Log: Medic!

GM: The Dude
Players: The Dude(Fixer), Zen
Synopsis: The Dude shared a rumor on recent criminal activity with Zen, who decided to take the bait. Will it turn into a payday?
Date: September 11th, 2017

(Opening at a dark booth in the Cybered Arms)

The Dude converses with Zen for a while before dropping a tidbit. "…So there was a robbery, out in The Sticks. Some bleeding heart was there to do aid work, and gangers up and took all their medical supplies. All of it. I don't think it'll do any good back in the hands of the person that brought it, just get stolen again, but how do you feel about liberating some thugs of the means to heal? What you don't keep, I can get a buyer for."

Zen would talk quietly with the Dude. Nodding finally as that tidbit is offered. "That is something I certainly can work with. I'll give them a warning and recover the items. I'm sure it can help those who might use it rather than waste it with the gangers." Zen frowns slightly. "The gangers stold it for profit only? Not to help one of their own?"

The Dude wags a finger side to side at Zen. "We don't know why they stole it, just that the man they stole it from needs a cybernetic leg if he is going to walk again." He leans back in his seat. "I've got a lead on where they're at. You do your thing, find the goods. Hells, why leave a group like that anything worthwhile? Clean them out if you feel up to it. Just know they've got firepower, so a warning maybe isn't the smartest way to get a medkit you arn't going to immediately need."

Zen shakes his head a little. "Just as I said.. I know out there is someone with enough power to stop me.. This group does not sound like it is it. A warning ultimately spreads. It helps to make others who might do the same to think twice. Alive, people talk. People spread the warning. Dead? People hide it and pretend it didn't happen." Zen muses before giving a shrug. "I do agree though.. I will make sure they're on the ground.. and maybe take more than just the medical supplies. They took a limb. The least I could do is take the weapons."

The Dude pulls up one of his pocsecs, hooking it to the side of his shades via a small port hidden there. After a few moments he plugs a datachip into his pocsec instead, and finally slides the datachip over to Zen. It is photos showing a group of thugs out in The Sticks guarding an old building that might've once been a factory of some kind. The dude speaks up. "They're wearing gang colors, but they arn't part of that gang. At least, my intel says they arn't. I included a drop point. The rest is all yours, my man. Go be captain virtue or whatever you do."

Zen would take the datachip with a small nod to Dude. He'd slip it into the pocsec in his jacket's pocket and after a moment, the data would display over his own shades. Musing, he'd look them over then nods again. "I'm an assassin, Mister the Dude. I just simply am extremely selective on who I will kill. Only those that actually deserve it.." Standing then, Zen gives a polite half-bow to Dude. "I will let you know when I am done.. May I inquire into a phone number to contact you when complete?"

The Dude considers Zen for a little while before sighing. "Just make it to the drop location, we'll exchange numbers after you tell me how it went. Try not to track blood there, yours or theirs?"

Zen purses his lips, then simply nods slightly. "No blood. Mine or theres. I assure you." He'd turn and step away then, heading out before pulling on that cloak. Time to get to work now. Using the data from the chip, Zen would make his way to that drop point, stealthing up only after he's close to conserve battery life.

The Sticks. They're a mess, not a place most people want to be even when the Warrens are doing relatively alright. Excluding a few shamans and equally crazy sorts who equate it to nature.

The area Zen has come looking for has six factories that might've been functional over a hundred years ago, the surrounded area poisoned by runoff metal and rust beyond anyone's desire to salvage. That doesn't mean the buildings have stood abandoned, they've had a variety of tenant/squatters over the years. Three currently look to have someone or other staying there, with fortification made of scrap metal stripped from elsewhere. The three abandoned ones creek ominously whenever the wind blows, what hasn't already collapsed of them anyway.

Zen would keep that cloak on, even in it's neutral grey as he'd make for that area. Looking around speculatively, he'd nod to himself and start that search. Picking the first one he's close to, Zen would sprint up that wall silently, making the top with a quiet landing and starts making his way across what roof might be there. The cloak is engaged after he makes the top, to hide his profile from those who might watch while he hunts.

The building creaks beneath Zen, but that could easily just be the breeze. The buildings already creak. Luckily, nothing breaks. He sees there are gangers in this one, or people dressed like wanna-be gangers at the least. Just… Not the ones he was heading out to find. They must be in one of the other buildings.

Zen makes it to that top and pauses there, looking at those within. Frowning, he'd shake his head and being mindful of his step, the structure definitely not all that stable, would move on. Time to see if he can see anyone else before moving on to the next spot. That cloak required him to be slow and careful, not too fast to disrupt the cloaking. But that's ok. Zen was always patient.

Those apparently abandoned facilities? Something is off. Zen gets a strong sense they arn't as abandoned as they look. Approaching them may be an additional risk.

Zen pauses, studying the facilities. Eyes narrowing in contemplation, he'd look back to the gangers below him. Hmm. Looking around, Zen would find a path downward, something to get him closer to those below so he can study them closer. Gangers? Or.. guards?

The gangers do seem a little old, now that Zen looks at them. You'd expect teenagers to be doing this sort of thing, but all the ones Zen sees are in their early twenties. They're also a bit more relaxed and soldier like. They could still be gangers, but they seem more dangerous than the usual. Luckily they don't see or sense Zen, yet. Maybe just as lucky, they arn't the ones he came here to look for.

Something is going on. This is more dangerous than originally anticipated. Zen would watch them a moment longer, before moving on. Slipping out of that structure, he'd push onward. He's going to have to be careful in this area. Dealing with this other group may draw unwanted attention and with some of that rust ground into the cloak, it's acting up now. He'd have to clean it later.

Further down, there are other old buildings still looming on this seemingly long forgotten stretch of road in the Sticks. Zen has only checked a few of the six so far.

Zen would use what cover he could between those he's looked at and the next set. That cloak switched off for now to conserve power as he'd go. Just one among the shadows of the area, he'd keep alert. Something.. something else was going on and it had his hackles raised. But he didn't know what. yet. So didn't call for backup.. yet.

The going is easy enough to make it that short distance. The third old factory building is occupied by gangers that look a lot like the ones he saw in the first, but the fourth is different. The security less well thrown together, the people on guard inside more huddled and hidden. Like they expect trouble all the time.

Zen would try to peer inside without much success. Frowning, he'd look up the wall, nods slightly and start up it. There's a few spots he can see of potential entrances, but it's the roof he'd actually seek to land on, crouching there with the cloak turning on as he'd take a sweeping scan of the area to see what he can find from this point.

As Zen comes over the corner he finds a narrow ridge that doesn't quite give enough room for him to stand. He could grab the corner of the wall he came over to try to balance himself, but there is no promise the wall won't just fold. Down below him he can see a room full of scrap, with a few spots of bare floor he might aim for. He needs to think fast!

The building creaks under Zen's grip as he stops at the top of the wall. He has a stance and is stable for the time being, but each second he stays up there causes the wall to lean a little more. It is subtle right now, but it will take mere seconds to become a serious problems.

Zen comes up to that top, landing on a too thin spot. He'd frown, shifting his weight to maintain that balance, gloved hand reaching out to press on the wall to help him stay upright. That.. could of been worse. he'd look around from there, seeking the next point he can move to, before this becomes dangerous.

Zen can see that these are the gangers he is after. There are six he can spot right offf, and there is one standing room locked and barricaded that looks important. It isn't where they sleep, that is off against a wall with a partial ceiling overhanging it. These are squatter conditions.

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