Nightlife Chapter 8
GM: Smoke
Players: Naomi, Alyse, Jinx
Synopsis: The team adds Jinx to the group and goes to give Cerulean an ultimatum.
Date: February 2073

Nightlife Chapter 8
Cerulean Blues

Naomi starts to undo her coat as Alyse walks up the stairs with Jinx in tow, smiling brightly and walking over to give Jinx a big hug. "So good to see you again, Jinx. And thanks for bringing all this stuff. I'll just need to change, then we can be off. But, in the meantime, what I didn't want to talk about over the phone is vampires. Alyse and I have the location of one that may be able to give us some information on the others, so we can storm their lair. I would love it if you could come along as some support."

Jinx nods, "Sure… Sounds at least like you could use some troll on that. Let me change into my stuff as well. That is unless those guys afraid to see half naked troll." She chuckles as she unpacks her Sec Armor and starts to get out of her street clothes. She has to really get almost naked before she starts to don the tightly fitted combat armor, attackes the TacCom to it's sides and does a quick check of the suits functions. Testing the Ruthenium's 'invis' functions for a few seconds. She had been thinking as she did that, then asked, "Hmmm… vampires. Are those critters able to see the astral? Might make a difference with the use of the Ruth. Or better how I have to move to be unseen by those guys as well. If they can see me even with the Ruth on. And I assume you guys want a silent run. Or is a bit of boom-boom no problem?"

Gnosis is working on enchanting a stick as the others gathered, and has passed along control of one of his earth elementals to Naomi. "Be wary," he says. "Remember, fire and light. And if they lose air, they can go dormant." He takes up the wand he's working on and walks it over to the enchanting shop, briefly passing it through the vapors of a certain concotion…. as the troll changes, he seems curious. "Well," he says. "That's… quite a getup for an interrogation. You said ruth… so at least you can remain unseen if you have to operate in populated areas."

Alyse sidesteps the hugging and moves off to the side, letting the others talk. For Jinx's question however the blonde elf clears her throat. "The idea is to turn an inside man, not storm the beaches. 'Boom Boom' should be kept to a minimum."

Naomi grins slightly, letting her change as she grabs her bag and steps just out of sight to change. "Ideally, we'll just go in, have a little talk, and everything will go smoothly. But, when she sees us with Jinx standing behind us, I figure she'll be more willing to hear what we have to say, as opposed to just trying to take the two of us out before we can talk."

Jinx shrugs towards Gnosis, "I'd hate to get bitten by a vampire, heard that kinda shit is infectious and I dun want to become what a troll becomes if it gets that shit. And trolls simply are best at being the walls a mage can hide behind. This virtually /makes/ me a wall. I've always been Naomi's … wall. Ever since the Dirties formed up. Sadly the two of us seem to be the only remnants of our team these days. But I am not intending to let her get harmed by some … Vampire crap. But yes, the Ruth comes quite handy if you want to avoid unwanted attention." She then chuckles at that, "In fact… like this I am probably less obvious that with other getup." She nods to Alyse. "Okay… I'll stick to bow and katana, then and leave the loud stuff here. If I dun need to make noise I am as happy as otherwise." She chuckles again.

Smoke turns from the calcinator and turning down the burner on the melting orichalcum and looks at Jinx. "You come highly recommended. I am sure you'll be helpful. Not really any money in this work though, just sort of doing the right thing." He looks at the others, "I want all of you to be very careful, we've all been really lucky so far I think. They don't know anything about us. They will be hunting for any scrap of information so they can get the edge on us. Right now that is our strength. Alyse's psychometry and a lot of good legwork has given us the upper hand."

«OOC» Naomi says, "I had some great forms pre-summoned. Let me know if you want some rolls, or just a listing, or what, Smoke."
«OOC» Smoke says, "You have had time to rest off any drain. If there are spirits at the ready just list them here in the log."
«Plot» Jinx says, "As this is not intended to be a 'storm the beaches' mission Jinx will just take the Katana, the bow, her combat suit and the Taccom, also will have her Saviour Medkit with her. Just in case. So, kinda light gear."

«Plot» Naomi says, "Naomi has five Force 5 Great Form spirits summoned, each with 2 services. Two Hearth Spirits, two Forest Spirits, and one Mist Spirit."

Gnosis says "Well, I'm not really an expert at this," to Jinx. "I'll trust you on it. Just be careful? They've been shown to be tricksy." He adjusts the heat of the burner a little as he works. "Sandstone can also wall up if you need it."

«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse from your memory you know that Cerulean's apartment complex is two blocks North of the Landsborn building. It is in a neighborhood that is being refurbished from a rundown housing development. There are two large apartment complex buildings next to a small strip mall with a bar as its main draw for people in the neighborhood. Her apartment building is four stories high and from what you can recall her apartment is on the third floor. The other apartment building is three stories high and still under construction, or at least was during the time of your reading."

Jinx grins to Gnosis, "I'll use 'wooden sticks' to impale them if that is of any help. "Or should I really prepare for the worst and get some other stuff? Sadly the only phosphor grenade I had was spent at a different run… With all this talk about fire and light and such it might seem I really would wish for one… Still the blade and the bow hopefully will do in dealing with minions."

Smoke nods and tilts his head. "I'll pull up some watchers and have them and Skeelee patrolling around here in case you need to beat a quick retreat. But if you can somehow either get her out of the picture or get her on our side then we'll have even more advantage. She's the only one that has seen me face to face since Alyse killed Scarlet."

«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse please list any elementals you have in tow on plot when you get the chance."

«Plot» Alyse says, "I'm a hermetic, only need to call anything I own"

Naomi comes back into sight, dressed for the job. "Phosphorous grenades would be great when we are storming the gates, though. This time, though, keeping quiet will be good. Even if we do end up in a fight, it is still an apartment building, so it'll be better for us not to make too much noise, even if we do fight." She gives Jinx a grin. "But, I know how good you are with the bow and sword, Jinx." She grabs a satchel, slinging it over her shoulder, then draws her pistol, fitting the silencer to it. "But, let's get over there. We'll either get her on our side or kill her."

«Plot» Smoke says, "I understand that, I would like to know what you have available. If you would like to page me with it that would be fine."

Gnosis nods, and then turns to focus on his artificing, just a simple, shaggily ragged shaman working on a focus.

Jinx nods to Alyses words, "Okay… then I'll try to cling to the background for starters and will only show my hulk if it's really neccessary. There is something about a troll suddenly popping up. Or so I heard. You guys keep the mojo away from me is all I ask for. Cause being a big mean troll does not make me anything magic. I am just a mundane girly. And I know just too well how bad you guys can make it on us with a spell."

«Plot» Naomi has a Force 6 Improved Reflexes sustained in a focus.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Okay it is up to you all to get there. I will need to know if you are taking a vehicle as well."

Naomi nods to Jinx, giving her a smile. "Oh, I think we can keep you safe from that. So, does she have a balcony we can go in through, or are we going to do roof access? I figure it'd be best to avoid the front desk, just in case they are watching her." She looks to Alyse. "What did you drive over here?"

«OOC» Smoke says, "Roughly seven blocks at the crow flies. Rowan used his taccom with Smoke when he did his recon. This part of the CAS is sort of crammed together on the northern portion near the Rens."

«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse remembers a small balcony, enough for two deck chairs and a small table with a sliding glass door. Not a lot of room."

«OOC» Jinx says, "Hmmmm… So about a kilometer or two… A bit far for going there just under the cloak of ruth… Probably too many people. A transport might be a good idea."

Jinx ponders the talk about balconies and adds her rope and climbing gear (A/D Harness) to the stuff she puts in the small backpack. "Just in case you want to really make this a climbing tour. Nothing beats a falling troll to the perfect splash experience, but I'd perfer not to deliver that kinda show."

Alyse blinks and answers Naomi. "The landrover, Jinx doesn't fit in my porche."

Naomi chuckles. "Yeah, none of us want to see that one. We'll probably levitate up, just to keep quiet, but that may be good for our escape, if it becomes necessary. But, what do you think, Alyse. Drive over to that block, then slip to the balcony side of the building, fly up, and knock? Or, possibly pop the lock and head in, depending."

Jinx grunts to that, "You guys and your flying around like birds…", she mutters. "Us mundanes still have to use honest muscles and ropes. And even with your levitation a rope might be a reasonable saveguard." She looks to the two elves, then nods, "So back into the baggage compartment."

She hands the small backpack with the rope and the medkit to Naomi, "I'll just carry the quiver and the blade. I can easily hide those. The backpack might be a bit … harder to hide. I really need some more ruthed stuff to go with the armor."

Naomi slings the backpack over her shoulder, giving a nod as she clips her com unit to her belt, puts in the ear piece, and puts the microphone to her neck. "Rope's a good thing to have, just in case. If things get crazy, we will be two stories up, after all."

Skeelee moves over to Jinx and bows, "I have not met many trolls besides Whiskey Slim, but you are the first female. May the wind be at your back for this journey." She blinks a few times and then smiles, turning to look at Naomi, "And you be safe."

Skeelee turns to Alyse, "And you as well Doc…tor. I hope everyone comes home well. This will be the first time I am not with Smoke on a journey with all of you."

Tucking her XSG into her jacket pocket the doctor nods to the spirit and offers the best reassuring smile she caan give. "I won't say it'll be a piece of cake, but we'll do our best right? We've got some pretty bright and trustworthy people working together here." Clipping her mike on too she put her 'Medic bag' over her shoulder. Ready to go.

Jinx nodded to Skeelee, "Uh… okay.", she then said, not sure what to say to the 'girl'. She actually didn't know Skeelee was a spirit, having not seen her do any spirity things yet. She put on her helmet and then 'disappeared'. Thinking it wiser not to show herself in sec armor in an area as this.

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Stealth for "+ruth rtg 12 effects":
4 4 5 5

Naomi nods, pulling out her smaller gun and attaching the silencer to that one as well, slipping it back into the concealed holster. "I'm good to go, as well." She gives Skeelee a smile, walking over and putting one hand on her shoulder. "And don't worry. We'll be fine, I promise." She looks to Jinx, watching her fade out of sight, then nods to Alyse. "Best that you drive, I think."
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]—-
==========================> Current Denver Weather <===========================

Condition : FAIR

Temperature : 37 F (2 C)
Feels Like : 37 F (2 C)

Humidity : 65 %
Barometer : 29.73

Visibility : 25 miles
Wind : 12 mph from S

----> Last Updated: Jan 28 2073 01:35 CST <----

The weather is partly cloudy, and chilly with the occasional wind from the south. Smoke has the skylight windows open to let out the fumes from the enchanting going on. He gives another look to the women and where the troll used to be and then nods. He gives Naomi and serious look, but doesn't say anything else.

Jinx will simply follow Naomi and Alyse down the stairs and to the Doc's car. She will then wait for the baggage compartment to be opened, so she can climb in. An attentive observer might be surpised to the sudden slide downward the car makes. Though Jinx is making sure it's not too obvious. After that it is waiting in there for her. Luckily she is a patient troll.

Naomi gives Smoke a reassuring smile, squeezing Skeelee's shoulder as she does. THen, it's out to Alyse's vehicle, opening up the baggage compartment and putting her backpack in, giving Jinx plenty of time to climb in before closing it and walking around to the passenger seat, making herself comfortable, taking out her sunglasses and putting them on.

«Plot» Alyse says, "So Alyse is bringing her sunglasses, charm bracelet and XSG under her usual armored jacket"

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 5 vs TN 10 for "NPC thing":
1 1 3 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Naomi has her pair of silenced guns, her comm, a pair of Flash-Paks, sunglasses, flashlight, and a pair of foci, as well as that backpack.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Roll perceptions as you all get settled in the vehicle"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "Trolls and perception? Oh, yay!":
5 5 9 16
«OOC» Naomi says, "And my comm is R7, so we can probably keep in contact with Smoke while we're out. :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence for "Elf perception! Also, thermo glasses.":
1 1 3 5 9 10
«OOC» Smoke says, "He'll have his on. He's being a worry wort"
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence for "Elf perception and thermo vis. mag glasses":
2 2 2 2 3 7 8

Out in front of the shop about a quarter of a block to the East is an old beat up and patched rusty green pickup truck. What catches all of your attentions is the fact that the vehicle is probably over eighty years old. Not something normally seen ever any more. The cab light in the truck is on and there appears to be a dark haired woman pounding on the steering wheel and whipping her head around. Music blares from the truck, a raspy metallic voice chanting to the backdrop of screaming electric guitars.

Jinx looks at that 'offending' car. "Hmmm… either someone has a bad faible for /real/ old cars or we have one of your vampire friends in sight.", she then says to the girls in front. "At least this car kinda sticks out like a sore thumb even considering /my/ standards."

Naomi nods a bit, looking to that car, lowering her shades as she shifts her perceptions to the astral, looking more closely at that woman. "Yeah, that's pretty suspicious. And a little obvious, honestly."

«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence + Astral Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Assensing the woman":
1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 16 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Aura Reading vs TN 4 for "Complementary":
1 3 4 = 1 Success
You paged Naomi with 'You have seen her before, in Smoke's divination. She is a grade 9 Pysical Adept Shaman of Spider. She has several small foci on her person and what looks to be a force four weapon foci combat knife.'.

Naomi pages: Smoke's sister?
You paged Naomi with 'Yep, she came to town and parked out front, just like in the vision.'.
You paged Naomi with 'Of course it has nothing to do with the vampire plot but sometimes things overlap.'.

Alyse gives a nod in agreement and looks a little closer at the parked car rocking out. She too mirrors Naomi's move while continuing to drive by. Keep it casual, see if she reacts to them leaving.

«OOC» Alyse says, "You can use astral pool in assensing? Thought that was only on the meta-planes"

Naomi mutters under her breath, then leans back and speaks a bit louder. "No, that's not one of them. Just keep going for now, she's… a different issue."

«OOC» Naomi says, "You can use it for astral perception. I think I extrapolated."

«OOC» Smoke says, "I actually looked for it since she uses it that way and couldn't find anywhere where it said you couldn't."

«OOC» Smoke says, "It is an interesting rules question we can talk about later. If you want to do it on my runs I am fine with it."

Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Vapor, your earlier vision was accurate. About the dream."

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Aura Reading:
2 3 4 5

Jinx shrugs, "Hmmm… another can of worms? I wonder how many things you guys keep your fingers in.", she then mutters. Her eyes go their primary target, the building. Looking to see how she might be best going in unseen.

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 1 2 3 5 9

Commlink-Vapor> Smoke says, "Fricken wonderful, I'll have Skeelee watch for her. Is she out front?"

Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Yes, iIn the vehicle you saw her in."

You paged Alyse with 'She is a grade 9 Pysical Adept Shaman of Spider. She has several small foci on her person and what looks to be a force four weapon foci combat knife.'.

Commlink-Vapor> Smoke says, "Alright don't worry about her, just stay focused on the mission. She's most likely just gonna taunt me."

Commlink-Princess> Naomi says, "Got it. Be careful."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "Checking out building":
2 4 10 13

Commlink-Witch-Doctor> Alyse says, "Just what we need, another heavy."

Naomi nods slightly, letting out a sigh. "Yeah… She's sort of attached to Smoke. But, he'll deal with her for now. She probably won't become an issue before we're done with this."

She doesn't even seem to look up as the groups vehicle passes, lost in whatever sort of musical mayhem she is wrapped up in. The woman appears to be either drunk or extremely unbalanced, having used eyeliner to make x's and o's all over her face.

The drive to the apartment area is otherwise uneventful. The area is quiet excpt for the bar in the strip mall next door to the north. There are people lined up to get in still at this hour. There are several choices for parking. The strip mall parking lot, the street and the apartment front parking. The balconies are on the front of the building facing the street.

Naomi sighs, looking at the bulding and shifting her perception to the astral once again, checking for any sort of astral defense, looking over to the bar as well, just to check for any plants.

Jinx grunts at the sight, "Hmmm… no good stopping at that strip mall, you guys would get too much attention. I'd say to stop at the street or on the front parking. Though I'd certainly prefer the street. Less obvious."

The apartment complex just to the South is still under construction with most of the siding and roofing finished. There is a crane in the front of that parking lot with what looks to be heavy air conditioning systems stakced next to it ready to move up onto the roof of that building soon. That building is totally dark at this hour, waiting on the morning return of construction workers.

The apartment of focus appears to have three different warded apartments on the third floor, all legal level three wards and five of the six apartments on the fourth floor are warded. The only thing of interest about the bar and the crowd there is an awakened dwarf female with a masking spell on to make her look human.

Naomi nods to that. "Agreed. Park on the street. We can go up there invisibly, if need be. She should see us there anyway. Alyse, do you know which apartment is hers, or are we going to have to figure it out up there?"

«Plot» Smoke says, "The psychometry memory is not clear, Alyse really just remembers her pressing the thrid floor elevator button all the time."

«OOC» Naomi says, "Is that balcony attached to a specific apartment?"

«Plot» Smoke says, "The warded apartments on the third floor starting from north to south are the first, third and fourth. Each apartment has its own individual small balcony. The curtains of the fifth apartment are open and there are lights on. There are also lights on in the first apartment but the curtains are closed."

"Damn brain-magic…" Alyse mutters as she moves to park the landrover off to the side. She herself as currently dressed shouldn't get too much attention on the street (compared to a giant armed troll) but if they know her face it's moot point. "Third floor is…frequented, if not hers. That lines up with the report right?"

«OOC» Smoke says, "There is no report on this place or Cerulean, all of the intel comes from you Alyse."
«OOC» Smoke says, "All of the recent legwork has been on the Landsborn building."
«OOC» Smoke says, "The only face that you know that the vamps know clearly is Smoke's. Although it was noted that Cerulean remembered Alyse's face and thus the stakeout of the Crazy Horse bar."
«OOC» Jinx says, "Is that crane positioned above so you could climb up and rope down onto our target aparment complex?"
«OOC» Jinx says, "Jinx would look for that kinda stuff ;) Even with mages about. She prefers not to fly about magically. Kinda makes her nervous to have nothing suspend her physically."

Naomi sighs, closing her eyes and considering for a moment. "I could just go look in each apartment. Only three of the six are warded, and it's not enough of a ward to stop me from getting through. She doesn't know my aura, so I could adjust my mask and act lost if she sees me. Or, just leave and we can move in."

«Plot» Smoke says, "The crane is not currently capable of interacting with the apartment you are interested in. Its swing arm is up by the second floor of the Southern apartment."

Jinx shrugs, "Then let us get in positon on the roof or something. So we can rope down … or fly down, fast enough if we have the right place. I'll be a bit slower for a bit if we have to go down through a ward, as I have to turn that tat off."

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd/even/explode":

As Alyse parks on the street and everyone considers what to do, Cerulean comes walking out of the apartment complex with a man next to her. She's all dressed up in a thick wintery outfit with a longcoat on. She wears what looks to be a very expensive lace shawl about her shoulders and neck, dark blue and complementing her luxurious long blue dyed hair. The man is short, very short but not a dwarf. He's in a thick wool longcoat with a stocking cap on.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Because Vampires go out at night:)"

Naomi nods. "Sure, we can set up on the roof to burst in, too. It's reduce response time. If I do bump into her, we'll probably need to go quick. You can set up to rappel, too. I'll report in after each apartment, so you know where I am, should something happen…" She blinks as she sees Cerulean come out of the apartment building. "Well, that's interesting. We could follow them, or just find her apartment now and wait there for her to come home."

Alyse gives a frown as she leans in, seeing their target come out to them. Almost too easy, but the issue of her little companion there doesn't help. Glancing to the two other woman she frowns. "There's more security in there I'll wager, but she might be meeting friends." That said, the doctor-mage tries to think back to her stolen memories, see if she 'knows' the short man.

«OOC» Naomi says, "Does it look like the shorty that was at the bar?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "Yes Naomi it does"

«Plot» Smoke says, "Roll Int TN8 Alyse"
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8:
2 2 3 4 4 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "KP1/22":
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "KP3/22":
2 2 3 5 5 5 22 = 1 Success

«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse you recall that his name is Etsin, he's a freelance Nosferatu that lives in the warrens. He only works for Lillian when there is money on the table."

Naomi narrows her eyes, looking the pair over. "That looks like the guy that tried to bomb us. I guess he did manage to not get blown up himself."

«Plot» Smoke says, "He is the same man that was involved with the bomb attempt in the Crazy Horse"

Jinx tilts her head to that, "Probably a good idea to take them out on the streets /before/ they meet someone… But then we need to act fast and will not be as much in control. The apartment might be saver in that aspect, even if we have to break some security. Up to you. You know those guys better. I'll swing my ass to your decision."

Alyse frowns, pursing her lips. "Vampire merc," she says aloud and crosses her arms over her chest. "Great times." The talk of appartment or street leaves her with one more question to ask herself as she reaches up to rub her temples. Is the appartment security likely to be too much for them?

«Plot» Smoke says, "Just from the look of the area this is a newer building that has just gone in during the last year. The security is much more likely to be upgraded from the other older style buildings in the area."

Naomi sighs. "Well, we don't want to fight on the street and we'd probably have to pay off the merc to not report back that we were there. Let's just find her apartment and wait. Maybe we can even just find something incriminating or useful."

Cerulean tosses her hair with a laugh and pats the small man on the head. He knocks her hand to the side and retorts something in a grumpy manner. They both look at the bar crowd in the parking lot to the North. Cerulean says something to the little man and the little man shrugs. They both stand on the front stoop of the apartment complex for another minute considering the bar crowd, almost like they are shopping for dinner.

Naomi says in Irish Gaelic, "Oh, fucking vampires…"

Naomi sits up, getting ready to get out of the vehicle. "Come on, they're looking for dinner. Let's go talk to them before we need to deal with bystanders. They're not going to do anything supernatural in front of her apartment. Just be ready to give chase if necessary. Jinx, give us some backup." She starts to get out of the vehicle.

Jinx grunts, "Let me out and you can have all the backup you want…", she then says. "I just hope the buggers don't like blades. I'll try to get close and save the arrows for emergencies."

Alyse nods in agreement and looks to Naomi. "Be careful, she might not be happy to see my face or yours if she remembers us." Reaching out to pat Jinx's shoulder she smiles. "Watch our ass, alright?"

Naomi chuckles. "She'll probably be pissed, but this is her home. She can't mess this up." She steps out of the car, walking around to open the baggage compartment before she starts to walk towards the pair of vampires, hands in her pockets as she walks. Not outright sneaking, but she is going for an angle that doesn't make her approach competely obvious.

The vampires seem to be watching the dwarf woman that is masked to look like a human. She seems to be the life of the party outside the club, flirting with everyone. Cerulean and Etsin-the little guy stay put for now, their attention on the crowd. The blue haired woman strokes her hair back out of her face and the space around her on the astral plane shifts for a moment a wind spirit manifesting above her. It isn't too powerful just force three by the look of it, and she sends it off toward the crowd.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd/even/explode":
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 6 for "Perception C":
3 3 4 4 5 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 6 for "Perception E":
2 2 4 5 7 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Stealth for "Walk casual":
2 5 11 11

The little man tilts his head as if he's listening to something, his eyes for just a moment dart to the women and the car, but he doesn't make any outward appearance that he has somehow been warned. He just shifts a little in his stance and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Stealth:
2 5
«Plot» Smoke says, "Roll perception"
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence for "Elf eyes and thermo, Vis Mag.3":
2 2 4 4 4 8 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 3 4 5 10

On the third floor a human woman, apparently mundane steps out onto the balcony of the third apartment on the third floor. The lights are off in that apartment and she is difficult to see clearly, but elven and troll vision will show that she's standing there with her hands on her hips, watching the front yard and parking lot of the apartment complex.

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "Perception":
2 2 3 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Stealth for "I am hiding under ruth, but spirit sight? Hmmmm…":
2 3 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Stealth for "I am hiding under ruth, but spirit sight? Hmmmm… (KP:1)":
1 1 4 10

Cerulean doesn't notice anything, she's being amused by her spirit as it looks like it is confusing the dwarf woman now as she waits in line.

You paged Jinx with 'No one sees you' that you can tell, or that they are letting on with body language.

Alyse lets Naomi take the lead on this one. She's the better talker after all. "Be ready," she says simply. "Hope for peace but…" she trails off as her eyes look up at the woman on the balcony.

Jinx, hopefully let out by her teammates, makes a slow move beside them. Staying close but a bit out of everyones way. Ready to strike should it be needed, blade and bow under cover of her body.

Naomi nods, glancing up at the woman on the balcony, but just keeping pace and walking up to Cerulean, smiling as she starts to speak to her. "Good evening. I think the two of us have something to discuss. Might we have a few minutes of your time?"

As Naomi walks up Etsin simply takes a step back, stuffing his hands in his pockets. His expression is curious as he looks her up and down. Now that the women are closer it can be seen that he has a taccom unit on. His eyes are extremly odd, silvery where they should be white and light grey where they should have black iris.

Cerulean turns, a slight frown on her face at her play being interrupted. The dwarf girl having lost the ability to sustain her spell and now standing in the crowd in front of the bar with a human dress on that doesn't fit a dwarven body well. The blue haired elf looks at Naomi and then Alyse. "Oh..well isn't this out of the blue. Did Allan cough up where I lived I wonder? Lillian said she could taste the after affects of the drug in his blood when she turned him. What brings on this bold surprise meeting?" Her skin is creamy pale, a sheen of sweat built up even in the chill from the excitement of toying with her dwarven target in front of the bar.

«OOC» Jinx says, "On as in active? Or on as he wears it?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "You would assume both"
«OOC» Jinx says, "Cables connecting to him? Headset?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "Looks like an earpiece with a wire running up from under his clothing."

Naomi steps in a bit closer, keeping her hands in her pockets. "Hm? Oh, no, we found you on our own." She leans in a bit closer to Cerulean, speaking in a softer voice, trying to keep it low enough to keep Etsin from hearing. "We both know this whole thing is going to end in a rather bloody conflict. We thought that perhaps you would be interested in finding a way to get out ahead in this conflict, regardless of who wins."

«OOC» Jinx says, "Jinx will try to cut that wire or plug it out."
«OOC» Jinx says, "Whichever she might aquire less .. obviously."
«OOC» Jinx says, "Achieve."
«OOC» Smoke says, "It is laying against his neck going up to his ear. Your choice of which action you would take."

Alyse's eyes flick towards Etsin, frowning a little at the taccom and taking a quick flicker to the astral to check for those that might wait in ambush. "We both would gain nothing, be closer to our goals in any way if we don't leave here alive."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Stealth for "Unplugging the merc, trying it the nice way first.":
2 3 4 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Stealth for "Unplugging the merc, trying it the nice way first. (KP:2)":
2 2 3 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 6 for "Perception for a blind Vampire watching on the astral plane at all times.":
1 1 3 5 8 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 6 for "Perception for a blind Vampire watching on the astral plane at all times. kp1":
2 2 4 4 9 23

Jinx moves in to unplug that dwarf. She is silent, barely a whisper of air as she moves. And yet… something catches the dwarfs eye, maybe he is just so much attuned to the astral that the tat on her back gave her away, causing a minor disturbance in the flow of the mana, whatever it is, quite a while before she is able to disconnect the dwarf moves out of her reach. Jinx just makes a gesture, with her right index finger held up before where her mouth might be under that helmet. Hoping that the dwarf gets the ghist of it being in his own interest to stay silent.

Commlink-Curse> Jinx says, "He caught me… damn attentive guy that…"

Cerulean lifts her hand to brush fingertips softly on her chin, thinking and watching the women carefully. She really does seem to be pondering the offer. "You have proven to be interesting thorns in Lillian's side so far. I have liked that. You removed Scarlet from the equation, which was interesting in and of itself. She was too brash and thought she could steal the key all by herself. Do you know what you have?" She is speaking quietly as well, but vampires can hear really well.

Etsin takes a few more steps back and looks right at where the troll is. His eyes don't blink. He takes a drag on his cigarette and blows the smoke up in a billowing grey cloud. His head cocks to the side and he seems to be listening to something. He shakes his head though, an obvious no to whtever he was hearing.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd/even/explode":

Naomi smiles as Cerulean speaks, nodding just slightly, keeping an eye on Etsin as she speaks, moving a bit to make sure he can't make out her lips, still speaking low. "I thought you might like that. We have an idea of what we've ended up with, but perhaps you'd like to shed some light? We know it's how Lillian manages to keep power, so, without it, she doesn't really have much of a hold over anyone, does she? I'm sure a smart woman could figure out how to take advantage of that, especially if she were to… disappear."

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Decisions table":

Jinx keeps a /very close/ eye on the dwarf. She shows her blade to him, now bared, to make sure he understand in what kind of predicament he is, if he does the wrong thing. If there is even a /hint/ of him doing some magic, she will use that blade to silence him forever. Other than that she tries to find out if she can discern the COM settings to maybe listen in with her own set.

«Plot» Naomi covers herself, Alyse, and Jinx with 8 dice of Shielding.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx you could flip through channels and attempt to find it. There is no way to actually see what channel he is on because the device is probably on his belt under his coat. I would give you a sort of luck roll at TN12 to get it right off the bat."

«Plot» Jinx says, "What skill/attribute is for 'luck'?"
«Plot» Smoke says, "Int"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence vs TN 12 for "Now this is gonna be fun!":
2 3 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence vs TN 12 for "Now this is gonna be fun! (KP:3)":
1 4 4 23 = 1 Success
«Plot» Smoke says, "Kick ass"
«OOC» Jinx says, "Wow!"
«Plot» Smoke says, "You nailed it"

Alyse might know more about the vampire with blue hair then 'Shirley' might truely like, but she's keeping quiet. Fast-talk is Naomi's thing, instead Alyse tries to keep an alert eye for backup and softly exhales, hoping her pulse isn't beating too quick. Damn vampires.

Jinx was twiddling with the settings of a spare channel of her com to try the 'lucky' thing and maybe hit the dwarfs channel. To her own ridicule and surprise however she actually made it, it seems. At least she had a damn strong channel on her sight. "Now let's see what you talk about…", she mutters, "If that is you at least…"

What Jinx picks up on a stroke of luck is quite interesting. It seems to be a very weird one way conversation at this point.

"Well I don't see three of them, I just see two blond elf women. You should let me jump down there and just fix this shit honey." The voice is female. "If they hurt you I an so throwing grenades all over the front of this place. Screw the plan and screw the cops. You already got the wire tranfer from Lillian and I know you are just staying because you are pissed that they killed Vicell and Charent with Charent's bomb. We could call it a wash. Move to Seattle for gods sakes. You could turn me and we could live happily ever after." Silence for a brief moment. "Blow the smoke up again if you want mme to go the grenades route."

Etsin takes a drag on his cigarette and blows the smoke at his feet.

"Alright so Froggy is on the couch wanting to know if she should call for backup, I could just cut her head off except she's got the whole apartment rigged with that fucking cee-four crap."

«Plot» Smoke says, "That is what Jinx hears to far on the comm chan."

Jinx, as soon as she realizes that she really has the right channel, opens that channel for listening to the others so they can listen in as well, about after the blonde elf women comment. Half of the things make no sense to her, but she certainly has a good look at the dwarfs smoke after that.

Cerulean listens and listens hard. She purses her lips and then makes a decision. She looks at Naomi and then at Alyse. "Okay I know how this crap works, money talks." Being dual natured she can see into the astral at will, she knows about the shielding, she knows about the spirits, she knows that a confrontation here and now would be damned messy. "So here it is. I figure you aren't going to give up the key. I understand. I would like to be still living when this is all said and done." She shifts her stance a little, hand on her hip and the other smoothing her hair back. She's still baffled as to how they found her because Allan didn't know where she lived and she's baffled still on how difficult they have been to find. "I know you probably have Baregga in your pocket. He has to be the main one foiling our attempts to find you. So I guess this is my plan. I will offer you one-hundred thousand nuyen to split however you'd like if you bring me Lillian's head and her ring. Her ring is a symbol of power among our kind. It isn't magical or anything, just a mark of cunning. As to the key and the door it open's below…well that is for you to risk. Just know that there are other hunting you and hunting Lillian. It is a complicated mess."

«Plot» Smoke says, "Cerulean just stepped into the role of Johnson if you take her up on this."

(Over the comm) "What is that cocky bitch saying? She's grown some balls. Etsy honey it is so time to bail out. Lillian brought Pynnyk in for gods sakes, and Oleander maybe too. And Grattas Golya. This is just too hot. Play it cool and then we jetski out of here all the wiser and still alive." Her voce is sounding desperate. "Let Vicell and Charent go. We'll make others to hang out with."

Etsin actually whispers, "Grattas isn't with them, he's solo. But yeah." Then he turns to Cerulean. "Hey if these fools take the deal I am out alright, no harm no foul? You won't say anything. Me and what is left of my little crew just vanishes?"

Cerulean shrugs, "Might have one more quick job for you Etsin. You have to wait til they decide."

Naomi smiles as Cerulean starts to talk money, keeping in close, glancing to Etsin for a moment. "See, I knew you could be a reasonable woman. We may take you up on that, but we'll need some sort of assurance that you aren't just setting us up to die and saving yourself right now. We've seen some of the others trying to hunt us down and we haven't been impressed thus far. You are very familiar with Lillian's operations and, if you're making a deal like this, likely the weaknesses thereof. Why don't you tell us about it and, while you're at it, what exactly these keys keep locked up that gives Lillian such sway." She glances to Etsin for a moment. "Grattas is out of the picture, for now."

"You were once a trustworthy person, 'Shirley'" Alyse says softly, perhaps to keep Naomi's words more leveraged by throwing the vamp a little on the back foot. "Your infomation can help us both"

Cerulean puts her fingers to her chin again pondering Naomi's words and then she startles a bit and looks right at Alyse. "Yeah this is the right call, you fraggers know too much." She says that without her normal poise and control talking to herself. She looks down and then back up with almost an oddly human expression for a moment. "The Bruckner-Langer virus is what makes us what we are. The key keeps what some belive to be one of the earliest vectors of the virus safe. They just call him 'the old one'. It is like a cell, there are some other things beyond the door I am told, other things meant to be hidden away. The door was made for the key, the key being a part somehow with another old…story. Dragon ate someone important a long time ago, passed out some magic remains. The teeth are really the key, if you know what I am talking about. Don't try to bond the whole key or more than one part of it. It'll drain your soul. But vampires…Banshees and the like we can use all of it, because we can preplenish ourselves by feeding." She seems lost in thought as she just talks.

Etsin whispers to Cerulean. "Froggy Bess is up there and you are not gonna get her to turn on Lillian. Lets say me and Breekah take her out as price for leaving?"

Cerulean looks at Etsin, "I need to know if I have a deal or not first."

(Over the comm) "Uh…Etsy, something is up Froggy is packing her laptop and heading out. Did she put a fucking bug on one of you?" There is the sound of breaking ceramics, a muffled thump. A bit of silence followed by two spits from a silencer.

The silence stretches for a moment, then, "Etsy the bitch shot me as I tore her arm off. I ain't doing so good."

There is no longer anyone up on the balcony.

Naomi takes a half-step back, giving Cerulean a little space, looking to Etsin with a slight smile. "You have been fairly helpful. I assume if we do this, you'll be in charge, then? If you'll give us what you know about the building, and Lillian's defenses and agree to a little talk about the vampire habits in the city when you're in charge, I think we have a deal." She glances to Alyse to confirm, then looks up to the balcony. "But, I think we have a bigger problem right now. That sounded like gunfire up there."

There is a muffled thump, then a woman falling from the balcony. As she hits the ground hard the apartment above explodes outward like only a whole lot of C-4 can. The explosion lights the night, the sound deafening. Glass, wood, plascrete and pieces of furniture are forced out of the narrow apartment at an alarming rate. There is fire everywhere. Debris is raining down.

Jinx grunts as she looks up to the apartment, the first time she made herself audibly known. "THe fuck… ", she mutters as shrapnell rains down on people everywhere. She keeps a cool head, though. Placing herself in front of the elves to catch the worst with her certainly better armor. This might off course make her more visible. How the people at that strip mall might react is anyones guess. Most likely a mix of panic and gawking. Jinx keeps the crowd in her vision.
«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx soak 8M Impact"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Body vs TN 2 for "Heavy Sec armor/helm to deal with damage":
2 2 3 3 3 3 3 7 9 9 = 10 Successes
«Plot» Smoke says, "Soaked"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) has the Armor Rating Impact with the value '0 (7)'.

Alyse gives a noise of suprise herself as she sees the debris coming down towards them following that massive explosion. Jinx the invisible barricade offers some protection, probably for the best. Catching anything big enough to crush them would be Alyse's move, but not having to do it is pretty handy. Her eyes go to the vampires nearby and then the devestation above. "That's ment for you, not for us…"

«OOC» Jinx says, "Uh… I forgot to mention this. Jinx has some memory in her helm. SHe will have recorded the radio stuff."
«Plot» Smoke says, "Noted Jinx's memory in helmet"
«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse and Naomi Soak 6L"

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4:
1 3 3 4 8 10 14 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Body vs TN 2:
1 3 5 9 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Smoke says, "Soaked"

Naomi looks up at the sound of the explosion, letting loose a quick torrent of Gaelic swears before turning to Cerulean. "What the hell? That was your apartment and we'd arranged a deal. Or, is Lillian spying on you?" She looks to Etsin, then looks to the woman who fell from the balcony, shifting her vision to the astral to check the state of her aura before she moves.

The crowd in front of the bar flinches back and then like ants scatter, some rushing the doorman to get in and some just breaking for the parking lot. The dwarf woman in the human dress just wanders about looking up at the flames roaring in the apartment building, obviously still confused. Etsin, the smallish vampire runs immediatly to the body in the yard, throwing a large chunk of sheetrock off of the still form. He then throws his head back and wails.

Cerulean curses and looks at Naomi, "That is…was Froggy Bess. She was Lillian's might still be." She looks over at Etsin then back at the elf women, "Deal is still good, this is just a complication on my end of things."

Cerulean looks back at Etsin, "Breekah? Is she dead?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd,even,explode":

«OOC» Smoke says, "No no catching her, that all sorta happened all at once. We are to some important decision making poses though. The security in this area is not low."
«Plot» Smoke says, "Perception rolls"

Jinx grunts as she serves as shield for Naomi and Alyse, the pieces are simply spraying off her armor, keeping the worst away from the elfs. She still keeps the crowd around in her eyes, wanting to see if anyone pays undue attention to the small group. Luckily by now her armor should hide her fully again.

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "What's to see?":
3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "What's to see? (KP:?+1)":
1 1 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Intelligence for "What's to see? (KP:?+3)":
2 2 3 4
«Plot» Jinx says, "Okay.. Jinx stays blind."
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 5 5 11 13

«OOC» Smoke says, "Go ahead and do your poses and then the perception will be right after, I worded that a little early"

«OOC» Naomi says, "Is the woman on the ground dead?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 4 5 5 8
«OOC» Smoke says, "No but she has a big chunk of metal sticking out of her chest."

Alyse tries to look past, listening in to Cerulean's explination while her eyes are on the 'body' of Breekah where she'd fallen. She does however blink and look up towards the building. Whenever there's someone killed, there's usually not a great distance between them and the killer.

Jinx is too distracted by all the reactions from the crowd at the mall and the things around. She tries to see any unusual movements, centering more on the exit area of the apartment complex, but she mutters, "We need to decide quickly here. Cops will be here soon after this and I don't want to be around when that happens. Might be hard to explain my getup. Also … I would suggest to cooperate with this lady … vampire. We seem to share some targets. If she wants we can take care of her … allies that might have been injured in this incident."

Naomi reaches into her pocket, pulling out a card with an email address and pushing it on Cerulean as she starts to move. "Fine, the deal's on. If we get split up, send anything you can on the building to that address, as well as the means to contact you." She starts to move over to Etsin, starting to kneel down to see if Breekah can still be saved, medically or magically.

Cerulean was in the process of passing Naomi what looked to be a cell phone or a small pocsec and she takes the card as well, looking around and then up at the wreckage and the blaze. She squints over at Etsin, "You wanted out…you are out. You died in the fire." She then turns and sprints toward the crowd fleeing into the parking lot.

Etsin's face is pure anguish, the muscles and bone shifting perceptably as he fights for control of his emotion. He looks at Naomi as she nears, "She's all messed up…but I wasn't going to turn her. I wasn't going to damn her to this life. I think it is the only way…now."

Breekah is twitching on the grass, what looks to be a fireplace poker rammed through her back and sticking out of her sternum. In addition there is a long fragment of twisted metal duct piping stcking out of her chest between her shoulder and her heart. The woman is made of some stern stuff though, blood bubbles frothing from her lips, she's smiling and trying to grab at Etsin's coat. The comm she was talking to him through lays on the grass next to her head, the wire going down into her blouse. She's about six and a half feet tall and looks rather buck toothed and wide faced, maybe two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle.

Alyse spots the movement since she's leary about enemies, coming around from the building next door with the construction and the crane is a dark blur moving extremely fast on foot.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Inits"
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls 4 for "+5 for Naomi":
2 3 8 15
«OOC» Naomi says, "22 for Naomi"

«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Initiative with a result of 9.
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Initiative with a result of 15.
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls 3 for "+7":
1 2 3

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 2 for "+7 Dark Blur":
2 3
«Init Tracker» Smoke (#1419) has set Dark Blur's init to 12.
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "+8 Etsin":
«Init Tracker» Smoke (#1419) has set Etsin's init to 10.
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]—-
=============================> Inititive Listing <=============================
Combatant Name…………….. P1(B) P2(-10) P3(-20) P4(-30) P5(-40)
Naomi…………………….. 22 12 2 — —
Jinx……………………… 15 5 — — —
Alyse…………………….. 13 3 — — —
Dark Blur…………………. 12 2 — — —
Etsin…………………….. 10 — — — —

«Plot» Smoke says, "Naomi"
«OOC» Naomi says, "I'll go right to healing Breeka. What's her Essence?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "6, her bio is 8.24 She is at D phys"
«OOC» Jinx says, "It adds +1 per every started bioindex to magic rolls."
«OOC» Jinx says, "So any magic healing is at +9"
«OOC» Naomi says, "Oh, just half the Bio Index. Rounded up."
«OOC» Naomi says, "So, still +5."

«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 9 for "Force 6 Heal, TN 10 - 6 (Essence) + 5 (Bio Index)":
1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 10 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 5 - 2 vs TN 9 for "Force 6 Heal, TN 10 - 6 (Essence) + 5 (Bio Index) - KP:1":
1 3 4 5 5 5 5 7 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 5 - 3 (successes) vs TN 9 for "Force 6 Heal, TN 10 - 6 (Essence) + 5 (Bio Index) - KP:3":
2 3 4 4 4 4 7 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Centering vs TN 3 for "Centering vs Drain":
2 3 4 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for "D Drain, +1 success from Centering":
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 13 23 = 7 Successes

Naomi puts the pocsec she took from Cerulean in her inside coat pocket as she lenas forward, looking to Etsin. "Give me a chance."

She puts one hand on Breekah's chest, pulling that fireplace poker out of her with her other hand as she speaks, "I command you, live." Focusing the power through her body into Breekah's as she pulls the piece of the vent free as well, the most severe of her wounds start to mend, her bleeding starting to come to a stop as Naomi's spell takes effect. Breekah may be far from recovered, but she is out of danger for now. (Irish Gaelic)

Naomi looks to Etsin and nods. "She'll live. Take her and go. Disappear."
«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx is up"
«Plot» Jinx would cover Naomi from potential attackers and generally have a look out for trouble.
«Plot» Jinx says, "As I see it, she has not seen that 'shadow' Alyse saw, so she covers her busy team mate."
«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx action held"
«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse"
«Plot» Alyse says, "Writing the pose, but Alyse will point the shadow up and try and TK grab this thing."
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
======================> Spell Catalog Listing: Levitate <======================
Spell Name: Levitate
Category: Manipulation/Telekinetic
Target Number: 4
Drain Code: +2M
Type: Physical
Duration: Sustained
-----> Spell Description <-----
This spell allows the target to be lifted and moved anywhere within the caster's line of sight at a rate of the caster's Magic attribute * the number of successes in meters per turn (up to a maximum equal to the spell's Force). Objects hurled cause (movement rate / 10)M stun damage, with especially sharp or dangerous items doing more damage (GMs discretion). In the event the caster attempts to lift a living being, the spell can be resisted with a Strength or Willpower test.

The TN of the Sorcery Test increases by +1 for every full 100 kilograms of mass of the object.

Finally, if the caster wishes to Levitate an object held by a living being, the holder can make a Strength Test to resist the spell. The caster needs one net success to wrest control away.

«OOC» Smoke says, "The TN will be at +1 because it weighs over 100kg"
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 3 vs TN 5:
1 1 1 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alyse (#10658) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 4:
1 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 10 20 = 8 Successes

«Plot» Smoke says, "Force of the spell?"
«Plot» Alyse says, "6"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 10 (Modified Strength) vs TN 6 for "To resist!":
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 10 (Modified Strength) vs TN 6 for "To resist! kp1":
1 2 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

«OOC» Smoke says, "Does not resist, you got it. It is human….looking"

"Contact!" Alyse calls, pointing towards the shadow moving. But her gesture is more then a indicator of targets seen. Her will focused makes to wrap the target up and seize it, send it flying towards them and their sight but kept in the air so as not to let it get an easy shot.

Held in the air and thrashing is Allan…or what sort of looks like Allan the guy from the blue van that had been showing Smoke's picture around. His face is nearly the same, thus the ability to recognize him. But…his jaw is more like the flat line of a muppet, going all the way back to deep in his skull and lipless. His mouth opens revealing rows of tiny teeth like needles. What is more is that although his lower body appears normal shaped, bloodstained jeans and bare feet. His upper body has become enormously broad, his arms having extra length like an entire extra forearm, hands ending in long cruel nails. His hair is wild and long, thrashing as he bucks and twists in the hold of the mage's spell.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Allan's turn (Dark blur)"

Allan stretches his mouth wide and his tongue shoots out, long sticky and black, impossibly long…attempting to lash at Alyse. His eyes roll back in his head and dark liquid drips from his pantlegs.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 3 for "Tongue lash no kp left being a newly turned member of the family.":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 11 = 9 Successes

The dark flesh of the tongue wraps around Alyse's arm in a tight grip, terribly strong.

«Plot» Jinx says, "Might jinx to something about that tongue? She has her blade still in hands…"
«Plot» Jinx says, "And an held action."
«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx unholds her action"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 2 for "-1 troll reach -1 katana trying to cut a tongue.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 16 = 10 Successes
«Plot» Jinx says, "Stand on that. Blade is a dikoted Katana. So base Damage is 13S"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) has the Attribute Strength with the value '10'.
«OOC» Smoke says, "Yep str+3 S"

«Plot» Smoke says, "Since the vampire's body is held by the spell, and the tongue is solidly wrapped there is no counter available for the creature. Will roll to soak…"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 10 (Body) vs TN 17 for "Soaking 17D (tongue)":
1 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 8 14 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Smoke says, Cuts it clean, and foul black ichor sprays everywhere."

Jinx will not let anything attack her friends and as that 'something' suddenly grabs her friend the troll springs to action. Her hand with the silvery dikote covered blade lashes out to cut the tongue that held her friend. There was a sickening noise, like some wet paper cut, and Alyse was free, however the other effect was that there was black … something spraying around, a fact that Jinx certainly didn't like. As it also made her more visible. She stood ready for a potential next move, but other than that went back to her alert combat readiness.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Etsin' turn"

Etsin doesn't see anything but the woman he thought near death healed before his eyes. He glances at Naomi and doesn't hesistate, his body thickening with strength and scooping the woman up to cradle her and stumble off toward the street. He leaps over a car that pulls out quickly from the bar parking lot, landing with liquid grace and then slips between two buildings across the street.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Top of the round Naomi"
«OOC» Naomi says, "Calling a force 6 city spirit."
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Centering vs TN 3 for "Centering vs penalties":
1 1 2 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Conjuring vs TN 8 for "Force 6 City Spirit, +2 TN from Sustaining":
3 9 9 9 11 15 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Charisma vs TN 8 for "L Drain":
1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 8 10 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Naomi says, "Posing but it'll be waiting for orders."

A man in a black suit and tie running for his vehicle stops and just stares at the thing floating near the people in the wreckage strewn apartment lawn. "What the fuck is that? I…" He seems mesmerized by the shock of everything and the twisted creature just locks him up with fear.

Naomi stands up and stares for a moment at the thing that used to be the man she'd spoken to not that long ago. She frowns slightly, seeing what he has become, then speaks, "I request aid, to deal with the chaos before me." (Irish Gaelic)

In front of Naomi a figure starts to fade into being. Human in shape and size and seemingly male and clad in red leather pants and a red leather shirt, though barefoot. His skin is ash white and flickering like smoldering embers and he is smiling an inhumanly wide grin, his eyes flickering like flames, his bright red hair moving as though in a strong wind that doesn't exist. The spirit bows, keeping his eyes on Naomi as he does and speaks with a slight cackle. "How may I assist, mistress?"

«Plot» Smoke says, "Alyse"
«Plot» Smoke says, "roll 1~odd/even/explode"
«Plot» Alyse will keep him suspended, otherwise she'll hold her actions.
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd/even/explode":

Alyse nearly staggers as the tongue comes out to wrap around her arms. It's not there for long however as Jinx comes to her rescue. A soft noise of disgust and the elf doctor narrows her eyes, lifting the vampire a little higher. "Not on the first date drekhead…"

There have been several people fleeing the apartment complex main doors but now a woman stumbles out. She is fully ablaze; hair and clothing gone, holding what looks to be a melting deckers deck. She takes a step, sinks to a knee, collapses and then stands again. Her flesh reforming as it burns. Her mouth is held open in a silent scream.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Allan tries to break free"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 10 vs TN 6 for "Trying to beat the 4 successes Alyse got to hold him.":
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 9 10 = 3 Successes

Allan twists, bones and joints pop and blood black drool drips from his face. But he can't break free of the Hermetic's hold on him.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Jinx"
«OOC» Jinx says, "Hmmm, Jinx would assume she has the vampire that caused that shit before her, in the shape of that burning woman. Not knowing what she is related to in things she might want to stop her escape. Letting the elfs deal with the suit."
«OOC» Jinx says, "Dunno … maybe try a knock over the others head?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "Your call, you can try anything you like"
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Hitting a burning girl over the head. I think using the flat side of the blade is +2":
1 1 1 1 3 5 7 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 1 - 3 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Hitting a burning girl over the head. I think using the flat side of the blade is +2 (?+4)":
3 3 5 5 8 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Jinx says, "Stand"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 4 (Tae kwon Do) + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Counter with a burning melting deck.":
1 2 3 3 5 5 7 11 = 1 Success
«Stats System» Invalid roll: Cannot find stat matching "8(body)/12d".
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 8 (Body) vs TN 12 for "Soaking D for Froggy Bess":
2 2 2 4 4 4 5 10 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Dies on a 1 or 2 (regeneration)":

Jinx has no idea of what that vamp woman is related to in all this mess. But information might still be a thing. At worst it might be helping an ally of sorts. But she is quite sure that woman is not so she slashes out with her blade, using the flat side to hit her. Hoping to improve the (for her at least) still scetchy information they have.
«Plot» Jinx says, "I try to knock her out, not kill her."
«Plot» Smoke says, "The flames are trying to kill her every round"

Froggy Bess crumples from the blow, not able to lift her deck up to deflect. The katana blow knocking her in the head severely. But moments later still on fire she starts to stand again.

«Plot» Smoke says, "Naomi's last pass this round"

«OOC» Naomi says, "I assume Allan is dual natured?"
«OOC» Smoke says, "Yes"

Naomi looks to the spirit, smiling as she nods to him. "Thank you. First, kill that thing." She points to the creature that was once Allan. She looks over to Jinx as she knocks the burning vampire to the ground, calling out to her. "Try to save her deck, it might have something on it!" She clears her throat, scanning the area for anyone else who might be in danger.

The spirit nods, grinning wide as it turns to Allan. "With great pleasure, Mistress." Starting to move towards him quickly, his fingers start to flare up, flames dancing over them as it turns its power on the struggling creature, filling its mind with thoughts of smoke and dancing flames, making it difficult for him to think clearly.

«OOC» Naomi says, "The spirit is hitting Allan with Confusion as he approaches him."
«OOC» Naomi says, "It is staying astral, for now."
«Auto-Judge[]» Naomi (#11853) rolls Intelligence for "Looking around more":
2 3 3 5 7 8
«Plot» Smoke says, "Allan's TN's are all now at +6"
«OOC» Naomi says, "And the roll to make decisions. :)"

People are still scattering, only seconds have passed. The man in the suit is standing there just ten feet away locked staring in horror. Several others glance but keep rushing by. In the distance…Sirens.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd/even/explode":

«Plot» Smoke says, "There are no more vamps besides the held one that is now confused at +6 and the one on fire"

«OOC» Smoke says, "Lets go to free poses, Allan is gonna get flayed on the astral by the spirit"
«Plot» Jinx says, "Jinx would snatch the deck, then."
«Plot» Smoke says, "It is melting and on fire, snatch how? Just pose it up. She cannot really fight back, unless someone puts her out."
«Plot» Jinx says, "Any water closeby?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd yes even no":
«Plot» Smoke says, "No water that you can see"
«Plot» Jinx says, "Hmmmmm…"
«Plot» Jinx says, "My first other thought was to grab the deck and simply smother the flames by covering it withsomething, then. Clothes, a box, whatever, as long as it can keep the oxygen away from that fire."
«Plot» Jinx says, "Anything like that in reach?"
«Plot» Jinx says, "Is Mr. Suit still staring?"

The spirit leaps at Allan as he gets close, its translucent form starting to claw at the trapped monster with its flaming hands, finding him no real threat it his confused state.

Naomi moves quickly over to the man in the suit, giving him a concerned look as she waves a hand to get his attention. "Sir? Sir! Sir, this area is extremely dangerous right now. You should really get going, for your safety. Everything is under control here."

«Plot» Smoke says, "There is all sorts of debris in the apartment yard. You see a partially burnt curtain. Suit is still staring."

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd he turns away, even the bystander in the suit crumples and loses it.":

The man simply drops to his knees and starts crying, "I read about shit like this all the time on the trix…I didn't think it was real…oh God…"

Allan's body is torn by claw marks, his clothing flying off in all directions as blood sprays on the physical realm. He roars and flails his long awkward arms.

Jinx, hearing the words about that deck, moves to the suit to rip his jacket off him. Moving over to the burning hunk of electronics she then wraps it in the cloth to smother the flames. If it's not enough, she will simply take other kinds of textiles to kill those flames. After that she grabs the deck and nods to her friends. "Deck secured." Her suit most likely enough to keep the worst heat of the still hot deck from her. "Do we need this hunk of shit?", she then asks looking at the burnt vampire.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one. (regeneration)":
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "On a roll of 1 or 2 Froggy Bess dies from the flames.":

Froggy Bess stands and starts wandering over toward the bar parking lot, the fat from her body fueling the flames as she keeps regenerating and burning.

Naomi looks over to where she knows Jinx is, calling out to her, "No, we don't." She leans down, putting her hand on the man's shoulder as he collapses, moving to block his view of the carnage surrounding Allan and the flaming vampire still trying to escape. "Sir? Sir, look at me. Everything is fine. You are in no danger, but you need to go. There's a fire and you don't want to stay here."

The sound of several groups of sirens can be heard now, fire trucks and Lone Star. They are still a few minutes away.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "odd even, odd or explode the man gets up and runs.":

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 2 for "Trying to kill off Bess":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 7 10 10 21 = 10 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "1, 2, or a 3 Bess dies from massive damage, loss of head or cut in half.":
«Plot» Smoke says, "Pose cleaving the hell out of her and she still doesn't die"

Jinx slashes out with her blade after the words from Naomi. The trolls massive strike would have halved any human, but in this case the wounds would aready close themselves right after the trolls blade passed through the 'victim'. "Fucking shit! How do ya kill these beasties?", she mutters and moves a different angle to hopefully finish her job next.

The man in the suit falls onto his side after his suit coat is torn from him by Jinx, that and Naomi's words seem to jar him into movement and he scrambles on all fours for a moment and then runs full tilt into the street.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one. (regeneration) Damage from the F6 City Spirit":

Naomi shrugs a bit as she watches the man take off. "Good enough, I guess," She mutters, turning her attention back to Jinx. "Fire, wood, or just massive damage. Get her head off if you can." She starts to walk back towards the flaming vampire, looking to Allan getting mauled repeatedly and rolling her eyes a bit as he keeps regenerating. "That's what I was told, at least. It's not necessaily immediate, though." She pulls out her gun, already silenced, and takes aim at Allan, aiming for his head she fires at him to assist her spirit.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one. (regeneration) Damage from shot by Naomi":

Alyse still holds the Allan at bay, looking around and seeing the flashing of lights in the distance, they are perhaps slowed by traffic coming to look and leaving the area.

Jinx nods, "Head off… right…", she then mutters.

«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "Aimed 'shot' at the vampires head.":
4 5 5 5 5 5 9 15 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 1 - 2 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Aimed 'shot' at the vampires head. (KP:?+5)":
1 2 3 4 5 23 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Jinx (#8407) rolls Edged Weapons (Katana) + Combat Pool: 1 - 3 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Aimed 'shot' at the vampires head. (KP:?+7)":
2 5 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Jinx says, "Stand"
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Takes head off on a 1-4 finishing Froggy Bess":
«Plot» Smoke says, "Pose it she finally goes down after stumbling to the edge of the bar parking lot."

Naomi grumbles as she watches her spirit tearing at Allan's form with a manaical glee. She takes aim and fires at him again, still looking to get a good head shot. "Damned fucking vampires just don't fucking know when they should fucking just drop dead." (Irish Gaelic)

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Mystery odd/even/explode":
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one. (regeneration) Damage from the F6 City Spirit":
«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one. (regeneration) Damage from shot by Naomi":

Jinx then moves out and this time she aims specifically for that vampires head. The blade lashes out and hits, exactly at the base of Bess's neck. The force of that strike beheadding the vampire and finally… that body stops to regenerate, falling dead to the floor at the edge to that parking lot. The blood smeared troll then retreats to help Naomi and Alyse.

A hoverdrone whizzes overhead and spotlights the burning apartment building. A voice issues fron the drone on a loudspeaker. "Please move away from the burning building, help is on the way. Please move away from the burning building, help is on the way."

Alyse looks at Naomi and says, "We have to leave, I could just throw the vampire into the burning building?"

«Plot» Smoke says, "One more round of actions before time becomes very dangerous with the police"

«Plot» Smoke says, "The hover drone is not spotlighting you all, just the building assessing damages and sending information to the fire department"

Jinx nods to Alyse, "Do that… we have to move… If that thing survives, then we cannot help it. But we need to move." She then runs over to the car, not caring for her Ruth now. She will simply move into the cargo compartment and close the door.

Naomi takes one more shot at the vampire, then nods to Alyse. "Do it." She turns to the air, speaking softly. "Tina. Tania. I need you." A pair of women shimmer into view in front of Naomi, both slender and dressed in colorful sari, floating just a bit off the ground. One hand fingernails that look nearly a foot long, the other has her hair done in a braid that is easily several feet long. The pair speak in unison, nodding to Naomi. "How may we serve, Mistress?"

Naomi points to Allan. "Make sure that thing dies, then come back to me. We are going to throw it into that building." She points to the flaming buildings. The pair of spirit women look at each other, then to Naomi and nod. "Yes, Mistress. We shall destroy it."

Naomi looks up at the male spirit, clearing her throat to get his attention. "Stop that and come with us now. Hide us from the attention of others." She looks to Alyse, "Throw him and let's go." She starts to head to the car, the crackling spirit following behind her as she closes the baggage compartment of the car and climbs in the passenger side, letting Alyse drive for their escape.

«OOC» Naomi says, "That is, I call my two Force 5 Great Form Hearth spirits, set them on Allan, and bring my Force 6 City Spirit to come with us and help us with Concealment as we leave."

Alyse gestures and Allan flies, limbs spinning up into the blaze of the third story apartment, like being thrown into the mouth of a furnace. She then moves quickly to her car, stopping only for a moment to take a business card from under her wiper blade before getting in. She passes the card to Naomi and then guns the engine, threading out into the snarl of traffic.

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one or two from fire. (regeneration)":

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one from damage from the spirits.":

The two spirit women look at each other, then follow Allan into the flaming building, there forms fading from view as they proceed to do their best to tear him apart, keeping him Confused in the building to make their job easier.

A voice issues fron the drone on a loudspeaker. "Please move away from the burning building, help is on the way. Please move away from the burning building, help is on the way."

Naomi looks at the card Alyse passed her as she buckles her seat belt, relaxing as they drive away from the carnage.

«OOC» Jinx says, "And the fire might even remove the astral hints as well."

The card has flowing hand written script on its otherwise non-logo surface. It reads, "Call me, 448-274-4774 Oleander."

«OOC» Naomi says, "If they bother to look, since the building was exploded by C4."

«Auto-Judge[]» Smoke (#1419) rolls 1 for "Allan dies for good on a roll of one from damage from the spirits. Last roll for now.":
«Plot» Smoke says, "Finally:)"
«Plot» Smoke says, "Good place to call this one."
«OOC» Naomi says, "Seems like a good spot. :)"


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