Rio Run
GM: Annie

Players: Dalton.

Synopsis: Annies guide in Amazonia decides to hold out on her for more money. She sends Dalton to Rio to convince the guy to give him her stuff.

Date: April 5th, 2070

You get a text from Annie, requesting you to meet her at the corner of 15th and Main in the UCAS sector in about an hour. The message goes on to state that you should hit 1 to accept, and press 2 to let her know that you are too busy.

Dalton checks his pocsec, then responds with a 1. He isn't too busy tonight, just doing his usual of hiding in the warrens and sniping gangers with spells. He levitates back to his hiding spot and hops on his Scorpion. He rides through the warrens and heads into the UCAS sector, following the directions to hit the corner of 15th and Main. Once there, he pulls over and looks around, perhaps a nice Bison is in the area?"

Indeed there is. It rolls up to the intersection about the same time you do, pulling out of traffic and sidling up next to the curb. The door opens after a few seconds, a silent invitation to step inside.

Dalton steps off his bike, turning it off and pulling out the keys. He heads over to the Bison and steps inside and waits to see what form the powerful mage will appear in tonight.

Annie sits in her captains chair, swiveled around to face you as you step inside. The door slides shut after you are all the way inside, and the expected ear popping occurs as the interior repressurizes.

"Hey there.", Annie states with a weary grin as you arrive, and she gestures for you to take one of the other seats present in the back.

She continues after a second, "I appreciate your being able to meet me on such short notice."

Dalton nods and moves over to take a seat. "Good evening, how may I help you tonight. Its not a problem, I've got lots of tattoos I need in the future, so I'll be coming back to see you soon enough."

Annie grins slightly, "Good to know I still have something to offer.", she exhales slowly and then continues, "I've got a bit of a problem and I can't get out of town to personally take care of it. I was in Amazonia about a month ago gathering some supplies, and had to hire a guide to get me through some of the rather Draconian regulations they have in place down there."

Dalton nods "I hear getting anything useful out of that place is quite the hassel. So what exactly do you have in mind?"

Annie nods, "It's a royal bitch to be honest. But we were in the interior for about a week and I gathered and refined some Columbite and some Emeralds…the former of which is needed for a focus design I was working on.", she pauses and leans back in her chair as she continues, "Something came up back here and I had to leave quickly. My guide was supposed to pack the stuff out to Rio and place it on a smugglers plane for eventual arrival back here. The problem is that once I was out of town, he started trying to renegotiate the terms of our deal and I still haven't gotten my minerals."

Dalton smiles and nods "Ahh, so you need someone to go down and renegotiate with him then? I take it you have all the proper contacts to get me there and back?"

Annie nods, "I have some pull with the Tir government. There is a cargo plane that is carrying some supplies to some guerillas that are operating to the north against Aztlan. It will stop in Rio for ten hours to refuel. I've got one seat on that plane.", she chuckles, "Not really first class accommodations…but it will bypass a lot of the usual travel restrictions in the area. During the ten hour layover, find Juan Valdez and convince him to give you my stuff. If you can't do that, go ahead and terminate him and promote his second cousin Julio to his position. I'm sure he will be more accomodating."

Dalton arches a brow "Terminate? What if I strip him down and leave him bound and gagged. If he escapes, he lives, if not, well, its not really my fault he didn't have any friends then. Unless you can convince me this guy deserves to die for other reasons."

Annie chuckles, "Terminate as in 'Fire' him. You can use your personal discretion how permanent the termination is."

Dalton smiles and nods "Ahh, ok, much better situation then. I'll get your materials without a problem, and I'll let him know future work on your behalf will have to be much more accomidating to your needs if he wishes to continue his career."

"Good, I knew you could handle it.", Annie responds. She reaches into a pocket of her coat and hands you a packet of documentation and an optical chip. "The chip has some maps of Rio, pictures of Juan and his cousin, and their addresses in the city. Both their home and the warehouse they operate out of."

Dalton takes the information, slipping it in various pockets "Alright, when do I leave?"

"The cargo plane will be landing at a private landing strip here in the UCAS sector in two hours. The directions are on the chip.", Annie responds, "The plane is going to Houston, then bearing southeast to Rio to bypass Azzie airspace. It will land in Rio, take on fuel, then head north toward the border where it will airdrop supplies to the Amazonian Guerillas. Then it will head back to CAS territory and into Denver. The round trip will probably take around thirty to thirty-five hours in all."

Dalton nods "Alright, well, I better get going then. I've got alot of maps to study up on." he stands up and nods "Unless you have any last minute information I need, I'll get going."

Annie shakes her head, "Give me a call if anything unexpected comes up.", she pauses and adds, "And thanks. I really appreciate it."

The Bison door opens up once more with a soft hiss of pressurized air.

Dalton nods "Not a problem." he heads over to the door of the Bison, waiting for it to open, then he steps out and returns to his bike. He settles down on the bike, pulling out his pocsec and slipping the chip into it. He reads over the initial information for getting to the airstrip, after he gets that down he starts his bike and heads off to the private landing strip.

You arrive at the private landing strip and immediately spot the primer gray beast that is supposed to be your ride. It's probably about forty years old, but appears to be well kept. The pilot is, as expected, an elf and is standing outside directing the refueling and loading of some crates onto the plane.

Dalton finds a place to park his bike and heads over to meet the pilot "I have a spot reserved on the plane, anything I need to know?"

The pilot looks at you as you approach, "Ah, you must work for Salianae'.", he waits for your confirmation and then continues, "Not much. Until we get to Rio, it should be fairly uneventful. We will have a bit of a layover while I get our flight corridor north cleared.", he shrugs and adds, "Just relax, concentrate on whatever she has you doing, and I should be able to get you back here safe and sound."

Dalton nods "Thanks." he heads into the plane, finding his place to settle down and gets comfortable. At that point he brings out his pocsec and starts memorizing the information, the pictures of Juan and his cousin, the addresses, maps of the city, general regions and main roads. Then he starts looking up where he can rent a vehicle once he lands, something that can get him around town easy, a bike most likely.

There are quite a few places publicly listed in Rio that rent vehicles…so it's not a big deal to locate some near where the plane will be landing.

Finally the pilot climbs aboard, checks to make sure the cargo is firmly secured and then heads into the cockpit. Shortly thereafter you are airborne.

The flight is relatively uneventful if not exactly first class. The seat is rather hard with a web restraining harness. In flight entertainment is nonexistent, and there isn't a stewardess.

Dalton makes do with what he has for the flight, simply more time to study and memorize as much as he can, especially town layout, the targets and thier home and warehouse. He pretty much gets plenty of time get a good idea of the place.

Eventually the plane lands in Rio. The pilot heads back and offloads with you. "We pretty much have a hard takeoff in exactly…", he checks his watch, "… Nine hours thirty five minutes. Be here and loaded up or you will get left behind. We have a pretty tight flight Corridor, and Hualpa gets pretty cranky if you are where you aren't supposed to be."

Dalton nods "Not a problem." he heads off the plane and starts towards the nearest sign of civilization, to catch a cab to the closest place to rent a bike. Once he takes care of those mundane issues, he checks heads towards the targets warehouse first, to see if he can catch him there.

Rio is a pretty rocking city this time of year. The nightlife is just starting to roll out onto the streets, the weather is much better than what you have been experiencing in Denver lately. Fortunately quite a bit of the population speaks English, so your lack of Espanol doesn't put you in too much hardship.

The Warehouse in question lies on the edge of town in a industrial district. It's pretty much shut down this time of night except for the odd security car that patrols their assigned buildings. The Warehouse you are looking for is dark except for some lights in the front office.

Dalton parks his bike somewhere out of the way and out of sight. He then starts walking to the warehouse, heading towards the light in the front office, unless there is a locked fence in his way.

There are no fences. It's quiet. A lot of people are probably at some festival going on in the city.

Dalton simply heads up to the door nearest to the lighted office and knocks or rings whatever buzzer might be there. Then he steps back and waits.

A female voice calls out a question in Spanish.

Dalton calls out in response "I'm looking for Juan, can you help me?" he remains standing a few steps away from the door, spreading his arms wide in case someone is looking outside at him.

There is silence for a few seconds, and then the voice replies in halting English. "He's gone out. They were going to Bombar Redux for festival."

Dalton calls out "Alright, thank you." he turns and starts heading away, pulling out his pocsec and looking for maps on how to get to Bombar Redux. He returns to his bike, and plots his route.

The Bombar Redux is one of the more popular nightclubs in Rio. It's pretty easy to locate directions, but there are several warnings that unless you are a very hot chick, don't expect it to be easy getting inside without knowing someone.

Dalton parks his bike a bit aways from the Bombar Redux, and decides what he needs is a change of look. With that, he casts a Physical Mask on himself, changing himself into a totally hot smoking american blonde chick, wearing a stunning outfit of street chic, tight jeans, skintight shirt, and a long coat. Of course, this keeps his normal clothing well in check, the breasts sadly are left small, cause you just cant mimic that with a physical mask spell.

Dalton steps off her bike now that he has changed into a woman. He starts walking down the street, doing that walk he has seen countless women do, he gives as much attitude as he can, walking straight up to the bouncer guarding the door and simply putting one hand on her hip and staring at him "So?" she says in a sultry voice.

The club is, as expected, a happening place. The line outside has at least 250 people in it, a decent mix of locals and out of town partiers. The velvet rope is in place with two burly human bouncers in skin tight black t-shirts guarding the doors and selectively admitting people from the line as they are ushered forward by a third bouncer. Whenever the door opens, a blast of extremely loud music washes out onto the street.

One of the Bouncers seems to notice you immediately as you saunter past the line and toward the doors. You get quite a few mutters of 'Bitch' and 'Fragging line cutter' thrown your way from some of the other women who are actually waiting in the line.

Dalton puts a hand on her hip, smiling slightly at the bouncer "So?" She says in a sultry voice, simply waiting to see if the rope gets lifted for her magical hotness.

The bouncer seems pretty impressed, taking a long moment to look you over from your feet to your breasts. He pretty much stops at the breasts. "Hello pretty lady", he states in accented english, "This your first time?"

Dalton nods, and smiles even though she knows he is noting her lack of breasts, the small bumps he could generate with this magic make her barely register as a woman, the other curves though were much easier to make. "Yes, someone told me this was the place to be tonight."

"It is. And you are in luck. Edwardo gave me three passes to the VIP section and told me to give them to the three hottest girls I see tonight.", the Bodyguard states with a leer and opens the velvet gate for you to pass. He gestures for you to give him your hand.

Dalton reaches out and lightly touches the mans hand, knowing that the illusion presents her hand as slightly smaller, perhaps the man will only assume she is of tougher stock than most women. She steps foward, not letting the man get a good grip on her before she tries to move past him.

The bouncer pulls out a nano stamp and positions it on the back of your hand. There is a soft hiss and the little machines swirl in a dark green advertisement for the club. "Ok, go on in. Head to the double doors across the room for this one and show the bouncer your stamp." He steps back and opens the door, allowing the blaring music and flashing lights to wash over you.

Dalton smiles "Thanks" she says softly and then steps by him into the club, her first direction is to walk across the club while keeping a lookout for Juan, perhaps he is in the VIP section, it would be just her luck tonight. So, thats where she heads, straight through the crowds and to the VIP bouncer to show the hand, making sure the physmask doesnt conceal the stamp.

There are easily several hundred people in the club. Lights flash, music pounds with heavy amounts of bass. Cages are suspended from the ceiling and apparently contain some magically active types. They seem to be washing mood altering control spells over the crowd, flipping the party goers quickly along a gamut of emotions and stamping down on anyone who appears not to be having a good time. Trid illusions also flicker through the air, forming all sorts of fantastical shapes.

Dalton realizes with all the magic here tonight, this may not be as easy as he thinks, but then again, perhaps he will get lucky, the worst that can happen is he turns into a good looking guy instead of a girl, thanks to that tattoo. He makes his way across the room, still in his woman form and heads to the door to the VIP secton.

Its not quite that easy unfortunately. You barely move more than ten feet and get groped and propositioned. Again five feet beyond that. Men keep sweeping by attempting to drag you onto the dance floor.

These damn latinos are pretty lusty, and the spells flying about are also lowering inhibitions.

Dalton shakes her head and as she moves through the crowd, she simply waits till turning away one of the men before dropping the spell quickly, now he is just a handsome man with a VIP stamp. He hopes this will get him across the room faster.

Aaand…not so much. The girls start doing the same, along with a small smattering of guys who don't care much about their partners gender. But eventually you make it to the vip door. The bouncer seems pretty bored, gives your stamp a quick scan with a wand and then opens the door for you.

The room beyond is an orgy of more than 2 dozen naked bodies. Pleasure inducing mood and health spells fly liberally about and the naked throngs of bodies are drinking, doing drugs, and slotting btls.

Dalton manages not to jump into the middle of the orgy, though it is tempting as he watches the various female forms, instead he finds a spot where he can observe and look for Juan, though the odds do seem now that the guy isnt in this room, its a possibility he must check out before moving on.

It does not take you long to discern that Juan or his cousin definitely aren't in the room. They are simply too average in appearance to fit in with the VIP room attendee.

You don't get long to be a voyeur however, the young and nubile women notice you almost immediately and try to drag you into the ongoing orgy, offering you a wide variety of drugs and btls.

Dalton manages to pull himself away "I need a drink first." he whispers to one, then blows her a kiss and then turns to leave the VIP room. He does smile at the whole thing though, then tries to get back to the task at hand.

Dalton could spend hours wandering around this place, and he doesn't have the time, instead he moves over towards the bar itself, trying to catch a bartender by showing a hundred nuyen on the bar and waiting to get some attention.

The bartender is a topless girl who smiles cheerily at you, reaching toward the cred and sliding it off into a tray. "How can I help you Sweetie?", she inquires curiously.

Dalton smiles, sliding his eyes slowly from her chest up to her face "I'm looking for a man, a guide by the name of Juan. I heard he was here tonight."

The girl laughs, causing her boobs to jiggle enticingly. "Do you have any idea how many Juans live in Rio?"

Dalton smiles and pulls out a pocsec, keying up a picture "Juan Valdez." he shows the girl the photo "Do you know him?"

The bartender nods and appears a bit disapponted, "Yeah. I know him.", she gestures over toward some curtained alcoves that fill the left side of the bar wall. She eyes you curiously and then shrugs, "You don't seem like his type. Not rugged enough. Anyway…he's in one of the alcoves."

Dalton smiles and puts away his pocsec "Give me your number, maybe when I'm done with my business this evening, I can give you a call before I have to leave town. Trust me, my only interest in Juan is professional."

She reaches across the bar and taps your nano hand stamp. It swirls and you see a number and name scroll briefly across the back of your hand, then it returns to it's normal club advertisement.

Dalton grins and winks "Catch ya later." and with that he steps away from the bar and starts heading towards the alcoves. Trying to skirt the edge of the establishment to avoid the women who want to dance.

It's not easy, but you manage it. It's pretty obvious what the alcoves are for based on the sounds you can hear coming from some of them.

Dalton looks around for signs of people watching, then starts peeking into alcoves, looking for his target tonight, and preparing himself for when he does find him. His tatts are all active and he is ready for a confrontation if it comes to that.

You peek into three of the nine alcoves before you hit paydirt. You see Juan and a guy that looks like a burly dockworker doing the nasty on the plastic covered mattress in the alcove.

Dalton steps inside the alcove quickly and his form is suddenly covered by the black hood and cloak that blows as if caught in the wind. A moment later mana energy hits the dockworker and his form slumps over, suddenly unconsious, pinning Juan underneath his form.. Dalton speaks out "Juan Valdez, it seems we have a moment to talk now."

Juan begins cursing in spanish, struggling to get out from under his unconscious 'date'.

Dalton brings a foot up to push the unconsious man down on Juan "Talk in english or I'll simply put you unconsious too. And stop struggling."

Juan struggles a second longer, then goes limp as he casts a quick glance toward his clothes hanging on the wall near you. "What do you want?", he tries to growl out menacingly. It's sort of difficult to pull off menacing when you are in his position however.

Dalton steps over Juan and his lover, moving to the clothes and quickly inspecting them for a weapon. "I'm here to renegotiate for Breeze. You do remember Breeze right? You have some minerals she is very anxious to get into her hands."

There's a light machine pistol holstered in the waist band of the pants. He pales slightly at the mention of Breeze, and begins struggling once more as he tries to push the dockworker off of him.

Dalton draws the machine pistol and turns to face Juan, moving over and using a boot to push the dockworker back down on top of Juan. He checks the machine pistol, flipping it to burst fire and turning off the safety "Nice piece. Now, about Breeze. I'm here to collect her minerals. If I don't get them, she told me to terminate your employment. If your a nice boy, and give me the minerals, I'll make sure you get a chance to work again."

Juan goes even paler at the word 'terminate', most likely assuming the same meaning you did. "Si, si", he mutters in desperate tones, "I can take you to them."

Dalton shakes his head "No no no, trust is an issue, and we really don't have any trust tonight do we. You tell me how to get the minerals, and then I'll go get them. You can wake your friend and return to having your fun."

Juan appears somewhat surprised, "You will let me go?", he inquires in apparent amazement. He sighs, "Alright. Her crate is being stored in the basement of a building near the airfield.", he gives you the address after a moment and adds, "I don't suppose you will leave me my pistol?"

Dalton smiles "Of course." And suddenly the black hood and cloak covers his features, and he gestures at Juan, sending a stunbolt towards him.

Dalton doesnt hold back, slamming a full force stunbolt into Juan and knocking him senseless. After a moment he looks at Juan and begins casting again, this time a F3 Mind Probe. The cloak and hood cover his features as he prepares the spell.

Dalton decides to double check the information, probing the guys mind to make sure he was really told the proper information about Breezes supplies

The information was inaccurate. The address you were given belongs to a local cop who takes bribes from Juan. The crate is actually stored at the house of his cousins sister.

Dalton shakes his head, and probes deeper, looking for where the crate is and what kind of defenses, traps, and security, and what he might say to get past the cousins sister.

Esmerelda was asked to keep the crate and not release it to anyone but Juan or her brother. She lives with her boyfriend named Julio who works as an occasional hired gun for Juan during his trips into the interior.

Dalton carefully takes the machine pistol, still in the ready position and starts rearranging people. He shifts Juan so he is holding the pistol with his finger on the trigger, and the gun is pointed at the docworker. If Juan wakes up a bit jittery, well, he is going to be in trouble. With that done, Dalton leaves the alcove, and starts for the exit as quickly as possible.

You manage to exit the club with only a bit of trouble from the more amorous patrons.

Dalton heads out of the club and returns to where he parked his rental bike. He starts it up, then finds an map to the address he got from Juans mind. Once he has a route planned, he starts heading that way, parking a block away, and then casting physmask on himself to look like Juan.

The neighborhood is pretty quiet this time of the night. A few people outside on their porches. A group of youths sitting around a street corner listening to music and smoking.

Dalton finishes his spellcasting, making himself look as close to Juan as he can and he gets off the bike and starts heading for the house. He will keep an eye out on the astral plane, then take a quick glance over the house and grounds as he gets ready to approach the home and con the residents

Nothing out of the ordinary on either plane. The house itself is a two story building, probably around forty years old, and seen better days. There are several lights on inside, one on the top floor and another in what is most likely the living room.

Dalton makes his way up to the front door then starts banging on it hard, waiting for someone to come and open it. He says nothing, even though he has the voice down, he doesn't have the language down.

A few minutes later you hear someone moving in the house, heading toward the door. They pause near the door and you guess they are likely peeking out through a peephole. A second later you hear, "Juan?", there is a pause and then a string of questions in Spanish.

Dalton coughs and doubles over in apparent pain, he groans out in Juans voice, and raises a hand to weakly beat on the door.

You hear bolts being thrown, chains removed, and finally the door opens. A young woman stands there, probably in her early twenties, and then moves out onto the porch…still gibbering away in Spanish. She takes your arm and starts leading you into the house, calling for someone in high pitches scared tones.

Dalton continues to play the sick card, groaning and leaning heavily on the woman, he staggers as he is helped, waiting until the man decides to come help.

A few moments later, you hear someone coming down the stairs. It's probably her boyfriend, and he obviously works out…he's human, but built like a husky ork. He sees who it is and comes over to help, also gibbering away in Spanish.

Dalton falls over onto the nearest couch or chair, and as he does, his physical mask drops, he turns, focusing his gaze on the man and suddenly he is cloaked in his shroud of darkness, blowing as if in the wind. Magical energy surges forth and hits the man, who falls like a marionette with his strings cut. Dalton turns and prepares to take the woman down next.

The girl screams in terror and turns to bolt toward the nearest exit, which appears to be through the kitchen.

Dalton leaps to his feet and starts chasing after the woman, just needing to get a good look at her to cast the spell, but not wanting to risk a partial cover, he wants a good look at her as he bolts for the kitchen.

You enter the kitchen and see the woman desperately trying to get the back door open, but alas…her preference for lots of deadbolts has apparently been her undoing.

Dalton makes it into the kitchen, and as she starts to fiddle with the locks he concentrates, his shamanic mask cloaking his form once again, and the stunbolt slamming into the woman, dropping her to the floor by the door. With that all done, he turns to start to go where the minerals are stored, what he got from Juans memory.

There is a door in the kitchen that leads down to the basement. Once in the basement, you can see the normal odds and ends that fill most peoples basements. Boxes of old clothes, used sports equipment, a washer and dryer, a electronic treadmill, some weight lifting gear, and finally a wooden crate that is still attached to a handtruck with a nylon web belt.

Dalton moves over and inspects the crate, making sure its what he wants, he assenses the contents to verify thier condition, then starts hauling the crate out if its the right one.

It is indeed the correct crate, and your astral senses verify the near pristine magical condition of the contents. It's pretty heavy too, in spite of the refined state of the mineral ore.

Dalton struggles to get the crate out with the hand cart, looking around for some rope or something so he can tie the hand cart to the back of the bike and drag it along behind. Hopefully he can work something out.

Dalton manages to get the hand cart outside, then eyes the truck. He puts the handcart back inside the house and starts checking for keys.

You find a ring of keys hanging on a hook near the front door, one of which appears to be a truck key.

Dalton heads out, unlocks the truck with the keys, then levitates the crate into the back of the truck. He heads down the block, grabs the bike, returns to the truck and levitates the bike into the back of the truck. Once all his eggs are loaded into his basket, he gets in the truck and drives to the rental place. Returning the bike and getting his deposit back, then he takes the truck and heads to the Airstrip, loading up the crate of minerals into the plane, and getting it stashed and secured. Then he checks his watch, hrm, does he have enough time to see that bartender….

Hmm, about six hours until takeoff.

Dalton calls up the bartender from a throwaway phone, asks if she can get off and meet him for drinks at a hotel close to the airstrip, then hopefully spends a few hours enjoying himself and making sure the woman enjoys herself too. Leaving in plenty of time to get back to his plane and the trip home.

She seems pleased to hear from you and agrees to meet. She shows you a real good time, and a few new moves you haven't seen before.

The flight takes off on time, and from the condition of the pilot, it appears that the plane wasn't the only thing that got tanked up. He staggers into the plane, eyes you for a second, then activates his Detox tattoo. He shudders as the spell hits the remaining alcohol in his system…then moves on up into the cockpit. Within a few minutes the plane is taxiing up the runway, and shortly thereafter airborne.

Dalton doesnt trust the detox tatt, and decides to summon a sky spirit to guard the plane for its passage, just in case.

The flight north is quiet, the plane flying without running lights for the most part. About midway, you are joined by a mid-sized feathered serpent who paces the plane about 300 yards off the right wing.

Dalton remembers he wants to do something, and summons a watcher as they fly along "Return to Rio, find Juan Valdez, and tell him this. -You are no longer in the employ of Breeze. Should she ever see you again, she will do more than I did." Then he just enjoys the view of the majestic creature

The watcher nods eagerly and speeds off on its mission. The Dragon continues pacing the plane, which is actually pretty impressive considering the speed the plane is moving at. About an hour later the pilot moves into the back with you, spends a few minutes lining up some crates and checking their attached parachutes. Once satisfied he pulls a lever to open the back hatch, and seconds later the crates start rolling out the back and tumbling downward into the darkness.

Dalton watches the drop and remains where he is in the plane, this is not his business, his only business is ensuring his crate doesnt get dropped.

And it doesn't. It's safely right where you left it.

After dropping the crates off, the back of the plane closes and the pilot returns to the cockpit. Shortly thereafter, the plane banks east and you are on your way home once more. The Dragon doesn't follow the plane beyond the dropoff for the supply crates.

Dalton relaxes, enjoying the ride home and the memories of the pretty bartender.

Hours later, the plane lands on the same landing strip near Denver. The Pilot heads back, offers you a nod of farewell, then disembarks to supervise the refueling.

Dalton levitates the crate out of the plane, and finds a secure place to set it down and wait. He pulls out a phone and dials up Breeze, texting her a message (Your package is at the airstrip, come and get it.)

You receive a text back almost immediately, saying that she is on her way. About twenty minutes later the Bison rolls up, the door opens and Breeze hops out, offering you a nod and smile. "Good job. How was Rio?", she inquires curiously while turning her attention to the crate of minerals.

Dalton chuckles "It was rather fun actually, met a pretty girl. I sent Juan your message about further employment opportunities being terminated. Other than that, it was fairly routine."

Annie assenses the crate for a few seconds, then returns her attention to you. "Well, one thing Rio is good for is the night life. It's probably the one place in the whole country that hasn't changed much in the last century.", she leans against the front fender of her Bison, "What do you figure your time was worth for this little errand?"

Dalton smiles "Well, how about a favor. I could use another tattoo soon, call it even with that?"

Annie considers for a second and then nods, "Ok, it's a deal then. I appreciate your going…had some stuff that needed my close supervision, but I could not afford to let the guy extort me. Word like that gets around."

Dalton smiles and nods "Not a problem, I enjoyed getting out of town. It wasn't a big deal. I'm always around if you need more help like this in the future."

Annie gestures toward the crate, and it lifts off the ground in response to her levitate spell and floats into the Bison. "Definitely will", she responds after the crate is inside and she drops the spell once more, "I might have some more work here in a few days…it's been hectic and for some reason I am getting flooded with tattoo and enchanting requests."

Dalton nods "Sounds good, I'll be around, just give me a call sometime. Good luck with your enchanting work."

Annie offers a final wave, loads up in her RV, then heads on out.

Dalton returns to where he left his bike, and heads home himself, needing to catch some sleep after the busy days work.

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