Shadow Wars! Part I
GM: Annie

Players: Baron, Effek, Nightshade.

Synopsis: A synopsis of what happened here.

Dramatis Personae

Behind The Scenes

The call comes in from your favorite fixer. He (or she) has a lead on a potential job for you. If you are interested, he gives you an address for an office on the third floor of the Rogers Multimedia building in the UCAS sector. The time for the meet is about an hour away and your fixer warns you to avoid packing anything too 'obvious' for the meet and greet with the Jay. The area is rated A security and Hard Corps has the security contract for the building itself. Just let the security people in the lobby that you are arriving for a meeting with Mister Hallaway on the third floor and they should send you right up.

Baron leaves his weapon in the RV, and heads into the UCAS, moving to find a place to park the big vehicle so he can walk the rest of the way to the office building. He is fat, but strangely, its not for lack of exercise, its from overeating. He manages to stay somewhat in shape, cause he would be ALOT fatter if he didnt get some physical activity now and then. He only wears his armored clothing, and heads to the lobby of the Rogers Multimedia building, nodding to Security "I'm meeting Mister Hallaway on the third floor."

Effek hangs up the phone. He hates these jobs where he cant bring along any of his toys, but his cred is running low and his reputation of dependable can not me scaved! He places on his basic armored cloathing but leaves his guns at home, almost cause a tear in Effek's eyes. He hops onto his troll sized bike and rides off into the distance. Arriving at the place he was told too he parks his bike just off about a block away and trogs the rest of the way. Stepping inside the lobby he scans the area, Hard Corps are never trsut worthy in his eyes. He makes his way to the security, stepping behind a large man who looks familur but Effek can place the red flag on it. He waits his turn to speak.

Nightshade doesn't have a car in this sector, luckily she does have enough of a SIN to get the cabs to give her a ride into the area. She's wearing the form fitting bodysuit that protects her from the world and vice versa along with the Ulysses line greatcoat. Between the inner and outer layer she's got on a very bulky knitted sweater, last months fashion setter now available in 'your size' models at a Stuffer Shack near you. Her clothing is neat and clean thanks to a cleanse spell, and a create personal clothing gives her accessories go go with it, a knitted scarf that comes up over the head, and a pair of sunglasses. She looks less like a clothing yeti than usual, at least reasonably able to blend into a high fashion area as someone who simply isn't happy with how they look.

The third floor of this building seems to be largely unoccupied. Most of the offices are empty and it doesn't look like anyone has conducted business here for some time. At the end of the hallway the double doors are currently opened and flanked by a pair of corporate razorboys in steel gray suits and matching shades. They look you over as you arrive and indicate with a nod that you may pass and go on inside.

The room itself is a spacious corner office with floor to ceiling glass windows that look over the city beyond. A large, and possibly even real, wooden conference table fills the center of the room with six plush and comfortable chairs spaced evenly around it. At the head of the table is another suit, this one dressed rather richly and exuding charm like cheap cologne. He stands as you begin entering the room and offers what appears to be a genuine smile, "Thanks for coming to the meeting. There are some refreshments on the wetbar", he indicates the wetbar over to the side of the room, "Feel free to have whatever you want. Get comfortable and I will get this meeting started."

Baron waddles his way over to the elevator with the two trolls, and somehow finds room to ride up to the third floor. Once he makes his way to the office, he moves to a chair, taking a seat. Once he is seated though, he reaches into two different pockets, pulling out a snixers bar and a fizzy coke, opening them up, and making himself comfortable.

Effek sits in the elavator quitly. As the door dings open he steps out. He notes the man as he points to the wetbar. Effek frowns and then smiles. He makes his way to a seat, sitting down as he crosses one leg over the other and places his heavy arm on the table. He scans the other runners, noting the human rather comfortable with the two

Nightshade glances over at the wetbar, walking over to it pouring herself a pitcher of orange juice with a few splashes of cranberry in it, she takes it and a glass over to the table and sits down.

Nightshade looks over at Baron as she sits, "Chipmunk." she says nodding in greeting.

Effek just smiles and goes back to scanning the room, he scratches his plated vest feeling the plates outlinein the kevlar.

Nightshade pours herself a glass of juice and drinks it down, then another, around the fourth she slows down to just sipping at the juice.

Mister Hallaway waits until the three of you are seated before getting directly to his spiel without much small talk. "My firm represents a young actress named Holly Dakota, you may have seen some of her work on the childrens network.", he blinks and looks the three of you over, "Or maybe not. In any event Holly was recently kidnapped and is being held for ransom. It is taking most of my influence to keep this news from hitting the screamsheets. We don't need that sort of hit to our stockholders morale.", he pauses here to make sure everyone is keeping up before continuing. "What I need is to have Holly safely liberated from her captors and extracted to a designated drop off spot."


Baron finishes a bite of his snixers bar and nods "I take it you know where she is? Or do we have to hunt her down too? Whats the time frame involved here, how long can you keep the news at bay?"

Nightshade holds up her hand trying to stall the answer, "Wait, please. Pay rate before details, I don't want you folks having a worry in your head I might know to much if you're going to lowball us."

Effek lifts his hand to his chins as he sighs, thinking he has to baby sit again. He turns to the other runners then back to the employer. Noting Barons statment "Mister Hallaway, I have done this job too many times I cannot count thim on my toes. What we need is information, enemy's of both yours, Holly's, and the firm and Childrens Network. Either this was planned, or she is just one of the thousands that get kidnapped at random."

"We know exactly where she is located. A standard stipulation in our contract with our talent is surgical implantation of a GPS identifiable chip linked to their simrig.", Mister Hallaway responds to Barons initial question before looking over to Nightshade, "I've been authorized to offer thirty-five kay per operative for this mission. I've been led to understand that is a generous rate for this sort of operation." He waits after this statement to see if anyone wishes to depart before giving any further information.

Baron nods and takes another bite of his candybar, then a sip of his fizzycoke.

Nightshade shrugs, "Whether it's generous all depends on who's holding her and how hard they try and hold on, but it's enough to get me to take the job, if it's messier than you expect it to be, then of course you'd keep that in mind next time you needed services from me and compensate me accordingly. Half now, half on her safe delivery, we'll be dead if we fail so I'm afraid no refunds."

Effek looks up at the man "I have heard of Holly Dakota sir." He chuckle's. "So you know the location, but have you gathered any intell on who is holding her. I dont mean names, I mean are they just abunch of rat faced punks, or are these guys dressed in armor toting around a attitude like a small army?"

Baron grunts, listening to the others talk and thier questions posed he continues to eat his candy bar and drink his fizzy coke. He has no questions that no one else hasnt asked already.

Mister Hallaway (Hereafter referred to as Mr H) smiles as the three of you seem to conditionally accept his offer, "Excellent. We would prefer to minimize fatalities on the op if at all possible, but use your best discretion. The board has discussed the situation and thought that perhaps it would be best to use deniable assets for the extraction in case Holly was injured or killed during the process. This way we can act ignorant of the situation, claim our client was riding on the wild side as some of these teen party girls are prone to do, and got in over her head. This should prove sufficient to appease the shareholders in case of an accident, and allow us to cash in on the potential windfall to her unreleased feature film that her death might bring.", he pauses here and raises his hands appeasingly, "Don't get me wrong…we do want her back safe and sound. Her earning potential is still significant for my firm."

Nightshade shrugs, "So long as her earning potential to me is clear and paid in advance, you'll see her smiling face back on the trids shortly."

Mr. H taps a button on a console inset into the table and the exterior windows darken, significantly reducing the light in the conference room. A projection image appears on the opposite wall, depicting three individuals. "These three people are the ones that have Holly. The one on the left is known simply as Sabre, a former mercenary. The woman in the middle goes by the name 'Alexis", she used to work for Fuchi on their security team. The last guy (a troll) just goes by 'Rock'. He kills things."

Baron grunts "Well…this looks exciting.." he finishes his candybar and puts the wrapper in a pocket, taking a drink of his fizzy coke and waiting to see if any more information is presented.

Effek chuckles "Ahh a job that has a good risk, opponents that have expirence in my kind of work."

Nightshade looks over the three, "Have bios on them? Known magic, cyber, or style preferences?"

Effek says "The merc will most likly have some sort of small unit tactics to himself, maybe. The Women, a security team for Fushi will most likly have some sort of magic, and the troll will be the meat tank. This is my quess on expirence but we know how these jobs are unpredictable."

Another button is pushed and the image shifts to show what appears to be a satellite resolution image of a small compound. The compound has three outbuildings, a pair of what appear to be makeshift guard towers and a chain link fence that encloses the entire facility. There is a van parked outside one of the buildings and seven motorcycles spaced around another building. Mr H nods to Nightshade, "We will give you what information we have on them. Additionally we believe they have secured the services of a go-gang that has claimed this stretch of the highway. But they aren't expected to be too much of a threat. This facility used to be a weather station on the old Colorado/Kansas border off highway seventy."

Nightshade looks over the images, "Where is Holly?" she asks pointing to the buildings, "And can we get a live feed from her tracker?"

Baron nods, looking over the images, then to the other runners "I've got some ideas, but we can discuss them after the meeting." he turns his attention back to the Johnson and the video information.

Effek nods "I ahev some as well' He notes to the human. He looks up at the J "Go gang is not too much of a worry, infact I may be able to get them on our side if I have to the time. The three are my main concern, what info do you have on them?" Effek asks.

"The GPS chip has an accuracy of 20 meters. So we estimate that she is most likely in this building…", Mr H states as one of the buildings glow for a second, "Or this building", another building glows, "Most likely the former based on continuing telemetry." He pauses for a moment and then slides a trio of chips and certified credsticks to the center of the table, "These chips have all of the data I have shown you thus far along with dossiers on the three primaries. Once you have secured Holly well away from the facility, call the number listed on the chip and an air unit will be deployed to take charge of her and give you the remainder of your pay."

Mr H adds after a moment, "We are going to need Hannah within three days. She is due to begin filming a trid special up in Seattle at that time. It will be nearly impossible to keep this quiet if she isn't there."

Effek nods "I am sure we will have it done by then."

Baron nods his head, rising from his chair and grabbing one of the chips and credsticks with his grubby hands, he pockets the credstick and pulls out a pocsec to check the data on the chip, sitting back down.

Nightshade pours herself another glass of orange juice and cranberry. You can find booze of all sorts in the slums, but juice is like gold. Even if it probably is some flavored soy product Nightshade is determinedly pretending that fruit was somehow involved in the process. She takes the chips offered tucking them away in her innermost suit pocket.

Mr H waits a few moments to let you look over the data, "If there are no further questions, I will leave you to your business."

Baron looks around at the others "I think this is enough to work with."

Effek looks over at the others "After this I will run back and aquire my weapons."

The chip contains the satellite images of the compound, it's location on a map, the GPS frequency of Hannahs chip, a contact number, and three dossiers for the aforementioned kidnappers.

Effek says "Anybody here have City knowledge. Maybe know what these building used to be for?"

Nightshade shakes her head, "I'm new to the area, looks like just any old ramshackle bunch of sheds to me, could try popping the address into the trix and see what it used to be if it ever was something."

Baron grunts "Didnt the J just say it used to be a weather station?"

The data on the three is a bit outdated. They are known shadowrunners that normally operate out of Detroit. Sabre is a former member of Met 2000, and did several stints in desert wars. He is reputed to be proficient in hand to hand, melee, small arms and tactics. Alexis is a former executive bodyguard who worked for Fuchi in Chicago before it was overrun. She managed to get out of chicago along with the exec she was assigned to protect. Rumored physad. Rock is a weapons and demolitions specialist. Not much is known about him other than his propensity for killing things.

Effek nods "Yah maybe it has a way to access from underground or such?"

Nightshade nods to the J, takes her drink back to the bar and washes her glass thoroughly, then prepares to leave, "Chipmunk you driving?" she asks.

Baron grunts "Guess so." he stands up and looks around "Everyone wanna ride in my vehicle, I got room for ya all."

Effek nods "MET 2000, means he has some serious Aphlaware. He is mine beiggest concer, I have met too many trolls and not many impress me yet. The women may be a concern as well!" Effek looks up at the J as he slips the credstick in his jacket "Sir, I iwll be leaving now." He nods as he gets up. Looking at the other two "We gonna start right away or any of you like to go home and research?"

Nightshade looks over at the Johnson, "Does the girl have a safety word or phrase so she knows it's alright to come with us? If so is it on the chip?"

Mr H nods, "Good thought. Just tell her that Mister Hallaway sends his regards."

Baron grunts and holds his fizzy coke can in one hand, looking to the others "We done then?"

Effek says "Nods "I guess, I'll take that ride?""

Nightshade nods to Baron heading for the door, "Thank you for the juice." she offers to Mr H. as she walks out. "I'll keep you company Chip." She looks at Effek, "I go by Nightshade, what do you prefer?"

Effek nods to Nightshade "Just call me Effek."

Mr H nods to the runners as they depart, "Good luck, and hopefully I will hear from you within a couple of days.", he sits back down in his chair as the three of you depart. The two razorboys close the doors behind you as you exit the room.

Baron heads out of the building, and leads the trolls down the block to his RV, once there he unlocks the vehicle and climbs inside, moving to his bed and jacking into his remote deck, to start the vehicle up.

Nightshade steps into the RV and moves to find a comfortable seat she waits till the door shuts then asks, "Alright, 3 days, do we wait till the deadline and plan thoroughly, go for an even balance, or rush it?"

Baron shrugs "I was thinking we go scout out the place for a while, do some recon, I send in my small spy drones, watch the place for a while. I've got good range, we can stay several klicks away while I investigate. Then, we use my lynx as a distraction outside, while you two sneak in and get the girl."

Effek nods "Recon sounds good, I will like to maybe talk to this go gang, Pay them for some info. Maybe even pay them to lay low. After all, if these building are to any interest to them they may just let us to thier heavy work?"

Nightshade shakes her head, "I don't know, sounded to me like the go-gang has already been paid by the wrong side."

Baron nods "Thats why I start shooting up thier bikes, and draw them all outside."

Baron starts up the RV, and starts heading off down the road "Anyone need to go anywhere first?"

Effek Shakes his head "I am sure pay will not be a problem for me." He chuckles.

Effek says "Yah, McAffery towers. I am going to need my firepower!"

Nightshade looks up, "That's downtown right? I'll hop out and meet you back, no reason to push it with a border crossing when you don't have to."

Effek shakes his head "I can hop on my bike and meet you two somewher if it is a problem?"

Baron grunts "Good idea. I dont want to haul this stuff downtown right now." he pulls over to the curb and parks.

Effek Opens the door "Ok meet you back here in about a hour! Sound good?" He closes the door and makes his way to his bike. Hopping on he leaves.

After about a half an hour and gathering his gear he makes his way back to the the RV.

Baron remains parked in the same spot, waiting for Effek to return, he looks to Nightshade "Alright, so, what do you think? Distraction and sneak in with your magics a good idea?"

Nightshade nods watching Effek leave, one of the benefits of being poor, not a lot you have to go get. She looks over at Baron, "Probably not, if any of them are worth their salt they'll have that place warded, some adepts can do it, if not I'd thank they're smart enough to hire someone, too much experience in that group not to think of it."

Baron grunts "Alright, then what do you think will work? I can do recon easily, but the only thing I have that can fight is the lynx. My blimps in the shop."

Nightshade takes a moment to sort through that statement before responding, "Since we don't get paid if the girl doesn't make it we'll have to put securing her, or at least eliminating threats to her at top priority." She crackles her knuckles, "Hopefully we'll be able to get an eye on her to see if they've got any sort of insurance on her."

Baron nods "I've got four small drones I can get anyplace thats open. So we can use them, if I lose one, its not a big deal, they are fairly cheap."

Nightshade agrees, "I can send in a spirit to look around as well, they're small and hard to notice. We'll let Effek see if he has any luck with the bikers."

Baron nods "Sounds like a plan then, lets wait and see what we got. If I can get one of you close to the building, and rip open a grate or something, I might put a drone in thier ventaliation system."

Nightshade nods, "Alright." She doesn't say much more until Effek returns.

Knocking on the van door "Effek here!" Effek states holding the large black bag of gear he carries. He steps inside and set it down, lifting out and loading his guns. He looks at the others "So we have a plan?"

Baron starts up the RV, and programs the autopilot to head out of town towards this weather station. Stopping about five kilometers away from it.

Nightshade nods, "Recon first. Chip let me know when we're a few kilometers out, I'll make us less noticeable."

The travel distance is approximately 165 miles. So three hour travel time.

Baron grunts "Roger, I'll pull off the road somewhere, you can use your magic to hide my RV, and I'll send out my drones to spy. In the meantime, foods in the fridge, and I'm taking a nap." he lays down on his bed, still jacked into his remote deck.

Nightshade spends the first bit summoning up several watcher spirits and investing each of them with a small amount of summoning material, extending their short lives to about a week.

Baron naps, his autopilot set to wake him as soon as they are thirty minutes away from the target.

Effek continues to load his guns. After about a hour or so he finds himself just listening to music from the pocket secretary. He removes his earphones, "Nightshade, is my go gang idea still in works?"

Four willowisps appear briefly in the air around Nightshade as she calls them forth, unable to see into the astral she instructs them to the best of their limited ability what to do, she sets them to circling the van with instructions to check in with her ever half hour, or immediately if they see an astral being. The four watchers are only of the second tier of spirits, only a bit better than children really, but they are obedient and she'll have them now for the better part of a week.

Nightshade calls them back when the each start rushing to tell her they saw another watcher, that they shouldn't count themselves, and that they should also be on the lookout for any wards or astral barriers.

Baron snores

The area you have arrived at is more Kansas than it is Colorado. The terrain is mainly rolling hills with knee length brown grass. The highway itself is in pretty good shape with traffic that is pretty sparse; mainly composed of a few private vehicles spaced two to three miles apart and the occasional drone driven eighteen wheeler that cruises past at over a hundred mph, ignoring pretty much everything in their paths.

Baron finds a place to pull over and park after getting his wake up alert, someplace within five kilometers of the target location.

Nightshade winces slightly as she attunes herself to the surroundings, realizing that this vehicle thinks of itself as a home, she reaches out calling to see if this home is aware of itself enough to have a spirit, and if that spirit would act in defense of it's dwelling.

Nightshade double takes as the clothes hamper starts to stir and an undesirable pair of unmentionables begins creeping out.

Baron luckily has his attention focused on finding a spot to park out of the way, because clothes talking to him would freak him out.

The town of Burlington has highway 385 that heads north. The compound is about 10 miles north of burlington, then 2 miles off highway 385."

Effek still listening to music, nodding his head witht he soft rock. He scavages around in his bag "Ahh! Any of you got a Comm Unit!" He yells over the music "I dont want to loose contact!" He holds of a Micro Transiever "Rating four!"

The Bison suddenly pings an alarm as you are three miles north of Burlington. It's sensors are detecting a group of immobile vehicles on the highway to the north. Sensors indicate the largest vehicle is burning.

The tier four pair of under-roos is covered in what one can only pray are chocolate stains. Nightshade blanches slightly but maintains her poise, with spirits it's a /very/ bad idea to show any sort of weakness. "Thank you for rising to help your home." she says, "I can see you are a very great supporter of Baron and his home, trusted with his most private matters. To be breifs, I would like you to conceal this van, to the best of your abilities. Until I ask you to stop or sunset sets you free.

Baron calls out from the bed "Something wrong up ahead, got a vehicle on fire in the road. Go gang at work most likely. What do you want me to do?"

Effek notes Baron's serious look as he reomoves his earphones.

Nightshade pulls the small black box out from under her coat's shoulder pad, a R4 Taccom and dials it in, it's a simple unit with a little mic and wire that runs up to her ear. "Your skivvies are working to keep our butts covered, so I'd say pull over and send out a scout, or Effek, if you want to approach, but I wouldn't mention anything about the girl."

Baron moves over to the side of the road, and finds a spot to stop. "Ok, I can send out a bumblebee, and we can wait forever for it to get there, or I can send out the lynx, its faster and armored."

Baron grunts "Go take your bike and scout it out, stay on the comms. Also." he grunts and climbs out of bed, walks over to a cabinet, and pulls out a bumblebee drone, taking it to the bike, and having it latch onto the front frame with its claws, its designed to cling to things "There, now I can have some eyes with you."

As the RV finishes parking, the back ramp opens and descends, leaving room for Effek to get his bike outside.

Effek nods as he grabs the drone. He makes his way tot he back of the large vehicle unlatching the chain that holds it in, placing the drone on the front. He sits down starting up the bike as it makes its loud roar. Backing down the ramp Effek truns and heads off.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Ok so I am scouting what?

The ramp closes back up to seal the RV after Effek is gone.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Somethings going on up ahead, I don't really know, I know there is a car on fire."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Alright, is this drone on or do I have to push a button?"

Baron waddles over to his trid set, and pulls out a datacable, jacking into his remote deck, and then linking it to the trid, to display the drones Camera for Nightshade to watch.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "I'm running the drone, just leave it alone"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Get a feel for what's going on, Baron and I want to get closer to the site so we can recon, don't give away that you're on a rescue of course, but if you can talk them into going to the bar and drinking beer, feel free."

Nightshade clicks off her comm, "You know, the nice thing is, when those bikers get through with him it'll just be a two way split of the reward." She clicks the comm back on, "You be careful out there."

Baron laughs at Nightshade, then sits down and watches the feed from his drone on the front of the bike.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Ok I wont touch your toy! OK, Bar! That is not the best place to take a gang that does not know you!"

Effek rides towards the location he is to scout.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Sensors read four bikes, and a truck on fire."

The area is about a mile away, you can see a single thread of rising smoke as soon as you exit the bison. There are two hills between you and there, so no line of sight until you are almost on top of it.

Nightshade calls in two of her watchers, sending them high into the air to look down at the four bikes and truck, with instructions to report back on any magic use, spirits, or astral beings they see, and for one of them to check in in 3 minutes, the other in 6. With instructions to fly as high as fast as they can before coming back down at either spot.

The wind is causing Effek's scarf to blow about. Effek pulls down his goggles as he approaches the hill, he speeds up alittle to pick up the hill. As he approaches the top of the hill he gets ready to relay over what he sees.

As Effek crests the hill he sees an overturned pickup truck blocking the highway with a camper shell that is currently in the process of burning. Across the width of the road is a strip of severe tire damage inspired blow-out spikes. There are twho bikers who appear to be going through some loot, a third who is standing near the prone bodies of a middle-aged couple. A fourth biker seems to be dragging the couples teenage daughter by her hair off to the side of the road and into the semi-privacy of a drainage ditch. The male reacts to her screams and is brutally butt-stroked in the face by the third gangers shotgun.

Baron surveys the scene with his Drone on the front of Effeks bike. The scene is also displayed for Nightshade on the trid unit in the RV. "Well well, lets hope our friend doenst try to play hero here, would screw everything up."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "We have a biker gang here. Over turned truck, for hostiles three civlilians. I want to sneak down there and take them out but this may prove risky, any other ideas?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Can you pretend to approve and enjoy it? Might get you on thier good side and a ride back to thier home."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "I've never heard of a go-gang with only four members…."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Any of you know the gang?"

Two of the gangers turn to look toward the sound of the rumbling Viking. One seems oblivious as he finds a cache of antique Rolling Stones cd's. The one getting ready to do some rapin' seems to notice, yells something to his mates, then continues dragging the screaming girl into the ditch.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "No clue who the gang is, but I bet its the one we are looking for"

Nightshade looks at Baron, "How's this thing at offroad? Not going to get much better of a distraction."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Well they notice me that is for sure. Should I go down there and pretend to enjoy what they are doing. I am sure one of them can tell me where we need to go! Wow this is a strange moment!"

Baron grins "Things better offroad than onroad actually. Flat terrain, shall we try it?"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Do whatever it takes to keep things noisy there, we're going to try and get around them."

Commlink-114.243> Effek sighs "OK I guess! I will go down there and pretend to enjoy it?"

One of the gangers seems to say something angrily to the prone couple, then turns to look toward Effek, using his hand to shade his eyes against the sun glare as he observes Effek in detail. The captive man seems to be unconscious and the woman seems to be clutching at his arm and weeping. The two gangers that were formerly looting are moving behind the overturned truck for cover and taking a bead on the approaching Effek. The one going into the ditch with the girl throws her to the ground, then slaps her down as she tries to scramble away and begins unlacing his leather pants.

Baron grunts "Not sure if I can get offroad here, fence, ditch, gonna be tough to make it, might get wire in my axels too. We got time, we could wait till they leave."

Baron says "Or you would have to cut the fence down for me at least."

Effek makes his way down the hill, his inagrams in his jacket. With one hand he shifts about looking for the credstick. Finding it he stops just about twenty meters from the ganger's. He steps off his bike as he lifts up his arms walking forward "Hello!" He yells to make sure they notice he has his hands up.

Nightshade looks out at the fence for a moment, rolling options through her head, an acid wave on the post to disolve the wire, then magic fingers to lift it out of the way, levitate the post out of the ground and hold it overhead, magic fingers or clout to undue the bindings at the fence post. The options all run through her mind as she looks over the fence trying to get an idea of which might work.

The two bikers have their shotguns focused on Effek, using the overturned truck to balance their weapons and taking aim actions as the Troll dismounts and begins approaching. The third ganger has his shotgun held across his body at the ready as he takes a step toward the Troll and growls, "Whaddya want? You can't be two smart if you didn't turn around and leave as soon as you saw us. This is Screamers turf and you ain't welcome.". The fourth ganger has his pants down and is wrestling the teenage girl to the ground as he prepares to enjoy himself.

With his hands still up Effek nods "Honestly I didnt want to come down here and get in any of your guy's way. What is your buisness is your buisness and I dont wish to get in the way." Effek sighs "But I need to get acrossed here. All I need is to move acrossed and you guys can be on your way!" Effek lowers his arms "Look bud from one trog to another. I dont care about these people, if you guys were not here they would show me the least ammout of respected! Have your fun with the broad…" Effek lifts his head twoards rhe ganger wresteling the girl "Have all what is in the truck and do whatever to the fraggin humans! Sound good?" Effek waits for the ganger's responce.

Nightshade looks over the fence and the ditch, "You know…the gangers would probably be easier to drive over…" She starts concentrating, "…too bad it'll give away our element of surprise."

Nightshade looks past the fence into the field just to make sure that whatever is behind the fence doesn't have huge teeth, then barring the presence of a T-rex she casts…

Baron chuckles "Yea, alright. I'll get ready to take the ditch as soon as the fence is gone."

The ganger spokesman seems to consider Effeks offer, then shrugs. "There's a toll to use this road. 500 yen. If you can dredge that up, you can pass on the shoulder."

Effek nods "Your lucky day cause all I have on me is 1000. Sound good? I have to get it out of my right pocket, so dont shoot? ok?

Nightshade opens the window for a moment and a horrible green ichor sprays out, coating the posts and wires, a few moments later the wires give way springing back away from the post on either side and the post itself rots quickly, the ground goes goey and brown. Nightshade leans back in, "Give it a 30 count and it shouldn't eat through the tires." She says, then works on helping the little hearth spirit by casting an improved invisibility and a physical camouflage on the RV.

"Go for it. Nice and slow though.", the ganger leader replies.

Effek reaches into his left pocket pulling out the credstik "Ok here you go" He keeps one hand out as he slowly approches the ganger handing him the credstick.

Baron backs up the RV a bit, waiting slowly for all the acid to stop. He actually waits a full minute, then revs up and heads into the ditch at a sharp angle, and up the other side into the field.

The ganger takes the credstick and checks the balance. "That'll do.", he indicates the shoulder to the left of the road and an area the spike strip doesn't cover, "Cross there and get the hell outta here."

Effek nods as he turns around and gets back on his bike. Starting it up he turns it nodding back to the ganger, he crosses the area he was told to and moves on, feeling bad but sometime one has to be cold. When he is a good distance away.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "OK I made it acrossed. How you guys doing?"

The gangers keep you in their crosshairs until you are out of sight. The girls screams fade in the distance.

The RV bounces and shakes, but manages to cross the ditch and get into the field, after that, its fairly smooth driving as he heads off at an angle to bypass the gangers ahead, and avoid the cattle in the field.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Chilling in a cow pasture."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Umm ok. So if you can follow your drone or show me where to meet up with you guys again?"

Nightshade moves to the back of the RV looking out to see whether the frozen ground is solid enough to prevent them from leaving obvious ruts. Not much can be done about the fence but she's fairly confident the smell of acid will keep the cows from wandering out into the road.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Just head down the road a few miles and we will catchup to you"

The RV bounces a little as it goes cross country, collecting cowshit on its tires.

Nightshade reorders the watchers that were running back and forth to now fly ahead looking carefully for wards astral bariers and standing magics, instructed to go as far as the fence of the target area.

Effek makes his way follwing the given path down a few miles he parks and relays over the comm «COMM»= I am about 3 miles from the gangers now.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Find a gate or something into the field on the *direction* side, then take your bike cross counter to meet us, I'll guide your direction once we park."

The cows get to hear a bit of noise, feel a bit of vibration, and smell a bit of exhaust, but they're not bothered by the sight of the RV as Nightshade locks down her invisibility spell with her sustaining trinket, hanging it on the window handle and tying it in place.

Commlink-114.243> Effek starts back up his bike "Ok!" And makes his way twoards the direction Baron gave him.

Baron finds a place to park in the field where he has the location of the target in his sensor range, hopefully 2 miles or so.

The cross country trip is rather uneventful, you meet up with occasional groups of cattle who don't seem spooked by the bison and it's spirit provided concealment. A few of them seem to sense the movement or hear a random sound and they spook a bit, trotting out of the Bisons path. You eventually arrive at the required distance, finding a windmill and a circular cattle watering station, A few birch trees grow here from the water spillover.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Alright, my drone says your SE of me, so start turning slightly to your right, and look for a windmill with a watering station, the RV is invisible."

Effek after a slow journey arrives at the Bison, «COMM» I am here open up!

A hole in the air begins to appear that looks in on the interior of the Bison as Nightshade opens the rear hatch for Effek to get his bike and himself inside.

Effek brings his bike onto the ramp and inside the bison. After locking it back up he gets off and sighs "I really just wanted to kill those fraggers!" He says and he grinds his teeth! "Ok so what is next?" he asks the two runners as he sits back down.

Nightshade shrugs, "So go kill them, that makes plenty of noise."

Baron grunts "The flight range of my bees is very low. So I need someone to sneak up close and carry them, then I can plant them around the complex and keep eyes on them."

Nightshade looks around to see if either of her watchers have reported back yet, they move quick, but they're simpletons at best. "I'm waiting to hear back from the spirits, I think Chip will be launching his snoops shortly."

Nightshade looks at Effek, "How're you at being sneaky?"

Effek shrugs "For being as big as I am I guess I am ok at it?

Nightshade sizes up Effek, "How much do you weigh?"

The watchers return about now and report nothing magical between here and there.

Effek looks at the troll "How the frag would I know but prolly over 400!"

Baron goes over to a cabinet and pulls out his small bumblee drones, placing them carefully in a bag, and grabbing the one off effeks bike too.

Nightshade looks at Effek curiously, "Hmmm, no probably not…I might be able to turn you into a horse, but it'd take a hell of a lot of luck…"

Effek quickly looks at the Troll "Escuse me?"

Baron shakes his head "I just need you to get within half a click from the target, then I can launch the drones. You don't have to get real close."

Nightshade nods, "I might be able to get a spirit to do that, but they get a little flightly with strings of commands, so I wouldn't give good odds that you'd get those drones back."

Effek nods "Ok I can do this hopefully, but lets wait till dark?:

Baron shakes his head "You use spirits to hide things right? Can they hide him?" he points to Effek

Nightshade waggles her hand, "They can help, after night falls I'll ask your shorts to cover your home again, and see if I can find a spirit of the field or sky that can help Effek." She rubs her head, "This is more magic than I've done in months."

Baron grunts "Well, the pay aint bad for it, and them spirits are damn useful. Alright, I keep the sensors looking out for trouble, and we wait until dark."

The sun sets, It's quite peaceful out here.

As the sun slips away Nightshade sits down to chat with Baron's tighty whiteys, "I realize you're eager to get back, and that you're used to sliding down when a moon is being shown but I need you to help us out just a little longer." The holey Y fronts nod and begin stalking about the RV once more.

Nightshade then slips out the side door, sliding down flat to the ground avoiding cow pies she calls for the spirit of the fields, to help hide Effek from prying eyes.

Baron hands a bag to Effek "Alright, get about five hundred meters from the compound, then lay these thngs out on the ground."

Effek takes the bag and nods "Ok open the doors."

Nightshade grunts as the stress of pulling so many spells today wear on her, and the spirit struggles as she breathes form into it. "Mrrff, Hide that man, Effek, to the best of your ability from all that would see him, save for Chipmonk and I," she points to Effek, Baron, and herself in turn. The spirit nods, taking the form of a deer tick and attaching itself to him. Nightshade points out the tick, "Leave that one alone." she says queitly, "The others, you'll wanna remove when you get back."

Nightshade goes back into the RV and tries to catnap off the whomping headache she just gave herself.

After the doors open Effek make shis way out. He uses his brown scarf to make a turban type hood over his head. He leans down almost crouching as he slowly and stealthy like makes his way closer to his location. He makes his way behind anything that allows cover, tree, rock, cow. As he slwly inches his way closer.

Baron lays back down in his bed, using his Remote Deck to keep in touch with the drones in the bag, at least he knows where they are.

Nightshade closes her eyes and tries very hard to ignore everything going on and get this under control, far too much magic, her mentor warned her that she wouldn't be able to put her gifts aside forever, but she didn't realize the headaches he predicted in her life would be literal migraines.

The compound rolls into view. The fence is fairly high and looks newer than the rest of the place with spiralling rolls of razor wire lining it's tops. It is fairly well lit with white light floodlights facing outward from the two guard towers and illuminating the prairie for over a hundred meters away. The towers each have a single guard in them, and music can be heard coming from one of the buildings which is currently surrounded by an even dozen parked bikes.

Occasionally a gunshot rings out from within the compound. It's not a very disciplined group apparently.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Let the drones out now, I can fly them in from above."

Effek places down the bag, he sighs "Man I am the center of attention in this plot!" He says in his head as he opens it.

Commlink-114.243> Effek backing up "DOne the drones are out!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Roger"

The drones take off, heading straight up, they go about 200 meters high, then move over the compound and descend. Two of the drones latch onto the tower top, pointing their cameras down at the ground. The other two drones each lower down onto a rooftop, finding a place to hide and going to powersaver mode.

In the middle of the field a spirit in the form of a deer tick looks very confused as the troll it was embedded in just frakken disappears.

Effek slowly makes his way back to the RV «COMM»=I am back, doors please?"

Nightshade cracks open the door just enough to let Effek in.

Baron settles back in his bed, landing his drones in the proper places, and sighing as no one shoots them down. "Alright, Power wont last long, I'm going to watch for a few minutes, then shut them off for now."

Nightshade grumps for a moment reaching under her neck to find what's poking her, when she comes up with the crinkly foil of a wrapper she begins scowling, when she realizes it's left a smear of chocolate along the back of her neck and on her fingers she balls it up and throws it at Baron full force, being a bit of foil it doesn't do much more than flutter but it does so with considerable malice.

Baron grunts and looks around "Sorry, must have missed the trash can with that one." he continues to watch through his cameras, having the two drones shut down to standby mode, and just using the sensors for now to conserve power.

Nightshade gives a "hwuff", then mutters, "Quiet, the great educator is speaking to me, and I wish to leave the lesson hall as soon as possible."

Baron shuts down 1 of his tower drones, leaving one so he can conserve power. He watches the compound for a little while, seeing what the activity looks like at night. And, looking to see if any of the buildings has an enetrance his drones can get inside.

Effek continue to stay seated. He brushes through his gear somemore, juts part of his OCD when he is board to do so.

Nightshade starts just before dawn, casting invisibility on the Bison first, to prevent it from being seen, over the next hour she calls forth spirits, and binds invisibility onto Effek and his bike. She has to take several breaks to manage it. "Alright, I'm as ready as I can be, I haven't got any more trinkets to lock things in place so I'll have to hold my own spells…that means I can't take a break once I get started. Effek, don't let that girl die, and make sure you get the right one. And don't lose those trinkets, they're pricey."

Baron grunts and listens, starting up the RV "Alright, stay in comm range, I gotta back out onto the highway and head out there, then I'll let Effek and his bike out, and start shooting up the place when I arrive."

Effek nods "How much pricey?" he grins "I will do my best/"

Nightshade says "Pricier than a bad take-off."

Effek nods.

The RV backs around the windmill carefully, then retraces the tracks it made in here the exact way back out to the highway, with the broken fence and all.

Nightshade takes off her overcoat folding it up and tucking it into her harness, this leaves her in just her cammo suit.

Baron manages to make it back onto the Highway, once there, he lets out Effek, then as carefully as he can, starts heading toward the target site. Invisibily helps, but gotta watch for traffic.

Effek turns after being turned invisible, he in his eyes can still be seen but he knows he cant be seen. "This is not the first time I have been turned invisible." he chuckles as he climbs onto his bike and starts it up.

This stretch of road has a pretty bad reputation…so no traffic.

Effek backs his bike off the ramp «<COMM»>=Good go" He revs his egenin just as the Bison leaves, taking off he heads off twoards the compound.

Nightshade orders the spirits to conceal each person for the duration of the day, then lays down flat to the ground, casting levitate she rises a half foot off the ground. She drifts slowly along the ground towards the trees cursing softly for not having more trinkets, "Next time, two per person on the mission, and I'm taking it out of their pay before we leave, refunded if they give them back at the end."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Heading to target location, I'll park across the street, and let the drone out."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Keep the drone in the RV, it will remain protected by the Invis, bullets from no-where."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Really? Ok, thats fine then"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger on my way now."

Baron stops his RV before he crosses the tripwire

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Hang on"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "We got an alarm here at the road"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Once we cross this, they will know we are here"

Commlink-114.243> Effek slows down "SHall I go through or wait?"

Baron tries to back around on the offroad path

Baron is driving in reverse, so that he doesnt have to turn around when he gets there

Nightshade drifts over the ground, the rises up to skim through the treetops, looking for a tree thick enough to support her weight that provides a view of the compound, she stays low and back, trying hard to stay out of line of sight.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Alright, we are going to trip the alarm, tell me when your in place"

Baron waits, deciding its better just to stick to what he knows is safe

Nightshade settles into a likely looking tree keeping herself to the far side of the tree to the compound, peeking out only for a moment to make sure she has a line of sight, then pulling back and waiting.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Night, you in position?"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Yes."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Alright, watch for activity."

Baron turns on his drones, then takes control of his Bison and starts backing down the road in the proper pattern, calling off Left, and Right when Effek needs to move to each side.

Drone Sensors: Within a minute of the Bison starting down the road, a couple of the gangers come out of the barracks, looking down the road toward the entrance. The troll comes out of the main building as well, also looking down the road. He calls out, "We've got company!"

Nightshade drops her levitation spell as she settles in the tree, making sure she is squarely behind the trunk she turns to the spirit, "Alright, time to show those folks why winter winds are so terrible to listen to when they howl, I want you in there confusing everyone you can save Effek and Baron, who you saw earlier. Good luck little friend."

Effek follows behind the Bison, staying within the same speed limit. He follows Baron's orders over the Comm in which direction his is told to turn.

Baron moves down the road until he is 200 meters from the gate, then stops. The back of the RV lowers, and the drone powers up, all invisibly.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Ok, when I start shooting, effek, you move down the road, I need you to go …..Insert Pattern to Avoid Mines here* Think you can handle that?""

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "I should be able too?"

Nightshade peeks out, looking for anyone not carrying a gun about, she looks to the towers first, for someone not sighting along a gun. "Alright Lowbrow, I'd love for you to be out on that raid, but if you're here I want to know where you are."

The gangers rush back into the barracks to get their guns, coming back out and taking positions behind the sandbag barriers that were apparently prepared with something like this in mind. Rock directs the preparations for a few moments, then heads back into the main building.

About this time the spirit starts sowing confusion, the wind rises and whips through the compound causing mini dust devils to spin around erratically. The men outside seem a bit disturbed by this, milling about somewhat indecisively.

Nightshade picks one of the grunts behind the sandbags, "Alright sport, time to get some funny ideas." She begins to cast an Influence Spell. "Did you see that, the men in the tower, they're not members of your gang, quickly, take them out before he can shoot you. Let the others know so they don't get shot either. Quick, before they get a chance, look they're readying guns, Spies!" The thoughts fly from her mind to his, seeking to take root, playing on the fear of betrayal, the constant readiness to violence that keeps gangers alive, turned against them.

In the RV, the drone raises up slightly, the invisible turrent turns and takes aim at the gate where its either locked in the middle or at the side, whatever method, and a full auto blast issues forth at the target, spraying enough lead to hopefully disintegrate the method that holds the gate closed.

Effek speeds up now just as the gate is shot, hopefully it is open! His scarf waves in the wind as he speeds past the bison.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "On my way in, which building first?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Go slow, take the turns like I told you"

The lynx opens up on the gate locking mechanism, the heavy rounds make short work of the locking mechanism. The sliding chain link gate is still standing, however it may be easily opened at this point.

The turrent turns, tracking the other side of the gate, the shot is held for a second though

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "What side of the road are you on now?"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "left…?"

Baron waits until Effek is no longer blocking his shot, and then unloads another full auto blast at the other side of the gate, trying to knock the thing over completly, cause if effek has to open it, he is going to get shot.

Nightshade covers Effek with her spell defense while she holds the spell in place, it'll take 45 seconds or so for that to settle into the targets mind forever, of course he'll probably start acting before then, but she pulls her head back while she waits out that small eternity.

Commlink-114.243> Effek turns following the route he was givin "Right side now!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Nevermind I see you, just keep going, I'll avoid shooting you in the back"

One of the gangers positioned behind the sandbags suddenly points up at one of the towers, "Who the hell is that?!?", he cries out as he aims his gun upward toward the tower.

Nightshade fidgets behind the tree, only a few seconds have ticked by before her impatience gets the better of her and she leans out to pick another target, "I can do this, just like juggling…" she mutters, picking another goon on the ground, the thoughts form that she's about to project, "He's right, they're imposters, quick take them out! Open fire now.!"

Nightshade winces, "Not quite as easy….as juggling."

Effek shifts again "Almost through, nice and easy!"

The newly targeted ganger seems confused, raising his own pistol toward the tower.

Nightshade sits back behind the tree trying to catch her breath, she does remember to refocus the defense dice onto Effek but then concentrates on remembering how to breathe.

Effek shifts again making it past the last turn he was givin «<Comm»: I am at the gate!"

Initiative Results: Baron @ 29, Lowbrow @ 26, Rock @ 15, Nightshade @ 9, Effek and Gangers @ 9

After his last burst, the fence starts to fall towards the ground, ripped from its mountings by lots of little metal shards flying through the air.

Effek speeds up just as the gates fall.

The turrent turns, tracking on of the guys behind the sandbags, and lets out a burst of machine gun fire at one of them.

Three bullets leave the LMG in the turrent of the Steel Lynx drone, they move through the air at nearly the speed of sound, and as they come over the top of the burm that the gangers are hiding behind, all three bullets rip into a gangers head, the first bullet leaves a gaping hole in the back of his head, the other two finish removing most of the skull, the man collapses to the ground in a heap.

Effek speeds off through the gate just as he note several snaps over the loud roar of the Yamaha as several lines of light zip past exploding a gangers head. Effek continues to move ahead, coming eventually to a stop near the building he shuts of the bike, as steps off just as the bike reappears.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "I am in!" He syas as he makes his way to the front door of the building with the prisoners.

The wind spirit continues moving about the old weather station, sewing confusion as it darts from place to place, seeking cover from the mage that hunts it, but not disobeying it's orders. Nightshade looks out for a moment and smiles, then pulls her head back, "I always did like the winter wind…"

The two controlled gangers aim their weapons upward and start shooting at the guy in the tower. The first ganger actually hits the poor fellow, the second ganger misses as the tower dude realizes something crappy is going down and hits the deck.

Two of the remaining gangers open fire toward the RV, missing horribly. The third hit the deck and is hiding.

Once more the turrent turns, the barrel pointing at a new target, as the Smartlink crosshairs line up with the targets head, the bullets fly forth from the barrel, its much a repeat of the last one, except this time the gangers jaw is ripped from his body by the impact of the bullets.

Astral Lowbrow chases the spirit around the compound, revving up and tossing another manabolt. Somewhere his body starts bleeding out the nose and easrs.

The spirit takes a hard shot and scatters, taking a second to pull itself back together but it continues sowing what confusion it can for what may be the last few moments before this form dissolves.

Nightshade glances out, "Meh, can't do another one. I need to buy a gun." She can't see Effek anymore, so instead shifts her spell defense dice to the wind spirit, "Good luck little guy."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Status?"

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "At the door now! About to enter…"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Killing gangers"

The little drone is getting quite the workout, in a matter of three seconds it has managed to kill two men, and seriously injure another, the bullets just missing the mans head, and tearing up his shoulder.

The ganger is knocked to the ground by the dronefire, then crawls closer to the sandbags and curls up in the fetal position as he tries to stanch the flow of blood from his shoulder.

Effek try's the door "Locked!" He is kinda out of options at this point. Large heavy security door, windows barred. He sighs hoping Baron has got a better idea, but before considering it jumps back. Positioning himself he charges forward lifting up his right leg as he drop kicks the large door. The door bends in a little as the wall around the hindges crack, dust falls from the door as the kick did damn good dammage too it. One more kick should hopefully do it good and kick it in.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "I am kicking in the door. I got it, one more heavy kick and it is down. Dont waist Ammo!"

Ganger 1 is hiding behind the sand bag barrier, hoping to survive to rape and pillage another day.

Nightshade sits quietly holding off on any actions.

The moderately wounded ganger in the tower is also hiding, hoping the big bad Steel Lynx goes away.

The seriously wounded ganger is curled up next to the sandbag barrier, sucking his thumb and weeping.

New Initiative Pass: Lowbrow @ 16, Baron @ 15, Wind Spirit @ 14, Rock @ 11"

Lowbrow attacks the spirit once more, getting more and more frustrated. Maybe instead of trying to kill it, he should be trying to control the lil bugger.

Bouncing around like a ping-pong ball the little whispering wind continues to evade the mage pursuing it with bolt after bolt of magical energy.

As often happens people tend to get creative, and sure, he could have simply used suppressive fire on the tower itself, and probably hit the guy, but, a tower crashing down in the middle of combat, now thats gotta be so cool. In that attempt, Baron directs his little drones smartlinked crosshairs on one of the towers legs. Ten bullets later, the tower leg is shattered, the structure creaks and groans ominously as it starts to lean to the side. The man inside the tower screams in panic, and then it falls, crashing down and destroying part of the fence in the process as it crashes into the ground.

As the tower slams into the ground, the hiding ganger rolls out into the open. He cries out in pain, leaps to his feet and turns to run toward the cover of the sandbags. He takes three steps and vanishes in a column of smoke, sand and shrapnel. A few seconds later a part of a leg falls onto the front windshield of the Bison.

Nightshade turns curiously at the sound of a bullet bladed chainsaw taking out the tower leg, she watches in mute amazement as the tower leg is chewed through and the tower starts to topple, she wraps her legs a little more firmly around the treebranch she's straddling and covers her ears, one mine tripped by a cow was bad enough, what this might set off, well she's glad she's way over here.

Effek hears a loud crashes as he stops, just about to kick the door again.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Was that noise good or bad?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Just get the girl"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Easier said with you in the Bison!"

Rock does something at 11.

New Initiative Pass: Lowbrow @ 6, Baron @ 5, Wind Spirit @ 4, Rock @ 1

Lowbrow tries one more time!

Though fairly heavily wounded the windspirit is a plucky little creature, still causing all sorts of mayhem and evading the manabolts the mage casts.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Stay low!"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger."

Effek dive low to prone.

The Drone continues to work its bullet magic, rapidly dwindling the massive ammo supplies. This time, a judgement is given for height, calculating that a troll is obviously taller than a human, perhaps shooting at thier head might hit something. He starts chewing up the main building, sending bullets into the wall at a height of exactly 2.75 meters.

The incoming full auto fire makes for an impressive display, but does not penetrate the reinforced building structure.

Rock does something @ 1, most likely spurred on by automatic fire being leveled on his building.

New Initiative Order: Lowbrow @ 29, Baron @ 28, Wind Spirit @ 27, Rock @ 21, Nightshade @ 7, Effek @ 7, Unwounded Ganger @ 7, Serious Ganger @ 4"

Lowbrow says, "Fuckit", gives up on killing the spirit and returns to his body.

Finally, the light machinegun on the little drone takes a break. Holding action.

Rock does something @ 21.

Nightshade looks out at the ganger again, the unwounded one, thoughts form, "This must be Lowbrow's doing, where is that mage, obviously hiding and causing all of this, probably wants to clear us out so he can get the full ransom, he's in it with those thugs, never really was one of the gang, just go take him out, walk up, and shoot him, it needs to be done."

Nightshade gets the spell to lock in place but suffers a bit more for it, the strain is light but it's adding up.

One of the remaining gangers suddenly springs into view from behind the sandbags and starts sprinting toward the barracks building with gun in hand.

Effek steps back again charging the door. He lifts again drop kicking the door as the door bends in alittle more. The hidges crack of the cinderblock and the door creeks and falls partially over.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Im in!"

On the compound, four small drones come awake, thier wings begin to flutter, and they detach from thier places of concealment, and begin moving towards the RV.

Except one drone, it turns to follow Effek.

Once the door is off of it's hinges, you can see into the first room. It's rather small…probably 10' x 10'. There is another door 10 feet in, though obviously not as heavily constructed as the one you just went through. To the right of the door is a weapons rack set into the wall, currently containing two assault rifles.

Three of the little bumblebee drones fly into the RV, as Baron sits in command chair mode now, directing the last drone to follow behind Effek.

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "K I am in, another door is ahead. No hostiles present yet."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Watch for bombs and traps"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger."

Nightshade is busily trying to conjure up a watcher spirit, a small one but able to get through the door and report back so Effek doesn't end up splattered.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "One moment…"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Holding?"

Nightshade gestures at the wisp as soon as it appears, "Go down into the building, there is a troll there named effek, he has a spell and a spirit of mine on him, go through the wall into the next room, then return and show him what you see, quickly if you do not see Effek call his name, then display what you see when he answers.."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "If you don't see a spirit showing you an image in about 10 seconds, there's magic inside."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger"

The spirit goes down and through the wall past Effek. A few seconds later the spirit returns to the room Effek is in, materializes and displays a cutesy little trid image of a long room with various types of electronic gear inside and two doors. One door is between the spirit and Effek, and the other door is approximately 10 feet to the right of Effeks door.

Oh, and the Spirit calls Effeks name.

Effek whispers "Here!" as he views the image

About this time, the double sound of a heavy pistol can be heard from the barracks building.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Do you see the girl?"

Effek nods "Thank you, if you can stay with me that will be great!" He whispers as he makes his way to the second door, hearing th gun shot he knows he has to move fast. He makes his way over to the gun rack, grabbing each assault rifle in each hand "Worth a shot he says!"

The fat man lies in bed, watching two video screens in his head. One, the feed from the Steel Lynx, another from the little drone hovering behind Effek. Of course, since watchers are all in the head, Baron does not see the spirit or its image.

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "Negative, lost of electronics then two more doors!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Open the door, I'll send my drone in first to scan"

Nightshade works on conjuring another wisp, she stops to toggle on her mic…

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Effek hold your earbud out for a moment."

Effek now at the door sets the rifle next to it as he grabs his comm unit holding it out twoards the door.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "WISP, OBEY THE MAN HOLDING THIS EARBUD!"

The wisp nodnods eagerly, like a big happy puppy.

Commlink-114.243> Effek brings it back "K what was that for?"

Effek leans down as he checks the door to see if it is unlocked or not as well.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Just tell the wisp what to do, send it ahead, find the girl quick…I don't like that we still don't know where she is, if they're evacing we're in trouble."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger!"

The door is unlocked.

Effek opens the door a slite bit and then moves into the room slowly. He turns to the Whisp slowly. "Search both room there and there…" He points to each room. "Tell me what is in each. That one is left, that one is right!"

Another shot from the barracks building, followed by a wailing scream like a wounded animal.

Effek says alittle bit loudly "GO go go!"

The little bee buzzes past Effek into the room ahead, it turns slowly around in the center of the room, giving camera feed to Baron.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Baron does your drone have a gun?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Nope"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Dammit!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "It just sees things for me"

Nightshade gestures at the next wisp, "Go search that building for any girls, then come back and show me what she looks like, go fast." She indicates the building other than the one Effek is in.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger!"

As the door opens, even so slightly to admit the tiny bumblebee drone, Effek hears a soft pop…like wire snapping, then a sound very similar to a metal pin hitting a concrete floor.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Baron, keep an eye on the road behind you, or ahead of you, I'm going to guess they got a call out for help."

Baron brings up a third viewscreen, this one from his RV.

Nightshade talks completely oblivious to the near blind panic that just set in.

At the sound of metal hitting the ground, Baron quickly shuts down the drone with the last command to fly into the room as far as possible.

Effek hears the sound of a trip pin, knowing this is not a good thing for he did not know what was in the room. He dashes twoards the fall wall twoards the grenade but takes cover just behind it.

Wired to the doorframe, and primed for the door to be opened, the Claymore mine suddenly explodes with it's force directed toward and through the opening door, it's payload of metal shrapnel and explosive force tearing through the inner wall like it was tissue paper. Effek is surprisingly fast and agile for a troll and manages to make it through the far doorway when he is suddenly bodily picked up and hurled away from the building by the mines detonation.

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Tripline Baron! You ok?"

The drone that buzzed quickly through the doorway manages to get out of the blasts arc and is undamaged. It's auditory sensors are ringing however.

Baron doesn't know if the drone is still functioning, and decides to test its connection, somehow, it survived, and he gets a picture.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Damn, it survived, lucky, but the audio is messed up."

Just as Effek dives hitting the back wall hard the blast goes off. The shrapenel and force of the explosion tear through the wall. The whole room shatters in dusk as the lights shatter and some flicker. Rocks, debree, and shrapnell take its place along side Effek kocking him hard against the side wall as he falls. His armor stopped the damage but Effek is still alittle bit stunnded. His ears are rigging as he stands up alittle wobbly, shaking his head he quickly regains his composure and picks back up his assault rifles.

The wisp appears a few seconds later, looking impassively at Effek. There is a girl and a man in the room to the right. The girl seemed distressed.

The wisp doesn't seem to care that Effek is currently a bit disheveled.

Effek looks at the Wisps spitting out some dust and holding his head "Is he near here, standing over her. DIstance — I need to —" He spits again "I need to know how close and if she is alive?"

The wisp bobbles in a gesture very shrug-like. "She seemed alive, but unconscious. The man was alive too.", the spirit adds eagerly.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "I see nothing on my drone in the room, just two doors, open the next one for me"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "No one second!"

Nightshade keeps an eye on the barracks, watching for signs of the ganger, Lowbrow, or any others.

Effek makes his way inside the room twoards the door. He slwoly moves the handle to check if it is unlocked.

It is unlocked!

Effek backs up.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "This time, open the door, drone goes in, then you move the frag out of the way quickly."

Commlink-114.243> Effek steps back alittle whisper "Wisp says she is in there, I send you in there you startle him he shoots her? How you supposed to shoot him, ram him in the head?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "I'm going to talk with him"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Which girl does he have, there were two."

Commlink-114.243> Effeks quite for a minute "Let me check!" whispering

Effek turns to the Wisp "Which girl is it? Describe her?"

The wisp bobbles again. "It was a girl. Female. Human. Lying on the ground, hood on her head.", the spirit pauses as it considers, "The male human called her Holly."

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "Wisp says the goon called her Holly. That is her, or atleast her name!"

Effek makes his way slowly and quitly to the door.

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "OK Baron ready that drone!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Ready"

Effek quickly opens the door, hiding himself. He swings it open just enough the let the drone in and then closes it behind.

The Drone zips inside

Nightshade likes this about as much as she likes additional holes in her head, she looks around for her other wisp, "Hoi, where are you? I want you to find me that other girl."

The room on the other side of the door appears to be someones bedroom. On the floor is a woman, bound hand and foot with plasteel zip restraints, and a heavy hood buckled and locked over her head. She is wearing the clothes depicted in the picture your received of Holly. The bed has been flipped over and the ganger from the other tower is crouched behind it for cover, his Enfield shotgun leveled at the doorway.

A voice comes out of the little hovering drone "I am here to negotiate."

The shotgun moves slightly to try and cover the hovering drone, "What the frag?", the ganger mutters angrily, "Who are you?"

The voice from the little speaker is faint, but its audible enough "I am with the team that has killed most of the people outside, and we can continue killing all of you, or we can leave. That is your choice. Let Holly go, and no one else has to die. Ohh, and be aware, we get paid weather she lives or dies, so you really have nothing to negotiate with."

Nightshade gathers her wisps, "Alright you lot, there should be at least 2 girls in those two buildings, I want you to go and find them, then come back and show me what they both look like and tell me where they are. No go, no excuses and be quick about it."

The wisps dart off toward the indicated buildings and begin searching the rooms in earnest. A few minutes pass and the wisps return, all of them showing the single image of the hooded girl.

Nightshade curses then sends them off to the barraks and other buildings, "Go find another girl."

Commlink-114.243> Effek whispers "Hey Baron! Can one of your drone's relay the same image over from the drone in there to a drone out here so I can see?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "No, I can send an image to my RV, but thats it"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "K never mind then, do your best and good luck."

The ganger inside the building does seem very nervous, "Mad Matt and the rest of the crew will be back here at any time. Then you will be sorry.", he stutters with his fright obvious in his tone.

The drones speaker continues to relay information from the rigger. "Actually, we have a unit out on the highway waiting for them to return, as soon as they turn onto this drive they will be destroyed by a series of drones with heavy machine guns. Release the girl now, and you live, otherwise, we kill you and we go home. Like I said, if you kill the girl, I still get paid, so I'm giving you ten seconds, and then my friend starts throwing grenades inside the room."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "There's not enough girls in the camp, we're missing the shadow op, and either Holly or the girl from last night. I believe we saw the girl being brought into this building."

"All right!", the ganger suddenly yells, "Take her. She ain't worth it."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Effek, get the girl"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Roger."

The Drone speaks again "My friend is getting the girl now. You will be spared."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Leave him alive"

The ganger remains hidden behind the overturned bed, waiting for the attackers to grab the girl and leave.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Check make sure its holly"

Effek opens the door. catious enough to not startle him. He makes his way to the girl as he removes her face blanket. Unbuckling it and all. He turns her around unfastening the restraints. "Holly?"

Effek turns to the ganger "Key to remove the hood!"

The girl on the floor whimpers frantically in the affirmative as she hears her name stated.

Effek shakes his head "Frag it!" He picks her up throwing her over his shoulder.

"I don't have it!", the ganger replies frantically, "That Trog Rock kept it on a chain around his neck."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Still need to find the troll, see if he has a girl too"

Holly oofs as she is unceremoniously dumped over Effek's shoulder.

Commlink-114.243> Effek slings her up on his shoulder "Nightsahde have your things found Rock or the other girl yet?" He says as he starts trotting out the door.

The wisps do return to Nightshade and report that the buildings contain no other females.

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "If they have they haven't come back to tell me about it, though they've got the brains of trained gerbils. We're still missing girls and I don't like it."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Girl is going to say anything to get freed, we need both of them to make sure."

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "Gotcha. Girbils can be smart! Right Baron I need somewhere to put her safely! I cant carry her all the way back through the mind field!"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Yes, you can, and you can hurry too, I'll backup to the fence line. Wait for me just at the gate."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Take her outside, I can get her to the RV."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Do I move or stay still?"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Or do that."

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Go for it, might as well be close to the action"

Commlink-114.243> Effek says, "K I iwll carry her to the fence Baron!"

Commlink-Nightshade> Nightshade says, "Point the linx guns at that guy sucking his thumb and ask him where Holly is, he'll probably answer."

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