Switching out a gun

GM: Lioness
Players: Merek, Lioness
Synopsis: Lioness is hired to switch out a gun, as she wants backup she adds Merek to her team. They exchange the gun they where hired to exchange and fulfill their mission with minimal fuss.
Date: May 18th 2079

Lioness had gotten a call from her fixer contact Wolfgang. He was asking lioness to help her with retrieving a gun from a man. The case was of some urgency, he didn't give the reason for that, just asked that it be retrieved as fast as possible and handed to him. Lioness, not too experienced with shadow procedures, had agreed to assemble a team to get things done as quickly as she could. Calling out to the few people she knew only Merek had responded. She now waited in her place for the mans arrival.

Merek makes his way to where Lioness is at, with his black attire on, d-rings keeping all his gear shifted about him, while he has on a cloak that is adjusted about him. When he finds the woman, he nods a bit, "You asked for me?" he asks with a husky drawl.

Lioness nods, "I got a quick job from my fixer. Seems he wants a gun switched out. A Morrisey Alta. Not sure why he wants that to happen, but … well… We probably could investigate it, but the thing is he wants the gun switched out as soon as possible. He pays us 40K for a quick exchange (preferably tonight), no casualties and no noticing something has happened. The thing is, our target would be in CAS today, and also probably would be having that gun with him. After that he will once again disappear into quite secure corp facility." She looks at the dragonslayer shaman. "He's at todays game of the Denver Rockies. Baseball it seems… I must admit I have no idea about this game but it certainly seems to be popular here. I was given two tickets in our targets seating block. Though certainly a bit away from him."

Merek nods a bit to Elisa, while he takes a moment to check his gear, then he shifts his attention to the woman, "Well, we can see about what we can do in that case, I am hoping we can manage it well enough," he says, while he takes a moment to check on his tablet, "We will need to learn the target's name, and we'll need to probably manage this without being… Magic, if we can."
Lioness nods to the mans words, "I know his face. I have an image here, but I doubt we really need the name… We want to meet him, not to get best friends. And why would we know his name at a baseball game? Or do you have a specific idea on your mind?"

"Well, I like to know as much as I can about the target, we need to know what he's like, what he likes to do, we can adjust from there," Merek explains, while he nods to Elisa a bit, "Running is all about planning, and planning for a workabout if the first plan doesn't work," he says. "I've taken on triple-A assets, and elite samurai, you know how we do it? We plan, we know, knowledge is power in shadows also."
Lioness tilts her head and nods, "Well … I have an image, but no name, sadly. I … didn't think it was neccessary I have to admit. Also, I doubt I would have gotten it. My contact was … let's say he was a bit twitchy as I was asking for an image already. But he had to realize that it would be hard to get the gun exchanged without knowing who to look for."

Merek nods a bit to Elisa, "Ah, well we'll move onto legwork then, I have some ideas," he says, while he takes a moment to check on his tablet, then he asks, "May I have the picture?" He nods a bit to the woman also.

Lioness nods and hands the image over to the shaman. "Sure…", she says as she does. "I guess I'll move to place my mask on my face. Probably less problematic if I am an elf in this, yes?"
"Yes, that would make it a bit easier," Merek explains, then he takes the image while he takes the picture on his tablet. He then offers that to the Sergeant of his to see if he comes up with anything also.
She then sits down before a mirror and starts to fit the polymimetic mask she got herself during that warehouse raid and starts to apply the needed layers of paint and cosmetics to make her look like a human woman. In this case correct looks where not as important, as she was not copying someone. She then slipped into a worker coverall and added some gloves to things. A hard hat would make her look like one of those unfortunate women that actually had to work for their money. Now relaxing at a game of baseball after a long work shift. As a little extra she was adding some face company tags on the coveralls.

Merek looks more into what he can find while he sends a message on his tablet to the Sergeant, then he takes a moment to shift his cloak and smooths back his hair, while he takes a drink of white russian from the flask which he keeps with him. He takes a few scrolls to write on while he does also.
Lioness finally returned to show herself to the shaman, "How do I look?", she then asks the man. "Is this convincing or?"

"Ya, it looks like it works," Merek explains then to Elisa, as he nods a bit. "Looks like this man is a womanizer, so that'd be the best way to distract him, though what we will do to actually switch weapons, I'm not sure," he says also.

Lioness ponders things, "Hmm… if it was just him, then I would steal it from his pocket. As it is … I would need some distraction to make sure no one is noticing me doing it." She looks at him in a way that proves she is not too proud about the fact she reveals here, "I had to do some of that to keep afloat on my flight from my past…"

Merek nods a bit to Elisa, as he seems to consider it a moment. He places both his hands to his pockets, while he takes a moment to look thoughtful, "Well, I could with some work, make a distraction, if you think you are confident in your stealth," he says.

Lioness shrugs, "Confident enough to steal and replace something from a distracted man. Even if I have to be the distraction myself. It's others watching that would be … bad."
She adds, "I am not /that/ good."

"Alright, well let's get to it in that case," Merek offers, while he seems to think about it, "I think we can come up with some kind of distraction if we work towards that," he adds also.

Lioness nods to the man. "Okay… The only problem would be to make him notice me. I am not the lioness today."

"I don't think that will be much an issue with him," Merek says, while he nods a bit to Elisa.

Lioness nods, "Okay… then let's go.", she then says. She has a last look into the mirror, reassuring her she looks like a normal human, then it is out to do their work. Lioness decides to take public transport to the arena, as it would look more like a couple of wage slaves going out for some entertainment. They act as a couple, not married, but certainly affiliated. Like this Merek will get quite a few envious looks, as she might not look not like her usual self, but she sure has her presence left. And that would make her still get some attention, even if not the same as usually.

Arriving at the stadium things are quite busy. People from all around crowding the area, especially at the entrances.

Merek offers up the credstick to check when at the entrance, then he nods when it is given back. He then waits for Elisa, and when she is coming with him, he nods a bit as they make their way to the seats also.

Lioness had that tense moment as the security guard asked her to recheck her SIN, she was able to stay cool, though. It was not such a big thing to asked to recheck after all. Still, she knew how crappy her SIN was and it was sometimes hard to ignore. She was still allowed to pass soon after that. She sighed as she accompanied Merek to their places in the stadium. In their seating block she had a look around to see if their target was already there.

Merek settles back on his seat, and takes a moment to focus on the ball game, while he does keep his attention so in case the man is there he can see him, being subtle about it for the moment also.

The man seemed not to be here yet. Slowly the stadium was filling up, the two waiting runners, probably getting a bit more nervous, the closer the game was scheduled to begin. Right now the players where just warming up down on the field.

Today the Colorado Rockies from Denver where scheduled to battle the Seattle Mariners. As both where cities under quite special circumstances their matches had been something special ever since the establishing of the Native American Nations. Denver's Colorado Rockies, never a heavy hitter in baseball anyway, had in all seasons lost against the Mariners. But this year the Rockies had had an unsually strong season so far. And this home turf game was quite hyped up due to this. It took a while, but shortly before the game began the target arrived with a small group of other young men his age. Obviously his friends.

Merek notices as the man comes to the game, but he keeps his focus forward while he shifts his cloak about him, content. He waits to take more thoughtful watches.
Lioness had been playing the faithful girlfriend up to this point. Mostly here to accompany her friend. As the 'star' appeared she made it look like she was certainly interested in the man, her gaze following him, like adoringly. Then, as Michael was moving out to get himself (and his friends) hotdogs, from the stand above the ranks. She whispered, "I am going for him…", to Merek, then was on her way to that stand as well, trying to get before him in the queue.

Merek lifts up the flask he keeps with him, to drink from it, while he does his best to look nice and beautiful also. All the same, he watches Elisa as she is on her way, doing his best to look like he wishes to follow and seems a bit like he's upset at the man also, then looks back to the game.

Not only did she succeed in getting just where she wanted to be, meaning exactly one person before him, but she almost at once managed to get the mans attention. He at once starts to flirt with her, and she acts the flattered girl, good enough at least to be convincing for a man so full of himself as Mr. Revston. She starts to buy herself a hotdog, but is at once invited for a treat, on the condition she follows the man to his place, obviously he had reserved two seats, just in case he might meet a pretty lass to dig. She was playacting like she was concerned what her friend would say if she didn't return, but finally caved in to this mans avances.

The match, by now already started, was living up to the hype. Things went quite well for both teams, permanently the scores staying madly close to each other. No team able to really get the lead. Revtons friends clearly where mostly with the game, while the charmer was working to impress the young worker girl he just hauled off from her boyfriend. Clearly he was not too bothered. She didn't even have a ring, so clearly was open game for the macho womanizer. He wouldn't know, but his demeanor was detestable to the leonine elf, reminding her too much of the times as Bunraku girl. Of the half remembered memories of those times under the influence of persona-fix chips. She had him certainly distracted enough as she allowed him to have a hint of her body, when she pressed closer to him as they where supposedly following the game. Him more interested to get into her pants, her to get into his jacket to get at his gun.

Merek looks content to keep to him self while he does look to the woman on occasion also, as he shifts a bit in his seat also. As things seem to get too cosy he moves over and asks towards Revton, "Hey, what are you doing?" A distraction! Basic!

Things go fast after that, the suddenly appearing friend makes Revton and friends look over there and he totally misses the exchange happening. Lio after that stands with a seemingly very disappointed look at the sim-star, then moves out to start apologizing to Merek, "Hey… it's Revton the Sim-Star…", she says to him. "He merely invited me over and we where talking. Nothing else has happened. So stop your attitude. Let's go back to our places and stop making a bother out of us.", she says.

Merek nods a bit to Elisa, and turns to lead 'his girl' back to their seats.

Typical for his kind of men, he isn't too bothered by this loss. He /does/ flirt a bit more with her behind Merek's back, but he certainly is not crying any tears. After that the two runners can take their time, waiting for the game to end. The Rockies are loosing in a dramatic battle against the Mariners. Still, most people are happy with the game, many times, 'Next we will beat them.', can be heard in the crowd as people leave the stadium.

Merek makes his way on with Elisa, and nods a bit, making his way on with the woman so they can check in for the pay also.

Lioness calls her fixer to meet at the prearranged place. A small noodle bar close to the stadium. The man clearly is quite relieved after he checked out the gun, she brought back to him. He smiles at the two and each receives a 20K Certified Credstick for their efforts. After that the man hurries away with his gun. Lio follows him with her eyes before she mutters, "He smelled frightened when we arrived and then his smell changed when he had this gun. Seems he would have been personally in trouble with something about that gun." She then smiles, "But well… easily earned 20K…"

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