Nightshade Draws a Joker
GM: Cypher
Players: Nightshade and Joker
Synopsis: Joker pays the price for crossing a J.
Date: November 2070

OrkTown - The Big House

The first thing one becomes aware of in The Big House is the sheer size of it. Most metahumas will experience life from the perspective that is usually reserved for dwarves. The tables and chairs, are all made of industrial strength molded plastic or padded metal each the size suited for a troll to comfortably sit in. A row of booths rest along the side, heavy synth-wood benches with backs give groups a place to gather and talk privately while not having to mix with the general population. One booth that sits in the corner is listed as "Reserved," the word stamped into the side of the metal table.
In an attempt to make the converted warehouse look more like a proper bar the walls are decorated with framed printouts of some of the larger prisons throughout the history of the UCAS. The cracked concrete floor has old oil stains that have stubbornly refused to be cleaned out negating the effect of the pictures. A huge orange prison jump suit is held under glass, positioned so as it appears to be strangling a human sized KE uniform. Invisible combatants locked in a never ending struggle.
A dart board can be seen hanging on the East wall across from a Bonk Cola machine that has a bulb that's struggling to keep from burning out. Beside the drink machine is a door that is clearly the only restroom, its listed as "Large," with a plastic troll symbol on it. While troll thrash metal is pumped through crackling speakers its never set too loud that one has to yell to be heard. The bar itself is unique, several crushed and cubed cars have been placed in a row with a slab of concrete resting on top it. Behind the bar is a fairly nice set of taps and bottled hard liquors. Next to the bar is a heavy metal door with the word 'Warden,' stamped into it.

Meat [Player] [At: 1. The Bar]
Cypher [Player]

Nightshade walks into the bar, a case on wheels in tow behind her, she walks past the bouncer lifting her coat so he can see she's not wearing anything too far above the limit and takes a seat at a table after getting herself a beer.

A man in a tacky suit walks in a short while later, sitting down and talking to Nightshade. The conversation is quick and quiet, they're both professional so they don't try and be furtive they just stare down anyone who is close enough to overhear until they move away. The conversation is brief and ends with both of them nodding, then the human in the tacky suit gets up and leaves.

===============================> Street Rumors <===============================
You receive word leaking out of Orktown:

You see that breeder in a tacky suit in here a while ago? … Yeah, well I suggest you pretend you didn't. I hear he was buying wetwork for that spic, Curious George. Some joker skunked him on a deal…and don't go chasing after him, I hear he found someone and she's not the type you wanna cross when money is involved.
===============================> Street Rumors <===============================


Perched on the border of the CAS Sector, the Shenendoah district is blessed with few enemies from that direction. This has allowed the residents and the largest and most dominate gang, The Saints, to focus their attentions elsewhere.

Things are relatively good here, for the Warrens anyway, with several power line taps and ample drinking water for the residents. The Saints provide not only security, but comfort, their web of contacts bringing in luxury items and perishables from elsewhere in the city.

This is not a pretend aristocracy like Heather Gardens, however. The Saints are still a gang, and they still take from the top and let the rest fall to vendors who charge outrageously for the goods. Still, the opportunity to purchase and barter for goods and the safety provided by the large gang makes this place far more livable than most of the districts.

The north side of the district is ruled by the Nightshades, who resent the strong arm tactics and rigid rules that the Saints lay down. Things are a little more chaotic there, and conflicts with smaller gangs and those from neighboring Mission Hills keep things lively for those who live there.

Nightshade comes stomping along, a large steamer trunk on wheels pulling along behind her, when the sidewalk looks too torn to trouble pulling it over she hefts it up to her back, then sets it back down. She has a large sword on her back and a shotgun swinging at her side.

Rip is just exiting the Angle's hangout, looking around for a moment before he starts heading towards the north and Mission Hills.

Rip gives a small nod to the troll, giving plenty of room for the much larger meta to pass by if they so choose. "Hoi." He replies, as he adjusts his long coat to keep out the building chill of fall, finaly picking up his pace once done and he can watch where he's going.

Nightshade isn't moving all that quickly, appearing distracted from time to time as she focuses on the air in front of her where a brief blurring occurs and then vanishes. She continues northward giving Rip minimal attention.

Mission Hills

Like a nightmare version of Las Vegas, Mission Hills sprawls lazily during the day, its streets in disrepair and lined with the trash and debris of the previous evening. At night, however, it comes alive as a hive of debauchery and sin, reveling in every conceivable vice. One richly appointed lofts and condos lie in ruin, used as brothels and flop houses for those looking for a good time. Gaudily appointed businesses thrive here like maggots on a corpse, selling beetles and cheap guns and other good and services, with only a few staying more than a few days in any one place.

Wrecked and gutted cars block many streets, requiring one to travel on foot and channeling that traffic towards the aforementioned businesses. Corner whores and alleyway drug dealers are common, and there is the hint of danger at every turn. Here the dangers are more visceral than simply being shot: slavery is all too common, with human trafficking one of the most popular ways to make a buck. The nights are often torn with the sounds of screams, some of pleasure from the many whorehouses, and some of pain from the nightly fights and gladiatorial games.

Rip 's boots crunch of rubble and concrete as he makes his way northwards, pausing a moment at one of the intersections as if trying to decide on a direction to go, troll forgotten for the moment.

Nightshade continues onward, sparing a backward glance towards Rip every so often, not the safest area for a girl to let someone get behind them, and even troll girls end up as slaves sometimes. As the foot traffic gets tighter she lifts her trunk up pulling several straps loose turning it into an enourmous backpack. This causes her to stoop forward a little as she walks.

Rip seems undecided for the moment, gazing down each of the streets with a calculating look, apparently taking in the rabble that run through the streets and the sounds coming from each area. Not all pleasent, either sight or sound, but one direction makes more noise than most and that seems to catch his attention and he finaly starts off that way with the walk of someone determined to get something.

Nightshade has been hired to erase Joker. She's made some preparations and then sent out watcher spirits to locate him.

Nightshade thinks Joker is a hack but doesn't let that put aside caution, she's wearing her full compliment of armor wrapped up under a physical mask to make her look like a dumpy heavyset troll in a slightly tacky faux fur coat. She has her two big blades on her back and her little knives on wrist and ankle. No guns (swords are a pricey bribe, a pair of assault rifles is a trip to the slammer). Her second sustaining foci is prepared to sustain invisibility but it isn't cast yet.

While Joker is sitting in the Red Rock Diner a Watcher spirit flits in, spotting joker, it zips away then another arrives, after a few move back and forth one of the other patrons who happens to be awakened mentions to Joker, "Hoi, chummer…not sure if it's of trouble to you, but you've got a fair number of spirits looking for you. If you're not looking to be found I'd get on the move quick." The patron places his finger aside his nose and gives Joker a wink and a nod before heading out.

Joker sighs and pushes to his feet, draining the last of his coffee and leaving the cup with some nuyen on his table. Turning to exit the diner he walks right on out across the freeway and starts to jog along it, heading back south toward his apartment.

Joker keeps jogging right down the highway as he racks his brain, thinking who might be after him now and what he can do about it. First things first, he needs to get suited up. Watchers relaying are never fun.

Nightshade stalks about the Warrens, doing a little foot patrol while the Watcher spirits do things astral. She checks in on the 'regular' haunts, The Crank, The Bastille, the market in the Rez, asking after a joker with a dog. It's almost a surprise to her when the watchers report back that the target is in another part of town. Not one to rush into things Nightshade moves deliberately to stash her firearms then makes her way back into the 'civilized' part of town.

Joker enters his apartment building and takes the stairs two at a time, slipping into his apartment and letting the lock click into place He moves with practiced efficiency as he locates his gear stashed in the closet and starts to get suited up, swords, stars, the hole shabang.

Much to Jokers dismay, he cannot think of anywhere with such obvious security thats close enough to get to in any short time frame.

Joker slips his phone from his discarded clothes and holds it in one hand as he opens his window and jumps up onto the ledge. In a rather odd movement he turns and jumps up along the wall before he can get his feet on it and start to run, heading up to the roof of his apartment before he makes a couple of calls from that location.

Nightshade gets within about a mile of where the watchers are pointing her before she stops her van parking it in a garage and exits after primping, a little makeup for herself, invisibility on her weapons harness locked into place with one of her crystal foci, then a physical mask over herself. Away goes the dumpy chunky troll disguise and out comes the business woman. Nightshade regards herself in the mirror for a moment and scowls, "Look like a damn corper…ahh well." She slips out of the van and walks along following the flikering reports of the Watcher spirits as she gets close she calls all but one back, looking about at the surrounding buildings sizing up the various routes into and out of the area.

Joker walks along the roof as he talks on his phone, looking for cameras.

In a four block radius around Jokers Apartment complex, there are a total Trolls doing various things. Two of them are working on a road project. 1 of them is Nightshade, and 1 of them is a Troll thats homless, sleeping in a dumpster.

Joker turns and tosses his phone of the edge of the building, walking to the middle and drawing his sword. He starts pacing around the middle of the building, watching the neighboring buildings for sharp shooters and staying out of sight of the edge.

Nightshade glances upwards as the watcher reports Joker is on the rooftop, she sighs then glances around looking for a taller building nearby.

At the end of the current block, there is a six story building, giving you two stories over Joker.

Joker continues pacing, watching thoughs taller buildings. He knows someone might want the drop on him and doubts they would try and hand to hand someone who is good at it their first attempt. He hopes Vonda is getting all this and wishes he had kept his phone, maybe she could have given him updates on the trolls.

Nightshade walks towards the taller building, a quick scan of the security to see if they're using MADs or look the type to have magical security, if there is any question she continues past, if it looks like a reasonable gamble she turns into the building looking for the elevator.

The building just happens to be tall, and has very little in the way of security.

Joker decides to look for hiding spots from the buildings as he walks, trying to figgure out which ways he can and can't be shot at from which directions. He hasn't spotted danger yet, it makes him nervous.

Nightshade turns in and rides up to the sixth floor, stepping out of the elevator and looking for a window with a view of the rooftop Joker should be on.

The 6th Floor is fairly busy, its a giant open studio, with lots of people working at computers in little cubicals everywhere. There are a few offices along the walls, but its mostly someones cheap office.

There are various items such as air conditioner units and things like that on the rooftop with Joker, it wont hide him completly, but it will give him some cover.

Nightshade steps out of the elevator looking around at the office, she blinks, "You're not Smith and Jones?" She says naming the folks on the fifth floor read from the lobby directory. She turns and looks up at the floor readout then blushes, "Oh, pardon…butterfingers!" She chirps then steps back in and hits the button for the fifth floor hoping that Smith and Jones are out to lunch.

Smith and Jones are not out to lunch, in fact this place looks just like the 6th floor almost.

Joker checks the neighboring buildings for height and cover, maybe he can find something better? Causion = life in his business.
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls 1 for "Ok, better hiding spots. 1-2 you can find full cover on another building thats in jumping range. 3-4 Your going to have to jump two buildings to make it, and its going to be risky. 5+ The rest of the buildings are all lower and your not going to find any cover nearby.":

Nightshade takes a quick glance as the door opens then presses the first floor button while tapping her foot muttering about stupid tiny buttons.

Sadly, the rest of the buildings around joker are only two stories tall, with little on thier rooftops to provide cover.

Nightshade walks back out of the building and around to the far side, she takes cover in the nearest alley with a blindspot reaching back and removing her foci from the harness the blades wink into visibility for a moment just before Nightshade herself fades from view.

Joker realizes he has got himself mostly trapped and goes back to pacing threw the rooftop rif raf, watching for sharps hooters.

Nightshade hangs the foci back around her neck locking the lightweight invisibility into place, just enough to keep the locals from noticing and helpful with cameras, her disguise remains in place under it, just an invisible business troll…with swords…nothing to see here. With a grumble she relys on a little more magic, a levitiate spell to get her up in the air and over to the top of the building where Joke waits.

Nightshade releases the Levitate spell once her feet settle on the rooftop, she has a fair idea where Joker is, her eyes scanning looking for him.

Nightshade is hard to see but her boots make a decided double thunk as she sets herself down on the rooftop.

Joker instantly moves to cover away from where he heard the boots, attempting to become as a shadow.

Ok, there is a noise on the roof, there is a Joker trying to hide behind a small air conditioner, but, its not giving him alot of cover.

Look at that, you see a boot sticking out from behind an air conditioner unit.

Nightshade sighs audibly as Joker scrambles to hide, there's a rustle of cloth he can hear and the the sound of first one blade, then another sliding out of their sheaths, it seems to take a long time for that whisking metal on leather sound to stop. "You want to die with honor or just die? I get paid either way." The voice is all wrong for Nightshade but the attitude rings a bell.

Joker smiles from behind the air conditionar now he knows she is pulling swords. he doesn't answer, but instead moves back away from the air conditionar and stands, still walking backward away from nightshade with his sword up. He stairs at where he thinks she is, tracking her with his ears. At this point he says simply, "Dead is dead."

There's a soft rustle, the sound of shoulders moving up and down under heavy armor, then a slow scraping sound that gets faster quickly, a sharp line of dust kicking up as Nightshade's blade skims over the roof surface, it's a slight ruse as she's holding that blade out at an almost awkward angle as she approaches Joker. Drawing it up and in turning the fake trail into an opening swing.

Joker continues backing up, right off the edge of the roof. As he falls backwards away from Nightshade he'll turn in the air and gain speed by running straight down the wall, going 6 meaters before he starts to simply freefall.

Nightshade watches joker go over the edge, "Really?" she sighs, then gestures towards him sending a stunbolt at him trying to tag him before he hits the ground.

Nightshade sends a bolt of energy chasing after Joker, she puts a good deal of oomph into it, enough to flatten the cowardly bastard.

Joker is hit in the back and knocked out of control, smashing into the ground hard. His impact armor probably keeps him alive, but he isn't getting back up.

Nightshade growls, "Damnit…now there's probably people involved." She glances around looking to see how many if any people noticed the joker jumper hurling himself off the building.

Apparently, not many people are paying attention, and Joker managed to run down and fall between buildings. He will be spotted soon.

In the distance, a pair of sirens is heard.

Nightshade growls looking down at the unconscious man on the ground, a few heartbeats later she's weaving a spell of levitation about herself barely waiting for the spell to take effect before she steps off the ledge, the moment she's a safe drop to the ground she cuts the spell and begins weaving a cloak of invisibility around Joker's form, sparing a moment to give him a cuff on the side of the head to make sure he's out cold.

Due to someone informing them of the situation, and now with the vanishing of the body. LS is on its way, with magical backup too.

Nightshade picks up the limp noodle draping him over her shoulder she starts walking, pausing to pull in a city spirt to conceal and guard, then a wind spirit to hasten her movement. Magical backup from LS is always fun to evade.

Lone star will arrive in the alley, and spot the small pool of blood that fell from Jokers mouth after it hit the ground. The mage will detect the residue of magical spells cast, and remember the signature. But thats all they do at this moment, since there is no official body.

Nightshade quickens her steps getting clear of the immediate area then dropping invis in a concealed place then recasting so she can lock in the invisibility with her foci. Nightshade doesn't take the luxury of waiting, this little pigeon was once taken in by the law, who knows what kind of tracers and bugs they crammed into his orifices and what tracking they might have on file.

===============================> Police Rumors <===============================
You receive word from Snippet of Official Statement (Wed Nov 10 14:57:20 2010):

…resident may have attempted suicide today at the Mountain Hills apartment complex. Witnesses describe the resident as having been dressed and armed 'Like a Ninja' then attempting to run down the side of a four story building. When he struck the ground it is reported he laid stun for a moment then 'vanished', running off down the alley. A small sample of blood has been collected and matches a recent detainee held by the PCC. Be on the lookout as the man may have suffered from a mental breakdown…

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