Sindi Ako Implant

GM: Hiller
Players: Angela, Slice, Hiller
Date: May, 2071

Synopsis: Angela and Slice are hired to implant an unknown, weird biological object into a young woman called Sindi Ako. A fleight is staged, with Hiller as a pilot and another guy as backup and watchman. The surgery takes place in 25,000 feet. And it turns into quiet a mess, including an attempted treachery and assault. But the characters barely make it.

Prequel/Follow-Up: This plot is part of Three Quarters. The direct prequel is Lionell's Angels.

Hauling Slice aboard

You paged Slice with 'Just join plot room 6 and I'll brief you on the way a bit. Basically, Hiller offered you to join a corporate related operation. There is an implant to be implanted into someone who…well, shouldn't be aware of it.'.

You paged Slice with 'Basically, there is a young woman who will receive an implant that allows eavesdropping. Slice would've had the time to study the patient file. But further details are rare. It all came up in a hurry. Basically, the operation will take place during a staged flight. And there is another medic involved. Just take your time and listen, and I'll introduce you properly.'.

You paged Slice with 'What Slice heard: he knows, that there is a staged flight and Hiller will be the pilot. Everyone on board except the woman Sindi Ako, will be part of the operation. There is equipment on board for a small ambulant surgery. And there is a woman called Angela. She's details about the implant and the mission. Slice's job is very simple: make sure that the implant is placed carefully and without any obvious traces. He's just responsible for the surgery and assistance of Miss Angela, aka Jordan. As a background legitimation: the flight is heading to Denver, where a medical conference happens the next three days.'.

You paged Slice with 'The implant is supposed to be placed subdermal. It is assumed, that it is possible to place it neatly where it won't arouse suspicion. Angela has details.'.

Boarding the plane

«Plot» Hiller says, "Both of you should know that the plot will happen on a flight. That means flying. Up in 30,000 feet. Keep that in mind. There is no staging down an airplane crash. But that's only part of the stage, not of the storyline. :)"

Repose from last meeting: Angela continues together with Sindi Ako and her bodyguard. The airport medical team identifies high blood pressure and they judge that this it is indeed risky to take the high altitude flight. Bill wants to sign a paper to join the flight anyway, but Sindi Ako effectively orders him to stay behind. It seems to be a traditional thing. This CAS ex soldier shows the attitude of a Japanese samurai faced with dishonor. But he finally agrees to let her go. But he stays wth her at the airport. And there lady luck comes for aid. Bill escorts Sindo to the bording checks and that's the point where both have to part. Sindi is still in time for her intended flight, but she has no idea which flight is actually hers! She did not book it by herself. So Lionell calls in for Angela and give her quick instruction. And that's the point where we may continue.

Sindo Ako is a 19 years old japanese girl. She has long black hair, neatly bound in a queue down her neck. Her almond black eyes and ivory-colored skin clearly mark her as a pure blood japanese. As far as someone can be called pureblood those days at all. She is slender built and not the overly physical type. But her warm smile and disciplined behaviour makes up for that. Distant, friendly, fragile are the first three words that come to mind. - Sindi Ako is dressed in simple black pants and sport shoes. A plain white chemise and a light green woman's coat makes her appearance complete. Not fancy, not too conservative. A young women, carefully placed between prettiness and simplicity.

She just passed the gate checkpoint together with her new acquaintance, Michaela Jordan, aka Angela. That's the moment when Lionell calls for Angela. With brief words he instructs her, that the staged flight is ready and waiting, but Sindi arrived to early. So they changed the plan. Sindi has no idea what flight was actually booked for her. So all Angela has to do is to escort Sindi Ako to the fake flight. Her SIN and name is already booked for that private flight, so she would just pass through the gate woithout even knowing, that this isn't her intended flight. Well, that's the plan.

Angela does her absolute best to play a part she's been playing for a long time now, and that's simply the motherly doctor. "This way, dear, we don't want you to be late…" she puts her phone away, and smiles to Sindi, leading her in the direction of that private flight. The doctor has no reason to do otherwise, this job's a job, and sure the girl is probably innocent to some degree, but… It's not her place to meddle in corporate affairs beyond what's asked of her in most cases.

Sindi Ako gives a smile. This kind of noble smile that combines gratitude with an almost inherent pride. Then she approaches one of the counters and offers her SIN. She asks for the details and now it becomes clear that there are some big players behind the curtain. Her original flight has been wiped from her record. As if she just canceled it. And she receives her new flight data without even knowing it: DFR-2003, Embraer Dassault Mistral liner, bound for Chicago. Passengers: 4. Pilot: 1.

Last chance for Angela to do whatever she wants to do before she would board the private jet. Same is true for Slice, who's just loitering at the boarding gates. Ticket booked on his preferred SIN.

Slice stands idly by the gate, arms crossed, and legs crossed with the toe of his shoe pressed to the ground as he leans casually against the wall watching the crowd pass by. As the final boarding call is made, he bends down and grabs his small briefcase and moves towards the boarding tunnel.

Doctor Jordan has no pressing matters, no calls to make, in fact, she's quite ready to go. Travel is fun! Though the dwarf boarding the flight does get a glance from her. Well dressed, perhaps he's the doctor in charge of the proceedings. Angela taps her chin, signing in, wondering just how deep this rabbit hole does extend to, before gently ushering Sindi towards the boarding tunnel when everything's checked out.

There is a routine scan. But since it is a private flight, it is not a federal business so far. Luggage is scanned, cyberware is scanned on minnimum rating. That means, if you have Cyberware entries on your SIN, it's ok. There is no detailed scan. Weapons have to be left behind, though.

This is Bennett Front Range Airport. A small airport for commuter traveling and domestic flights solely. It has 4 runways but the /really/ big birds won't land here. It is more or less a backup and support airfield for Denver International. The boarding gate is a glass building with an excellent view on the airfield…and the heavy rainclouds above. Seven medium sized airplanes are parked outside and in the background, take-offs and landings are a constant sight.

The 'tunnel' is in fact just an exit tube on the airfield. The few passengers have to cross the concrete pavement for about 50 yards. Luckily, it doesn't rain for now. Flight number DFR-2003 is a medium business jet. Embraer-D Mistral. Nice piece of hardware. It may transport up to 20 passengers, but this model, as it will turn out, is modified for 6 passengers and a storage area. A storage area where some nice medical equipment waits for you, hopefully.

All in all, four people cross the airfield, a dwarf, a human female and another Japanese female. And one guy in a business suit, with short-cut, blonde hair and a medium sized travel bag. As you all approach the aircraft, there is a human woman standing next to the staircase. She wears a nice commercial pilot uniform and wears pilot sunglasses. Her hair is a darker red and Slice knows her very well.

Hiller, or 'Orange' for now, offers a handshake to everyone. "Welcome Sir, Ma'am. Please go ahead and make yourself comfortable. We'll depart as soon as you're all ready and we've the clearance."

As reluctant as she is to do so, Angela does leave behind her pistol behind, as well as her survival knife, making no large fuss about either of them. "Please don't lose them," she states to the person in charge of that business, and makes her way across the airfield with everyone. Orange's hand is given a firm shake, though the doctor's fingers are fairly soft, "Thank you, dear," she says kindly, glad she's still got her medical bag with her. Kind of like a security blanket.

Sindi Ako, the somewhat fragile young woman, sends a last short message before she climbs the stairs and enters the aircraft first. Followed by Angela, Slice and the guy in light grey suit.

Slice nods to Orange before he ascends the stairs into the plan. He doesn't seem to have much to say as he knows only bits and pieces of what is going on, being recruited at the last minute. The dwarf makes his way to his seat and sets his briefcase in the seat beside him, seeing there is plenty of room in the plane.

The aircrafts interior is very nice. Dark wood style walls, dark red, comfortable seats and plenty of room for a nice travel. Every seat may function as a bed and there is even a small 'lounge' area with a miny bar and a large flat screen. In the front, there is a small corridor that leads to the cockpit. In the back area, a large but nicely concealed door leads to the storage compartment. The guy and Sindi Ako choose a place at one of the windows each. Hiller enters last and gestures to the ground personal. The staircase is removed.

It is only then, that Sindi Ako turns her head toward Angela: "Oh my. Is it true? You're taking the same flight?" she asks in surprise. "It's like i even didn't thought about it." It sound like an excuse. "What a coincidence!"

While all enter, Slice receives a message on his phone. Hiller closes the only door and secures it. Then she heads toward the cockpit without further hesitation and leaves the passengers alone. Slice pulls his phone from his pocket, and reads the display.

You paged Slice with 'The message reads: "The medical equipment in the storage compartment has emergency surgery standard. You'll find a preared anaesthetic as well as the implant in a small red bag placed on the toilet. Please coordinate everything with Miss Michaela Jordan. She's in charge of the medical operation, though she may have to rely on your expertise. - We thank you for your quick response and wish you success."'.

"There's a medical conference I'm attending," Angela states as she takes a seat next to Sindi. "I'm just as surprised as you are," she gives a little nod to the girl. "It made it easier to promise that I'd look after you, dear," she smiles.

Sindi Ako flashes a smile and shakes her head: "Thus is the way of life: That it crosses the strings of fate and you'll never understand why. But thank you again, Miss. I still can't believe that there was so much bad luck. Especially today."

Slice reads the message, and then glances towards Angela and then towards Sindi. He waits until there is a pause in the conversation, and then he politely interjects himself. "Did I hear you say you were a physician? I think we may be going to the same conference." He leans over towards Angela to offer his hand. "My name is Galen. Doctor Galen Ascilles. Very nice to meet you." As they shake hands, and he is face is shielded from Sindi's view by Angela's head he mouths the words, "Red bag in toilet." He is assuming that she may already know that, as well as the other details of his phone message, but wanted to make sure.

Poor Sindi, her luck might only be getting worse. "Well, we'll be on our way shortly, so you've nothing to worry about," Angela says kindly. Slice's interjection is met with a bright smile, and she takes his hand, "Pleased to meet you Doctor Ascilles. I'm Michela Jordan, though you can call me Micha if you like." The mouthed words get a small nod, and as she pulls back, she purses her lips. "I should have taken care of this in the terminal but I wanted to be sure we'd get to the plane in time, I need to take a quick trip to the restroom while I have a moment before takeoff… if you'll both pardon me?"

The intercom relays a message, the moment the plane moves and the engines start to growl. Hiller's voice. Cool and business like: "We've clearance for take-off from air traffic control DFR. Our journey is bound for Chicago, Illinois, International Airport. Our estimated time of travel is three hours and eighteen minutes. Travel distance one one nine zero kilo. Wather forecast shows heavy overcast and occasional thunderstorms. So our departure may get a little bit rough. But on travel altitude, we'll be free from care. Please fasten seatbelt and have a nice flight."

Luckily, there are no bugging stewards on private jets, so Angela may visit the toilet whenever she wishes. Sindi Ako turns her head toward Galen Ascilles and gives a polite greeting as well. "My name is Sindi Ako, Sir. Nice to meet you."

Slice nods politely, excusing Angela, "Of course.", as he turns towards Sindi. "Oh. Very nice to meet you as well. Are you a physician going to the convention in Chicago as well?" He looks at the young girl with a critical eye without trying to look like a rabid stalker eyeing his next hit. Casually glancing at her facial features and any imperfections with the eye of a cosmetic surgeon.

Sindi Ako is a noble person. Fragile, careful but focused on herself. She may be 19 years old and has a very nice face. She is obviously well cultivated and wears chic that isn't too fancy but high quality nonetheless. "Ah, no, Sir." She laughs a bit, but in a low voice. "I've personal matters to attend. And I'm not a doctor."

The restroom is located in the small corridor that leads to the cockpit. After a brief glance, Angela spots a small red medival bag, somewhat hidden beneath the sink. It contains some first aid stuff. But it contains the 'inmplant' as well. The same, strange thing she examined some days before. Creepy. Hm. And there is a small vial that doesn't belong to standard first aid kits as well. It is labeled and contains an anaesthetic. A soft sleeping posion, Angela guesses from the notes on the label. It must be ingested with drink or food.

The fourth passenger sits in the back, behind Sindi and the others, and eyes the situation while the plane starts to accelerate suddenly. The movement is rough and fast, but just like someone would expect it. After a few seconds, there is this strange feeling in the stomach as the plane gets airborne. Take off.

Angela stays in the restroom during takeoff, if only to not fall over on her return trip. Wouldn't want to drop anything. The majority of the kit she leaves behind for later, but slips the anesthetic into her pocket. When things stabilize, she moves back into the cabin, glancing around. "I believe we may need to see to our own refreshment, should I see about getting some tea or coffee?" she asks, looking to the dwarven doctor and the Japanese girl, leaning on a seat where she stands. After all, aside from the pilot and the passengers, she didn't see any stewards.

Sindi Ako looks out of the window. And frowns a bit. "Better you settle down again, Miss Jordan. It is quiet pitch black out there…" She turns her head with a little bit of concern. And indeed, the aircraft shakes heavily for the first 14 minutes of the flight. It is very advisable to take a seat during that time. The plane makes a steep climb and heads straight through Denver thunderstorms which haunted the city for the past days. But it is not a real problem. Nothing Autonav and a pilot couldn't handle. Hopefully, Hiller's avoiding those strange mana storms the news flashes reported recently.

As it turns out, Sindi has some fear of flying. She clings to her seat and seems to endure a second challenge today. But finally, the plane stops ascending. Sindi looks like she could use a drink or two.

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Hiller (#10245) rolls Winged Aircraft + 2 (Autonav) vs TN 4 for "Hiller, standard flight situation.": 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 = 5 Successes

After 14 minutes, the aircraft has reached 25,000 ft. and travels smooth and easy.

Slice grips at his seat as the plane ascends through the cloud cover, not a big fan of flying, but certainly not afraid to the point of avoid the experience all together. He glances over towards Sindi and offers a weak smile and says, "You ok there? That should be the worst of it." he trails off, but then adds a "Hopefully." before the sentence is completely gone.

The moment the Embrae-Dassault steadies, Sindi Ako nods. "I'm fine, thank you, Sir. And she starts to open her travel bag and pulls out some document folder. The young woman turns to herself. Or at least she plans to.

Angela's had her share of rough flights, though she does sit down during that turbulent quarter of an hour. She's likely comment on hot exfils if she knew all ears around her were the Shadowy sort. "Well, if we're out of Denver airspace.. it should be good… what should I get all of us then?" she asks, looking around, even at the mysterious 'fourth passenger' before sliding out of her seat when everything steadies.

Slice smiles at the prospect of some refreshments. He decides to keep it straightforward and replies, "Oh, a soykaf would be fine, or even a bottle of water if there's no kaf made."

Sindi Ako nods. Some tea would be nice, thank you very mouch." And the blonde guy, appearing a bit bored, nods as well. "A gin tonic, Miss. Thank you."

Angela's probably preoccupied on drink orders to 'notice' anything as it is. "I'm a kaf fan myself, dear, comes with the job, mm? I'll start us up some, and… tea.. and.. simple enough, good." With one order of tea she can slip that mickey in easily enough, and not risk getting herself or the other two knocked out. So that's what she does, moving to wherever in the compartment the in-flight refreshments are handled, and setting to work.

The mini-bar offers a wide array of beverages. It is built in into one wall and luckily it is very easy to pour the potion into the tea without being observed. Angela may block the line of sight with her own body.

The blonde doctor doesn't take too long, though the steeping of tea does take a few moments. She brings the gin and tonic over to the bored gentleman first, "There you are, dear," she says kindly. The brewing kaf takes a bit longer, so she brings the tea over to Sindi before lingering nearby to wait on the refreshments for herself and the dwarf. "Shouldn't be but a few moments more," Angela smiles at Slice.

Slice nods to Angela, keeping up the pleasantries, "Of course. We've got plenty of time before we get to Chicago.

Plenty of time. In fact. Time is a crucial thing. And it slips past in a hurry. Sindi, a seasoned tea consumer, takes her time to allow the tea a cooldown on estimated 48.67 C. But then she drinks it with small and steady sips. In the meanwhile, she looks through some apaperwork - yes, paperwork. The document folder seems to contain some business like advertsisement or information. Flight time is 39 minutes, when Sindi Ako starts to breath a bit more heavily and fights against the drug. She puts the folder aside and stretches her legs. Her head turns around a bit unsettled, as if she reckognizes the urge to fall a sleep. But soesn't want to.

Sindi Ako drugged

It takes another 10 minutes, until she succumbs to the drug in her body. Her head tilts aside and she stops to struggle with her blanket. The drug succeded. She's knocked out.

Angela has since brought the kaf over to Slice and herself, sitting next to Sindi. The doctor tilts her head a little, looking at the seemingly restless girl. "Something the matter, dear?" she asks kindly, keeping the friendly, concerned tone of voice. She even reaches over to take her hand, though there's not much left when she falls asleep. "Peaceful looking isn't she?"

She may have complained about the urge to sleep and that she wanted to look through some important notes. No time for sleep…have to…have to… and then she was gone.

Slice turns in his seat to look at Sindi, and then his gaze traces over and falls on the "mysterious" gentleman. He is aware of Angela's role in this, but still doesn't know who this other person is, and how he plays into their little game.

The man with the suit stands up as he realizes Sindi's asleep. He may be around 35. Not overly muscled, but he has a certain bodyguard aura. "Good." is his only comment. He remains standing and watches the things unfold. Most likely, he's not part of the medical operation.

Angela takes a sip of her kaf, "We have two hours," she says lightly, and moves to stand. She glance at the gentleman, and asks curiously, "Which integer are you in this equation, dear?" she asks softly, though it's clear she's moving towards the bathroom for the rest of the kit.

Slice stands and heads towards the door for the storage area at the back of the plane. He has removed the jacket of his suit, and starts to roll up his sleeves on the way there. As the man announces his "job", he says, "Good. Follow me." and with that, he opens the "concealed" door leading to the back of the plane.

And with this words the man moves behind Slice. "I've stored it away together with the pilot. There is a stretcher, some EKG, EEG, a small isolation tent for secure and sterile athmosphere. The girl mustn't get harmed or we're doomed." He states flatly and shows Slice where the stuff is stored in the back compartment.

Angela gets the implant. It's just the very same she examined earlier. Same vial. Same content, as far as she can tell.

Slice begins carrying the equipment up into the cabin, setting up a stretcher in the aisleway and the other equipment anywhere they will fit and still reach the patient. Once everything appears to be where it needs to be, he turns to Angela and says, "Ok Doctor. I was told this was your show."

The man assists with the preparation of the athmosphere tent and the equipment, giving both doctors time for the more important preparations. The stretcher is placed into the sealed tent, together with the electronic devices.

Slice turns to Angela and says, "How are your surgery skills, doctor? Have you done anything like this before?"

It is 59 minutes flight time, when the equipment is ready. Sindi Ako sleeps in her seat and the man starts to carry her over to the tent. The tent itself is errected in the middle of the cabin. Basically, it is hung to a hook at the cabin ceiling. Seems someone prepared this earlier.

"I'll admit, I'm more skilled when it comes to battlefield medicine…" Angela says softly, getting prepped for the sterile environment. "I can do this, but certainly not without your help," she smiles. "Let's find a place, first…" she murmurs, looking the girl over, perhaps for any signs of previous scarring or the like.

So, both of you are in the bright white tent for now. Wearing masks and gloves. The fourth man as well. He's plugging some cables on the EKG and EEG. It smells for alcohol and sterile plastic. The man asks "Do you have the implant?" while Angela starts to inspect the partly undressed (?) body.

Angela ponders: the implant is a strange, biological tissue. Some weird stuff. The instruction was to place it subdermal into muscular tissue. Deep enough to remain 'stable' and placed where it doesn't arouse suspicion from anyone. Angela judged, that the back, close to the middle part of the spine, is a good spit. Muscles, hard to reach, not visible to anyone except very close people. And it is hard to reach for Sindi.

Slice points to the unconscious girl once they have finished prepping the area on the back where the implant will go. He asks, "Have you done much surgery before? I'm a trained surgeon. However, I'll admit that I usually leave the closing to the interns. I can do the implant, if you can do the close and stitch. Make it nice and pretty. Sound good?"

Angela gives a nod, "Closing wounds is rather something I'm good at…" the doctor chuckles softly. "We've got a place, let's get this done… sooner we do it, sooner we can patch her up and get paid, mm? You've got me on standby, Doctor Ascilles."

The implant! Slice has the chance to get a glimpse on it for the first time. The object in the vial is half an inch in diameter and very flat. Surprisingy, it is not an electronic device. Weird. The object floats in a biological lotion, used to grow cell cultures. It must be some kind of biological object. That's for sure. It is brown and semi-solid, Angela would judge. Like a shell of an insect or something like this, though it doesn't look very alive. This is definitely nothing from the books. Whatever it is.

The aircraft is flying on a stable and steady course. Hopefully, this will continue. The deafening humming from the engines and the wind is considerably reduced, but still present. But this small tent creates the impression of a world apart. Could as well be a MRT tent somewhere on the ground or a high-pressure chamber in a hospital.

Slice uses a sterilization field to properly prep himself before reaching for the cyberscalpel on the utensil tray. Very carefully, he begins his procedure. The location to the spine is of especial concern, however, for concealability and usability, this is certainly an excellent location. Slowly, and methodically Slice makes the incision through the multiple layers of skin, reaching the subdermal layer, but not cutting into any nerves or muscular tissues. Once the "implant" site is ready, he asks Angela to open the capsule. Reaching in with a pair of tweezers, he grabs the tiny "biologic" and implants it with a steady hand. Then, with a quick and practiced movements, he stitches up the basal membranes of the surrounding fat tissue, moving up through the layers of skin until just the dermal layer remains. Stepping back, he says, "You're up doctor."

The surgery

The fourth man adjusts his mask and frowns. Angela sees how his jaw muscles are working. His eyes are focused on the implant. Then he looks at Slice and finally…meet Angela's eyes. Angela has a bad feeling, suddenly. She may recall the meeting she had with Lilith.

The implant itself turned immediately dark as it was taken out off the lotion. An effect not unknown in cyber- and nanotechnic. But the moment Slice puts the little 'thing' into the open wound, something unexpected happens. It 'fastens' itself. Like the mere contact with human tissue forces a reyction. Slice may swallow. The biological little wonder starts to react with the flesh. As it seems, it begins to shrink.

Slice reckognizes immediately that he's judged the biological object wrongly. It seems like it tries to react with the body in a fancy way. But it can't. It's not deep enough into the flesh. Both of you realize: the implant is…dying! There is a grave decision to be made. Remove the implant as fast as possible and be sure, that Sindi Ako will show now scars or even suffer side effects. Or push ahead and try to help this little 'thing' survive in the open wound.

Slice's knowledge as a street doc about the fancy sides of the world of surgery gives him a creepy clue. This little thing behaves like living matter. Like living matter with triggered behaviour. And it is supposed to do 'eavesdropping'. One word arouses from the depth of urban legend: Cybermancy. It may as well be, that magic is involved. That wouuld add some unpredictable spice to the whole thing. But it would also mean, if legends are true, that this little thing is /bound/ for a purpose and would do what it can to succeed. But still, this is unclaimed land, most likely. A decision has to be made.

The fourth man stares at the whole thing. He realized that something's going wrong, but he doesn't dare to speak. It is the 74th minute.

Slice tries to think quick. Obviously this thing needs to be in contact with muscular tissue in order to connect, adapt to the host. He quickly reaches in and slices through the fatty layer just millimeters from the implant. Beneath this layer is a thick, heavy lat muscle. Turning the blade sideways, he cuts into the muscle, but at a thin angle, creating a flap. This flap is quickly, but delicately folded over on top of the implant, allowing the muscular tissue to be in contact with it. He then holds his breath to see if he was fast enough.

The whole thing develops an unhealthy dynamic. Quickly, Slice decides to push the thing and cuts deeper. Ony miliseconds decide. The experimental tissue darkened further and with a daring cut, a pocket of flesh is cut and placed over the dying object. The wound is quiet a mess. But Angela is at hand with proper treatment of the intrusion.

Angela stands by, eyes darting between the wound, and the implant. She doesn't interfere with the cut, and the flap until she's given a little space. "Quick thinking, dear," she says softly to Slice, waiting to see how the implant meshes with the flesh before delicately cleaning up the area around it.

Slice gives an errant nod as a thin bead of sweat traces its way down the side of his face, absorbed instantly when it hits his mask. He moves over a little bit to let Angela get a better look and to let her in to do her work. He directs her stitches as he watches the wound, and the implant to see how it reacts.

Slice and Angela tried to do their best. The placement of the implant is not perfect, though the location is fine. All three team members, dressed in white protection suits, are wittnessing how this little "thing" interferes with the little wound and fastens itself. Angela dapples the implant and provides a clear sight on it, as far as possible. There is surprisingly much blood but the thing is placed. Neither Slice nor Angela have any clue if the implant suffered through the process. Maybe it will react with the host body and cause subsequent pain or irritation. Maybe it will cease to function, err, live. But for know, Slice and Angela did what they could: they tried to correct Slice's fault in the first place.

The blonde fourth man stares with disgust at the ongoing surgery. He's certainly /not/ a doctor or paramedic. "Great gods, what a mess." He clears his throat. "Is there…a problem?" - The sound of the plane's engines dominates the background. A steady, humming noise of a medium altitude flight at 25,000 feet.

"Unforseen reaction with the implant," Angela offers, "…never seen such a thing in my life, dear." Her voice is kind and calm, face unreadable behind her mask as she stitches. "No problems, however," she states, looking to Slice. Hopefully there aren't any problems. Nope.

The man gives a nod and watches both medics doing their job. "Al..Alright. Puh… Hopefully, she'll be fine when she's awake again." He takes a deep breath to relax a bit and starts to gather some of the used equipment for cleaning.

Slice turns towards the blonde man and reassures him. "Surgery is bloody. Just happens. Don't worry, we'll get her cleaned up and stitched up." That said, the street doc starts in at closing up the wound, working on each individual dermal layer in turn, retracing his steps as he moves back up toward the epidermis. Once complete, he turns to Angela says, "You want to finish? Try to suture the wound as cleanly as possible, and use self-deteriating stitches with Number 18 Ryban polysilk with Epicaine analgesic impregnating the threads, for decreased pain sensation in that area.

"Affirmitive, dear," Angela states a little absently, concentrating now on the stitching with the indicated thread. Her eyes flicker just a bit, and she focuses intently on her work. She manages, with deft fingers, to seal the wound up tightly and cleanly.


Slice steps back away from the young patient as he watches Angela's work and whistles quietely. After she finishes he adds, "Remind me to get your contact information. You can assist me anyday. That was great work."

The work is done! With some thread and glue, the small procedure is sealed as good as possible. The biggest problem is irritation. Hopefully, Sindi Ako, the small, shy woman, doesn't reckognize any irritation or even pain. But Slice's advise for some local anaesthetization was a good one.

Angela is already contemplating the best method for aftercare: slight medicamentation in order to counter the drug. Something that makes her believe that she's having a serious airsickness, including a little pain in the limbs and joints. And the moment she's finished and has cleaned the skin from blood and disinfecting agent, the blonde man steps behind her. Unseen by both, he has something prepared in his hand. A small and delicate wire, attached to his wrist. He pulls it out and grabs the open end with his other hand. He checks again: Slice, Angela, Sindi Ako. Is it the right time? He's going to give Angela a strangulation.

It seems the doctor can't rest on her laurels, smiling at Slice beneath her mask. "Of course, dear, once we land," she laughs softly. Then there's that shiver, the push. "What…" her eyes widen, and her hand snaps over to the tray of used surgical instruments. She doesn't have space to turn, but she's at least armed, and tries to push back against the man behind her. Angela's surprisingly quick, and with the scalpel in hand she swipes back, damaging the man's suit but hopefully getting him to back off somewhat. She's from the Sprawl, don't mess with a gangster, yo.

The blonde guy is surprised by Angela's quick reaction and snarls. Without hesitation, he tries to get hold of her again. With quick movement and experience in close quarter combat, he engages her again, heading for her neck with the gloves off. With one eye, he glares at Slice already. It's quiet obvious that he wants to have Angela under control before Slice recovers from the surprise.

A serious struggle unfolds. Both are locked together and Angela settles a nasty cut on his right arm. Blood ruins the suit, but it is only a minor restraint. The blonde guy is not overly strong, but he has some excellent experience in hand to hand combat. Angela may already sense a shift in his strategy. Most likely, he'll let the wire go soon. The man says: "Damn bitch! Drop the knife and let us handle it like humans." A pressed comment. Not very convincing, since he's using a damn wire.

Slice sees the fight start to ensue, and takes a leaping charge towards the blonde haired dude. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no combat skills and completely misses the dude as he deftly dodges Slice's assault. The halfer lands on the other side of him, effectively behind him in the cramped plane aisleway.

"Drop the wire and kindly sit down, and I won't have to perform exploratory surgery on you, dear," Angela spits back, holding the scalpel with some semblance of knife-fighting skill. She wishes it was something more substantial, as she darts in and makes another incision on the guy's suit. Even if Slice isn't that great in fisticuffs, it's an aided distraction.

"Fucker!" with a harsh outbreak of aggression he changes his mind about taking Angela hostage and debate a change in business options. Angela already spoiled any attempt for a /clean/ solution. He attacks straight ahead with his bare hands. As an Escrima fighter, he's trained to fight against knifes and in restricted spaces. He tries to knock her out. Once and for all.

With some fast movements he backs off and can't get hold of Angela. He's irritated by Slice and moves around a bit. The attack is a fail. Only a try. On his backward move, he catches another cut on his fast moving hands. Another nasty one, straight across the palm. Blood spills across the white plastic tent sheet - and Sindi Ako. "Shit! Damn it!" he curses and quickly puts his hurt hand back, holding it close to his chest.

If some of the three person involved in melee already forgot about where they are, they're suddenly reminded. Hiller, rigged in, realized the struggle in the passenger cabin and decides to join the fray. The steady flying is interrupted by an attempt to knock everyone standing (or at least: one person) off the feet. If there's one thing she doesn't want, it's someone with an unknown number of terrible surprises in the passenger cabin.

The plane starts to shake heavily and enters a sharp downward curve to the left. Suddenly, gravity is gone for a few seconds. Instruments crash to the floor, medical equipment starts to ring and flash, as they are suddenly detached from Sindi Ako's body. And Sindi herself - luckily tied to the stretcher - starts to topple. Hiller's voice can be heard over the intercom, she sounds calm but pissed: "Angel, Slice, do you need the cabin light?"

"Mind the patient, please! Lights on, yes please!" Angela shouts back, eyes flickering towards Sindi's body for a moment, then at the man. She's still got the scalpel, and most of her footing, leaning heavily as she stalks in towards the assailant, interested in getting him to surrender at least. With the lurching of the plane, she can't quite get a good swipe on him, but the razor-edged blade catches hold of flesh beneath suit once more, even if it's little more than a sting.

The stalking is easy, with no gravity. Then it kicks in again and Angela literally comes upon the guy in a rush. The scalpel cuts the chest this time and the man is in a clear defense now. Both topple into the tent wall, actually turning the tent into a messy ball of people wrapped up in plastic. /This/ is the meaning of close encounters. And the guy surrenders. All he does is trying to find a handhold. "Alright, no, no! Cease!"

At this very moment, when gravity comes back, Sindi Ako is about to topple. Slice could try to prevent it, if he's fast enough.

Slice sees the gurney start to go all cock-eyed as the blonde-haired man and Angela start to tangle up into the tent. He scurries down the aisle and manages to pull it back up, righting it's position and preventing any further damage to the unconscious Sindi.

Sindi, still asleep, doesn't suffer any damage, due to Slice's quick leap. In fact, combat situation ends. After a few more seconds, the plane is steady and calm again. Only the mess in the cabin and the continual ringing and complaining of the instruments disturb the silence. And the moaning of a guy burried beneath Angela.

«Plot» Hiller says, "The man is quiet conscious. The wire is attached to his one wrist, but can be removed. He suffered 2 light wounds and one medium wound. Simply wrapping him up is not possible, because all and everything is in the messy tent. The instruments, equipment, Slice, Angela, the guy, the stretcher."

The man moans and shoves Angela off a bit. His hands raised. "Great, damn it…" he inspects his heavily bleeding hand wound. "What a mess. We're fucked."

Slice flicks his chin towards the dude and says to Angela, "Take him up front. I'll clean up back here, if he moves wrong, slit his throat."

Angela keeps the scalpel in her hand, yanking the wrist-wire off of the man. "…you'll live. We're fine. Now stop whining, dear, and let's get your ass sat down, shall we? If you behave I might not even tie you to your seat," she nods to Slice. "Is the girl alright?"

The blonde guy is very concerned about his right hand now. The cut may have sliced through some important vein. It bleeds really nasty and at the moment, he's passive and not aggressive. What should he do anyway? He nods with clenched teeth and sits up. "I make you an offer… thirty thousand each, if we just get the second implant. Deal?" the man says suddenly. The man tries to look between Slice and Angela. It's not so easy, with the tent walls crumbled.

Slice turns to Angela, "Second implant?"

Angela blinks, looking to Slice. "…I'm not sure what you're going on about, dear, but there's no second implant… how about you tell me everything, and I fix your hand."

"There must be a second implant!" The man insists. "I was told. I don't know much about you, but from your looks it was quiet obvious that you've no idea about the implants. It is pure gold! I don't know why someone would waste it on this girl, but there are people who would /pay/ for it. Thirty thousand, maybe more. Come on! I fucked up, I'll throw in my share as well, that's only fair."

The guy offers his hand and wipes his blood from his eyebrows. This happens in the 99th minute since take-off.

Slice calls out to noone in particular, "How long til we land?" Then he turns back to the dude and says, "Look chummer. You tried to kill us. We're doctors, not shadowrunners. We don't know anything about another implant, and wouldn't even know where to look. If we are going to finish this thing without this little chica any the wiser, you need to shut yer yap and let us clean up before she comes to."

The guy clenches his teeth again. Not only because of pain, but because of the retort. He eyes Slice, the strange dwarf who just cut open the pretty japanese girl. And shuts up. Hiller breaks the moment of silence: "ETA in 104 minutes.

"What he said," Angela nods to Slice. She works quickly, though, and patches up the guy's hand. And binds his hands behind his back with excessive amounts of medical tape, while conversing. "Sorry, dear, we really don't know what's going on…"

Slice gives a curt nod as he starts ripping down the tent, not taking the time to make it pretty, just effective. With a strength unexpected for the little halfer, he manages to move even the heavy equipment with relative ease. Everything is ferried to the back of the plane, into the storage area it all was unpacked from. He leaves Sindi laying on the gurney until the very last before gently easing her into the seat she had originally been sitting in.

Aftercare and approach on Chicago


Things calmed down after the blonde guy, who calls himself Terry, failed in his attempt to take Angela as a hostage. His intention was to compel the players to give them the 'second implant'. But Lionell K never spoke about a second implant! Anyway, while Slice and Angela care for the conclusion of the mission, he tries to convince them, that they should help him with a search. He seems to be quiet convinced that there /is/ a spare item.

Hiller/Orange joins the conversation at one point and explains via Intercom that there was only the stuff in the rear storage room and the med kit. Nothing else was declared as 'operational equipment' with rlevance. And she points out, that Angela and Slice should double check him twice. Since he started a straight assault on a publicly registered flight, what was he up to? How had he planned to settle the whole thing? Someone came up with the remark at this point, that the guy Terry entered the aircraft with a travel bag. A bag that contains a small parachute, in fact. As it seems, the guy had planned to acquire the second implant by force and then leave the plane. He admits that he even considered to take the first (and only?) implant, but he found it too risky.

Anyway, while Angela cares for Sindi Ako's aftercare treatment with a carefully chosen drug mixture, the guy Terry tries to convince Slice that all could be settled without a greater mess. He offers his job payment in return for 'discretion': "Look, doctor, we just call it even. It never happened. You need me to stage this flight. What if the girl wakes up and finds me bleeding and tied up? Or even missing? You won't throw me out of the plane. We make this a deal: I play /your/ game and you just forget about this little incident, yes?" The man appears to be pretty serious about it. He's well aware of the seriousness of this situation.

Sindi Ako will recover soon. Her condition is weak. The drugging and the procedure drained her. And it is still not clear if she would be aware of the wound in her back. The question is what would she see and hear about the past 30 minutes then?


To Terry: Slice shakes his head and says, "Look chummer." He points towards Sindi and adds, "That fraggin' piece of gear ain't something that can just be churned out by Yamatsu on a conveyor belt. That thing was…. alive. Which means mojo. I don't know much about that drek, but I know it ain't easy. I can't see how there's more than one." He falls silent for a few minutes and then adds, "As for the bygone's beiing bygone's, I'm fine with that. I'm not in the biz of killing folks, and don't think you wanna be in the biz of being killed.", as he glances towards the door of the plane. He adds, "Stay here, and don't move and everything will be fine. Capishe?"

Then Slice gets up and goes to check on Angela and Sindi. "She going to be ok?", then without really waiting for the answer, he adds, "Here's the plan. When she starts to come to, you're to act like you're just waking up from a nap as well. Start complaining about how uncomfortable these chairs are and how much your back is hurting." He then moves over to his RTG 6 Medkit (aka briefcase he brought onboard) and pulls out a small bottle and hands it to Angela and tells her to offer her some pain meds that should help with her back ache. It is a standard, non-opiod analgesic such as ibuprofen, etc. Should help with any muscular inflammation and pain from the incision.

Finally, while at the MedKit, he also grabs a RTG 6 Tranq patch and slips it into his pocket.


The man accepts Slice's words with clenched teeth. What else should he do? His right hand has been treated by Angela, but he's quiet intimidated by the whole situation. Damn, /he/ was supposed to offer protection and force if needed. But those two "doctors" and the pilot appear to be quiet a team. And determined. Did they know each other before? So much he learned today. He settles down in his chair after he cleaned up the small mess at the mini bar. He even decorated the unused seats again, with those nice red pillows and magazines. Then he settles back in his chair and does his best to hide the bandage. Someone doesn't need to be a psychologist to imagine that he's actively thinking on how to get out of this with as less trouble as possible. But he's careful know. And maybe he assumes that Orange is watching or even recording every single move he takes. So his answer is brief, "Alright, alright. Let's get through with it. You can count on me. I'm playing my part, certainly."

Over at Sindi, everything is staged so far. Her document folder got a little bit messed up. Some of her tea spilled on the carpet. But generally, she's ok. At least from the outside. Angela could go ahead and raise the curtain for the last part of the drama.


There's a nod from the blonde medic, Angela sighing softly at Slice. "Yeah she'll be fine, dear. Keep something sharp handy for me in case our 'friend' tries anything? I'm perfectly happy to protect the girl here in self-defense…" she says quietly to Slice. The bottle is taken, slipped into a pouch of her own medkit, and settles into her seat. Then she waits. She waits some more, and when Sindi looks like she's about to awaken, the doctor leans back in her seat and pretends to be asleep. At the first murmur of the girl, she yawns herself, straightens up a bit, and winces with a small hiss. There's a shake and a wiggle as she jerks her seat upwards, muttering. "…goodness… you'd think falling asleep on a private flight would be more comfortable.." she starts to complain quietly. "Giving me a backache…" there's a sigh and she reaches behind herself, rubbing near her spine with a frown.

Then Angela glances at the girl, "You were asleep a while, how's your back?" she inquires, shuffling through her medkit and pulling out the painkillers. She's got some tea left still, the undrugged tea, and takes a couple of the pills. They're harmless, and she did just get in a fistfight. Wouldn't hurt. "Might want to take a couple yourself, dear, so you're in top shape," she offers gently to Sindi, making sure there's enough 'safe' tea for her to wash the meds down with. All in all, playing the concerned doctor is hardly an act, she's got the motherly warmth and is rather worried that the girl might be in pain from the hasty recovery of the implant.


The first thing Sindi does, she raises her hand to her eyes and gives a deep moan. She bends forward and her breath comes heavy. It seems like she's suffering from a serious headache, mixed with general discomfort. Angela's words don't reach through to the fragile japanese woman at this point. After a brief shake of her head she pushes herself out of the chair. "Oh my, excuse me, please," then she staggers toward the lavatory. Slice, Angela and Terry, propably all follow her movement with a certain unease. Through the thin door it is plainly heard that Sindi Ako vomits quietly. She stays several minutes in the restroom. Crucial minutes. Would she inspect herself? Her back? There was a mirror in the small room… - Finally, she steps out again. Seems like she washed her face and readjusted her night-black hair. Her face shows serious exhaustion. 'Drain of life force' unvoluntarily springs to mind.

Despite her physical condition, she tries a smile. "This is one of the worst days I can remember. First this accident, then this dreadful flight. By all spirits above and below." quietly she lowers down and sorts through her documents. "I have an interview tomorrow, at the Chicago Northwestern." The tint of desperation is plain to hear. Both Angela and Slice are well aware, that she's suffering from headache, pain in her neck and from a scratching discomfort. But like she did earlier this day, shortly after the accident, she tries to calm herself down and puts the documents away into her bag. Her head back against the chair, she looks over to Angela, with an excusing smile. "Sorry Miss Jordan, if I cause you unease. And thanks for your offer. But I'll just rent myself the next hotel room available, as soon as I step out of this plane. I need to sleep. This is a terrible journey. And sadly, it isn't over yet."

The last thing she does is pulling out her cellphone. Clumsily she writes a short message or two. Then she settles back again. A cup of tea in her hand and her head turned toward the blue sky outside. After few minutes, she falls asleep again.

In her condition, she wouldn't even reckognize if Slice and Angela would've changed dresses. The staging was successful so far. Angela is pretty sure that Sindi will recover from the strain within one day of rest - as long as the implant doesn't interfere. But doctor Slice may think ahead and imagine the young woman walking into a doctor's office in one or two days. A routine check could easily reveal the surgery. But for now, it can't be helped.

Angela Closing

"Careful, dear," Angela says kindly as Sindi gets up. She frowns, blinking a bit, watching, concerned for more than one or two reasons. There's a little sigh when she sees the girl, watching her come back to sit. "Darkness before the dawn, dear… all of this hardship just means your interview will go -swimmingly-… I'm absolutely sure of it," the medic smiles. She gently rubs the girl's shoulder, then shakes her head, "The only unease is my concern for your well being, dear. Ah, without your companion, might I accompany you until you return to Denver? The convention lasts for three days, and perhaps after your interview we can see the sights in Chicago together."

"I don't have a hotel arranged yet, myself, and no return flight prepared, as I didn't quite know how long I'd be here. It'd save costs if we got a room together, too," Angela offers kindly. Whatever happens between her asking and Sindi falling back asleep happens, and beyond is up to the others entirely.

Slice Closing

Slice stays quite for most of the remaining flight as Sindi slips in and out of her anesthetic induced sleep, as she continues to recover from the knock-out juice. He pretty much thinks that what is done is done, and there's not much more that they can do to try to improve upon the staging. Hopefully, Sindi will be receptive to the company while in a strange town.

Slice plays it cool, and takes up a seat behind Terry, making sure that he is aware that Slice is keeping a scalpel within easy reach in case he decides to act the fool and make a scene. However, other than that, he plans to just ride the flight the rest of the way, and immediately book passage back to Denver as soon as Sindi / Terry / Angela are well on their way. He doesn't like Chicago, and has no interest in hanging out there any longer than needed.

Final and follow-up

Terry keeps his head very low. He's intimidated by the whole situation. With Slice in his back, he plays it nice and good. And he fears possible retaliation. With some reason. Sure, Slice offered him to get away with it and Angela seems to be quiet occupied with Sindi Ako. But it is Hiller who recorded every single word and she's not a friend of treachery. She wouldn't have risked any further escalation, so she just sent in a report via encrypted message to Mister Lionell K. The report included the assault and the present situation on the plane, shortly before the landing.

The landing approach itself is easy and nice. Hiller gives a weather report and announces final approach ten minutes before touchdown - including the call for fastened seatbelts, of course. All in all, a nice trip. The aircraft is directed to a small terminal for private jets and ground personnel offers assistance for deplaning. Hiller plays her role and stays behind with the local crew for security check and airfield routines. All four passengers are escorted to the arrival checkpoints, for SIN check and customs.

After those necessities, Slice, Angela and Sindi Ako are free to go. Welcome to Chicago! Slice waves goodbye and immediately books a flight back to Denver. The next possible flight leaves 13 hours later. - Sindi Ako finally accepts Angela's offer, but only to a certain degree. There is /no/ way, to talk her into a shared room. But both may stay in the same hotel, close to the airport. Sindo Ako insists on being left alone for the rest of the day but promises to give Angela a call, should she suffer any further maladies. Next day, Angela meet with Sindi again, after she had her interview at Chicago NU. She recovered well so far, but complains about a constant headache and a 'weird irritation'. Hard to pinpoint. But at least - or first of all - she suceeded with her interview. After a shared afternoon, Angela and Sindo part and Sindi prepares for her return to Denver while Angela is assumed to 'stay at the medical conference'.

Slice and Angela did their jobs like professionals, though Slice partly failed in the surgery. The implant goes unnoticed for seven days, then it dies away, due to Slice's failure in the first place. It was supposed to stay alive for 10 to 12 days. Luckily, Sindi Ako is too shy and seclusive as to allow anyone to have a closer look at her back which starts to hurt on third day. In order to reassure her family and bodyguard, she avoids medical examination during the first days. But on the sixth day, her body reacts with the implant and she becomes sick. On seventh day, the implant dies and Sindi Ako is taken to a hospital with high fever. If the medics discover any trace of the strange implant is unknown to us until now. That's another story. But Sindi will live and recover soon.

Then there is good boy Terry, who attempted to strangle Angela. He quickly disappears after the flight reached Chicago. He left undisturbed by anyone. But due to Hiller's report, the man is put on a black list and his death sentence issued by corporate decision makers on the same day. Who hired him? Who's the leak? And most important: would Terry compromise the whole ongoing operation? Other 'freelancing contractors and trouble-shooters' will have to deal with that. But this, again, is another story. The two 'doctores' Angela and Slice are rewarded for their commitment. The operation nearly failed, but both were determined to bring it to the best closure possible.

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