Mail for the Mob

Players: Anita, Dozer. GM: Dozer

Date: June 2073


Dozer is tasked to deliver a chip to a mafia accountant, into his hands only. Enlisting Anita to help proves to be a fortuitous decision as her background makes the handoff much easier than he'd anticipated.

«Plot» Anita answers, keying her sound system's bluetooth as the remastered-rock fades out and she answers with background noise that clearly suggests she's in her car. "Yeah?"

"Hey Anita, It's Dozer. You up for making some quick yen? I've got a delivery I need to make and I'd appreciate some backup, just incase."Dozer answers.

"Always," Anita speaks up as she continues to drive along, a little easier to hear as she slows down thanks to hitting traffic. "Where and when?"

"You free now? I need to drop my bike home, say Mountain Hills in 20 minutes?" Dozer replies.

"Be there soon," Anita answers before thumbing the button and letting the phone hang up. Idly she conciders the thought of of racing Dozer back home, but she'll settle for being on time today.

Dozer is in the carpark when Anita arrives, sitting on his Harley. The engine is still ticking gently as it cools down, he's likely not been there long. As the Mustang pulls up, he jogs round to the passenger side.

Swinging open the door the human woman awaits the ork. Her music is down, at least till he explains where they are going, but even before he does the car starts to move. "So, what's the story? We moving something somewhere?"

"Just a datachip is all, it's the delivery that might get complicated." Dozer replies. "Kind of a long story, so take the scenic route to nowhere for now." Dozer replies

Anita gives a shrug, driving to nowhere she can do. "Alright," she says as she turns the music up as a little improvised WNG. "So do we know who or where it is we're looking to get this thing to?"

"Yeah, we do. Some mafia loanshark by yhe sounds of things. He's not the problem though, by all accounts he's going to want to see what's on the chip, probably save his life. Gimme a sec, I'll lay out what I know." Dozer replies.

Anita nods and waits, still driving along while he talks.

"Gyy I know, another bartender actually, he's got this cousin who got herself in trouble, vorrowed some money from the wrong people. Seems she got behind with the payments and the guy doing the collecting got creative about negotiating an extension. Anyway, one night, you know, afterwards, she was faking being asleep so he'd leave her alone and she heard him talking, enough to get her interested, interested enough that the next time he came over, she had a recorder set up. Which is where we come in. What's on the chip will either at least get her some time to get herself together, or it'll get her dead, depending on who gets their hands on it. We gotta make sure it gets to the right guy, and that means the boss." Dozer says, pausing to check Anita's been following.

Tilting her head to the side Anita frowns, switching gears at the next turn but otherwise listening in. "Alright, so we don't have specifics on the info, but we have the name of the right guy to give it to, 'the boss'?"

"Frankie didn't tell me exactly what it said, just that if it got into the wrong hands his cousin was dead meat. And yeah, we've got the name, Frankie dug that up before he called me. Thing is, he's likely gonna have goons, they've always got goons, and those goons aren't just gonna waltz in and talk to their boss."

"Yeah…odds are that they've probably got 'wrong people' close to the boss man too. I have a friend who might be able to get us closer electronicly, but handing the chip to the guy is either going to take a little finese and flirting which isn't my thing, or it's going to take some sneakiness and creativity."

"Or if all else fails, carefully applied violence." Dozer replies. "Any of those options would suit me."

Anita chuckles. "Well, violence works sometimes, but only if odds are on our side. If we can get the guy alone to hand the stuff over? Awesome. If not…we need to get creative or think of other moves. Might as well see if we can find out a little more about him."

"Well, I've got two names, the guy Frankie thinks is the boss and the guy doing the collecting. If you know someone that can pull up info on either of them, that's somewhere to start."

Anita nods and digs for her phone, falling back on the age old bad habit of driving while making calls she leaves a quick message with a contact of hers. 1st stop, the Decker!

«Plot» Dozer says, "Roll Etiquette please"

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Etiquette for "Need to raise this, queue will be submitted":
4 5

«Plot» Anita will ask her contact if he's heard of this guy, can he pull up any info on either boss man or enforcer. Where they hang/hit or whatever for starters.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dozer (#5480) rolls 6 (Computer) vs TN 4 for "Digging up dirt":
1 1 1 2 3 5 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Criminal Organizations:
4 5 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Safehouse Locations:
1 5 7

"Alright," Anita says quietly. "So it might be as complex as seperating him from his muscle and handing boss-man the chip…or some direct and simple as beating our way through them and handing it to him." She pauses and leans back after a moment in the chair, fishing for a stick of gum. "Otherwise we have an option three, let him think he's being attacked and let him come to the info. My best guess is that we'd better go see what we're dealing with muscle wise. Might pay to keep an eye on the girl too, just in case."

"I'll give Frankie a call, she's his cousin after all." Dozer says, pulling out his phone.

Anita nods. "Get him to give us a call if things go bad, get her to sit somewhere safe. In the mean time lets go see the sights"

«Plot» Anita says, "Anita wants to do a drive-by examination of what the guy travels with. Info from the files aren't as good as proper info from the streets."

«Plot» Dozer says, "roll Law Enforcement Procedures then perception"

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Law Enforcement Organizations (Procedures):
2 2 3 5 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Intelligence for "Soycaff and Donuts":
1 1 2 2 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Intelligence for "Soycaff and Donuts KP1/6":
1 2 3 3 4 4

«Plot» Anita says, "Thermo, lowlight, vm.3"

A simple drive by doesn't reveal much, the diner is an italian style greasy spoon on the corner of a block with what appears to be offices above it. With her vision ehhancement, Anita is able to pick out the words 'Romero Financial Services' on a small metal plaque next to a non-descript side door. Finding somewhere unobtrusive to watch from doesn't prove a problem and even has the bonus of getting soykaf from the target's own diner.

Over the next couple of hours, the pair of them see a handful of guys in cheap suits entering an exiting through that side door but it's a while before the catch sight of the guy they are after. It's early evening when a smartly dressed young woman leaves in the company of two of those cheaply suited goons. They walk her to cherry red Honda 3220 before moving on and getting into an Americar parked close to the Honda. Both cars drive off just as an Elite pulls up in front of the door. Shortly after, a troll exits, checking the street before moving over to the Elite and holding the passenger door open for the man following behind him, an older, plumper version of the men seen earlier, in a decidedly better quality suit.

«Plot» Anita says, "Any recognition of these guys? or the woman? Guessing nice-suit is the boss."

«Plot» Dozer says, "Beyond goons, secretary, bodyguard, no."

«Plot» Dozer says, "Perception though please"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dozer (#5480) rolls Intelligence:
3 4 5 11 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 3 4 5

"That troll's pretty good at hiding the fact he's boosted." Dozer says, looking over at Anita. "Tangling with him could be a mistake."

Anita nods in agreement, sighing to herself. "So hit him hard or don't hit him at all," Anita says absently while taking another sip of her drink. "Mmm, too bad I ain't the best at smooth talking. What are our odds that if we hand it to Ms. red car there, she'll give it straight to the big boss?"

"With someone's life at stake? Not good enough." Dozer replies.

Anita nods in agreement and chews her bottom lip, weighing bribes against reward as she thinks of alternate moves.

Anita exhales and leans back in the car after a moment, tilting her head to the side. "You any good with an assault rifle ranger man?" she asks as she starts up the car and begins the purpose of following. "I'm thinking we get them to stop and hand it over direct, but we have to be ready in case the muscle gets a little ansy. Of course we could always try seeing if the guy has a taste for Orks or chicks who smell like a bar, but same thing occurs: we want backup just in case."

"Assault rifles were never my thing. I can fake it but it's not my first choice of longarm." Dozer says as the car gets underway.

"Could work better then one of my handguns…" Anita says, still she turns and tries her best to keep following now that her car hasn't got the lovely advantage of cloaking in motion. "Guess this is the moment of choice, do we head back and get toys, be ready for the next time, or do we go while we know where he is."

"Well, we know where he's gonna be and we -don't- know who else might be in that car. I owe Frankie enough to get this done but not enough to get myself killed over it." Dozer replies.

«Plot» Anita wants to follow till they stop and see who and what gets out. Hopefully they're headed to the dinner or somewhere similar.

«Plot» Anita says, "We'll wave off and approach at the dinner next time rather then storming the office. Anita will also let Dozer know he can store any toys he thinks he needs in her car's compartment."

«Plot» Anita says, "Alright. So Dozer's G38, Anita's sabre are in the compartment. Anita will carry her usual handguns and her badge. She'll say it's a fake if asked by Dozer."

«Plot» Anita says, "So, we'll wait in the car by the diner, paint scheme changed to something new and remain off to the side waiting for them to show. More stakeout!"

The day goes much as the previous afternoon had, The two goons and the presumed secretary arrive first, with the boss and his troll bodyguard arriving about a half hour later. The red Honda and the Americar are parked nearby, as before, the Elite delivers it's passengers than drives off. A number of cheaply suited individuals come and go during the day as well as a couple of people that might be legitimate customers. The diner, meanwhile, maintains a steady trade, just regular chummers getting something to eat.

Anita still remains in the car for a good thirty minutes, keeping up the stakeout plan until either the group leaves or thirty minutes pass. Nodding to Dozer she zips her jacket up before stepping out of the car and fishing out a cigarette to lean against the wall of the restaurant and wait, see if she can hear what's going on inside.

As before, the two less smartly suited males leave first, with the secretary. They pay Anita no mind as they head to their respective vehicles and head off. For what's allegedly a mob front, they certainly keep regular hours.

«Plot» Dozer says, "As Anita is trying to look 'cop' to get her meeting with the guy, roll LE Procedures."

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Law Enforcement Organizations (Procedures):
1 2 3 10 11

A little while later, at exactly the same time it had the night before, the Elite pulls up. The troll exits the building shortly after, looking up and down the street, his eyes narrowing as he spots Anita. He makes no overtly hostile moves but he's clearly wary of her presence. Instead of approaching the car, he steps back inside.

«Plot» Dozer says, "Perception please"

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Intelligence for "Thermo, Lowlight, VM3":
2 4 4 5 5 10

Commlink-Sally> Anita says, "Troll's going walkabout. Watch my back for suprises as best you can."

Anita waits, watching and smoking. She shifts her position just a little, waiting to see if she can spot a change in the routine. It's a tricky move. Hiding, but not-hiding what she is. Trying her best to come off as non-hostile and someone to talk to.

Now that Anita's had a more up close and personal look at the troll, it's clear from the way he moves that he's enhanced, although she didn't spot any obvious ware. It's only a minute or two before he exits the building, addressing her in a voice like crushed gravel. "Whaddya want, cop?" he asks, the 'cop' sounding like a definate insult, the way he says it.

Commlink-Digger> Dozer says, "Roger that."

"Word with your boss," Is Anita's simple responce. She's done these sorts of things before, but that doesn't mean they're always predictable. "I have a few little files that he might want to cross his desk rather then the desk of others. I'm sure he'll be interested to hear about them." She keeps it vague, trying her best to sound crooked and offering info on some investigation rather then his own guys.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dozer (#5480) rolls 4 for "Weapon check":
1 2 5 11

"Yeh, alright." the troll says, extending one meaty hand. "Toss da chip or whatever, I'll give it to da boss."

Anita gives a raised eyebrow and flicks the butt of her smoke, stepping up to the troll. "Yeah no," she says simply. "No offence, but you're a big boy and a badass. Your job is to kick asses harder then everyone else and look scary, but it's not to make decisions like this. Your boss is the decision man." She's fairly sure there's a coinflip this might annoy the troll-second, but she's playing to a healthy mix of truth and stereotypes, hoping that will get her through.

«Plot» Dozer says, "Roll negotiation please."

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Negotiation (Standoffs):
1 3 5 7 19

The troll considers Anita for a moment before opening the door to the building and guesturing Anita inside. "I'll be right behind ya." he grates, a definate warning.

Anita just gives a 'oh well' shrug and makes to step, "Lead the way," she says lightly, knowing full well he's either going to be forced to stand in -front- of her to guide her, or point, but either way it's as much about positioning as knowing where El Jefe is sitting.

"Up da stairs." the troll grates, clearly sticking to his word that he'll be behind her. The door opens onto a short hallway, leading to a set of carpeted stairs leading up. Anita can just about make out something at the top, a reception desk possibly.

Commlink-Sally> Anita speaks quietly, enough for her subvocal to pick up. "Headed upstairs."

Commlink-Digger> Dozer says, "Can't cover you once you go inside."

Anita will move as instructed, stepping closer and closer to her destination, but she's noting doors, cover, points of entry. Everything that can and might be useful to know if the drek goes sideways.

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls SWAT Team Tactics:
3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Anita (#5470) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 4 5 5 5

Unfortunately for Anita, so far, there's only one way out, back the way she came. At the top of the stairs, there is indeed a reception cum waiting area, the desk currently unmanned, with a comfortable looking metal and black faux leather couch for clients. There's a door off to one side which Anita guesses leads to an area above the diner below. "Through dat door, den da end of da hall." the troll says.

Commlink-Sally> Anita says, "Make your own decision. You can move in without the bigger toys you can't hide, or you can stay back and run -really- fast if need be."

Commlink-Digger> Dozer says, "The Elite's moved off, I'm taking it's spot. Let me know the second things look iffy."

Anita can only work with what she can work with. Stepping up and towards the door she makes to enter the room highlighted and hope that there's not a room full of people wanting to beat her with a baseball bat on the other side.

The door opens into a plushly appointed office, thick carpetting and what looks like real wood furniture. The only person waiting is the same expensively suited gentleman she'd seen the night before, with nary a baseball bat in sight. Up close, he looks comfortable overweight rather than obese, someone who enjoys living well rather than a slob. Once Anita setps inside, the troll moves past her, taking a position off to one side but close enough to respond if he needs to. The man behind the desk looks up, ragarding Anita with a neutral expression. "This is a little unorthodox but still, how can I help you, detective?"

"I'm sure you hear this all the time," Anita begins, moving in closer and slowly reaching into her hip pocket to retrieve the chip in question. "But it's more about how I can help you." She's slow, cautious in her approach enough that she would have time to keep the desk between her and either of the two men. "This chip has a few important details in concern for…we'll say the ease of your current status quo."

The troll, unsurprisingly is watching Anita carefully, but it's very difficult to hide a gun in one's back pocket so Anita is able to retrieve the chip unmolested. "I see." the man replies, indicating a chip player on the desk. "I'm a little fumble fingered when it comes to electronics, would you mind?"

Anita shrugs her shoulders and oh-so-casually shifts the chip to her off-hand to slot it, her other now free just in case. This could get the tiniest bit messy. Slotting the chip she takes a step back and makes ready just to see what the troll's reaction might be. He himself could be on this chip for all they know.

Commlink-Sally> Anita says, "Alright, he's seeing the chip, but chuckles will probably take it poorly, be ready to move."

Having taken a step back, Anita can't see the visual or even if there is one, nor can the troll, who is more intent on watching Anita. She can however hear the audio and see the guy's reaction to what he's hearing. Which is that his son-in-law is planning a hostile takeover of the family business. As he listens, Romero gets a coldly furious expresssion, one that looks the worse for the slightly chubby face it's appearing on. As the recording finishes, he sits silently for a moment, only the drumming of his fingers on his desk making any soumd.

Anita herself remains quiet, calm and ready to pull her gun just in case. This is one of those moments where stuff tends to be at its most unpredictable and the last time a poor choice of words lead to an armed siege with rocket launchers and all. Avoiding that could be the trick of it all.

"Well.." Romero says finally. "he always was a dumb fuck. This is certainly appreciated, detective…" He's clearly inviting Anita to fill in the blank with a name, but looks like he won't be overly offended if she doesn't oblige.

"Think nothing of it." Anita says simply and quite obviously waves over her sharing her name. Best not to get this tied to her old badge anyway. "I wish you luck in dealing with your problem." If unbothered she'll make to leave, after all the job is done the moment that gets into the boss-man's hands and standing around inviting trouble isn't going to get her paid any quicker.

"One moment." Romero says, sliding open a draw in his desk, and pulling something out which he tosses Anita. A credstick. "I believe I know the source of this recording, tell your friend she can consider her debt paid in full."

Anita catches the cred-stick, nodding her thanks. She'll almost certainly verify it and it's contents, but they can do that from far safer away. "I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that." the human woman answers and continues her departure.

The troll follows her as far to the door to the office, watching her until she's back through to the reception area. After that, she's home free, with Dozer and her car waiting on the street outside.

Back into the car and climbing into the driver's seat even if it means making Dozer akwardly slide across she closes the door, locks it and starts up the engine. Only after they've driven a block or two does she hold up the chip and give the ork a grin. "And I didn't even manage to get shot this time. Weird huh?"

"First time for everything I guess. Dozer chuckles, giving Anita an answering grin. "Enjoy it while you can." On inspection, Anita will find the credstick holds rather more than they were being paid for the job, a nice little bonus.

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