Matrix Magical Talk

GM: Vulcan
Players: Janie, Darius, Kassandra, Sickle, Torrent, Accelerate, Sage, Aeon, others
Synopsis: Realtime convo about the new magical bills
Date: March 23, 2070

[Matrix] Golddust Bull says, "READINGFAIL."
[Matrix] Bull says, "READINGFAIL. It's 20 years, not life unless you're an Ork, and hardly even a break in your stride if you're an elf."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Just another situation where institutionalized standards discriminate against the metatypes."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Whats that? Whats that? Mr we-are-the-same is trying to argue we are not the same when it doesn't suit him?"

[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Even so, the point stands, a man who has nothing to loose is much more dangerous than a man who is lookign at just a few years and a fine."
mat That already exists tho.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "That already exists tho."
[Matrix] Bull says, "The diffence, Grey, is that now the man with nothing to lose can get a gun. Now he can get a gun and the ability to move faster than any team of cops. Or be stronger than a troll."
[Matrix] Bull says, "And that should be limited. Contained."

[Matrix] «UMS STANDARD USER ICON» Sage says, "I think this all points to the same credo, Commandment #11: Thoe Shalt Not Get Caught. If they can't find you, no harm no crime, neh?"
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Do you truly, genuinely believe that this bill will actually reduce the incidence of illegal foci and tattoos?"

[Matrix] Bull says, "Do you honestly, truely think red-light camera's slow down the rate of accidents?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Cause I have studies that show they do."
[Matrix] «UMS STANDARD USER ICON» Sage says, ""If we ban handguns, then only criminals will have them!""

[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I don't. I think it will make them all the more profitable for those that are willing to ignore the law."
[Matrix] Bull says, "I have driving statistics for the last one hundred years. While its true that fatalities have not changed, most redlight runs are not fatal accidents."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Its true however, that intersections wiht redlight cameras have a 20 percent LESS rate of accidents."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "But perhaps I'm wrong. I'm just one individual, and if this bill passes, I'll loose very little by leaving the politics of the CAS and UCAS behind me, and buying a nice little share in the PCC."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You're the one wiht something to 'lose here', even though its not a loss for you."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You're the one arguing for unity and harmony, because it BENEFITS you."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You and I, we are not alike."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "So you say."
[Matrix] Bull says, "So you -prove-."
[Matrix] Bull says, "If I tried, I could not learn to put a spell matrix or whatever its called onsay, Silk there."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You can."
[Matrix] Bull says, "If I tried, I could learn to put cybereyes in her."
[Matrix] Bull says, "And so can you."
[Matrix] Bull says, "If You can do X+1, and I can only do X, we are not alike, you and I."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Hmm, I doubt I could, on either count, given who we are talking about."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Mundanes can do one thing that no mage can."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You are -not- human. You are something… more. I don't want to call you an evolution, because tha tplaces you in a superior postion, but you are NO…."
[Matrix] Bull says, ""Mundane.""
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "They can ignore the things that go bump in the night- pass them off as imagination."
[Matrix] Bull says, "MUNDANE."
[Matrix] Bull says, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Mundane. You arrogant son of a bitch."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "You chose to identify yourself as such earlier. What would you prefer? Non-magical? Un-awakened?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "-HUMAN-"
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I am also human, yet you insist we are not alike."
[Matrix] Bull says, "You are not a man; you are a demigod with the behavior and abiliites thus."
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[Matrix] Bull says, "You have all the powers we ascribe to gods. To supermen. You are -not- man."
[Matrix] %xr« Sickle%xn%xr» Until they develop a way to enable artificial awakenings, Mr. Grey, Bull has a point. Though it is an overblown one.
[Matrix] Aeon has joined this channel.
[Matrix] Bull says, "ooc:@fo me=comtitle mat="
[Matrix] Torrent has joined this channel.

[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I do not personally believe anything I can kill should be given the name of God."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "You have known more powerful mages than me if you feel they deserve the title of 'god'"
[Matrix] Bull says, "You argue we are the same, you and I, Grey. And then you use a clearly contemptious term like 'mundane' to separate us. You show your true colors. And while I would agree, Sickle, it is the only socio-template that fits."

[Matrix] Bull says, "Who can heal the sick?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Who can fly?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Who can make fire from nothing?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "A doctor and a pilot, friend?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Who can read minds?"

[Matrix] Bull says, "WHo can do these things with a -thought-?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "My brother was a pilot. He went to school for years and trained for decades."
[Matrix] Bull says, "My grandfather was a doctor. He practiced his trade for decades to get to a place where he felt competent. And even that took work. He was put out of work by mages who could do it after reading a fucking comic book."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Pfah. Give it some time, and I believe we'll yet crack the natural cause of the awakening. When you can take a pill to become a mage, it will be no more a dividing line than those born with natural genius and those who need to work for it in the past."
[Matrix] Bull says, "No need for emergency care now, Dr. BullGrandpa. We have an on call emegency Mage.""
mat Unlikely that, Sickle.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Unlikely that, Sickle."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I am a mage, I went to school for years, and my training is FAR from complete. Magic is not as easy or as simple as most of those who do not posess it believe. It does not simply 'come'to you. It requires hard work, effort."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Tell that to the flying fuck I saw in the warrens the other day."

[Matrix] Bull says, "Not one day of formal school, but he tossed a truck."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Oi, Magix have limits, chummers. Jesus was clearly an aspected shaman."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Jesus probably didn't exist, it's more likely a conglomeration of stories regarding multiple different individuals."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "In the future I'll be sure to put quotation marks around my sarcastic comments."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "What makes you say that, Silk? I admit, I don't have much knowledge of magic, but I see no reason why it should be on any higher pedestal than the limits of the human body were a hundred years ago."
[Matrix] Bull says, "JEsus healed the sick, transmorgaphied water in to wine, and made food from nothing. Big whoop."
[Matrix] Bull says, "I saw a man fly and kill with his mind."
mat It isn't a matter of a 'higher pedestal'. It is a matter of not only genetics but certain conditions that technology will be hard-pressed to replicate this cycle.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "It isn't a matter of a 'higher pedestal'. It is a matter of not only genetics but certain conditions that technology will be hard-pressed to replicate this cycle."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Well, Bull, This 'Demigod' has to go and enslave some 'Sentient' beings. With the rallies tonight, I'm worried that I may be attacked."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "And my elemental cadre is looking thinner than I should like."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I am sure it will be cracked eventually. There is too much profit in the process for it to remain a mystery forever."

[Matrix] Bull says, "Have fun enslaving the prolitariat!"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Someone fill me in on what rallies we're talking about?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Think it will work?"
mat There is too much to lose in letting the 'process' be discovered.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There is too much to lose in letting the 'process' be discovered."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Congradulations, Sickle, you've discovered who has the Capitol in the Magical Age."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There are those who would kill and destroy all evidence of such."
[Matrix] Bull says, "The people wiht MAgic."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "There are anti-magic and anti-metahuman rallies scheduled tonight."
[Matrix] Bull says, "I don't suggest magic is bad. I suggest that it should not, cannot be used to enslave 'normal' people."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I think you will find the people at the top of the Corporate Classes do not generally, personally, have much magic. With a couple of notable exceptions."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Which it is, every time a mage like Grey suggests that reasonable limits on magic are an attack on his human rights."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Corporations will come to be ruled by those wiht longer lifespans, Nobilis and Magi."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "No, you've repeatedly accused magic and magic users of being bad, only to claim "I don't suggest magic is bad" when you're called on it."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Thats economic reality of inherentance."

[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Personally, I think Lofwyr's success has more to do with the fact he is an incredibly cunning strategic genius than the fact he is magical."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Show me where I've said its bad."
[Matrix] Bull says, "HOw did he get there, Sickle?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "How did he live long enough to become such a genius?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "-Magic-"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "What?! Okay, I'm with Mr. Grey here. I'll be conjuring as many spirits as I can handle and hiding out too."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Nyet."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "That's right up there with "I'm no bigot, really, some of my best friends are gay/muslim/black/orcs…", pal."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Let me guess. You can't read what I've written either, and you're magical, right?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Being a dragon is not innately magical. It is his species."
[Matrix] Aeon says, ""I'm not racist either! I hate everyone equally!""
[Matrix] Bull says, "An innately magical species."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I believe in my heart that if you show up with a ton of spirits and confront those at the rallies, you will face some rather significant problems."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I think Grey was thinking of starting a different rally entirely."
mat Ah. That could pose a different scenario and set of problems.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Ah. That could pose a different scenario and set of problems."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "To an extent, but I doubt you can attribute his success entirely to the magical part of that. Besides. It is not as though he is uncontested."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "In many ways, Lofwyr was just an inevitable part of the cycle, I believe."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I'm fairly certain the rich won't die regardless of what race they are. Damien Knight has been 30 going on 60+ for how many years now?"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Everyone dies."
mat It is what you do with your years that matters.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "It is what you do with your years that matters."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Just as Dunkelzahn's death was necessitated by the interests in the Corporate Capitalist system, Lofwyr is kind of… the ultimate embodiment of said system, but he is not synonymous with it. He is the ur-Corporate Capitalist, but not all Corporate Capitalists must be magical dragons, you see?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I quote. "You're not human" "You arrogant son of a bitch" "You show your true colors" And so on, and so on. And you're actually one of the more moderate ones."
[Matrix] Bull says, "I say he's not human because he does things no human has ever been able to do until magic came to the world."
[Matrix] Bull says, "If a man grows gills and lives in the sea; is he still HOmo Sapiens?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Or is he a different thing altogether? Homo Sapiens Aquamanis?"

[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Yes. In fact, they've got bioware that'll do the trick, I hear."

[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Tonight, I am gonna kill me a mage!"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Ahh, but thats a modification. Not a change of basic genetics."
[Matrix] Bull says, "… WT, thats so not helping."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I am sure such will solve all of your problems, WT."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Ah, yes. Bull, meet your ideological comrade in arms. I'm sure you'll have much to discuss."
[Matrix] Torrent says, "isn't that in nature preaching bigotry, that the awakened are no longer part of the human race? should they be seperated and be put into camps next?"
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Helping? It'll help, Bull, when we drag a few of these folks like Grey behind a truck and remove their impurity from the gene pool!"
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Bull, that would be accurate if Magic was heriditary. Or even genetic in some manner. Currently no ties to genetics have been made for magic."

[Matrix] Bull says, "It's a mutation of some sort, else everyone would have the possibility to access it."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "So is being left handed."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Everyone does."
[Matrix] Bull says, "And goddamn it, WT, people like you RUIN debates by creating strawmen."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "The same way everyone has the ability to become a world-class singer?"
[Matrix] Bull says, "Or at least to leanr how to -sing-."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Ever been in a high-mana area? Even my mundy friends can feel it there."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Ain't no straw man. It's a fact of life. Like that fella said, maybe should put them in camps."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Now now, Bull. Again, let me just quote your own words: "Wah wah wah. You can't do anything but TAKE life. We know. It's not your fault. It's unscrupulous members of the sect! The arabs said the same thing in the early part of the century…""
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "You can't have it both ways."
[Matrix] Bull says, "If you want to quote me out of context, you do that."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Mmm. You know, a thought occurs to me, and I wish I had thought of it earlier."
[Matrix] Bull says, "What is that?"
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Look here. These so called 'superior' races and folks created their own magical kingdoms with magic blocking them off from the rest of the world. GO BACK THERE! We'll ship you back and you can go play fairy there. But not here. Not in My Country!"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Creating scapegoats has always been a favorite tactic of the dominant class to keep the subordinate class in line. Now. You may claim magicians deserve a class of their own, but I know many poor shamans and magi, so I do not think that holds."

[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Go back to Russia, commie!"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "And yes, current theories /do/ indicate that there's a modicum of magical talent in everyone or nearly everyone; it's just that for most it burns far to weakly to amount to much. In the same way that while I can probably learn to draw, no matter how many hours of each day I spend behind an easel, I'll never be da Vinci's equal, or van Gogh's."
[Matrix] Bull says, "They should sell their services. When you have a marketable ability, poverty is a choice."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Amen, Sickle! Posting from a public dataterm myself, can't afford a proper computer."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "No, I think these individuals make a very useful scapegoat in order to prevent the majority looking to the real problems. There had been rumblings about the incompetence of the government recently, hadn't there?"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There always is."
[Matrix] Bull says, "Anyway, it's clear that Magical aPologizsts have their wipping boy to play with in White Thunder there…"
[Matrix] Bull says, "So have fun."
[Matrix] Bull has left the channel (Graceful logoff)
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "What would be the fun in that?"
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Bull! Come to the meeting!"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "He's a moron that can't be argued with. /You/ actually sound intelligent enough to learn a thing or— ah well."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "And now, we find ourselves drawn to attacking people amongst our own. Rather than focusing our anger on the governments whose incompetence continues to allow millions to suffer and die. It is depressing."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I'm not entirely certain a poor magic user has a leg to stand on as a point of arguement. There are jobs in the corporate field starting at 7 figures annually, no experience necissary, they'll even clean your past up for you, if you can sling spells."
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq has joined the channel.
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Money's always the bottom line, isn't it? There's not much nuyen in humanitarian efforts."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Moron? Pfah! I represent those who are gonna take this country back! We are tired of the spics and jews and mages and indians all moving in. Go back to fairyland and leave us our own place!"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "It's kneejerk thinking, Sickle. There's a crisis, they're starting to risk looking weak, so out comes the response "We must do something/this is something/therefore, we must do this.". It's a tired old cycle."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Of course."
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "I agree, Eastwood. We must break the Cycle. Who will join me?"
[Matrix] Torrent says, "weren't the indians here before all of us?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I remain hopeful that eventually, there will come a point when people use their brains and look past the lies and deceit."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "This isn't the first time this sort of bill has been proposed. It is simply the most recent. People forget."
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "Who will take a stand against the ignorance of the masses?"
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Nope! The redman migrated here, it's all in the history books. The Whites were here long before!"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Hey, Thunder. Quick object lesson. You know how magic can't do much over the Matrix, right?"
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "Who will show their power? Their true power as the inheritors of the 6th world?"
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Yea?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Ah, and now we have the other side of the coin."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "The true inheritors of the Sixth World?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "The fool who will attempt widescale violence and thus legitimate the threats of the state."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "So theoretically a mage like me wouldn't have any power here."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "What's your point, Eastwood? And what's your address, me and some friends want to visit!"
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "We, the awakened. The magi, the men and women who can shape -reality- with a thought, who can gather arcane data and change the flow of history with thought and will."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Sounds interesting."
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "Redondo Peak, Hood, Hellens, Raineer, Adams… all precursors."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "My point is that power comes in a lot of different ways."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "Yeah. My power comes from Divine Right."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "The White Man is the true power in this world."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Not the White Woman? Bigot!"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "For example, in your particular case, 'power' comes from knowing the phone number of a really, really skilled decker. Sayonara."
[Matrix] WHITE THUNDER! KassGM says, "WH-«BOOTED»"
[Matrix] KassGM has left this channel.
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "We have a -right- to rule. You will see my power tonight. The power of the awakened spark given full bloom and flame."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Pity. I was enjoying listening to him."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "*Imbed SFX- Applause*"
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq says, "Watch. Learn. Worship."
[Matrix] «<FIREBALL»> Faruq has left this channel (Graceful Logoff)
[Matrix] Torrent says, "these protests are going to errupt in senseless violence, aren't they?"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Yes."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "No doubt about it."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "No, not senseless."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "They are going to achieve exactly what they were intended to achieve."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "On all sides."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Anyone feel like meeting up someplace and trying to make sure as few people get hurt as possible? I think I'll be at the hothead's demonstration and see what I can do to douse him before it gets out of hand…"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "This sucks hoop. Really smelly old Troll hoop. Some of my best friends are mundies, too."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I'm afraid not. In times such as this, it is more prudent… not to be in the way."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Where is this gonna be held and what time? I know how to stunbolt and confusion, maybe we can make 'em forget what they went there for?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Bull's got a point that 'mundane' might not be the most politically correct way to describe people who don't have magic, Aeon."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I may be able to help out with that, Eastwood. I'd prefer as few deaths as possible."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "No, Aeon. No magic shortcuts except in direct self defense."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Well, 'Mundane' is the opposite of 'Magic'. What else am I gonna call them? Sleepies?"

[Matrix] Torrent thinks the terms folks are going with are 'awakened' and 'non-awakened' ?
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "To be honest, it may be better to allow it to come to the boil now. Short term, people will die. Long term, perhaps it will wake people up somewhat to the real cause of the problems."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie nods.
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "And thus, in the long term, less people die."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Like the Night of Rage did, Sickle?"
[Matrix] Torrent says, "so do we want to see what caused the most deaths? bullets or fireballs?"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "You'll excuse me for being ignorant. I'm not near as smart as most of the people here."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Ah, but there is one crucial difference here."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "This time, both sides are out for each others blood. A kind of, civil war of the extremists."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Ah, so it'll be twice as bad, then?"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Sometimes you cannot hide under your bed and let both sides hash it out."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "That's a good point though. Let the crazies kill each other, and those are a few less crazies out there. Those of us who think this whole thing is stupid survive and move on."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I don't see why not. This is not my conflict; it is a pointless squabble. Perhaps when we have mopped the blood up, we'll be left with some people who are willing to look beyond this particular dividing line. Perhaps not."
[Matrix] Torrent says, "what about the people in the crossfire?"
[Matrix] Torrent says, "riots rarely stay in a nice confined area"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Crossfire? If you're not a brain-whack that wants to start some drek, you'll clear out."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Not that I mean to sound callous, but, it is necessary. Undoubtedly, there will be an innocent death."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Clear out from where? The Nights of Rage covered entire CITIES."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Perhaps some more. Those innocent deaths become symbols."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Foolishness."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "I'm pretty much underground and good at staying out of sight. And, back to the Jesus stuff, ever heard of a martyr?"
[Matrix] Torrent says, "i doubt many people would gladly elect themselves to become martyrs for a cause they weren't involved in."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Sometimes, history does not give us a choice."
mat History always gives a choice. You just have to be listening.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "History always gives a choice. You just have to be listening."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "I'm all for keeping the street-kids out of the line of fire, and if I see something going down on the way to the stuffer shack, I'm going to help. Otherwise, my hoop comes first."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "So much for your devotion to the People's Revolution then, Sickle?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "When it comes, you just keep your head down and hope you're not among the dead?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "If this were about bringing down a Corporation, I would be eager for the chance."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "It is not. It is about stopping two kinds of idiot slaughtering one another."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "What's the point of believing in a better world if you're willing to let the one we have drown in blood to get it?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "The one we have is not worth saving."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Which likely have corporate connections. Or do you not understand that corporations lobby on both sides of this matter and invest billions?"
[Matrix] Torrent says, "then work to make the world better."

[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Don't presume to know the way I am working, simply because I will not risk my neck in this particular scuffle."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "In the end, my conscience is clean, and that is enough for me."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "People are /always/ worth saving."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Nevertheless. I wish you luck."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I prefer to make my own."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "It comes down to how much can the individual chummer on the street really do without making things worse for one side or the other? Good luck defusing this situation either way."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "A single person can do a great deal. You could save a single life and that could change a myriad of events."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Even the smallest drop of water in a pond creates ripples and change."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "More suffering than you can imagine occurs every day because too many people look at it and say "This is terrible, but I'm just one man, what can I do?"."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Spirits know I'm gonna try if I see it, but if I die in the process, then that's kind of game-over and I'm out of credits. We'll see how it goes, yeah?"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Does it really. My, I had no idea."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, ""
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "That is what one man can do."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle File upload: JFK Headshot.jpg. File upload: DunkelzahnRift.jpg
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Shall we stop sharing pictures now?"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Tianamen Square doesn't really apply here. Medias were watching, the military didn't want a scene. Plus, now-a-days you'd proboably get run over without a thought."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Everyone makes their own path. If you feel inclined to get involved, you will. Otherwise, I suggest you guard those you hold close and stay out of harm's way."

[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Hrm. I wonder if Bull's trix address is around here somewhere…"
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I hate to be an opportunist, but I happen to have solid info on Bull for sale, and, well… I'm an opportunist. Start the bidding at 10k if you want the info, once it's sold it's gone."
[Matrix] Torrent says, "so are all these protests related around the SLAP ?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I just need to send him an email, I'm not planning assassination."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Only in the most roundabout way."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "It is more to do with the fact that one side despises magic, and the other side thinks magic means they should rule the world. Both sides are, of course, completely wrong."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Again, can someone fill me in? I don't even know what the SLAP is. Stupidity Liberation Army of Paris?"
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Some are about SLAP. Some are about the Dark Cloud, about the way the government is reaction, about the missing people, about murder, about a chance to break heads."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I also happen to have good bit of info on Faruq."
[Matrix] KRONK says, "I WANNA LOOT!"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There is a news story here LINK (+bbread news1/27)"
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "And the aforementioned looters. Any chance for a riot."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "White Thunder and his psychotic pals are organizing a couple of anti-magic rallies, from the sound of it. SLAP's just their opportunity this time around. Normally I'd say let them rant and get it out of their system, but with tensions this high one spark's all it'll take to turn it into a lynch mob."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "and a few magically inclined individuals are planning to have a show of power."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "And Fireball sounds like he's planning to throw down the gauntlet and quite possibly make a messy example or two."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I wonder what the chances are that this might actually spur someone into doing something about that nefarious Cloud thing."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Like I said, Bull and Fireball, got info on both."
[Matrix] Torrent says, "from what i understand from SLAP it's policing magical items in the possession of the non-awakened and enforcing laws against the awakened in how they use their magics?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Sickle is right in one aspect: If the loonies on both sides want to kill each other, I'd be inclined to let them. Except I suspect an awful lot of people will be caught in the crossfire."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "So as usual, it all comes down to a dick-showing contest. Mine's bigger, no mine! Just like always"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Mostly just the former, Torrent, but the wording's meaningless. There's not much sense to the regulation except that it makes the governments /appear/ to be Doing Something."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Fear-based legislation. Always, /always/ a recipe for disaster."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Ah, and the Knights were rousting magical groups and rituals as well. Expect the local constabulary to break some heads too. As far as the Cloud goes, everyone seems to be avoiding it. Except when the shadows come out to eat people."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I expect it will turn into a National Monument soon enough."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Why does anything that reacts to the world have to be fear based?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Why can't we react appropriately? Is it only fear based because you are impacted by it, Eastwood? You've come in to this conversation with an amazing amount of hubris."
[Matrix] Torrent says, "fear is easy. hope is hard."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "The Cloud… Has some long, dark, /dangerous/ roots. Trying to take it out by brute force would be the equivalent of beating on an old unexploded bomb with a hammer."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "We hoped for no need to legislate. But in Saint Louis we learned we need to have stronger deteraints."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Laws only get made because there is a need for them, generally speaking."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Hahaha."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There are those in the magical community that have .. a lack of responsibility. They should have been taken in hand before."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Trust me, as an old Soviet Union gal, I can tell you, that? Is a load of… Bull."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Ah, now he handle makes more sense"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I say it's fear-based because by all indications it was pushed through faster than was wise, its practical effectiveness is going to be /nil/ except to give the cops another stick to hit people with, and it was announced with loud pomp and circumstance as a 'solution' to an acute crisis."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There are those, magical or not, that just hand things out without worrying about the consequences."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "How can anything be pushed through?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I JUST INTRODUCED IT!"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Jesus!"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Interesting."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "People are reacting to the expectation that it will be latched upon and introduced post haste."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I would say there is some fear on both sides."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "You mean, acting from a fear based rational?"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "That's really up to the voting types. So, not many of the folks in the shadows."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I mean reacting to the fear that someone is going to do something, on either side. There are those that fear the bill will lead to concentration camps and branding. There are those that fear that mages will continue unchecked."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Ah, so both the CAS and UCAS governments are intending to carefully debate all the pros and cons and possible ramifications about these dual pieces of legislation before coming to a reasoned vote?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Look. I wrote the bill because my daughter saw her best friend gunned down by a man who thought he was the god of Death. (LINK: 'THANATOS kills 5 at Saint Louis Cross Border Magnet School') It's time to do something."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I was for gun control. I'm for magic control. I'm for regulation of unchecked danger."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "SOmehow, Eastwood, I don't get the impression you're a voter."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "All wise ideas. Again, there are those, magical or otherwise, who do not care about anything other than their own whims and cash-making opportunities."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "… Your daughter's best friend was killed by, according to this news report, a deluded drug addict with a gun, and in response you want magic regulated?"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Once again that sorta assumes that people will do it. There's a lot of SINless out here and we don't exactly follow the laws"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Well, sometimes it rains. And sometimes roofs leak. But we still mandate that buildings have them."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "The fact that bad men will ignore laws, does not abrogate the need to make the laws."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "One step at a time, Aeon. That is the worry that some have, that this will lead to more mandates against the magically inclined."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Mr. Sam, I do have a serious question, actually."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Whether it will or not is still a matter for the future."
[Matrix] Aeon says, "So, pass the law if you like, that only makes the people that don't follow it more dangerous"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Go ahead, Sickle."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "That .. is illogical."

[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Are there provisions in the bill to prevent the Corporations from transporting and making use of these same goods, or will they be able to utilize their Corporate status to continue developing such things and introducing them to the black market, as I have no doubt they do at the moment?"
[Matrix] Aeon says, "Same with the silly gun-control drek. Take guns away from people that follow the law, and you give the ones that don't follow the law more powerful, because now they have guns and the nice joe-average does not."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Corporations are not usually the ones slapping magical tattoos and unchecked and unregulated magical artifacts on people, though. You are letting your personal vendetta blind you."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Tattoos… I do not know about, but magical artifacts, I'm fairly certain I have encountered in the past."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I have not seen a corporation… as Ms. Silk says. The good thing about a corporation, is it has accountability and can't just run away. The bad thing about magic, and what makes it singularly hard to regulate, is the single nature of the producer. One mage, can without any support, produce these effects.""
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "You're a legislator and you believe a corporation has accountability?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "You're a criminal, and you argue it doesn't?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Your very lively hood comes from that accountability."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I personally wonder why it is that all magic be deemed equally illegal. What is the harm in allowing an individual to heal otherwise fatal wounds in a few moments, for example? Or the harm in allowing someone to use magic to appear fresh and vibrant before a meeting?"
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "The corporations are accountable to the Corporate Court."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Because, Mr. Grey, when I set out to undertake this legislation, I -studied- magic and I came to a conclusion."

[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Insert the usual tired cliche about foxes guarding hen houses, but technically Silk is correct. And I am sure Mr. Sam is entirely sincere in his motivations and beliefs."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "There is very little that I can comprehend that magic cannot do. As such, trying to regulate it by -type- or -effect-… will be almost impossible."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I would rather a poor law that functions, vs a great law no one can understand."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Poor laws can be made better."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Which is ran by the corporations, if I'm not mistaken, so you are saying the corporations are accountable to themselves, but due to the existance of Shadowrunners, are only accountable when they get CAUGHT doing the naughty biz?"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "And even if I went on an uninterrupted shooting spree for the next three months I'd still be hard pressed to cause more suffering than most megacorporations cause in a single hour, purely as unintended side effects that no one cares about because the victims "are not voting citizens"."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Seems like the opposite of accountable"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "They are accountable to a jury of their peers."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "You're only accountable if you get caught. They share the same philosophy with criminals and politicians the world over."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "This is not economic legislation."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I would wager that those found accountable would argue with you. There are several references you can uncover regarding their verdicts."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Nor is it a revision or review of the Seratech Decision."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I do wonder why it is not possible to categorize magic in the same way that Cyberware is categorized…"
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "The relative right or wrong of the legislation is beyond the point now. The real matter is the amount of harm that will come from the various heated discussions and firefights."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "My understanding, Sickle, is this."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Not only does the direct effect of magic change by spell, but so to does the appearence of the effect change by caster."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Creating an infinite varieties of 'heal' or 'stunball'."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "While a bullet is always a bullet."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I personally have no capability to create these tattoos, nor much intrest in selling anchoring foci- they are… dangerous links to oneself to elave floating around in circulation. So I suppose that this bill does not directly affect me. I still believe that it is short sighted and ethically questionable, though."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I see. That makes sense."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "It could be far worse."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I think your ethics are not at issue, Mr. Grey. I think the safety of my schools, my shopping malls and my -constituants- are."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "You have your chance to be a part of the process. Register to vote."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "Because without extensive study it's all but impossible to tell the difference between a focus anchoring a healing spell, and one anchoring a Hume ten fireball linked to a detection spell looking for a certain person."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "If you think my law is in error, vote for someone who will vote against it, or should it pass, vote for someone who will repeal it."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Ah, the fallacy of representation."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Or simply do not commit illegal actions."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I'm not one to talk to about the fallacy of representation."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "It's possible to make a gun look like a tube of toothpaste."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I believe in what I do."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Unless you poll every member of the electorate on every issue, the voice of the individual is still lost. And this assumes that the majority is always correct."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Mr. Grey, we have laws about zipguns in prison too."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "YOu could bring up singular exceptions, yes. But they do not negate nor invalidate the whole."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "THey are strawmen and hold no validity."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I am aware that such concealed weapons are banned, but it is possible to get a permit to sell, modify, carry and even use conventional ones."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I wonder though, Mr. Sam, if you have been listening, are you going to assist in stopping the murder that is going to erupt this evening?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I listen to the news too, Sickle."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I'm wondering what a congressman is doing talking to a bunch of criminals in a criminally funded server at the moment, to be honest."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "But let me address Mr. Grey."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "All are welcome here, are they not, XLER8?"

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "I, for one, am glad that they are. And civilally too, I might add."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "They are, but there are news agencies that I am certain would lvoe to spin this meeting against you."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "His words might help to dampen some of the enthusiasm for violence."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Some more than others."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "But welcome isn't the point."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There are three news agencies in this node already."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "To address Mr. Grey… The permit to carry, modify, or affect a gun has nothing to do with the ability to sell that gun to a minor, to give the gun to a criminal."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "The issue is not your ability to have a permit to cast your magic; above a certain Hume-rating, you must have one."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "The issue is for you to be able to freely give that power to -others-."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Then ban the production of foci and tattoos for minors, make individuals have to apply for a license to use as well as to sell one?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Mr. Grey, you are ignoring the point. If you wish to argue specifics ina metaphor, you may do so."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Bring this bill in line with gun law legislation."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Moving to Mr. XLER8."

[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I may be Representative Missouri, but I, like many, try to learn about what I am doing, legislating before I do it."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I belive, very much, in the process."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "In the ideals of the system."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "And to legislate from ignorance would be tantamount to treason."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Would it not?"
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "So listen to reason. The bills as they are currently presented, go beyond what is reasonable limitation. They are reactionary and excessive"
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "You're saying you are here to study the criminals of today in order to understand what you are legislating?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Are you saying that this forum has no use in the democratic process other than as a conduit for illegality?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I would say that free flow of information is the -bedrock- of democracy."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Many of your peers would disagree, unfortunately."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "I like this one. Who knows. Perhaps he will not be up against the wall when the revolution comes."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "That is their perogotive."

[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "You talk like someone who genuinely wants to make a change, but all I see is the same patterns in your bill- Something bad happens, and the government scrambels to find something to blame other than the people. In this case, the foci are blamed, not the murderers."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I'm saying that A: Free Flow of information doesn't exist except on the dark and illegal side of the matrix, and I am saying B: The shadowrunning community aren't exactly what you'd call the voting type, and even if they were, it'd be a fraction of a fraction of a percent. So I ask again, what is a congressman doing in a host full of criminals?"
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "You talk like someone who cannot appreciate the concerns of those around him."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "This isnt the first time that a bill of this nature has been brought up. I do not see this as necessarily a reaction, but a continuation of previous conversations."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "We can empathize with your loss and your grief without agreeing with your opinion, Sam."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "XL: I appreciate what you're saying. But we all use the resources at our disposal to get information and to operate. There is nothing illegal about my -presence- here."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Being on this side of the Shadowland IC is actually illegal, Mr. Congressman."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I for one, learned about this forum after a meeting of the Intelligence Oversight Committee."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Actually, without going into technicalities (primarily because I don't understand them) but I am pretty sure that this host is illegally registered and conencted via illegally tapped liens to the matrix."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "That is illegality on the part of the owners."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Not on the part of the users."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Regardless."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "We are drifting off point."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "We are."

[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "The issue is that the Congressman has brought this matter to our feet as well, because we, being criminal sorts, can spread the word, neh?"
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "And can speak to our peers."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "You know, the people DOING this stuff."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I would concider it a personal favor if you would be so kind as to try and… limit… the damage some of the more rabid members of both side may be doing."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "You speak as if the shadows have any form oc community beyond ones immediate partners and friends."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Since the late 90s, every piece of major legislation has been challenged at every step by extremism."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "There are individuals who will do one thing simply because others within this community advise the opposite."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "And you talk as though the world were something more than extended rings of connected immediate partners and friends."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Don't be facetious, Grey."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "You remind me of a man I once worked with in my youth. You could tell him the sky was blue, and he'd, feeling the need to place himself in the lead, would argue it was more cerulean."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "Why do you feel the need to be so negitive?"
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "Because the world is not a very positive place."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "I was already intending to, Sam."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "It depends on your view."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "When I was a young man, I once wanted to ask god, why he allowed the world to be such a horrible place. Now that I am older, I no longer wish to ask him that; because I fear he would ask of me the same."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I have heard that line before."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "I'm sorry; I have an appointment I have to attend now. This has been… enlightening."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Tch."
[Matrix] SlappySam says, "SlappySam has logged out (Graceful logout)"
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "Very well. Eastwood, if you require assistance, my contact information is hardly secret. Against my better judgment, I will offer my services."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "As do I. Grey, Silk, contact me in private. We need to do some digging, but I think we'd better attend Fireball's announced 'demonstration'…"
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie says, "«OOC» And right now I need to head home from work."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Aye."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "At the end of the day, I simply wish to practice and improve myself in peace and unhindered by the trivialities of day to day occurances. Unfortunately, it has been an age or two since a man could study in peace."

[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "I already did some digging, your friend Fireball was connected through a shady warehouse in Downtown St. Louis."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "The sector where I do most of my work has been thrown into turmoil over imbecilic fights over ethnicity, while legislation and fear cut off avenues of research."
[Matrix] Vulcan says, "OOC: Remember; the guy on the matrix canbe anyone."
[Matrix] Vulcan says, "OOC: ANYONE. Corps, Cops, Politicians, intel services -all- use Shadowland."
[Matrix] Vulcan says, "ooc: Its one of the reasons its allowed to exist."
[Matrix] «Eastwood 3:16» Janie nods.
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "There is always the Aztlan Sector, Mr. Grey. They have a number of very nice establishments."
[Matrix] «Sickle» Sickle says, "OOC: People lie on the internet? I, I'm shocked. ;.;"
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "It has crossed my mind, but I'm not certain I'd be any happier working udner the watchful eye of Aztechnology. Perhaps I'll seek to establish myself in Amazonia when I'm ready to shy away from city life."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "A warehouse in St. Louis is troubling."
[Matrix] «<XLER8»> Accelerate says, "Not just any warehouse, it's a warehouse that's two sizes too big for it's activity, if you catch my drift."
[Matrix] «Mr. Grey» Darius says, "I suspect he has a personal involvement in that shooting, though that may be leaping to conclusions."
[Matrix] «Silk» Kassandra says, "Oh dear."

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