Matrix Shadow Auction
GM: Vulcan
Players: Kassandra, Annie, Fixer, Effek, Denton, Page, Deborah, Tanasen, Doll, Serel, Molly, Torrent, Air, Simone, Kaatje, Slide, Steel, Alice, Slinger, Nightshade, Smoke, Adam
Synopsis: Shadow Auction
Date: February 9 2070


The great hall of a once grand and decadent estate lit up with the glare from several free-standing industrial lights. The light only banishes the darkness from the central mosts areas of the place leaving the shadows glowering back at the edge looking in on the gathered crowd.

The virtual reality of the room is apparent when one takes a look, should one have good enough sensors. Suffice to say there is enough 'room' here for any number of icons here, and a single flat icon named 'Spokesman' hovers in the center of the room, conducting biz.

Log Ins

BLIP! Silk's icon, in this case a brunette female shape in a little black dress, appears in the node. The fixer drifts in, finding a place to 'lurk' and sets her sensors on high. She'll connect via whatever procedure is already set up in the room for betting, arranging multiple bank accounts in a ready line should she find something she likes.

Slide hears from his fixer about the auction, and makes his way to his home, setting up his sat link and logging in remotely. His icon appears as a man with a black cowboy hat, old western style clothing. He finds a place to stand and waits with his arms crossed.

Air logs on, his icon a simple black cat, an off the shelf cheapo one. He hovers unobtrusively, his icon curled up into a ball while waiting for the auction to begin.

Kaatje logs on in wearing a Karli The Koala Icon that came free with the borrowed terminal she is using. Her icon lags a bit and is from a decidedly outdated protocol but still works. "I miss the University machines."

Logging in from a terminal set up by one of her contacts, Molly arrives. Her black and white avatar is the off the rack, lacking any sort of identifying markers. She moves slowly into a position where she can see the advertised equipment.

There's a little bit of a blur for a moment, and then a male wireframe model appears. A few more moments, and there's a bit more of a blur, and a 1920's style fedora is added, and then a suit, and then gleaming steel-like features. It glances around, putting its hands in its pockets, and waits alone for the 'festivities' to begin.

The 'tridscreen' in the center of the room hums with power. Even though its the matrix, this is clearly a high end server where VR approaches UV levels. Not quite there… but very good sculpting. The large screen is powering up.

Effek logs on using a local terminal after receiving word from his contact of yet another shadow Auction. He gray human figures avatar shows no detail at all. Plain gray skin, only a few indents to gesture where the mouth and eyes are, even his hands are a solid block allowing only the thumb and index finger to move.

Torrent logs on, his icon is about is nondescript and generic. He had help setting up his avatar from his buddy, but still it lacks any true 'trix wonders. He walks around the room soaking everything in, getting a feel for this new electronic environment.

Annie suddenly appears in the node, her nearly photo-realistic icon shimmering rapidly through every color in the rainbow before solidifying into her usual elderly self. Her walking staff pulses with pastel blue light in a beat rhythm matching that of her heartbeat, clunking audibly on the floor as she makes her way to a chair and plants herself in it.

A simple Sanrio Hello Kitty (TM) icon walks into the salon, watching the action. At first, the thing just goes to a corner and awaits the action.

Twin LED towers to either side of the screen start to glow around the base. Slowly, the green glow crawls its way up the height of the towers, illuminating rectangular openings… When each level illuminates, there is a ping… the ping growing higher pitched the higher the lights rise.

A silver tiger with stripes that are merely holes cut out of its surface leaps into the room, logging on. It sits down, curling its tail around its paws as it watches the screen.

Serel logs in as well. She's been shopping, apparently, because her icon is her Halloween costume. Yep, that's right. The ghost with the electricity buzzing from all over the place. This one, though, looks like a full-on banshee, a few degrees farther on the scary scale than her meat side costume was. She's using a pub terminal, unless a friend was nice enough to lend her theirs. She finds a spot and hovers, floating above the floor as she has no feet.

Boing Boing Boing - In bounces a half-human sized ball made of a bright purple reflective substance of some kind. It bounces around a little bit, all crazy-like, until it settles over near someplace where others might be sitting down… and then it molds itself into a normal-sized woman made of purple light. She tosses her pixelated hair around a little, and then finds a place to sit and kick back, watching the festivities.

The Tridscreen, Massive as it is, turns on. Static plays across its screen, like you would get from the ancient pre-digital broadcasts. It flashes then to a 'targeting' screen, like for old films on the pre-reel.






Kaatje looks around, chuckling, "Hello Shadow Denver." Her children's icon taking on an oddly bemused look that does not often grace the face of a child as she sizes up at least what she can, her new colleagues and competitors.

Shadow auctions always seem to attract an interesting group of people who would likely not normally be gathered together all in one place. Matrix auctions stir things up even more with the anonymity of icons and some of the strange forms that people take to represent themselves. The next icon entering the mix is no exception. A somewhat oversized bird flies in to the lighted area of the room from out of the darkness and perches atop one of the industrial lights that have been setup. It has jet black feathers and is clearly a large raven. It's head swivels about to scan the room, one beady little eye staring down the other occupants. The other eye is, strangely for a bird, covered with an eye patch. This appears to be the only hint of it's owner, Denton.

Simone receives word about the auction from a pesky watcher spirit sent by her fixer. Strange habit, that. She whips up an anonymous login account, chooses a simple stock avatar and logs in via a public trix unit at the library. Basic doesn't even begin to describe her computer abilities, but she manages.

The Spokesman appears on the screen. His features are calm, composed. A smile on his pleasantly Anglo features, his eyes holding a mirth and amusement. "Greetings, Denver and beyond. I am the Auctioneer tonight. The Spokesman. You can call me… Marcus. I trust you are all well and have downloaded the appropriate plugins for this auction? If not, please, do so now from the Terminal Towers to either side of this display. We shall begin in a few moments."

Silk stays silent, watching as the Spokesman appears. Her icon is already tapped into the feeds, a myriad of controls at her finger tips. Back home, she sips a drink and considers what they are about to be a witness to, but her icon betrays none of that, its features pleasant and blanked.

The koala pads up to one of the towers and downloads the required software, running a few simple diagnostic checks on it first more out of habit than anything they might actually do.

The black cat eyes the bird and then turns it's attention to the spokesman, arranging to download forgotten plugins, whoops.

The purple being rolls up into a ball, and bounces over to the towers. She turns into a sort of goo and latches around one of them for a few pulses - just long enough to set up whatever needs down for payment options. And then it's back to bouncing to a seat to relax as things get swinging.

The koala makes her low-res way back to her seat.

"Good. I see that plug in compliance is now complete." The auctioneer smiles again, a large white smile on the overlarge monitor. I'm honored you have all come. Tonight, we shall have a variety of odds and ends, ranging from the directly useful, to the obscure, to the oblique. From Vehicles to guns to favors to antiquities."

The steely man in the suit and fedora tips his hat in acknowledgment to the spokesman. He glances around again, briefly, no eyes visible in his head… and the occasional flicker of the avatar indicates the user might be less than an expert.

Effek the tall plain gray human figure slowly makes his way to the Terminal Towers. Lifting up a finger as a gray wire soon sprouts from him plugging itself into the Terminal Tower. The human figure goes a little blurry and even slightly wisps violently and fades. Just in a matter of seconds he removes his finger and makes his way back to his previous standing spot.

The basic trixchat icon controlled by the German girl in the public library makes the necessary file downloads and waits patiently, the avatar preprogrammed to make simple movements termed /shifting stance/, /scratching head/, and oh so many more animations to breathe "life" into the plastic-looking figure of a small, mustachioed man.

Item 1 - Explosives

"I like to start my parties with a bang. A little spice to start the night." Says the Auctioneer. I have here, a little trinket found at Edwards Airforce Base a few weeks ago. One of the ammunition bunkers was unmolested until my team found it." A pause as the screen shifts to show 7 distinct explosives crates. "This crate features Compound four plastic explosives. 20 kilos. These five crates contain Compound Six, 20 kilos each crate. Additionally, a package of radio and timed detonators is included. The opening bid is 10,000 nuyen."

«Plot» Slide says, "10"
«Plot» Serel says, "11"

«Plot» Simone says, "12"

The raven's head swivels to meet the black cat's eyes briefly, before squawking out. "Nevermore." And then turning to look back at the Spokesman. This bird ain't gonna be any felines lunch. As the auctioneer begins speaking the bird silently watches the screen, tilting it's head to the side at the mention of some of the items that will be up for sale.

«Plot» MollyAuction says, "13"
«Plot» Steel says, "13,000"
«Plot» Slide says, "15"
«Plot» Serel says, "19"

A pair of counters appears on the screen. One, counting up, is the current bid (15,000 nuyen, Serel) and the other is a clock, counting down from 120 seconds. (90 seconds remaining)

«Plot» Kassandra says, "20"

«Plot» Slide says, "21"

«Plot» Deborah says, "22"

The steel figure shifts, and suddenly bids are streaming from it as it joins the fun. "Here's looking at you, kid," it half-chirps in a voice long since lost to the ages… but its bidding power is quickly overwhelmed, and it falls silent.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "23"
«Plot» Slide says, "24"

«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds remaining in this auction."
«Plot» Page says, "25."
«Plot» Serel says, "26"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "30"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " AUCTION CLOSED"

Item Two - Immortal Flower

The small mustachioed figure makes no bids beyond its initial gesture for 12,000, letting the time run down on the first item.

Effeks avatar remains still and quite. Explosive do not interest him, he is already missing a pinky because of such a creation.

The Spokesman on the screen smiles then. "Ahh. Silk. It's always a pleasure to do business with you." He reaches for, then sips at a martini. "Now. Using your plugins, determine the next item for bid. Vegetable, Animal or Mineral?"

Slinger arrives, in a rather washed-out icon whose movements are very clearly scripted. Put another way, somebody's using a tortoise rather than full-on simsense. The elf enters with a cigarette burning and hovers in midair. Not the highest-res graphic at the moment.

The ghost shimmers, electricity crackling as bids come up in bright blue on the 'air' in front of her. However, they slow and stop as Silk bids. Then, the choice comes up, and she flashes, once, again, again, before a picture of a diamond appears. In an ethereal voice, she says, "Mineral."

Silk chuckles faintly, sending the codes for the bank account she has chosen and manner of delivery. She absently hits the key for ANIMAL and then settles back again.

The metal man shifts and sends in the word 'ANIMAL.' Why not?

Torrent ponders and is curious to see ANIMAL. He finds the proper way to select, by a small miracle.

Slide signals for Mineral, its not like he wants a pet or food.

The voice and the picture are, of course, merely visual and aural representations of sending her vote through plugin.

Kaatje doesn't really know what to push, but hits ANIMAL on her plugin.

The icon Molly uses holds up a sign for Mineral.

"Alright. It's decided." Says the Spokesman then, with the sign flashing VEGETABLE. "No one voted for it, and I was always picked last as a boy. I'm sensitive to that sort of thing.

The screen shows now a Native American Shaman smoking a peace pipe. It's horribly cliche and lame, but it gets the point across. An old native man's voice echos. "In the desert… the deep desert… there is a flower. This flower is from where the medicine comes to make the smoke. The smoke makes the body mend. It makes an immortal flower."

"Starting bid for one dose of the paracompound known as 'Immortal Flower' will be 20,000 nuyen."

«Plot» Simone says, "40,000"
«Plot» Serel says, "42"

The small man makes a subtle bid, doubling the effective starting bid, but is promptly shout out!

«Plot» Page says, "45."

If the steel man was capable of expression, it would be making a pensive one now… and then, desperately, the bidding already passes him. He leans back and waits, making a note to find the high bidder.
«Plot» Serel says, "50"

Effeks Avatar looks around the room "Once again a Immortal Flower seems interesting, well cause Effek has a house plant, but it has died. But it does not seem to be worth 45 K too him".

<Plot» Page says, "60.”

The spokesman eyes Effek's avatar. "Your internal monolog subroutines are damaged. Please run diagnostics."

«Plot» Serel says, "90"
«Plot» Page says, "100."

Kaatje looks with interest at the item on bid but keeps her bids to herself.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds left on this auction."
«Plot» Serel says, "110"
«Plot» Page says, "125."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD"

Serel's ghost bids again and again, each time setting a higher and higher bar with her blue electric numbers. But, alas, she is out bid, and her max is hit. She gracefully steps back, gesturing for Page to have it.

The spokesman smiles warmly. "It is worth every bit, bidder. It can save a life. Your own, in specific. But be careful.. over use can kill you all the same."

Item Three - Favors

"Very good. Very good." Says the Spokesman. "The next item up for bid… is a little unusual. I have in my possession data that is useful to many people. Some might call it blackmail. SOme may call it effective utilization of resources. Now for bid, three distinct favors from three distinctly different people, spread across North America. An Intelligence agent in Cheyenne. A cop in Denver. A tallismonger in California. Some may question the objective worth, but as any good fixer or runner knows… value is in how you use a thing. Opening bid is 30,000."

Vulcan dropped Favors.
«Plot» Serel says, "60"
«Plot» Slinger says, "70"

«Plot» EffekAuc says, "75"
«Plot» Serel says, "90"

Effek icon pauses for a good 10 seconds, before raising its hand.

«Plot» EffekAuc says, "92"

Thus far throughout the auction the black raven has remained silent on it's perch, simply watching the proceedings take place. As the new items come up for bid it seems to perk up slightly, flapping it's wings once and watching but so far not placing any bids.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " All bids in +5k increments now."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 45 seconds."
«Plot» Deborah says, "100"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 5"

Serel shakes her head as the bidding again passes her range. She waves a hand, noting that she is out of the bidding.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " Sold Deborah"
Steel relaxes, grabbing a virtual snifter of bourbon out of the air and takes a hit. "Interesting," he says.

The icon Molly uses calls up the time. It remains still once the display fades.

The black cat has remained in a similar position of idleness as the raven, except perhaps eyeing the bird in between items that don't interest it.

Slide the cowboy with the black hat simply watches, nothing much besides the explosives has caught his interest.

Silk's icon doesn't bid, the icon sitting still as soon as the numbers doubled the asking price.

Item Four - Van

The man nods then. "Good. I will forward you the details now. What you do with the information is your own. Next up for sale…" A black van with a big red stripe comes up on the screen. It's very masculine in its form.

The purple light/woman/thing flashes a big "100,000 =Y=" sign above herself, and looks around, to see if anyone else decides to throw in a bid. No one else does, so she wins! She pulses a bit in excitement, going from purple to white and back a few times.

"This van is of interesting provenance. It is rumored this van belonged to a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. The van was located recently in Flagstaff and impounded. I found it to be.. very interesting."

Vulcan dropped Black Van.
"Lets start the bidding at… 10,000 nuyen."
«Plot» Slide says, "20"
«Plot» Serel says, "50"
«Plot» Steel says, "60"
«Plot» Slide says, "55"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "65"

As soon as the Van appears in the screen, the Hello Kitty icon facepalms. She continues to watch the events without emitting a single bid so far.

«Plot» Steel says, "70"
«Plot» Serel says, "80"
«Plot» Steel says, "90"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "85, but only if they paint it."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 90 seconds."
«Plot» Steel says, "100, then, going for the reserve."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " Reserve is met. 45 seconds."
«Plot» Nightshade says, "110"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 15 seconds."
«Plot» Steel says, "130"
«Plot» Nightshade says, "135"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 5 seconds"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD!"
«Plot» Steel says, "136! high as i can go!"

The koala chews on a stick of bamboo and wonders what idiot made this avatar.

The screen chuckles as the van gets its minimum bid requirement. "I thought that would be an interesting item. Though… I will point out, it's not sized for your metatype."

The troll woman nods, "Seats can be changed out." She tucks the icon away for a bit. "And things can be resold."

Steel looks over at who outbid him and frowns, steel gleaming. A mental note is made.

Silk watches the bidding, her own lights not flickering on during the exchange. Perhaps she isn't a van type of gal.

Slide thought the van might be nice, but not at that price.

Browsing the web Molly blinks and finds the reference to the van color scheme. She shakes her virtual head and closes the file.

Item Five – Golden Arrow

"Our next item for bid…" The man glances to the right and left… "Is… perhaps… interesting. It's a magical artifact linked to a recent archeological dig in the Mediterranean, near Greece. Found in a temple of Diana, this golden Arrow is Dangerous. Very very dangerous…"

"If you are a dragon."

"Opening Bid starts at 50,000 nuyen."

Nightshade has to drop offline to bring up the appropriate accounts and arrange transfer, the reconnects to claim the icon. She nods to the auctioneer, "Sorry, I don't like connecting my accounts with my persona, never know when there might be a decker about…"

«Plot» Kassandra says, "50"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "60K"
«Plot» Serel says, "80"

The Koala smirks as Kaatje thinks that it would be a good gift to get in several someones good graces. Buy it break it.

Silk's icon leans forward and decisively makes a bid, seeming far more interested in this than the last few items.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "85"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds."
«Plot» Serel says, "90"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 5"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD to serel."

Silk's icon settles back, going dim for a moment as it dedicates resources to other functions a moment.

Item Six – More Favors

"And now. We go back to the safe. The known. The simple. We have more data on interesting people. Mr. David Grey Bear, vice president of Gaetronics… Captain Monday, a man of dubious distinction in the pirate community of California.. and Mr. Andrew Deans, head of research for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta…"

"Let us start the bidding on this very valuble data at… 10,000 nuyen."
«Plot» Deborah says, "20!"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 120 seconds."
«Plot» Steel says, "25!"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "30?"
«Plot» Slinger says, "35"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "45"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds."

The steel man shifts again, thoughts going through his mind… he bids on the favors, but only half-heartedly, and he's already considering calling up his fixer for some… information.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " 15 seconds"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " Sold to Effek"

Item Seven – Border Passes

"The next item up for bid is in the same vein as the information…" A pause. "Have you ever had a reason to need to get past a border check point but don't want to be inspected? To need to just be silent, but there are no other good ways around it? Well. I have just the thing."

Vulcan dropped Border Pass Pack 1.
The children's Koala looks wistfully but shrugs. Kaatje mutters. "I'll have to stick with bribes and bjs for now.

"This package of border passes are authorized by the proper authorities… and are very valuable. Provided you don't have a PAC hanging out of your purse, these VIP passes will get you through the border check… no questions asked."

"This package handles the 'National' Authorities of the UCAS and CAS. Starting Bid is 1000 nuyen."

«Plot» Kassandra says, "2"
«Plot» Slide says, "5"
«Plot» Serel says, "10"
«Plot» Denton says, "20"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "25"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "50"
«Plot» Serel says, "50"
«Plot» Serel says, "70"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "75"

The tall grey figure or Effek smiles, but one cannot see as he wins the bid. As the next bid gets called Effek now seems interested as well, but he will lets others have it.

«Plot» Slinger says, "85"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds"
«Plot» Serel says, "95"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " High bid is 85.. 95"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 20 seconds"

The black raven remains still throughout the bidding of the last few items, apparently finding them either uninteresting or not very useful for his purposes. Still, he makes note of each icon that bids and especially of those whom bid the most. Useful information. Finally when the border passes come up he seems to be genuinely interested, making his first bid of the night. The raven lifts a wing up in the air, a small sign attached to it that says BID! and the amount. He only makes one bid though, watching as the price continues to go up after his bid. Apparently he decides the items are not worth it, or perhaps he cannot afford it, as he does not make any further bids.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " Sold!"

Kaatje The icon based on a popular children's book character leans back and shakes her head, "Wonder if it is really worth that much. Must not be very good with their tongue work." she chuckles almost under her breath.

Silk throws out a few bids but then goes silent again. Watching. Always watching.

Steel shifts again. Could have been handy but… ballooning prices. "The problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans," he non-sequitors, sipping at his snifter.

"A good investment at twice the price." Says the Spokesman. "A good investment indeed. The next item up for bid, is almost exactly the same, but for the Native side. At this time, no passes are available for the Ute Nation, but five pre-written passes for the Pueblo and Sioux Nations…"

Item Eight – More Border Passes

can manage in this virtual world.

"Opening bid is 20,000."

«Plot» Annie says, "20"

Kaatje The kiddy koala holds up her paw spreading two fingers to lick suggestively through them.

«Plot» Steel says, "25"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "30"

Effeks Icon is really interested in the Border Passes, but something fishy about them just does not sit right with the troll. The gray figured avatar places his square oblong hand on his chin and remains quiet.

«Plot» Denton says, "35"
«Plot» Annie says, "40"

Smoke's owl icon flaps back in greeting. His twin ovoid eyes start paying attention to the bids.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " ; will note that these are objectively more valuable as both those nations have strict border controls."

«Plot» Denton says, "45"
«Plot» Serel says, "50"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "55"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "60"
«Plot» Slinger says, "70"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "75"
«Plot» Serel says, "80"
«Plot» MollyAuction says, "85"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds"

Kaatje The koala looks up border rules and shakes her head as the price is already too rich for her blood. "Glad I'm from Amsterdam. Momma knows best." she chuckles.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " 15 seconds"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD."

"I have found, that when a Koala claims to be from any area, they are dirty stinking eucalyptus eating liars." Says the Spokesman. "But thats neither here nor there. The passes have sold."

At the Spokesman's comment about the 'Kiddy Koala', the black raven lifts it's head up and lets out a loud, squawking laugh.

Kaatje The koala pipes in, "We are not dirty! And aroma is a subjective trait."

Steel says "Indeed, it's your trait and we're subjected to it."

"No, it isn't," Silk intones.

The Black Cat stretches cattily, then peers at the next item with slightly more interest.

Item Nine - Crystal

Serel also peers at the item after dropping out of the bidding on a second set of passes. She also seems interested, though the headless look makes it hard to tell.

"Next for bid. This crystal was located in an archeological dig in Luxor, Egypt in 1849. Found on the altar of Thoth, this crystal hums with a faint magical resonance but defies attempts to classify or categorize… Bidding starts at 5,000 nuyen."

«Plot» Torrent says, "5"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "10"
«Plot» Kaatje says, "10"
«Plot» Slinger says, "25"
«Plot» Serel says, "20"
«Plot» Deborah says, "35"
«Plot» Serel says, "40"
«Plot» Slinger says, "50"

The koala raises her paw and snaps her fingers as she is beat.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "60"
«Plot» Slinger says, "70"
«Plot» Air says, "80"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds. Reserve has been met."

Effeks icon remains quite and standing not moving, in fact maybe somebody even wonders if he is there. Although everything here at the Auction is just simply interesting Effek is looking for something with a little more justification as to why he would use it. The gray avatar lowers his fist from his chin and crosses his arms.

«Plot» Page says, "100."
«Plot» Serel says, "110"
«Plot» Page says, "125."

The smokey owl icon peers at the crystal. It even hoots once and then wiggles its tail feathers. The beak opens to bid…but then shuts.

«Plot» Serel says, "150"
«Plot» Page says, "175."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Serel says, "200"
«Plot» Page says, "225."

Steel finishes the never-ending snifter. "50 big ones in the hole, and I ain't won nothing yet. Shucks. It's like a no-good dame kicked me in the taint."

«Plot» Vulcan says, " 5"
«Plot» Serel says, "250"
«Plot» Page says, "275."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD!"

The ghost seems to have very deep pockets, indeed, and seems intent on winning this item. It looks over at Page as it is narrowly beaten out, and a pair of glowing red eyes, narrowed dangerously, appear.

The kiddy koala looks over at Steel, "If you want that service we might be able to come to an arrangement."

The tiger watches the bidding go upwards, and slots in a bid at the last moment. It's tailtip flickers back and forth slightly, rather pleased with itself.

Silk's icon emits a faint laugh, smoothing its dress as the bidding wraps up and looks are exchanged.

The spokesman blinks. Well now. "That was unexpected. But entertaining. I hope the Crystal of Thoth serves you well in whatever capacity you choose." A pause. "I used it for a paperweight."

The raven does not appear to personally be interested in this latest item, though he does tilt his head curiously when it comes up. Blood red crystals probably are nothing good though, so he stays away. The price the item fetches seems rather…exorbitant. When the auctioneer comments about the unexpectedness of it and the former usage of said crystal, the raven can't help but let out another screeching laugh.

Item Ten – Unique Pistol

"Now.. I don't think this will go for as much as the last item.. but it's just as rare. Recently, the only working prototypes for Beretta's new Hellbore Light Pistol was lost in an unfortunate explosion. An explosion that killed the lead researcher, destroyed the production lathes and somehow managed to erase the hard drives at a remote data facility."

"However, I have the prototype and a clip of ammunition for it here. Opening bid for this unique firearm is 10,000 nuyen."

«Plot» Serel says, "75"
«Plot» Air says, " 80"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds."

Silk simply stares as the price flies up. She doesn't seem inclined to bid, her icon silent.

Slide mutters to himself, the price jumping far to high far to fast.

Serel spits out a bid almost before the man has said anything, then stops, confused, as the price isn't what she thought it would be and had prepared to bid.

Steel is about to bid, but pauses when the price jumps several orders of magnitude and he backs down.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD"

The black cat flashes up a bid, only a smidge above the previous and then settles back down.

The Hello kitty (TM) raises her pocsec, the letters W T F flashing above a cute and pastel pink background.

Serel flashes the beginnings of another bid, but something lags her system, apparently, and her bid doesn't register until the auction has already closed. She sits there, fuming a little, impotently blinking '90'.

Smoke's icon blinks in and out, apparently not having a great connection. The wings of his icon are flapping furiously as if that might help keep the connection strong.

Item Eleven – Contact Lenses and Personas

The Spokesman is silent for a long moment, seeming to look at Serel. "Interesting." Says he after a long moment. He then processes the sale, and pulls up the next item. "The following item is a set of custom contact lenses. These lenses come with a name, and a keycode to a locker in the UCAS mag lev system. From there… you are on your own."

"Opening Bid is 50 nuyen."

«Plot» Doll says, "75"
«Plot» Kaatje says, "100"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " These bids are in SINGLE nuyen, not thousands. For clarity."

The Black Cat relays payment and collects the icon of it's new item. Th next item is already up and bid on by the time it returns to looking at the auction.

«Plot» Doll says, "120"

"Should we scream out thousands or something?" Silk's icon cannot sound like her, but one might read sarcasm there.

«Plot» Kaatje says, "150"
«Plot» Deborah says, "300 nuyen!"
«Plot» Denton says, "500"
«Plot» Deborah says, "750!"
«Plot» Kaatje says, "1000"
«Plot» Serel says, "800"
«Plot» Serel says, "1100"

Effeks icon chuckles as he notes the avatars bidding. He shakes his head.
«Plot» Slide says, "2000"
«Plot» Denton says, "1500"
«Plot» Smoke says, "3000"
«Plot» Kaatje says, "3500"
«Plot» Serel says, "3600"
«Plot» Slide says, "5k"

Steel folds his hands behind his back as the bidding continues, now just watching and taking note.

«Plot» Annie says, "7500"
«Plot» Denton says, "8000"
«Plot» Smoke says, "9000"
«Plot» Kaatje says, "10000"

The kiddy koala is distrated from her attempts to use a bunch of leaves as a sex toy and begins to bid

Hello Kitty (tm) blows a raspberry at the value rise.

«Plot» Deborah says, "11k!"

«Plot» Denton says, "12000"
«Plot» Deborah says, "13?"

The Spokesman turns to the Koala. "Violation of Terms of Civility."

Slide watches the Koala, and fingers the six shooters in the holsters at his hips.

The Koala's icon de-rezzes.

«Plot» Serel says, "15"
«Plot» Deborah says, "17"
«Plot» Serel says, "20"
«Plot» Denton says, "22"
«Plot» Deborah says, "24"
«Plot» Serel says, "30"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Denton says, "35"
«Plot» Serel says, "40"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 15 seconds."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 10"
«Plot» Denton says, "45"
«Plot» Serel says, "50"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 5"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " Sold"

Item Twelve – Ring and Dust

"That was interesting." Says the Spokesman. "Now, we have another… antiquity." Says the man as he turns to face the crowd. "An oddity. Use this at your own risk. Buyer beware. Cavat Empetor. Do I have your attention yet?"

Steel whistles as an item goes for, literally, a thousand times it's opening value. He leans back, now smoking a virtual cigar.

The Raven gets in to his first bidding war of the night when this new item comes up. The details are a little murky, but the whole thing has him quite interested. The bidding takes off quickly and he hangs in until the last few seconds before finally stopping his bids at the very end. The bird flaps its wings a couple times and lets out a low screech of displeasure.

Serel bids up after an initial distraction with the koala, and tucks the icon for the lenses away. This kind of thing, the things that seem unimportant? Those are the ones to really grab. Sometimes, the price is worth it.

Torrent scratches his head at 'Cavat Empetor' and looks it up. He looks intently at the auctioneer to see what he is to beware.

The display shows a bottle. This is a glass vial with a cork stopper, sealed with white wax. The wax has a seal on it. The dust inside is uniformly gray, save for a single small object, what looks to be a silver ring with a ruby in it. "I have verified the seal. It is the Diocese of Saint' Albans. The corks material tests at 400 years or more. The ring displays all the characteristics of a kreiger-scale two power foci, surrounded by a dust of some sort that shows latent magical traces."

Vulcan says "Opening bid is 40,000 nuyen.""

«Plot» Kassandra says, "40"
«Plot» Steel says, " 50"
«Plot» S3rp3nt-0 says, "60"

Adam slides into the night events a bit late. He wears a PhysMask of a man with long dark brown hair in a ponytail in a blue pinstripe suit.

«Plot» Vulcan says, " In case you missed it, the ring is sealed inside a bottle that has a seal that comes from before magic was in this world."

«Plot» Steel says, "70"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "75"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds."
«Plot» Air says, "95"
«Plot» Adam says, "100k"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds."
«Plot» Steel says, "110"
«Plot» Air says, "120"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 10"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD"

Item Thirteen -

"And now, the… show case of our display. The Rodent of Callixtus." Says the Spokesman. "This was discovered in the Crypt of Saint Callixtus, in the Catacombs of Rome. (Image: A small black metallic statue of a groundhog, covered in obscene runes. It stands about 5 inches tall, paws raised mouth open). The runes are pre-futhark, but unrelated to Sumerian or other Mesopotamian dialects. It has a faint magical aura… and I want it gone. Opening bid is 1 nuyen."

«Plot» Kassandra says, "1"
«Plot» Steel says, " 5!"
«Plot» Torrent says, "5"
«Plot» S3rp3nt-0 says, "100"
«Plot» Adam says, "1k"
«Plot» Smoke says, "1000"
«Plot» Steel says, " 1500"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "3,000"
«Plot» Smoke says, "3000"
«Plot» Annie says, "5000"
«Plot» Adam says, "5k"
«Plot» Smoke says, "4000"
«Plot» Denton says, "7k"
«Plot» S3rp3nt-0 says, "10000"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "11,000"
«Plot» Smoke says, "12000"
«Plot» Adam says, "15k"
«Plot» Steel says, "18k"
«Plot» Adam says, "20k"
«Plot» Serel says, "21"
«Plot» Deborah says, "22"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "25"
«Plot» Steel says, " 30"
«Plot» Smoke says, "32000"
«Plot» Denton says, "35"
«Plot» Deborah says, "36K!"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "40"
«Plot» Denton says, "45"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "48"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 120 seconds"
«Plot» Denton says, "50"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Steel says, "55"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD"

Item Fourteen – Car Pose

"Use it in good health." Says the Spokesman as he moves to the next item for bid. "I have here, a Toyota Elite Sedan. You can't have it. This car is available however, for posing on top of, in front of the land mark of your choice. Opening bid is 10,000."

«Plot» Page says, "10."
«Plot» Slide says, "15"
«Plot» Page says, "20."

Of all the items to come up on the auction block today, this one is by far one of the strangest. A statue of a groundhog? Obscene runes? Ancient languages and magic? Apparently this is a must buy for the Raven, who begins to bid furiously when it comes up. The bird turns to look at Silk when she matches his bidding, staring her down with his beady eye. Finally he seems to have the upper hand when….what is this? A last second bid causes him to lose the auction…BUT NOT HIS LIFE! The bird has no idea just how lucky he was for not winning that particular item. It doesn't stop him from letting out a loud screech of disappointment in the direction of Steel though.

«Plot» Slide says, "25"

The Hello Kitty laughs a lot, raising her poc sec and showing the image of a garden gnome posing before the Eiffel Tower.

«Plot» Serel says, "30"

Steel makes the payments, and takes the representation after transferring Monday. he leaves a drop-box location for it… then he turns, looking at the bird. "You want to look into it with me, find Steel. We will speak." he makes the object disappear, and turns back to watch the bidding.

Slide turns, watching Serel for a long moment, his icon actually smiles as he recognizes the woman from the Halloween party, I mean, who else would wear that outfit.

«Plot» Slide says, "35"

Silk's icon magnifies the car and then lets out a brief giggle, muting it almost immediately.

«Plot» Page says, "40."
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds"
«Plot» Slide says, "45"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " Sold"

Item Fifteen – Magical Kit

"Now that that's out of the way, we have one final item for sale. I saved the best, most interesting for last." A pause. "Have you ever been 'on a job' and wondered, man, wouldn't it be great to be invisible?" a pause. "Or to look like someone else?" A pause. "Or to fly?"

"Now you can, with this pre-made kit of small expendable anchoring foci. Usable by anyone, they will allow a greater versatility of action and ability for the average runner. Starting bid is 20,000 nuyen."

«Plot» Kassandra says, "20"
«Plot» Torrent says, "25"
«Plot» Denton says, "30"
«Plot» Smoke says, "30,000"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "50"
«Plot» Steel says, "40"
«Plot» Denton says, "60"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "70"
«Plot» Denton says, "80"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "90"
«Plot» S3rp3nt-0 says, "120"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "130"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "135"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "140"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "145"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds."
«Plot» Kassandra says, "150"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "155"
«Plot» Serel says, "160"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "15"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "170"
«Plot» Serel says, "180"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "175"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "200"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "210"
«Plot» Serel says, "215"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 10 seconds"
«Plot» EffekAuc says, "230"
«Plot» Serel says, "240"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD"

The owl shakes some tail feathers and pixels fall like dandruff.

Steel watches the bargaining go by and sits back, wondering if he's made a horrible, horrible mistake. It's okay: he lives alone! What could happen?

Fortune Cookie

"And that… very nice purchase… concludes our auction tonight. I thank you for coming… All purchases are final. No returns. No refunds. I am not responsible for any… issues… with your goods. Oh. Wait. Whats this?"

The spokesman holds up a fortune cookie.

"Who wants a fortune cookie?"

Serel does!

The owl hoots!

The Raven does!

Torrent raises his hand with a smile.

Serel waves her hand. Her invisible hand!

Silk eyes the cookie and says nothing.

Effek icon turns to everybody and waves, his 2d/3d hand lagging a little as it soon dissapears.

The blinking purple woman of light flashes rapidly, trying to get the cookie!

"This fortune cookie was the last Fortune cookie made by reputed a fortune cookie master… I'll start the bidding at 2 nuyen."
«Plot» Slide says, "10 nuyen"

«Plot» Denton says, "20"
«Plot» Annie says, "25"
«Plot» Serel says, "50!"
«Plot» S3rp3nt-0 says, "100"
«Plot» Slide says, "200 nuyen"
«Plot» Denton says, "300"
«Plot» Serel says, "400"
«Plot» Annie says, "500"
«Plot» Smoke says, "800"
«Plot» Denton says, "1000"
«Plot» Serel says, "1100"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "1200"
«Plot» Deborah says, "1300"

Nightshade watches the bids, "Well, if he made this much on his cookies, one can see where he'd have quite a fortune."

«Plot» Serel says, "1450"
«Plot» Annie says, "2000"
«Plot» Denton says, "2500"
«Plot» Slide says, "5k"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 60 seconds"
«Plot» Serel says, "6"
«Plot» Annie says, "6500"
«Plot» Slide says, "7k"
«Plot» Serel says, "76"
«Plot» Serel says, "Er, that's 7.6"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "8"
«Plot» Denton says, "10k"
«Plot» Slide says, "11k"
«Plot» Serel says, "12"
«Plot» Denton says, "15k"
«Plot» Slide says, "16"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " 30 seconds."
«Plot» Serel says, "17.5"
«Plot» Slide says, "18"

The Hello Kitty (tm) chuckles. "I refund 15 to whoever wins, just wanna be the second to read the punchline."

«Plot» Serel says, "20"
«Plot» Denton says, "22"
«Plot» Slide says, "23"
«Plot» Serel says, "30"
«Plot» Denton says, "35"
«Plot» Vulcan says, " SOLD!"

Steel blinks. "It's a fortune cookie? Why so much?" So says the man who blew 55 grand on his doom.

Slide chuckles "I want to play the lucky numbers in the lotto."

The Black Cat screeches at the people bidding on a fortune cookie up to thousands of nuyen.

The Trid screen goes dark, and the LED towers start to power down….

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