Site Recon

GM: Hek
Players: Hek, Knox, Hollywood
Synopsis: Hek has a scheme that involves locating an Ares safe house with the intention of selling the information to Mitsuhama for them to use in their ongoing struggle against Ares.
Date: July 31st, 2073

===============================> Street Rumors <===============================
You receive word from The guy at the far end of Falstaff's bar (Wed Jul 31 18:16:02 2013):

"Legitimately." The man says as he rubs at the cord sprouting from the jack behind his ear. "The Lower Downtown district. I need a driver, and Sioux SINs for two to three." There are few in the lounge, besides the ork behind the bar and a few guys playing a game of afternoon pool.
"Look, omae." The man says into the nearly century old style, disposible cellular phone. "You already made me use this fraggin disposable, instead of going DNI. Now you are trying to tell me, that you're going to have a hard time getting a few SINs…"
He sits down, his already somewhat short frame further diminishing as he throws the phone into the trashcan behind the bar, much to the disapproval of the effiminate ork nearby. "That one is burned, too. How hard is it to align resources in this town?" The man grouses into his whiskey and ice, returning to his instinctive posture of watching the door with one arm leaning on the bar.

------> Posted by Hek (#10968) <-----

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Safehouse Locations vs TN 8 for "Difficult task for Hek to find the Ares safehouse. He will be using Street Rumors as a complimentary skill to attempt to get a better idea of what moves the Ares consultant might be making on the streets.":
1 1 2 3 4 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Safehouse Locations vs TN 8 for "KP:1 Difficult task for Hek to find the Ares safehouse. He will be using Street Rumors as a complimentary skill to attempt to get a better idea of what moves the Ares consultant might be making on the streets.":
3 4 5 5 17 = 1 Success

You head down the stone staircase to the Dungeon.
Mission Hills - The Dungeon

This expansive club takes the term "Dungeon" and brings it to life. Not for the claustrophobic, the main room in which you now stand is done in granite and shale; accented with Iron chains and wooden fixtures. The decor is a stylized neo-medieval, with a focus on rough wooden tables, wooden 'flagons' and other such low class but popular renaissance faire staples like cheap suits of armor, crossed swords and bad accents.

Despite the archaic decor, the music is very modern and the dancers are not modest. The Dungeon's two secondary 'dance' platforms jut in to the main room, giving dancers a place from which to ply their trade, trading dignity for Nuyen. The serving girls work entirely nude, with collars around their necks that run thin chains to matching cuffs on the wrists.

Dominating the far wall is a huge stage. The ceiling is lower in this part of the club, presumably to support the lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling without breaking the illusion of the decor. A brass pole extends from floor to ceiling in each third of the stage, and it's certainly large enough to support three women working at once. At the back, a deep red curtain presumably leads backstage.

Just before the stage, on a small raised platform, sits an ornate wooden throne kept beneath a red velvet cover. With the throne is a table able to seat five or six. These furnishings sit behind red velvet ropes.

Currently, Artemis is on stage.
'Places' available here.

Knox [Player]
Daemon Starks [Player]
Dasyus [Player]
Laz [Player] [At: 3. The Longsword Table]
Dungeon Communal Coffee Bar [OOC Object]
Jukebox [OOC Object]
Bill The Torturer(#9261V$) [OOC Object]
Obvious exits (Current location: UCAS Warrens):

The usually dapper ork, in fact always dapper ork, is slumming it tonight. Boxy kind of baggy street clothes that an ork should wear are on him. He walks with a slight drag as if he's comfortable here, except he's sweating bullets. It could be the hoodie plus 88F heat too.

Hek looks kind of like a wet dog, his beanie soaked to his head and water beaded on the body armor trying to pass itself off of as a jacket. Luckily the place is dim, and it already smells like wet trash and pollution. Just dim enough to call more attention to the muted blue glow eminating from Hek's eyes. A completely unnecessary telltale that tattles of linked up hardware. A tattle that is probably true, given the conspicuous absence of his hands and their presence deep in the outer pockets of his jacket.

Laz chills at the table, legs straight out, chair pushed back on its hind legs, sipping his whiskey, watching the flesh.

After a moment, the hulking form of 'Dasyus' turns toward the Bar. He'd been scanning the women and ended up spotting his target. Hand still in the satchel, he's moving purposely toward her. He's apparently oblivious to the heat, what with the suit he wears, despite the sweat that stains large portions of it. "Got'cha," he says with a sly twist of those too wide lips.

Daemon Starks continues deeper in, edging his path to close in on the dancing poles while scanning the area casually for known faces. The Italian is dressed in a designer suit, making it hard to 'blend' in with the local crowd, but he walks with confidence and a gangster like swagger.

Knox can't believe his luck, seems like some days all the guys you prefer to do business with are all in the same damn place at the same damn time. Knox swats at the air near a stripper/server who gets close, he's not interested. He spots Laz, waves, he spots Hek, nods, he spots the mobster he offers a curt head bow. He walks to the bar to get his own drink.

Laz snaps out of it, sort of, sits up, stands up, starts walking around, a smirk on his face. "Henry, Starks, Hek," he says, greeting, handshaking, motioning everyone over to his table.

Hek instinctively ceases making further progress into the Warrens dive and opts for a spot against the wall, a few feet to the side of the door. Still like a statue, he watches the crowds to get acquianted with the layout. Slavery and chop docs go a little too closely hand in hand, and the theme of the club has Hek wary. Always in tune with the transactional flow of any given business, Hek watches the girls watch the suit clad Daemon Starks with nuyen signs in their eyes.

He looks right, he looks left (and see's Knox approaching), then looks down at the woman who had grabbed his attention with narrowed eyes. The half-a-ham sized hand comes out of the satchel, fist covering something. He places whatever it is gently on the bar and slides it over. "Plug this in next time you log on. The game information is all there." Decent enough talk from the troll. Another look is past toward Knox and a look of interest given to the ork. A nod is followed up as he begins heading out of the club.

Daemon Starks pauses next to the first raised platform with a dancer, keeping his eyes on the girl with hungry eyes as he places a cigar between his lips. Starks pulls out a chromed old school zippo lighter, flicking it to life and pulling in to light the cigar. A few puffs later, and Starks is smiling like a wolf staring at pray, then finally slips a CAS hundred into the girls g string before turning and ignoring the girls' seductive pleas for a dance or more private company. "Here on business dollface, maybe later.. if you're a particularly bad girl eh?" He chuckles deeply while exhaling smoke, he spots Laz and nods slightly to the man. Then his stare flows towards the bar noticing Knox, and Starks makes the stroll towards the bar.

Daemon Starks pauses next to the first raised platform with a dancer, keeping his eyes on the girl with hungry eyes as he places a cigar between his lips. Starks pulls out a chromed old school zippo lighter, flicking it to life and pulling in to light the cigar. A few puffs later, and Starks is smiling like a wolf staring at pray, then finally slips a CAS hundred into the girls g string before turning and ignoring the girls' seductive pleas for a dance or more private company. "Here on business dollface, maybe later.. if you're a particularly bad girl eh?" He chuckles deeply while exhaling smoke, he spots Laz and nods slightly to the man, heading towards his table with a wave over to Knox in the direction of the table.

Knox checks his chrome wristwatch, then looks up at Dasyus, "Christ you're tall there.", he mutters to himself, then looks up at Daemon and waits for the guy. Knox orders three G&T's motioning to Laz- come join. He has a look like a cat caught the canary.

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) spends 150 nuyen for "Booze".
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) spends 700 nuyen for "Quality Snow.".
«Auto-Judge[]» Daemon Starks (#2946) spends 100 nuyen for "Stripper".

The size of the metahuman approaching the door triggers Hek's instinctive reflex to get out of the way. Not that he was in the way to begin with, but trolls have a way of moving the crowds around them, like ripples spreading across a pond. Those eyes of Hek's wink out as he eases his hands out of his pockets. In an paltry attempt to do something about the sweltering heat, Hek swipes his beanine off of his head and unzips the protective shell of his jacket.

Laz starts ordering drinks while his friends pile into his table. "Come one come all," he says, turning to the girls. "I might need your help delivering on that!"

Daemon Starks takes a lean back into a comfortable position at Laz's table, grinning with a knowing look to the girls. "Like shootin' fish in a barrel… credit buys you their love." He chuckles, pulling the cigar away from his mouth between two thick fingers.

Laz chuckles, "Gotta pay for sex, one way or another. Up front or WAY more with interest later omae," he says, "Try that one, she's relentless," he says, pointing at one that's more muscular than the others, an elf.

Dasyus pays Hek passing interest before exiting the establishment.

Given the claustrophic confines of the club, Hek's end run around the departing Dasyus puts him much closer to Laz's table. "I think you got yourself a tail omae." Hek mutters to Daemon while resting a hand on his shoulder and leaning close to impart the intelligence, then nodding over his own shoulder to one of the dancers. "Might want to take the long way back to the stash house… bitch looks like the type to crawl through a window when you're not around."

THUMP THUMP THUMP goes the grinding dance music.

Daemon Starks picks up an incoming phone call as he puffs on the cigar, going private for a moment.

Knox takes out a mettallic cigarette case. He undoes a leather band and produces a tiny mirror of which he admires himself with. He then dumps a small baggie of very fine white powder onto it and starts chopping it, discreetly, into lines. "It's time to celebrate…", the ork muses at the table.

The sight of the lines draws Hek like a fly to honey and he sits down at the table next to Daemon. "Sup guys?" He asks, following proper etiquette and resting his forearms on the table, hands in plain view. "You gonna to wavin' that pig sticker around, chummer?" Hek asks Laz, his tone mostly light and casual but his posture betrays his wariness.

Knox slurps from one of the Gin and Tonic's he's purchased, then looks up at Hek. Another nod, "I remember you. Long time no see."

Laz laughs, holding up both hands, "No no, no pigstickers deployed this evening!" He laughs.

Hek looks at Knox and the gin and tonic, his eyes drifting towards the bar. "Yeah, it's been a minute omae. Funny meeting you here. I was just up in your spot earlier."

Daemon Starks snaps the phone shut and looks towards Hek, "Paparazzi.. following me everywhere since that sex tape I leaked." He jokes, but looks very serious in the eyes while scanning the scene for possible threats. Then he turns to Laz and grins, "Better to pay for your miseries up front eh?" He chuckles, "Girls bring two things to the table, pussy.. and problems." He winks and stares off at the girls. Speaking low enough for Hek and Laz to hear, "When did you pick up on the hound following me?"

Hek shakes his head, deciding the bar is too far away and the potential to bogart one of Knox's lines much too tempting to be worth vacating his seat for. Responding to Daemon's question, he grins and laughs a little bit. "Omae, I'm fuckin with you. Every slitch in this place is following you, hoping you sweat out a dime for them."

Knox's eyes go pinhole after he snorts a line. He's a pig for it, rubbing the rim of a nostril and putting into his gums. "That'll do.", he looks at Hek half-cocked. "I don't know what you're talking about but have a seat and snort one- you're making me uneasy." He looks up at Daemon, "Fuck pussy I got something better to show you."

Daemon Starks tosses his head back and laughs, "Mutha'fucker…" He puffs contentedly on the cigar as he slows down the laughter to small ripples of chuckling. "I sweat only bullets." He grins.

Laz slaps Knox's shoulder. "Let's see it….fucking promises promises!"

As quickly as some samurai clear firearms from holsters, Hek rolls his wrist and a chrome plated coke straw slides between his fingertips. Apparently open to suggestion, he spins a chair on one of its four legs and settles down on it, the back of it touching the table. Properly positioned, he takes a line off the table up a single nostril and leans his head back, sniffling up the last of the powder.

Daemon Starks peaks towards the bar, seeing the knox's ski show. "Lawyers.. and bad habits.. go hand in hand." He grins, then looks back to Hek. "How you been mano?" Small talk with a hint of genuine curiousity.

Knox coughs and laughs at Hek. He looks around conspiratorially then reaches into his inner jacket pocket, he pulls out a simple hardcopy picture of a datachip, written across it is some kind of European language. Not russian but not french or a romance language either. He puts it on the table, right next to the coke mirror and slams an index finger into it. "Domino motherfraggers."

Laz has no idea what Knox is talking about, so he just does one, two, three lines quick, leaning back and flicking the rolled up corp scrip at Demon, laughing.

Daemon Starks puffs silently, watching the rails get snorted up.. Starks declines however, maybe he's in AA or something. Watching through the clound of smoke he exhales, his interest targets the hard copy photo with the romantic language.. is it Italian? "What's this you got Knox?"

At your table -> Hek casually looks around, eyes sweeping over the crowds to see who else might take interest in the fact that Knox is putting something on the table. Drugs make people careless, and Hek seems to care less. The powder on the table is probably worth more than most of the people in the place see in half a year, and Laz just blew through three lines of. But who is going to say anything, to someone that size? None the less, Hek watches, cautious, alert.

At your table -> Knox rolls up the picture in a tight little tube. Snifffffff. Aw, all gone. "That-", he clears his throat and smooths the pic back "That is a 2068 Encryption breaker. Cutting edge at its time, and still cutting edge."
At your table -> Knox says, "And it's mine."
At your table -> Knox shrugs, "So that's for sale. Private collection of course." He looks round the room, "What have you gentlemen been up to?"

At your table -> Hek subconsciously scratches at his datajack when Knox speaks of the photo's subject. "If I was a fraggin otaku, I could slot that shit… hold a mother fucking fiber cable to my forehead and go cut me some ice." Hek seems truly enthusiastic about the possibility of that prospect, until reality dawns upon him once again and the dingy, smut filled Warrens cave floods back into his senses.

At your table -> Daemon Starks chuckles with an upnod, "Nice piece of equipment.. be sure you keep it where you can swallow it if you get pulled over eh? We'll talk later on your stockpile, I may need to do some shopping." Then he relaxes in silent wonder while listening to Hek's response, he whistles lowly. "This guy… he needs another line." Starks grins, taking up the drink Laz purchased for the table. "Gratzi fratello." He raises his drink to Laz, then to Knox and Hek, "Good to be back in town, salute." He drains only half the drink, then continues looking over to Knox, "Recently? I've jus' be knocking on doors spreading the good word."

A group of felons, degenerates, criminals, and worse, a lawyer, are gathered at a table with glassine eyes and big egos.

Hek has turned his chair around, so that the back rests against the table and he rests his chest against it. Though he sits with the guys, he watches the crowds. There is an edge to him that just will not go away, a wariness wired into his soul as he watches the detrius of the Warrens spend their last few nuyen on the attentions of cuffed and collared whores.

Daemon Starks waves to Laz from his position at the table, back away from the front door, facing the crowd and smoking a cigar. He's currently talking with some shady looking types over at the table by the stairs.

Knox watches the big elf leaves the table. He offers a wave to the man but it goes unoticed.

At your table -> Hek says, "You guys hear about the Ares, MCT play?"

At your table -> Knox nods and lights a cigarette at the table, he folds the mirror into the case then puts it back. "Yea, my portfolio took a real nose dive. Worse yet, decker contact of mine's dead so I've had that headache. MCTs…what got some drek product out?'

At your table -> Hek shakes his head and leans towards Knox. "Nah, tryin to get out ahead of some new drek about to hit. Woo the head R&D guy or some drek, while he's here in the plex." As if visualizing proximity and actually able to see downtown through it, he stares off at the wall. "Lots of players on the field right now. That kind of transaction does not take place without of a lot of talent, on both sides."

At your table -> Knox shakes his head, "I don't follow but I like where you're going…."

Hek speaks animatedly at the table, the words lost beneath the music and the patrons yelling at the women, as if anything they might say could actually lead to them having a chance in hell of leaving the building with them. Those man's gestures are succinct though, and he always speaks with one eye on the crowds, territorial, aware of those nearby.

A stripper sidles up to Wall, attempting to grind and slither. Oooh Papi.

Daemon Starks listens intently to the conversation, obsorbing more than talking as he smoke the cigar quietly; scanning the bar once in awhile to keep check on movement and roaming 'unknowns'.

At your table -> Daemon Starks shakes his head, "I've got the datafiles of what my crack heads and street hustlers say about the corp issues coming up, but I havent put any real hard effort in finding the deeper info trails until I secure a few loose ends."

At your table -> Hek moves his hands as if adjusting chess pieces that only he can see on the table in front of him. "You think either of the big boys are going to trust local talent to close the deal?" He looks back and forth between Daemon and Knox, shaking his head, answering his own question. "They need to bring 'consultants' in to oversee it. Manage the risk, make sure the program stays on track. The thing is, given how shady the shit going down is… those consultants can't just bunk up in corpville." Hek smirks and shifts his tone, imitating a higher pitch. "Oh welcome to Denver Mr. Johnson? You're transfering to this office just in time for shit to go sideways? Oh please, come on in…"

Daemon Starks chukles deeply at something Hek says.

Knox puffs rings of blue smoke that flit up and meld with the cheap smoke and vanished wishes floating at the ceiling.

At your table -> Knox says, "So, you're saying you got a line on some work?"

At your table -> Hek rolls his shoulders, half a shrug, half of the suppressed nod of a poker player catching a tell a split second too late. "I got some ideas, about where certain slots might hole up." Perhaps concerned that he has already said too much, he goes quiet, instinctively reaching for a drink that is not there then frowning, fingertips drumming a rapid stattacco on the tabletop as the cocaine coarses through his already cybernetically jacked system.

Daemon Starks leans in on two elbows, holding the cigar in his right hand between forefinger and thumb. "You've got my attention.." He tabs a box inside his suit jacket, white noise spreading about the table with a silent humming; shielding them from electronic listening devices and eight legged deviles.

Knox rolls his collar up and leans in to talk with Hek. He's locked up tight in the buzz of business. A strippers ass touches the fixer's shoulder but he doesn't notice.

Hek looks up at the stripper rubbing against Knox, stares right at her as if disgusted. "Get the fuck out of here." He stabs his finger at the furthest, darkest corner in the place. (Cityspeak)

Daemon Starks stands up and nods to the two, "I have an emergency gents, please fill me in later if I can be of service when this current emergency is dealt with."

Knox raises his glass, as a toast to his departure.
Knox rolls his shoulders, and speaks to Hek.

Hek takes another furitive glance about the place as Starks departs. "You wanna roll back to the Staff's? This intelligence is too valuable to leak out into the gutters.."

At your table -> Knox says, "Would this be helpful to have someone with certain…femine….charms?"

Knox shrugs, "It's certainly safer."

After a long drive the ork fixer manages to make it sober to Falstaffs

At the end of the bar, back in familiar surroundings, Hek seems more comfortable. He even exchanges daps with a large, Latino human male and moderate sized troll who have taken up residence at the spot near the door with a casual "Sup Smiley?" before settling down at the long counter.

"Like I was saying omae.." He speaks to Knox, his tone low. "I think I got a line on where one of the major players might be. That kind of knowledge could be worth serious credit to the opposing team."
Knox leans against the bar, "Lets go to my office and takl frank."

Falstaff's - Office

Falstaff's-Knox's Office

Welcome to the upstairs de facto office of Knox. The room has the same dimensions as the pool hall beneath it and resembles a combination meeting room and bare bones office. In stark contrast to the haute shabbiness of Falstaff's, this room is far more barren, drab, and in need of repair. Yellowed floral pattern wall paper peels from various spots and a busted up futon sits against a wall. In a corner near the street facing the front windows (tinted a dusky dark blue) a secondhand bookshelf gathers dust. A pair of chain-pull lamps with green shades and a portable computer perch awkwardly on a 'desk': One medium sized plastic shipping box with duct tape holding the whole thing in place. The computer screen constantly flickers through images of data, Matrix sites, and news-feeds. Behind a plastic chair and desk a large metal cabinet sags from the weight of hard copy files that spill out of the drawers. Atop it is a small stack of Denver Law books and atop those is a black and white closed circuit tv with a view of the bar below.

Behind you the door creaks shut on it's rusty hinges and locks, while to it's right a free Chinese New Year calendar (circa last year) from some take out joint hangs on the wall, scrolling down to a bare wooden floor. In another corner a very large, metallic safe sits quietly and surrounded with a few small shipping modules that give off scents of gun cleaner, fresh ginger, and recently soldered silicon. Across from the desk is a small, low, plastic table covered in take out boxes, cigarette butts, and coffee cups,and by its slight tilt appears to have been taken just before being trash compacted.

Knox adds while he climbs the stairs, "I have a woman who'd be very useful.. An associate of mine. Mind if I include her?"

The request gives Hek pauses, which he covers by looking around the unfamiliar and new to him surroundings. "Classy digs you got here chummer." Trying to change the subject, but knowing that he cannot fully avoid it. Shoulders shrug beneath the bulky bodyarmor and he rolls his head from side to side. "If you trust her…" He leaves it at that, the risk implicitly placed squarely upon Knox's shoulders.

Knox smirks, "Trust her? Sheeeeiiit. Two years ago we hit an armored BLOCH truck. She seduced every guard before hand and got their keys. We just walked right fuckin in. She knows me even back West. Her name is Hollywood, and I trust as much as I can trust someone I aint married to."
Knox realizes Heks never been up here before. "Oh. And welcome to my Office. Slugheim & Associates,." He points to a little certificate of law practice on a wall.

Hek half listens to Knox while furrowing his brow at the Chinese calendar on the wall. "You know this shit is out of date?" He asks, looking over his shoulder at the same moment that Knox welcomes him to the office.

Knox plops down into his chair behind his desk, "And they owe me two fortunate cookies from a delivery on 6-25-2072. Fuck them I aint getting their new calendar."

From outside, someone knocks on the door leading to Down.

Hek nods sagely and steps away from the calendar. "I'm not tryin to know your past biz chummer. But if you trust her, bring her in."

Knox hits a buzzer underneath the desk, he swings something unseen in order to do this but it creaks like leather.

Hollywood comes down down the stairs.
Hollywood has arrived.

Knox is plopped in his office chair, in street clothes no less, and his eyes black pinholes. He's juiced.
Knox says "Hello love."

Fiona strolls up the stairs and through the door, glancing around curiously. The elf studies Knox's face intently, apparently familiar with the sound of his voice when he's juiced. "Hey there, Henry. How're you doing?" she inquires cheerily, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

Hek instinctively slides his hands into his pockets and sets back behind Knox's desk, placing it between himself and the most recent arrival. As he notices Fiona's hands disappearing in a similar manner, a subtle blue glow begins to eminate from his eyes. "Sup chica?" He inquires, half challenge, half almost friendly greeting.

Knox grins like a car salesman all teeth and menacing charm. "Never better, our mutual associate here has some action I wanted to bring you in on."

Green elven eyes almost jerk toward the human in the room when Hek speaks up. Fiona blinks once or twice, studying Hek for several seconds as well. She quietly and carefully extracts her hands from her pockets. "Not sure yet, hon. Henry hasn't quite filled me in on why he wanted me here," she replies in a surprisingly calm tone. Looking over at Knox, she quirks an eyebrow, "Oh? What kind of action?"
Hek mirror's the fine specimen of elven fleshes' actions and eases his own hands of out of his pockets, and goes one further, bowing his head a bit, silently apologizing for the instinctive edge. "Know anything how megacorp exec protect squads operate?" The man's speech does not match his genetic cues. The English is flawless, unaccented, almost as if spoken by program.

Knox coughs and types somehting into his old model telecom.

"Only the copcorp ones," replies Fiona. She strolls, quite casually, across Knox's office to settle down on an abandoned chair off to one side of the room. The elf regards Hek thoughtfully, sparing a glance toward Knox when he coughs, "But I'm a quick learner. I could probably put together a very functional understanding in a relatively short time, if there's some lead time on your project."
Knox nods slightly to Fionoa reassuringly.

Hek furrows his brow despite Hollywood's eager to learn persona, when she mentions that she has little experience with the subject. "I used to know this guy back where I was from.." Always directionally aware, he hooks his thumb dead West. "Chummer had this fraggin sixth sense for knowing when people were onto him. Driving in the car… man, some slot back there is tailing us." Hek smiles faintly at the memory. "In the club… you see those two guys over there.. sizing us up?" The smile turns down a bit. "Corp Land.. always good at spotting the UC's, the narcos."
Refocusing away from tales of the past and on the other people he shares the office with, Hek dips his chin towards Knox. "Exec Protect is kind of the same. Team of slots, there to lock a place down. Keep an eye on it. This place I'm thinking of…" A casual nod in the direction of the UCAS downtown. "..if they got a team setup on it like that, pretty safe bet it is either in play… or will be soon."

Knox jumps a little out of his chair, he flicks open the blinds on his window to look at Downtown. "Fuck. So. What are you thinking?"

For the moment, Fiona is silent. One red eyebrow quirks upward when Knox jumps. She purses her lips a moment, but somehow manages not to say anything. Instead, Fiona watches the others and listens intently.

Hek ticks off a finger. "UCAS SINs… or at least one for me, if you two are not already setup there." Another, the middle joins the index. "Clean transport, something that belongs. I boosted this FUCKING SWEET Elite a few months ago…." Just as spun as Knox is, he stares off into space for a few seconds, recalling the subject he speaks of. A sigh centers him back in the moment as a third finger joins the group. "Keen eyes, people who know what to look for." There is hope in his eyes, as he looks back and forth between Fiona and Henry.

Knox jingles the keys to his family friendly pickup. "I've got loads of surveillence experience- too much to count and the gear needed for it." He wipes at a thin slight trickle of blood from his nose, "FUCK!", he grabs a tissue from his desk and blows his nose. "Um, SIN isn't a problem whatsoever unless it's something deep cover."

Hek nods quickly, reassuring Knox. "Nah, nothing fancy. Just gotta get past the checkpoint. I got cred.." The young man proves it, producing a good sized roll of bills, in half a dozen colors to donate the various corps they were printed by.. easily ten thousand by quick street math, given Hek's level of hustle and access to capital. "We're gonna stay on the street, do a drive by. Maybe park it for a few. Just need enough detail to get through the border."

Knox nods and crosses his arms. "I'm game."

"Vehicles and SINs are no problem," comments Hollywood. She tips her head slightly, considering Knox for several seconds while he deals with his nosebleed before looking back at Hek. "Observational skills are pretty key to what I do most and best."

Hek seems more confident than he was a few minutes ago and he nods to Hollywood. "I am not tryin to get you two all hyped up on some massive, big payday here. I am still just doing recon, trying to put the pieces together. This might, or might not pan out. I can break you off…" The young man purses his lips as he does mental math, while at the same time trying to size up the other two's tolerance for being haggled with. "…two kay a piece, for coming along. But.." He quickly adds. "If at any point, we have to leave the vehicle. The sky is the limit, I will pay for services rendered."

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Negotiation for "Open Roll, Hek's opening position":
1 1 2 3 8

Knox looks to Hollywood coyly, "What do you say a little higher? We're worth it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Negotiation for "whatever the tn is":
3 3 5 5 5 7 10

Hek conceeds with a nod and a smile. "You're right chummer, there is value in people who can come through on a moment's notice. I got twenty-five hundred for each of you." Though he speaks to Knox, he then looks at Hollywood, trying to gauge her appetite for the deal.

Knox says "That has a nice ring, what do you think Fi?"

"I think I can live with twenty-five hundred," remarks Hollywood. She offers a playful, crooked smile to both Hek and Knox, straightening up a little in her seat.

Hek instinctively straightens up as well, as if trying to match up to the heights of the other, much larger two metahumans. "What's the lead time on the SIN?" He questions Knox.

Knox looks at himself, "I've got one UCAS- for myself. Apologies confrere if you misunderstood."

Hek keeps his composure and nods, his lips tight. "You can get more though, right?" There is a hint of hope in his tone.

Knox shrugs, "I can if you need me to."

"I have an… Associate that can provide SINs," comments Hollywood. She tips her head, "Though how strong a backdrop do you want?"

"Like I said.." Hek reengages with Hollywood, easily smiling in the presence of such an attractive female then catching himself and settling his business mask back into place. "We just need to get through the checkpoint into the zone. We should not be carrying any heat back out."

Knox says "Alright, so what do we need?"

Hek retrieves the pocket secretary from an inner jacket pocket and sets it on the table. The fiberoptic cord trails back into the jack behind his ear, and soon enough an R2-D2 like 3d projection manifests above the small device. It is a satellite map of Denver, that quickly dives down and focuses in on the Lower Downtown District. Colored overlays begin to appear on the neighbors, with hyperlinks marking the security provider and denoting the entire zone under the purview of Knight Errant. "We need to get here. I figure if they are going to bring someone in, they are going to want their own people to protect him. This spot.." The map zooms in even more, centering in on a large, multi-story residential dwelling. "A friend of a friend tells me that sometimes they put their consultants up in this place. Good, low key… high speed trix, good premise security, populated by obedient wage slaves… where runners will stick out like a sore thumb."

Knox paws at his shirt, "This is my slumming. Impeccable suits is my middle name. Look at my cosmetic work, I'm the best damn looking ork 2nd rate cosmetics can buy."

Hek agrees with Knox, seeming content. "You, uh…" He turns to Hollywood, searching for words as he takes in the small bandana of fabric that she has attempted to pass off as a top. "Got anything less… fucking, look at me?"

"Of course, hon," replies Hollywood. She offers a sly grin, running a handful of fingers through her hair as she regards Hek evenly. "Were you looking something middle-mangerial or secretarial? Or… Something else?"

Hek nods easily, "Yes, both.. fine. Like I said, I doubt we will leave the vehicle, but if we have to… I more alike we look, the better. And since Knox here is setting the bar pretty high." He fixes Knox with a big grin while tugging at his own, obvious bodyarmor. "I am going to have to change too."

That sly grin doesn't leave Fiona's face. She just smiles and nods, commenting, "I'll go with something properly secretarial then." Hollywood leans back comfortably on her seat, watching the other two with curious green eyes.

Hek seems pleased and looks at the exit. "Subtley is the name of the game here. Anything bigger than a light pistol, leave it behind. I do not want to have to explain to Knight Errant why some weapons scanner is pissed off." A momentary pause, attention drifting again, towards downtown. "You two want to come get me on the way there?" A brief flash in his eyes, and both of your pocket secretaries (if you have them) chime with an alert.

Knox checks his posec, "Sure but remember what I drove over here in- that battered ford sedan pickup is my main drive these days and my ex ain't speaking to me so a limo is out." He ste[s behind the desk and pulls open a small luggage case. He takes off his shirt and hoodie revealing a chest amassed with a spidrerweb of burn marks and long splay like scar tissue. He retrieves from the luggae a natty sportcoat, light blue shirt and tie and without a thought starts to put them on. Modesty is not his middle name.

"I suppose we could take my GHT," intones Hollywood, glancing at Knox and then Hek.

After considering Knox's transportation options while sitting on the edge of the desk, Hek shrugs easily and smiles. "This won't be the first time I had to boost a car to get around this plex."

Knox motions to Hollywood, "I think a legal car is the smarter option frankly."

Hek quickly nods his head and seconds the idea. "I agree." He follows Knox's motion and looks hopefully to Hollywood.

Knox picks ups a small nondescript gym bag and pats it, "Surveillance gear."

"It's close enough to legal," comments Hollywood, "Though it does have some concealed armor on it. The only other option I have in stock is a GMC van."

Knox shrugs, he checks his watch, "It's gonna hit evening take the wife out rush hour soon we should get moving."

Hek smiles at the mention of armor, like a child who just found out that his parents are taking him out for ice cream. "That will fit right in where we are going. Vehicle armor is a fashion statement in some circles. Shows the world that you are so important, people want to kill you."

"Well, that's that then," replies Hollywood, clapping her hands together. "Give me a little bit to go put on something a bit more biz chic and get the GHT out of the garage." She rises to her feet with a sinuous, very nearly implausible grace and stretches out a bit.

There are certain telltales of modifications that manifest predictably in those with them, and Hek seems to be some what similarly augmented to Hollywood.. judging by the similar grace. "Alright, I saw you had a camera. That is going to be good. It will let us review what we might have missed."

Plot Room #1(#452RJ$)
The Lower Downtown District

The Lower Downtown area is a melting pot of two countries, blending like oil and vinegar. They go well together, but they do not mix. The building architecture practically draws a line of contrast through the district. The UCAS style has a 'corporate' style of uniformity to it. This is not to say that the buildings look drab and boring, quite the contrary as a good deal of effort went into making this a shining example of life in the UCAS.

In juxtaposition is the Sioux controlled area of the Lower Downtown, where the buildings have a more organic feel to them, a greater attention to individualism and detail. While the UCAS strives to set an example of their ideas, the Sioux allow their ideals to make themselves apparent in their application. Carefully manicured greenery grows around many of the buildings giving this part of the district a more comforting, softer edge.

A center of entertainment and culture, many venues such as night clubs, theaters and music halls dot the area. The Arts are well represented here, with many galleries catering to the wide range of tastes and styles. Next to a Haute-Couture retro styled screening room, a modern cineplex displays bright holographic images shows trailers for the next blockbuster Trid.
(+lhelp is available here)
Scanner R6 (#10690) [VOUCHER]
Knox [Player]
Obvious exits (Current location: @tel #452):
Out <O>

Hollywood has arrived.

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 7 (to no one) for "This is the Stealth roll for the security detail. They are parked in a van up the street, watching everyone who comes and goes from the apartment. If the team tries to access the apartment, and then comes back with the same vehicle, they will be spotted.":
2 3 3 3 3 5 11

The transition from the CAS sector into the UCAS zone is no where nearly as abrupt, anxiety ridden and jarring as trying to get into the metroplex from the Warrens. The checkpoint is orderly and the team passes through with no more than typical scrutiny of their SINs, questions about their business, and admonishments to leave GridGuide engaged.
As Hollywood guides the vehicle closer to the target area, Hek becomes more alert and that nervous energy of anticipation radiates from him to fill the vehicle. "It's going to be up here on the right.." The man's eyes glow a muted blue as the display link overlays who knows what into his field of vision.

«OOC» Hek says, "We can do this a few ways. You guys can tell me what skills you think might be useful and how you want to use them. We will go through some rolls there. Or you can show me the Skills sections of your sheets, and I can make some suggestions. In either case, I am going to need 3 open Intelligence rolls to start with."

«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Intelligence for "Open Roll 1":
2 3 4 5 5 8 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Intelligence for "Open Roll 2":
1 2 2 2 4 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Intelligence for "Open Roll 3":
2 2 3 3 3 4 4

«Plot» Hek says, "Roll Police Procedures"
«Plot» Hollywood says, "Open?"
«Plot» Hek says, "Yeah"

«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Police Procedures for "Open Roll":
1 1 4 7

Knox is relaxed, nonchalant, confident and apropriates the look of an annoyed office drone.

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Intelligence for "Low light, enhanced hearing":
1 3 4 7 10
«Plot» Knox says, "you need twwo more?"

Hollywood drives her rally sedan with a comfortable ease. She has a datacord running from her jack to somewhere on the dash, though lord only knows whether she's actually jacked into the vehicle or not. The elf follows Hek's directions and draws her foot off of the gas, rolling along at a comfortable rate as they get the first glimpse of the target.

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Intelligence for "number 2":
1 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Intelligence for "number 3":
2 2 3 5 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 3 3 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 2 4 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Intelligence:
3 3 4 5 5 9

«Plot» Hek says, "Let's do Surveillance Techniques"
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Surveillance Techniques:
1 2 3
«Plot» Knox says, "May I KP?"
«Plot» Hek says, "Sure. Whatever you do here is going to carry over into any other scenes for Corto's over arching plot"
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls Security Systems:
2 3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Surveillance Techniques for "KP 1:13":
2 2 4
«Plot» Knox says, "Eh, stand"

Hek pages: Based on the rolls, both Hek and Knox spotted the van across the street, but are not too concerned about it. They think it might, maybe, possibly be related to the surveillance team, but they are not sure. Hek rolled enough to spot the standard security cameras pointed at the parking garage entrance. Hollywood's police procedures noticed the extra guard posted at the garage.

The architecture is standard corporate, functional and stylish while at the same time an evolution of many generations of urban warfare. The entire ground floor of the building is set back close to twenty meters from the street, an expensive proposition in an urban environment where square footage is at a premium. Obvious security cameras are mounted on the exterior of the business, those small white globes with tinted domes on the underside that conceal the specific details of the sensors being used to record everything, and broadcast it for analysis to who knows who.

There are a few things that stick out about the building. Like all of the buildings in the area, the parking garage is secured by blast barriers to mitigate the risk of a vehicle borne explosive device being positioned beneath it. However unlike other buildings in the area, this one is staffed by not one, but two Knight Errant officers. And unlike other buildings where the staff use non-lethal, or at most heavy pistol ordinance, the troopers at the target building are equipped with submachine guns.
Across the street, a van seems out of place. There are just too many antennas, and the windows are too tinted to be completely disregarded.
Other than those subtle clues, there is little to distinguish the building that Hek seems so interested in from any of the other buildings in the nearby vicinity.

Seated in the back seat, Knox carefully activates his portable police scanner, plugging a set of earbuds into his right ear upon which he covers by resting his head into his right hand. Just a bored civilian yep. "Christ, they're really out in force arent they?"

Hek seems pleased with what he sees, though his face is set into a serious mask with pursed lips. "Keep going, don't stop." He encourages Hollywood, trying to casually check the side view mirror for any tails or anyone paying particular attention to them.

«Plot» Hek says, "Let's get Stealth rolls and Car if you have it Hollywood"
«Plot» Hollywood says, "Both open?"
«Plot» Hek says, "Yes"
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Stealth for "Sneaky Driver":
2 3 5 8 9 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Car for "Sneaky Driver":
1 1 2 2
«OOC» Hollywood says, "… KP."
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Car for "Sneaky Driver KP: 1/9":
1 2 3 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 5 vs TN 10 for "Gate Guard to collectively take interest in the team":
1 2 2 3 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 7 vs TN 10 for "Surveillance Team to collectively take interest in the team":
1 2 2 4 4 5 11 = 1 Success

A nod is Hollywood's main response to Hek. She smiles and casually continues driving, green eyes intermittently glancing at the impressive collection of resources. "Of course. Once around the block," offers Hollywood in a playful tone.

The radio scanner crackles to life. "You see that GHT, omae?"
"I know, right? Sweet ass ride." Comes the response.
"Cut the chatter." A third, authoritative voice breaks into the channel and silences the conversation.

Knox plays with a diode discreetly, "They're checking the car. Possible more than passing interest."

Hek asks, "Can you locate the channel?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls 6 for "Rating, whatever TN is":
1 2 3 3 5 5
«Plot» Hek says, "TN5, so two successes. What are you going to do while scanning? Say it takes 5 minutes to circle the block."

This is old hat for KNox, he thinks of the months he spent getting back at- never mind. He scans for channels, gently tightning his tie to be a bit more in line with Downtown fashion.

«Plot» Knox says, "I have the unit in my lap, covered by gym bag, earbuds like Im listening to iPod, scanning visually for anything out of the ordinary."
«Plot» Hek says, "Okay, Hollywood?"
«Plot» Hollywood says, "I'd like to check to see if there are any blind alleys or anything I can duck down to change paint schemes and transponder codes."
«Plot» Hek says, "Roll Police Procedures"
«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Police Procedures for "Give 'Em The Ol' Slip":
1 1 3 9
«Plot» Hek says, "Hollywood, given her experience with police procedures, realizes that the team is in a AA rated security zone, and there are practically no such thing as blind alleys or convenient places to change paint without it being recorded, and perhaps noticed live. So, you can do it, but it is not exactly risk free."

Knox drums his fingers on the door, he lets out a tense slow sigh. Realizing he's let it out so loud: "Sorry."

In the driver's seat, Hollywood keeps the GHT driving along around the block. She frowns a little as she becomes increasingly aware of the lack of blindspots in the local security schema. "Let's hope they're a bit more bored this time around… So they don't notice us. Nowhere to change codes or paint."

«Plot» Hek says, "Knox. Do you want to use your extra successes to reduce time, or to find more channels?"
«Plot» Knox says, "Reduce time"

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 7 vs TN 9 for "Surveillance Team to collectively take interest in the team, TN lower by 1 for second pass":
1 1 4 5 5 5 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 5 vs TN 9 for "Gate Guard to collectively take interest in the team, TN lower by one for second pass":
1 4 5 8 10 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 7 vs TN 8 (to no one) for "Surveillance Team to collectively take interest in the team, TN lower by 2 for third pass":
1 1 2 2 3 7 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Hek (#10968) rolls 5 vs TN 8 (to no one) for "Gate Guard to collectively take interest in the team, TN lower by two for third pass":
2 3 4 8 14 = 2 Successes

The majority of the radio chatter is a bunch of encrypted garbage, squelches and hisses of static punctuated by squeals in between long moments of dead air when the transmitters are not transmitting. Knox knows his tools and although it takes a few passes around the block, he narrows in on what seems to the primary radio channel that the two troopers on the gate are using. Unfortunately that is about all that he gets, because per standard Knight Errant procedure, their comms are encrypted.
"There is definitely an increased security presence around here." Hek observes, regurgitating the obvious as he watches wage slaves in small groups and bunches of individuals take advantage of the warm evening to be out in the safety of the corp zone. "But I think I need a better plan, to figure out if this is what I think it is, or if it's unrelated."
Partially content, his shoulders slump a bit and his brow furrows. "Either of you know a decker?"

Knox speaks up, "Yes actually. And the comm band's encrypted, at least we're not on the emergency 911 band."

Bringing the GHT around the block again, Hollywood blandly replies, "Yes. I could see if they'd be interested in a job." She casts a thoughtful glance toward the target building as she rounds the corner again, shifting her green eyes back to the road in front of her a moment later.

«Plot» Hollywood says, "I'd like to make a Demolitions roll to see if there's anything interesting/unusual about their fortifications?"

Knox slides lower into his seat and pushes himself deeper into the seat cushion.

«Auto-Judge[]» Hollywood (#9903) rolls Demolitions for "Dat's Sum Fortification":
1 2 3 10

Knox says "Really it depends on what you do. And I'm not sure driving in circles is going to make us less suspicious at this point."

The fortifications conform to standard corporate security and military best practice. The stand off distance is far enough to seriously lessen the force of any blast before it hits the building. The blast barrier to the parking garage is standard issue Ares SiteProtect(tm) fortifications, guaranteed to stop any four wheel vehicle in its tracks, at up to 50mph. With the way the garage is setup, there is no way that any vehicle could get up that much speed in the first place.
Hek agrees with Knox, nodding his head. "I have enough to work with. Let's get back home, and I will get you two compensated for your time."

"Sounds good. There's nothing terribly interesting about this place, other than the ramped up security. It's all best practices and standard fortifications," opines Hollywood. She takes a different corner, angling to take a different route back to the border.

Knox packs up the scanner, for fun he snaps a few digishots with his eye cam, maybe something that can be processed and filtered later.

«Plot» Hek says, "That's that. Now that we've determined there is something worth looking into, I think we need a decker to hack the system and see who actually lives there. If you guys know someone who might be interested, let me know. I'm going to whip up a quick system and will run it early next week."

Knox pages: Muse, very reliable, got me some data on a different plot and good RPer. Also Dasyus, quality decker and a troll to boot!

«OOC» Hollywood says, "Hollywood will let Kalli know and offer some contact info, if Hek provides her some, so Kalli can get in contact with him."

Knox jots something down on a matchbook, "Call either number they're both talented in different and wodnerful ways." He leans back and closes his eyes, been a while since he went out. It's nice.

«Rumors» Rumor created.

===============================> Police Rumors <===============================
You receive word from Knight Errant Dispatcher (Wed Jul 31 23:53:03 2013):

That exec protect team in Lower Downtown is on edge. Last night their worry was some slitch driving around in a GHT. Like nobody drives a high performance rally car in downtown? Give me a break. This is Denver. Half of the plex has some sort of four wheel drive vehicle.

------> Posted by Hek (#10968) <-----

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