Scouting around Wrench's Werks

GM: Laz
Players: Laz, Jinx.
Synopsis: A synopsis of what happened here.
Date: May 5th 2079

It's a dry sunny day, with the thin mountain air smelling like Spring …or what passes for Spring.

Jinx and Laz have agreed to do some recon work near Wrench's Works, to get a sense of where a suitable hangar or landing spot might be for this business venture of theirs—a lilttle NGO for a good cause…

Laz is in full Amerind disguise (Facial Sculpt, Melanin Control, wig) since he's a wanted man in the Sioux, and is wearing his ruth poncho, but it's not turned on at the moment. He has brought the usual visual aids, like high powered binoculars and the like, and a small spirit of the sky accompanies him high above his head, looking like a bit of drifting vapors. (F3, not going to even roll).

Jinx does not have the luxury of conjure-able companions that are not visible to the unarmed eye. But she does have her backpack with her normal running gear with her. Ranger-X Bow and arrows in a quiver, Spas-22 in her backpack, some grenades in a belt bag and some other useful items. Also a Predator I in a concealed holster and her Katana. In this rough and tumble area she spares herself a helmet, but still shows some strength.

Laz gives Jinx a knuckles greeting and adjusts the various he wears around his body, having avoided his backpack in exchange for being able to wear a poncho. As they crest a ridge, he draws out his binoculars and scans the area, speaking, "You need someone to juice up those tats before we get going?"

Jinx shakes her head, "Permanent as far as I know… dunno how'd works, but they can be switched on and off with a code word…" The tats are on now, clearly. "Just whispering is enough, but they are … useful. Saves me ware that can be detected and is potentially illegal."
Laz nods, handing over the binoculars, "Wasn't sure if they were anchors or not," he says, smiling up at the punk-troll. He throws on his helmet and flips the visor up for now, not needing the mods on it at this time.

Jinx was examining the area, clearly so so damn focused on what she did currently, she once again missed out things in her surrounding, if there was something to miss, that is. Instead she spoke up, "Hmmmm… this area 's lookin' good. Lotsa flat and high 'nough ter be 'bove da highway. So no floatin' below it."

Laz holds out his hands for his binoculars, taking full advantage of their 100x power to scan the area as he zooms in.

"We need to figure out who owns it, because I have to buy that land for the business…." He then pans the binoculars around a bit, north to south and back.

"Look at that," adds Laz, handing over the binocs again and slapping down his visor. "About ten of the Boyz are coming down that dirt road instead of zipping along the highway…"

Jinx shrugs, starting, "Probably is Sioux…", then he interrupts her with his words. She tilts her head looking over to where he points. Not equipped with magnification at the moment, she has that in the helm she did not take for this, security armor tends to stand out like a sore thumb in these parts. "Hmmm… maybe they do some bout or something? They are not hunting an elf or some such?"

"I can only see Boyz—all trolls on their massive Harley's," replies Laz, "But why are they….wait, they just turned and are headed this way, still off road, so going slow, but coming…"

Jinx narrows her eyes and loosens the Katana in her sheath. "Them's not ter nice ter elfs at times…", she wonders how recognizably elf Laz currently is. Still, better prepared than sorry. She is also quite ready to get her pistol out of the concealed holster, should it be needed. She then strains to see what's going on over there.

Behind his mirrored visor, Laz could probably be confused for a big old ork, so he's not too worried as the seven trolls on choppers head over.

He does however remark, "Comms on!" to remind Jinx of the prearranged channel in case they get separated.

Meanwhile, Jinx notices one of the outriders has a Harley custom trike, big enough for a passenger, which makes it eight trolls. And that passenger is shouldering a disposable rocket launcher, with clear intentions to take out her and Laz's position.

Jinx, noting the passenger and the launcher he holds, calls out, "The fuckers have a rocket launcher aimed our way! Scramble…", she had her taccom long set to the elf's frequency and encoding, so that would not hinder her now. She takes her own advice and starts to run away to the right, expecting Laz to take the left. Not being the peaceful kind, she also takes the shotgun out of the backpack as she scrambles away.

Laz runs low, and comms.

Commlink-Dementor> Laz sends, « You sure they're for us? I didn't bring any firearms, so until they get close, it's you and my mojo… »

Commlink-Curse> Jinx keeps on running, replying, « No, I am not fully sure… but I dun wait with summun pointin' a rocket me way… Certainly not fer 'em pullin' da trigger. »

Plot in Progress more to come

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