SSS Meeting Q4'70
GM: None
Players: Adam, Nine, Air
Synopsis: The SSS Magical Group meets to discuss old biz and some new biz. Mandatory logging for Attendance stricture.
Date: 11/14/70

And so one of the Seasonal Meetings of the SSS is called to order. Haven is as nice a spot as any to hold the secret meetings— and the secluded lower levels even greater. The watery room has chairs added— and a table around them. The table is glass and suspended over the center pool to watch the running water.
"Morning," Adam greets them all— having with him a cup of tea. There is a pitcher and some cups in the center.

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Cooking:
1 1 1

Air is present, carrying with him a little box of… well maybe he'll reveal later. He sets it down on the table, unfastening the button of his jacket to allow it to hang loose while he seats himself down. "Morning," he taps a finger on the box then and flips the lid off, revealing brownies, "Some brownies I baked, if anyone is peckish." He reaches over and pours a couple of glasses full from the pitcher, and takes one for himself, sipping.

Nine has been somewhat absent, spending much time out in the PCC sector, but today, she heads to the secret meeting, wearing her greatcoat like she used to do over mage robes and emerald sash. Seating herself somewhere between Adam and Air, she smiles to them both for a moment and then fetches a brownie that she transports gingerly onto a napkin and then pours herself a tea! "Hullo."

"It seems like since our last meeting we have been involved in quite a few different projects," Adam starts, "So I wanted to take this season's meeting to recant on our activities and see if there are any mutual projects or aide that needs to be distributed." He looks over the brownies for a moment and shakes his head, "No thanks. Working on my figure." Lawl.
He motions a hand and goes on, "So, a status update. The past few I have been creating foci. There is this one," he motions to one on his natural arm, "But also a power focus for the Street Shaman, Dalton, who is using it to clean up the Warrens as well as assist in the Haven project in his spare time. Green, also, has acquired a Centering focus for services rendered in assisting in getting my Encephalon. I have had the time to create a few more batches of orichalcum and— as of recent— spent a great deal of time in Meditation."

Nine glances briefly over Adam's figure and then back up to his eyes and notes offhandedly, "You're doing a good job." Perhaps, though, the statement encompasses all of what he mentioned rather than just his physical fitness. Nine pauses pouring herself tea when she realizes that Air gives her the extra one that he had poured. She leaves the one she was filling at half full and then sets the pitcher down to snatch up the full tea with a grateful look toward Air, "Thank you!" she says softly but with invigoration. Nine looks pretty healthy, lately, pretty happy. She smiles a little more when Air mentions his interest in cooking and poetry, and then she glances to the brownie. "I meditated for my third initiation… I have been pretty relaxed in doing anything but staying physically fit and eating well, lately… well, as in, a lot of different things spread out among all the food groups… Whee… uhm, I helped Green with some medical planning. Also, Air here. I can do some magic and plans for the family. I don't quite care to do the outsider work lately… just wanna help you guys." She seems to be reclusing herself from the outside world. A little hint of nervousness for some reason is seen in her smile before she returns to her refreshments, drinking first of the tea, setting that down, and then picking up the brownie napkin.

The white-blue haired mage nods his head to Air and Nine in turn. "Sounds like a good segway into the next portion: New business. Before I go onto projects we can allocate our resources into— I wanted to bring up the residual topic of candidates for the group. I belive it is in implied, but given the nature, Lillian is an 'honorary member' and I wanted to make sure we are in full disclosure there." He motions a hand, "I also wanted to discuss new potentials. Gnosis and Green are the ones I wanted to put up for consideration. Did either of you have new members to sponsor?"

Air raises the palm of his silver hand to wave off any members for his proposal, "No new members from me." Of course the realskinn is back on, so the silverhanded gesture might be slightly lost. Scratching his forehead he shrugs, "I never really considered Lillian not to be a member."

Nine nods, "Lillian is definitely fine with me. As are the other two, but I doubt there is anyone outside of who was mentioned that I trust much, so… no new members from me." Nine goes quiet after saying these things, and then she takes a bite out of the brownie, pausing for some reason when her teeth have sunk halfway into the dark chocolatey thing. She freezes.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Willpower:
1 1 2 4 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls 1 for "1-3 sour 4-6 bitter":
«OOC» Air says, "Sour!"

"Understood. Are we in favor of introducing those two to the Society?" Adam asks.

Air scratches his eye and shrugs, "How much of a say do I really have? As far as I'm aware, which isn't very far, I'm technically only an associate member anyway."

Yay, right when the two of them are saying stuff to which she wants to respond right now… Nine cannot say anything. She unbites from the brownie and then sets it down with a vicious set of teeth bites shown on its surface. Then, she bolts right up out of her chair and looks around frantically for a moment!

Air recoils and has his right arm back, fist clenched at the sudden motion from Nine. Eyes wide as he stares at her, only shortly restraining himself from attempting to hit her. "What?!"

Adam motions a hand, "Honorary member? I value your input and right now thats what matters. I don't think this would come down to a vote. There is only three of us here after 'he' left." Yeah— that still bugs him a bit that Frost up and left the way he did. His eyes then shift over towards the crazily acting Nine— though he keeps his composure and just watches. Calm and Storm.

Nine puts her left hand up at her mouth and then the right at her stomach before rushing quickly for the door in a flurry of trampling boots.

Air watches her rush off witrh a swivel of his eyes and then relaxews back into his chair, "I wonder what that's about…"

As Adam watches Nine storm off— he offhandedly notes, "No idea. Well that was a quicker meeting than I thought it would be."

Air shrugs as he rubs a hand over his eyes, "Back on subject. Green I have no problem with, I even just did a job with him a few days ago. Gnosis however, I've barely seen, nevermind met."

"Green we can approach, then," Adam says, "as for Gnosis— I've went on a few runs with him and a few Astral Quests. The only bad blood I see is the mixed love triangle between him, you, and Nine." Nine not being present makes that all a little easier to say without yelling involved afterwards. "The better point is that he is straightforward and has similar goals as we do."

Air shrugs, "My feelings are out, because of that indeed. In fact the idea of making him dissapear has been on my mind and quite appealing for a while." He just grins sheepishly and shrugs again, as if talking about something as mundane as throwing out rubbish. Of course his chosen profession sort of lends itself to that kind of thinking.

A hand motions from Adam, "All the same— I have not seen him around recently. I was hoping Nine would be able to speak more of it." He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, "The greater point is that we need to consider a gradual expansion, less the group simply die out. There is little stopping a sniper round from dislodging any of our heads and leaving the remaining members with an even weaker structure after the Frost incident."

Air nods, "Hopefully our personal precautions limits the chances of that happening. Also careful selection in the future should similarly limit the chances of another Frost incident." After a short pause for emphasis he nods, "So we're inducting Green."

"At the very least— extending the offer and we are content for the purposes of Secrecy for making him aware of the group," Adam says with a single nod.

Air agrees with a nod. "I believe that's the actual end of this meeting then."

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