Small injuries

GM: Macro
Players: Macro, Naomi, Alyse, Omen.
Synopsis: Never do an enemy a small injury — or if he's particularly stupid, a large one. An old enemy of Macro attempts to drag him back into the Warrens turf wars he'd been hoping to outgrow.
Date: Cinquo de Mayo, 2074



It's a relatively busy afternoon in the Aurora academy. Several gangers are working the weights while on the dojo mats proper a grizzled instructor is teaching a number of teenagers about the importance of knowing how to fall. Off to the side, Macro is helping another instructor to put away the various training dummies they'd used in the previous class when the door opens and a wiry-looking human comes in wearing a faded brown duster with a crudely drawn dog in a trashcan on the back.

Macro stiffens momentarily in recognition, then exchanges a few quiet words with the instructor before approaching. "… Kinda far out of 'dogs territory, Skim. How bad is it?"

Skim grimaces. "Plenty bad. Ya got anyone here you'd trust in a fight?"

Macro looks around, and several people catch his eye…

A busy enough afternoon due to patrons, but that's probably why Alyse is here. Off over on a seperate training floor with her Manriki-gusari weighted chain the elf woman is practicing all those fancy twirls and twists of chain-fu. Spinning left and right there's a sheen of sweat and she's nearly out of breath by the time she stops. Looking over at the people talking and noticing the talk of territory she lowers the chain weapon and starts walking for her gym bag. She's had some bad experiences with gyms and gangers bursting in and doesn't wish to be unarmed.

Omen is on the floor sweating heavily a rattan stick held in each hand, several bruised people around the outskirts of the 'ring' look on with reigned back anger in their eyes. Omen may not be the best trained martial artist by any means, but he is fast and he is tough to take his fair share of licks. Kicking out the legs of the man he is sparring Omen pulls a crushing neck blow, before walking off the floor and grabbing his drink bottle.

On the mats, Naomi is getting a bit of practice in. Dressed in black, she has a spear in hand, spinning it around as she goes through some moves. Blocks, parries, and thrusts, generally focusing on keeping distance. She gives some attention to Macro as he starts to address the new arrival, but she's keeping with the practice so far.

Macro ponders, then gives each of you a nod of his head, then turns to the instructor. "Mind if we use the office fer a bit, sensei? Might need the privacy…"

The instructor nods. "Just remember to leave everything like you found it, or Silver'll have your ass…"

Macro chuckles, then turns back to Skim and motions toward the office. "Let's talk, shall we?"

Alyse reaches her bag, pulling her towel and dabbing at the sweat before pulling her heavy white leather jacket out and throwing it on. Partly for a little more professional air then sweaty gym clothes and partly for the reassuring padding of armor and metal of her firearm. She glances back at the others before heading in towards the office.

Naomi stops her practice, giving her spear a twist to retract it. She strolls across the room to grab her gym bag, putting it over her shoulder as she heads back towards the office, stepping in to discuss the problem in question.

Omen rubs his arms and torso down with his towel, before pulling out his spare shirt and jacket sliding them on. He swings his gym bag over his shoulder and moves to follow the others up the stairs. He twirls his rattan sticks idly as he watches the girls go up before him, his eyes scanning the room one last time before he heads up as well.

Once inside, Macro turns to the other three. "Fer those of you who don't know him, this is Skim. Current leader of the Junkyard Dogs — I used ta run with them until recently. They ain't terribly big, and what turf they claim's a ways away from here, so I think whatever he's here for's kinda serious…"

Skim nods. "What Macro here left out is that I took over leadership of the gang after Breaker took serious exception to Macro's decision to leave — and Macro wound up thrashing the living daylights outta him. Unfortunately fer alla us, he survived that…"

Macro shrugs. "He was down and not gettin' back up. I didn't see the need."

Skim shrugs in response, accepting the explanation. "Anyway, he got himself lost once he could walk again and that was the last we'd seen of him until two days ago." He scowls. "Don't know how he managed it, but he talked himself into a place with the 'Skulls."

Naomi crosses her arms, listening to the explanation of the situation. "So… He's gotten the Skulls to try to take over your teritory, or something along those lines? Or something else entirely?"

"So what now he is helping the skulls attack your turf? And why do i care, it's a small gang war. There are about a hundred of those a day in the warrens, and this don't seem to be any more my concern then the other 99." Omen shrugs his shoulders allowing his gym bag to drop to the floor, idly tapping his rattan against each other as he waits to hear more.

Macro grimaces. "Skim, when I left, I was out," he replies with a sigh. "You agreed. More trouble than it'd be worth in the long run otherwise…"

Skim looks grim. "Pity Breaker don't believe that," he replies. "They took Razor, Twitch, Jake and Sam alive when they hit us. Sent a messenger the next day with Twitch's head. Either we surrender and hand you over in the bargain, or they kill the others, then roll right over us and kill us all." He sighs and looks at the others. "Look, I'm sure to you we're all just scum and one gang's as bad as another, so I'm not gonna ask for much sympathy. I can't pay all that much either, but I'd owe all of you big if you could help…"

"I've heard of the skulls. Bigger gang, more pull, more territory and more guns. Hostage taking like that suggests you either have something they want or they just enjoy making you squirm." Alyse sighs, running a hand through her hair and closing her eyes before looking up at Macro. "I maintained my neutrality on the streets a long time, I have no ties to either side here…" she says slowly.

"So you want me to stick my neck out for the little guy. Go against the people who seem like they could roll over you with little to no effort, that like to kidnap people and send their heads to their friends. And you want me to interfere for a little money and cos you will owe me? No offense hombre, but i don't think you have anything i'll ever need." Omen leans back against the wall and twirls his rattan again, idly using the one in his off hand to scratch at one of his cyber eye protectors.

Macro looks as if he's bitten into something foul. "Breaker used ta fancy Razor, but she wasn't interested and he knew the rest of us'd revolt if he tried ta force the issue…" he mutters.
He turns to look at Omen. "That wasn't the tune ya sang a couple weeks ago in th'Arms," he points out, but before it can devolve into an argument Skim interjects. "The Skulls are having personnel trouble. They overstretched in their last expansion, and they lost more crew than they got back. That's likely why they took Breaker in - he could tell 'em how ta ambush us with minimal losses of their own - and why they took hostages. I can offer five kay to each of you for this; more than that I don't have. If that's not enough, then so be it. Enjoy your neutrality."

Naomi shrugs slightly. "Well, I haven't had any real ties to either side either, but if they want you to turn over Macro or get killed, I'm willing to see what I can do to make sure neither of those things happens. Do you know where they're keeping the hostages?"

Alyse seems to regard Naomi a long moment before sighing. She owes the ganger's nothing, she's patched up both sides of too many fights to count, but she'll do it for Naomi's sake. One last glance and she clears her throat. "You tell us where, you leave out nothing you think important, you don't lie about anything here and now…and if we decide to walk away that's that. Scan?" the elf lists off.

"If I recall the arms correctly that was a favour for a close friend, not a title that has ever applied to you mate. And I hadn't had a good kill for a couple of weeks, now I am nice and refreshed had a few good jobs the last couple of weeks so I am all blooded up." Omen shakes his head slightly, his rattan bouncing on his knee softly as he thinks it over. "But what the hell, I am already way ahead in the kill tally for the crew. Don't want to lose my lead. I'm in, but if any of those skulls have anything nice I'm calling first dibs."

Naomi looks to Alyse with a smile, giving her a nod. "It is appreciated." She looks back to Skim. "So, give us the details and let's see what we can work out to get your people back uninjured"

Skim nods at Alyse. "Fair enough," he replies. "The place they gave for the surrender was an old flophouse near the edge of their turf. I managed ta buy some time by telling Breaker I didn't have any easy way of gettin' in touch with Macro, but not much. They'll likely be expectin' at least him ta show up; I'd recommend not going in by the front door… Ya got any paper here?"

Macro searches a few drawers, then comes up with a few sheets and a pencil, and Skim starts sketching rapidly. "It used ta be Rager turf before the Skulls rolled over them, and we scrounced the place a couple times when they were busy. Don't remember /all/ of it, but…"

When he finishes, there's a rough sketch of the first two floors of the building. "Stairs up higher were rotted away, and the ceiling was mostly holes. Wouldn't recommend going up further than that…"

The building seems to be mostly rectangular, with two small rooms and a larger one on the ground floor, and six smaller ones on the second floor. Aside from the front door, there's a service door to one side and another at the back.

Alyse studies the plans intently for a moment before considering her old home within the warrens, what buildings used to be nearby, how much cover their approach might be offered. "Okay, so we go in and get the people, we get out. That's what you're asking of us?"

Omen examines the sketch carefully, grinning a little as he hears the description of the place. "Can this place withstand a few bulletholes, or will it come crashing down on top of us. Cos i don't want to die from an overdose of brick, when i am only getting 5k for this." Omen smirks leaning back running his fang over his bottom lip, pricking it slightly. He rubs his tongue over the blood, sucking on the wound for a moment before it closes over.

Skim nods. "That's all we need," he replies. "I won't deny that taking out some of the Skulls would make our lives easier as well, but likely if Breaker's scheme collapses around him they'll ditch him like a bad habit and that'll solve our problems…"

He looks at Omen. "If it were that unstable the Skulls wouldn't be using it even temporarily. Unless you start throwing grenades or use a machine gun on a load-bearing pillar, ya should be good." he replies.

"I don't think that'll be a problem," Naomi notes, looking to Omen as she speaks, then looks over the map as well. "If I were to guess, they'd probably be keeping the hostages on the second floor. But, I'm sure we can scout the place out before going in physically and pinpoint them. Do you have any pictures of them, so we'll recognize them when we see them?"

Alyse speaks up, she has but one more concern. "Civilians? Are there likely any in this location? We can't be going crazy with firepower if there's a chance of hitting people through walls or on the streets. Cops aren't going to be a concern, but I'm not having innocent blood on my hands for this."

Omen just stays quiet already planning his attack on the building, and just what equipment he will need. He pats his rattan against the side of his face, shrugging his shoulders to loosen the tension of his training earlier. "We can scout further when we arrive on scene." He nods to Naomi "All we need is to be able to id your people."

Skim nods and holds out a PDA that's clearly seen better days. "Don't exactly have many photo opportunities, but…" It displays a couple of shots — A smirking blonde human girl holding up one razor-tipped hand; a gangly looking male ork liberally covered in dust and less savory substances but triumphantly holding up what looks like half an engine block; a human male using a rag to shine up a set of metalwork.

"One more thing - ya know the rumors of the Skulls havin' a mage on call? Not a rumor. I remember you breaking both of Breaker's arms, but he didn't even have the scars anymore…"

Macro frowns. "That'll make it trickier," he admits.

Skim looks at Alyse. "Not anymore by now," he replies. "Squatters tend ta get the hell outta Dodge when the Skulls set up shop somewhere, just in case they decide ta go on a recruitment drive."

Naomi smiles at the mention of a mage. "Well, that just means we'll want to be aware of magic as we go it. And scouting might be a bit trickier than it might have been otherwise." She looks to Alyse. "But, I think we can manage whoever it is without too much trouble. Shall we go see this place in person?"

Casing the joint.

It's a relatively short trip to the block indicated, although prudence requires the last part be made on foot. The buildings in this part of the Warrens are in various states of disrepair, with fallen-in roofs and boarded up windows the order of the day. The target building is easy to spot, even from a distance — it's the only one with people moving around in front of it.

«Plot» Macro says, "Perception from everyone, please. Visual mods may or may not apply."

<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Intelligence for "Vismag 2, lowlight":
     3 4 4 8 11
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence for "low-light and thermo":
     1 4 4 4 5 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence for "low-light and thermo - KP:1":
     1 2 3 3 4 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Intelligence for "+6 die for smell,+5 for hearing, thermal, lowlight.":
     2 2 3 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence for "VM.3 Thermo (Glasses). Lowlight (nat)":
     1 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 11

You paged (Omen, Naomi) with 'Two people moving out in front. Heat signatures within nominal metahuman parameters. By their posture, both are carrying firearms that need two hands to wield.'.
You paged Alyse with 'Out in front: one human, one ork. Both carrying shotguns, and one of them just briefly raised his right hand to his mouth and back down — probably a wrist comm. You also caught a glimpse of someone moving around the back.'.

Naomi adjusts her comm over her ear, tuning it to a shared frequency so the group can communicate. "I see two in front, probably with rifles of some sort. We ought to check the back. Also, check comms."

Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse says, "Wrist comms too, and they've got at least a third around the back. They're checking in."
Alyse reaches into the side pocket of her jacket, pulling out a heavy metal rectangle while she crouches. A few sharp releases of catches and her foldout SMG locks into ready position then she nods. "Alright, I've got a friend keeping an eye out for any spirits."

Commlink-Sticks> "Looks like they've got shotguns at the very least," Macro adds. "I say one person keeps watch on these and times the next checkin while the rest of us check out the back and sides. If they check in regular, our best bet would be ta move just after a checkin…"
Omen nods to Naomi "Yeah i have the same out the front." He keys his own radio syncing it up before speaking again. "I take it none of you can float me up to that roof unseen, from the briefing we got it seems like they really won't expect any assault coming from above the second floor." Omen grins his fangs glistening menacingly, he pulls out his two Ares predators and screws on the silencers. "May as well keep this nice and quiet until shit hits the fan…"
Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse coughs over the comms. "Actually."
Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Alright then looks like we can set up multiple angles of assault. If they check in regular you guys time that and hit when they are vulnerable. And i hit them from above, with a little help of course."
«Plot» Alyse will be extending her shielding to Luna, Omen and herself.
Commlink-Sticks> "I should be able ta get up there as well," Macro adds. "Two from high, two from low?"
Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse nods before her voice comes through even as she pulls up the hood on her jacket. "I'll go up there, you go from the bottom floor. That way noone runs into the mage with no magic backup."
Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Sounds like a reasonable method of attack. Redbeard and Witch-Doctor on top, Sticks and I from the bottom."
Commlink-Sticks> Macro says, "That works."
Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Sounds good to me, that way we have both forms of attack on both angles. Roof team moves in when the ground team hits after check in. Keep it quiet if we can, use maximum force if we can't."
Commlink-Sticks> Macro says, "Agreed. Let's check out the back…"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence for "low-light and thermo":
     2 3 5 9 10 23
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Intelligence for "same mods":
     2 4 4 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Intelligence for "VM2, lowlight":
     1 1 5 5 8
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence for "VM.3 Thermo (Glasses). Lowlight (nat)":
     1 2 2 2 2 4 4 5 8 9
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls 5 for "Luna":
     4 5 5 9 13

You paged Omen with 'Two more guys at the back - one human, one ork. Both carrying rifles.'.
You paged Alyse with 'Phsyically: Two more guys - one human, one ork, what looks like assault rifles. The human's left arm is sleeveless and has that metallic sheen of a cyberarm without any pretensions of normality.'.
You paged Alyse with 'Astrally, Luna relays that both of them are mundane, with some degree of cyberware polluting their bodies. The ork also seems to be addicted to something. Both are expectant yet bored - guarding against something that hasn't actually showed up yet.'.
You paged Naomi with 'Two guys, one human, one ork, both with assault rifles. The human's left arm is obviously cybered, and several 'raised veins' on the ork's right arm are entirely too straight to be anything other than poorly concealed wrist spurs. Judging by their body language, they've been on guard longer than their attention span can really handle well.'.
You paged Naomi with 'Primrose reports that the overall miasma of neglect and despair in this area of the Warrens make it hard to make out anything more.'.

You paged Alyse with 'Astrally, Luna relays that both of them are mundane, with some degree of cyberware polluting their bodies. The ork also seems to be addicted to something. Both are expectant yet bored - guarding against something that hasn't actually showed up yet.'.


Alyse raises a hand, glancing at Omen with a grin. "Hold on to your lunch," she says simply before speaking up. "Alright, all these so far are mundane but with some amps. They're expecting something but aren't on alert."

Omen speaks softly into his comm "I don't see anything special, couple of goons with basic weapons. Nothing you guys couldn't handle in your sleep." Omen rolls his shoulders letting them crack as he unholsters his pistols. He looks to Alyse a savage grin splitting his face "Let's fly, we have gangers to kill people to rescue."
Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Two in back as well, though they look like they're getting sick of guard duty. Both with assault rifles."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Centering vs TN 2  for "BG centering":
     1 3 5 5    = 3 Successes
<<OOC>> Macro says, "And sent."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4  for "F1 levitate on Omen":
     1 1 1 1 1 4 4 9 10    = 4 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 2  for "M Drain":
     2 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 7    = 11 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Centering vs TN 2:
     1 2 9 9    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4  for "F1 levitate on Alyse":
     1 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 9    = 5 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 3  for "M Drain":
     1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 9 10    = 7 Successes
<<Plot>> Alyse says, "Should have both flying with no drain."

«Plot» Alyse says, "Should have both flying with no drain."
«Plot» Macro says, "TN is 5 (centering reduces TN penalties by one per two successes) but in both cases the spell succeeds just fine."
«Plot» Macro says, "Gimme a stealth roll, both of you."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Stealth:
     2 3 7
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Stealth:
     2 3 5 5 11
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Stealth for "KP 1/25":
     1 4 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Stealth for "KP 3/25":
     2 3 10
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 5 vs TN 10 (to no one) for "What was that noise?":
     1 3 5 5 11    = 1 Success

Alyse sighs, then it's upwards she goes. "Luna," she urges, a mental command to alert her if those below react to them before the pair and floating upwards silently, preparing for their skyward ambush. Her eyes focus behind her glasses, ready for anger and not wanting her death to be for something foolish as this.
Omen's grin only drops a little at the sickening feeling of taking off grips him. "Well that is just not freaking natural." He mutters under his breath, gripping his pistols tightly. Felling a light wave of sweat cover his forearms. "How do people do this all the damn time."
You paged Omen with 'Another per roll, hearing.'.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls 5 for "dampener, select sound filter.":
     1 1 3 4 5

You paged Omen with 'You hear a vague murmur from below. ".. Huh? Didya hear that?"'.

You paged Alyse with 'Another astral per from Luna, if you would?'.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls 5 (to Macro):
     1 1 1 3 8

You paged Alyse with 'One of the guards below went from bored to attentive - he heard something, or thinks he did.'.
Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Some sound from below, they might have heard something. Chances are if we are quiet from now on, they won't investigate further until it's to late."
Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse says, "Confirmed."
Commlink-Sticks> "Can you try an' get outta sight before they think ta look up?" Macro whispers over the comm.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Centering vs TN 3:
     1 2 3 5    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery + 5 vs TN 6  for "Spirit assist. F4 Invisibility Omen":
     1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery + 5 vs TN 6  for "KP 4/25":
     1 1 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 7 11    = 2 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 4  for "M drain":
     1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 5 9 11 16    = 5 Successes

«Plot» Alyse says, "Luna will cast invis on Alyse"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4  for "F2 Improved invis":
     1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 13    = 4 Successes

Disappear? They can do that. "Don't freak out," Alyse murmurs Omen's way before she vanishes under her spirit's power, her own power cloaking Omen from visible sight.
Macro's eyes widen as Alyse and Omen seem to evaporate into thin air. "Impressive," he murmurs, just loud enough for the comm to pick up.

Naomi keeps close to Macro, speaking softly as they look at the back door. "So," she says softly. "Shall we make our move when they next check in? Take the two of them out and then go in the back door?"
Naomi ponders a moment. "Mmmm… Or, shall we try to slip past through a window."

"I can take 'em both, but it wouldn't be very stealthy," Macro admits. "I go all out, I get kinda loud… I think most of the windows are kinda boarded up, though…"

Naomi nods. "I ought to be able to take them out quietly enough, just be ready to jump in if something goes wrong."

Meanwhile, upstairs…

The third floor is everything Skim promised it'd be: Decrepit, neglected, damaged — and in various notable places, absent. Still, it has its advantages; it's clear from a single glance that nobody's going to be patrolling this floor without a climbing harness and safety rope, unless they have the ability to fly.

Omen moves foward carefully, placing his feet with care lest he give his position away or fall through the floor. He nods carefully to Alyse as he edges foward, all his senses screaming on high alert, waiting for the first sign of an enemy presence.

Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "On your go guys we are ready to move in when you hit the outdoor guards."
Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "We will give the word when we move."

You paged Alyse with 'Gimme another astral Per from Luna?'.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls 5 (to Macro):
     1 1 1 1 5

Macro nods at Naomi, then resumes his study of both guards. Finally, one of them makes the flicker of movement they've associated with a checkin, and he nods again. "Go."

Naomi nods, putting her hands together and starting to speak under her breath. "By my will, sleep." (Irish Gaelic)

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Stealth for "+4 audio, Traceless walk.":
     2 3 3 3 4 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Stealth:
     1 1 3 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Stealth for "+4 audio, Traceless walk.(KP 1/11)":
     1 1 1 2 2 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Stealth for "KP:1 (2 total)":
     1 4 4 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Stealth for "KP:3 (4 total)":
     4 5 5 5
<<OOC>> Naomi says, "I'll stop there."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 5 vs TN 9 (to no one) for "Do they hear him coming?":
     2 3 5 5 16    = 1 Success

Macro starts moving the moment Naomi starts casting her spell, flitting from shadow to shadow as he closes in… Unfortunately, not quite carefully enough, as the human's head whips around to regard him while he's still several meters away.

«Plot» Macro says, "Primrose is up, but can't act against the guards on her first pass."
«Plot» Naomi says, "Primrose isn't going to take any offensive actions, she's just monitoring the astral fro now."
«OOC» Naomi says, "What's the BG and their Will? I'm going to Stunball them."
«OOC» Macro says, "BG 2, highest Will is 5."

Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "We're moving in."
Macro slows briefly as he realizes he's spotted, then blinks as both guards drop like a pair of puppets with their strings cut. He turns to glance at Naomi with a raised eyebrow, then continues on and kneels by the guards to frisk the bodies before heading on to the door.

Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Roger that, hitting the second floor now"

Touching down Alyse exhales, sliding ther smart-gloved hand over her grip and letting the weapon synch up with her glasses she speaks so the invisible Omen can know she's there. "I can see you even you can't see me and they neither of us. You lead and I shall cover."

Omen moves quickly for the second floor both of his predators raised and ready for action. "Lets do this already." He grins widely, biting his lower lip with his extended canines.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Stealth:
     2 5 5 7 9
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Stealth for "Still invisible (Omen too)":
     1 2 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 4 (to no one) for "What's that noise?":
     1 4 5 8
You paged Omen with 'Perception?'.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Intelligence for "+5 hearing, +6 scent, lowlight, thermal":
     3 4 5 5

One thing that the third floor definitely is not is 'quiet'. The floorboards - such as they are - have likely seen better days, months, possibly years, and it feels as if they creak with every step taken, no matter how careful.
You paged Omen with 'This place smells of mildew and rotting things, with a slight undertone of blood and less savory substances. Much like most of the Warrens in that regard. More importantly, a set of regular footsteps one floor below just stopped as if their owner wanted to listen very carefully to something for a moment…'.

Alyse looks sidelong at Omen for a moment…then she remembers that he can't see her face. Sighing softly she speaks into her comms. "The others have been found already, hard and fast before they turn on the hostages?" She might be asking, but she's already moving forwards with her gun ready.

"Did they get an alarm off, i'm alright with hitting hard and fast." Omen holsters his predators and draws his much less subtly revolvers. "Just don't go standing next to any of the gangers when i am using these things, or it might get interesting." Omen grins his fangs glinting dully in the low light. Omen keeps his voice low "There is one on the floor below us that just stopped pacing."

Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Witch-Docter i wanna go through the floor, you have anything that could make a convenient hole?"
Commlink-Sticks> "You want to /what/?" Macro asks, incredulously.
Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse says, "I can try."
«OOC» Alyse says, "So rating of the floor?"
«OOC» Macro says, "8 base, give me a demolitions, K: architecture or construction, or straight Perception roll to look for possible weak spots."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence:
     1 1 1 1 2 4 4 5 7 13

«OOC» Macro says, "Okay, for you it's six if you pick /that/ spot over there."

«Plot» Alyse will drop all sustained spells for this

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Centering vs TN 2:
     3 3 5 5    = 4 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery + 5 vs TN 6  for "F6D Powerbolt spirit assist":
     1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 8 8 11 11    = 4 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 7 vs TN 3:
     1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 7 8 16    = 11 Successes

«Plot» Alyse says, "Soaked"

"Alright then…" Alyse's words come at the same moment as both she and Omen melt back into visibility. "Be ready." The white-wearing mage doctor raises her hands, bringing them together while murmuring something in the lilting elf language that sends a psychic chuckle down her mind link from Luna. Extending a hand there's a flash of bright blue light as her powerbolt reduces the floor she aims at to ash and nothing as if it were a spiderweb hit by a truck. "Go!"

«OOC» Macro says, "Okay, both of you give me an immediate athletics test, TN 5."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Athletics:
     2 3 3
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Omen (#11121) rolls Athletics for "KP 1/2":
     1 2 2
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Alyse (#10658) rolls Athletics vs TN 5:
     1 5 5 7    = 3 Successes

Alyse's spell succeeds spectacularly, shattering the floorboards and creating a hole large enough to jump through — and causing the remainder of the floor to creak and shudder ominously, forcing the runners to struggle to maintain their footing — and sending Omen down to one knee.

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Reaction vs TN 2:
1 3 3 3 4 8 11 11 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Reaction vs TN 2:
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 = 8 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Macro (#5668) rolls 8 vs TN 4 for "There's two others, but this is the only one who /might/ get lucky.":
2 2 3 3 5 5 5 14 = 4 Successes

Through the hole Omen and Alyse can see at least three gangers staring back at them with various expressions of shock and surprise. They're all armed, but only one of them is holding theirs at anything remotely resembling readiness. Whatever they'd been expecting, this wasn't it.

«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Intelligence for "same mods":
2 3 9 10
You paged Omen with 'You hear a couple of shouts of alarm that didn't come from the three people you can see, but judging by direction and muffling they're behind doors or on a lower floor, so reinforcements will need at least a few moments to show up.'.

«OOC» Macro says, "Hokay. The good news is that you have surprise and can act freely against all of them on your first combat phase. The bad news is that if Omen wants to move through the hole, he'll have to spend his first combat phase on that, and from his current position he's only got a decent shot at one of them."


Omen swears as the floor shakes under him, making him fall to one knee. He brings his guns up quickly however alligning them quickly the aftershocks throwing his aim slightly. He quickly fires two shots from each of his revolvers watching as the rounds wedge within the man before detonating in small explosions, throwing gore viscerally into the air. His fourth shot spuds into the floor next to the mine throwing out sharp splinters, into the mans falling body. Miraculously the man continues to breath, even with the huge chunks of his flesh scattered over the walls.

Alyse has her gun in one hand, but they're through with the subtle tactics and the team below needs their own distraction. Keep the bad guys split and terrified. Landing neatly on her feet Alyse nimbly moves to take cover herself, a throwing motion of her hand blasting a lightning bolt through her fingertips that slams into one ganger and drops him sparking down, a few metallic parts of his outfit glowing hot.

The ganger shot by Omen staggers back but manages to remain upright, although he's coughing up blood. The remaining intact ganger does the smart thing and dives for cover. "They're upstairs! How the frag did they manage to get upstairs!?" he yells, and now Alyse can hear the sound of tramping footsteps coming from the stairwell that leads to the ground floor.

«Plot» Macro says, "That's all they can do this turn; Thug 3 /would/ have had a second pass but Omen's shot slowed him down to the point where he doesn't get one anymore, thug 1 never had more than one to begin with. Omen's up, then Alyse, then Omen. Judging by the noise, you can probably expect company no sooner than after the next combat turn."

«Plot» Alyse says, "And Naomi and Macro are storming downstairs too, right?"
«Plot» Macro says, "They're about to. They were still sort of in sneaking mode since nobody downstairs got an alarm off."

Omen curses as the man drops so he is no longer in his sights, running foward he leaps through the hole Alyse created his feet slamming into his opponent. He feels the buffering layers of armour against his attack, but hell maybe it at least threw him off balance.

The man coughs weakly as Omen's feet impact against his chest but compared to the sucking chest wounds the kick doesn't really seem to have hurt him any more than he already was.

More gunfire echoing out, Alyse sends a far less obvious spell bolt hurtling through the invisible spectrum at the man. She watching him make a noise of discomfort but her eyes widen when the spell doesn't send his brain leaking out through his ears. Freaking gangers!

Omen turns on his heel sharply his leather duster flinging out behind him as he brings his highly polished black and gold revolvers to bear. Four shots come thundering out of his barrel the first lodging deep in the mans skull before detonating, sending shards of the mans skull spinning into the wall. The next three lodge deeply in his body, blowing his chest wide open and sending his entrails flowing to the floor in a gross display. If they can gather up enough pieces for a proper funeral it definitly won't be open casket.

Macro's head twitches once as he hears the noise of gunfire from upstairs, but he swallows a few of his more inventive curses. Can't be helped, but at least that should be a distraction. He crouches by the door and motions Naomi over, then sneaks a peek inside…

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Stealth for "A *careful* peek...":
     1 1 3 3 5 13
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 6 vs TN 17 (to no one) for "Everyone's distracted as hell already...":
     2 3 5 5 5 11    = 0 Successes

Commlink-Redbeard> Omen says, "Incoming heavies make yourself ready darlin'"
Commlink-Sticks> "Two guys and a troll just went up the stairs," comes Macro's low murmur over the comm.
Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse says, "They probably have a troll with a cannon…"

Naomi makes her way over to the door quickly, peeking inside as she takes efforts to conceal her presence, murmuring under her breath in Gaelic.

Naomi nods as she starts to fade from view. "Give me one moment once we're inside. I'll send a spirit in front to ditract and draw some fire."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls Stealth for "Be vewy, vewy quiet...":
     1 3 4 9 10 15
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Naomi (#11853) rolls Stealth for "Sneak, sneak":
     1 2 4 11
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 5 (to no one) for "Did you hear something?":
     3 3 3 5 8
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Macro (#5668) rolls 6 (to no one) for "You mean aside from the shooting and screaming upstairs?":
     2 2 3 5 5 9

Naomi follows Macro into the building, slipping just inside the door and pressing back against the wall on the other side of the door. There, she focuses her mind, speaking softly in Gaelic once again, "I require your asistance, please." (Irish Gaelic)

As she calls, a translucent figure shimmers into view in front of her. Though humanoid, it has a very gaunt appearance, hunched over and with long arms and fingers, it has a strong resemblence to a gremlin. "How may I help, Mistress,"it asks in a loud whisper, less a matter of stealth and more suggesting that is as loud as it can speak.

"There are some armed men heading upstairs, looking to shoot my friends. Materialize in front of them and assist us in defeating them." The gremlin nods, hissing, "As you wish, mistress," then turns and darts out of sight like a blur.
Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Reinforcement coming."

And then two men with shotguns and a troll holding what looks like a light machine gun come tramping up the stairs, weapons at the ready. If they're surprised at either Omen or the gremlin they recover well before anyone can take advantage of it.

Of course the first thing Omen shoots is the rather large troll with the rather large gun. Four shots slam heavily into the muscles mass of the troll blowing great chunks of flesh out of his body. He falls heavily causing the whole room to shake as his massive bulk slumps to the ground, he may not be dead but his breathing is laboured and blood pours from his sickening wounds at a ghastly rate. He won't be doing much from this point on.

The sounds of the bullets whizzing by their heads and the troll behind them roaring in pain and collapsing are enough to cause the other two gangers to involuntarily flinch and look at the carnage behind them… Which is why they notice Macro coming charging up the stairs an instant before he roars his battle cry:


Rather than attempt to negotiate the stairs with a massive bleeding troll in the way, Macro simply runs along the wall, drawing and snapping out his trusty staff as he does, leaping off to land in between the thugs with a brutal sweeping combo that knocks one of the thugs completely off his feet and against the wall with what promises to be a minor concussion.

Naomi remains invisible as she walks up to the bottom of the steps, looking at the one man still on his feet and speaking in a demanding tone, "Sleep." As she speaks, the faint image of a spear shimmers into view for a moment, disappearing as it flies towards her target. Striking his aura solidly in the chest, the impact knocks him to the ground, quite unconscious.

The hearth spirit looks a little dubiously at the barely-conscious ganger still lying on the stairs with the ork standing over him, then turns to address but Naomi thinks is empty air. "… What precisely do your friends need me to assist them with, Mistress?" it asks somewhat drily.

The timed attack seems to rejoin and Alyse whirls around the corner a moment. Extending two fingers like a lazy child's imitation of a gun with her left hand she exhales and voltage arches from the digits in a buzzing instantaneous bolt that leaves the hair standing up for anyone who gets too close. Her target however has far less luck, the lightning bolt having fried his internal organs before he hits the ground sparking.

And almost as quickly as it started, the noises of war and magic die down again, and only our intrepid band is left standing. Macro exhales slowly as he retracts his staff, then looks down at what's left of the troll's face. "… Tough luck, Breaker," he just comments, then shrugs and carefully makes his way to the second floor. "You guys okay?"

Two bullets, a wounded person and an unconcious person who really don't deserve to live and have at least got a cursory idea of what he looks like. Omen strolls foward and casually shoots the troll in the face, making sure he stays very dead. Before he points his left hand gun and splatters the unconcious ganger all over the wall. "Well that's that taken care of. Lets find those hostages and get the hell out of here. I need a shower to get the stench of these gangers off me."

Alyse steps out of cover, her gun hanging on her strap and moving forwards. Residual magic and voltage crackles around her fingers before she flexes and turns to look at her invisible friend. Unseen and unheard she mentally commands Luna. "Find them, call it out. Warn us if you find more threats."

Naomi walks up the stairs as well, dropping her invisibility and fading into view next to the gremlin. "I thought there might be more danger. I appreciate you coming to help, regardless." She reaches into her pocket, pulling out her pocsec and showing the gremlin the pictures of the hostages. "These people are supposed to be in this building. Would you be so kind as to lead us to them?"

The gremlin takes a look. "Ah, yes," it replies after a moment's thought. "They were brought here a few days ago, none too happy about being here…" It points down the hallway. "The three doors on that side are locked; each contains one of them."

Naomi smiles. "Wonderful. Are they alone in those rooms?"

A simple nod. "At the moment, yes."

Naomi leans down, giving the gremlin a quick kiss to his forehead. "Thank you very much for your assistance. If I have need of any further assistance, I shall call for you again. And you needn't worry about these guys causing any more trouble here."

The gremlin bows and fades.

"Well then lets hurry up and get them out so we can leave." Omen starts to move towards the first locked door and pulls one of his predators pointing it at the lock. "Stand clear! This door is about to have the lock blown in."

"Standing ain't an option. Just fraggin' aim upward, whoever you are," comes the shouted reply.
Macro twitches once. "That'd be Razor," he mutters, then yells. "It's okay, Razor, we're here ta get ya out!"
Alyse clears her throat, stepping up to the next door and raising a hand. If she can take care of a floor, what's one little lock?
While Omen blasts the first lock, Macro is already on his way to the third door. He bangs on it twice. "Get clear of this door, comin' through!"
Naomi reaches for her belt, her hand on her collapsed spear, but it seems all the doors are in the process of being opened, so she walks back to the stairs and keeps watch, just in case someone else arrives.

Omen sighs and angles the gun upwards blowing the lock clean off the door. "Well the white knight on his valiant steed has arrived, princess." Omen shakes his head and steps through the door preparing to help the woman up.

With no more opposing force in the building, it takes relatively little time to break out the hostages and get them back on their feet. A quick ride later, and a very grateful Skim pays the runners what he can.


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