Running For The Border

GM: Vulcan
Players: Deamon Starks, Popper, Milly
Synopsis: The Runners are tasked with returning Dona Chavez to Pueblo, in the Pueblo Corporate Council.
Date: 7-28-2069

Popper is, as usual, tinkering with a weapon at home. Gotta get that advertising done, and the best has always been the weapons you're using. To that end, he's at the workbench at home running circuit tests on an Ares Alpha, jacket off, shoulder rig hooked on coat rack near at hand.

Daemon Starks pauses to enjoy the moonlight, smelling the air of the seedy mountain high city before pulling out a cigarette. *thump* Starks looks over, "Hey." he says quietly, turning to watch the two wops pulling out a canvas bag with a body wrapped up inside. "Be carefull… I just had the trunk cleaned." He shakes his head before flipping his cell open to type a message to his local arm candy. <you know i'm thinking about you right now baby, i'm busy working on a buyer looking for a new home.>

Cellphones buzz with text messages.

Popper: Oldgun, need shotgun rider 4 simple ride. Call Dwayne 4 details.

Starks: Family needs u 2 run 2 get milk n eggs. Call yr wife 4 details.

Popper sends the mental command through his datajack to call Dwayne.

Dwayne answers the phone pretty quicklike. "Oldguns. Good to hear from ya. I gotta job thats come down the pipe. Ain't my gig, comes from another family, but the works legit. You be in Fort Lupton at Cochesis's Strip Club, wear a red hat, you scan?"

Daemon Starks feels the vibration, the special virbrate he set for important incoming messages. <washer machine house wife fun> (tm). *buzz*buzz* buzzzzzOHhhhhbuzzz* buzz* he flips open for a new call. "Mammi." He says, the voice dial hits in as the men behind him start arranging a new oil for the dead man's home. "Mom.. you needed eggs and milk?"

"Yeah." Says Johnny then, cracking his neck. "Milk and Eggs. Cochesis' Strip Joint up in Fort Lupton, Sioux Sector. 30 minutes, wear a blue hat. Goddit?"

Popper replies with a soft grunt, then says "I'll dig up a red hat. Thanks for the tip Sir."

"Smooth runnin." Says Dwayne, then cuts the call.

Daemon Starks raises an eyebrow at the request of hat attire. "Blue.. " He flicks a gaze to the body being shoved into the lake. "Sure. My favorite color." He hangs up with a *click* Never questioning the order of things when the higher ups put a request in. He sighs. "Wrap it up paisans. We're on a schedule."

We assume for the sake of argument that you are both capable of gathering a hat. If you cannot find a blue or red hat in the trip to the Sioux Sector, you have… issues that probably preclude you from being on the run. But! Moving along.

Border check time. What SIN are you using, or are you trying to border run?

«Plot» Vulcan says, "Popper crosses in to Sioux Sector with Real SIN. Assumedly he's not carrying any major contraband."
«Auto-Judge[]» Daemon Starks (#2946) has the Fake SIN AZL-02946-00041X-0005HU-Z2N (Joel Ithaca) with the following information:
------------------------------------------------------[ Shadowrun Denver ]-----
=================> SIN Information for Daemon Starks (#2946) <=================
SIN: AZL-02946-00041X-0005HU-Z2N
Name: Joel Ithaca
Rating: 7
Created: Wed Jan 17 23:00:33 2007
Player: Daemon Starks (#2946)
GM Note: Upgraded to LVL5 01-17-2007
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 5 + 1 (Hostile Nation) vs TN 7:
1 2 4 5 9 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 7 vs TN 6 for "Demon's SIN":
1 1 2 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 5 + 1 (Hostile Nation) vs TN 7 for "Rerun. Anomalous reading.":
1 2 2 3 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 7 vs TN 6 for "Demon's SIN, Rerun":
1 1 1 1 2 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 5 + 1 (Hostile Nation) vs TN 7 for "Rerun. Anomalous reading.":
1 2 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vulcan (#3087) rolls 7 vs TN 6 for "Demon's SIN, Rerun":
1 1 1 2 3 5 10 = 1 Success
«Plot» Vulcan says, " Demon Enters Sioux Sector with a 20 minute delay at the border due to 'technical errors' and a cursory search of his car. Presumably he's smart enough not to try running heavy weapons across the border."

Cocheses Strip Club. It's got a neon sign on the roof that shows a 'cow girl' with feathers in her hair (That makes her an indian, you know) and big old flashing red nipples and a Sheriff's star over her twat. The place is one of those seedy places, the kind of place that doesn't even try to make prestations of class. The women here are lowest level, the skanks who can't get a job anywhere else.

Popper pulls up outside the bar wearing his red baseball cap and winces. He likes seedy dives, but this place already dove headfirst and forgot to swim. Still, a job's a job, so he parks the rig and locks up good and tight then heads into the bar.

Daemon Starks pulls up in a rented black sedan, parking and exiting the vehicle. Taking a careful glance, he walks to the entrance with a blue hat folded under his arm. Paying the entrance fee to the fat girl at the door who can't dance, he walks inward and pulls on his blue hat with a frown; stopping by the bar to pick up a beer like a normal person.

3 drink minimum! That keeps profits up AND explains why the girls suck so much; The men just can't notice after so many drinks. As Popper and Demon step inside, they are pulled to the side by the guy inside, and directed to a quiet room that doesn't seem exactly like it's on the floor plans. The door itself looks like a section of wall that's slid to the side, so you know, who the fuck knows.

Inside, is a simple round table, a gentleman with a coifed head of hair, a sharply tailored suit and a cigar.

Rui Cordero

"Ey! Come on in, have a seat." Says Rui Cordero, don of the Cordero family. "We all friends here, right Lucciano?" Asks the man then. "Come on, sit down. My friends in the John."

Popper takes a seat at the table, not entirely comfortable, but secure in the knowledge that Dwayne wouldn't steer him wrong after what he's done for the families. "Nice t' meet you sir."

Daemon Starks rounds his way after watching a quick dance from a side stage, tipping cheaply as he upnods the girl with a wink; "Keep your day job honey." He walks away after refolding his five spots, heading for the orund table. A nod, "Suppose this is the VIP section?" He takes a seat and pulls out a square before matches are produced.

Starks gets a less cool reception, but polite and a smile all the same. "Drinks? Let Cindy get you some drinks. CINDY! Drinks! Make with em!" Calls out the older Italian-American… "So. Here's the job." Says he after the door slides closed and a WNG comes online. From the back room, comes Cindy with a pair of long neck domestic beers, while a woman walks along with her, a sort of saunter to her hips but not the 'I want to fuck you kind'. Its the 'I could kill you' kind.

Julia Maria Chavez

Daemon Starks eyes the girl with a deadly swagger, briefly sizing her up without too much of a stare. He nods and pulls the match head over the rough side of the box, sparking a flame to pull to his cigarette. Inhale. Exhale. A stream of white smoke hazes his face before he looks back with interest on the job.

Popper is not the least bit offended by the difference in the two receptions, nor is he particularly worried about he woman. She's a guard, this is a don, it doesn't matter what parts dangle, guards are guards.

"Meet." Says Rui then as he takes a beer, passing the others to the other guys. "Donna Chavez."

Donna Julia Maria Chavez of the… Chavez Family… offers a nod that has a slight smirk to it. "Your job.. is to relay her back to Pueblo, Pueblo Corporate Council, where her base of operations is."

She speaks now… "Without being seen, or followed. No one can know I was here." Her voice has a vague Spanish accent, but otherwise, it's pure English North American.

"Any Questions?" Asks Rui then, sipping his beer after.

Popper shakes his head, "Sounds like a standard bodyguard position. If ye don' mind my askin, don' ye gen'rally have fam'ly men t' take care o' this sorta thing?"

Daemon Starks nods, "What's the Chavez Family doing in denver with such a beautiful woman." He tries to use his charm, but it's not meaningful. "Delivery.. cross borders, what is your expected resistance.."

The woman raises an eyebrow, one hip cocked to the side. "Doing what I've done for the last 8 years, wop, taking whats -mine-. You got any other bright fucking questions?"

"Whoa whoa whoa, Dona Chavez… Relaaaaaaaaax." Says Rui then, standing up. "You know this is part of the game. Don't pop a stich."

To Demon then, Rui turns. "Call it a bit of ritual. Both of you were chosen for different reasons, and ya both represent those reasons, those statements, as you take her back home."

Popper nods. "I understand making a statement. That said, I'll second one of Mr. Starks questions. What sort of threats should we expect? Are there any families particularly hostile to the Dona?"

He smiles then, Rui. "All of them."

Popper nods slowly. "Ok, that makes it a little simpler at least. What are the ROE? Lethal force? Non-lethal?"

Daemon Starks nods, "Sure.. my job is to earn.. your safety pays. Let's move on." He exhales a breath of smoke, then looks to Popper. "I wouldn't miss a chance to work with my brother here. He's one of the best.." He looks back to the Chavez girl, "You're safe in his hands."

"ROE?" Asks the italian man then, an eyebrow raising.

"Rules of Engagement." Answers the Dona. "It means who is he able to kill."

"Oh, yeah, right." Says Cordero then, lighting a cigar. "Well, ideally? You don't kill no one. Ideally, you avoid checkpoints, you avoid notice and you get her back to Pueblo without no one knowing she was here. You do that, all's kosher. You fuck it up, things are gonna go down hill. Real fuckin fast."

Popper nods. "I thought that might be the case." he pauses a moment, then sighs and asks "One more question. I'm sure you know my connection to the families, that being the case, should I check with the Scureasi and Innocenti families before agreeing to do this?"

Daemon Starks nods, "Are you truly expecting a quick run over the border.. or is there more I should be aware of?" He takes his drink, sips from it quietly while he awaits an answer.

"I don't think that will be necessary." says a voice over hidden or recessed speakers. "I am already quite aware of the situation, as is Luther. However, certain niceties must be preserved." THe voice is a cultured one, the sort of voice one hears and then does not forget; Aspanu Innocenti.

"Take Dona Chavez to Pueblo. Avoid other families, with a focus on avoiding any Chavez… They must be kept dark as to what is happening."

Popper chokes slightly and blinks rapidly a few times. "Sir? I'm pleased to know the rumors are wrong." he says to the air, then turns to the nominal employers and says simply "I'll take the job". His demeanor changed almost immediately when the speakers opened up.

«Auto-Judge[]» Daemon Starks (#2946) rolls Street Rumors:
3 3 4 5 10 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Daemon Starks (#2946) rolls Criminal Organizations:
2 3 3 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Daemon Starks (#2946) rolls Underworld Politics (Mafia Politics):
1 2 2 5 10
The Chavez have been a thorn in the side of the Innocenti's for some time. A massive crime family centered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, the Chavez also control Austin and have all assumed control of Houston. Well connected with the Cuban cartels and South Florida, if it comes to smuggling in and out of Aztlan, Chavez are the ones to do it.

The family was formed in the early 2020's out of the influx of displaced Texans and Mexicans with the forming of the NAN and Aztlan. A dash of Las Vegas, some Santa Fe, a bit of California all mixed with Mexican Brutality. They number some 20,000 strong in terms of brute strength, but it is diluted by the ground they cover and the 2 active wars they are currently fighting, one in Denver, one in Houston.

The wars in Houston and Denver were ruled on by the North American Commission a few years back, and full court brutal war is not allowed. As such, their expansion has slowed down, and in Denver, may even be being pushed back by the Innocenti lead commission there. They have long however, been using Derek Simpsons instability and personal failings to their advantage, drawing him in to their debt and pushing him to act against the Denver Establishment.

Recently, there has been rumors of direct talks between Julia Maria and Aspanu, leading some to speculate that big things are in the works. The family, holding so much direct territory under one Don, is vastly over stretched and there's a slight rumor circulating that Austin's capo is looking at breaking off… the war in Denver has sapped Juan Diego's credibility…
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Have some info, demon"

Daemon Starks pauses as he's about to ash his cigarette. Hearing the voice, unmistakable of who it is, he goes slightly wide eyed before recoving soon after. He looks to the man in front of him, and the girl Chavez to be protected with a new light of understanding. "God father, is this a trick?"

Daemon Starks looks very unpleased upon hearing the voice over the speaker.

"No. The trick was in letting your steward think he killed me, Mr. Lucciano. I am not confident in your loyalties however, you are far too much like Mr. Simpson for my likings. Too brash. Not enough… -respect- for those around you. That is why I have paired you with Popper. I am confident that if you think about failing me… his presence will perhaps give you a reason to reconsider that action. Ms. Tomassi should be there in a few moments. She will be riding with you as my eyes and ears."

Daemon Starks shifts his eyes to Popper from a side glance, taking his cigarette from a hand that trembles slightly.. he looks down to floor with his eyes in a dead glaze. "You feel an outsider is more truthworthy than Family godfather?" The question is more monotone than questioning. "I took an oath.. in blood. Words were spoken on my soul. What more can I give…?" His frown deepens and his eyes raise to the man running the meeting like he is to fault, deadly gaze from a large Italian man. (Sicilian)

"So did Simpson." Says the voice then. "Tradition, blood, has not stopped a history of betrayal and blood shed. Do not… ever… mistake me to think that just because you are related to the family that that makes you somehow above suspicion."

The Don of Cordero chuckles then, while Dona Chavez just smirks.

Popper simply remains silent, he's agreed to take the job, and the knowledge that Don Innocenti is still alive is alone worth the risk entailed. Money is secondary at this point. As is the apparent argument being put up by his prospective partner.

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >I'm sorry MG. Can I have some clarity on what has been going on within the Ratto Family?<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >it may help me on my poses<
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Tell me what you need; I will give anything reasonable with the caveat that you've been on auto pilot for 6 months, doing nothing and talking to no one."
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >well.. i need basics.<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >what has Simpson been doing?<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >what is my family up to? what have I been told?<
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Simpson, since the death of the Don, has been building up forces to try to take the regional Capo slot with the Innocenties mostly quiet."
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >what are the frictions interlacing Innocenti/sucrease/ratto?<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >but clearly, the Don is not dead?<
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Sucreasi and Ratto had been getting more and more friction until recently, when the Simpson crews were suddenly backed down. Simpson lost a lot of face and it looked on the street, like someone jerked a knot in Simpsons ass and made him someoenes bitch."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Speculation is that sucreasi did it."
«OOC» Milly chuckles.
«OOC» Milly says, "Mind if I pose in? or ready for me rather?"
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Go ahrad."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "It woudl seem that Aspanu is not dead, no."
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >i need a real connection of what Simpson has told me recently<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >before my next action<
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Simpson hasn't told you shit recently."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "you've been on autopilot."
«OOC» Vulcan says, "Handling your business and little else."
«OOC» Daemon Starks nods.
«OOC» Vulcan says, "So you're flying a lot of blind here."
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >and that fits my current situation. i just don't know what to do<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >game on<
«OOC» Vulcan nods.

Milly enters later than usual. Her eyes move around the table matching faces to memories. The delightfully pleasant waft of her perfume dances in the air then skips away even over the stink of smoke and strippers, though the sent is merely a tease and is lost again. Bowing her head slightly to Cordero and Chavez waiting for the proper invite to join and make headway on the tasks at hand.

Daemon Starks looks to Milly, he cocks his head to the side, but remains silent for now. He pulls the cigarette to mouth and hears the voice, and the man appointed to be in charge of the situation. Then exhales smoke in a slow stream, "Sit.." He says to Milly, pointing to his left. "Now." Then he turns to Popper before the man running the show. "Don." he says, "Where do I sit in your eyes.. be plain godfather."

"Mr. Lucciano." Asks the voice on the speaker. "Would you care to explain why you are ordering my Neice to sit like a dog? Be succinct."

Milly is actually looking the other direction and at the door as if she is waiting on something. She hears Stark's voice and his demands and her head slowly turns around from full right to left and looks at Joey as if it takes a moment to register, face left emotionless as she makes sure she heard what she did. Before she can react the voice comes over the speaker, she stands straight table side, hands slide behind her back and grasp one another and seems all but absent as if she waits too see what the tide will bring in, as a chair is hurriedly pulled out for her with a bow and a hand beckoning that her rear end grace it with its presence. Face still cold and hard, showing not an ounce of distaste nor respite for the conversation at hand. Where is the Asian, are they dragging him outback to make sure he is true? Looking to the door once again for his latent arrival.

Popper knows his job and has made his feelings known, so he remains silent in his seat trying to ignore what sounds an awful lot like daddy putting a recalcitrant child in his place.

Accompanying Milly is a taller than average Asian male with red hair, he doesn't speak out of turn, or speak at all, for that matter. Hands clearly visible, and staying one step behind Milly and three to her left is none other than Cassidy.

Whether or not there is a chair for him, the Asian will stand behind the wee lass, left hand holding his right wrist before him and tight to his abdomen in a respectful, stoic stance.

Daemon Starks pulls a hard line from Milly with a look of dissapointment, to Capo Cordero.. he looks at the man, above him in station, a full Family and apparently the grace of the Capo de tuti Capo behind him these days. "And Capo Sucreasi.. he backs this I take it." He ponders, "Simpson.. he's out. Is that it?"

Daemon Starks is a family man, but as of all men with power, he must know how the dice roll.. and it looks like his stature is changing.

"I asked you a direct Question, Mr. Lucciano." The speakers report again. "Do not embarrass me in front of Dona Chavez by making my repeat myself."

Daemon Starks frowns, he speaks like he's family… he's a made man, he can speak his mind. "Don. I didn't know… I apologize." He frowns, he doesn't look happy, but the words are said and speaker phone hears it. "After this, I am not sure what direction I go. You are alive, and my Family made a move.. tell.. " he paues, then takes a furious puff, eyeing Popper. "Where do I stand now."

Popper just returns the look with a deadpan expression, the only sign of interest in a single raised eyebrow as he meets Starks' gaze with his own cold, dead eyes.

Daemon Starks says in Sicilian, "I am yours"

The Don is silent for a moment. "Forgive me, Dona Chavez. You know how family matters can be."

"De Nada, Aspanu… De nada. I expect many conversations like this in the coming months…"

"Gratzie. You are as gracious as you are beautiful."

"And you are a flatterer."

"Now." A pause from aspanu. "Mr. Lucciano. You have not endeared yourself to me in the last year. You have swung from arrogant gun-battles to major court cases to utter silence when I was reportedly killed. You are a reflection of Simpson, and he a reflection of you. Your attitudes, your behaviors, your actions are… very similar. I know, for example, that Paul is a loyal man, he spent the last 5 months with me on the move, as my personal bodyguard. I know Carmilina Tomassi, my niece, is a loyal woman, she has spent the last months doing my will in Denver, arranging what I need and working for me. I do not know where you stand. Nor do I necessarily knwo who you are anymore, Joey. I don't think you do either. Joseph Lucciano who came out here from Baltimore did not behave as you do now, but the Aspanu who came from Baltimore does not behave as I do now. This is growth. Sometimes, it is good. Sometimes it is bad." There's a pause.

"It's up to you to choose which it will be."

Daemon Starks "You chose my brother… that.." He frowns, "He's not made.." He quievers with anger now, but then nods, "That honors me. My Family back East has always backed you Don Innocenti. And so will I. Don't forget who I am. I am Family.. always, and ever. And I hold a fist in this city.. and." He exhales a stream, looking directly at Coredero. "That fist is your Don Innocenti." (Sicilian)

"Don't forget who you are, Joey." Says the Don then. "It is important to remember what station we hold in the world, and how we got there. Now…" A pause again, perhaps he's drinking or smoking… "If you are quite done… would escort Dona Chavez back to Pueblo?"

Daemon Starks nods. "Yes. Your will, I do."

The don kills the connection, then Cordero just raises on eyebrow. "Well. You got 90 miles to drive, depending on your route." Says the italian man as he stands up. "Get moving."

Popper, understanding that he is, in effect, a hired gun, lets those with more blatant ties to the families take the lead on this operation.

Cassidy seems to relax somewhat and takes two steps back, so that Milly can slide back and stand up easily.

Milly stands from her seat and stands infront of Cassidy, nodding to Starks to follow. "Donna Chavez, we leave when you are ready." Looking over her shoulder to Cassidy with a nod as if saying he will be attending as well.

Dona Chavez nods, glancing to Cordero, then heading for the door with milly. "Call me Julia."

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