Simmons Corp - File 701a
GM: Levon
Players: Knox, Mr.Terrific
Synopsis: Meeting with Mr. Johnson
Date: January 2071

The trouble with hiring a mage, once they've seen you, they can always find you. Which makes hiring a mage for a one time gig a troublesome task, especially when what you want done is unsavory. The types of mages who take those jobs tend to be, at best, unbalanced. Such is the dilemma that faced Mr. Johnson, but Mr. Johnson is a smart and crafty man, and he has a business card…a business card with a name, Simmons Corp. A quick phonecall later and he's speaking with a young man who was born Levon, but gives his name as Jesus. A short while latter a meeting is arranged. Henry Knox and Mr. Terrific are to meet Mr. Johnson to discuss the hiring of a mage whose practices are, well it's best not to describe them in too great a detail at this time.

Mr.Terrific , on the way there, can be quoted as saying, "What, am I supposed to keep him in line? He's not one of those blood sacrifice guys, is he?"

Levon looks over at Mr. Knox and Mr.T, "I've arranged for you to meet in the upstairs of a local cigar shop, you'll be meeting with Mr. Johnson to discuss the hiring. We weren't able to discuss the particulars as we were on a less than secure line at the time. I'll take care of the security cameras and audio recording in the shop, if the lights dim, change subjects to something tame as that means you're about to have company or there's a problem with security."

Mr.Terrific says "Should I be spiritually prepared?"

Levon lifts his hat raking his fingers through his hair then clamping the hat back down as he considers the question, "If you mean will the mage be there, no. You'll need to discuss with Mr. J the assignment and decide if you want us to take the job, I wouldn't presume at this point to create a contract for us. If you meant something else you'll have to explain it to me, I'm still coming up to speed on your capabilities."

Mr.Terrific nods. "That's what I meant."

Knox nods and pulls a spare tie out of a inner jacket pocket; A blue paisely one to match his cufflinks. "Interesting, if I think we need backup I'll loosen the tie then." He clears his throat, "I'm already prepared basically." He flashes his wrist and a pistol pops into his hand on a slide, "Hopefuly my winning smile will be enough."

«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls Etiquette vs TN 5 for "Levon's info dig on the J.":
1 2 4 4 4 5 = 1 Success

Mr.Terrific is merely dressed in his well-armored cowboy style. His gun remains holstered, although scientific analysis could determine that, strangely, it was fired recently. Something in the gunsmoke and explosions air about him today.

Levon nods, "His information checks out, I couldn't turn up a lot, which I think is for the best, but I did find hints that he has hired in the past and pays as agreed." He produces two credsticks handing one Mr.T and one to Mr. Knox, "Your identies for the evening and the accounts that should be paid into as well as cell and trix accounts that Mr. J may use to contact you." He presses the sticks and they display, "Mr. Walker" he offers that to Mr. T, "and Mr. Wheeler." this to Mr. Knox. "Welcome to Simmons Corp, make us proud."

Mr.Terrific twists his lip at a private joke from an old book about a 'Mr. Walker,' thinking it rather too evil, and powerful, for his use. And though he's a wizard, sometimes he is capable of putting aside superstitions, especially ones on credsticks, for him to go.

Knox take the credstick and shakes Levo's hand, "Its a pleasure sr.", he jokes and winks,

The cigar shop is located in one of the older buildings of the FTZ, given over to shops with low tech needs. Only three stories tall the bottom floor contains shops, the second floor looks to be a mix of offices, storage and some second floor shops, and the third floor look to be cheap appartments. It's late afternoon so only a few are browsing the Cigar shop and a small chain across the stairs to the second floor has a sign hung from it reading 'Private Party'.

Mr.Terrific would, as determined, move aside the chain to step on up. He keeps an eye on the lights, and uses the magic eyes what see - just in case anything bonus strange is going on and needs that kind of detection. After all, if the J or the eventual hirer was sufficiently paranoid, he'd already have assets moving.

The astral here is fairly mellow, a generally relaxed atmosphere filled with a smokescreen of emotions. There's a lingering lightheadedness of positive if blurred emotions that hints that stronger substances are smoked here on occassion.

Knox pulls up in his car watching Mr.T enter. Mr. Wheeler/Knox, reaches into the back of his car and sets up his microcamera on the dashboard facing the building entrance. He hooks it's wireless transmitter up to his pocket secretary's vidlink. Satisied, the ork makes his way across the street turning his coat up at the cold, and enters.

Mr.Terrific is relaxed just to see the aura of the place. He himself doesn't indulge in anything more harmful than nicotine, alcohol, and caffiene; and the nicotine only through water vapor. But he's known more than enough of the native set to see how it goes, and has taken the peace-pipe a time or two at the pow-wows. He places himself where he's supposed to be, absently memorizing the details of his own past.

There are four patrons in the store, a couple speaking with the older man behind the counter they're discussing imported cigars and asking after the possibility of bringing in a specific brand from the Carribean league. Two other men are shoping as well, one for tobacco pipes, the other looking through the selection of blended cigars seeming torn between the marijuana tobacco blends and the pure tobacco laced with THC.

Knox plays with a chrome zippo in his left hand absently, he lowers his voice a tad and smiles at the couple. "Excuse me, I'm sorry," he states so he may get the older mans attention, "I'm Mr. Wheeler, I'm here for the provate tasting party."

The older gentleman nods, "Right up the stairs there sir, I believe I saw one of your friends head up just a moment ago."

Upstairs is a door that opens into a small smoking lounge with a large vent in the ceiling that quietly but steadily pulls air up and out of the room. A door on the far side of the room is locked with a sturdy looking maglock and bears a sign reading, Employees only. Small couches are arranged on either side of the room with several long tables in between them, room for eight to twelve people to sit down, kick up their feet, sip brandy and smoke cigars, or to share a hooka.

Mr.Terrific most excellents to the man, giving him a smile and a nod. In the real world, he looks a little distracted, but he isn't glowing or anything, and has no trouble with the steps going up.

Two boxes of cigars are laid out on the small tables, each holding four cigars of three different types. Clippers and lighters have been set out along with three decanters, one of water, one brandy and one vodka along with several glasses. Mr.T and Knox find the room empty, Mr. J does not appear to have arrived yet.

«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls Computers + 4 (Hacking) vs TN 5 for "General check on Levon's successfulness with security.":
1 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 7 = 2 Successes

Knox nods a thank you and turns to the couple, "Their service here is impeccable good luck on your purchase.", he turns and follows MrT/Walker. "Mr. Walker would you care to induldge?", Knox asks. He reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a crumpled pack of cigarettes, he lights one up. "Cigars make me sick honestly."

Mr.Terrific keeps an eye on that maglocked door, and looks for signs of a struggle, if someone was already supposed to have been here. In fact, he rests himself upon delightfully convenient couch. "Oh no, none for me. I only do the watermelon e-cigs." A travesty, indeed, to say it in a store like this, but there it is. Thre free market.

A few minutes later there are footsteps coming up the stairs and a well-kept looking human man opens the door and enters. His hair is dark brown with hints of grey at his temples and his face bears the little bit of extra pudginess that suggests his body would like to be rolly polly but his mind disagrees. "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I'm Mr. Johnson, would you two be Mr. Walker and Mr. Wheeler?"

Mr.Terrific rises quickly, to either bow or shake hands as needed. "Mr. Walker, a pleasure to meet you." He was tempted to call himself 'the' Walker, but figured that was too pretentious so far.

Knox stubs the cigarette out in an ashtray, he walks over with confidence. "Mr. Johnson, a pleasure to meet your aquaintance."

Mr. Johnson lets the door close behind himself moving to take shake Mr. Terrific's hand, then Mr. Knox's. His skin feels a little too smooth, but otherwise his handshake is firm. "The pleasure is mine, though you'll excuse me if I skip some of the pleasantries, time is money." He moves to take a seat, leaving the cigars and glasses untouched.

Mr.Terrific will not study him unduly with his magic eyes, but like, enough to see if he's a vampire or something. In all things, he is attentive, leaning forwards to catch every word without interruption.

«OOC» Levon says, "Please prove your charismas and roll an etiquette test vs 8."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) has the Attribute Charisma with the value '4'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Etiquette vs TN 8:
2 2 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) has the Attribute Charisma with the value '5 (6)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Etiquette vs TN 8:
1 3 3 4 17 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Etiquette vs TN 8 for "KP:1":
2 4 7 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Mr.Terrific leaves it at 'close but no cigar'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls 4 vs TN 6:
3 5 7 11 = 2 Successes

Knox nods, "A man of my style. Please, lay it out for us then." He leans against thee wall closest to the exit.

Mr. Johnson nods, "There is a man I wish to employ, however in order to hire him I must meet with him in person. He is a mage and while I believe he will complete the task I set before him I am not confident he will sever the connection as cleanly afterwards as I would hope. In short gentlemen, I believe he will attempt to blackmail me afterwards. I am therefore in need of a group that can provide me a gaurantee that my identity will not be compromised despite a face to face meeting with an awakened individual. Can you provide that service?"

Mr.Terrific puts his Ph.D in Applied Hermeneutics to work, his brow crinkling as he goes through several possible scenarios. Quickly he discusses 'astral spotting' where a member of a ritual team sends his astral form to the location of the target and 'spots' for the attack. They discard that, as said astral spotter would already have to know the J's location.

Mr.Terrific does discuss these various options out loud; he is rather good at describing things in human, normal, nonmagical terms, and then traslating them into ever more technical terms until everyone hits their level of too-much-information. "The key is that you can send a watcher spirit to search after any living thing that is 'known to you.' The more you know, the easier it is for the spirit. The less you know, the harder - and if you are somewhere a spirit can't get to you, then you can't be found at all. But if the enemy mage is an excellent conjurer, he can send many powerful spirits out to search and if he is determined he can keep it up longer than you want to hide in a box. We can make measurements of how much he has to 'know' and how much you can disguise your presence… but the only way to truly be disguised is not to be there at all. Only then can you say that you are in no way 'known to him.'"

Mr.Terrific says, "I suspect he knows this, and that is why he demands a face to face meeting. Would I be correct in guessing that he is known as a skilled conjurer?"

Mr. Johnson nods, "Yes, one of the reasons I'm in need of his services is because he is singularly skilled at conjuring and related magics."

Mr.Terrific consults with Knox. Actually, he does not want to bring up killing the guy after the job - because the door that opens involves killing Mr. Walker, too. Fortunately, Mr. Walker is crap for spirits. "I happen to know someone who is singularly skilled at conjuring and related magics myself, and he is of a shamanic bent. If you truly do not trust this fellow, my asset could work through an intermediary."

Knox confers with Mr. Terrific, "My first question would be do you know of what magical tradition this man follows?"

Mr.Terrific left that question up in the air; but is happy to hear the response now.

Mr. Johnson considers for a moment, "He is of a shamanic bent, though from what I understand of these things the path he follows is unusual if not unique."

Mr.Terrific nods to this, as if he had guessed.

Knox crosses his arms, "Interesting." he turns to Mr.T, "Mr. Walker, your expertise as a former Texas Ranger may apply here.", he smirks, "This is your department at Simmons Corporation. What do you think the best plan of leverage would be?"

Mr.Terrific says "Traditionally, one counter-offers such a requirement with the taking of a ritual sample of blood. A small amount of blood can be separated into a good number of possible ritual magic 'attacks' on the target, and puts one in a situation of mutually-assured-destruction. But mutually-assured-destruction does not work with the mentally imbalanced. If you consider him insane, we know that will not work."

Knox appears to think on this, "Is there a possibility of either of us posing as you?"

Mr. Johnson nods, "I've no wish to gamble with my life on the deal more so than required and I would definitely consider him to count among the imbalanced…as for posing in my stead, that would require me to divulge more information to you than would be appropriate."

Mr.Terrific says "The next possible option is erasing his memory. I'm capable of this, but against another magician, he would have to either be unconscious, or willingly submit."

Mr.Terrific says "Altering his memory, actually."

Knox nods. Another option crossed off. "I would propose as a basic plan, a full surveillance detail in that case coupled with magical overwatch coupled with Mr. Walker's suggestion as a final touch."

Mr.Terrific says "Set the meet up in a room under your control. Locked doors. He is not to cross a line on the floor, which is the line of the Astral Ward. When the meet is done, flood the room with gas, everyone is knocked out, and I alter his memory to rearrange what he 'knows' of you."

Mr.Terrific says "Or he willingly tranqs before and after, and we handle his transport to and from the meet."

Knox adds, "We have an indivdual in our organization very capable of matrix overwatch and more."

Mr. Johnson considers this, "I leave the details to you, if you're willing to accept the task. However there are two stipulations. First my personal security force will want me out of the room before this gas is deployed, and second, if there is a hint that this has gone awry your organizations usefulness to me will be far outweighed by the risk it poses and will be eliminated. Do we have an understanding?"

Mr.Terrific murmurs to Knox, who is making the final decision, "I would advise that the target willingly accept tranqing."

Knox nods to Mr.T, "I suppose." He looks back to the Johnson, "And I assure we're all professionals. There is of course the matter of payment?"

Mr. Johnson nods, "I am offering 15 percent of the contract in order to make the meeting arrangement, a sum of 15,000 nuyen for your time."

Knox looks to Mr.T, then back to Mr. Johnson, "I feel this is fair, though we will need another two thousand in operating expenses.", he counts off his fingers, "Magical fetishes, possible gas use, battery power for surveillance equipment, and any possible petty cash." Knox looks to Mr.T for confirmation.

Mr.Terrific nods exactly to this, more than willing to give charges for the appropriate chalks, and set-up time.

«OOC» Levon says, "Give me a nego vs 6 please"
«OOC» Levon says, "and +prove int"
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Negotiation vs TN 7 for "Come on man taxes are high in the shadows":
1 1 2 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) has the Attribute Intelligence with the value '5'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "Counter":
1 3 4 4 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Negotiation vs TN 6 for "KP 1/7":
1 3 3 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

Mr.Terrific waits for the deal to be done, and the arrangements made, before he speaks next.

Mr. Johnson nods, "That sounds reasonable, as you will be covering the cost of the meeting place and security."

Knox nods and offers a hand to shake.

Mr. Johnson shakes hands, "Your man, Jesus, provided accounts to make the payments into. You will see the funds transferred within the next 24 hours. I will need the location and time for the meeting within two weeks, and I will require at least four days notice in order to arrange for myself and the mage to arrive."

«Plot» Knox says, "Plot note, I'm taking a picture of the johnson with my eyecamera"

Norman has arrived.

Mr.Terrific says "Let me counsel you then, for the meet: Move little, and don't move like yourself. Restrain the force of your personality. Do your best to leave no impression. The harder you make it for him, the more reasonable it is for any watcher spirits he sends to fail. An altered memory can be challenged, but only if the target has reason to do so - and failing at something that is hard is not a reason to do so.""

Knox shakes hands witht the Johnson. "I can assure you, we at Simmons Corp will conduct the research needed and prep you beforehand upon a meeting place has beenlocated and properly secured."

Mr. Johnson nods, standing, "Good day then gentlemen, I look forward to seeing the successful results of your work."

Knox leaves the cigar store afterwards and motions for Mr.T to join him in his car where he will review on his pocsec the jury rigged surveillnce video he set up to see if anyone suspicious came near his car or the front of the cigar store/meeting place.

The video log on the camera shows Mr.J arriving and leaving in a drone driven sedan. Other customers come and go but none you would flag immediately as 'suspicious.'

Knox gets the car into gear and drives over to the Ragdoll and meets up with Norman with Mr.T to go over the plan….

Mr.Terrific goes over the magical issues - getting his chalk action going and plotting out where to lay down the wardings.

«OOC» Levon says, "What type of establishment are you looking for. Residence, store, bar, etc?"
«OOC» Knox says, "Like a run down bodega type. Something thats got a front room, a bullet proof cashier area, and a backroom with the ability to set up electronics."
«OOC» Knox says, "By rundown bodega the type of place that's got nothing on the shelves anymore and is likely alredy doing something illegal on the side."
«OOC» Levon says, "We'll assign an Availability of 4/2 weeks on finding a suitable place (convenience store, pawn shop, etc.) Do you have any reasonable contacts that would be of use, else we'll bump it to 6/2w"
«OOC» Levon says, "And we'll call it 500 nuyen to rent the place per day."
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) has the Contact Gentle Jimmy with the following information:
-----> Contact for Knox (#4448) <------
Contact Name: Gentle Jimmy
Level: 1
Type: fence
GM Note: Gentle Jimmy is a black male, tall burly, and retired Street Sam in his early 50's, his voice is never above a calm pleasant tone, usually around a thick cigar he seems to always be chewing on. The weathered looking grey haired man is incredibly polite and operates out of his own legitimate pawn shop in the CAS sector. Legit as in it's a typical pawn shop/money laundering front (In back is a secured area filled with all sorts of illicit items he's in the process of fencing). He is married to a much younger elf, Chloe, a pale raven haired woman who allegedly is an initiate mage and watches over the store, the goods, and Jimmy. Jimmy tends to go for cardigans, fedoras and armored clothing. A nice mix of middle aged and menace.

«OOC» Knox says, "my fence contact is a type that i think would be in the know"
«OOC» Levon says, "We'll call a pawn shop owner a good contact to find pawn shops, give me an etiquette at 4, base time is 2 weeks so you'll want more than one success or you'll be cutting it close."
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4:
1 1 1 3 3 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Knox says, "Coke on a crackerjack"
«OOC» Levon laughs.
«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "full house"
«OOC» Levon says, "You wanna karma that or you got another contact you wanna try?"
«OOC» Knox says, "I've got my fixer contact, he's level 2 on my gm notes but they have not changed it on my sheet fyi I'll try another contact"
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) has the Contact Victor with the following information:
-----> Contact for Knox (#4448) <------
Contact Name: Victor
Level: 1
Type: fixer
GM Note: Victor is a paraplegic wheel chair bound male Caucasian dwarf fixer who operates out of various bars in the Ute sector. If Knox can't get his hands on something, he will reluctantly go to Victor. He is extremely overweight and wears ill fitting street clothes. His matted curly black hair and beard frame his scarred and ruddy face. He is usually accompanied by one to three dwarf street sams, likely family members, at all times. Victor is the "Newman" to Knox's "Jerry Seinfeld": Slovenly, a braggart, and outside of fixing- a fuck up.

«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
«OOC» Levon says, "Oh, and I figure we'll make arrangements OOC, then we'll do an IC scene (Simmons Board Room) to lay out the plans ICly after you guys get things together."
«OOC» Knox says, "sounds good"
«OOC» Levon says, "You can take the additional die for the level 2 contact, but he's not a good match so TN is 6"
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Etiquette + 1 vs TN 6 for "Victor help a champ out":
2 3 4 4 4 9 = 1 Success
«OOC» Knox says, "I shall KP if allowed"
«OOC» Levon says, "Go for it."
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Etiquette + 1 vs TN 6 for "KP 3/7":
1 1 2 2 4 11 = 1 Success
«OOC» Knox says, "I will hold if that is enough successes"
«OOC» Norman says, "jesus man"
«OOC» Levon says, "That'll get you the location in 1 week."
«OOC» Knox says, "That'll work. Man been rolling bad all night."
«OOC» Knox says, "Ok i got a locale, i already have lot os surveillance equipment. I'm good on my fixi side less anyone needs me to get a hand on stuff. I'll cover the fees as well for not one but three days: prep, meet, and cleanup if needed."
«OOC» Levon says, "The location is an old gas and repair station, long since boarded up. The station is divided into a minimart area with two aisles and a refrigerator area. A waist height counter runs the length of the building with bulletproof glass making up a two meter section above. Entrance to the employee area is through a secure door between the shopping area and behind the counter, or through the delivery doorway in the back."

Mr.Terrific says "What we need for the warding location, is a place for the J to sit; and an exit that he can back out of really fast."

Mr.Terrific says "I will draw from there."

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