Roosevelt's Poison

GM: Adam
Players: Adam, Nine, Air, Pulse, Annie, Accelerate
Synopsis: A runner fireteam is hired to stop a toxic threat from a small islet situated in the Quincy Reservoir. What they ended up with is a cult of go-gangers led by a shadow spirit. The team blitz raided the location, taking heavy damages, but defeated the opposition.
Date: 03/14/2070

It has been one week since the amorphous battalion of doom descended onto the Fist Full of Silver. Everyone, likely, had things to take care of in the wake of its destruction. During that time, Adam was curiously more recluse than usual— not responding to trixmail or calls. In a time where you know where he is, that is not a problem. In a time where he normally is is flatlined, not so much.

That all changes one evening. Pulse, Air, and Nine all get texts to meet him down at a bar in the Warrens for drinks. Its a little dive bar, no better than the Cybered Arms, near the Quincy Reservoir. Accelerate get his request via trix mail from one of those dumpable trixmail accounts, but it is signed as Aquis and he is diligent enough to digitally sign it with a common shadowlands key to give a smidgen of integrity to the request.

The mage is there— though he looks like crap. He stopped getting his hair treated— with dark brown roots showing into the silver-blue. The start of a graduate student stubble beard adorns his face just the same. A bottle of vodka is on the table with a cup for each of them there. The bottle is already opened, and it looks about 2 shot down.

It's rare that 'pulse' shows his face as such in the warrens anywhere other than his gym. Usually he sends his nightmarish minion, Reed, in to the places where the poorer legions dwell, but today… today it's him. He's wearing a heavy coat and a wide-brimmed hat to help hide his features… but given that his ears on the street have been whispering to him of events, lately? He's there in person. There's a massive pistol hanging on his side, a ruger super-warhawk worn like a classic gunslinger's weapon, and a frown on his handsome features. He sits down by Adam.

"You look like shit," he tells Adam. He sniffs the air. "And I can smell the vodka. So it's shit, too."

A man gets up from the table nearest Adam, leaving his cellphone on the corner of the table, also nearest Adam. And sure enough, the cellphone starts ringing almost immediately after the man leaves the room.

"Thanks for coming," Adam says to Pulse with a slow nod. He means in person. There is a pause where he thinks about responding to how he looks— but instead just slides the bottle of vodka over towards the man. The cellphone is taken from the table as it rings— flipping it open and answering it, "Evenin'." he responds— provided the thing doesnt explode.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Good evening, this is Accelerate. You had some business to attend to that required my assistance?"

Air steps inside, dressed down in some more normal clothing for once, yep that's right. His Zoe Futura suit. At least he wears a Thunderbolt pistol openly on his hip to keep any opportunists away. Stepping over to Adam and Pulse he gives the boxer and nod of acknowledgment. "Waterboy, you look like shit," he says, even as the guy gets on the phone.

Looking up from the phone, Adam nods his head to Air as well. He motions to one of the available chairs at the table as he responds to the caller.

Commlink-Aquis> Adam says, "Yes. I assume you heard about the events at the Fist?"

Nine had probably let Air know what had happened and was probably being all holed up in her new cage at the CGA storage area. It was like her old cell, but not quite exactly built the same, more spacious with lots of crates and a little corner of her own where she is setting up an empty crate as desk space. But, even before the amorphous battalion arrived, Nine had made up her mind to spend more time with Air. Through doing so, she realized that her time at CGA had brought her back in sync with her magic. She did not know why exactly, but maybe it had something to do with being grounded at home. Even having been at the FFoS, she had been more in sync, then, too… until the raging problem. Anyway, all that aside. Things on the home life were stressed in brief bits, in the form of Nine being sentimental, but being around Air gave her cheer.

After receiving a text from Adam, and not knowing how he had been for a while, she seems quite glad to know he is okay enough to contact them. She gets suited up into her FFBA and her secure clothing and forearm guards and the usual dark grey greatcoat that she always wore, with its holes having been already patched up by a someone dear to her. Guns and melee are slid away, concealed, and the Savior Medkit system packed and ready to go, along with various other shadowrunning affects, like binoculars and goggles. She travels to the meet with Air, of course.

Stepping in behind Air, she looks all around at the interior of the bar before her eyes land on Adam, to whom she says softly, "Oh my." she breathes softly, as if seeing Adam in such disarray was shocking. She moves to go near Adam and offers to pat his shoulder, probably trying to pawn off some kind of magic tricks.

Pulse offers a nod to Nine as she enters, and looks at Adam. Then he looks at the bottle… then he looks at adam, now with a flask in his hand. "Whisky," he says. "Real stuff. From Franky's, the good bottle." He puts the flask in front of Adam and leans back. "What do you need?" He asks.

Adam avoids eye contact with Nine— and his body doesn't react to the pat. He does, however, motion her to sit. Something about the psychological burden of when you see yourself as a support structure for others, that you feel inherently guilty when you, yourself, are in a low point of your life. The Nutrition and Healthy Glow spells go over him and make him look a lot less haggard.

"I do," he says to Pulse— voice a bit raspy that time as he clears his throat and repeats, "I do have some work." He keeps the phone in one hand, his metallic one, as he takes out an ODC and hands it towards him. "At those coordinates— there is 'community'. I need them removed permanently." Looking over towards Air he says, "I want you two working together on this. There is a high concentration— numbers game."

Air turns and seats himself in the chair, looking around and finding nothing but vodka made available he goes without a drink. "High concentration community? Better hiring a rigger with a bomber." That's his only comment on the information given so far.

Nine glances to Pulse, not sure who it is at first, but then when the voice speaks, she knows. She gives him a slightly sad smile momentarily for some reason, something unspoken, but then glances down a bit timidly and refocuses on Adam. As soon as she is encouraged to sit, she does while also listening quietly to process whatever is happening here right now. Glancing over toward Air, noticing his rejection of the vodka… she also does not really go for it either, just sits there, hands clasped into her lap and lets the men get on with talking. She does furrow a brow slightly about the community that needs to be removed permanently bit, but holds steady, not jumping to conclusions yet about what that might mean in exact terms.

Pulse says "High concentration of what, Adam?" His face is impassive now, not yet reaching for the ODC. "Depends who I set to do it." He looks back at the bottle of vodka. He glances around, eyes searching the bar. "And what level of… attention does it need?"

"It needs a personal touch," Adam replies to Air, "and I you guys I can trust. I can't say the same for many riggers I know." Nodding a little bit he explains to both of the sam's questions, "Concentration of 'toxics'. The community has been under sway of a toxic totem for some time. I need you to cut cancer while there are still some left that can be saved." He seems a little distant when talking about this. Glancing at the people in the bar he notes, "If it is what you think is your target, it is, but we can talk about it more outside after all this. Needless to say, its a service. Not as bad as a VITAS infestation— or else I would recommend full cleanse by fire…"

Moving his head a bit to Nine without looking directly at her he notes, "And thats why I need you. Cutting cancer without killing the patient requires a skilled healer and to keep the casualties down and anguish at a minimum, I need you with me for the cleanup duties."

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Yes, I actually prompted the matrix run that lead to us getting you guys a warning about the incoming police."
Commlink-Aquis> Adam says, "Thanks for that. Well, they say conflict breeds opportunity. I need some SINs burned and need a quote. 3 SINs in total."

Pulse shifts in place. "Toxics. That's different." He nods. "I'll see to it." He glances at air a moment. "We'll see to it, I suppose. Not work I'd like to handle alone… I'll see what I can do about arranging the ordinance I'll want."

Air nods to Adam, "Toxic is bad news." Then to Pulse, "What do you need? I have quite a bit on hand. Not really anything worth having in shotguns though." He notes the last, remembering what the boxer used last time.

Nine seems to relax slightly into things when she hears about toxics. Weird. She was an odd number. Probably, having something to do with these being bad things, needing to be exterminated Dalek style. The assurance from Adam gets her to looking up again and she nods to him, "I will do my best." she says very softly. Looking to Pulse, she quirks him another smile before glancing toward Air and then asking softly, "Anyone need help prepping? Also, everyone got savior medkits? I got some extras…" Looking to Adam, "Been meaning to give you one."

"Heh. Hold onto it until I have a place to put it," Adam says to Nine in his half-hearted chuckle. He takes a deep breath and replies honestly, "Also— operating costs. I can cover ordinance, ammo… but given the situation, I can't shell out much now. But I will owe you. Big." He says this as he looks to each of them in turn— even Nine this time. Yeah the spells do well for him physically, but the eyes are the window to the soul and you can only mask so much after the mirror has been shattered. To clarify for Air and Nine in something only they would understand, "I do not impose this as a fraternally obligated contract— either. I want you to know that."

Pulse rubs his chin. "Would like to get some armor-piercing rounds, but if we're handling this discreetly… perhaps it's time to look into a stealthsuit, and perhaps a suppression device. Can those be removed…" He shakes his head. "Not the place for it yet. The Swedish meatball and I will discuss it later. Is there anything else you can tell us?"

Nine listens quietly, nodding to let Adam know she will hold onto the Savior Medkit she offered. She shakes her head a bit though when the mention of him owing her things is said. She murmurs, "Naw, you dun owe me anything and you never will." in a soft way before looking over to Air and then doing some more mojo in the background for some reason. To Pulse, she says softly, "Suppression Device?"

"Shotguns make loud bangs on automatic fire," Pulse explains carefully to Nine. "I want a smaller bang."

Air throws Adam a fluid shrug about the fraternal obligation. He turns his attention back to Pulse, "I could probably get that done in a couple of hours for you. I also have a good contact for ammunition."

"Yes," Adam admits, "lets see. It is cramming almost a hundred people on a place that is twenty meters in radius. There is a derelict estate there which most of them reside— and also is the center of the corruption. Several shacks exist along the shoreline— and those are the ones most likely to not be effected. Its a moral hedge around the cancer." The man shakes his head and notes, "Expect Blood Aspects and gogangers— cultists and crazies. They favor crude, but crude with those numbers is lethal."

Pulse turns to Adam and waves it off. "For old time's sake," he says. "Cost isn't an issue. And I know how to handle… blood adepts. Fought them before." He pauses. "And for the Warrens. It's the least I can do." He pauses. "And you're staying with me," he adds. "That is, if you'd like. Can't get better security than my joint."

There is a long pause for Adam— as he takes a breath and nods, "Thanks. I will take you up on that." Not the time to be proud, for certain.

Nine ohs softly, "That kind of suppression device." and blushes profusely for having seemed somewhat ignorant there. Miscomm, yay! But clarified, now. Looking to Adam, she nearly begins to speak but then goes quiet and glances down slightly with a hand running back through her hair.

Pulse nods. "Good. Don't worry, you'll work it off." He grins. "I have plans that could use your help." There's a wink. Seems fair, right? Trade shelter for favors? Magical ones, I mean! Not dirty, steamy fleshsim favors.

((BTW, try out pulse's new line of Simchips: One Night in Tammy!))

Nine finally pipes up here and puts a fist on the table, without the bang that some would do, though, just to basically make body language with the gesture as if she were putting down a statement, "You can stay with us for free!!!" is all she says softly … but in a rather enthusiastic and somewhat desperate manner before just shutting up and then going silent.

Nine actually has a silver fist, cause she is wearing her awesome gloves!!!

Air may as well have a silver fist, since his arm is now TN 1 to spot.
Wear a goddamn sleeve.

Air nods to everyone assembled and then notes, "I think we can head off, come up with a plan, get some work done. Nothing much more to do here."

Adam looks at Pulse a minute and just chuckles. Ah he needed that. He looks over towards Nine and nods his head, "I know I could. I could have a week ago." The man shakes his head a bit, "I need to get my drek together— and going around either pretending what just occurred didn't or being around when I should be helping you through this— neither will let me do that quickly. I still need to put on a game face to make it— and heaven forbid the shadow world see me like this. I still need to put something formal together for the Doc— like a Wake."

He thumbs over to Pulse, "He's seen me bloodied dozens of times. Half inflicted by him. Being an emokid for a couple weeks at his place will only effect the escort services."

He nods to Air and notes, "Agreed. There is no timeline— but the sooner the better."
Pulse glances at Air. "I've actually got to be at Aspanu's in four hours. Escorting him to a working breakfast in… somewhere that's not here. Tomorrow evening suffice?" He glances back at Adam. "If it's a cancer… the faster we get it, the better, but it probably won't kill the patient by tonight."

"Indeed," Adam says to Pulse on the urgency of the situation.

Air shrugs, "Fine by me, leave whatever shotgun you want suppressing at my shop though. And I'll see about a rush order of APDS slugs."

Pulse says "If you can manage a smartlink-2 in it, too… I would be most grateful. But that's second priority.""

Nine tilts her head while watching Adam and listening to him, "So, that means no?" she inquires softly for clarity. Just to make sure, and all.

There is a nod to his head for Nine, "For now, no."

Nine nods just a little bit, looking semi displeased, "Promise to take better care of yourself, then! And… eat regular!" The doctor chick coming out in her there. Then she gives Air a mental hug before dropping the spell with him and then recasting almost the same thing again. Apparently, the cat themed mage was not really into talking aloud in a place like this.

"Ha. I will," Adam replies.

The meeting in the dive bar concludes— and the runners go about thier ways to get things prepared. Some ammo is acquired, for example, and its time to go do some legwork. Always the fun (read: lengthy, often frustrating, but very necessary) part of a shadowrun.

Pulse starts off his legwork with calling up Mr. Junk, which is a free city spirit that is looking over a girl in the Warrens. They are in a different section, further from the basin and do not know anything about it. Cold trail there. The second call goes out to a Christian Totem shaman that works out of a derelict church not too far away from the basin. He, however, has some information. There has been a lot more diseases as of lately— and he can see the effect in their aura. The basin works as a working water supply for many people, despite it not being the cleanest. He works with a degree of people sick from this as a result, but the numbers have been going up. Families are reporting people going missing and— when looking over the reservoir in general— he notices that the area is becoming gradually more toxic. The man has his hands full of other problems— but put out a notice to the Astral Space Preservation Society months back to look into it. Its the Warrens. They ignored it— or so he thinks.

On the other side of the fence— a quick call to Honda from Air reveals that there is no 'corporate' workings in that region that he is aware of. Given the description of the 'tellable' information, if anyone would be involved it would be SK or Aztechnology. Plenty of groups could fill that gap if there is an organized involvement, but he lacks that level of visibility.

Pulse says "I understand, Priest. I'll take care of it, okay? Stand on me." He hangs up and calls Air, filling him in on the info. "I'm gonna go lurk down by the reservoir, in cog-nito. I'll see you there. We need to nail this as quickly as possible."

Air answers his phone, locking up his shop and heading out with his BMW fully loaded. Parking in a building kept specifically for hiring runners he leaves the car locked up. Suited up in his plain black armour, with a webbing kit over that loaded down, assault rifle slung, pistol holstered and stun baton dangling from his waist he heads over towards the area Pulse is in. Choosing not to go the whole way, and calling him once there to inform him where hs is.

Pulse turns to air, smiling from his fake face. "Good evening," he says, then looks back out over the water. "Bring my quiet gun? The more confusion we can sow in them, the better."

Air nods from inside his helmet, shrugging a backpack off and placing it on the ground with a bit of a clunk. "It's all inside, with the ammo. I'm not rigged for quiet right now though. Only the pistol." He indicates the Thunderbolt on his thigh, which is sound suppressed.

Pulse holds out his other shotgun. "I agree. That's why I got two here. The one you did for me, and mine that's gas vented out the ass. One for quiet, one for battle royale." He nods at Adam. "Figure we're gonna have to swim?"

Adam looks a lot better after a few days at Pulse's. His hair is back to normal and he shaved. "No, I do not believe so. We have options for covering the water," he notes as he motions his natural hand. Given his option is to fly over, since he is supporting in astral.

Annie arrives at the safehouse, giving the uber complex super sekret code knock. When she is finally admitted she takes a seat in the most comfortable available chair and tries to make herself comfortable. "So..", she begins slowly, "I hear we get to take out something toxic?"

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Accel is doing eye-in-the sky overwatch via AngelSatCom, in which he has plenty of account to do such with."

Air and Pulse are inside the super lavish concrete saferoom deep inside a ruined building. The seating is one piece metal chairs, not comfortable. There's a trid display though. "Yes, toxic group, blood aspects. Don't believe any corp is involved, but S-K or Aztech would be big contenders if they're keeping it quiet."

Pulse nods, checking out his modified shotgun, making sure it's synched up with his smartlink and reloading each of his own weapons. "Affirmative. It's time to do some fucking good."

Annie chuckles at Pulses comment, "Well, I suppose a change of pace is good.", she takes a moment to pull up the maps she received on her heads-up link, "Looks like the target is on an island. What's the plan there? I don't particularly recommend swimming in Quincy if you ever intend to reproduce."

Air holds up an open hand to Annie, "You stepped in as we were considering that problem. It is something of an irksome issue. Are there any boats to be stolen on Quincy reservoir?"

Pulse finishes loading the weapons. "I think my boys could handle it," he says, turning back to the others. "But swimming might be bad for my cunning disguise, which would defeat the point." He nods towards Air. "Damn fine work with the shotgun, sir."

Annie shrugs, "I suppose I could drive us out there. My Bison is rated for surface and submarine ops up to 150 meters. Only about ten man hours of life support, but it won't take us that long to get there."

Air shrugs to Pulse, "Not a problem." Then back to Annie, "Now that, is very useful. If you have a way to not have it recognized. I'm going to go out on limb and assume you have all that covered. That sounds like the best choice we have."

Pulse turns to Annie, flashing her his most charming million-nuyen grin. "You're amazing, Breeze," he says. "You are truly an asset. What else do we need before we move? I'd like to do this fast and hard and kill them as quickly and cleanly as we can."

"Yeah," Adam chimes in, "We have a real A-Class team working on this. Try not to swim in Quincy. Its a bit toxic in itself." He motions his broken metal hand, "I'll be on astral to support with that." Nine may be with him, as well.

"That works. Plus I sort of like having an exit strategy I can trust on hand.", Annie replies after a moment and then offers Pulse a grin at his comment, "Thanks. I try. How long do we have before we go in?"

Air can answer that, "As soon as possible. Every delay is longer for them to get more powerful and fortified. I'm ready now in fact." He nods to the two others here, "We just need to check in with our guardian decker."

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "20k of pool to a favor for Preist (who needs his name changed to Priest, eesh)"
<<Plot>> Pulse says, "and a real note added to him!"

Pulse says "That's what I'm asking." He glances at Air. "I agree. Got my shooters in toe, I'm as armored as I'm going to be. Got some FFBA on order, but…" He snaps. "Armante's taking some time with their deliveries." He winks. "Anyway. Like I'm saying. Let's rock their socks and crush their cocks."

Annie frowns slightly and looks at Pulse a bit closer, "Were you trying to disguise yourself? Or did you volunteer to be the model for a Girl Scout makeover day?", she chuckles apologetically, "I realize they have to get their badges somewhere. Usually your look is pretty flawless."

Pulse pauses, his mouth opening… then he pops his mirror out of his pocket. Frowns, puts it back, fishes out a bigger, lighted one. He looks and, "OH MY GOD IM HIDEOUS! I CANT BELIEVE THEY LET ME GO OUT LIKE THIS!" And he runs, TOP SPEED into the rest room to fix his face!

Air raises an eyebrow to Annie, scratches his hair and then glances after Pulse. "You don't need ot look good to kill toxics."

Annie shrugs and grins wryly, "Maybe not. But if he is going to disguise himself, I should at least ensure he does it well."

Pulse returns, his face looking much better, like a handsomer, younger tyler mane. "The hell you say. You want to do something right, do it looking good. Otherwise… forgetaboutit." He flourishes his shotguns. "I'm good to go."

Adam simply chuckles as he moves to find a nice spot on the couch. "I'll meet you guys there— well on Astral at least."

Air nods to Adam, giving him a silver handed salute. His realskinn apparently disregarded for this, so he shares at least a cyberhand with Adam. "Alright, lead the way Breeze."

Annie stands from her chair, tapping a quick command into her RCD to call the Bison back. "Ok, I am ready too then. May as well get it over with." She leads the way outside and arrives at the curb just as her Bison pulls up. The side door swings open with the soft hiss of pressurized air and she gestures for the others to climb inside.

Air clumps up inside, decently weighted down with his gear, finding a spot to sit in and taking it quickly, to get out of the way. "Thank you."

Pulse loads into the van, finding a nice large seat. He throws Annie another smile, this one perhaps less garish, and then he leans back, checking his shotguns one more time. One silenced, one not… one smartlinked, one not… one with enough gas venting to choke a donkey. Not his greatest talent, but, hey- that's why they're strapped to his back.

At night the Quincy reservoir is like a black oil stain on the landscape. Its not surprising that a toxic group would have itself out there. The water isnt exactly drinkable— despite the fact that people on this side of the Warrens do it anyway. They don't exactly have many options. There are no lights in the derelict building or the shacks that reside along the shore, but there are the occasional fires out there.

On Astral, things are as they always are— polluted to all hell. The Warrens usually is pretty bad, but this place is even worse (Aspected BG Count of 3). From the SatCom view— much the same as the physical— plenty of people are out and about, likely squatters or the Blood Society themselves.

Annie slides into her chair and spends a few minutes strapping herself in. Once the Bison is under way, external sensor feeds are transmitted to a trideo projector inside. The RV rolls through the warrens until it reaches the Reservoir, and then simply drives through any barriers and into the water. Within seconds the vehicle is submerged and the auxiliary drives kick in with a soft thrum of power.

Air speaks quickly, last minute planning. "I'll go first, I appear to be the best distraction. You can both make problems for them hopefully without being spotted or heard." He nods then and starts strapping his helmet back on.

Pulse tugs a ski-mask over his disguise and takes a deep breath as he hears the sitrep. "Right. Ignore the victims. We head for the main house. Once there… we break them. Anyone who lifts a weapon towards us, anyone who starts chanting a spell. We can't afford for any of this infection to get away. Keep an eye out for traps, and try not to breath too deeply. Lots of people have been getting sick lately. Annie, I'm going to rely on you to highlight awakened targets- spellcasters have to be our first priority." He looks at Air and laughs. "You think that, but it's unlikely. I have a quiet gun, but I… I'm not exactly stealthy. I think we should keep together on this."

Annie considers, "We need to do this quiet? They get quick law enforcement response out here?"

Air hmms, "If you can stay out of the spotlight you can at least flank them while I draw attention?" He shrugs, "Stay near anyway, yes, definitely." To Annie, "I simply hoped you two would be able to surprise them. I'm certainly not being quiet."

Pulse grunts towards Annie. "We don't know the numbers we're facing. The thought was to be quiet at first, to minimize their ability to swarm us." He pauses. "Of course, with you on board… that concerns me far less."

"Obie here has a Vanquisher Minigun in the turret. If we need heavy fire support.", Annie states after a moment, "But I don't mind going in and doing the killing in person.", she frowns slightly and chews on her lip as she considers something, "If they have boats on the island, it might be a good idea to secure the dock and either destroy them, or take out anyone that decides to run."

Pulse nods. "good idea," he says. "Let's find their boats."

Air nods his agreement, "Good idea."

The Sat Image that Accel has a constant feed on shows the boats on the island. There is a makeshift dry dock with 3 small boats on shore. Most, currently, have people sleeping in them. There are also 2 tethered to posts that are still on the water.

Annie considers the satt images, "I could have Obie drop us off in proximity to the dock. We could render the boats unusable while one person goes ahead to secure an insertion point."

Pulse watches the sensor feed. "Perhaps…" he rubs his chin. "But if we do that, we'd be stranding all the locals here. It's not our intent to harm them. Suggest you put Obie or some drones in position to cover the boats with your guns, shoot anyone fleeing there from the house, or on your command from captain's-chair mode. Otherwise…" He shakes his head. "I don't like to think of the poor people on this island trapped here."

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Has anyone consider using plasteel spray on the motors of those boats? Could disable them without any noise or long term damage."

Air nods to Annie and Pulse. "Whatever you think is appropriate there. I'm not sure any of these people are truly innocent though. And I do not have any plasteel spray, but that is a good suggestion."

The Bison cruises through the reservoir as deep as possible, finally pulling up alongside the docks and then out of the water just far enough that the top of the vehicle is level with the dock surface. The second the top of the RV is out of the water the turret engages and the soft whirr of the heavy minigun can be heard as it ramps up to firing speed. Annie indicates the top hatch, "Exit there and it should be simple to step out onto the dock itself. I will join up with you once I am reasonably sure that the LZ is secure."

Pulse nods and rises a bit, looking towards Air. "Let's do something -amazing-." And then he's vaulting out into the night, quickly moving to exit and secure a landing ground- ready for some clobbering time!

Air is reasonably more weighed down than Pulse, but is eager to follow, and does so swiftly. As swiftly as he can clamber out of the RV and up onto the roof. Stepping around the Vindicator to back up Pulse. No time to waste!

As the Bison pulls up, still mostly submerged, there is a visual available of the surrounding areas. How people live like this is always hard to grasp. Kids and grown men and women practically sleeping on top of each other. Personal space doesn't exist. Fortunately near the doc itself everyone is asleep. There is a fire not too far off, with people sleeping around it to keep warm. In the boats, both tethered and dry docked, there are entire families sleeping. Luck must be on their side, as no one has their eyes cast towards the team's approach that they notice.

The Bison adjusts it's paint job to match the colors of the polluted water, allowing it to blend in with the dark surface as much as possible. Inside the RV, Annie blinks as she seems to realize that these people are pretty damn oblivious. "Ok Obes…you are on your own for a bit. Engage any targets that threaten you, or armed targets that attempt to secure the docks. If you are pushed too hard, withdraw and circle around the island to LZ beta and wait offshore for team extraction."

Pulse doesn't draw one of the shotguns yet, more comfortable with his fists and his feet than any longarm he's ever met. He makes no attempts at stealth, not with this close entry point. He just heads straight for the building, disguised features further obscured by his ski-mask: just like the careful boxer to disguise his disguise. Regardless, what I'm trying to say is he's hurrying.

Air is second out and close on Pulse's heels. His Alpha is up and pulled into his shoulder as he scans left and right, using his cybernetic vision to see clearly. Shock registers on his face momentarily as he realizes they are just oblivious. Thankfully his body just keeps moving, one foot in front of the other. Scanning ahead he attempts to locate the main doorway of the building, aiming to shelter against a wall nearby.

Adam materializes— a ghostly form, near Air and whispers his sitrep, "The astral here is— thick. Its hard to see much of anything. House is warded— and I am seeing zero threats."

Commlink-Lucky> Air relays that over comms, "Looks like astral backup is hindered. House warded, no threats outside as yet."

Annie gathers her gear and climbs out the top hatch of the Bison, pausing to close the hatch behind her and then waits for the sounds of the maglocks engaging before turning to face toward the house. She reaches into a utility pouch on her tactical harness and pulls out a couple of tiny rotodrones and then tosses them into the air. The drones buzz softly and lift off before splitting up and heading to their predesignated observation points.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "Still no sign of anything."
Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "If you're gonna go, go now."

Although things start up nice and quiet— and no one notices their insertion, that doesn't stay the way it is for long. The team gets halfway through their advance to the doors to the house (which is on the south facing wall from the map), when flood lights are turned on in a loud 'Klak! Klak! Klak!' The entire island lights up as the entire place starts to come alive like a colony of cockroaches when you shine the light on them.

Even the people in shacks and boats start to wake up— and notably the ones near the dock immediately start screaming.

Pulse curses as the light illuminates him, and he breaks into a sprint, heading for the door… he gets there and slams his back against the wall, looking at Air and grinning. "Count of one," he says, "I kick the door in. Cover me?"

Air has to scramble to get his vision mods off, the blinding light combined with low-light vision a bad combination. Thankfully the flare comp shoots in, dimming everything, giving him the split second to achieve it, leaving his combat effectiveness unchanged. Regardless of the change in environment he continues on his course towards the house, scanning left and right for targets as he goes. The smartlink picks up the movement of human shaped targets, most of them appearing unarmed.

Moving up behind Pulse he gives a nod and a comm, «Do it.»

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "You have company, a few dozen hostiles coming out the back and going around to flank"

Nothing from Adam on astral though. It is quiet on that front.

The team makes it to the door of the house— but not without waking up quite a few people in the process. Some of them are hostile, with guns. Submachine guns actually. Its hard to say who is aggressive and who is screaming in terror as the crackle of gunfire rips into the night air. An uncountable amount of lead rain spews towards the three— deflecting off of armor and magic for the most part— save Pulse who gets a flesh wound on his arm as a result.

Annie stands up as her magical shield flickers with the occasional incoming round. «Close yer eyes boyos», she comments dryly over the comm as she pulls a small black and crystal box off her tac vest. She takes a moment to clear her throat before shouting, "Can I have your attention please?" She triggers the blackout filter on her helmet and turns her head away as she activates the super flashpack and tosses it up into the air. *STROBE* The superflashpack goes off mid-air, bathing the island in brilliant eye searing light.

<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Annie (#5398) uses 1 of item 12: Super Flash-Pak from Weapons And Ammo (#925).

The Bison, in spite of it's own integral sensor flarecomp, has it's sensors momentarily dazzled by the brilliant flash of light. It holds off this action until it reaquires its targets.

Pulse swears as he's stung by a pistol round. "Son of a -bitch-," he swears. "Getting too slow." With that he's turning, kicking the door with a single mighty blow, shattering it into splinters. "LETS CAUSE SOME PAIN!" He shouts, ducking away from the firepower he's sure will suddenly pass by him…

Air notes the hostiles reported by Accelerate, giving a silent thanks to having eyes in the sky. Aiming down at the south west corner he waits for the perfect moment when the mass will be largest, his grenade linked setup projecting an arc. Setting in the meters distance of travel before it should burst he tips the Alpha and with a quick phoomph the grenade launches. Landing perfectly on target with a louder thud as all the oxygen in the area is sucked away. With a simple motion he reloads the underbarrel launcher turning to present towards the opposite corner.

Shock and awe! Shock and awe! Hard to say which is shock and which is awe, but it is working. The flash in the air causes the gunfire outside to stop— if just temporarily. The grenade on the outter corner of the house explodes. The explosion is loud with a 'kabwoosh' that blows several people out into the toxic water, strips the threadbare houses into nothing, and notably stops the advance from any hostiles in that direction. As for the door? It is in bits. As predicted, Pulse gets a healthy heaping of gunfire and buckshot heading towards him right as he slips back into cover. Hard to say how many hostiles are in the house, but they are handling some serious firepower.

As the flashes continue to pulse over the flood beams, three earth elementals crawl out of the dirty ground. They look toxic— a dirty version that is goey with sludge and trash. Big guys— growling angrily as they manifest.

One of the earth elementals growls angrily right next to Air like a troll with bad breath as an ethereal form appears and tackles it back a few feet to give the team some breathing room. Sparks fly as the dagger slashes across the creature's face, scarring it's already ugly mug.

Commlink-XLER8> Accelerate says, "You people need to get into that house quick, it's the only thing that'll give you enough cover to not get ripped apart. The grenade helped, but there are still more coming around the other side."

Annie draws her staff, giving it a slow twirl to extend it to its full length with an audible *snikt* sound. Flowing out from where her hands are contacting it, the orichalcum runes begin filling with a pastel blue light that seem to pulse and dim in time to her heartbeat. She hops off the roof of the Bison and onto the docks, then absently begins whistling to herself as she walks through the rolling and screaming squatters who are clutching haplessly at their sightless eyes.

Meanwhile, the Bison begins reacquiring targets. Sensor profiles begin flooding in, with red notations indicating soft targets with weapons from noncombatants, brackets forming around priority individuals with numbers indicating targeting order. The minigun continues whirring, then snaps around as sensors lock on a target who has begun firing wildly and endangering non-combatants. The sounds of shredding sheetmetal fill the air with interspersed tracers illuminating the courtyard like a strobelight and the Vanquisher Heavy Minigun finally announces itself. The heavy rounds slam into the soldier, rendering him into a bloody meatpuppet that dances backward leaving a crimson mist in it's wake that slowly drifts downward.

Pulse charges into the room, now that the door's been cleared, going for a concentration of enemies… less to cause damage then to penetrate their formations, forcing them to waste ammo and resources as he closes like a raging bull.

Air steps into the room after Pulse, no time to mess around outside, not with elementals around. His smartlink activates the full auto on his alpha and lights up three priority targets in a nice red outline. The reticle shifts over the first and the trigger is pulled. Air drags the full auto smoothly across three of the armed toxics inside, peppering each of them with 3 rounds of armour piercing explosive ammunition.

When Pulse launches himself like the last action hero into the room— things go into bullet time. Braka-braka-pow… bullets just don't seem to move as fast when you have enough adrenaline going through your system to stop an elephant. Launching himself onto a particular human with red facepaint, he swings— finding these guys are either juiced, corrupted, or both. The swing misses— resulting in a swift gun-butt to the side of his jaw that he takes in stride. The idea is a success— as a fair amount of the people in the room descend onto him like zerglings— knives, bats, and meaty fists in hand (not that you have much of an option with your fists).

The bullet spray causes an explosive amount of blood to decorate the wall. The MMG wielding troll is ripped open— but remains breathing, gripping his large gun menacingly in what looks to be soon retaliation. The ork next to him is not so lucky— getting plastered back against the wall and bleeding to death on the ground. The ork next to HIM is luckier— taking a heavy wound— making it difficult to level his shotgun, but he manages.

Outside— the ethereal form of Adam is slicing up one of the Earth elementals, but he is in the same boat as Pulse. He takes his one elemental down in a bellowing, bone chilling sound, but is in deep shit as the other two start batting him around. He needs reinforcements bad— and is on the defensive until Annie can give him a hand.

And that isn't happening any time soon. The second floor window shatters as something. Some THING appears out of it in a blurr that breaks through all of Annie's perception precautions. It is nothing more than a streak of black— impacting into the chest like that of a troll and scattering her powerful weapon focus into the debris. It is enough to send her reeling— rolling back towards the shoreline as it approaches in that 'Yes, I am that badass' fashion. The shadows form into a humanoid, black as night with red eyes, "You should not have come here. But you will make a powerful sacrifice. More than I could have hoped for his this useless city."

Air is a fluid moving target after entering the room, taking precise measured, but small steps. Bullets fly past him, spattering across the wall behind him as he sidesteps neatly. Chunks of the wall become dust in the air, creating a haze until finally one of the riflemen catches him a solid hit in the abdomen. It causes him to buckle over slightly, slowing his movement, knocking off his graceful, almost dance like steps. His transducers transforms his mental impulses into radio chatter, «* * ***, Lucky hit!»

Annie steadies herself on her feet, offering the spirit a wry and wolfish grin. "Y'know, I was about to say the same fucking thing." She raises her arms and begins centering in the lyrical tones of Sperethiel, the swirling icy winds representative of the domain of her Goddess seeming to embrace her in a buffeting tempest as she begins centering for combat. Raw energy crackles around her, causing her dark hair to rise in an obsidian halo, the power coming to her call in spite of the horrendous background count that seems to permeate the very soil of this place. Finally she raises a hand and flicks her fingers toward the annoying spirit, sending a bolt of electricity arcing toward it across the intervening space.

Pulse is like a rock in the sea of attacks. He actually laughs as the people descend around him, a joyous cry on his lips as his enemies descend. His fighting style is conservative at first as he throws up his defenses, his experienced defense moving blows from knock-out strikes to key places on his armor. Shoulders, chest, wrists: the big boxer takes their blows like the champ he is, his ware kicking in here and there as he takes the beating…

But he's still laughing, and suddenly he changes style. The boxer suddenly begins spinning rapidly, his feet and hands shooting out at strange angles, his tactics suddenly changed… he throws out another attack that's easily deflected, the rifle butt glancing off his side, and he laughs again. "Come along, children," he cries, "Let Papa Pulse show you how Grownups play!"

Air levers himself back up straight, clenching his teeth against the pain in his stomach. A little blood leaks from a hole in his fancy armour. Not fancy enough apparently. The four remaining gunmen are highlighted in his vision, but the red mist descends as he swings the ugly looking rifle round. The black thing chatters for what seems like forever as five rounds fly into each target, splattering all across their chests, stitching them up… until they fall down. «Three down.»

<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Air (#8050) uses 10 of item 1: Firepower Assault Rifle rounds from Ammo Crate (#4547).
<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Air (#8050) uses 1 of item 6: Concussive Mini-Grenades from Ammo Crate (#4547).

In Astral, things don't look good for Adam. Cue tension music. He deflects one attack only to block another one. Argh. With Annie being tied up as well, he is in deep shit. Then Nine swings up, back to back with Adam. "Where have you been?" he asks— as the two are being circled by the elementals that are showing in both astral and the physical world. Well, for starters she was taking care of the 'other' spirit on the other side of the island— but a story for another time. Fight!

Not too far away, the Shadow Anima raises his hands in a very 'Dark Lord' Fashion as tendrils of purple-white lightning rip forward to meet Annie's magic— locking them in a combat of raw magic. Evil cackling soon follows— as no magical locked battle is complete without the bad guy lacking like an evil clown (Kefka anyone?).

The people that are ganging up on Pulse start attacking with more ferocity. One grumbles, "Just fraggin' hit him!" "He bleeds, he can die!" "More blood for the blood god!" Ok, that last one was random, but not as random when the one says, "Kitten Food!" Yeah, better off not asking on that one. The guy looks like he has down syndrome.

The men with the rifles go down like so much wet meatsacks. It still leaves the ork and the troll— both baring some heavy firepower. Firepower that gets another round of erupting towards Air's general direction.

Annie continues the engagement, the thought of backing down or relinquishing the engagement not even occurring to her. Her other hand comes up, taking on some of the crackling energy as the whirlwind of magical energy continues swirling around her, picking up and tossing debris in a wide arc around her. Her lips keep moving in a nearly soundless crescendo as her focus switches over to the astral plane, she has just enough attention to spare in an attempt to scan the dark spirits aura. Even as she does this, she can feel her energy reserves being tapped by the combat.

Nine is generally needing assistance from Adam, so things are a bit odd now, but that is her nature. Odd. Nine pulls up her dukes and draws mana from the astral plane while a green glow emits from where her eyes would be on her otherwise masked astral form. Even in the astral, she would look mundane, save for this moment when she is backing Adam in astral combat against the elemental enemies. She gives a soft cattish growl before starting to plow the one that looks the healthiest with mana laden fists… which might even have a silvery glow because of the mana, and departing what look to be triangles that get stuck in the astral body of the manifested earth elly.

Pulse continues whirling among his enemies, and the tactic works. This time he manages to get a blow in, snapping a poor bastards head back and dropping him to the ground… but pulse isn't out of the woods yet. More blows hammer against him, but the boy's something like a titan, unaffected by the attempts of mere mortals. Even as he's dancing around, his shoulders move just so… and as he comes around again he levels it at Kitten food's torso. "Dog chow peekabo," he says, pulling the trigger, grinning behind his skimask.

Air downs two of his more dangerous targets, leaving only wounded ones, who hopefully can't hit him. That is a vain hope however, as the one with the shotgun manages to slam three slugs in his direction. He tries the old side stepping maneuver again, but the wound is slowing him down as the slugs smack into the armor on his right arm, spinning around slightly.

On Astral, the duo battle it out with the Earth Elementals— trading blows and wearing them down slowly. Chips of earth get lopped off in the physical realm where strikes land— being mana against mana in the tango they do.

Annie's engagement with the shadow anima gets heated as the anima steps towards her— one step at a time. The purple tendrils begin to consume the mana manifested by the lightning— swirling around her like dark velvet. It doesn't look good until the turret on the Bison whirrs around and rips into the shadow anima. Powdery black mist disperses where the bullets pass— unable to harm him, but enough to end the engagement with a burst that draws both figures back— and Annie on her back. "This has been— amusing, but it's over. Time to die," he says as he points one hand towards Annie to finish this off. Out of nowhere, someone decides to play hero. A scruffy looking kid with black hair holding Annie's staff. He whacks at the anima's hand, which causes him to retract it, obviously fearing the device. "Get back, I'll save you!" says the squeaky voiced kid who obviously doesn't know Annie is a top tier shadowrunner. He also doesn't understand how a weapon focus works. Without bonding it, its just a really cool looking stick. The shadow anima realizes this and just moves out of the way of the kid's wild flailing at him. "Gods, how annoying," it quips— grabbing the kid by the throat. There is a cracking sound as the flailing stops, staff dropped to the ground, and his body is quickly consumed by shadow.

Back inside the building, the angry cultists(?) surrounding Pulse take a step back— realizing that this just isn't working. However, they do have him surrounded and they do have guns— so they take Pulse's idea and decide shooting is a better option. It helps when the shotgun blast into Mr.Kittens there sends him across the room with a gaping wound and one of them got floored by a counter attach to the sternum. Likewise, the troll and the ork that are still breathing, level their weapons. Bloodied and wounded, they are ready to make their last stand.

Annie feels her knees getting week, recognizing the sensation in spite of her focus on the fight at hand. An energy drain effect of some sort. Interesting. Very few spirits aside from the fairly rare Blood Spirit actually has that sort of power. She cocks her head slightly, the Sperethiel finally stopping as she continues to scrutinize the shadow entity. Her hands abruptly cross as she gathers the channeled energy back into one palm, staggering as pulses of the dark energy begin flowing into her aura. Her now freed right hand plucks a small device from her belt, then aims it at the spirit opposite her. An emerald pulse of laser light flickers across the dust-filled space, locking on the shades torso.

The Shadow spirit, confident in its impending victory, looks down at the emerald dot and cackles in its now stereotypical bad guy manner. "Die mage!", the spirit screeches as it redoubles its effort to draw Annies essence from her slender form.

Obie's sensors receive a priority notification as they suddenly detect the emerald gleam of Annie's target designator. The Vanquisher swivels around, and once more the island strobes in time to a flickering stream of armor piercing rounds liberally laced with the streaming pulses of tracer rounds. The high velocity rounds cut through the air with a rending sound akin to a sheet of carbon steel being tossed into a woodchipper. The effect on the spirit should have been somewhat nifty considering the raw firepower involved, but its the raw self-sacrificing force of will displayed by the child that manages to turn the battle.

Annie rolls forward, grasping the staff and noting with pleasure how the pastel blue light flickers to fill the runes. Her heartbeat is obviously a bit elevated judging by the rapid double pulse of light. "Thanks kid", she murmurs to the final resting spot of the child, then wades into the swirling shadow wake of the spirits now extended aura. The staff flickers like lightning, eliciting screams of pain as the powerful weapon focus begins disrupting its essence from within. Finally too much damage is taken and the spirit suddenly explodes outward in a mass of writhing shadow tendrils, which suddenly collapse inward toward a point of light at the tip of Annie's staff.

Annie drops to a knee, sagging forward as she tries to retain consciousness.

As the shadow anima explodes— there is a wave on the astral plane. It pauses the elementals— allowing Adam and Nine to deliver finishing blows and disrupting their existence. It would be nice if it had the same effect for the guys in the house with Pulse and Air, but alas— they have guns at them that about to be pulled all the same.

Nine delivers one last blow to the elemental that she had chosen to engage in vicious manner. She uses one astral arm as if to shield her face from exploding earth elly with strange mana triangular bits flying everywhere. Yeah, it was a reflex from someone who tends to stay in their body too much.
Anyways, she lowers the arm and then quickly glances around for more danger on the astral plane before looking to Adam and then gliding over to him as quickly as possible and drawing mana to heal his astral body, that is… if he took damage from the elementals. If he took it from casting… well, there is nothing she can do. Here's trying!

Pulse's shotgun continues to fire as they back off, the boxer's shots accurate… but his targets are awful dodgy. He swears, hard, and steels himself for what's to come… it's time to show them just how hard a man he is! "Come on, boyos," he snarls, "Let's see what you got!"

Air is just about fed up of this lot of noisemakers now. Whipping back round he over rotates, the first six rounds of his next overkill spray stitching across the body of the Troll with the MMG. He completely misses the shotgun toting ork and ends up making a last second adjustment, putting the last four rounds into the side of one of the ones trying to shoot Pulse to bits.

The trusty old Alpha does her job well though, with the gas vents on the barrel firing hot gases all over the place as the HEAP rounds pierce and then fragment into shards in the soft guts of the metas.

Looks like things in the house are going better, depending on who you are focusing on. Air's Alpha rips into the troll— plastering him to a point that he is not getting back up. The ork with the SPAS misses, again. One of the guys on Pulse gets ripped into meaty shreds. The remaining combatants around Pulse, two of which are on the floor, shoot at him in a hail of heavy pistol and sub machinegun fire.

Pulse keeps his feet as he's filled full of bullets, bits of blood spattering out from his body. But he grits his teeth and keeps his position, lining up another shot… and he pulls the trigger, firing with a nasty 'thwupt' into his target's chest. "Nice shooting," he mutters. "Facing some gods-damned marksmen! COME ON! Stop trying to kill me and KILL ME!"

Air has turned into something of a stationary turret. The wound in his abdomen steadily leaks blood as he turns this way and that, spraying rounds out of his Alpha. After taking one down in front of Pulse he starts to turn back, chattering rounds out at the ones lay on the floor and finally at the original one with the shotgun. Oh how Air hated the one with the shotgun, and hate is about the only feeling that comes easy with so much cyberware. He barely blinks as blood splatters around the room. The Alpha smokes cordite and Air bleeds bourbon as he merciless slaughters these god damn Toxic loving hippies.

Splatterhouse! When a toxic household meets Air.

Unfortunately for the only remaining toxic hippie— he misses Pulse.

Pulse is just full of tricks. Even as men die around him, he's moving quickly, closing the distance. As he narrowly avoids some more weapons fire he spins and strikes, his physical prowess clear even through his injuries: he pulls a wrestling move and leaps into the air, landing across the poor adept's throat with an outstretched leg. The impact is immense, leant precision and savagery by Pauly's muay-thai training, and bones snap beneath him… but already pauly's coming to his feet, preparing his shotgun for the final act…

Air spins back again, his readout shows three rounds left in this magazine. Three rounds, just enough for a proper three round burst. The smartlink highlights the last standing targets head and he lines up the shot, dropping three bullets into the head of the final target, which explodes like an overriped melon from the fragmenting bullets entering his brainpan.

Pulse shoulders his shotgun as he rises, spitting a bit of blood into the face of one of the gangers. "Son of a bitch cut me," he mutters, and draws his warhawk. "Clean up," he tells Air. "Good shootin.' You took care of most of them." He pulls the trigger, exploding some brains.

Air ejects the magazine, the empty tin hitting the floor with a clank. His hand sliding a fresh one in smoothly. "Affirmative. Whole house needs clearing." With that he advances through the nearest door to clean up, doing a systematic search of the small building, executing any remaining toxic cultist hippies.

<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Air (#8050) uses 3 of item 1: Firepower Assault Rifle rounds from Ammo Crate (#4547).
<<Plot>> Pulse fired 4 of his 100 Shotgun APDS.

Pulse goes through the rooms Air doesn't, systemetically blowing brains out. "And so the land shall be purged," he murmurs. "Been a long time since I been in a battle that savage. I need thicker skin."

Air dissapears upstairs and a couple of shots go off before he comes tripping back down, calling Pulse over. "I think that's it, let me have a look at that wound." He gestures and pulls his savior medkit around.

Pulse sticks the pistol back in his waistband and walks over to Air. "Yeah, I think I will," he says. "Think they shot me half a dozen times, at least."

Air kneels down as he unpacks the advanced medkit. "Dunno how you stayd standing up, get rid of the armour in the way." Then he pulls out a nanite injection, administering it directly to the wound.

Nine continues drawing mana to help heal Adam back to what he was, and then she backs away a bit and pants softly. Luckily, she took no drain, as her own method of healing is just a treat spell, not a full out heal one. Glancing all around the astral plane where they just beat up elementals, scanning through the haze, she tries to get reoriented with her directions.

Pulse takes off his coat to give the man better access. "Good luck," he says. "It's a habit. Spent most of my life fighting and getting hit and having to stay up."

Air injects those nanites and they pretty much go to work on the wound, knitting it back together in a matter of about 8 seconds. "Well… that was easy," comments the Swede.

Pulse grunts again. "Just some flesh wounds," putting the coat back on, peeking out. "Think breeze is ready for us to extract yet?"

Air grunts as he sits back and starts unstrapping the armour from around his abdomen, "Don't know. Gonna fix myself first." Then he peers down at the seeping stomach wound. The needle is tossed and replaced and is injected into himself now.

Air yanks the needle back out and watches as the flesh pulls back together, puckering up slightly. Not fully healed, but far less of a hindrance. Throwing the medkit back together and strapping it back onto his webbing Air nods, "Alright, let's get outta here."

<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Air (#8050) rolls 1 for "Supplies?":
<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> Air (#8050) uses 1 of item 3: Savior Medkit Supplies from Savior Advanced Medkit Package (#1730).

Pulse nods. "Yeah," he says. "Let's leave this house of blood. I'm still feeling a little sluggish. You ever drunk at the medievo? best whiskey in town, bar none…"

Air gives one last look around and then takes a limping step over, picking up the dropped MMG. Blood drips slickly from it. "House of blood is right." Slinging the MMG he nods to Pulse, "Never been. Tempted to try it out on a recommendation like that though."

Pulse grunts again. "I got a penthouse up there. You and your lady should drop by for drinks. I'll have it catered. Damn fine food, too… after a night like tonight, we need it. You, me, Breeze…"

Air rolls his head around on his neck and follows the bigger man out. Glancing around at the carnage outside with a grunt. "Obie came in handy. I'll take you up on that offer." Air nods in that faraway fashion, when thoughts are straying elsewhere.

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