Nina and Briana: Ghost Team

GM: Nina
Players: Briana, Bella (Nina disguised as Fake SIN: Bella)
Bella as hired by her fixer (Tony Marchino) to provide matrix cover for an intrusion team slipping into the Acer company prototype facility to snatch a prototype robotic hand. It was a job set up to see how good Bella's new contact (Decker) was at doing decker work.
A security decker from the company had set up a link into the company matrix system from his home and that was the weak link. As the intrusion team waited in the shadows at the company, across town Bella and Briana worked to slip into the private residence, bypass the local security guards/dogs/cameras, get into the house past the maglocks (BTW: Briana only has an Electronics B/R skill of 1 so this was incredible), get around the man, his wife, their 8 yr old boy and live-in grandmother.. without killing anyone. They got access to the man's maglocked office, accessed the company matrix security system and Briana did overwatch (camera recording wipes/hiding, door unlocking, and advising so the team would not be discovered by roaming guards with lethal authorization).
Mission success.. some pretty tight moments where the dice almost had us fail.

Date: 7/20/2076

------> Bella's PrP <------
Bella's Plot Log has now started.
This PrP Involves: Briana (player) / Bella (GM / player: This is Nina)
-----> Wed Jul 20 20:02:36 2076 <------

** GM Bella **
Shadowrun is a dangerous place.. and sometimes your dice are the toys of satan and you may get maimed or killed. Though as a GM I wish to have fun in an exciting story, danger does abound and grave things may happen to your character.
1. Do you consent to me being the GM and the -possibility- of bad things happening?
2. Do you consent to the RP log being posted in the wiki (webpage) for others to read?

«Plot» Bella says, "I consent."
«Plot» Briana says, "I consent"

---> Text Message to Briana from Muse (#6503) <----

Shade, this is Nina (met you at the soup kitchen yesterday).

The job giver I told you I work a lot with has a job that I think we could use your help. The main intrusion team is going to enter a facility in the industrial zone. We have discovered a company security decker has set up an offsite access at his home that is unauthorized by the company. It is a vulnerable access point to their system.

If you agree, I would like to take you and myself to this home, non-leathal deal with the people at that location and for you to access the computer so that you can disarm and bypass security systems at the facility location for the intrusion team.

The pay being offered is 30,000 nuyen. It's tonight. You in?

Muse (that's my street name)

** GM Bella **

Briana glances down at the incoming text. She reads a bit then taps out a reply.

---> Text Message to Muse from Briana (#9081) <----

I'm in.

---> Text Message to Briana from Muse (#6503) <----

Do you have the ability to get out of the warrens and over the border on your own to meet me outside of the Warrens? Or should I come to you in the Warrens and help you sneak you and your deck out?

---> Text Message to Muse from Briana (#9081) <----

I do not have conventional means to getting out, other than walking. I am guessing this would be insufficient, so I would need a ride.

---> Text Message to Briana from Muse (#6503) <----

If you can tell me the border crossing you can exit the Warrens at.. we can meet on the outside. Otherwise.. if you need help getting smuggled out, let me know and we can work that out.

Briana reads the text message again, this time giving the street crossing that is just outside the Warrens.

---> Text Message to Briana from Muse (#6503) <----

See you there in two hours.. be ready for sneaky residential area, non-lethal combat and some decker work… see you soon.

Nina works for another hour on her Orichalcum run, she then takes a shower and then changes clothing and takes on the physical form of Bella (one of her Fake SINs). With that done she takes a city bus across town, takes a taxi then to a mall.. goes through the mall and on the other side takes a taxi to the airport where she gets a rental car with the Fake SIN identity and then drives to pick up Briana.

In two hours, Briana is waiting on the street corner, waiting for Nina to arrive. When she sees the car and given the proper codes, she hops into the car.

Bella looks different again, another Fake SIN perhaps. Her voice is also different, "So glad you could do this job.. it shouldn't be super dangerous if we can access the node in the security decker's house it should bypass much of the threat for your decking."

Bella starts to ride off casually in traffic towards the nicer residential part of the city, where people live in actual single family homes with yards and not in apartment buildings.

Briana nods even as she glances out the window to watch where they are going. "Any threats I should know about? " she asks softly. "Does he have security on his home? "

Bella nods, "Rigger on the intrusion team did a quick flyby for a threat rating.. he said the neighborhood is patrolled by security guards on foot with dogs, as well as a couple patrol cars. The main neighborhood intersections have cameras but the streets between intersections have no visible cameras on the roadway. It's now 8:00 pm.. so the growing shadows of night should be pretty well set in dark when we get there in about 30 minutes. He reports that the front and back door of the target home has a security maglock and their is a 2 car garage with a keypunch lock as well. There is a "Simply Safe" sticker in the front window and the rigger says that is a wireless system not hardwired into the phone grid."

Briana nods as she listens and furrows her brows thoughtfully. "So we are looking at a security system and a well patrolled area. " she says, making sure we heard everything clearly.

Bella nods to the information, "I'd like to park the car in a safe place nearby.. but we probably better go in on foot the last half mile or so.. so the vehicle doesn't get tagged with being in the area of an intrusion and get traced back to my SIN. Your cyberdeck is the largest thing we need to have on site." She pauses, considering, "You good at being sneaky? Or should I propose an unorthodox idea?"

Briana nods at the idea of the car and walking. "Good idea. " She finally turns to look at Bella. "What is that? "

Bella offers, "I mentioned changing into animals.. well… We could take on the forms of German Shepherds… make a harness to carry your cyberdeck on your back like a service dog does. From a distance, we'd just be a couple dogs in the dark of the night. Just an idea, I'm sure we can think up more ideas if you're uncomfortable with that."

Briana blinks in surprise at that. "No.. That is a good idea, but what about clothing? You said it doesn't follow us. And are you certain that two roaming dogs won't be called in as strays to be picked up? "

Bella nods in the conversation, "It's true, I can create clothing for myself but not for other people.. we'd have to pack in clothing as well. That might look weird the more we pack on ourselves.. we'd look more like pack dogs than random neighbor dogs and your idea of stray animals is a valid point. Okay.. next idea…. Invisible.. and just keep away from the upwind side of the dogs and stroll on up to the property? Neutralize the people in the home non-lethal like.. and access the computer while staying invisible so that any security cameras don't record us around or in the house?"

Briana considers that idea then nods. "That is likely the best way. This way even if we run into security cameras, we would not be picked up. "

Bella pulls onto the next road, a three lane highway and picks up speed as they plan, "Okay.. that works great. I will have a little wooden bead from my braclet to hand to you when we are ready to go invisible.. it will keep the invisible spell working on you while you have it on your person."

Briana nods even as she glances around again. "Alright. Sounds good. Are you there for my protection? Once I jack in, I will be helpless. "

Bella nods, "Exactly.. to make sure when you are done.. you still have a fully functioning body to return to. I have friends do that for me when I'm astrally traveling outside my body.. so I understand the importance of someone you can trust."

Briana nods and hmms thoughtfully. "What corp are we hacking here? "

Bella offers, "Acer.. it's a computer hardware company that is a subsidiary of Mistuhama."

Bella pulls off on the next exit back onto residential streets. The neighborhood looks pretty nice.. no homeless in sight.

Briana raises an eyebrow. "I'm familiar with it. " she admits. "Though I've never been in their systems. "

Bella pulls onto a side road to the right and then pulls into the parking lot of a donut shop and parks in the rear of the parking lot. She offers, "I don't think they come in until like 3:00 am to start making the donuts.. so we should have like 7 hours.. though if it takes that long.. we did something really wrong," she offers with a big grin and shuts the car off.

Bella takes off her bracelet and works at removing one of the wooden beads as they talk.

Briana chuckles softly even as she sits and waits. "I take it the decker is inside the house, sleeping? Are you going to take care of him? "

Bella shakes her head, "We don't know where the decker is right now. It's nearly 8:00 pm.. and he works the 6:00 am shift at the company.. so I am assuming he will be going to bed in the next couple hours.. if not sooner. But this is guessing… The rigger report didn't give me numbers of people or their habits in the home."

Briana nods and frowns. "That seems rather important to know if he's inside either awake or sleeping but since we're invisible, I suppose it won't matter too much. "

Bella nods, "From what I understand when the door is opened it will beep at a wireless central control item in the home… but.. if you can trick the maglock at the door to thinking it's still closed.. that beep in the house won't happen.. and it also won't set off the alarm and call the law. So that will give us a big advantage too."

Briana nods and hrms. "I've never broken in through a door, just so you understand. "

Bella ah's softly, "Do you have an electronics kit? Do you know how though?"

Briana nods. "I do know how. I just don't own a kit. "

Bella nods and hands Briana the wooden bead, "Please keep that some place safe." She pulls out her pocsec, "It's okay.. let me make a call and we can go pick one up. I'm sure I know someone that will let us borrow one for the night."

-----> Contact for Bella (#6503) <-----
Contact Name: Ryan Sharpe
Level: 1
Type: technician
GM Note:
Ryan Sharpe is a thick chested dwarf that has spent his whole life tinkering with electronics and skills such as carpentry, welding and working on appliances. A gifted dwarf with the skills, knowledge, and gear to be the perfect fix-it man around the house.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 1 vs TN 4 for "TN 4, if success, he agrees.":
3 = 0 Successes

Briana adds. "Just so you understand, I know the very basics. This is mostly an untested knowledge. It wasn't necessarily part of my job. " she admits then takes the bead. She nods and pockets it into a cloak pocket. She sits there, waiting.

Bella sends off a txt to a friend.. but soon he responds back that she can't use his electronics kit.. he has some good excuse but that source won't work.

Bella considers, "Well.. my first contact didn't work.. but I have several more. Another option is.. if he's awake and I can see him through a window.. I can use mind magic on him to come disarm the security system and open the door for us.. but that requires him to be visible to me to make it work."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) has the Contact Randalf Fleming with the following information:
-----> Contact for Bella (#6503) <-----
Contact Name: Randalf Fleming
Level: 1
Type: smuggler
GM Note: Randalf Fleming is a dwarf male in his mid 40's. He had red hair and is quite the gentleman. He owns a cabin in the Mountains of California and has a rigged helicopter he uses for smuggling.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 1 vs TN 4 for "TN 4, if success, he agrees":
4 = 1 Success

Bella sends off another txt.. in a few minutes a response comes back that she can use his electronics tools.. but it's going to cost her a 100 nuyen gift card to Red Lobster so he can take his wife out to appologize for missing her birthday last week.

Briana hmms thoughtfully. "That has merit."

Bella considers, "About an hour to pick up the electronics kit and get back here.. we want to try that and use the mind control as a backup plan? Or go with mind control as primary idea?"

Briana hrms softly as she considers. "I think we should try the mind control. At this hour, he could be awake. If we leave and come back, he may not be awake then and that option will be missed. "

Bella nods with a big smile, "Brilliant.. well thought out, okay.. let me txt back we don't need the kit and we can be off. Let me turn us invisible though before we get out of the car.. from a distance might look like someone is in the car.. opened the door and closed it without getting out. Less suspicious to looking and seeing to ladies vanish suddenly."

Bella sends off a txt saying she no longer needs the kit.. but will get him a 100 nuyen gift card anyway.. cuz he's going to need all the help he can get now.

«Plot» Bella says, "Note: Nina starting out with Karma Pool: 33 used of 39. 33 KP is tied up in a 28 day magic queue so she only has 6 KP to use in this plot."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Imp. Invis cast on Briana, Sustaining Foci, no BG Count (using Filtering), KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 11 11 = 13 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 5 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2M Drain, need 4 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 10 = 17 Successes

Briana nods and gives a small smile. She steps out of the car and closes the door then waits for you to do your magic.

Bella looks to Briana, motions a hand towards her and Briana's reflection in the window vanishes compeltely. (F1 Imp. Invis. For anyone or any camera to see Brina, they have to +roll Inteligence vs TN 2 -> and get 13 successes).

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (Ally) vs TN 4 for "F4 Imp. Invis cast on Bella, Sustaining Foci, no BG Count (using Filtering), KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 7 13 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 5 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2M Drain, need 4 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 7 11 11 = 19 Successes
** GM Bella **
F1 Imp Invis (13 successes)
F4 Imp Invis (7 successes)

Briana looks into the window and at the reflection - or rather, the lack thereof. "Oh.. wow. " she whispers softly. "That's… amazing. "

Bella then uses the same magic on herself, also turning invisible (casting at Force 4, intelligence roll vs TN 4, needs 7 successes to see her).

Bella gets out of the car after being invisible and then locks up the vehicle and takes out her telescoping staff, presses a button and it extends with a ZIP to a full length 6ft look metal staff.

Bella can be heard on the other side of the car walking on the gravel parking lot around the front of the car to join up with Brina, whispering quietly, "Do you have a commlink for communication?"

Briana shakes her head then considers when you can't see her headshake. She murmurs softly. "I do not. "

Bella steps up rather close so her whisper reveals she's like directly in front of Bella, "Okay.. I have a magical commlink so it's a mind to mind spell. It doesn't suck out your secrets or control you.. it's only a spell for us to think words back and forth.. emotions.. we can even share what we are seeing in like little video feeds to each other.. it depends on how much you -want- to share. But.. some people feel strange about linking minds with another person… would this be something you'd be willing to try?"

Briana takes a deep breath at the explanation. She furrows her brows, even if the facial expression is not seen. She murmurs softly. "It would be useful. " she says, her words full of her hesitancy.

Bella nods invisibly her voice calm and soothing, "Okay.. I'm going to open up the link now.. the most simple of this spell makes us stay within sight of each other.. but this spell is advanced.. it lets us get out of view of each other.. it is much more helpful.. you will hear my voice in your head like a whisper.. super quiet. As you strain to hear it and make it clear and understandable that allows the spell into your mind. At any point.. you can shake off the spell mentally.. easily.. like forcing yourself awake in a dream when you know you have to go to the bathroom."

Bella works up the Extended Mindlink spell quietly and as she does Briana can hear a muffled… "ldsjf….sdcc.. mind….ss.. tonight."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 3 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Extended Mindlink (sustaining foci to hold the spell), only need 1 success. KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 10 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes. KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 9 11 = 21 Successes

** GM Bella **
spell success, no drain.

Briana takes a deep breath and murmurs. "I understand. " and strangely, those same words echo through the link as she thinks it also. She gasps softly and thinks « Oh. This is strange. »

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Astral perception vs TN 4 + BG Count 1":
1 1 1 1 1 3 4 5 5 5 5 = 4 Successes

(MindLink!) It takes a little getting used to. You have to control your day dreaming or it can leak across the link to the other person. But.. when you are in the matrix.. if you wanted.. you could share with me what you are seeing and hearing and feelling.. and it would show me what the trix was like. For example.. watch this….

Bella shifts her vision into the astral world and then conciously shares what she is seeing with Briana… she is looking at briana's ghostly astral form, showing where bio and cyber is installed.. any sicknesses and the like. She looks around and shows how the life force in the trees and plants pulsate with different colors, etc. Then she shifts her vision back to the normal world, "That is what the astral world looks like to a mage or a shaman that can see into the astral world. Not all magic people can do that."
(from Bella to Briana)

------> Assensing Table <------

Successes Information Gained
0 None.
1-2 * The general state of the subjects health (healthy, injured,
ill, etc.) along with the presence or absence of cyberware
* The subjects general emotional state or impression
(happy, sad, angry).
* The class of a magical subject (fire elemental, manipulation
spell, power focus, and so on).
* Whether the subject is mundane or Awakened.
* If you have seen the subjects aura before, you will recognize
it, regardless of physical disguises or alterations.
3-4 All of the above plus:
* Whether the subjects Essence and Magic Attribute are
higher, lower or equal to your own
* The general location of any implants.
* A general diagnosis for any maladies (diseases or toxins)
the subject suffers from.
* The subjects exact emotional state or impression.
* Whether the subjects Force is higher, lower or equal to
your Magic Attribute.
* Any astral signatures present on the subject.
5+ All of the above plus:
* The exact Essence, Magic Attribute and Force of the subject.
* The exact location of any implants.
* An accurate diagnosis of any disease or toxin the subject
suffers from.
* The general cause of any emotional impression (a murder,
a riot, a religious ceremony, and so on).
* The general cause of any astral signature (combat spell,
hearth spirit, and so on).

Briana gasps suddenly in surprise when she sees what you share. She stumbles back a bit and shakes her head. She /is/ in good health even if scared and surprised. She does have quite a bit of cyber and bioware installed. All using to enhance her mind. She thinks « That.. was strange but we are wasting time. »

Bella nods, « Okay, let's get going then.. take a look around so you remember where the car is.. and lets get hoof'n it ».

** GM Bella **
Bella and Briana head off on foot to the target home. A small 2 meter tall brick wall needs to be hopped over to get into the back yards to avoid the security the most.. the two girls are coming up on that area now.. to hop the fence or not?

Briana glances around, memorizing the location of the car, then quickly heads off to the target location. She pauses at the sight of the 6 foot tall wall than groans softly. She shoulders her deck behind her back, then gives a running start before she attempts to delicately head up the wall.

** GM Bella **
Athletics +roll TN 4
+roll athletics/4

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Athletics vs TN 4:
2 3 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Athletics vs TN 4:
3 4 13 = 2 Successes

Bella grunts as she attempts the jump up and over. She lands back down on her feet, unable to get over, a bit embarrasing.

Bella takes a few moments to use a levitate spell to gently and silently float over the wall and land back down again on the inside of the wall.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 5 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "Need 1 success, KP: 33/39":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 11 17 = 6 Successes

Should anyone seeing Briana, she makes getting up the wall look easy. She squats on the top and thinks <Do you need help up? »

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 8 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3M drain, need 4 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 11 16 = 15 Successes

** GM Bella **
Levitete F1 success, no drain.

Bella mentally chuckles, « Wow.. I suck (chuckle).. no.. I can fly over.. tried to do it physical like.. defaulting to magic.. floating over now.»

Bella sends Brina a live view of what she's seeing herself.. floating up into the air and over the wall and landing gently beside Briana.

Briana chuckles mentally in amusement. She obviously didn't have an issues climbing up the wall. She makes sure she keeps an active view of her location to Bella. She nods then turns to look down at the ground on the other side of the wall to check for any possible, unknown security.

** GM Bella **
+roll perception please.

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 3 3 3 5 8

Bella reaches up and puts on her sunglasses and activates the low-light mode.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Bella's perception roll.":
1 1 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5

** GM Bella **
Things look pretty quiet to Briana.
Off towards the main entrance road she can see a guard with a dog walking up the sidewalk.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 for "Guard Perception roll":
2 2 3 4 8

** GM Bella **
He needed 13 2's to see Brina, 7 4's to see Bella.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 3 for "Dog perception":
2 5 11
Briana raises an eyebrow then thinks «guard with a dog by entrance. » she warns.

** GM Bella **
The dog can be seen sniffing in the air, looking around.. but doesn't alert on any specific thing.

(MindLink!) Okay.. I think we're doing okay. We have to get through this back yard and over the next wall.. that will put us into the back yard of the target home. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana nods lightly and thinks. « Alright. Let's go then. Quietly as possible. Don't need to alert that dog. He will hear more than the guard. »

** GM Bella **
Please +roll Stealth

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Stealth:
1 1 2 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Stealth:
5 5 8

** GM Bella **
The dog can be seen peering over towards Bella's area.. but soon Bella and Briana have the first house blocking the view and the dog can't see anything.. and any sounds are reflecting now off the walls and buildings. The dog though is nervous and the security guard looks to be paying more attention to the dogs reactions.. but for now.. the first house is blocking LOS.

Briana delicately drops down, hitting the grass with silent steps. Her elven nature is coming in handy here. She glances around warily even as she heads through the yard to the backyard.

Bella can be felt across the link feeling like a duffus and being too loud, « Sorry.. I have two left feet. I'm going to cast a silence spell on me… it will make it so that I can't yell and be heard, can't talk outloud.. cant make any noise for anyone to hear.. but the mindlink spell will keep working.»

«Plot» Bella says, "Casting F1 Stealth (sustaining foci) on self."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 3 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Stealth, sustainging foci, KP: 33/39":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 7 14 16 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 10 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2M Drain, need 4 successes. KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 8 9 9 10 13 22 = 21 Successes

** GM Bella **
Spell success, no drain. Utter silence now.

Briana chuckles mentally in amusement. « That is probably wise. That dog noticed you but not enough to alert the guard. » Then she approaches the second wall.

** GM Bella **
Looking down the wall towards the main street, Briana can see the guard and the dog looking down the wall towards them. It's obvious they are curious.. but unable to <see> the two ladies.

** GM Bella **
To cross wall: Athletics vs TN 4.

At the wall, Bella uses levitate again to go up and over silently.

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Athletics vs TN 4:
3 4 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 5 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Levitate, Need 1 success, KP: 33/39":
2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 8 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 8 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3M drain, need 4 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 8 10 14 = 14 Successes

Briana gives another running start and again, smoothly climbs up the wall almost like a spider.

** GM Bella **
Briana is super awesome climbing over.
Bella's spell is successful, no drain.

** GM Bella **
Briana and Bella are now in the back yard of the target home.
Please +roll perception

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Bella's perception in target home back yard.":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 5 5 21
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 11

** GM Bella **
Back yard perceived by Briana and Bella:

  • Closest part of home is the back of the 2 car garage. The back wall of the garage has a door with a maglock keypad lock on it.

Beyond the garage is the 2 story home. There is a wooden deck off the sliding glass door. A gas grill and picnic table with an umbrella is on the deck.
There is a light on upstairs in an upstairs window.
The back yard has a swingset and a kit-made elevade playhouse.
The back yard as an above ground 16 ft pool, 4 feet deep. An A-frame ladder has been pulled out and set to the side so children can not climb up into the pool.
There is a tool shed along the back wall, likely for a lawn mower, etc.

Briana glances around the backyard, studying it carefully before she even makes an attempt to drop down. Once she's sure it's safe, she gracefully leaps down. « He has children, it seems. Was this even reported at all?! » she demands.

(MindLink!) Negative, either the rigger didn't think it was important in the report.. or he didn't do his recon flyby near the back yard. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana mentally growls in annoyance. « That is rather important. Is there a way to check to see how many people are in the house? »

(MindLink!) I can astrally project out of my body and pass through the walls of the home and check. As long as they don't have a magical ward.. a magical barrier that would block me.. but I can check if you want. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana nods then thinks back. « Try it. It would be best to know if we are facing more than one person. »

(MindLink!) Okay, I'm going to remain levitating.. I'll keep you informed with a mental view of what I'm seeing across the mindlink as I go. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana hunkers down next to the backwall as if prepared to leap up at the moment's notice should this go south. « Alright »

Bella projects out of her floating body where it's hovering invisibly in the back yard. Seeing the astral world now and sharing it with Briana over the link the colors of life, of pollution dark blotches and the like are revealed. She heads to the sliding glass door of the back deck area and looks through and starts her astral recon.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Astral Perception, TN 4 + 1 (murky vision from Background Count: 1), KP: 33/39":
1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 15 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 1 vs TN 6 for "if success, means there is a magical ward blocking the office.":
5 = 0 Successes

(MindLink!) Passing through the dinning room now, well lit.. kitchen. Human woman washing dishes it looks like.. rather healthy, no cyber visible. non magical. Ah.. front living room, a human male watching television in a lazyboy type recliner chair.. can't tell what's on the television.. it's a technical device.. see how it's blacked out and even the sound from it is muffled and confusing to listen to? Teck in the astral has no soul.. no life force… okay.. um.. nobody in the master bedroom here on the ground floor, nor the master bathroom. One bedroom down on the first floor and a bathroom in the hallway. A 8 year old or so human boy in the bathtub playing with toys.. see how happy his coloring is.. how you can just feel his emotions of imagination as he plays with the toys.. Children are amazing… okay.. going to the stairs now and up…Okay.. 2nd floor.. another bathroom, empty… a bedroom.. an aged woman.. probably the owner's mother.. the child's grandmother living with them or visiting. Another room set up with what looks like gym equipment.. another with sewing stuff.. and at the end of the hall.. over the garage looks like his office. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana sighs mentally then grumbles « We can strangle the person who was responsible for gathering the intelligence on this guy. Can you handle all four of the individuals without alerting anyone? ALso, we don't want that little boy drowning when he falls asleep. »

What is obvious about Briana, when she's on the job, she's completely and utterly focused on it and tries not to allow her mind to wander, despite the fact that she is fascinated by the way the astral world shows things.

(MindLink!) I can see the lady through the kitchen window probably.. I could sleep spell her and then very fast leviate her.. to keep her from falling and hurting herself by hitting her head on the counter or something… then do the man in the front watching the Trid. Those are the only two I can see from outside… I can't cast spells like that at people while in my astral form… so to get the others.. we have to get inside. I can use the mind control spell on the man in the recliner from the living room front window looking at him.. and then cast an awaken spell on him that magically will awaken him from his sleep.. it will only last a few minutes and he will then fall back asleep. That can get us inside.. have him lead us upstairs. On the way I can sleep the child and levitate him out of the tub to the floor where he will be safe.. then upstairs and deal with the grandmother if we must.. then have him open his office.. give you whatever passcodes you need to do your work… and then put the man back in the chair.. wipe his memory of the events.. let the child on the floor, the grandmother and the mother wake normally from their sleep. They may think it was carbon monoxide poisoning or something.. but the only one that would have any clue would be the man.. and I can mind wipe his memory of everything after getting out of his chair to getting back into his chair… does that sound like what you are thinking we should do? (from Bella to Briana)

Briana thinks. « Sounds like a plan. »

Bella zips back into her body. The Mindlink shows a super fast blur of motion like light-speed fast and then she opens up her eyes in the real world again.. still levitating in the same place.

(MindLink!) Okay.. so I'll levitate over to the kitchen window and deal with the wife first.. then around the bulding and work on the guy.. have him open up the back sliding glass door for you to come in? Then I'll fly around and enter with you. Anything you want him to do or info.. send to me in the mindlink and I will enter it into his mind with the magic so he doesn't hear us talking or have anything to see or hear against us… right? (from Bella to Briana)

Briana stands fully and heads over to the back door. She stands to the side, awaiting for the door to open. She shows all this to Bella so she knows where she's located. « I am ready. No. Just need him to open the door then go back to sleep. »

Bella floats on over to the kitchen window.. eyeballs the mom.. and prepares her stunbolt.. and then quick levitate spell to lay her down gently.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Mom 4 (TN), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 20 = 9 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 10 10 10 10 14 = 16 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 4 vs TN 3 for "Mom resisting spell, need 9 successes.":
4 4 5 8 = 4 Successes

** GM Bella **
A valiant resistance.. but fails. Mom falls asleep.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Levitate, need 1 success, KP: 33/39":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 8 8 10 16 = 11 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3M Drain, need 4 successes, KP: 33/39":
1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 8 11 = 15 Successes

** GM Bella **
Leviate success, no drain.

** GM Bella **
Briana through the glass door can see the mom slump forward.. stop quickly.. drift back gently and get laid down on the floor softly.

-----> Removing Spell Signatures <-----

Erasing: Sorcery vs (Force of Spell + BG Count) = TN

Drain: Willpower vs Force of Spell (L) Stun

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 3 for "Cleaning F3 Stunbolt astral signiture from astral world.":
1 1 2 4 4 8 8 = 4 Successes

** GM Bella **
Completely cleaned, no drain (Drain would be 3L Stun.. but her trauma dampner lets her ignore it).

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning F1 Levitate astral sig":
2 3 4 4 5 5 5 = 7 Successes

** GM Bella **
Completely cleaned.

Invisible and flying… Bella heads around to the front of the house to look through the living room window at the owner in his recliner.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 6 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Man 5 (TN) + 1 (whispy thin curtains offer visual obstruction a bit), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 33/39":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 8 9 11 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) - 4 (successes) vs TN 6 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Man 5 (TN) + 1 (whispy thin curtains offer visual obstruction a bit), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 34/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) - 4 (successes) vs TN 6 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Man 5 (TN) + 1 (whispy thin curtains offer visual obstruction a bit), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 36/39":
2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 11 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 + 2 (KP) vs TN 3 for "Man resisting F3 Stunbolt, KP: 3/3 Needs 5 successes":
1 3 3 3 4 4 9 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 36/39":
1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 9 10 11 14 = 18 Successes

** GM Bella **
Bella casts her spell at the man.. the man has more of a Willpower about himself than the woman did.. and the visual cloudy from the curtain is making it harder to see him.. it's significantly more difficult. She releases the stunbolt on the man but he shakes his head, looks confused and reaches down and pulls the lever on the recliner to sit up more straight.. something doesn't feel right.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 6 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Man 5 (TN) + 1 (whispy thin curtains offer visual obstruction a bit), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 36/39":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 7 9 9 10 10 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) - 5 (successes) vs TN 6 for "F3 Deadly Stunbolt, Willpower of Man 5 (TN) + 1 (whispy thin curtains offer visual obstruction a bit), no BG TN mod (using Filtering), KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 10 11 11 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 36/39":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 5 8 20 = 14 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 vs TN 3 for "Man resisting F3 Stunbolt, KP: 3/3 Needs 8 successes":
3 4 5 8 8 = 5 Successes

** GM Bella **
Bella: KP: 37/39

** GM Bella **
Bella attempts the spell again quickly before the man can get up or think his sudden woozie feeling is anything other than his last beer. This time she is successful and overpowers his senses.. he flops back in the recliner with his mouth open.. deep asleep.

I don't see that here.

(MindLink!) Mom sleeping on kitchen floor.. the man is asleep in his recliner.. super hard to take him down though.. the lace curtain obstructed my view enough to get a good.. lock.. on him for the spell. (from Bella to )

(MindLink!) Mom sleeping on kitchen floor.. the man is asleep in his recliner.. super hard to take him down though.. the lace curtain obstructed my view enough to get a good.. lock.. on him for the spell. (from Bella to Briana)

(MindLink!) Trying the Mind control magic now for him to come let you in.. then the awaken spell. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana sighs mentally in relief when she sees the man drop. She thinks « Would the woman be easier considering he was harder? »

(MindLink!) Brilliant.. hell yes.. fantastic idea. Okay.. coming back to kitchen window.. much easier. Dang I'm happy you came along. (from Bella to Briana)

Bella wooshes back around to the back of the building.. flying.. silent.. and invislbe.

----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=====================> Spell Catalog Listing: Influence <======================
Spell Name: Influence
Category: Manipulation/Control
Target Number: W(T)
Drain Code: S
Type: Mana
Duration: Permanent
Range: LoS(1)
-----> Spell Description <-----
This spell allows a caster to supplant one suggestion in the mind of a target, which will be carried out as if it were the target's original idea before then being forgotten. If someone objects, the target can make a Willpower check against the force of the spell in a similar way as done for Control Thoughts. This spell has a Threshold equal to one half the target's Willpower.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F4 Influence on mother (Willpower 4), Brina needs to get 2 successes (1/2 her willpower) for the spell to take hold. (+spell/list influence for spell details), KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 9 9 15 = 9 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 4 + 2 (KP) vs TN 4 for "Mom resisting F4 Influence against 9 successes. KP: 3/3":
1 1 3 3 5 5 = 2 Successes

** GM Bella **
Bella cast F4 Influence on Mom, 9 successes
Mom resisted with 2 successes
7 net successes for Bella
Only 2 net successes needed.. spell success.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 4 for "4M Drain, need 4 successes, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 8 8 8 10 = 8 Successes

** GM Bella **
No Drain

Bella lets Briana feel how the influence spell is working.. the struggle against wills between her and the mother.. and how she skillfully put it into the mothers mind that she wants to get up, turn off the alarm on the back door and unlock it and then go back to sleep.

----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=======================> Spell Catalog Listing: Awaken <=======================
Spell Name: Awaken
Category: Health
Target Number: 4(V)
Drain Code: -2(Stun DL)
Type: Mana
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
-----> Spell Description <-----
A single success when casting the Awaken spell causes an unconscious target to become immediately awake and alert. The target remains conscious for a number of minutes equal to the spell's Force times the caster's successes. At the end of that period, the character relapses into unconsciousness. This spell does not cure Stun damage; it only temporarily mitigates its effects. A character brought to consciousness using this spell still suffer half their Stun damage modifiers.

Bella prepares the awaken spell…. -> A single success when casting the Awaken spell causes an unconscious target to become immediately awake and alert. The target remains conscious for a number of minutes equal to the spell's Force times the caster's successes. At the end of that period, the character relapses into unconsciousness.

Briana stands there, waiting. She's definitely curious at what is going on and how Bella works but she's not going to interrupt and allow her curiousity to interrupt the mission.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Awaken spell, need 1 success, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 13 16 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 7 7 8 11 11 14 = 14 Successes

** GM Bella **
Spell success, no drain.

** GM Bella **
Briana can see the woman get up slowly, seems all normal and calm as she walks over and punches in a code on the wall next to the sliding glass door and then flip the latch on the door to unlock it. She then heads into the living room and lays down on the couch.

Bella sends Briana a "good to go" feeling as she is floating over to land on the deck next to Briana to stand normally and drop the levitate spell. She then looks into the astral to clean up the spell signiture. When going inside.. she's going to go slow so she can clean up her fingerprints of magic in the astral world so if magical detectives arrive they won't see her magic prints all over the place.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning F1 Awaken spell, need 1 success.":
1 2 2 4 5 5 5 = 6 Successes

** GM Bella **
Awaken cleaned

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4 for "Cleaning F4 Influence spell Sig":
1 2 3 3 3 5 5 = 2 Successes

** GM Bella **
Reduced F4 INfluce from 4 hours to 2 hours remaining.

Briana opens the door while using the edge of her cloak to prevent her fingerprints anywhere then glances around warily, despite the fact that she's invisible. She very slowly and as silently as possible, heads up the stairs while allowing Bella to go up first. « After you since you are taking care of the boy and grandmother. »

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 3 for "Cleaning F3 Stunbolt on man in living room.":
2 4 4 4 5 10 17 = 6 Successes

** GM Bella **
Fully cleaned

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 3 for "Cleaning F3 Stunbolt on man in living room.":
1 1 1 3 4 5 5 = 4 Successes

** GM Bella **
Fully cleaned

(MindLink!) Sounds good.. when you cast a spell.. you leave a bit of your magical fingerprint behind.. I have learned to conceal my true magical fingerprints.. but still.. it's polite not to leave your magic polution in a room when you use the magic.. that's what I'm going slow through the rooms doing right now.. cleaning up after my magic… okay.. to the boy now. (from Bella to Briana)

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 3 for "F3 Stunbolt on boy, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 = 10 Successes

Briana furrows her brows. « I had no idea. »

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 8 10 10 11 13 14 16 17 = 17 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 3 vs TN 3 for "Boy resisting, needs 10 successes":
3 3 3 = 3 Successes

** GM Bella **
Valiant resistance.. but boy falls asleep.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Levitate on boy, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 8 13 = 10 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3M Drain to resist, need 4 successes, KP: 37/39":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 5 5 9 9 10 10 11 = 11 Successes

** GM Bella **
Levitate success, no drain.

Bella works into the bathroom, puts the boy to sleep and levitates him out of the water to rest him gently on the floor. She then cleans up her astral fingerprints.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 3 for "Cleaning F3 stunbolt sig":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 = 5 Successes

** GM Bella **
Fully cleaned

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning F1 levitate sig":
1 1 2 5 10 11 15 = 5 Successes

** GM Bella **
Fully cleaned

Bella leads the way upstairs.

Upstairs at the hallway door to grandmother's room….

(MindLink!) We want to sleep her.. or hope she just stays in her room and stays there? (from Bella to Briana)

** GM Bella **
+roll Stealth please.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Stealth:
1 5 14 23
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Stealth:
2 4 5

Briana shakes her head mentally and comments softly. « I would really prefer she not surprise us by coming out. »

(MindLink!) Understood… that's smart. (from Bella to Briana)

Bella pulls out gloves and puts them on and then opens grandmothers door.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 4 for "Grandma's perception…. things strangely quiet? a floor creaking? Just woman's intuition? a 6th sense?":
1 3 4 8

** GM Bella **
Maybe it's the door opening without someone knocking first or announcing they are at her door.. but the opening door causes grandma to look up from her crossword puzzle book in her lap where she's sitting in the high back comfortable chair near the front yard facing window.. she squints curiously at the opening door but nobody is there… "Hello?" she asks in an old grandma feeble voice that is weak.. lonely.. confused.

(MindLink!) Oh crap.. I'm zapping grandma.. I'm going to hell. (from Bella to Briana)

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 5 for "F4 Stunbolt at Granny, KP: 37/39":
1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 10 11 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Bella says, "Horrifying roll.. using KP"

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) - 2 (successes) vs TN 5 for "F4 Stunbolt at Granny, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 9 = 2 Successes

Briana chuckles mentally while she smirks. She heads toward the office to check things out there while Bella takes care of the grand mother.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 8 8 9 = 16 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 + 2 (KP) vs TN 4 for "Grandma resisting F4 Stunbolt Deadly, needs 4 successes. KP: 3/3":
1 1 2 2 3 5 5 = 2 Successes

** GM Bella **
Grandma falls asleep.
Spell success
No drain

Bella shakes her head.. very sure she will be getting a lump of coal for Christmas this year.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4 for "Cleaning F4 stunbolt sig":
1 1 1 3 4 5 7 = 3 Successes

** GM Bella **
1 hour remains on Astral Sig

** GM Bella **
At the end of the hallway is an office door.. a maglock is on the hallway wall at the door.. keeping vistors and relatives out of the official office… guy being careful.

Briana furrows her brows as she looks at the lock on the door. She shakes her head while studying it to see how she can bypass the security.

** GM Bella **
Maglock bypass:
Electronics B/R TN 4 (rating of lock), base time 3 minutes. This will remove the casing on the maglock without setting off the alarm.
Electronics B/R TN 4 (rating of lock) base time 3 minutes. This will bypass the lock and unlock the door without setting of an alarm.
If doing without an electronics kit +2 TN's *using random tools/crap on your person and in the area and not proper electroncis equipment*.

After about a minute.. Bella comes quietly walking down the hallway to join up with Briana.

Briana frowns then she turns and heads back down the stairs to search to see if the man actually has any of his own tools.

** GM Bella **
Please +roll perception

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 3 3 4 4 5 9

** GM Bella **
5 minutes it takes to find and return with….

Computer B/R tools (will work just fine).. from Computer Shop in garage.

Briana comes back with tools in hand. « When all else fails, use his tools. » she mentally says in amusement, then starts on the lock.

«OOC» Bella says, "+roll Electronics b/4"

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Electronics B/R vs TN 4:
1 = 0 Successes

«OOC» Briana is a decker! Not an electrician ;)

Briana scowls and shakes her head « My meager skill here is not enough. » she says, fighting with the lock.

(MindLink!) Should we have the wife come up and unlock it for us? (from Bella to Briana)

Briana hrms mentally. « Yes. Let's see if she can actually do it. Hopefully the husband doesn't hide that information from her. »

(MindLink!) Okay.. I'll go down and work the magic on her.. get her to come up and give it a try… be right back. (from Bella to Briana)

Bella heads down…

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F4 Influence on mom, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 8 = 10 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2S Drain, need 6 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 8 10 11 = 15 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Mom resisting":
2 3 5 9 = 2 Successes

** GM Bella **
spell success, 8 net successes, no drain.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Awaken, 1 success needed, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 9 10 11 = 6 Successes

Briana stands back and allows the mother to get up here without any hinderance.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 4 vs TN 2 for "Mom resisting.":
2 2 3 5 = 4 Successes

** GM Bella **
2 net successes, precisely what is needed for the spell to succeed.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 8 8 11 = 19 Successes

** GM Bella **
No drain

The mother gets up as if from a short nap and makes her way upstairs. She passes the grandma's bedroom door and closes the door to make sure mom has her privacy and then goes to the end of the hallway, punches in a code on the door, opens the door.. and then heads back downstairs to get some more sleep.

Briana watches the woman and smiles when she unlocks the door. « Perfect. » then waits for the woman to be back downstairs before she silently heads into the office. She studies the system setup before she pulls around her own deck.

** GM Bella **
Perception roll please.

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 1 2 3 4 5 10

** GM Bella **
Briana notes:
Next to computer monitor is a palmprint scanner plugged into the monitor.
A camera is on the monitor facing the user (chair)
It appears that a palm print is needed to 'log in' to the system.
Hacking is still an option.. but a scan of the man's palm could bypass a key hurdle in the process.

Briana furrows her brows as she looks at the setup. « Alright. We have a decision to make here. I can hack into this system. It may take a bit. OR we can get the guy to come up here and give his handprint. Considering the difficulty it took to knock him out, what would you suggest? I am for hacking into it but it depends if you feel confident you can knock him out again. »

(MindLink!) Hmmm.. well.. he's asleep with magic now.. I can try the influence spell on him and if I fail.. he's still going to be asleep.. no nothing lost if I fail. I can give it a try.. if it's too hard.. no big deal… that work? (from Bella to Briana)

Briana hmms thoughtfully, seeming to be weighing that information then nods. « Sounds good. »

(MindLink!) Be right back.. I'll keep the link open so you know how I'm progressing downstairs.. be right back. (from Bella to Briana)

Bella heads down to try the influence spell on the man.. if it works.. then the awaken spell to have him come up and log in for Briana.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 5 for "F6 Influence on Man, need 3 successes net to succeed (1/2 his willpower, rounded up), KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 7 8 10 15 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3S Drain, need 6 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 10 = 13 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 vs TN 6 for "Man resisting F6 Influence, KP: 3/3":
2 4 7 8 8 = 3 Successes

** GM Bella **
F6 Influence
Bella: 5 successes
No Drain
Man: 3 successes
Net: 2 successes.. failed.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 5 for "F6 Influence on Man, need 3 successes net to succeed (1/2 his willpower, rounded up), KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 10 10 16 = 7 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 3 for "3S Drain, need 6 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 8 = 15 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls 5 vs TN 6 for "Man resisting F6 Influence, KP: 3/3":
1 4 4 5 9 = 1 Success

** GM Bella **
A second attempt yields better results.
F6 Influence
Bella: 7 successes
No Drain
Man: 1 success
Net: 6 successes.. success.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 7 + 4 (ally) vs TN 4 for "F1 Awaken spell, KP: 38/39, need 1 success":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 11 = 11 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (power foci) vs TN 2 for "2D Drain, need 8 successes, KP: 38/39":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 11 = 17 Successes

** GM Bella **
Success on awaken, no drain.

** GM Bella **
In about two minutes… The man can be seen/heard coming up the stairs, wide awake and casual as he walks into his office, sits at the desk and then logs into the system. A typed in password, a palmprint scan.. and then a facial recognition software match. He then gets up… and turns and heads for the lazyboy again.. it seems like a great place to go rest.

(MindLink!) I did not clean up my spell sigs downstairs.. I'll need to do that after I know this works and he goes back down to sleep. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana whistles mentally. « That's some serious security on the system. That's fine. You clean up. I will connect into the system. » She waits for the man to leave the room then sits down at the desk. She starts hooking up her deck to the man's system so she's not jacked into his system but instead her own.

** GM Bella **
Briana easily does her hooking up, this is her time to shine and take care of business. It's not long before she's read and jacked in and the trix connection direct to the company, bypassing several front end layers of security is passed and she's into the heart of the system.

(MindLink!) When you get access… we need to send word to the intrusion team.. so they can send you their locations.. door unlocking requests.. things like that.. they'll ask you to help them through to their target and stuff.. and warn them of security locations and stuff. (from Bella to Briana)

Bella heads downstairs to clean up after the man goes down.

Briana closes her eyes and relaxes herself as she gets to work. She works on locating the backdoor to the corp. In her mind, she hears the words and shows everything that is going on. The world of the Matrix looks vastly different in its electronic way but it's obvious she's home here. « Affirmative. » she gets out as she works.

It's strange how Briana's whole being changes from the scared young woman to a very self assured being while she's connected to the Matrix.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 6 for "F6 Influence cleaning":
2 3 3 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 6 for "F6 Influence cleaning":
1 3 3 3 4 5 9 = 1 Success

** GM Bella **
Bella does very little good cleaning the spells downstairs on this last influence(s).. she used much higher level spells.. and those are much harder to clean up after. The first failure spell will last a full 6 hours, the second spell 5 hours.

Briana instantly loads up programs on her deck. She loads up the programs: Shield, Sleaze, sat link, armor, sniffer and analyze. It takes a little while since all those can be not loaded at once but once loaded, they are active and ready to use. Each one at level 6. She firsts analyzes the system to locate the backdoor to the corp.

----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=====================> Contents of Renraku-360 (#10967) <======================
| Item | Qty | IC Location | Description |
| 1 | 1 | Carried | Renraku-360 |
| 2 | 1 | Carried | +- MPCP-6 |
| 3 | 1 | Carried | +- BOD: 3 |
| 4 | 1 | Carried | +- EVASION: 6 |
| 5 | 1 | Carried | +- SENSOR: 3 |
| 6 | 1 | Carried | +- MASKING: 6 |
| 7 | 1 | Carried | +- Hot ASIST |
| 8 | 1 | Carried | +- I/O Speed: 500 |
| 9 | 1 | Carried | +- Hardening: 6 |
| 10 | 1 | Carried | +- ICCM Biofeedback Filter |
| 11 | 1 | Carried | +- Response Increase: 1 |
| 12 | 1 | Carried | +- RAS Override |
| 13 | 1 | Carried | +- Active Memory: 3000 |
| 14 | 1 | Carried | +- Storage Memory: 5000 |
| 15 | 1 | Carried | +- Matrix Interface |
| 16 | 1 | Carried | +- R6 Satellite Interface |
| 17 | 1 | Carried | +- 6 Additional FUPs (12 total) |
=============================== 17 Items Listed ===============================
----------[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=======================> Contents of Programs (#10016) <=======================
| Item | Qty | IC Location | Description |
| 1 | 1 | Carried | Shield-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 2 | 1 | Carried | Cloak-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 3 | 1 | Carried | Sniffer-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 4 | 1 | Carried | Analyze-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 5 | 1 | Carried | Camo-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 6 | 1 | Carried | Decrypt-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 7 | 1 | Carried | Encrypt-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 8 | 1 | Carried | Sleaze-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 9 | 1 | Carried | Attack(M)-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 10 | 1 | Carried | Medic-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 11 | 1 | Carried | Read/Write-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 12 | 1 | Carried | Satellite Link-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 13 | 1 | Carried | Validate-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 14 | 1 | Carried | Armor-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 15 | 1 | Carried | BattleTac MatrixLink-6 (Source: |
| | | | HoloLISP) |
| 16 | 1 | Carried | Browse-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 17 | 1 | Carried | Deception-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
| 18 | 1 | Carried | Spoof-6 (Source: HoloLISP) |
=============================== 18 Items Listed ===============================

Briana thinks. « I am in. What systems need taken down? I need to move quickly before my presence is noted here but thankfully, it will look like he's in and not myself. »

(MindLink!) See if you can open a port to that should be a direct link to the intrusion team's comm system through an encryption filter. They will lead you to what door needs opened, what security camera needs spoofed.. and the route they need to get to the prototype room of the facility to grab a prototype bit of hardware.. then overwatch for their safe escape. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana brings up a dial pad and she taps into it the address she's attempting to access then she flicks away the pad while she waits for access.

** GM Bella **
The intrusion team is ready and waiting…

Hot drek.. we got our decker in the system now.. damn straight.. we got this now.
Decker.. how we looking for approaching the southeast access door? Clear?

Once Briana gets acess to the comms, she speaks, though it's all mentally done. « Affirmative. Access to southeast access door. Go there and I will take care of access. » she says even as she moves through the system. She brings up the access for the door systems and attempts to locate the one for the southeast door.

** GM Bella **
Briana has full security access into the system.. until something goes wrong and an alarm goes off from a meat body guard on site.. things should go smooth.
Briana quickly finds the proper door, the secruity camera she also spots and can see the intrusion team running towards the door in the shadows (lowlight camera)… of course the footage she can dump into a hole so it's not being recorded.

Briana indeed dumps the footage once the team is past and brings up the rest of the cameras to watch their movement. Each camera, she dumps the footage the moment they are off screen to prevent actual physical guards to access the information. « All good here. I got you on security. » she reports.

While BRiana is in the system, she takes a look at the security the system has and what she could be possibly be up against should the team trigger any alerts.

** GM Bella **

Entering Southeast door now, will turn right and go down hall, need fourth door on left unlocked as we get to the door please. It's the target room.

** GM Bella **
Briana's system Scan:
15 Security Men on duty (lethal force authorized against any tresspassers)
2 Minute Law response time if panic button triggered
1 minute Matrix security response team (which happens to be the man sleeping downstairs so this is not accurate).
Orange Host ICE if system triggered. (No Red ICE)

Once Briana sees the security, she turns back to the system that controls the doors but at the same time, she watches the rest of the security to be sure the team won't be surprised. « Affirmative. Fourth door on the left to be unlocked. So far so good. » she confirms with the team. « Be aware, guards on duty are authorized with lethal force. There are 15 currently on duty. There is a 2 minute law response. » she gives the pertinent information for the physical team but she does take note of the rest for herself.

** GM Bella **

Damn… awesome job decker.. super valuable information to know.. keep up the great work.

** GM Bella **
Briana can see the five man team approaching the prototype room door in the hall now.

** GM Bella **
Briana can see two guards in the hallway.. the team is going to need to run and get into the room fast so the guards won't come around the corner and see them.

Briana twitches her virtual lips in amusement as she continues to watch the security cameras for any guards coming close to the team. « Team, two guards in connecting hallway. You need to haul butt and get out of that room the moment you enter the hallway. Keep quiet. »

Bella gets back upstairs to watch over Briana.. she conjures for seven Force 7 Watcher spirits to fan out around the house to watch exits to make sure nobody is walking around to surprise them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Conjuring vs TN 8 for "Conjuring F7 Watcher Spirit, 1 hour service. Needs only 1 success. Drain is 8L (with trauma dampner can ignore Light stun from drain, no need to roll this)… as such, if she fails she can just keep redoing the roll until she gets all 7 watchers, won't get any drain. Will only do this 1 roll for the RP log.. if it fails.. in time.. assume all 7 conjured.":
1 4 4 5 13 14 = 2 Successes

** GM Bella **

Shit.. okay.. <they are seen running now very carefully but fast>. They reach the door.

Briana keeps an eye on the team and the moment they are in the hallway, she unlocks the 4th door. « Go now. It's unlocked. » She continues to show Bella the whole scene in the Matrix.
Briana shakes her head at the running team but she continues to keep an eye on the security cameras and the location of the guards on them. She scrubs each camera of footage each time the team passes by one.

In the meat world.. little invisible spirits are forming in the room (in the astral).. getting mental instrutions from Bella to fan out and let her know if any humanoids are walking about the house or trying to get into the home.

With that done.. Bella wtches Briana, pretty darn impressed.

** GM Bella **
The team enters the prototype room.. another camera in that room shows them coming in and closing the door. In the room, one of the men pulls out a device and flips it on and they start scanning around the room.. searching for a specific item.

Briana raises an eyebrow, curious just exactly what prototype this team is after but also keeping an eye on the security cameras to be sure none of the guards have been alerted to their presence. The way she moves and pays attention in the system almost looks like she was born to do exactly this.

** GM Bella **
Brina notes the two guards turn the corner.. and start walking down the hallway. They are going to be passing the prototype room soon. The team in the room better not make any noise.

Briana frowns just a bit, then comments softly « Be quiet. Guards are about to pass the room you are in. » she alerts.

** GM Bella **

Shshshsh… one moment guys.. play dead.

** GM Bella **
Briana can see the guards quietly chatting as they walk past the room.. and continue on.

Briana waits until the guards are at a sufficient distance before the speaks again. « They are past. »

** GM Bella **

Sweet.. thanks Decker… um.. you got a name?

Briana raises a virtual eyebrow at the question then twitches her lips slightly. « You can call me Shade. »

** GM Bella **

Wiz.. thanks Shade.. we're The Ghosts.. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.. we're happy with your work so far.

The men can be seen getting back to work. One of them keys in on a cabinet with the scanner and then they have a guy come up and pull out an electronics kit and start to hack the lock on the 'offline' secure locker.

Briana furrows her brows even as she watches the security cameras, then works on the one she's watching the team through. She splits the active feed to so it will look like the team is not even in the room, since they are taking the most time in this room and the time in which to be noticed by the guards. She thinks to herself. « And now you are also invisible, in an electronic sort of way. » which is heard by Bella.

(MindLink!) This is incredible.. how do you keep track of so many cameras and sensors and locks and alarms and stuff all at the same time? It's overwhelming. (from Bella to Briana)

** GM Bella **
In the room, the security cabinet is unlocked and the men take out what looks like a metal robot hand and put it into a hard black case, close it up and put it in the leaders backpack.

Okay.. we have the target item.. we need your guidence back out.

Briana gives a small smile as her icon, or rather, the man's icon, since she's connected through his system. « It takes a lot of concentration. It also helps to hver cyber and bioware. » she thinks back to Bella. She raises an eyebrow as she watches the team then speaks over the comm. « Affirmative. » she says as she looks at the hallway.

** GM Bella **
Perception roll please.. or decker software for that.

Briana relays. « Hold a moment. »
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 1 1 2 3 4 4
Briana continues to scan through the security cameras to be sure everything is safe for the team to get out, first starting with the hallway outside the prototype room.

** GM Bella **
The hallway seems pretty clear.. nice and safe.

Briana relays again. « Hallway seems clear. » she says, attempting to locate those two guards that passed the door to make sure they aren't coming back.

** GM Bella **
Briana finds the two guard.. but during this a cleaning robot comes around the corner and as the men file out of the prototype room it startles them.

Drek.. man.. there is a cleaning floor bot here.. shit.. scared me senseless there.

Briana senses a queue in the security system.. the floor bot is running a facial recognition program on the security system.. searching for an employee match to each of the men's faces. Shit! They upgraded the common cleaning bots to dual security check bots.
Briana has to act fast.. to input the faces into the system.. or at least spoof the robot into thinking it got matches from the security computer.

** GM Bella **
+roll Spoof Rating + decking Pool dice.. vs TN 6. Base time 5 turns. If you get 2 successes you can do it fast enough to fool the cleaning bot.

Briana winces evne as she quickly start attempting to access the bots system and head off any alarms it might pull up.

«OOC» Bella says, "Hacking Pool"
«OOC» Bella says, "Matrix book, page 26"
«OOC» Bella says, "Hacking Pool is only available to characters using a hot ASIST interface. The character may be using a cyberterminal or cyberdeck, trodes or datajack - all that matters is that the sensory input and biofeedback are cranked to the max.
Hacking pool is calculated by adding the users's Intelligence Rating and Cyber terminal MPCP, then dividing the total by 3 (round down).
Hacking Pool dice may be added to any test donducted in the Matrix."

«OOC» Bella says, "8 INT + 6 MCPC = 14 / 3 = 4.6.. round down. You have 4 Hacking Pool"

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls 6 + 4 vs TN 6:
1 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 8 = 1 Success

«OOC» Bella says, "Same part of the Matrix book…
Only two cyberware devices directly affect the Hacking Pool: The encephalon and the math SPU. Both increase the users Hacking Pool by a number of dice equal to the encephalon or Math SPU rating. Also you can add Task pool on this roll. :)"

«OOC» Briana says, "I have both"
«OOC» Briana says, "Encephalon (1) and Math (3)"
«OOC» Bella says, "So.. +4 more dice.
«OOC» Bella says, "You can only use 6 though.. the spoof rating maxes out how much you can use"
«OOC» Bella says, "So.. only 2 more dice"
«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls 2 vs TN 6:
3 11 = 1 Success

«OOC» Bella says, "yes !!!"
«OOC» Briana says, "HA!"

** GM Bella **
Epic Sauce!

Briana is fast even as she works to fool the bot into thinking the members of the team that they are valid people. She moves through the bots programming quickly and if she could sweat in the Matrix, she would be! Even through the telepathic link, Bella can sense the tenseness but once she gets the programming in control and the bots systems are fooled, she relaxes and relaxes. « All good. Move on quickly by quietly. >

** GM Bella **

Thanks Shade.. you got our back.. loving you.

** GM Bella **
The team can be seen heading down to the Southeast corner door again.. the door is easily spoofed to not notice the opening and the camera footage outside easily dumped as well. Shade.. has snuck the team in.. and out.. without anyone getting killed or caught.

(MindLink!) Holy cow Shade… I almost forgot to breath.. the tension over the mindlink on how fast you had to switch those faces in the system.. dang. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana chuckles mentally and thinks. « Thank Renraku. » she thinks with no amount of bitterness there. She quickly slaps the thought away, blocking it from Bella, but she did hear it and even felt the bitter anger that went with the thought. She shakes off the feeling and goes back to work, cleaning up the cameras so no trace of the team is in them. « Cameras cleaned. Security taken care of. You are home free. »

** GM Bella **

Ghost Team clear… we will send contact information to the fix so you can contact us later if you want. Would love to work with you again.
Ghost Team Out

Briana locks doors behind the team but unfortunately, the researchers will notice their tech is missing, even if they won't have a clue how with the doors all locked and the cameras scrubbed. « Sounds good. Shade out. » then she backs out of the system after disconnecting from the communications.

Bella is in the room with Briana.. though they can't see each other (unless Bella looks in the astral, then Briana is a glowing person with magic flowing around her).

Briana opens her eyes and mentally groans as she stretches. She disconnects herself from her deck then the deck from the man's system. She stands. « It's done. We should get out of here. I can only imagine what management will do when this is reported. I can see a shake down happening of all their employees. »

(MindLink!) Ah.. true, that makes sense. Okay.. let's pull out of here. Make sure to wipe down anything you touched. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana nods even as she takes the edge of her cloak and starts wiping things down where her fingers touched. Even the smallest things like the chair. « I need to get gloves. »

(MindLink!) I always carry a pair of surgial gloves.. good escuse if asked is for emergency medical needs.. helping someone as a good semaritan but being safe about infection and disease. (from Bella to Briana)

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) has the PC Note "Surgial Gloves" by Nina (#6503) with the following information (only to Briana):
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=========================> PC Note On Bella (#6503) <==========================
Date: Wed Mar 14 10:32:47 2012
Posted By: Nina (#6503)
Subject: Surgial Gloves
------> Text of PC Note <-----—-
Nina always carries at least 3 pairs of blue surgical gloves on her person.

Briana hmms mentally « Good idea. I could get some from a friend also. She's a nurse. »

(MindLink!) Good deal.. okay.. we look good here.. let's get out of here.. out the back door.. and back to the car. The intrusion team I'm sure has already told the fix the job was a success.. we just have to get our own hoops in the clear now. (from Bella to Briana)

Briana scans things around the room, making sure everything is as how they came into the room. She turns and follows Bella out. « Shouldn't be difficult. As long as there isn't any guards and dogs around. »

** GM Bella **
Perception roll for the return.
Stealth roll for the return.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Bella's Perception":
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5

Briana begins to make her way out of the house, through the back yard again. She closes the door, using an edge of her cloak again.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Stealth for "Bella's Stealth":
1 3 4 8

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 3 3 3 5 10

«Plot» Bella says, "Bella is going to use levitate for the return, she's learned that works much better."

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Stealth:
3 4 9

** GM Bella **
Briana is impressively sneaky and perceptive.

Briana just leaps over the walls.

«Auto-Judge[]» Briana (#9081) rolls Athletics:
1 3 5

** GM Bella **
Briana and Bella make it back to the car without getting caught.. getting inside at which time then Bella cancels the improved invisibility magic, the stealth spell and the levitate and spends some moments cleaning up her astral sig and getting the wooden bead back from Briana.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning up F1 Stealth":
1 1 2 4 4 5 5 = 5 Successes

** GM Bella **

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning up F1 Levitate":
3 3 3 3 4 5 5 = 7 Successes

** GM Bella **

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning up F2 Imp Invis":
2 3 3 5 5 5 5 = 7 Successes

** GM Bella **

Briana hands over the bead and takes a deep breath. "Wow. That… was interesting. " she admits softly.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 4 for "Cleaning up F4 Imp Invis":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 = 3 Successes

** GM Bella **
1 hour remains

Bella works to put the bead back on her bracelet as they chat in the car while it's still off, "I have to say.. I've never been on a job that was like one I've done before.. they all seem to be super unique."

Briana nods. "Thank you for guarding my body. Your magic was incredibly helpful. Now I understand a few things better. "

Bella nods, "And I about the matrix. I didn't realize it was like a whole new world in there."

Briana gives a sort of weak smile. "Yes, it is very unique. "

Bella starts the car and then checks traffic. She heads out into the Mile High city for a serpentine route around the city to make sure they are not being followed. Also to put some miles on the rental car.

Briana finally just relaxes in the car and leans back as she attempts to loosen tense muscles. Despite how self assured she was of her skills, she was still very tense.

Bella spends about an hour riding about, at times parking in front of places like an all night diner.. the log of the vehicle showing she stopped to get something to eat. After the hour.. she heads back to drop off Briana, "Is it okay if I give your contact information to my fix.. so he maybe can contact you directly for work in the future?"

Briana uhs softly and looks exhausted now. She looks over at you as she considers that question. "I suppose that's fine. I think I got a contact in that team as well. They said they were impressed with my work. "

Bella looks over with a big smile, "Dang girl.. that's like the best thing that can happen on a job like this.. getting street cred with a professional team like that? That's future building stuff."

Bella drops the mindlink spell.

«Auto-Judge[]» Bella (#6503) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2 for "Cleaning mindlink":
1 3 3 4 5 5 14 = 6 Successes

** GM Bella **

Briana blinks in surprise. "They are professional team? I had no idea. "

Bella nods, "Ghost Team they said their name was? I've heard of them.. but never worked with them. They have a real good rep."

Briana nods. "Yes. That's the name. They all seemed to know exactly what they were doing. They just needed a decker to handle the security. "
Briana says "Though, whoever provided intelligence for that house needs to be shot."

Bella pulls over near the checkpoint where she picked up Briana, "As far as I know they contract out their decker and rigger work. You might have a solid in with them now. Might want to tell them what happened with the rigger recon though.. they might decide not to use that same guy again… and they might appreciate the heads up too. Bad subcontract work can make them look bad as a team."

Briana nods. "I'll let them know. Probably should have when they were on the way out. "

Bella nods to that, "Okay then.. call me if you need anything and I'll give you a txt if more work falls my way that you can help with… be safe.. and get some sleep.. you earned it."

Briana climbs out of the car then chuckles. "Thanks. That sounds good. Good night." she says before closing the door and heading off. She makes sure her hood is up as she goes and her deck hidden under her cloak.
------> Bella's PrP <------
Bella's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Thu Jul 21 02:27:04 2076 <------

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