Rap Off
GM: Blindside
Players: Blindside, AliceID, Ronald
Synopsis: Three Freaks Collide.
Date: August 7th, 2069

Some weird face-painted chick wanders in off the road just outside the Mustang Ranch, and she is dressed down in urban camo bits, and everything else desced there. She glances around with her metallic blue eyes, and she pushes back some strands of hair past what looks to be elven ears. The somewhat crazy grin that spreads over her face is amplified by said face paint, and she hums something while jiving around a little, a few hand motions here and there.

Ronald includes little miss face paint in his 'watching the world go by' practice, taking a sip from the keg he's using as a stein. It's even complete with a flapping lid, achieved through the simple expedient of slicing through the metal near the top rim. Whether it's from inside, or just filled from inside is rather hard to tell as the large hands conceal any identifying marks on the keg itself.

Ont Tiss Ont Tiss Ont Tiss Ont Tiss Ont Tiss

Blindside comes rolling out in his pimped out golf cart, the one with the tail pipes, the gold metalic paint and the hydrolics.

When she notices the keggering troll, Alice points unashamedly at the man and says out loud, "YO! That's fraggin awesome!" but then the sound of the hydrolics catches her attention while she continues to approach the Road House, and she darts her eyes over toward BSyde, "Hot! What is this place?" she asks a bit loudly, apparently being somewhat overbearing at times.

Ronald watches the halfer on the lifted, hydraulic equipped golf cart and laughs, not quite staring, but not bothering to be subtle about who the subject of the hilarity might be. When little miss face paint points and calls he just lifts the keg/stein in a mock toast and takes a swig. Yep, some places are better than others for watching the world go by, and this is definitely the cream of the crop.

The cart rolls to a stop near Ronald and Alice. "WHOA!" Says the dwarf looking at the woman and her face paint. "Dude, I don't wanna like, scare you or nuttin…" He leans in, almsot out of the cart. "BUT YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAK!" This is apparently funny to the bling-bling dwarf.

Alice grins at Ronald and then BSyde, and her reply is to blink once, lean closer and then say aloud, "AND YOU LOOK BLACK!"

The trogs eyes flick back and forth between the two, the smirk on his face just getting bigger and bigger as, apparently, the circus has come to town and they've decided to use the clowns as an opening act. Not that he'd actually say that, but a glance at his face is plenty to let an observer know what he thinks of the show.

"DUH!" Says the dwarf then, standing up in his cart. "THATS CAUSE I'm THE BEEEEEEEEEEEESYYYYYYYYYYYYYYD!" Gang signs thrown liberally. "I'm the pimp, the king prawn don't call it a shrimp! I'm the fly riggah who thinks he's a niggah! I got the bling, I make the pussy sing, I do it like this, I do it like that, I do with with a mother fucken baseball bat!"

Ronald just waits to see how the girl in the pancake will react, occasionally taking a sip from his modified keg.

Alice laughs once but then her metallic blue eyes widen a little bit, and about the time that BSyde says the word 'fly' in his free form rap, Alice steps back once and then gets down with a break-dance move, hands on the ground and legs swung around in a counter clockwise fashion until she has made a full 360 swing with them, and then she jumps back up. "Awesome!" She dusts her hands off and then grins to the dwarf, "I am Alice, and people think I have a lot of malice. They might be right, especially when they get me to fight. I like hatchets and wicked clowns. Tell me brother, are you down?"

Blindside eyes the woman now, then Ronald, then the woman again. "Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh! The right Stuff!" Says he then, doing a little shuffle dance. "Step back ya Painted bitch, cause when I get annoyed I scratch that itch! I roll hard, I ride steep, I roll mad, Detroit Metal Deep! You're in my face, you're on mah toes, only bitch gets ta do that best maek with the blows, the blows, oh oh oh ohes!"

Ronald grins and watches. He nods at the halfer's counter-attack, showing some respect, then turns his attention to Alice with an expectant look.

Alice considers what is said there, for a slight moment, then frowns openly before standing tall and then pointing toward BSyde again as if she were shame-shaming him. She shakes her head to the rhythm of her next rap, "Maybe you be bringing out the bitch card, right out in front of this here junk yard, but I got the mean kickin blows, but are you sure you -reeaally- want to know?" She grins a bit wickedly, then. "The last boy who insisted I be a bitch, well, he got himself thrown down in the DITCH. His homies had to fix his face, cause I put him in his place."

AliceID mimes after her rap, and she looks to be setting someone up against a wall before light knocking them off to the side, where she glances and smirks.

Ronald laughs, a deep rumbling 'hur hur hur' sound, then looks at Bside for his comeback and takes another swig of beer.
Blindside nods, then finds his beat. "I'm BDyde, the dwarf of destruction, And you ain't made with no suction, so you must be in need of some four foot two instruction! I run the ranch, I keep it Whack, flyen choppers and robots and a mothafucken KAYAK! I see your face, I see your problems, I can't help it you aint' evolved above your phylum!"

Blindside scratches an invisible turntable. "Wikca wicka wicka… Word!"

Alice half grins, "A mother fuckin kayak? Man, that is crazy whack!" Alice snorts softly as she begins into the next part, "I may not be a class, or b class, or maybe even not c class. I am in the DEE for Danger, but you hardly know me stranger. I chill with the freaks, while maybe you hang with the geeks? It does not really matter, it is all the same, freedom rules." Alice falters slightly but then lets out a fairly hearty laugh.

Ronald continues watching, eyes flicking back and forth between the two until Alice falters. Then, one hand most reminiscent of a whack a mole mallet points in her direction and he declares "Painted woman lose." in a voice that seems to shake the very air.
BSYYYYYYYDE offers a pump of his little fist, then takes his victory lap. "Awww honey, don't waste my time, steppen up and steppen off but usen MY rhyme? You come like a dribble, your verse is a drabble, you paint your face and you do nutten but babble. But it's all good, its all smooth, lets go inside and get the drinks ta sooothe!"

Alice snorks softly about being told by Ronald that she loses, and she crosses her camo jacket covered arms, and she watches BSyde take his victory lap. "Hah. Again, I say, I got the blows, but I will not make you know." she says and then turns toward the Road House, smirking faintly, but that is amplified by the face paint, indeed.

Ronald asks in his rumbling tones, "Lift come too?"

The dwarf looks to 'Lift'.. "Yeah, you're part of the party, Kegginator."

AliceID heads over toward the Road House and her lanky arm sings out of being crossed over with the other and then pulls open the door to the establishment.

Ronald gives a broad grin and grabs his keg. "Lift thank little man." he pauses for thought, then adds "Little man own bar?" as he starts towards the building entrance.

AliceID says "Hurry up; men, always having to wait on them."

Blindside comments… "I own everything in 3 acres."

You step in to the Road House.

"Lift not know what acre is… big place?" the troll asks, stepping aside and holding the door open for the dwarf on a golf cart.

Blindside walks with the group now, the cart left outside. He starts to explain what an Acre is to Ronald, then sort of eyes him. After a long moment he just shrugs. "Acre is a very very big thing indeed."

Ronald meets his gaze from about 5 feet up and nods, apparently just barely grasping the concept. "Three acre bigger than one… what on big place?"

Alice moves over to a bar stool and then gets up onto it, and she eyes Tiny a little bit before pulling scrip from her pockets, "Milk!" she demands.

The troll eyes the painted human. "Where fuck do you think you are, little girl? The Rodeo? We serve beer and whiskey."

Alice stares back toward Tiny and points toward the bartender then instantly turns her face to tattle to BSyde, "BAD MANNER!" she calls to the dwarf.

Blindside quirks a brow. "Hey, Pancake, you got a problem with Tiny, you take it up with him. And no, I don't serve -milk- here. What kind of Gangsta drinks MILK?"

Ronald holds his modified keg up and comments "Lift got beer. Beer good." then waves it in Alice's direction and says "Lift share?"

Alice laughs to BSyde and then looks to Tiny, "PROBLEM?" she says but then shakes her head a bit and waves a hand to Ronald, "It's all good." she says in a relaxed tone, flipping between insanity and serenity.

AliceID goes back to intently eyeing Tiny.

Ronald just eyes the girl in the facepaint over the rim of his keg. Not quite afraid, but definitely getting a bit concerned about her sanity here.

Blindside comments to Tiny. "You know what?"

"Naw Boss. What?"

"It's a fucked up world when I'm the sanest motherfucker in the room."

"Sho nuff, boss."

AliceID licks her red painted lips and then whispers, "Bloody hatchets."
Ronald laughs, 'Hur hur hur', then comments "Little man funny. Lift not crazy, just dumb. Everyone say so." and drains the last of his beer before holding it out to Tiny in an unspoken request for a refill.

Blindside flicks his eyes over to Ronald for a moment. "People are stupid. Not you." A glance back to Alice. "So. You. Face painted chick. Tell me about your self."

AliceID looks at Ronald and then clears her throat soft, and then clears her throat more loudly. She eyes BSyde a bit but then says, "Alice Danger Girl! Uhm, I like ICP, and I really did do the carnival circuit! Not a lot of freaks can say that about themselves! Hah!" she boasts proudly… about such a tasteless lifestyle.

"ICP?" Asks the dwarf. He's not real up on 80 year old bands.

Ronald exchanges cred for keg and takes the fresh beer in hand. He goes back to his seat and stares at the keg for a few minutes, then shrugs and pops a metal spike from his palm. A quick strike to the top of the keg is sufficient to break the seal and create a spurt of foaming beer that he catches cleanly. After a few moments of gulping noises the troll pulls back and uses the spike to convert this keg into another stein before going back to listening to the conversation.

AliceID grins, "Never heard of the Great Milenko or the Carnival of Carnage?" Then, Alice pulls off her camo jacket and flexes her left bicep for Blindside, "They had an album series called Joker Cards, and they specialized in circus style raps." she explains. Alice averts her eyes from the dwarf to look over toward Ronald, grinning some from the use of the hand blade.

AliceID says "so what about you two?!"

Blindside just sort of blinks at Alice. "Whatever, pancake. Thats your new name. Pancake. On accounta you're sort of one dimensional." Says the dwarf. "Me? I run a garage, I have impromptu rap battles, I own a junk yard and Bar. When I'm not doing thaT? I drive."

AliceID snorts some, "Jess cause you dunno all my dimensions." and she wiggles a little before grinning and then looking at Tiny again, and growls at him!!!

Keying in on the words junkyard and garage, Ronald pauses in his drinking and looks down at Blindside questioningly. "Little man need fort lift? Is what call Lift… lift heavy, put down heavy. be careful, no drop…" he trails off into a somewhat injured sounding tone.

Blindside eyes lift then. "Come see me later today in the office if you want a job."

Blindside stands up from the bar then, gesturing for the ICP woman to be given 4 drinks on the house, then cut off. "I gotta go see a man about a machine gun the size of my cock."

Ronald nods. "Lift find office… later."

AliceID stops growling and gnashing teeth at Tiny. She looks over to BlindSide, "Thanks! Can I keep them for later or all at once?!"

Blindside glances back to Alice. "Uh… whenever you like. But you best not act too stupid around here." A glance is given tot he Hells Angels over in the corner. "Or you will get drug behind a harley until your facepaint comes off."

AliceID looks over toward the biker guys, and then she grins big, "Okay!" she says.

Ronald follows Blindside's gaze to the Angels and studies them for a moment before shrugging. "Big… not too big. Not scary. Woman last night… she scary."

AliceID glances to Ronald, "Who is the woman last night?" and then laughs!
AliceID says "you be cheating on me?!"
AliceID only just met Ronald today!

Blindside heads for the door. "Hey lift?"

Ronald just looks at Alice. "No. Scary woman not wear paint." he says, then turns at Blindside's call, "Yuh?"

"If pancake gets out of line, give her a lift on out of here." Says Blindside, then heading out the door.

Ronald nods in response. "Lift aim for freeway. Like yesterday." he says with a huge grin.


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