genius to omit names and give places reference numbers. Never need to write down which ref means which place."

"Sorry baby, I don't work in phsyicalities like that. You best be able to remember this or write it down for yourself."

Chameleon nods, "I will take the mission." and then, to Krissy, he says "I will be here." before going to his car and fetching his suitcase and dumping the obviously illegal items such as the stealth rope and climbing gear. He does tuck the gecko tape gear into a pocket though and shudders at the thought of clinging to the side of a racing van with it. Once packed and ready he makes a phone call or two, but comes up almost completely empty. Just a number for Aladriel Cindel that he's not overly sure of.

Krissy gets changed into her new purchase of the back of her van when she arrives back at the place, and she says to Chameleon, "I'm alls et up, 'cept for that long hall shit. Put out an ad on the 'trix, but I say we leave in five minute if it isn't there by then." She tells him, and gets into the drivers seat. She makes sure she's got everything ready, and then sets up the Photovaltic paint to a plain, blue color.

Chameleon nods. "I agree. The time limit is rather explicit, we cannot really wait for much longer." he says, settling into the passenger seat. "What wardrobe would you prefer? Businessman in a hurry? Or mechanic on duty?"

Krissy shifts a bit, trying to get comfy. "Haven't had to wear one of these since I was flying choppers for a corp." She says to Chameleon then, "Definitely don't miss it. But it's better than pissing my pants or missing checkpoint."

Chameleon nods and says "Agreed." as he holds up an empty bottle and adds "The advantages of being male and not being tied to the wheel." he sets the bottle aside again and asks "What would suit the mission best? Mechanic? businessman? Courier? Please, it would be best to know in advance."

A delivery truck drives up from seemingly nowhere. A man gets out, sporting the standard brown jacket and pants of his company. Looking a little lost, he rereads his instructions, shrugs, and walks up to Krissy's car. "Uh… One package for a miss C. Trims?"

Krissy leans out the window, "Yeah that's me." She yoinks the package, "I gotta sign or some shit?" She asks then.

The delivery guy shrugs "Instructions say no. Not standard procedure, but whatever, not my problem. Here you go." Upon handing over the package, he walks back to his truck and heads out.

The package starts ringing.

Krissy winces and holds at arms lengh, "Oh fuck it's a bomb!" She yells. After it rings a second time and doesn't explode, she relaxes, blushing a bit. She opens it, gingerly. It still might be a bomb, and then looks inside.

Chameleon chuckles and shakes his head, "No bomb. Just a phone."

Krissy takes the phone out and answers it, "Yello?" She asks then, emptying the rest of the contents of the package onto the dashboard.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Please connect to the cellular device via datajack."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "If this thing has some kinda bad BTL or feedback loop in it, I will find you, and introduce you to a Panther Assault Cannon. Got it?"

Krissy takes a wire and plugs it into the phone, before plugging it into the back of her head.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "I couldn't risk the package having a listening device in it. You are now on a secure commcall. The run you are on is a race. Lots of groups have put lots of money on you, and I am here to make sure you win the race."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy, sounding transduced, "Hrm. I get the feeling this is something I shouldn't know. You some kind of tech-wizard?"

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Something like that."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Well, I aint gonna cheat if this is a race. Thanks for the stims. But I figure that's as far as our relationship is going to go?"

Chameleon digs a roadrasher and helmet out of his suitcase and puts the armored jumpsuit on, keeping the helmet in his lap for the moment. As a precaution, he also places his subvocal comm system in place and runs a basic systems check before closing the suitcase and moving back to his place in the passenger seat.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "I don't think you have much of a choice. My help will be with things outside your control. I won't keep you busy on the phone, you have to get ready. Just know that money from alot of people is riding on you winning this race. We'll keep in touch."

*Call has ended*

"Who was that?" the young man asks, settling in for a long ride.

Krissy pulls the cable out of the back of her neck, "Prick." She mutters, and then grabs the Long-Haul. She taps her arm a few times, and then sticks the autoinjector right in there. She leans back into her seat, a datajack in the headrest finding it's way into one of her datajacks. She pulls the other cable from her comlink and plugs it into the other datajack on her head, "Huh? Oh, some guy sent me the long-haul. Told me to blow him in payment." She mutters then, and leans back. "I'll be rechable on comms from now on. Going dead meatside." She comments, and her eyes close. Moments later, the van springs into life.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Commcheck"

Commlink-SmellyPete> Vulcan says, "I hear you. Clock starts ticking in 45 seconds."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "I'm here. Lets get this shit rolling."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "I will dispense with the obvious movie quote. Hit it."

The clock starts to count down. The starting position is right in the heart of Denver, the parking lot of Black Bird Park. "10." Says he then, leaning on a car next to the van. "9." He continues the count down.

Stage 1, Test 1

«OOC» Vulcan says, I'm going to run it like this. 3 drive tests per leg, in addition to any challenge I present. Each success on the drive test (Which will be a TN that factors in your rigger fu) is 2 percent off the base, estimated time. This means, Krissy can knock up to 36 percent off the base time per leg, on her own skill. Provided she makes every success."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Accelerate: Computers check, TN is 7 to do what you want to do."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Successes add/subtract dice from Krissies' roll"
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 vs TN 7:
1 1 2 3 3 5 5 5 5 8 11 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Accelerate stands.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "For or against?"
Accelerate pages: for
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Krissy: Car + 4, (No rigging pool) TN is -2-. Traffic parts like the red sea when you are in Denver proper, but once you leave grid-guide territory, you encounter normal traffic."
«OOC» Vulcan prods Krissy.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Did we lose Krissy? I will cry if we did."
«BBoard» New message (ooc9/155) from Gryphon (#1402) on Proposals: Re: Leather Clothing.
«OOC» Krissy says, "No"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Welcome back!"
«OOC» Krissy says, "No Rigging pool?"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Nope."
«OOC» Krissy says, "guess I spent all that money improving it for nothing ;)"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Noooooooooooo."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "I am taking that in to account with TNs and your ability to shave up to half the trip time off."
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Car + 2 vs TN 2:
1 1 2 2 3 4 5 9 = 6 Successes
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Something no normal driver could ever reasonably do. And your doing it in a -van-."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "So cope :)"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "2 more dice."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "I mean, if you want to go -meter by meter- in combat turns for 1200 miles?"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "I can do that."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "then you can use your pool."
«OOC» Accelerate will murder someone.
«OOC» Vulcan grins.
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls 2 vs TN 2:
2 3 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Acc doesn't get Hacking pool or utilities for abstracted matrix, you don't get Rigging pool for driving. Krissy: you have 2 more dice to roll. You got a bonus from acceler.. there we go."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "8 successes on the first test."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Gimmie awesome awesome pose as you roar through downtown denver like traffics standing still."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Cause really, it is."
16 percent off base time from first test, first leg

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "First leg should be no problem. I know a shortcut."

The moment the timer hit's zero, the van starts moving, the wheells spin a little, but only enough to let Krissy /drift/ around a corner in a /7 tonne van/ the vwan judders a bit as the whee;s try to grip the road, and then it starts to bomb down the street. As she comes to the first lot of traffic, and she spots that they are rather unnaturally keeping out of her way… well, nothing happens immediatelty. Physical body is comatose, after all.

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "I am gonna kill a bitch."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Who?"

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Nevermind."

Though her transduced voice is even, one gets the impression she would be rather pissed off if she was capable of expressing it right about now. She slams around a corner, back wheels nearly running off the road as she bombs down a new avenue.

Chameleon knows better than to press the issue, especially when the driver is concentrating on her driving. That doesn't mean he's not starting to wonder who it is that she's so annoyed with. He notices the unusual traffic patterns, but hasn't quite put two and two together yet.

Meanwhile, on the matrix, Accelerate is on the GridGuide network. He has cooked up a command script to make his job easier and is quietly hiding from the security deckers who probably will be looking for him soon. "Upload faster, Upload faster… Crap I need a new deck."

As the Van comes towards a Junction, Krissy suddenly pulls off, apparently this is the shortcut. The car goes down some back alley, which appears to be a cul-de-sac. When they get to the end, though, the van rumbles up a set of stairs, and then hurtles through a synthwood fence, bursting onto the sidewalk. with a screech of rubber on tarmac, the car turns, and then bombs down this road. She's on the way out of the city center now.

Chameleon is a model passenger. No screaming, no yelling, no flailing arms, just a white knuckled grip on the 'oh shit handle' and permanent indentations matching his fingertips in the padding. Once the vehicle steadies a bit he reaches into his pocket and slips on the glove component of the gecko tape gear, then grabs the handle again.

Stage 1, Test 2

«Auto-Judge[]» Chameleon (#3977) rolls Security procedures vs TN 4:
2 2 4 5 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Vulcan says, "KP?"
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Debating. I'd like to save it until we know for sure what we're looking at on the pickup points. Possible a comp with police procedure?"
Accelerate pages: Going to attempt to fix the boarders.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "No. One know skill per check."
«OOC» Chameleon nods. "Ok. Then I think I'll stand for now. Don't want to be in a brawl at a pickup and find out I'm out of KP.
Long distance to Accelerate: Vulcan nods. TN is going to be 8.
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 + 3 (Psychology Dice) vs TN 8 (to Vulcan) for "Boarder fixing":
1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 + 3 (Psychology Dice) - 1 vs TN 8 (to Vulcan) for "Boarder fixing, kp 4/11":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Car + 4 vs TN 2:
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 10 10 = 9 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) has the Fake SIN UCAS-03862-000CPX-0005Q9-P71 (Maribel Laurens) with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]—-
====================> SIN Information for Krissy (#3862) <=====================
SIN: UCAS-03862-000CPX-0005Q9-P71
Name: Maribel Laurens
Rating: 5
Created: Tue May 29 16:37:38 2007
Player: Chrome (#3862)

«OOC» Vulcan says, "Cham?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 5:
3 3 3 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 5 vs TN 4:
3 5 5 5 16 = 4 Successes

«OOC» Vulcan says, "Chameleon?"
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Sorry, restroom called."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Hard to ignore that call,."
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Lee Jean."
«OOC» Chameleon says, "R4 French."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4:
3 4 8 29 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Krissy says, "Oh, shit."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Checkpoint":
2 4 5 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Cham":
1 2 2 4 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Check point":
1 3 3 16 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Cham":
1 1 1 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Check point":
1 3 4 5 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Oh shit…"
«OOC» Accelerate says, "EMERGENCY HACKAGE."
[Judge] Air (#8050) has submitted request number 105 to the Equipment queue.
«OOC» Chameleon was just thinking this would be when knowing Accel is on our side would be useful. :)
«OOC» Vulcan grins. Computers check. Computer feed from the Colorado Springs checkopint is going: Relay to higher lvel check
[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "OH NO! The runners appear to be stopped at the Colorado Springs Pueblo Corporate Council National Borders! A red flag was just thrown on a SIN!"
«OOC» Krissy will happily cheat at poker, or pool, or on a boyfriend/girlfriend. But when it comes to racing? Yeah. No cheating.
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3:
1 2 3 3 3 4 5 9 10 11 16
«OOC» Accelerate says, "Eat that, magic dice."
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Hey, hacking the checkpoint computers isn't cheating in my book. :)"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Yeah. Okay. So like, the SIN gets bounded back as 'okay'"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "This time, and don't use this as precedent in later plots ;)"
18 percent off base time from first test, first leg

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "OH NO! The runners appear to be stopped at the Colorado Springs Pueblo Corporate Council National Borders! A red flag was just thrown on a SIN!"

Chameleon handles the sec team, unfortunately costing a few moments for computer issues with the false SIN. Luckily a guardian angel swoops down and slices through the code apparently, as the SIN comes back clean after an extended check. Diplomatic courier may have been a good choice afterall.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Hit it."

Krissy drops her speed just as she's coming into visual range of the checkpoint, no point getting pulled over so early on in the race ER, deliveries. She drops down to within the speed limit, and then eventually pulls up at the checkpoint. She jacks out to hand her sin over. She frowns as Cham's takes a while, "C'mon, c;mon hurry up…" she murmurs. At the raised eyebrow from the checkpoint guard? She says, "I uh, really gotta take a leak." eyes are rolled. As soon as the barrier is raised, she ebgins to accelerate off, and once out iv view, she jacks back into the vehicle. Wheells spin and she bombs away once more.

Meanwhile, on the Matrix, Accelerate has started tossing around emails from government officials stating these people in this van are not to be hastled. Too bad the boarder patrol didn't buy it. "What the drek is… Gah, this will have to be one of my dirtiest hacks ever." he thinks as he realises Chameleon's SIN has failed inspection. Accelerate darts over to the NAN database and adds an entry for Lee Jean stating the usual stuff, and prays it works.

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "Livefeed: But wait, whats this? A late minute email from Pueblo councilor Jonathan Pope clearing the vehicle for travel? These runners have friends on high! They are through and continuing to Pueblo, nearly 40 percent ahead of schedule!"

Once out onto the open road, the van accelerates up to near it's top speed, only slowing when it has to. Very few theatrical effects here, given how straight the road is for the time being, but that van is fucking /moving/

Chameleon leans back in his seat and focuses his magics inward, altering his appearance. After a few minutes of writhing features and slowly shifting skin tones the man in the passenger seat has gone from a bland Caucasian to a heavy dose of native american blood showing in his features.

Stage 1, Test 3

«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Car vs TN 2:
1 2 2 4 5 9 = 5 Successes
18 percent off base time from first test, first leg

The laugh Factory Comedy club is in the center of town, the sort of place that's seen better days. Still, as the major staging point for Pueblo interests thats not in the FRFZ, it's a heavily militarized town (as they go) and has that 'soldiers looking for a good time' feel. The Laugh Factory is that good time. A combination sports bar and comedy club that hosts wet tee-shirt contests on the weekend.

«OOC» Vulcan says, "Then Cham: Athletics, TN 4, to run inside and get the package then make it back to the truck."

The shift in features took only a few minutes, after that Chameleon simply sits and rides in silence, not wanting to distract the driver. As they approach the Laugh Factory he begins to tense slightly, flexing the muscles in his legs and arms to get the blood flowing again so that when it's time to move he can move fast.

The van screeches to a stop, the back doors opening before the thing has even finished moving. Krissy doesn't bother looking for a parking spot, since her co-runner is only going to be a few moments in picking up the package. The engine doesn't stop, and the door opening facing the door to the store.

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Go!"

«OOC» Vulcan says, "Cham: Athletics, TN 4, to run inside and get the package then make it back to the truck."
«Auto-Judge[]» Chameleon (#3977) rolls Athletics vs TN 4:
2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Chameleon (#3977) rolls Athletics - 6 vs TN 4:
1 3 3 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Chameleon (#3977) rolls 2 vs TN 4:
8 10 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Krissy, Accelerate, perception checks."
«OOC» Krissy says, "I get any bonus from my sensors?"
[Judge] Accelerate (#748) has submitted request number 106 to the Equipment queue.
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 4 4 4 5 10
«OOC» Krissy says, "R2"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "No, but you get full int at sensor-power."
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 3 4 4 9
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Cause your actively noticing something, not on passive sensors."
«OOC» Accelerate hopes his crazy satellites can pick whatever it is up.
«OOC» Krissy says, "alrighty then, 100x zoom, thermo, low light, proximity sensors."
You paged Accelerate with 'There's another vehicle following them, doesn't seem to be ground based, but it's using a transponder chip registering it as a courier drone.'.
You paged Krissy with 'You have a tail. It's a very fast VTOL vector-thrust drone, seems to be unarmed.'.

Chameleon bails out of the van, letting the cling effect from the gecko gloves snap him around the door as the van bleeds speed slightly. The snapping effect of the momentum lets him actually release and arc neatly over a parked 'cycle in the lot, dropping to his feet and breaking into an olympic class sprint with the package under one arm.

A spinning dodge takes him past the entrance door, and the chameleon flips the package onto the counter then slaps one gecko tape hand onto the new delivery, letting the stickum on hte glove bring it along with him as he slides to a stop and sprints back out of the bar.

Once past the doors he tracks the van on the fly and plots a course to intercept that just happens to take him up the hood of a parked racer, over the roof, and down the trunk where he leaps and clears another bike with a twist. Finally clear of the parked obstacles, chameleon runs along at an angle to intercept the van and claps his free hand on the side to propel him into his seat.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Hit it."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "We have a tail."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Any idea who?"

Chameleon sticks his head out the window and focuses in on the tail car, first checking the hood for a general temp with infrared, then kicking in 'eyes of the eagle' to try and study the driver.

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "look up."

Chameleon fails to notice a tailcar and starts to pull his head back in, just then he hears the directive to look up and does so.

You paged Accelerate with 'you got 3 10's and its abstracted. The drone is registered to Mountain Range Brewing company, a provider of beverages and snacks to the Denver Mountain Dragons urban brawl team. It's using a transponder library right now, so getting that was hard. Anyone else would have overlooked it.'.
Accelerate pages: What does Accelerate think the chances are he could hack the primary bookies' cell phone records and see what side the urban brawl team bets on?
You paged Accelerate with 'Needle in a haystack. But there is an interesting note.'.

You paged Accelerate with 'The Mountain Dragons are owned by Innocence Corporation; which is owned by Aspanu Innocenti.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Chameleon (#3977) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 3 9 10

You know, that little fucker is hard to spot. But there it is. A predator style drone that uses Vector Thrust instead of a propeller; It's too high altitude to make any details out on however.

*Ring! Ring!* The cellphone from earlier goes off.

Krissy hops out of the car, and takes out one of the jerry cans. They've barely used any fuel so far, so she only pours in about half of the jerry can, caps it back up, and then takes a few quick gulps of water from one of the bottles, then settles back in to get going.
Chameleon snags the cell phone and flips it open. "Yes?"

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Plug the phone in via datajack."

Chameleon replies, "Not possible. My associate is out of the vehicle at the moment, and I do not have a datajack."

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Then we do this the old fashioned way. Get out of the car, go somewhere out of sight for a moment."

Chameleon exits the vehicle and finds a dark corner out of sight, making an effort to find one with some shelter as well so that the drone is blocked as well. Once that's done he speaks into the phone concealed in his hand. "I believe I have done so."

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "I couldn't risk the package having sensors and overhearing. The drone you have behind you belongs to the Mountain Dragon Urban Brawl Team. This means mafia connections. I hope you haven't pissed anyone off. Be careful."

*Call has ended*

Chameleon returns to the van with a bemused expression and puts the phone back where he found it, then settles in to wait until the driver returns.

Krissy is back in the van then, and is getting ready to pull out- she plugs the datajacks back in, and settles down.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Ready."

Stage Two, Test 1

Frost pages: I have live feed at where the target is, I've assensend Chameleon and worked with him a few times, As soon as the next part of the race starts, I want to send an f7 Air elemental to use Movement power to increase Krissys speed for the duration of the next segment. Now, the question: How many services does it take to use a single power for an hour?
You paged Frost with 'Okay.'.

Frost pages: If its going to burn up my elemental completly I wont do it :P But if it takes 1 or 2 services, I'll go for it
You paged Frost with 'I'll say 1 service.'.
Frost pages: Orders include: If anything attacks you, return to your home plane immediatly, do not fight.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Okay. elts start with some tests. 1: We have a complication. A player has sent an elemental to affect your vehicle. However, your vehicle is not designed for such speeds and you're already moving at top safe speed."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "+2 TN to your car check. TN is 4."
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Why do I smell Frost in the air? :)"
«OOC» Krissy says, "Any extra dice this time? I do have street racing if that's applicable."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "I'll give you half dice for getting out of Pueblo, but not for the mountain stretch"
Chameleon pages: That might just have something to do with it, yeah. I'm assuming air elemental, is it possible for the elly to basically hold the van together to counter the stresses?
«OOC» Krissy nods.
«OOC» Krissy says, "So do I get it for this test?"
«OOC» Accelerate should have bet against but didn't because he didn't want to PvP. Oh well, time to go mess with some mages…
«OOC» Chameleon says, "And can I throw my procedures rolls into getting us out of town?"
Long distance to Chameleon: Vulcan chuckles. It's not a driver, it just makes it go faster.
«OOC» Accelerate has to figure out how to mess with them now…
«OOC» Krissy is gonna spend her payday finding out who was messing with her race and kicking their asses.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Chamleon: On leg 2, entering the Ute Nation, yes."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "this leg? no."
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Ok, do I know about the elemental?"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Nope."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Neither of you do. We will reveal that in roleplay"
«OOC» Chameleon says, "Damn. That's something I could actually do something about. :)"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "So make the roll, Krissy, +1/2 street racing."
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) has the Knowledge Skill Street Racing with the value '4'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Car + 2 vs TN 4:
1 2 4 4 10 13 17 22 = 6 Successes
«OOC» Krissy assumes that this is a movement power going on?
«OOC» Vulcan says, "yep. Movement does not make vehicles more manouverable; just go faster."
«OOC» Krissy says, "Yeah"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Faster != Better."
«OOC» Krissy was just making sure for her pose.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Okay. Thats 6 successes on this leg. Your vehicle is FAR TOO fast and you are occasionally bouncing off other vehicles on sideswpies."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "It's very very dangerous. Let me also just say; that was an AWESOME roll."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "So get with he posy."
12 percent off base time

The van zooms away, and almost crashes into a barrier. It starts spinning, and Krissy only just about manages to get control back. It's moving MUCH faster than it should be, and the car is only just dodging traffic as it moves, much more clumsy than it has been. She hits a barrier, grinds against it for a moment, and then tail ends another car. She knocks one of her wing mirrors off. DID SHE DRINK A QUART OF WHISKEY AT THAT LAST REST STOP?

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "WHAT THE DREK. The wheels aint fucking biting, and I'm going faster than 80 no matter what the dash says. FUCK!"

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "Livefeed: HOLY SHIT! THE TRUCK JUST LEFT THE SENSOR RANGE OF THE DRONE THAT WAS FOLLOWING IT! It took off like a rocket! DAMN! The video just before that shows the van careening off the side of a big rig, leaving a long scrape along the side of it! Holy shit holy shit! NEW ODDS!"

Chameleon slaps both gecko taped hands onto something solid as the van starts fishtailing and weaving, still no screaming but the look on his face says it's a very good thing you can't hear his thoughts.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Grease? Sabotage? What's happening?"

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Not grease, got no fucking clue. The van's going so fast it's off the fucking speedo. It's handling like something's pushing it."

Chameleon flips a phone out of his pocket and dials the last number he had for Frost.

Chameleon speaks into the phone. "Mr. Frost?"

Chameleon says into the phone, "Chameleon. I need a favor Sir."

Chameleon replies into the phone, "I need to know if someone is magically influencing my vehicle."

Chameleon gives a soft grunt and says "I appreciate that Sir, but it is drastically reducing our handling. Perhaps a bit more than would really be safe?"

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Cars don't… really work like that. If I cut the gas I still won't have any more control."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "No, mage is offering to reduce or eliminate the assist."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "You decide what you can handle."

Chameleon nods and speaks into the phone again. "We appreciate the assist Sir, but my driver says that reducing her own speed would not actually improve the control, and asks that you take steps to remove the interference please.

Chameleon speaks into the phone again. "Will do Sir, and thank you again."

Chameleon chuckles into the phone and says "No need for an apology Sir, we may well find ourselves needing it again at a later point. It seems it would be great help on a clear straightaway afterall."

Chameleon says "Will do Sir. Until then." and hangs up.

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "He's pulling the elemental off."

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "LIVE FEED: Police Band: "Be on the lookout for a blue city-master westbound on 50 for the Ute border… should be pretty banged up… Wanted in 19 hit and runs…""

Chameleon is clamped down tight and pushed back in the seat as far as possible, but eventually, as the acceleration tapers off he relaxes a bit and prepares to fast talk the next checkpoint.

Accelerate pages: Can I tell what frequency the police band uses?
You paged Accelerate with 'Sure. it's standard Leo frequencies.'.
You paged Accelerate with 'Can you block them? no. You don't have a jammer and their radios arn't matrix-based. You could probably jam the communications of the border point though, by cutting off its landlines.'.
Accelerate pages: My thoughts are to hack a radio station and attempt to static jam all the channels in the area. No cops communicating. Bad cops.
You paged Accelerate with 'alright.'.
Accelerate pages: Would Accelerate know if this is possible? I can roll electronics?
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Accelerate: Computers, TN is 6."
Long distance to Accelerate: Vulcan will allow it.
«Auto-Judge[]» Accelerate (#748) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 3 vs TN 6 for "Radio Power!":
1 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 10 13 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Krssy, give me a crash test. TN is 3(2+1)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Krissy (#3862) rolls Car vs TN 3:
1 2 3 5 5 11 = 4 Successes

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "Live Feed: Police Bands: 50-Bord-Sec, I saw that van a moment ago, its headed you…{STATIC}"

The van comes around the corner up in the mountains where the borders intersect the main road.. And then… Tail lights. A small sea of them, with the Ute Troopers out on the road, inspecting the vehicles manually, ordering people out of the vehicles at gunpoint.

[VulcPlot] Vulcan says, "LIVE FEED: A few minutes later…. The van comes around the corner up in the mountains where the borders intersect the main road.. And then… Tail lights. A small sea of them, with the Ute Troopers out on the road, inspecting the vehicles manually, ordering people out of the vehicles at gun-point."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Dreck. Dreck."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Tell your busy if I survive this he's fucking dead."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "So you know."
«OOC» Krissy says, "Yeah."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "They sort of are looking, REAL HARD."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "I believe you may have to wait in line for that, actually."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "Options?"

Commlink-SmellyPete> Vulcan says, "You guys are fucken hosed. Missions blown. Return to Denver, half pay."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Four-ten. People have been fucking with me since the get-go."

Commlink-SmellyPete> Vulcan says, "Missions blown. Too much heat."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "I hear you."

Commlink-Chameleon> Chameleon says, "We've got an offer of a safe offroad option. Not fast, but assued safe."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "Well whatever it is, I'm out."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "I'm game for a bit of sport, so I didn't care that you wanted to keep the objective a secret. But external parties have been fucking with me."

Commlink-Krissy> Krissy says, "And I am pissed off."

Commlink-SmellyPete> Vulcan says, "Yeah. Well, get back to Denver, may be a bonus in it for ya."

Chameleon sighs and slumps in his seat, riding in silence. After a short while he lets his features return to their normal blandness until they re-enter the city. Once they near the city line he takes the time to alter his appearance once again, turning himself into a blonde movie star type for any possible cameras.

Krissy puts the car on autonav and sits back herself. She takes out her pocsec then, and starts typing on it. She comments over to Chameleon, "Didn't even have to use this thing." She says and makes the waistband of the adult diaper snap. "Shit, I'm gonna be awake for two days for no damn reason thanks to that long-haul." She mutters then. Goes back to typing away on her pocsec.

Chameleon shrugs, "Interference happens on the job. Though, I must admit, it seemed rather odd that there was so much interference for a simple delivery. It's my understanding that physical attacks would be more likely, yes?"

Krissy shakes her head, "Turns out it was a race. Seems half of denver was betting on it one way or another. We were supposed to be in the dark."

Chameleon grunts. "That would explain Mr. Frost's involvement." he says, then adds "Informing your partner would have been helpful."


The Route

Start End Mileage Est Time Required Time Pickup point Notes
Denver (A-G) Pueblo 118 m 120 Minutes 80 minutes The Laugh Factory Comedy Club PCC Checkpoint. 45 minutes taken.
Pueblo (B) Grand Junction 288m 360 Minutes 280 minutes The Highrange Race Track Ute Checkpoint
Grand Junction (C) Helper 172m 180 Minutes 120 minutes The Helper Wrecking Yard
Helper (D) Provo 68.5m 80 minutes 60 minutes The Capitol Building Truck Stop
Provo (E) SLC 48m 60 minutes 45 minutes Trolley Square
Salt Lake City (F) Denver 532m 8 Hours 5 hours Castle Midevio Sioux Checkpoint,
CAS Checkpoint
1227 Miles 21 Hours 14.75 Hours

The Starting Odds

Failure Pays 2/1
Success Pays 3/1

New Odds

Failure Pays 1.5/1
Success Pays 3.5/1

Newer Odds

Failure Pays 3/1
Success Pays 2/1

Newer Odds

Failure Pays 3.5/1
Success Pays 1.5/1
Bettor Amount Swing Payout
Round One
Lilith 20,000 Success 0
Frost 15,000 Success 0
Myobu 100,000 Success 0
Kassandra 10,000 Success 0
Weeko 5,000 Success 0
Cassidy 20,000 FAILURE 60,000
Accelerate 100,000 Success 0
Slinger 10,000 Success 0
Round Two
Accelerate 33,000 FAILURE 99,000
Lilith 40,000 Success 0
Cassidy 20,000 Success 0
Slide 50,000 Success 0
Carpenter 50,000 Success 0
Round Three
Round Four

The Vehicle


Ares Citymaster - 'Fafnir'

Top Speed: 135KPH (75 mph)

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