Lioness first warehouse raid

GM: Lioness
Players: Macro, Merek, Lioness
Synopsis: After finding a target Lioness invites some runners to help her with her first warehouse raid. After some thorough preparations the team does the thing without problems.
Date: May 12th 2079

I am adding some GM information here:
1) The spirit was ordered to be more careful after it burned those Bum's Lioness mentions in the plot. So it was more lenient to noises than it had before.
2) The spirit was ordered to ignore any trucks that where let in by opening the gate, as the warehouse had received nightly deliveries in the past and not being able to let them in led to delivery problems. So it didn't attack in the end
3) The door to the office was not locked. It was left unlocked as the guards where moving out so often. As there had been workers locking themselves out of the office when it fell closed it had a door handle outside. Guess they will change that again soon.

Lioness, a new arrival to Denver, had been checking up on things she would need to start her only chance at a new career. Considering the fact that she needed quite a few new additions to her gear and the fact that she was not really having barely any money left, she had been doing homework. Finding out which shops in town where offering things that had exactly the things she needed and where they stored the goods they didn't have inside their sales areas. This way she had found a couple of warehouses that might contain just what she needed. After that. Legwork. Literally. She was wandering around these places for days until she had found out the most important information she needed. Being such an obvious person, she had used street chic clothes, mostly hoodies to hide her face and loose clothes that could hide her tail. The end result was her knowing a place she wanted to raid for gear. Considering the next step the young leonine female was stretching out her feelers to people that might be willing to aid her. For one she sent Merek a mail asking him directly. And then she gave her fixer contact a request to spread the word as well. The fee for that assistance, they had agreed, would be delivered to him in the shape of some goodies he wanted for himself. Now Lio was sitting in a small abandoned building, Dressed in city camo and armored underwear to await if the people that had gone triggered would arrive. The only visible weapon she had was her predator sticking out of a pocket of that jump suit and she had a few tools she already had with her. To allow her to stay anonymous she had a canvas bag with holes in it to look and breathe through, though that was currently at her belt.

Merek has taken his time to put on his best pants, d-rings keeping his kits while he has on a shirt and jacket on that. His shemagh shifts about his features while he makes his way to the place. He has with him his pistol, as well as his com-link and some other things, while he nods a bit to the woman when he comes to that building also.

The nice thing about having money and a decent rep is that you can afford to pick the jobs you agree with rather than any port in a storm. And Macro likes the feel of this one: relatively straightforward, reasonable pay, and the opportunity to see some of Denver's new blood in action firsthand — always useful to learn before you run into it pointed in your direction.

The place indicated is a little too upscale to show up in full riot gear, and as he's not on gang biz he leaves his 'official' trench-coat behind and comes driving up in a more plain one, with his staff in its holster on his back.

Of course, it /could/ be a trap, so since he's not a complete idiot he does have his trusty assault rifle in the trunk of his bike…

If this is a trap, then it is a very poorly set up one. Sure the person waiting for them could be a CEO's wet dream, but she clearly is not posing like that. For the moment the lion girl is down to business and far from her usual playful behavior. Her mien seems to be, for those that know her, quite sharp. She nods to each of the arriving persons and as all are assembled she starts with her greeting, "Hello chummers. Thank you for coming to assist me. I do not want to fool anyone here. I am new to this. I have the wares, but zip experience, so I will let you two handle the tactics part, after giving you what I know about this place and where my interest lie. Though I think those are quite … obvious. Is that okay with you, or do we need other agreements in this?"

Merek nods a bit to that lioness woman, while he seems to think about it. "I suppose that makes sense, I'm up for it, all seems simple," he says, while he shifts both hands to his pockets while he leans back a bit in thought also.

Macro looks the elven woman up and down, less in appreciation of her figure and more in an honest appraisal of her probable capabilities.

"Fair enough. Ya paid the money, you hired yourself some talent. Let's talk biz - what's the target, and whaddaya know about it so far?"

The leonine elf seems to relax a bit as the more experienced runners give their consent. "Well, it's mostly pretty straightforward. I need some stuff, most importantly something that can help me to look less … obvious. I know they have some molding poly-mimetic masks in there, one of whom I want to get myself, plus a few tool-kits and electronics. All of that should be in there. Our task is to allow J's friends truck to collect the things he will make into money for your pay. The only /real/ problem I see is avoiding the patrolling fire elemental on the ground. I learned about it as it incinerated some unlucky bums that thought the warehouses back area might be a suitable haunt. The other stuff is pretty standard. The classic wire-fence around the compound. Guards that patrol every now and then at irregular intervals. Cameras at strategic locations. Luckily they do not seem to cover the entire area, just all the entrance or exit zones, but I think that is what the spirit and guards are for."

Macro frowns. "Guards won't be a problem, but that fire elemental… I'll wage my stick against anythin' that'll bleed, but spirits generally don't."

He looks at Merek. "I don't suppose you've got somethin'll take care of a spirit?" he asks.

Merek nods a bit before he seems to consider, "Elementals, I should be able to manage that well enough," he says, as he shifts his jacket a little also.

Lioness nods. "Well, I guess a quick slap and run, then? Merek dealing with the spirit, the two of us with the guards and then a quick load from J's contractor onto that truck?", she then asks the two. "I guess it would be the best thing to do. But you are the experts…"

Macro nods. "'course, if whoever called up that elemental's on site when we hit it things are gonna get interesting /fast/. On the other, if they ain't, they'll know somethin's up the moment we take out the spirit, so we'll have a short window either way…"

Merek nods a bit to the others, "Should be manageable, if we work it fast," he says, while he shifts his gaze lightly between them both in thought, "It looks like a simple plan, but we should do a little investigation first."

Lioness tilts her head, then asks, "What do you want to investigate?", she is not to ignore the advice of one of her specialists. So she now looks at Merek, waiting for his reply to her question.

"Scope the place out," Macro replies easily enough. "Check the layout from the outside, see how the guards move. Maybe even see if there's a way inside without trippin' the alarms - always easier ta win a fight if yer not where the enemy expects ya ta come from…"

"That, and I'd like to know who owns the place and what Mage might be in control of the elemental," Merek explains also, as he nods a bit. He takes up his PocSec so he can check on it also.

Lioness nods, "I did that for a few days already. The only not guarded entrance I saw is a rooftop window. But that I would guess is alarm triggered. As I cannot fly I never considered that an option anyway. Lone Star is doing security here and it is not their premium service. So I guess some LS mage is in command of the spirit. The place is owned by Marek & Bolston a local general store chain. Any other info you want?"

Macro shakes his head. "I don't fly either, but there's more'n one way ta scale a building… Still, yer probably right about the alarm unless ya know how to futz security…"

"That seems to be simple," Merek admits, when she has the information he needed. He then shifts his attention between them, "Well, I am up for watching the place for a night, assail it during any shift change while it's dawn."

Lioness shrugs, "I do know a bit about messing with electronics… but I lack tools. One of the reasons I do this is to get me some electronic tools. So I /can/ do just that. I probably still need more experience with these things, but I guess I can bypass some not too fancy locks. If I have some tools."

Macro nods again. "So that's out fer now. Then Merek's got the right of it. Scope out the place, see when the shifts change, then hit 'em at the weakest point…'

Lioness nods, "Okay. So we wait till change of shit and take them out when the new crew is settling in?"

"Decent setup," Macro comments as they regroup. "Only a couple blind spots in the camera coverage, an' the patrol routes aren't too sloppy. Wonder if LS is tryin' ta impress people again…"

Merek speaks to the others while the three regroup, "I would like to sneak by the security camera on the parking personally, the elemental will likely get the Mage coming here," he says.

Lioness looks, "Okay… decent setup, but not unbeatable. Just three guard on duty that I have seen at any time." She shrugs at the comment about LS's need to impress people. "So … how do we do it?"

Macro nods at Merek's suggestion. "We go through the blind spot, get inside before anyone realizes we're there. If we're lucky the elemental might've gotten stupid orders and only attack people who aren't already inside, gives us one less problem ta deal with at once."

He frowns. "Three guards on site ain't much, but the less chance they have ta call fer backup, the better. If we can take 'em out quiet-like before they even see us, that's more time ta deal with the spirit, get the truck in and out, and get gone before backup arrives…"

"I would rather we take them on with non-lethal," Merek admits, while he nods to the others also a bit, as he shifts to look to Lioness as well as Marco, "If that's OK with you guys."

Lioness nods to Macro's and Merek's assessments, "So the best time would probably be when the spirit just returns from one of it's excursions into the front area, I guess. That way we might get past it and as it always takes some time to get back we might be able to not even confront it. And if it really has stupid orders it might not even attack the truck. After all those are always at a place like this. Let's do it …"

Macro nods. "Bruised and unconscious cops — well, the Star won't like it, but it goes with the job. Dead cops, they tend ta hold a big grudge over. That said, if we gotta, we gotta - but as long as we don't gotta… Let's try not ta."

He gets up from his crouch and cracks his knuckles. "Right, let's get this party started…"

After that it is getting into position at the alleyway, then waiting and finally, after what certainly feels like ages for Lioness it is finally action time. The spirit disappeared around the corner of the other side of the building to go back into the alley. It will be two minutes of quick if silent moving to get into the alley and enter the lot.

Lioness sneaks out, making her feline kind quite proud. No one would be able to hear or see her, the young elf perfectly using cover and ground to her best ability. It is no surprise that she enters the area unseen and unheard. Even her using a wire clipper to allow easier access is going unnoticed.

Merek makes his way past the security as best he can, while he nods a bit to the others, speaking to com-link «In.» He then makes his way to look for his next place to move while he's looking about also.

Macro takes up the rear, keeping one eye on their surroundings while Merek and Lioness concentrate on their path forward. «Looks like we're in the clear fer now.»
Arriving at the camera Lioness, looks around. "We need to be fast from here.", she whispers. Then she runs over to the door into the office and starts to engage the next guard coming her way, hopefully surprising them with this sudden move.

Macro breaks into a sprint, his footsteps making no noise as he covers the distance to the console faster than anything of his size and mass has any right to move. The only sound is the snick of his staff telescoping out into its full size just in time for him to swing, converting all of his momentum into a single focused strike to the guard's head.

Lioness follows a different route. She is all too aware that her best combat techniques are quite deadly, so she moves behind the guy seated at the table, who will feel her dikote covered claws at his throat, the words, "One move, one sound and you are dead!", in his ears.

The guard does what a good and sensible man does if he has claws at his throat. He holds really still. The poor guy that received the slap from Macro meanwhile drops to the floor with a loud thud. The one on the bed drops the tablet he was reading in and jumps up looking around confused.

Merek focuses on his will so that he can manage that Guard with his magic, then as he is on the floor, he looks to the others while he comlinks, «Well, it is possible they will know we are about.» he says.

Lioness now forces her new 'friend' to hold out his hands and legs. Applying a plastic restaint at his wrists and ankles she makes sure he is not interfering with what is to come. To make sure he is also keeping quiet she gags him with parts of his uniform, stuffed into and bound around his mouth. After that she says to the others, "Shut off the cameras and clear them if you can do that, I'll signal the truck to come.", as she looks for the switch for the gate to open, switches the same open and heads out into the warehouse to open one of the rollup doors.

Macro looks at the console. Electronics aren't his strong suit, but these things aren't meant to be operated by experts, so…

Things will be quite busy after that, as everyone tries to be done before the spirit moves to the front again, hoping that it will ignore basically common processes at the front.

It seems it does not think so. As when everyone is done loading their stuff into the truck the spirit still has not shown it's fiery face. As they are departing Lioness looks quite surprised, "That was it?", clearly not able to comprehend how smoothly this has gone.

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