Market Day Part 2
GM: Nightshade
Players: Nightshade, Dalton, Mr.Terrific
Synopsis: Orktown Market Day Part 2.
Date: Nov, 2070

Darkness has taken the warzone and the majority of the orks that have held the area have withdrawn, their work throughout the day has left a clear path for vehicle traffic through the streets between the Rez and Orktown but at the moment no vehicles have come or gone. Several orks and trolls still sit along the route, including Nightshade who still sits atop a car flipped on it's side. The day was fairly tame with only a few scuffles.

Dalton sits on a rooftop, improved invisiblity, levitate, and the concealment of an F5 city spirit guarding him, great form that is, cause it goes anywhere. He watches the scene and just hangs out, in case trouble starts, maybe he can stop it.

Nightshade balances atop the wreckage of a car casually, one foot slowly spinning the wheel it rests on. She's got her ridiculous swords on her back and the armored case by her side. A warm red glow illuminates her face, thrown by the cig she's smoking. There's a flash of cold blue glow as she checks her poc-sec then it goes dark again.

Dalton spots Nightshade, and conjures up a watcher spirit, sending it towards her with a message. "Hows things going?" The spirit is a shadowy cloaked figure, common of what Dalton sends as a watcher.

Nightshade chuckles, glancing at the little creation before turning her attention to the darkened street, "It'd be easy money if I were getting paid, but it keeps the bar stocked, so I guess that's good enough."

Dalton smiles as he listens to the reply, and sends the spirit back. "Well, I'll hang around in case something bad happens. Who knows, maybe someone will leave some loot?"

Nightshade nods, "Just make sure whoever dropped it didn't have tusks, I'd hate to have to shoot you for looting…it'd look all kinds of bad to the powers that be."

Dalton chuckles faintly and sends the spirit back. "I'm not exactly taking sides if the elves come into this, but if one of the other gangs makes a move, then I will step in and take steps. I have to try to have some neutrality in this."

Nightshade waves her hand at the little figment when it returns and delivers the message, "Bah, neutrality is just another way to say you haven't been paid well enough."

Dalton grins and sends the spirit back "Are you offering to pay me?"

Nightshade shakes her head, "Nah, I'll count on your good nature, I made sure each of the little groups that made the trip had one bo-na-fi-dee innoncent in the mix."

Dalton laughs a bit, and sends the spirit back again. "Preying on my weaknesses, I assume there are still innocents at risk now then?"

Nightshade takes another long drag of her sig and gestures towards one of he further buildings, there's a quick scuffle there and a ghoul makes a break for it harrassed by several fetches. Nightshade then replies to the cloaked watcher, "At this particular instant, no. However if any of the supplies fail to make it countless babies could die…and…children will never get to go to school, or something."

Dalton smiles and sends the spirit back again. "Yea yea yea, so I suppose you got my attention, since I cant exactly take that risk now can I. If you need anything large concealed, let me know, its not alot of effort on my part."

Nightshade sends the watcher back after saying, "Nothing to hide at the moment."

Dalton lets the watcher hang around for now, and simply watches from his perch on a building.

Dalton sits on the roof of a building, invisible, levitating, and under the concealment of a spirit, cause, well, its not safe to be in the warzone any other way. He simply watches for now.

Nightshade is sitting on a car flipped on it's side smoking a cigarette, most of the orks and trolls have pulled back from the area but they've left a cleared path from the Rez to Orktown where cars and wreckage has been manhandled out of the way, over the rougher parts of the street car hoods and other scraps have been laid to make it drivable, currently there is no vehicle traffic.

Mr.Terrific actually heard that the Screaming Weevils were going to be playing the market day, and that's what's bringing him down here - that, and the hope of finding something of bargain. He can pretty easily be warned off by big burly guys with guns if he's not wanted, but the low-down he'd heard is that there was to be shopping. That doesn't mean that he's not armored-up and that he doesn't have his Happy Helmet close to hand.

Most of the shopping is being done in the Rez, the Warzone just benefits from the temporary order brought about by several thousand orks needing go to from point A to point B and back again and not wanting to deal with any drek en route. The Rez itself is nearly cleaned out, the orks having bought or bartered for a great deal of the supplies that were available.

Mr.Terrific ah drats. He makes a dash for the shopping thereupon to see if any talismongers are left with anything worthwhile while he has the time.

There is glowing rat on a stick, a powerful item of magic made famous by the archmage himself, and tasty to boot!

Mr.Terrific assenses it to see if it's an illusion spell or if someone broke open one of those lightsticks to pour glowy stuff on it.

«OOC» Nightshade says, "TN is 4 BG is 2, roll assense."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Aura Reading:
1 2 2 2 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 3 5 11

This is high quality glowing rat on a stick, it is enchanted but you don't believe it's an illussion spell.

Mr.Terrific is highly highly tempted, but he doesn't eat anything bigger than his head and he also does drink magical potions he can't figure out what the heck they are. "Any.. non-glowing rat on a stick?"

Of course there's regular Rat-onna-stick, this is the Warrens. The gentleman with the cart offers to spear one for your fresh or you can take one that's been roasting in it's own…juices so that it's nice and tender.

Mr.Terrific says "I'll go for the long roast. Slow-cookery is the way.""

Mr.Terrific assenses it on the sly, but is happy to share slow-cooker recipes with the man - nothing like eight hours stewing to make most any honest to goodness meat dripping off the bone.

Dalton spots Mr.T in the crowd, cause he keeps lighting up like a christmas tree when he assenses things. He frowns as he recognizes the aura, then wonders if anyones going to go harass the hapless human who is buying rat from a vender in the middle of a warzone. For that matter, why is there a vendor in the warzone, thats risky.

Mr.Terrific appears to have gone a sizeable amount of time while being unharassed. Maybe something is going down. As for himself, he'll spot the totally obvious Nightshade, and give her a wave after his talismongery run to the Rez has miserably failed.

The Vendor is on the far northwest side, near enough to the Rez to be out of harms way, or at least reasonably so.

Nightshade nods towards Mr.T keeping her eyes on the side streets, "Hooka Hey, boyo." She calls to the him. "Mind you don't get mistaken for a ghoul running around percieving like that, silly little fetches almost tried to give you a black eye."

Mr.Terrific oopses. "Sorry about that. Just had to check some stuff out. I didn't think ghouls turned off and on though."

Nightshade nods, "Nope, but lotsa folks won't wait to see if you turn off, specially you weedy looking types, need to get some meat on your bones, you're already halfway to wraithdom."

Mr.Terrific chuckles. "Hey, I been working out!" He doesn't bother to pop a bicep though. And he certainly wouldn't bare any kevlar/mylar blend here out in the open to show it off.

Nightshade laughs, "Oh yeah, looking mighty impressive." A cold blue glow lights up the darkness again as she checks her poc-sec for a moment, then hops down off the upturned vehicle. She picks up the hard sided case and arranges the straps and clips so it hangs properly on her back. "You might want to get scarce…things are probably going to get a bit hectic in about 10 minutes."

Dalton floats in place, just watching the scene from above, ready to swoop in when something happens, or send magic in the general direction of trouble, but until then, its just waiting. Lots and lots of waiting.

Mr.Terrific asks, "What, is it the Screaming Weevils concert?"

Mr.Terrific , however, does scoot and get his ass under cover and over to the edge of things, what for with his binoculars out and such.

Dalton spends his free time Summoning up a herd of F6 Watchers, cause, well, ghouls be bad. 10 Watchers should do. He can resummon every hour or two as needed.

It's dark, from the northwest comes the sounds of heavy vehicles moving slowly throught he Warzone headed this way, the roads have been cleared to make way by the effort of orktown. Several orks and trolls sit in key locations but the brunt of the people who moved through the area today have pulled back. Nightshade stands geared for war near a burned out vehicle.

Knox's rusted out car pulls up, he quickly shifts gear going in reverse not wanting any part of what smells like trouble.

Knox gears crank and scream as he turns the car around in an alley, knocks over several garbage cans and peels out of the Warzone.

There's the crack of a rifle in the night, and as everyone starts to react Dalton hears the whistle of wind then feels the bullet impact him.

Dalton takes the shot to the shoulder, and thankfully he spins with the bullets impact, reducing the effect to just annoying. He falls down, hugging the rooftop flat and looking around for any sign that the sniper is as high as he is. Cause, well, then he wouldnt have any cover from it.

The area is quiet after the shot, there's bootscrapes and the clunk of bodies hitting the ground hard as everyone moves to cover. Despite everyone's best efforts the shooter remains undetected.

Dalton lays on his stomach on the rooftop, and starts whispering. He calls out to the city itself, asking for its aid in his time of need. As the spirit appears on the astral plane, Dalton changes his tactics a little, feeding the spirit mana energy to increase its strength and size. Eventually the whispering stops, and a great form City spirit stands ready on the astral plane.

Shots begin sounding off from east and west, one thunks into Dalton, the others plink against the edges of the roof line providing him cover.

Dalton winces as another bullet impacts on his armored hide, and another narrowly misses him. He grimaces, then starts to give orders to his spirit "Find anyone shooting at me, confuse them, then kill them, if there are others with them, confuse them too, kill them all. I'll be sending more help."

The snipers continue to rain bullets down on Dalton as the Spirit materializes and begins it's search.

Nightshade looks up towards the rooftops as the gunfire continues, "What the frag you doing up there?" She calls out, keeping under cover as she pulls two big guns out of her case.

Dalton hollars out "Someones taken a dislike to me!"

Dalton grumbles a bit as more bullets hit his armor, but a barrier or dark armor really wouldnt help him at this point, so he goes for more muscle. Once more he calls out to the city, asking for its aid in his time of need. Again he funnels more mana energy into the spirit, making it a much more impressive sight to behold. He takes a deep breath when he finishes, and readies himself to give the spirit orders.

Another pair of shots ring out digging up bits of rooftop but missing Dalton.

Nightshade yells up, "Get your hoop out of here, if you bring heat to this party I'm disowning your ass."

Dalton quickly gives this new city spirit the same orders, find the people shooting him, and go confuse and kill them and anyone with them.

Dalton hollars out "I'm dealing with it, if its not over in a few, I'll leave!"

Nightshade says "I've seen you deal with drek, don't deal with it, get it away from my people!"

The two great form city spirits make short work of the pair of ghouls firing on Dalton as they try with considerably difficulty to reload their rifles.

Dalton hollars out "Ok, problem dealt with."

Dalton waits for his spirits to return, then asks them what was attacking him.

The spirits point towards the ghouls on the ground.

Dalton peeks over the edge of the rooftop, concerned with that vehicle sound he heard earlier. "Whats going on?" he sends a watcher to nightshade with the query.

Nightshade gives a little humph, "Yeah, well whoever you got taking a dislike to you, keep it away from us, this is important drek…remember, babies, kids in school…"

Dalton grunts "Seems I upset some ghouls." He sends the spirit back with that news. Then turns to his watchers. "Alright, two teams of four, spread out, attack any ghoul with a weapon you see, beat them senseless." He leaves 2 watchers for himself, one as an extra pair of eyes around him.

From the NorthWest several vehicles are pulling trailors through the streets. The vehicles look like their struggling to keep the worn tractors rolling, but the big and burly of orktown are walking along beside and throw a shoulder into the beasts any time they show signs of slowing. The procession moves at a brisk walk, and is heavily armed.

Nightshade waits till the vehicles start passing then moves to fall in with the procession, "Get your hoop outta hear, if my fetches are telling the truth you're sending up goddamn flares those ghouls will see for kilometers around."

Atop a building, near to a dozen spirits force five or greater and a huge collection of magic and foci…you're a beacon.

Dalton grunts "Yea, I'm going to fix that tomorrow actually." He sends the spirit back to nightshade with that message.

Nightshade :nods, "Yeah, well for tonight, go find somewhere with strong doors, and for frags sake take the long way home."

Dalton chuckles "Are you ok with what your doing, all the babies going to be alright?"

Nightshade waves her hand at him, "Yeah, if I can keep show off mages in check."

Dalton grins "Lets just say I'm thinning the ghoul population"

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